Meles Zenawi’s new political pawn: Nile River

In December last year, Meles Zenawi signed an agreement with Cairo acknowledging Egypt’s quota over Nile River. The agreement was revealed by Egyptian newspaper Al Aharam (click here to read). Now, 7 months later, the head of Ethiopia’s genocidal junta is sending his agents to the Diaspora to agitate Ethiopians about Ethiopia’s right to use Nile water.

It’s obvious that Meles and gang have started to talk about Nile to divert people’s attention from domestic troubles. It is a strategy right out of Wag the Dog. Although there is no doubt that Ethiopia has rightful ownership over Nile, the most urgent demand of Ethiopians at this time is the removal of the Woyanne cancer, not the use of Nile River.

In a campaign to divide Ethiopians in the Diaspora, Meles has given instructions to Woyanne cadres and bootlickers such as Solomon Tekalign to organize protest rallies against Egypt.  The Viagra-addicted Al Amoudi is financing the operation, paying for transportation and hotel accommodation of those who take part in the rallies and meetings.

Netsanet LeEthiopia Radio has an interesting discussion on the topic with Ato Neamin Zeleke, Ato Tamagn Beyene And Ato Abebe Belew on last Sunday’s program. Click below to listen.

20 comments on “Meles Zenawi’s new political pawn: Nile River

  1. Row with Egypt, being banned from using Arabsat, invasion of Somalia (member of the arab league), cutting deplomatic relationship with Qatar, irritating Sudan concerning darfur etc. I just hope these countries know all this has nothing to do with ethiopians but actions of a lunatic, paranoid, so called leader.

  2. Anonymous on

    Tamagn Beyene you are right I remmeeber they them (TPLF) distroyed the tana beles project in 80s. They are just chit or use the diaspora to present them selves to the state department of USA as if they have the support of the Ethiopian community

  3. Halafi Mengedi on

    Trusting Meles is like trusting your mender HYENA to keep an eye to your goats. At least the hyena leaves some kind of left over bones, fandiya and blood traces that the hyena telling you that your goats are gone for good. Meles and Azeb they never leave any trace to find out what happened, this is the man who killed ATSEBAHA DAJOW from Adwa who was smarter than Meles and grew up together and knew each other very well since they were neighbors and Meles goes to Atsebaha Dajow parents and visits them every time after he came to power as he never killed their beloved son.

    Meles killed Hayelom Araya by silence gun in Addis Ababa before the invention of Shaebia knowing that Meles will not have any room in power if shaebia invade Ethiopia because Hayelom will bring his troops to Menelik palace and kill him. After Meles killed Hayelom Araya he went to Shire with the rest of his Woyane high ranking to bury him, as he never ordered to kill him.

    Meles killed Kinfe Gebremedhin in Addis Ababa because Kenfe was following Meles’s movements and Meles learned that Kinfe sent an agent to Saudi Arabia to spy Meles when Meles met Issayas with out anyone knew including all the high ranking of Woyane. Meles ordered and killed Kinfe and Meles is raising Kinfe children.

    Meles killed Iyasu Berhe in Alamata due to Iyasu involvement with Azeb Mesfen sexually and ordered Iyasu to be buried in Addis Ababa honorably.

    Meles killed Teklu Hawaze from Adwa his main opponent to assume power during the struggle.

    Meles killed the most intellectual and smartest of all Woyane from Adi Grat during the struggle, he was the one assumed to be the leader of Ethiopia if he was alive.

    Meles gave wrong map to his fellow fighter in high position during the struggle, Meles told this fighter to go through were the derg forces where the stationed in order to be assassinated by enemy forces.

    At the banging of this year Meles told Tigray president to be tough on the people of Tigray, otherwise, Tigrayans will wipe them out if the president is not going tough on the people of Tigray.

  4. Tobia on

    Yes. Ethiopia has a right to use its own resources such as Nile Water. Prime Meles action is timely and would benefit Ethiopia. Those who are a crying shoulder for Egypt are Shabia, Elias banda and Ofcourse Egypt !

  5. Halafi Mengedi on

    What is the common dinominator Meles Zenawi and Ethiopian review have???

    Both are Shaebia recruited mercenaries to harm Ethiopia at maxumum to gain power and apease Issayas.

  6. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    Halafi Mengdi……what is your point.
    you are Woyane LEBA SEKAFEL ENGI SESIRK ITALAM. i wish all the woyane kill each other ethiopia will be better of with out WOYANE.

  7. Yineger on

    Ethiopian Review,Netsanet Le Ethiopia and Addis Dimits Radio hosts you are the true children of Ethiopia may God bless you all.Please keep doing what you have been doing ,informing us on how to free Ethiopia from weyane tugs.Hay forget the hodams for now…it is just like father like son give them… THE EGG .

  8. guud new on

    Of course the analysis and argument may be valid as Meles the most dictator and merciless, but it is not also a sin to mobilize our people to erase the so called “the blue Nile agreement” that has been done by the colonizer of Egypt. Therefore, there is no way to mix up mobilizing the people for the right to use river Nile and the dictatorial regime of Meles .

  9. Dawit on

    Why they want to protest infront of US state department for Nile water? US didn’t deny us using our share of Nile water.They should go to Eygpt Embasy.

  10. kebek on

    ethiopian review the best news source from ethiopia

    dictator meles wants to distract ethiopians from his brutal massacres

  11. Gebru on

    Egypt, Somalia and Shabia are historical enemies of mother Ethiopian. Nobody is born yesterday to know this. Those of you who are siding with Egypt we know who you are and you are thinking with your stomach not with your brain. Egypt has no political clown anymore and she can’t do anything to destabilize Ethiopia. HYENAS, you are wasting your time.

  12. zewzew on

    halafi mengedi,

    you always post on every ethio sites. you oppose only meles but you still want the continuance of tigray dominance because you are from there. I got proposition for you, why don’t you compile every secret weyane and Meles has done and post it all over for everyone to read. Make us know who Meles was and Weyane are. Now I would say you are sharing your struggle for Ethiopians as a whole. You guys have the power to destroy Meles if you really want but you live in fear or you still want to loot without the consequences of what will happen to you if this continues. I am sure you know deeply what is going on with Meles and Co. If you want to reconcile and do Ethiopians as a whole a favor, mobilize your people and wake them up, to turn to Ethiopians instead of away and expose Meles and Weyane. Good luck

  13. Halafi Mengedi on

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe,

    I am saying is if you want to fight the Government of Ethiopia, come to Ethiopia forests and fight him not hiding in Eritrea. Issayas will not put you in power rather you loose the trust of Ethiopian people. As an Ethiopian you have the right to fight in forests and valleys of Ethiopia landscapes or voice your opposition peacefully in major cities which is good we may support you depend on your positions but collaborating with Shaebia the enemy of Ethiopia he wants to dismantle the country as a united country to his advantage and closed its natural ports deliberately to make Ethiopia dependent on other nations for import and export and bleed its resources to pay port fees for years while its children are begging the world to feed themselves every year.

    As history thought us there was no single time Amhara fought and won anything in the history of Ethiopia and your EPPF is asserting to the new generation of all Ethiopians that you are worthless to fight by your own at your own lands and rivers by your own people against the regime you despised. Thinking and spending your valuable time with Eritrea at this time to liberate you and hand you power is simply shaming your own ethnic or tribe once again. You have huge forests, valleys, rivers, human supplies, to fight as guerrilla against Meles regime but you chose to go to Asmara some one to fight for you and Asmara is the enemy of the unity of the country you want to liberate and unite and lead.

    Again there is enough time to come to your own sense and have the respect of all Ethiopians by disassociating yourself and the organization you are leading from Shaebia and condemn Shaebia as the enemy of Ethiopia and fight Meles at your own lands with your people. So long your association with Shaebia remains the same, your trust worthy in the eye of all Ethiopians remains a joke and seen as power monger at any cost and at the end you will not achieve anything in Ethiopia let alone to liberate and lead united Ethiopia. So far what you are doing is working hard to dismantle and disintegrate Ethiopia for the interest of Eritrea. No ethnic Ethiopia will wait you to come to power and rule them, rather they will go to their own way separately as independent nations lead by Tigray follows Oromo and Somali. Addis Ababa will be gone to Oromo as they are tying hard to make their capital city Addis Ababa right now and declare their independent tomorrow. The current Amhara will not be the same as there are 20% Oromo, 20% Tigrayans, 40% agews living in the current Amhara state. So you will see only 20% of true Amhara only in part of Wollo, Gonder, Gojam and north Showa. The remaining 80% population and lands will go with respective Tigray, Oromo and Agew independent countries. This is the scenario you have been fighting in collaborating with Shaebia so far. Do you want to see the above scenario in the near future if you pursue dreaming Shaebia to liberate you or disassociate from Shaebia and fight the regime of Ethiopia at your home and gain the trust of all Ethiopians???? The choice is yours!!!!

  14. Sammy on

    I mentioned this a while ago. This is Woyane’s new public mobilization scheme. If this fails Woyane will tell Ethiopians they will claim Assab in Eritrea. I think this will work better considering the obsession with Eritrea and wedeb.

  15. DEMFELAT on

    So TPLF wants to defend Abay! lol

    What did you do for Ethiopia you damn vampire weyanes?
    You divided her people, sold her land, killed as many innocent citizens as you can and you are still muzzling my fellow citizens and spend all your EFFORT looting around with no end in sight.

    Listen ye all grasshoppers by the name Hagos, Goitom, etc! Here is my commandment to you parasite weyanes:
    “Thou shall not even call the name of ETHOPIA since you are by no means considered citizens of my motherland.”

    There are killers, damn killers and weyanes!
    Mot le weyane! Mot becha!!!

    Egziabher Amlak Ethiopia yitebik! Egziabher Amlak Ethiopian ena Ethiopiawianochen Yebark!
    Signed DEMFELAT

  16. zewzew on

    Halafi Mengedi,

    Glad you are commenting on this despite the criticism we give you. One thing you and Weyanes trying to destroy Ethiopia’s history, trying to erase Ethiopia’s history because the so called Weyane in power. As a non Amara person, I can tell you, the heroes who kept Ethiopia which many died for are the Oromos and Amara (Shoa particularly), that history as the worriors of Ethiopia will never disappear. That is why you want to destroy history and destroy the collaboration of Oromos and Amaras because what makes Ethiopia viable you know and I know, the collaboration and unity of the most important ethnics in Ethiopia Oromo and Amara. Don’t forget history. Of course there were other tribes such as Tigray, Gurage whom many died as well. Weyane brought ethnic hatred not unity. Unitl you admit that you are not only pro Weyane but also pro Meles.

  17. hailu on

    if weyane reformed and promote ethiopias interest what is the problem. what most ethiopians want to see is the end result and the future not the past. if you talk about the past eprp did a lot of bad things against ethiopia when they were rebels. tamagn himself was singing while holding mengistus hands which is socked with blood of my brother and friends. there are many things i accuse this government of and they have to change but i dont get angry when they change and take steps in the right direction like they are doing with nile and other issuess. the slogan should be “good but we need more”

  18. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    Halafi Mengad
    I dont have time to explain to u about Woyane cos Ur one of theme. the only one it’s going to loos is u and your Woyane,
    no part of Ethiopia will be lost.
    Mr.loser my enemy is not the people Ethiopia.IT IS WOYANE and i am coming after people like u and Ur Woyane Banda nothing more nothing less.

  19. Enaseb on

    The question we must ask whenever Ethiopian interest is concerned – what is going to benefit Ethiopia in the long ran. Egypt undying animosity toward Ethiopia that much is clear. Whoever is in power – Egypt would not sleep till Ethiopia fractured and disappeared from the face of Ethiopia. So we have to see Mele’s statement –or lack thereof – in that context. Ethiopian interest to utilize Nail river should not be clouded by our hatred toward Meles. As long as he states what Ethiopian interest is, and if it stands factual scrutiny we don’t have to stand against it because those words are uttered by him. After all he will be pushed out in time. The struggle has to be continued by all Ethiopians to get read of him. But Egypt’s view of Ethiopia has not changed for thousand years; don’t expect it will change any time soon. Since Egypt sees – our demise her gain. We don’t have to be the proverbial wife who hurts herself with good old stick to avenge her husband.

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