Meles Zenawi’s new political pawn: Nile River

In December last year, Meles Zenawi signed an agreement with Cairo acknowledging Egypt’s quota over Nile River. The agreement was revealed by Egyptian newspaper Al Aharam (click here to read). Now, 7 months later, the head of Ethiopia’s genocidal junta is sending his agents to the Diaspora to agitate Ethiopians about Ethiopia’s right to use Nile water.

It’s obvious that Meles and gang have started to talk about Nile to divert people’s attention from domestic troubles. It is a strategy right out of Wag the Dog. Although there is no doubt that Ethiopia has rightful ownership over Nile, the most urgent demand of Ethiopians at this time is the removal of the Woyanne cancer, not the use of Nile River.

In a campaign to divide Ethiopians in the Diaspora, Meles has given instructions to Woyanne cadres and bootlickers such as Solomon Tekalign to organize protest rallies against Egypt.  The Viagra-addicted Al Amoudi is financing the operation, paying for transportation and hotel accommodation of those who take part in the rallies and meetings.

Netsanet LeEthiopia Radio has an interesting discussion on the topic with Ato Neamin Zeleke, Ato Tamagn Beyene And Ato Abebe Belew on last Sunday’s program. Click below to listen.