Meles-Mubarak 1993 Nile accord revisited

To return a favor to Egypt for helping Meles and gang come to power in Ethiopia, one of the first things genocidal thug Meles Zenawi did was to fly to Cairo and sign a secret agreement with Egypt’s President Mubarak.

The July 1993 accord signed in Cairo strips Ethiopia of its right to use the Nile River for development schemes. Article 6 of the accord states:

The two parties agree on the necessity of the conservation and protection of the Nile Waters. In this regard, they undertake to consult and cooperate in projects that are mutually advantageous, such as projects that would enhance the volume of flow and reduce the loss of Nile Waters through comprehensive and integrated development schemes.

In other words, Ethiopia must first get approval from Egypt before undertaking any development projects on Nile. (Read the full text here.)

In December 2009, Meles signed another agreement with Mubarak affirming Egypt’s quota over Nile, as reported by Al Aharam (click here to read).

The Meles-Mubarak bilateral agreements had angered the other Nile basin countries while boosting Egypt’s position.

Nowadays, desperate for diverting attention from the May 2010 election fiasco and growing domestic problems, the Meles regime is attacking Egypt over Nile River. In the process, Meles is dragging the region into yet another crisis.

Having said that, Egypt must respect Ethiopia’s rightful ownership of Nile. Egypt’s police must also stop its barbaric act of shooting poor Ethiopian immigrants in the back while they try to cross into Israel.

— Elias Kifle

32 comments on “Meles-Mubarak 1993 Nile accord revisited

  1. Halafi Mengedi on

    We know Meles is the mother of all traitor and AGER SHEYACH, I wonder what should we call Ethiopian review and EPPF who are cooperating with Shaebia the organization who aliened with Egypt to disintegrate Ethiopia?? Egypt to use Abay River forever with out any restrictions and Shaebia to snick in to the southern part of the country and exploit the resources to build Eritrea.

    What is the difference between Ethiopian review and supporters and Meles when it comes to Egypt??? The Ethiopian review and backers are worst than Meles because they criticize Meles policy toward Egypt and Abay river but they fail to see their own association with Shaebia who is the agent of Egypt to do the dirty work against the unity and development of Ethiopia not to utilize Abay river to feed Ethiopian children. Please straighten up your own shortcomings before pointing others fault. I hate Meles because his foreign policy of Egypt, Eritrea, auctioning fertile lands, corruptions, looting and smuggling Ethiopian mining resources. The same is true some of the oppositions who are aliened with Shaebia to gain power at any cost.

    What about the Amhara high ranking people who are the Dog of Meles and closed their eyes and let Meles loot and sale Ethiopia???

    What about Hailu Shewle, Lidetu Ayele and Mesfin Woldemariam the mother of all traitor Amhara people??? I do not see any fellow Amhara criticize them for their actions not to unite with the rest of the oppositions to challenge the ruling party. Hailu Shewl and Lidetu Ayele are taking bribes from the ruling party in millions in order to stay separate party and become the real obstacle for Medrek to win and challenge the ruling party.

  2. TEDDY on

    YOU are about to cross a fine line Mr Elias. trying to blame and expose meles zenawi is one thing. trying to discredit our current regional efforts (even if exploited by woyane) to rewrite the unfair and colonial pro-egypt treaties is another thing.

    you are going too far.

    what ethiopia and other east african countries are doing today by standing up to egypt is historic and it should be supported. don’t make yourself a target of woyanes by attacking our abay

  3. ተድላ on

    ወያኔዎች ጉዳቸው ሲወጣ መጮህ ጀመሩ :: እናንተ ኢትዮጵያን እና ሕዝቧን በሙሉ በሐራጅ እየሸጣችሁ በምን ስሌት ለአባይ መብት ተቆርቋሪ ትሆናላችሁ ?


  4. view on

    Two conflicting views. Are you against or for using the nile for the benefit of Ethiopia????

  5. dfabachew on

    I don’t know why we negotiate with egypt. Nile the sum total of many revers and lake Tana. First develop all those areas which makes abay, Abay. Second what is the negotiation for?? just simply ask how much money egypt should pay for water and soil that it is getting from ethiopia.

  6. Anonymous on

    አንታ ሐላፊ መንገዲ አብቲ ቲግራይ ኦን ላይን መንገዲ ተወዲኡካስ አብዚ ከአ መጺካ: ውይ ጉድ. I think you are that half animal Gobru AssRat’s cousin. “ሐንቲ ፍሊት ንሽሕ ሃመማ, ሃንቲ አንጭዋ ንሓሙሳ አናጹ ::”
    it is obvious whenever the name sheabia comes you get diarrhea

  7. GINBOT on

    It is so surprising that Legesse (Meles) is so concerned about Nile river. Where was he when our port Aseb was taken? Oh, I almost forgot, he was fighting for Shabia for that to happen. Poor Legesse (Meles), please spend more time with your evil wife before you go to hell. We know you are the enemy of Ethiopia and the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians will always burn in hell. WE WILL DIE FOR OUR FREEDOM!!!

  8. Concerned on

    Commenter No.1 (Halafi Mengedi)

    YOU (and not Elias) should get your facts straight before you say something. What Southern Ethiopia’s resources is “…Shaebia stealing to build Eritrea”?? Are you that delusional, or just plain stupid?

    I won’t even go into the rest of your comments because I wouldn’t want to glorify them by addressing the so called facts you just pulled out of thin air.


    Commenter No.2 (Teddy)

    Since you obviously have a comprehension difficulty, try to read things a few times so you can understand what they say. Where you read anything that attempts to “discredit current regional efforts…” and an “…attack on our Abay” in this article is beyond me.

    You both (Halaf Mengedi and Teddy) need help.

  9. Anonymous on

    As soon as the ugly monkey is off our backs, all the documents the criminal has signed in Egypt and other places will be worthless.

  10. tazabi on

    man, do not try to digest and feed us unfounded information. one thing the reference you provide is not credible. in addition to not providing a credible source of information what you quoted does not approve Niles lion share of the Nile. we have to work on projects reserve and enhance the water source together does not me we have to get approval from Egypt.

    that is what i called using the wrong enzyme to digest and find us. please do not insult Ethiopians

  11. tazabi 99 on

    To Halafi Megedi!
    Ante denkoro Ye Gebru Asrat Tinesh Werenchila… What in the world are you dining in here. I thought were your motel 66. Please Elias Remove this idiot’s name off your site. He doesn’t deserve to post anything on this site period.

  12. wetmed on

    meles represent never ethiopians or ethiopia. what he signs any where is illegal.

  13. Gud eko new! on

    Can anyone get the article written in mid ninties, (ca. 1995) as “Eritrea’s stand” on the nile river politics. It was bold and clear. I didn’t know the then “staunch ally of Eritrea ” Ayte Meles had reached agreement on the matter that’s so important as Abay.

  14. tezibt on


    I agree with you 100%. The way out of this is to separate the two issues. First we have to continue to fight woyane so as it could give way to the people and second, we have to be together on a national issue like nile. A coward and scared gov’t will always give in to the our historical enemies for survival; therefore, we have to craft a method so as to avoid everlasting damage to our national security. Governemnts are temporary.

  15. Yigermal on

    It’s amazing to notice the growing pro-Shabiya traffic in ER. Understandable in the sense that ER has also become pro- Shabiya. But very frustrating that our Ertrean brothers look for ways to support Erirean dictatorship in a website that says it oppeses Ethiopian dictatorship. Ertirea and Eritrean will always to be in serious crises unless they manage to be completely free from Ethiopian affairs. What an illusion is being an Eritrean to many Eritreans!

  16. Suture on

    Corcerned #9
    You are absolutely right, that boy (halafimengedi) is plain stupid. He is just running around like a chicken with head cutoff.

  17. Bogale Ewnetu on

    Hosni Mubarek has promised his people that he will rule over Egypt, ” until his last
    breath and his last heart beat”. Staying in power at any cost is what is important than anything else to both Mubarek and Meles.Both dictators have Washington’s backing.Meles will never ever go against Egypt in the interest of Ethiopia.

  18. yeshi-tila on

    are you saying meles didnt have reasons to divert ethiopians attention prior to 2010 election. you are not making sense. why dont you come out and admit it. you hate meles therefore you want him and by extension ethiopia to fail. if ethiopia can persuade egypt in the use of abay, then be it whether its meles or the devil who does it. the truth is egypt is not threatening ethiopia as it used to de before and that shows there is hope.

  19. tesfa-michael on

    Egypt about 100mil people and Ethiopia fast approaching that number. Sudan is not any far behind and yet every one seems to be wanting this water. But Everybody’s enemy is greed while the river is more than enough for everyone except that it is one of the poorly managed rivers in the origin of most vital resources. Especially Sudan and Egypt should invest a great deal of money and technology to protect the river instead of war mongering and squabbling with Ethiopia. Also there is another problem in the making. If the Afar region volcanic activity continues and shatters the local lithosphere and crest of the lake region of TANA you can say good buy to the lake just like the lake that disappeared in south America. It could sink in cracks. So, All the countries dependent on Nile have a great responsibility to speed up in expanding green region while the river still runs and learn desalination method using solar and other methods. The physician, mathematician

  20. Almaz on

    Elias, you sure are wise and keen observer of Meles Zenawi and his craze like behavior. Egypt is fully aware of the fact that Meles is doing this not because he wants to stand against Egypt, but he is trying to quieten the home front, and so far only EthioMedia is buying Meles’ argument. Even though Abraha Belay claims he is against Meles.

  21. tazabi on

    Tnx for posting my comment. here is the edited version, sorry for the typos,i was in rush :

    Man, do not try to digest and feed us unfounded information. one thing the reference you provided is not credible. In addition to not providing a credible source of information what you quoted does not approve Egypt’s lion share of the Nile. we have to work on projects to reserve and enhance the water source together does not mean we have to get approval from Egypt for our share.

    That is what i call using the wrong enzyme to digest and feed us. please do not insult Ethiopians

  22. Woyane will one day pay for what it did to Ethiopiia and Ethiopians!
    Allowing our own Eritrea to go(deporting my girl friend to Asmara when she had never been to Asmara except being born to Ertrean parents and destroying a relationship which could have been a happy marriage and life).
    But again if war comes with our historic enemy, Egypt,I am ready to pay the ultimate price.Let’s not mix politics and polititians with the long term interest of our eternal motherland.

  23. Austin on

    you posted the agreement between Mubarek and Meles that was signed when Meles was in transitional governement. everybody knows about this I think he signed because he wasn’t stable by the time I don’t think he signed this because he don’t like his own country but now he is stable and he works for his country.please don’t be stupid Im not Meles fans. I posted this to let you know you have very weak propaganda Just try to be good opposition with tangeble and credible Idea ok.

  24. dabat on

    to teddy,

    you said “don’t make yourself a target of woyanes by attacking our abay” you idiot,elias has been a target of your boss for long time they just can get him.

  25. Democracy on

    Democracy,human rights,……what funny words I hear these words over over again but we are hypocrats we censored the public from posting someone’s opinion down with cesorship.

  26. Anonumous on

    The Abay Dam project that is preached by the Kleptokrats who are in power in Ethiopia is a fiasco.
    The Woyane thugs are trying to swindle funds from the diaspora and to divert the attention of the Ethiopian people from what is unfolding in Africa and the Middle East.

    We should be united to remove the Ethno apartheid regime in Ethiopia that has been pilaging our beloved country for the past twenty years.

    Let us be united to reach to our common goal of removing the tribal bantustas regime that is rulling Ethiopia.

  27. Anonymous on







  28. nadew on

    since the agreement is between two bums one of them gone and the other bum will soon follow agreement null and void

  29. Feyera Baysa on

    yes i agree with Nadew , it is an agreement between the two, but one has gone not by miracle, by bitter struggle. when are we doing it?the longer the time the tremendous the destruction.

  30. Love Ethiopia on

    While some one wisely sees and discerns the dim but the very big picture in the background then things unfold clearly and every details becomes clear why it happens.
    For me what is so important is to mainly focus on the very historical backgrounds of Weyane of Ato-Meles and Esayas of Shabia and their very motive starting from their very creation.
    When we do so and then understand their very real nature then we will not get confused and surprised by every details happening and every game played. Most politicians are immoral and hypocrite creatures especially guys like Ato Meles and sort of like him and the problem with the innocent mass is that we do not understand them well.To the contrary Ato Meles seems to understand the very consciousness level of the majority mass and hence does not hesitate to formulate such games or to retrieve one from his playbook and then play it back.
    From my personal experience in life, I think the main problem is on the side of the mass not on the side of Ato Meles and his colleagues. Because what matters most is who Ato Meles and what he does but rather mainly who we the majority mass are and what we do.Ato Meles and his colleagues have their own judgment and understanding about the mass and hence abide and go accordingly.Therefore,our role has to be to show Ato Meles and his colleagues that we are different than their perverted prejudice they have about us.

  31. goban gergo on

    Many ethiopians knows that the Nile water dam is meles Zenawi propaganda. some fool tplf members might be belive it.

    Do this Nile dam propaganda protect meles Zenawi on power,this all lies just to stay on power ?

    Whatever TPLF propaget, The nile propaganda do not stop democratic revolution already married to TPLF.more dam is behind. At this time if meles ruturn all the looted land of ethiopia during meles zenawi adminstration, the democratic revolution never stop

    TPLF would be an old file

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