Meles-Mubarak 1993 Nile accord revisited

To return a favor to Egypt for helping Meles and gang come to power in Ethiopia, one of the first things genocidal thug Meles Zenawi did was to fly to Cairo and sign a secret agreement with Egypt’s President Mubarak.

The July 1993 accord signed in Cairo strips Ethiopia of its right to use the Nile River for development schemes. Article 6 of the accord states:

The two parties agree on the necessity of the conservation and protection of the Nile Waters. In this regard, they undertake to consult and cooperate in projects that are mutually advantageous, such as projects that would enhance the volume of flow and reduce the loss of Nile Waters through comprehensive and integrated development schemes.

In other words, Ethiopia must first get approval from Egypt before undertaking any development projects on Nile. (Read the full text here.)

In December 2009, Meles signed another agreement with Mubarak affirming Egypt’s quota over Nile, as reported by Al Aharam (click here to read).

The Meles-Mubarak bilateral agreements had angered the other Nile basin countries while boosting Egypt’s position.

Nowadays, desperate for diverting attention from the May 2010 election fiasco and growing domestic problems, the Meles regime is attacking Egypt over Nile River. In the process, Meles is dragging the region into yet another crisis.

Having said that, Egypt must respect Ethiopia’s rightful ownership of Nile. Egypt’s police must also stop its barbaric act of shooting poor Ethiopian immigrants in the back while they try to cross into Israel.

— Elias Kifle