Ethiopians stage protest at China embassy in DC – Live report

12:02 PM – The protest rally by Ethiopians at the Chinese embassy in Washington DC has now moved to the Woyanne-occupied Ethiopian embassy. By totally decimating the peaceful opposition parties in Ethiopia — with financial backing from the World Bank and technical assistance from China — Meles and gang may have thought that they have demoralized and killed the fighting spirit of  Ethiopians. From the large demonstration we have seen today, Ethiopians are regrouping and ready to fight stronger and more aggressively than ever with new strategies, tools, and leadership.

11:20 AM – The protest rally at the Chinese embassy is now winding down. The protesters are preparing to march to the Woyanne occupied Ethiopian embassy that is nearby.

Addis Dimts Radio host Abebe Belew

10:55 AM – Artist Tamagne Beyene is leading the protesters in voicing their demands: China, you are the source of instability in the Horn of Africa! China, stop propping dictators around the world! We hold you responsible for supporting Zenawi’s genocide in Ethiopia! The photo below was sent from Addis Dimts Radio host Abebe Belew’s iPhone.

The indefatigable Tamagn Beyene

10:40 AM – Several hundred Ethiopians carrying slogans are now standing in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington DC. Ato Neamin Zeleke is addressing the crowd.

Neamin Zeleke

10:00 AM – The protest rally is now under way in front of the China embassy in Washington DC. Ethiopians are demanding China to stop arming and providing technical assistance to the genocidal regime in Ethiopia. UDJ representative is addressing the rally.

It’s now 9 AM and Ethiopians have started gathering at the Chinese embassy in Washington DC to protest China’s anti-democracy and anti-human rights policy in Ethiopia. Photos and more updates shortly…