Yo Yo Ma plays Muziqawi Silt by Hailu Mergia & the Wallias

Legendary Chinese-American orchestral composer and Silk Road Ensemble play Muziqawi Silt originally played by Hailu Mergia & the Wallias Ethiopian band. It was written by Girma Beyene in 1977. Enjoy.

The original

12 thoughts on “Yo Yo Ma plays Muziqawi Silt by Hailu Mergia & the Wallias

  1. Tazabi on

    We are proud of Mulatu Astatake and his group.

    And ER, Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  2. Yineger on

    Great one again good news for a change.We are eager to hear the freedom tune too.Thanks Elias.

  3. kalbekal on

    This is a testimony that we should cherish appreciate and give respect to our own talented heroes in every walk of life. THANK YOU MY FELLOW ETHIOPIAN MULATU ASTATKE

  4. Manu on

    Is it me or did the violinist play couple of different notes than the original?
    Good though

  5. Mengedegnaw on

    beautiful, i can only say “let the foreigners reserve our tune.” thanks YoYo, and elias for sharing.

  6. danny on

    this is beautiful! only thing is that the tune is not “yegele tizita” – it’s actually musicawi silt by girma beyene. gash girma deserves all the credit here!

  7. Lafiw on

    Gashie Mulatu has been and always be my hero. I love and respect him so much.

    Thank you Elias for sharing this with us.

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