Debunking claims of double-digit economic growth in Ethiopia

The Voice of America (VOA) has a 2-part interview with Dr. Getachew Begashaw, professor of economics and head of the economics department at William Ray Harper College in Chicago, and Dr. Aklog Birara, a senior economist with the World Bank. The two experts explain the ruling party’s claim that Ethiopia’s economy has been and will continue to grow double-digit is baseless. Click below to listen:


German Radio has a similar discussion with Professors Seid Hassan and Minga Negash. Click below to listen:


4 thoughts on “Debunking claims of double-digit economic growth in Ethiopia

  1. Leul on

    Elais, you ought to delete the links. The discussions actually led to blieve that that there is change in Ethiopia. I found the arguments of the Docs weak.

  2. Waluwa on

    Elias, ‘I love you man’
    For Exposing this, WOYANE lie propaganda machine, who suffer inferiority compelex.

  3. Destiny on

    To be honest, the professors convinced me there is development. The VOA professors were talking with no almost no evidence which makes you believe the contrary

  4. Gelaw on

    Economics is not always about politics and some of the basic concepts of economics raised by the two prominent economists (such as monetary and fisical policy) could fly above the head of an ordinary person. This however, doean’t mean that they haven’t tackled the issue. For a trained ecoonomist, it is easy to see that the two sholars have destroyed Woyane’s “fake growth” propaganda beyound recognition.

    Thank you Elias for posting this.

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