Oromo struggle transformed into Ethiopian struggle – Haile Hirpa

In an interview with OLF media, the President of the Oromo Studies Association (OSA) defended the participation of Dr. Berhanu Nega in OSA’s recent conference and declared that Oromo struggle has transformed into Ethiopian struggle.

OSA president Dr. Haile Hirpa said “Oromo people’s struggle can not proceed as before.” Oromo people “must work together with other Ethiopian forces who want to change the government and democratize the country” added Dr. Haile Hirpa.

Dr. Berhanu Nega is the leader of the exiled Ginbot 7 Movement that opposes the current Meles Zenawi regime in Ethiopia. Analysts say diaspora-based Oromo and other politicians want to follow the example of Oromia based groups like MEDREK (Forum for Justice and Democratic Dialogue) that has managed to unite opposition forces by breaking ethnic, regional and ideological barriers. … continue reading at JimmaTimes.com

8 thoughts on “Oromo struggle transformed into Ethiopian struggle – Haile Hirpa

  1. Argii Amani on

    Is not the other way round the truth? I think Ethiopian struggle is now transformed in to Oromo struggle! There is nothing changed in Oromo struggle: it was/is the struggle for freedom of Oromo nation/people and for the freedom of other oppressed nations/peoples in Ethiopia! Now those forces who always mistrusted this Oromo struggle joinéd it and started to stress the fight for freedom from the fascists as a precondition for the struggle for democracy, which was the permanent position of OLF and Oromo nationals!

  2. wey gud on

    Hello Haile Hirpa;

    Hale Luya;
    Thanks for your far sighted comments.
    You make the misery of all Ethiopians which of course includes millions of oromo fathers, mothers , brothers and sisters will alleviate sooner than later.

    You kick the nerve of weyane’s game divide along ethnic lines and rule for the next 50 yrs. atleast.
    thank you.

    wey gud

  3. Anonymous on

    Good news! It is about time, all Ethiopians realized that, the enemy of Ethiopia is Woyane, not the poor struggling Amharas.

  4. Ethiopiawe on

    olf politician must understand something i.e for the last 30 or more year strugling you didnt get any sold victory ,as to me you have to look back your self and start strugle with other Ethiopian peoples. otherwise please do like other your friend did..

  5. Gudeta on

    Dear editor ,
    Thanks you for exposing the hidden agenda behind Hile Hirpha who was the then president of OSA by mistake. As he is not an Oromo as it seems but in reality a Tigre raised in Oromia, he cannot represent the Oromo nation nor OSA let alone the puppet of TPLF . It is his homework to divide the two big nations : Oromo & Ahmara by creating the rethoric controversy “Oromo struggle has transformed into Ethiopian struggle” is only an empty slogan.
    In a normal environment never ever will happen when the Oromo will struggle for the existence of the empire without it’s structural reform: Federation OR Confederation based on de facto Union of Independent Nations a similar to EU for a durable Stability & Development.

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