Call Etete Restaurant in DC – 202 232 7600

Etete Ethiopian Restaurant in Washington DC is hired to feed 500 Woyannes and hodams this coming Saturday at a lavish party thrown by the second richest man in Ethiopia and a business partner of Ethiopia’s brutal dictator Meles Zenawi (click here to read details).

If Etete owners need our business, they need to be sensitive to our pain, the pain of Ethiopians who have been forced into exile by Woyanne looters and murderers who continue to brutalize our people back home.

Let’s call Etete owners at 202 232 7600 and politely ask them to cancel their contract to provide food at the party.

Ethiopian Review has established a hotline for those who have information about every one who will attend the party. Please send us names, addresses, and photos of those who will be dining and wining with the looters:

Etete Restaurant Tel: 202 232 7600

Ethiopian Review Hotline Tel: 202 656 5117

Sources of information will be kept strictly confidential.

68 thoughts on “Call Etete Restaurant in DC – 202 232 7600

  1. tezibt on

    I had so much hope after the 99.6% election out come that we will be able to side line woyane and expedite its demise, unfortunately, what I am seeing looks like a frustration of seeing no hope and attacking everyone like mad dogs. Samuel is Gurage and calling his guests hodams is not going to help. This will only have a negative impact, means it will divide people and will have no positive impact. By alienating people that have nothing to do with woyane, we are not going to get any benefit. We need to be strategic. This is crazy Elias. I hope you are not losing your mind.

  2. tezibt on

    Elias I checked with people who know Etete and I was told that most of their customers are Americans and as a result of similar rumour by a sick radio host, named Merchaw, who swindled so much money from waiteresses and cabdrivers in the name of “ekub”, the restaurant doesn’t have that many Ethiopian customers. Plus the lady’s children who opened the restaurant for their mom, are I heard Multimillionaires here in the U.S. and they care less.

  3. Deresse Biru on

    If Etete Restaurant cancels Samuel, can hire 1000 other caterers quick.
    . The money is gone Samuel got a pocket full now so he can throw parties everynight if he wishes to from now on.Trying to blame Etete or other caterers after watching the Ethiopian economy get embezled dry for the last twenty years is like AHIYAWEN FERTO DAWILAWIN.
    Samuel is not about to spit out what he already swallowed. I say let us concentrate on the other woyane billionaires that are in the making now ..We need the expertise of people who have knowledge about capitalism AND WHAT KIND OF LOOPWHOLE Samuel found to bit the system so others will not follow his foot steps .

  4. Caleb on

    This is Business; let us not mix this with politics. If you owned the restaurant and you get this kind of business are you going to refuse :)!.
    No matter what their political views let us not attack the business. OMG.

  5. Jininu on

    Dear Deresse Biru,
    We didn’t mis any hyna yet. All the hynas are still eating there. So, it is not late to defend our people from the looters. Remember, the measure we are taking now is to give them a signal that they can not escape from justice whereever they may go. We Ethiopians, who are tortured and pushed out of our motherland by Woyane, are everywhere. So, lets keep on calling Etete Restaurant continuously and let them cancel the event.

    Deresse, Comfort prevention of the Hodams is one part of the struggle and sends a signal to the looters.

    Atazenagan abo.

    Elias, Thanks for the info

  6. Daniel on


    I really wonder if you totally have lost your hope on Esayas, EPPF and G-7. That is why you turned to some individuals who either build, cook, or eat. Who would be next? I know you are not posting it as usual, but it is for your conscience at least.


  7. helen on

    Etete has been a right hand for weyane party around washington dc. They have had so many other caterings to serve weyane in their embassy and other places. shame on etete owners.

  8. Anonymous on

    What a Shame! The identity of the five hundred insensitive, piggish guests who are going to attend the undesirable party to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the innocent Ethiopians, should be exposed. Again, the peace loving, fair minded, law-abiding Ethiopians need to know who the greedy, so called Ethiopians that are indeed destroying our country and who they associate with.
    Elias, thank you for being the voice for defenseless Ethiopians.

  9. menilik on

    We should not be surprised. Etete is a smart business woman. At one time the Bishop was sent by Aba Diabilos to control the churches in Washington DC and whose mission failed has been staying in her home until he left for Ethiopia. Her church going is a cover up. She even boasts that she petitioned over 150 relatives of hers into the United States. Can it be done without creating any kinds of contacts? Some time back, her parking owner son has been on the local news of Ethiopiawinet Radio. Her Son was accused of entertaining the Weyane Police Commissioner in Washington DC. Her son has an investment in Ethiopia too. At least his bulldozer is operating safely if the commissioner is happy with him. We all know that no one can run a business in Ethiopia without collaborating with Weyane.

  10. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    stop serving this banda in your restaurant. it is not about making money. it is about having principle not to harem your country. if u do u may loos this business today. but on the flip side u will have a great business year after year from the true Ethiopians indefinitely.

  11. Teshome on

    I saw a bunch of very expensive mansions in front of Bole Medaheni Alem built in a raw by this stupid hodam Samuel. He is the most corrupted monster. In some form or shape, we have to express our hatred towards this stupid hodam and his associates and give them a little discomfort. We can do two things:
    1. Boycott Etete’s restaurant hereafter.
    2. Organize and conduct peaceful rally around the party place.

  12. Balcha Gebeyahue on

    Lord Have Mercy, at a time when most Ethiopians are unable to have a single meal a day, in fact, when some are reduced to buying meals as a set of single (or double) “gurshas”, (from make-shift shops-resturants), the tplf tugs and their die-hard business partners are planning a big fieasta in our own back yard. If the so-called “wealth” came from a hard work and or from a legitmate/ a proper business practice, one can either look the other way or based from our culture, one even is tempted to wish them well.

    However, knowing what we know in the last 20 years, the TPLF ethnic business (effort), the Shake’s Alamodin/king Abdella Empires and a few assortment of ethnic and individual partners with political connection are the only “choosen” ones that can have any business profitable enough to host parties 10,000 miles away from the second poorest country on earth.

    What are we supposed to do when the general feeling is that the new wealth is a “BLOOD MONEY” stolen from the Ethiopian poor people in day light? Are we to sit idle & watch these folks dance the night away or are we to show ourselves & to our citizens back home that we, at least, did our best to make these parasites be ashmed of to come to the party & fill their bellies up with caterd food!

    Fellow Ethiopians these folks ought to know that “partying” with stolen money is unethical. Besides that, unlike their ethnic strong-hold, in democratic countries, we have the right to demonstarte and expose anyone who assist, collaborate and participate in this type of self-gratification events.

    More than that we can not be just silent, anyone of us has the responsabilty to inform the “soft”, as opposed to the hard-core (cadres) followers that “partying” with looters amounts to siding with a shameful and the wrong side of history.

    God Bless Ethiopia

  13. Tessema on

    Dear Elias,

    I would respectfully disagree with your call to boycott Etete’s Restaurant. I closely know the family and can attest to their hard work and dedication. This family has opened plenty of job opportunities to Ethiopians in Washington, DC. Etete is not a politician, but a simple business woman, who grabbed this opportunity. Do you think some other restaurants would have not given the same service had they got the opportunity? I will not doubt that for a second.

    I don’t know this guy Samuel but would not doubt that he could have some kind of proximity to the corrupt rulers in Addis. Is Henok joining the Squad? It is for the future to tell. I am not pretty sure. However, let’s refrain from attacking everyone left and right as it can heart the nationalist base in the diaspora.

  14. Jagama Balcha in Las Vegas on

    Do not host these woyannes!! They have already fattened up in Menelik Palace from food they have stolen from poor Ethiopians. Please don’t feed these bloodsucking leeches. If you give the food, you will become a blood sucking leeches . The woyannes are not feeding your relatives in Ethiopia! They are struggling to survive and you feed the very people that are doing this!:O You disgust me! *spits*


  15. Anonymous on

    God damn you, son of a hyena! You are a piece of shit who piles on hard working people just because you are an Assyas slave!…Your ass was in ASSSmara and have no shame for ganging up on people who mind their business. I hate Woyane more than your piece of shit mind can imagine of, but you f**g has the blood of my friends who died in Eritrea in your slave hands and got no place in calling out anybody as an enemy of my beloved country! You will get your comeupance one day and the blood of Ethiopians killed by your master will burn your rotten soul while you are still alive.

  16. Hodam on

    some of you guys are just disgusting, i fell sorry for myself for being called Ethiopian in the same category as you. Elias- You have gone mad, i guess you have realized that Woyanne is not going anywhere for sometime to come. Not at least in your generation.

  17. dfabachew on

    Brovo Elias–get into their nerves. unfortunately woyane has very little nerve remaining.

  18. atalay on

    Do you want invitation? I can hook you up man.
    Is Issayas paying you now to crash parties? What is being brewed in your head man. Chill. Etete is doing business and you will become a victim of your own hate. What you gonna do with the names of private individuals who are invited to attend a wedding anniversary? You better know your limit. You are not in a lawless state of Eritrea. You are in the USA.
    Respect the law.

  19. jakaranda on

    Why does anybody care about someone who happens to live his life as he wishes ?
    Why also be venomously attacking them without any facts ? Why do really get out of their way and talk about others ?
    Is this jealousy ? Or Frustration ?

    Boycott ? Boycott who ? For what ? Selling what they sell everyday to the public ?

    will you stop driving on the highway if the people you do not like or support drive on it ?

    I say this is beyond stupid and harbors on acute moronity.

    Get a LIFE People !
    If possible Get a BETTER LIFE !

  20. Wasabi on

    As a Woman I say let all of u who gossip and those who give them a reason to gossip go to the deepest and harshest part of Hell!

    Pity little etete boy’s wife as she has no clue that her husband is moving to ET shortly. (he told me that he will anyway)

    Big head sunshine has nothing to lose as little etete boy supply dollar for the new house in exchange for a spanking new house in Addis.

    Besides it is all in the family. Mama etete approves it anyway.

    have u heard of anyone bragging about their sons Dikala unless they also are maybe of the same thread ?

    Well Boys, fasten your pants as the thugs are moving in to DC.

    I have already packed and moved to Mexico anyway. That is where there is true justice. U steal well you get to get known as a thug or you end up dead.

    In Addis or now in your so called abesha DC, you will be on Washington Post and be famous.

    Enjoy the Circus.

  21. hodme yewedeme on

    elias good job tnx bro, etete resturant is mr, parking owner ye Henoke nawe etete his mothere nic name emama etete old women doesn’t know any about politics. her son used her name. she is working like other employees cooking food…

  22. Alamerew on

    all those commenters who seem to logically say that this strategy is less powerful—-we will show you if not by calling them and seeing the effect.
    Elias, this is a legal and tactical strategy.
    Bravo elias
    and fellas phone : 202 232 7600

  23. Mesfin on

    Since we are living abroad, we have to look around us and see how democracy really functions. Dictating the way our people do businesses and earn money shows only that we have missed the point of democracy. This attitude of monitoring is another form of dictatorship. Democracy means the right to choose, the right to be neutral or active, the right to be non-political, it also means to let people live their private, social and business life the way they want to.

    Emotionally expressed opinions should have rationally analyzed basis. Otherwise, it only leads to a one-sided approach of the matter. This is a pure nationalism and it has nothing to do with politics.

    Mr. Elias, I respect your hard work but you are usually emotional and irrational with your comments. You have to take your responsibility as an editor seriously because what you are writing might destroy the existence of your landsmen and women. They must not think the way you think and act the way you act to be real Ethiopians. Remember, like religion, political or non-political opinions are private matter that shouldn’t be dictated by anyone.

  24. Abba Burqa on

    Thanks Elias,
    All those who associate themselves (Directly or indirectly) with the Tyrant Meles should be out casted and fought in different mechanisms, including this one. Your proposal should be taken as one mode of resistance and way of expressing our discontent with the regime and their associates.
    I’ll definitely call Etete

  25. Elena on

    What is wrong with nurturing killers? Where is a sin in Aiding and Abetting criminal group and associates? Economic sanctions against South Africa were used effectively to pressure apartheid government. Conscious selfless people and nations, individuals and corporations gave up billions of blood profit money because they had social consciousness. These Woyane servers have no social consciousness. Having fully informed and knowing that in today Ethiopia Woyane controls all sectors of economy through blood sucking illegitimate EFFRT and it’s subsidiaries. Having had ample documents out there that there is no equal competition for business under Woyane. To cater and nurture and fatten these same devil associates who accumulated wealth unjustly through unfair competition. To serve blindly for profit is a betrayal of first degree for it neglects social responsibility. It is an insult to those who are hungry. It is insults to innocent thousands unjustly suffer in Woyane jail.

  26. Cheguaraw on


    What were you injected in Asmara?The same injection Issayas had taken?

    Issayas is exersising all his dictation due to his power. But tell me how you are going to dictate free people in free land while you are as ordinary as them.

  27. Anonymous on


    “Teleba binchacha be and muketcha” Etete Restaurant is now well feed by Samuel and his children as she made her married son have a baby from Samuel’s daughter which she publicly accused and curse her legal daughter-in-low everywere she is just an Orthodox who pretends by bowing to the Aba Diablos’s croonies.
    After people exposed Etete Restaurant in 2008 that she serves leftover meat from Kitfo and Tibs by washing and re-fry it Ethiopians still go to that place sooooooooooooooooooooooo disgusting!!!. Those who goes to that place are those who are looking for something else.

  28. Ewnetu Yiwotal on

    Etete is full of drama. She never hide that she is Samuel’s and his wife’s friend. Out of the blue she will tell you that they are the ones who send butter, berbere, spices and other necessary itmes for the restaurant if you go to her place. She also declared that she is a princess and a close relative of Emperor Haileselassie. She is boasting that she had a family gathering with the royal families at her place. She told to all the people she knows that Samuel gave a big party for her third son’s wedding in Ethiopia. So Tagay Jakaranda and your friends don’t try to cover up for Etete and her millioner son/knowing that where you were working before the million $$,Ye adebabay mister/secret/ new /. She never hide her association with woyane. She always invite woyane members in her house. So we Ethiopians should boycot to go to her restaurant and from another business if they have.

  29. Binyam on

    Although I appreciate its past contribution, now I see Elias the editor has lost his brain. I have decided not to read Ethiopian review any more.

  30. Dawit on

    Who is the next? Mr. Dictator Elias? Could you please tell us your schedule? I hope not that it will be DUKEM’S owner the hard working Mr. TEFERA. I guess it because he is the one to invest his money around “22 Mazoria Area” for office building. Who knows, next will be indivuals who buy a land in Addis or in other cities to build a residential houses.
    Estate’s owner, please go on and do your business as usual. Elias is desperate and hopeless so doesn’t matter what ever he call names and threaten for boycott. We will see if he brings a political change in Ethiopia this way. As a supporter of the oppositions, not here in the US (the hate – politicians) but those who are struggling in peaceful way back home, I will ever join associate with Elias and Professor Alemayehu and others like them

    Love Ehtiopia

  31. T-Bone on

    Elias, are you kidding me? I can understand opposing what the Woyanne government is doing but in my opinion, what Etete restaurant is doing is a pure business and should not be criticized for it…Also don’t forget no matter how bad a government might be, everyone is entitled to oppose or support them.

  32. FANO on

    Just like it was done at the Weyane demonstration take pictures of the participants and post it online. There is noting more embracing than that. Stop saying Etete did this and Etete did that. Come on people! This thing became noting but gossip. Too elementary.

  33. Kewle on

    Elias – The most amazing thing about you is that you have no shame! In today’s Ethiopia, there are a lot of hardworking business men and women who managed to improve their lives. How these people are going to spend this hardly earned money is their business and not yours or others. But I understand that it is difficult for you and your likes to understand how Samuel and others were able to make millions when people like you are struggling to pay your monthly bills. Elias – please wake up! I believe it is not late for you to think how you can make a difference by learning from these hard working guys instead of stirring up nonsense. Please understand me – I am not saying that he has no connection or his business is corruption free. Connections work everywhere in the world and even Woyanes believe that the government is not corruption free. But, it needs a brain and hard work to earn money in all these circumstances. I am sure Mr. Samuel has also paid a great sacrifice to reach at this level of life and deserves this kind of life style. About the poor and so forth, I am confident that he knows their life better than all of us in this form, for he is living and meet them in the streets of the country each and everyday. Let’s rejoice by once achievement !!!!
    Let God bless Ethiopia!

  34. daniel on

    Elias on this one I disagree because Etete is doing business and has to make money who ever comes as a customer. Please, grow up Elias!! things are changing opposing the regime in Ethiopia is one thing but boycotting businesses is another thing. Isn’t democracy supposed to be both ways?

  35. WELL on

    ELIAS IS GONE MAD!!!! u are a helpless freak who HATE on ppl fo no reason,Elias u need to limit ur BARKING it aint good for ur health U know u will NEVER EVER see Ethiopia again!! i see u are frustrated so much every day cos WOYANES are CHILLIN LIKE BOB DYLON while u are here scratchin ur flat out broke busted azz every day, things are going so bad for u UR MASTER SLAVE OWNER AKA ISSAYAS might not fund ur web site soon cos u aint doing a good job, Elias i suggest u DROP EVERY THING AND RUN TO THE MEXICO BORDER hahahhahahahahhah

  36. Alemu on


    You are a piece of trash. Are you now attacking hard working Ethiopian businessmen and businesswomen who want to live the American dream? What the f*** is your beef with Etete Restaurant? It has every right to cater to anyone it wants. It is America and not Mengistu’s Ethiopia, m****r.

  37. Hailu on

    I escaped this all, I already changed my citizenship. I don’t want to be called ethiopian with this all rubbish diaspora nonsense.

  38. tezibt on

    I understand your deep frustration and I feel it everyday too but keep in mind one thing. The whole Ethiopian culture is a mess. You can’t fight with every one around you and bite everyone like a mad dog.
    First of all, Etete is a lady who made it the hard way. She used to be a cook for Mr. Fasika in Fasika restaurant. Her kids were struggling with a minimum wage job. Some how they worked hard and got lucky. Yes they do show off a lot and so do most Ethiopians. When you have been poor all your life and you get money, that is the Ethiopian way. Throwing lavish wedding, buying expensive house and expensive cars even when we can’t afford it is normal for our society.
    Secondly, Etete doesn’t care if people boycot her restaurant because it is already boycotted after serving the woyane police chief and her patrons are ferenji. It is popular among the ferenji and she also caters outside her restaurant. Her kids have made it and they don’t care even if they close the restaurant, it is just a place to keep their mom busy.
    Third, Samuel has been poor for the most part of his life and now he is rich he is flashing his money revenging on the poor life he had in cherkos. So is with Al Amoudi that he grew up poor in Desse Wollo and when he got rich he is flashing his money revenging on the poor life he had. If you grew up on money, if your parents were rich, you will be disciplined and humble. No one would even know you have that much money. This people are just reflecting reality. That is why people like that are prone to alchohol and adultery. Because they get intoxicated with the newly found wealth.
    Fourth, it is non of your business. You can’t go around sniffing like a dog and pick a fight with all the “doma ras” around because they are too many. Our culture is ruined, messed up, and confused as a result of two government changes. We have many idiots and to correct them over night is an idiocy and impossible.
    Fifth, you have to take a deep breath and focus, if you are to continue the good job you used to do. Don’t make us feel like you are losing your mind. You can continue to do a great job in changing the attitude of the oppositions towards something fruitful if your focus isnt distracted and you dont lose your bearing.
    Sixth, by doing what you are doing, you may make some sick habesha’s happy but you will set the community to be divided. There is a way to use even the people like etete and in the process separate them from woyane and co. but as you continue to attack them the number of official woyane supporters will increase while the opposition is saying “I am falling I can’t get up”.
    You are not from nigeria or iceland, you grew up in Ethiopia and you should know how the psche is.
    In the end I would like to tell you that I have more frustration that you have when it comes to this issues but attacking this individuals isn’t gonna change any thing. It didn’t for 19 years. What we have to fight is the system not the individual. Individuals get shaped and reshaped based on the system. Samuel isn’t an important figure. He becomes important when we have no focus and mission. Before you know it he may even become victim of woyane himself. Even if he doesn’t so what. Don’t give a sign that we have no hope to overthrow weyane. We can and when we show it people like Samuel and Etete will join our club either secretly or officially. Ethiopians have always shown to side with the stronger. Lets be strong and stop this bullshit.

  39. meto on

    People have the right to boycott whoever they want. This is not Woyane dictated Ethiopia where we don’t have choice.

    The individual or individuals that are posting comments saying how it is wrong to boycott Etete are probably other Hodams. They don’t even recognize people’s right to boycott businesses. This is America. We have choices. If people choose not to patron the restaurant of genocidal Woyane beneficiaries, then people have that right.

    If a Jewish owned Restaurant caters to a Nazi party, don’t other Jews who take offense have the right to boycott the restaurant? Yes the do. Similarly, Ethiopians have the right to boycott Etete, who have chosen to do business with the criminals.

    If Etete Restaurant cares about the opinions of the Ethiopian community, let them release a statement to one of the Ethiopian news outlets. We will be waiting.

  40. Meto on

    No more turning blind eye! No more hiding what the right hand does to the left hand.

    Actions have consequences. We need to stop selling out the truth for nickle and dime.

    Etete, work hard and earn your money. Don’t do business with the same people that are butchering us.

    Let this be a notice to all restaurants that care about the business they get from the Ethiopian community.

  41. Caleb on

    Elias you’re so disgusting to say the least. what’s wrong with your little brain dude? get a life

  42. zulu on

    I do not know why Woyane thugs are crying fould in this popular Ethiopian website? Is not true that Woyane thugs are looters, murders and mafiasisos/ Is it true that any one who refuses to share his hard earned profit with the TPLF thugs will lose his entire business? It it trues that any one who befrieds the dedebit killers will benefit, and those who oppose will loose? So, what is the problem? There is no doubt the so called the richest man in Ethiopia got rich becuse of his connection with the tribal junta. Any one who illgally coperate with the illigtimate TPLF thugs is as bad as the thugs themslves. Elias, keep up the good job!!

  43. Biratuu on

    I don’t know why some of the commentators are insulting Elias rather than arguing on the topic. As I read their insults to intimidate Elias most of them are either a family members and friends of Etete Restaurant or a Hodam Tplf servants or a tplf main elements or a moron Ethiopians who has no clue about the politics of this stage. If you have any defensive argument against the topic just bring it on and let us read it otherwise your endless attack against Elias would hold any single water.

    To get back to the point the owners of Etete Restaurant are not different from some hodam opportunists around Diaspora who fail to stand for freedom and democracy and tend to be selfish to gain a little self interests. This is becoming obvious that many hodam individuals around Diaspora who are either given a piece of land in Ethiopia or who started a little or big business/investment in Ethiopia or who simply go back and forth for vacation to Ethiopia are mostly don’t care about the human disrespect of tplf against Ethiopians and tend to only focus to fulfill their tiny interests. As a result most of them use the same type of moronic defense to avoid their accountability, “ we are not politicians” in which this is a naivety to assume every self motivated activist who stands to defend human rights as a politician. To be honest, at this moment if speaking up the truth to defend democracy and human rights make someone a politician, then everyone should be a politician. Otherwise the ground truth is that every human being in Ethiopia should be a part of this struggle against tplf since this is not a struggle to acquire power but this is a struggle to bring freedom and democracy. Therefore stop your broken reason “I’m not a politician” and join the struggle by any means to liberate our country from the terrorist and racist group of tplf.

    Finally, if Etete Resturant wants to continue to serve weyane and want to play a double agent, we Ethiopians should show them our stand by boycotting their Restaurant. Etete Restaurant should stop wining and dining with weyanes if they need to keep their business, otherwise Etete Restaurant will face the same fate as other business owners who shamelessly shows a green light to tplf terrorist group. We should not compromise anything when it comes to tplf criminal and corrupted group. There are a number of indications that the owners of Etete Restaurant has a long term tie relationship with tplf and its top officials. We wouldn’t forget the time when the top weyane police commissioner ato Werkeneh had spent a lots of time with the family members of Etete Restaurant. We wouldn’t forget that it was Etete Restaurant who catered the weyane millennium celebration around Washington dc. And now Etete is ready to serve another top tplf servant. As we say no to weeyane we should also say no to weyane businesses and their hodam servants. Period!

  44. God is watching! on

    Woynes want to have it both ways—loot, and kill Ethiopians and help their close friends to loot what is left over. Woyanes want the rest of Ethiopians to shut-up and take it, and do business with Woyane & Friends. My fellow Ethiopians: Woyanes have the looted money, Weapons and the power for the time being, but most of all, the 75 million Ethiopians have the power to boycott everything that is associated with Woyane.
    I don’t get impressed nor envious of the super rich, but I do admire and get impressed by those who do a lot for the less fortunate to make a difference. Instead of building a five million dollar home, this insensible greedy showoff man, should have build a million dollar house for himself and use the four million dollar to build Trade Schools, Hospitals and Clinics in Ethiopia.
    I have a hard time understanding how some people can be this much out of touch and senseless and build a house that is worth 5 million dollars, while millions of children dropping dead like flies because of lack of food and water. Simply nauseating! 1 Timothy 6:10 reads: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”
    I urge you all to watch the wrenching short video and photos of starving children in Ethiopia:

  45. waka on

    All the defend comments are here from the ministry of woyanne foreign ministery organized illitrates specially if something comes from Elias they go mad as he knows in and out of woyanne gangs even what goes in their bed rooms,
    the funny part is one illitrate comes 10 times with different nic bringing the comment from the so called ministry ,they are as low as that.Samuel
    taffese is one of woyanne made rich person and the money is part of the donors billion in the name of Ethiopia
    and one woyanne has tried to tell us his Ethnic to play the usual woyanne child play that exists since the arrival of woyanne,we only cares because that is a looted Ethiopian money,with no concern of his ethnicity.

  46. Doromanekia on

    Hey, we have some idiots who make you to wish to pull your hair off whenever they open thier filthy mouth,however,there are so many good things about your country you should be proud of.So my brother don’t take it on Ethiopia because of some empty head fools like Elias.

  47. hodam yetfu on

    Ethiopian in DC can protest outside the restaurant holding pictures of starving Ethiopian children and shame those hodammoch.

  48. EthioKid on

    How can they accept this deal knowing the money is taken from the mouth of hungry Ethiopians?

  49. Anonymous on

    Elias Thank you for your courage and determination.These people should be ashemed of them selves.

  50. Nexb on

    Check out all the Woyene online team try to influence opinion by flooding this website with their comments. They want the casual reader to believe that people oppose this article so they come here in gang and post comments.

    Hey WOYANES! Get this straight…you are going down, so will any collaborators. Let alone overseas. your claim in Ethiopia is zero. Give it up dirty scums!

    Those naive enough to support Woyanes either out of stupidity or ignorance, leave the sinking ship before it is too late!

  51. Nexb on

    I have called Etete and told them to either confirm of deny the allegations. Either way they are not willing to respond, so guess what, I will be advocating against that restaurant any chance I get (which is a lot- tour guide.)

  52. Anonymous on

    Thanks to God that, the majority of people are not like brainless #50, who are born without compassion and empathy.
    Elias, thank you! Keep up the good work!

  53. gezae on

    elias(Issayas Afewerke) u won’t see ethiopea no more ,,,,,,,,go to eritrea

  54. sasa on

    Elias you are going crazy!!! Please think before you do this! OR Call 911 for emergency care if you need help!!!!

  55. No woyane no Elias on

    Wow Elias is attacking local business. They have a right to take a contract from anyone. Sir you are creating distraction after distraction what is the difference between you and woyane since you spin Shabiyas evil within us. You know you are coming after Ethiopian success I know you will do it again and again but the world can’t accommodate fanaticism anymore.

  56. Gemechu on

    Hi Dawit I agree with your comment # 34.

    Let me also guess what Elias is going to do next. He will also threaten not only small businesses like “Etete” and any individual who buy land or house back home but also Diasporas who will fly with Ethiopian Air Lines four days a week to visit their family or for business trip.
    Mr. Elias would set up a camera crew at Dallas International Air port, I mean permanently, to take a picture of every individual and post it on his website like he did it last time.
    It will be another way of threatening people to call them, “Weyane” or “Hodam.”



  57. The pure facts! on


    This one is very simple …… Etate is owned by Henok. Some would say, it’s owned by his mother. Well, he invested the money and helps her with promoting and managing it as needed including entertaining people that are influential in D.C. politics and high level official in Ethiopia. This is the same Henock that was profiled in Washington Post Newspaper for winning to manage the National and Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. It’s also true that Henok made it in USA by working hard the American way. But, once he got it made, with (including or not?) the help of his mothers’ and father connection, he had been trying to invest in Ethiopia. One of his business associates is Samuel that helps him with his construction company in Ethiopia (from what my sourness telling me, he has several bulldozers). Beside his business relationship with Samuel, he just had a baby from Samuel’s Stepdaughter that was MARRIED (OH! by the way Henock is MARRIED as well when he got Samuels’s daughter pregnant). These are a whole bunch of Hodams that care less to what happen to poor Ethiopians or Ethiopia as long as they are living the sop-opera life style. As far as Samuel is concern, the house you posted in your web site is one of several he has here in USA and in Dubai. At least, he has three houses in D.C. Metropolitan area that each one of them worth over a million dollars. The place in Dubai is out of this world! …… I can go on, but I am sure you get the picture.

  58. AWAKE on


  59. kakila on

    Let those voltures devour the loot from their country. The looter is TPLF and its henchemen like this Parasite so called millionair. We have seen many who became multimillionairs. They ar eall TPLF money laundry agents and spy network members. DC people! have courage and challenge the TPLF money laundry agents in your area. Mechem weneee yelachu

  60. Anonymous on

    why dont you apply for a position to contribute to the enquirer megazine, you have the talent to make doomesday stories come alive. That is if the money from Shabia dries up, not before.

  61. Guest on

    It’s so sad that we are always tearing our own. That is the reason that we DO NOT GROW as people or community. Please stop killing our Ethiopian business for personal or political reason. We are ALWAYS good at talking ill of others since we are not as successful as them. It takes a lot to have a successful restaurant in the DC area when you are competing with 50 plus restaurants.

    The question you should ask yourself before saying staff (rumors) about others on the name of our country is:
    • What have I DONE to help my country or her people?
    • Have I done anything constructive with my life so that I can be a role model for the upcoming generation.

    Etete restaurant is employing many Ethiopians. This folks are supporting themselves and their family. You think hurting them makes any sense because of some jealous so called Ethiopians. You want to blame a business for catering to an event????
    I read an article not long ago about how the son of Etete restaurant is building a good business in the WDC area and how many of our country men he has hired.

    I do not know of the guy who had the party. But, it’s total wrong to blame the Ethiopian vendors for proving a service. Please grow up and stop hating just for the sake of hating!!!!!

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