DLA Piper receives $1.3 million from Ethiopia’s corrupt regime

ForeignLobbying.org, a web site run by ProPublica and Sunlight Foundation, has disclosed that the corrupt dictatorship in Ethiopia led by Meles Zenawi has so far paid the Washington DC-based law firm DLA Piper over $1.3 million.

The money has been used to make sure the U.S. Congress doesn’t pass any law that requires the Meles regime improve its human rights record for the U.S. assistance to continue.

The genocidal dictatorship in Ethiopia has also paid the following firms a total of $700,000 since December 2007, according to ForeignLobbying.org:

Dewey & LeBoeuf $511,949.98
Mark Saylor Co $328,040.18

Since late 2007, the Meles regime has squandered over $2 million on lobby firms, instead of using the money for the underfunded social services in the country.

2 thoughts on “DLA Piper receives $1.3 million from Ethiopia’s corrupt regime

  1. Anonymous on

    The enemy of Ethiopia is not only Woyanes, those thugs like melese and the rest of those hodams.The enemy is also,other countries who hates Ethiopia,but pretends as a friends but wants to weaken Eth. and divide the country and we all know them.And this is the fact. Melese & his boys are the agent. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  2. dfabachew on

    DELA Pupper is a very worthless group of people. Don’t they have any feeling when they take money from hungry peoples mouth.

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