Meles speech moved

Columbia University has announced today that Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi is still scheduled to speak Wednesday at 4 PM, but the speech has been moved to a smaller venue, according to Columbia Spectator.

The University did not explain the reason for moving the venue from the stately Low Rotunda (see here) to the class-room-like Roone Arledge Auditorium (see here).

At least 3 buses will take off from Washington DC and Boston on Wednesday morning heading for New York carrying protesters. Others are planing to take train, plane and their own cars.

For more information or to assist the organizers by making financial donations, visit:

Bus 1 (from Virginia) 8:00 am Southern Towers Depart from the parking lot at Southern Towers (in front of the Seven Eleven Store), Alexandria, VA

Bus 2 (from DC) 8:00 am Kidist Mariam Church, Departs from the parking lot at Kidist Mariam Church, Washington, DC.

For the bus leaving from Boston, call 617-785-5495

Facebook is also being used to mobilize protesters. A Facebook page that was setup by 2 Columbia students sent out 1,019 invitations so far (see here).

Ethiopian Review will report tomorrow’s activities live from Columbia University. Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “Meles speech moved

  1. You sons and daughters of the unyielding patriots, children of the freest of the free, who shall never negotiate on their blood inheritance called ETHIOPIA: go and tell to the mountain that you shall never surrender your sacred nation.

    Tell them all – Inviting Meles among the free Ethiopians amount to Inviting Hitler to the survivor of the Holocaust.

    While you are alive it shall never come to pass!!

    Long Live Ethiopia


  2. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I think these faceless creatures are trying to conceal him and making the change in the venue so they can control the audience. Every time he opens his mouth the blood of those 193 and more innocent victims of his ire will shout a thunderous cry to the heavens. The mothers of all those who were ruthlessly mowed down in the streets and narrow alleys of Addis and other towns by this goon’s hirelings cry out for justice. But this doesn’t matter to the ‘genius know-alls’ at Columbia University.

  3. The Wolf and the Lamb, By Jean de La Fontaine
    Translation by Eli Siegel

    The reason of those best able to have their way is always the best:
    We now show how this is true.

    A lamb was quenching its thirst
    In the water of a pure stream.
    A fasting wolf came by, looking for something;
    He was attracted by hunger to this place.
    —What makes you so bold as to meddle with my drinking?
    Said this animal, very angry.
    You will be punished for your boldness.
    —Sir, answered the lamb, let Your Majesty
    Not put himself into a rage;
    But rather, let him consider
    That I am taking a drink of water
    In the stream
    More than twenty steps below him;
    And that, consequently, in no way,
    Am I troubling his supply.
    —You do trouble it, answered the cruel beast.
    And I know you said bad things of me last year.
    —How could I do that when I wasn’t born,
    Answered the lamb; I am still at my mother’s breast.
    —If it wasn’t you, then it was your brother.
    —I haven’t a brother.—It was then someone close to you;
    For you have no sympathy for me,
    You, your shepherds and your dogs.
    I have been told of this.I have to make things even.
    Saying this, into the woods
    The wolf carries the lamb, and then eats him
    Without any other why or wherefore.

    Bego Erenga በጎ እረኛ

  4. for me it is the same, they change the place or not I don’t care! Columbia univ. should cancel the event.

  5. Memihire Melaku on

    I don’t understand as to why some people like this character Ittu Aba farda are always talking about the only 193 people Meles killed in 2005 as if the damage is only about some 193 lives and the rest not deserving to be noticed and included as a broader genocides he committed and is currently being watched very carefully.

    You cannot win an iota of anything by staying parochial marginalist and ignorant exclusionist other than keep entertaining your diminutive egos.

  6. I am proud of being one of the grandsons of patriotic Ethiopians.
    The grandchildren of patriotic Ethiopians won’t allow any person to swindle at the cost of Ethiopian people.
    Meles, a barefaced liar attempts always to regard himself as if he were from the best list of known personalities.
    BUT the fact is that he is responsible for killings of tens of thousands of people in the entire nation of Ethiopia.

    I call on the international community to urge Meles to resign as soon as possible.
    In its place a “care taker government” has to be setup composed of all opposition parties.
    A provisional council should be setup to safeguard the security of the country and manage the military force.
    Down with the fake election win of 99.8%(for Meles dictatorship) result of May, 2010.
    Ethiopia can no more carry on the blunder of Meles crimes for the next 5 years.
    The sooner we remove him the better our nation would sustain.

    Aluta continuar !

  7. Kitkit on

    Twenty years the most wanted criminal-the fugitive,Meles Naziawi.

    Representatives,activists,social justice advocates,and many other concerned citizens and members of the global community are heading to Colombia University to slap the notorious dictator,the most cruel robber,crimeboss,and one members of the crimefamily,and of course,the billionaire and the murderer,Meles Naziawi’s face with intense protest right at the gate.

    Meles Naziawi, born and raised to hate Ethiopians,when he should be in maximum security prison for weird and wicked crimes that he committed against Ethiopians,he is now in a halfway-house,in Colombia University.Sad,really sad;Meles Naziawi,the fugitive must be standing in prisoner’s box for a final judgment on his twenty years recoded crimes.Crime and punishment.

  8. Kifle Aberra on

    Folks: If we are acting in unity within diversity both locally and globally in order to defend justice for all, specially the defenseless and the marginalized voiceless clear majority, victory will surely be on the side of all Ethiopians and the entire embattled horn.

    This is information society and the age is the age of technological, information and telecommunication revolution. These modern revolutions have kindly made itself available to all of us, even to the barely educated persons and not only to the great dictators and the mafia mony men like the previous epochs.

    That is great empowerment for the common and ordinary persons of this information and technolgical age since they challenge shooters and looters almost on equal basis.

    That is what makes dictator Meles tremble and unsure about the sustainability of his stolen monopoly power.

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