The Meles regime blocks Columbia University’s online journal

Ethiopian Review sources in Addis Ababa are reporting that Meles Zenawi’s Woyanne junta has blocked Columbia Spectator from being accessed in Ethiopia’s capital.

We have independently verified the report with multiple sources. In Bahr Dar and a few other cities, however, the web site can be accessed.

Columbia Spectator has taken a strong editorial position against Meles Zenawi’s human rights records, and posted a number of reports that are critical of University’s invitation to the despot.

Several Ethiopians used the opportunity provided by Columbia Spectator to voice their opinion (see here).

Blocking web sites is not new to the Meles regime. All major Ethiopian news web sites, including, are blocked in Ethiopia, and since May 2010, Voice of America, DW (German Voice), and ESAT broadcasts have been jammed with a jamming station that was built by China at the cost of $250 million.

It’s ironic that as Columbia University prepares to host Meles Zenawi today, a web site that is run by Columbia student is being blocked in Ethiopia.

8 thoughts on “The Meles regime blocks Columbia University’s online journal

  1. the blood thirsty dictator Meles Zenawi turn his attack against his host columbia university this is one evidence to the host university what is going on every minute every second in Ethiopia not to mention the tourcher imprisonment and death that happening as we speak. stop this apharthaide pleas.

  2. Naicho on

    Keep exposing this shameless totalitarian regime. You are woyane’s nightmare. If they have their way, I can’t imagine what they would do to you.

  3. Go Ethiopians!!! on

    Professor Al,

    Here is another slap in the face how this dictator will not change! It’s just a wishful thinking to expect Meles might learn some thing out of this Colombia’s event. None of the past Dictators changed ever!

    Thanks to Elias and all other Ethiopians for putting pressure and demonstrate with all venues!

    Professor Al, As much as I admire you and agree on most of your writings, I completely disagree with this free speech argument. A tyrant who doesn’t believe in FREE SPEECH shouldn’t be given that opportunity unless it’s in a debate format, period! This debate approach is what we’ve all missed to pressure Columbia’s Meles’s cronies and the President, regardless the staff and students could only attend!!! A lesson learned. One able person would have beat Meles by stating simple facts!

    If it wasn’t to these out rage and anger of Ethiopians and other peace loving Africans and human right advocates, these argument of it’s OK for sake of free speech wouldn’t sway or pressure or keep changing the subject at Columbia University. MELES would have an easy day cake walk at Columbia University.

    FYI, this is my writing to the Columbia U President and the organizers.

    What a hypocrites! Columbia University giving this DICTATOR and BLOOD Sucker an opportunity to speak in this prestigious University based on “Free Speech” cover. The hypocrisy is this dictator doesn’t give a damn about the free speech and is putting people in prison because they express any dissent. I honestly don’t see a point or logic of giving a free speech platform for a dictator who crashes and kills people for simply exercising their free speech?

    As University, Columbia should have done an elementary kids research and find out how cruel and double speaker this DICTATOR is. He has done a horrible things to Ethiopians, Somalians and Eritreans and there is no point of listing his atrocity to the University that doesn’t do a basic research and respect HUMANITY.

    Shame on President Bollinger and the organizers. The least you would’ve done is either cancel the event or take accountability and response to the whole Africans (who expressed their dismay at the University) in a press release or other venues.

    One dictator is worthless than tarnishing this University image and also losing the respect of Africans and all peace loving people in the world. Do the honorable thing President Bollinger!

    African Canadian.

  4. Master of deceptions! on

    Good to know what the dictator is doing at all times. But, once again, I am not surprised. Meles lives on lies and deceptions. Meles has a lot to hide and he will do everything in his power to cover up his criminal activities and manipulations by all means of necessary at the expense of Ethiopian Tax Payers. I just read a letter that was sent to Columbia University from Woyanes, in the name of all Ethiopians in support of tyrant Meles—What a bunch of liars! Please write and inform Columbia university that this letter is not written in your name.

  5. Tarrekegn Abebaw on

    Both the spineless dictator and his lunatic wishy-washy hosts are in panic on noticing that all Ethiopians and other good humans who stand for the defenseless and voiceless majority can stand up against serial killers and expose their filthy inhuman conspiracy and manipulation tactics.

    What else can the rejected dictator do other than falling back on his normal and routine shameful dictatorial suffocation of the people’s voices?

    If he has had a grain of defensible truth on his side, he wouldn’t have fallen back on his disgraceful habitual criminal suffocation and strangling technics.

  6. Shumshir Tibebu on

    #3 Go Ethiopians!!!,

    “…Professor Al, As much as I admire you and agree on most of your writings, I completely disagree with this free speech argument.” you stated.

    I agree with you hundred percent.

    I have notice that this professor Al,is in fact just similar to those CU professors who invited and hosting Meles if not worse seemingly writing so much tons of lengthy writings again seemingly asking for attention and recognition from the dictator himself.

    “Freedom of speech” Kikikiki….

    When you are giving and advocating for the freedom of speech to Hitler but denying to the Jews and the other victims of Nazis ity becomes crystal clear on whose side you are standing firm.

    I some how feel that our intelligence is being insulted. Turn coat! :)

  7. Anonymous on

    After all the students learned how this dictator and supportes are shameless.Good job CU for teaching ur students what they didn’t know b4:)

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