Columbia president fails to attend Meles speech

Meles Zenawi at Columbia University
Ethiopia’s genocidal despot gave a short speech today at Columbia University, which was followed by 20 minutes of questions and answers. The whole program took less than 1 hour.

The University’s president, Lee Bollinger, did not show up at the meeting. Instead, following opening remarks by Provost Claude Steele, Meles was introduced by Prof. Joseph Stiglitz (read more about Stiglitz here).

The discredited professor, as expected, talked about Meles Zenawis’ achievements before inviting him to speak. But even Stiglitz was too timid to talk about Meles today. His remarks lasted only 2 minutes.

The meeting was attended by less than 50 individuals, while over 700 Ethiopians protested outside the University campus.

Read more report by Columbia Spectator here.

16 thoughts on “Columbia president fails to attend Meles speech

  1. Michels on

    As a professor of a very prestigious university, he should have researched who he should invite. At least if he type Meles zenawi on google, he could have found thousands or article written about him: how stupid and blood thirsty tyrant he is. I wonder what was the base for the professors invitation ? A professor who teaches how to make research fails to make a very simple research. Is that the case? it is so funny.

    But at least it is good that he didnt show up on his speech. I think he regreted in the end for inviting him.
    But it is good time for every one here in USA to know about the tribal junta,and corrupted Zenawi.

  2. Kudos to all!!! on

    Good Job Elias and everyone!

    No more cakewalk for the Dictator on our back yard!!! NO MORE!!!

    They (including the President and the two disgraceful Professors) all have to hide and run! No accountability and clarity why even they hold this event, except saying this BS “FREE SPEECH”. Free speech for WHAT? For murdering, imprisoning, genocide…

    Kudos to all who participated on the demonstration, faxes, phones, emails and other venues.

    All of those three dishonest Professor’s phones were jammed and their offices were overwhelmed and surprised by the strong protests!

    Again well done…

  3. Rebecca on

    President Lee Bollinger must not be planing to visit Africa anytime soon otherwise he would not have dishonored Meles Zenawi like this.

  4. Why should some of these CU Drs.act as surrogates for a known genocide perpetrator modern day dictator who have just freshly stolen 99.6% of the 80 million wretched Ethiopian voices in order to position himself even to commit much more additional hidden and open genocides in the coming years?

    They just behave like all of those well known intellectual fascists like Dr.Josef Mengele and others who were loyally serving Adolf Hitler’s Nazi dictatorship and helping him mass murdering the innocent and helpless mass.

  5. Zenawi’s classic and fancy days are coming to an end soon and I would like to salute everybody who went to protest to the Columbia University.

  6. Even if the tyrant’s trip to Columbia was a complete failure it will be portrayed as a success back home. Tragic but True. Good job Ethiopian Review!

  7. dfabachew on

    Can some body forward the AFP report about the 5 bottom countries for being to be the most unfavorable countries for a child’s education. Ethiopia, somalia, haiti, eriterea and some other country. Those 2 bozzos from colombia university, how much were you paid by meles when you make a deal between him and IMF. We are in a funny world we are living in. Mr sucks and what ever is your friend’s name is stop meddling in another countries affair. Stop acting like a pudoole. The University is supposed to be top. Now it is acting like any third world education institute where education is a tool for a back ward government apparatus.

  8. Anonymous on

    President Bollinger needs to investigate the two professors that have tarnished his good name. The love affair between the two unethical Professors, Sachs and Stiglitz and the murderer of innocent of Ethiopians also need to be investigated by the FBI and CIA. What are the two professors receiving from the poorest country leader and the countries looter for the two men trying their best to make Meles look like the world leader. What are Sachs and Stiglitz relation with DLA Piper? Something rotten smells at Columbia University…It is Sachs and Stiglitz.

  9. all i would like to know how much weyane pays these evil professors who have no shame to be part of a killers squad – these racists must have stached good amount $$$$ in their swiss banks to speak so openly – i am sure they are also with clinton

  10. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    That is a victory to Ethiopia to discredit Woyane from the World.

    it take many axe to cut a three so we will keep axing this woyane until they foal.

  11. Anonymous on

    I think, a thoughtful, well written thank-you note is in order to the President of Columbia University for not showing up.

  12. Anonymous on

    We Ethiopians will bring the foreigners who support the genocidal apartheid regime to the ICC.

  13. Anonymous on

    I listen from the beginning to ending the interview. Mr. Meles seemed confuse and nervous the questions that brought from the audions base in realy action so that’s why he can not have answers to answers them. It is clear for everyone about the questions. This a columbia university invitation, it puts Mr. Melese in undermined his leader ship. I am sure he gets a big shame and humliation or embarassing. I am sure thes dignitry professer have undermined him that he is not a genuine and he is a story teller but not only. According what he says he assure that this last term inpower. I doubt it.

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