Hodams desert Meles

Today’s event at Columbia University was a huge disaster for Woyanne. In having Meles Zenawi invited to the University to give keynote address on African leadership, his supporters intended to revive his image that has been soiled with the blood of innocent Ethiopians and fraudulent elections. Instead, the Columbia invitation helped expose not only Meles, but also his backers, including a couple of American professors who like to kiss up to third world dictators.

(Left: Meles supporters holding Woyanne flag at Columbia)

As Ethiopians prepared to march to Columbia, the Woyanne-occupied Ethiopian mission in New York had worked full time to get as many supporters of Meles Zenawi as they could. They even had Solomon Tekalign flown all the way from Atlanta. Their effort did not bear fruit. In fact, it compounded the problem since no more than a couple of hodams participated in the pro-Meles demonstration, exposing his narrow support base. There were about 50 demonstrators, and 48 of them were Tigreans. It is reported that some of them were security guards who flew with Meles from Addis Ababa.

The fact that 99 percent of the pro-Meles demonstrators today were Tigreans doesn’t mean that all Tigreans support Woyanne. There might be more than 50 Tigreans who joined us at the anti-Woyanne demonstration, and some of the protest organizers themselves are Tigreans. What it shows is that Meles has no real support outside of the Tigrean ethnic group. Even among Tigreans, his support seems to be narrow. And hodams are not willing to show their face at a pro-Woyanne event after the August 3 Woyanne-sponsored demonstration fearing that their photos will be plastered all over the Internet again (see here).

To make up for their lack of number, the pro-Meles demonstrators brought a bunch of drums and were singing Tigrigna songs until they were drowned out by the over 700 pro-democracy protesters on the other side of the street.

The photo on the left shows Dr Awash Teklehaimanot (red tie) trying to relax near the Columbia campus after what turned out to be a disastrous day for them. Awash is thought to be the person who has worked behind the scene to have Columbia invite Meles. (More about Awash here)

Earlier, a Woyanne who was taunting and showing his middle finger to the protesters as he passed by in his car left with some water bottler marks.

A large number of Ogadenis joined their fellow Ethiopians at the demonstration. Ogaden is one of Ethiopia’s regions where the Meles regime has been committing genocide.

Some Eritreans carrying Eritrean flags also joined the protesters in a show of solidarity. They were cheerfully greeted.

What we have seen today is an encouraging development in the fight to save Ethiopia from the Woyanne cancer. Unity in action is producing result.

34 thoughts on “Hodams desert Meles

  1. crirical on

    And you wonder why Tigreans hesitate joining you and your extremist protesters. In one hand you go extra mile to corner them and make it sound as if they are the main beneficiaries of the system and you make a quick turn around and extend half bake welcome to join the struggle.
    What I don’t understand is we are quick to say that the government is muzzling the Ethiopian people yet people who don’t share your view are being insulted from showing support to whomever they want.
    It is good to oppose and demonstrate but without a real strategy and objectives, this is nothing more than a feel good attitude exercise.

  2. Berhanu on

    It is great news, indeed.
    Congratulations to everyone who took part in the huge anti-Meles demonstration! The tyrant will soon be gone.

  3. Jijiga on

    I was at the demo. Although I was surprised that hodams were there, when I saw that they were Tigrians who are the beneficiaries of the “democracy and peace” of this time, I was happy. The protesters against the Killer Meles had drowned the handful of Tigrians and EPRDF paid guns. Even the fact that the meeting was short and held not in the honorable rotunda marks the shame the Columbia University felt. Plus, the president of the University distanced himself from Meles and he was not there. This is a success for Ethiopians and Ethiopia. Bravo my brothers and sisters!

  4. Halafi Mengedi on

    Meles does not have any supporter in Tigray except the Tigrayan Generals and cadres who are bribed money. The lower rank military does not support him, to site one example when Iyasu Berhe was in prison for looting Ethiopian money with Azeb; the military beat him until he was carried to hospital. Iyasu Berhe was supporter and propagandist for Meles against Gebru and Seye and the military at the prison got revenge until he confessed he looted money with Azeb Gola and he told them I will tell the court everything including Azeb Gola activities. When Meles and Azeb herd he will tell to the court, they managed to release him and forced him to go to exile for a while and he went to Arab country for a while. When he returned they put him down once for all. In Tigray every person like to chew Meles from their anger what has been doing but they are powerless and they live in fear everyday life, this is absolute truth. Tigray loves Woyane not Meles and his wife along Sebhat.

  5. Jaleta on

    Wish to cogratulate and extend my sincere gratitude to all who made the sacrifice to expose the most brutal dictator and his thugs…

  6. weygood on

    I was there as an Eritrean to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters. Death to Weyane and their supporters including some misguided Tigreans!

  7. Anonymous on


    Have you no ashmed to call yourself Ethiopian? Your love for the racist Woyane will hunt you for a long time to come.

    Tigreans are not hesitateing to join, they fear your goons will make them pay for it if they do. Do not use them to do your dirty Woyane deed.

    There is no Tigrian who love TPLF who sell their country in their name, if they are hodam Tigrians they are Melse breed

  8. Well done job, Elias. You effectively accomplished and showed the power of free media in annihilating blood sucker dictators. The venue of the speech was transferred to a small lecture room because the expected number of the audience has shrunk (even the lecture room was empty). The president didn’t attend the discussion. It was a very shameful and humiliating, boring presentation. There was no question at all concerning his fake economic growth and rapid development rhetoric, though he tried to mention it several times (no body buy that). It was a complete fiasco.

  9. Critical thinker on

    Halafi Mengedi
    What exactly do you mean when you said “Tigray loves Woyane not Meles and his wife along Sebhat”.I think there needs to be some clarity and a clear defeinition of this “WOYANE” word because I have been using the term Woyane when I wanted to refer to the individuals supporting Meles and his wife Azeb.But after I read the comment you made above I am starting to sense that different people interprate the word differently and had been creating confusion on who or what it is intended to refer to. I might be wrong but I have been using the word woyane to refer to the Hodam i.e. those ethiopians without principle , the genocidal , the selfish that sabotage their fellow Ethiopians so they can take whatever position the other person is in .In general the ones commiting Anti-Ethiopianism while being an Ethiopian I have been calling Woyane.Is those who you are saying that Tigray loves HALAFI MENGEDI?I donot think so.So I want to know who or what you are refering to when you say Woyane. .

  10. mahelt on

    thank you so much for your continous update regarding the demo against teh brutual racist dictator Zenawi….there may be still a few people that would come out to show in support of the terrorist leader of zenawi, however we ethiopians should show them aggressively how we are fed up of tplf terrorist group, so ethiopians should join the next rally against tplf to show how much tplf is a criminal group….

  11. Dilachew Bogale on

    What a shame for those who only focus on their benefit, while rest of their people suffer. I am proud of the 700 ethiopian’s showed up in the sight.
    One day Weyane will be history and will talk face to face with all presented there; real Ethiopians and the BANDA’s

    Shame on you BANDA’s, you did that stepping on the blood of your fellow Ethiopian’s. One day you will pay it back.

    I admire those Ethiopian who came from Every direction to show their solidarity.

    May God bless Ethiopia

  12. Blame the few on

    Halafi Mengedi,
    You and I should also agree that, all Amharas shouldn’t be criticized and used a scapegoats for every problems in Ethiopia. You have labeled all neftegnas to be Amharas in the past, which you know that is not to be true. Neftegnas were all kinds of rich Ethiopians that took advantages of the poor Ethiopians land. They were a few rich Amharas, Gurages, Etitrians, Tigreas and Oromos. But since they all communicated in Amharic, the village people saw these people to be only Amharas. But people like yourself and others who seem to be intelligent should know better. There is no comparison to what Meles and his buddies have been doing to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Not one Ethiopian leader have caused this much of damage and robbery what Meles and Co. have done…hey have done it all: giving our land, looting , torturing, killing and endless crimes, and leaving Ethiopia land locked with the blessings of Meles and his close criminal mafia group.

    Stand up up for Amharas when they get unfairly blamed for everything bad that happened in Ethiopia, as you have now standing up for your ethnic group not to be blamed because of a few unethical, greedy that lacked conscience and that support a very man that has caused horrendous crimes on Ethiopians as Hitler and Stalin had done to innocent people. Even Hitler and Stalin did not give their land to be owned by foreigners up to hundred years for a dime. Meles’s evilness is beyond measure, that never been seen in the history of the world.

  13. Justice on

    We are tired of Tigrean melemamet. They do support TPLF. I don’t know a single Tigrean outside of the few familiar names that do not support TPLF. I don’t care what they think. I am fighting for my right. If that offends them so be it. These are people who care only for themsleves an not anybody else. To them Tigrean interest comes first and the rest does not matter. They should take a good look at themselves before they accuse others. Whether they like it or not we will fight TPLF as long as it maintains its racist views and opperation of other ethnic groups

  14. Kitkit on

    Sadam has gone;so will Meles Naziawi.

    Meles Naziawi makes a living by selling lands,babies,and little girls and by looting and murdering Ethiopians.There is a linkage.Zinawians get pleasure at Zinawi murdering Ethiopians chiefly because their longevity fully depends on what he has been doing for the past twenty years;being the most wicked and weird a robber,Meles Naziawi,once he is captured,Zinawians will be like tenuous dirt.

    Meles Naziawi born and reared to hate Ethiopians.The enemy,it is what it is.In Meles Naziawi’s world,there is murder,there is looting,and tere is lie and deception.Bugs,insects,dogs,wolves,and ducks.

    The fugitive is on the campus.Is there a halfway-house in Colombia University?

    You,Ethiopians are cherful,warm,and vanguard.Meles Naziawi will soon stand in a prisoner’s box.

  15. ER,

    You are the best! Now we should be also go the next step and really coordinate and organize in the diaspora, Europe, Middle East or U.S how to bring democracy in Ethiopia. This is a good start. We need people like you who can expose the Hodams and Weyanes. I think CU now knows who these people really are. Watch out for Awash. You see, they have no concept of other Ethiopians except the Tigrayans themselves and completely disconnected to the rest of other ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

  16. Treaty on

    Thank you Elias for following this event its development at every turn,and keeping us informed.You deserve credit for being first and for the fierce fight you put up against the clique.I also like to thank fellow Ethiopians and praise those who made it to columbia to confront the despotic tyrant- L/M/Z.

    It is good to know Professor Awash ,his one foot in columbia another in Ethiopia, as weyanne director of health development is the hidden man who facilitated the invitation of melese.I hold this professor at a lowest esteem because when he has every opportunity to be a man of himself he lend himself servitude to a regime who has no qualm to hand over Ethiopia’s territory for Sudan.Unlike, melese Ethiopia is dear to Imperor Yohanes as worth of sacrificing his life at metema. If professor Awash is an Ethiopian where is his outrage over the transfer of our land lto the Sudan.Who in his right mind could have believed that this professor will be closely working with the public enemy-melese.Now, we know!
    This is just the begining,we will follow up events closely and there are many on our side than melese and his supporters.We will further expose those international institutions and private interest groups who are working along lines to advance their narrow interest with their convinent tool-melese.

  17. DO NOT BE surprised when the Woyane-Tigrays (Tigrean party members)in the Diaspora do go to the street to support their regional party leader as well as chairman of TPLF as well as chairman of EPRDF as well as Prime Minister of Ethiopia. His supporters think that the power loss of Meles means the end of their life.

    Most of them came to abroad in the name of Embassy driver, cook, servant, guard etc.
    But their duty is to espionage citizens activities of non-Tigrays. Especially they are posted at the International Airports and hijack (Enjera & Wot-popular food of many people) that was loaded by a plane of certain passenger. Sometimes they tell you it was thrown away, but they take it home for themselves. Besides the mishandling of non-Tigre Ethiopians in consulates and embassies is very ugly.
    Many Tigres are assigned to perform dirty jobs that make distrust among other Ethiopians. Baggage allowance does not work for Tigres. They can load as much as they could and unchecked.

    I want to say something about the flag and the Flag Day:
    The flag with david star with blue background is a choice of EPRDF Party. It can use for its party occasions.
    But the Tricolor, green, yellow and red is a national flag. Since we have abolished crown leadership we do not need a lion on the middle. But if we have king or queen, they can use the image of a lion at the middle of the flag.
    So, I do not mind if the Woyanes and Woyane party supporters wave the flag of their party. Because they identify themselves with their party.

  18. OMG! Look at this. How government can be childish. Only in by way of Ethiopia. Using Ethiopians hard earned money.

    “Tizzy Giordano came up from D.C. to provide the beat for the supporters. But Giordano isn’t steeped in African politics; she was hired by the Ethiopian Embassy to drum, she said.” exert from Colombia spectrum newspaper

    What a shame! They asked a license for machine guns with that money but declined and been told USA is not Ethiopia instead they settled with some kind of noise maker. Drum Embassy Drum!

  19. Tazabi on


    Get your facts together before you claim that what you wrote as a fact. It is utterly false. The official Ethiopian Tr-color is plain Green, Yellow and Red, and nothing in between. The lion or what the Derg might have put in the middle is not official flag. What you might be hinting is on rare occasions, you might have seen the lion during his motorcade on emperor’s car, etc. But if you see the official flag in schools, businesses, and government offices (inside and outside), and in international meetings and venues, it has always been and should still be plain Green, Yellow and Red.

  20. weyane has hired enough foreign agents from all over including greedy professors and politicans who exploit africa and its people to their personal gains – these racist groups are the ones working day and night for weyane since their account in swiss banks are well protected – the weyanes are spending millions at the expense of the people to lobby for them –

  21. A lot of these hodams wore either caps or too dark eyeglass. Why hiding ? who forces you to show up ?

  22. Zekarias on

    I am writing this to help confused, disillusioned or cheated brothers/sisters like ‘Critical’. He/she writes (see in the comments section).
    “What I don’t understand is we are quick to say that the government is muzzling the Ethiopian people yet people who don’t share your view are being insulted from showing support to whomever they want.”

    My brother or sister, you are either confused, disillusioned or cheated. Whoever lends, supports, or in any way associates in a material way (like taking to the streets to support Meles) with the Meles government must be tasted for his/her mental state. I don’t think it is a matter of individual right to freedom of speech (granted that must be respected) but I am simply questioning the mental stability of an individual who blindly supports or stand by evil.

    May the Lord have mercy on such a person!

  23. Zekarias on

    What did the peaceful protest accomplish?

    First, thank you for all those who took part and for Ato Elias for brining us real time updates.

    Second, the protest acoomplished a lot on the PR war front.

    1) Columbia President did not attend the pep talk. He did good in skipping the event. And that in an dof itself is a victory.

    2) The all round support to the cause of freedom and justice expressed by renown personalities is another victory.

    3) The fact that ‘unacademic’ Professors of Columbia were exposed.

    4) Ethiopians really learn unit in fact pays off.

    5) It drove home the message that Woyane is beginning to lose the PR war.

    6) The success of the protest will certianly make Meles’s supporters to look for the exit soon. I believe we will begin to see defections.

    8) Meles and his government now for the first time since 2005 might begin to fear what a huge mass protest in Ethiopia would do to his goverment. It is impossible for him or for any dictator to run over hundereds of thousands of people with a tank.

  24. Similarity between ancient Assyrian flag and the current Ethiopian flag. Assyrian flag, now as well as then, depicted the same concept of arrows pointing toward all directions:

    The golden circle at the center that represents the sun, which, by its exploding and leaping flames, generates heat and light to sustain the earth and all its living things. The four pointed star surrounding the sun symbolizes the land, its light blue color symbolizing tranquility. The wavy stripes extending from the center to the four corners of the flag represent the three major rivers of the Assyrian homeland: the Tigris, the Euphrates, and the Great Zab. The lines are small at the center and become wider as they spread out from the circle. The dark blue represents the Euphrates. The red stripes, whose blood red hue stands for courage, glory and pride, represent the Tigris. The white lines in between the two great rivers symbolizes the Great Zab; its white color stands for tranquility and peace. Some interpret the red, white and blue stripes as the highways that will take the scattered Assyrians back to their ancestral homeland[1]. It is also said that when the stripes are reversed with the red stripes on top and the blue stripes on bottom, it symbolizes that the nation is at war…. – Wikipedia.

  25. Anonymous on

    “Eritrean and Ogadeni flags side by side with the Ethiopian GYR”.

    What does “side by side” going to bring me?

    Let me ask a different question. The joining of EPLF/TPLF/OLF not only divided the country but brought us a bigger war that killed 80,000 of our people & displaced innocent folks after Eritrea’s separation.

    “ Meles and his government now for the first time since 2005 might begin to fear what a huge mass protest in Ethiopia would do to his goverment. It is impossible for him or for any dictator to run over hundereds of thousands of people with a tank.”

    I agree with the above. Over the years, we have proven to be excellent in bringing systems down but our record shows we are failures when it comes to building anything sustainable.

    Is there a guarantee “side by side” or violently overthrowing Meles would do me any better. I am afraid not.

  26. Doing What is Right in the Sight of God

    This week’s selection is from Arsenius, born in Rome around 360. He left Rome for Egypt at the age of 34 where he settled in Scetis under the guidance of St. John the Dwarf. After living for many years in the desert in solitude, silence, and deep asceticism, St. Arsenius returned to his Lord in 449:

    BEGIN: Abba David said, “Abba Arsenius told us the following, as though it referred to someone else, but in fact it referred to himself. An old man was sitting in his cell and a voice came to him which said, ‘Come, and I will show you the works of men.’ He got up and followed. The voice led him to a certain place and showed him an Ethiopian cutting wood and making a great pile. He struggled to carry it but in vain. Instead of taking some off, he cut more wood which he added to the pile. He did this for a long time. Going on a little further, the old man was shown a man standing on the shore of a lake drawing up water and pouring it into a broken receptacle, so that the water ran back into the lake. The voice said to the old man, ‘Come and I will show you something else.’ He saw a temple and two men on horseback, opposite one another, carrying a piece of wood crosswise. They wanted to go in through the door but could not because they held their piece of wood crosswise. Neither of them would draw back before the other, so as to carry the wood straight; so they remained outside the door. The voice said to the old man, ‘These men carry the yoke of righteousness with pride, and do not humble themselves so as to correct themselves and walk in the humble way of Christ. So they remain outside the Kingdom of God. The man cutting the wood is he who lives in many sins and instead of repenting he adds more faults to his sins. He who draws the water is he who does good deeds, but mixing bad ones with them, he spoils even his good works. So, everyone must be watchful of his actions, lest he labor in vain.” END.

    from “The Desert Christian,” by Benedicta Ward, (New York; Macmillan, 1975), p. 15-16

    Symbol of Assyria & Reasons for Invasion

  27. gorade on

    For GOD sake they turn the weyane flag upside down,who are these people? are they ETHIOPIANS? they don’t even know their flag, but they back Meles.

  28. gonderew on

    It is not fair for you to call us hodam because we support EPRDF. As a resident of united states, you should be appreciative of one’s freedom to choose the party of his liking. As it happens in the western world, supporters of EPRDF get some benefits through connection. This an acceptable practice every where in the world. we will keep supporting our party and rape the benefit of our support until the oppostion wins and takes power. Ethiopia is a free country where citizen’s voice is respected. Although EPRDF won 99.6% of the vote, it won all of it with 50.5%. That was a close election. with a little hard work, the oppostion might get few seats than the last election. atleast, it is better than nothing. Do not you think so?

  29. Treaty on

    I completly agree with Jegnaw Ethiopiawi,the blogger Gonderw is a fraud,he is a mekele temich! who conceals his identity.I my self used to blog under gonderw until recently I set it aside.

    #30 The so caled gonderw,you have no conscience,you see no wrong in geting rich through political connections.Again, you tell us Ethiopia is a free country where her citizens voice is respected.Is this assumption true?under free election melese and his mafia will never be able to receive any vote out side the state of Tigri.He is in power beccause of his military-period!most Ethiopians know this except power hungry weyanes who want to transfer their crime to their childreen.You might as well Support your party not for principle but for left over.

    People are intitled to think, and believe what ever they choose,however there is always a consequence for our choice.
    Acording to the word of God,

    “Be not deceived, GOD is not mocked:what soever a man sowteh that shall he also reap.For he that soweth to the flesh that shall of the flesh reap corruption;but he that sowes to the spirt shallof the spirit reap life everlasting.”Gal.6:7-8

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