Ethiopian dictator’s wife on shopping spree in DC

Meles Zenawi and Azeb MesfinAzeb Mesfin, the wife of Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi, has been on a shopping spree in Washington DC these past two days while her husband is in New York, according to Ethiopian Review sources.

On Wednesday, Azeb was seen shopping at the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Virginia. On Thursday, she visited shops in Virginia and was spotted at locations in Georgetown. Dr Mulai Teklu Yoyannes

Meles Zenawi’s former physician Dr Mulai Teklu Yohannes was driving her around in a silver Toyota Land Cruiser, VA license plate number JKA 4622. (More about Mulai another time.) There were also two women with her.

By the time Azeb was done shopping for the day, the Land Cruiser was filled with shopping bags.

Toyota Land CruiserAzeb Mesfin is not just a dictator’s wife or a private citizen. As a member of the Tigray People Liberation Front’s (Woyanne) politburo, she is one of the 9 individuals who are currently ruling Ethiopia.

And as the de fact head of EFFORT, a Woyanne-controlled business conglomerate that owns 60 large corporations, and owner of the media company Mega Corporation, she is said to be the richest woman in Africa.

In Ethiopia, she is commonly referred to as “The First Lady of Corruption.”

Using relatives and business associates in the U.S., Azeb invests her stolen millions on residential and commercial properties in several states.

The combined wealth of Meles and Azeb is estimated to be over USD 1.2 billion.

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