Kenya court humiliates and deports 89 Ethiopians (video)

A court in Kenya sentences 89 Ethiopian refugees 10,000 shillings each and orders their immediate deportation. These Ethiopians went to Kenya to escape from the fascist junta in Ethiopia led by the despot Meles Zenawi. Kenya court’s decision is not only immoral, it is also in violation of international law that call for the protection of refugees. Meanwhile, the despot’s wife is in Washington DC on a shopping spree with the money she looted from those poor refugees (see here).

38 thoughts on “Kenya court humiliates and deports 89 Ethiopians (video)

  1. Notice who are fleding the country in today’s Ethiopia and who are enjoying their looted wealth.

  2. Halafi Mengedi on

    It is absolutely shame to see our people immigrating to Kenya in search of jobs after 20 years peace, $40 billion dollars aid to the country and all the propagandas the Government has been spreading through the controlled Media 10 to 15% growth. What went wrong the first five years Government plan, what about the second five years plan??? What about the third five years plan???? What about the fourth five years plan??? Should we believe this liar Government anymore what they have to say if they are not responsible the last 20 years failed economic plan???

  3. daniel on

    These are supposed to be their African brethren where things are not normal in their own country. Kenya your time will come. Remember you are third worlders where things are changed in a matter of second. Why am I saying that you guys never fought for your freedom. You got it as a gift from Britain that is why you are foreigner in your own land.

  4. Edena Abebe on

    Disgusting! It breaks my heart to see my fellow countrymen treated like sub-humans in kenya.

  5. Allen 7 on

    It is a bad news for all Ethiopians and we all have to fight this facist regime by any means. zenawi is responsible for this mess and death to the monister.

  6. Anonymous on

    what inhuman and disgraceful are those Kenyans who stinks like dead rat even a cat disgusted to get close!I have no words for their injustice action and it is well known that Ethiopians never pay them back for their history! but the wrath of God will consume all their grand children with a plague and starvation till they even couldn’t get a drop of water to wet their lips on their dying bed.

  7. Shame on the Kenyans who are playing with the psyche of our people. Let my people go! FREE that is!

  8. Moukrubal on

    Kenya didn’t do this to our people. TPLF and their supporter pigs did this to us. We have lost our pride and lively hood after 50+ years siege of these pigs. It never ends, this. Now it is culture to migrate. The running joke that if she got DV, even Ethiopia would get the hell out of doge. We just smile and let individuals around us rape us and our futurity in the name of YILUGNTA.

  9. Taye Tammirat on

    Folks: If we cannot form new unity within diversity and challenge the root cause all the last 20 years and current evils we need to expect even worse tragedies.

    Why is it that we are only talking reactively while not being able to go forwards?

    The well organized broad based opposition against the CU’s invitation of the dictator is a big victory and needs keep developing.It was a little tsunami that took them by surprise.

    In a way, these SHAMEFUL illegal deportation may be a revenge counter action by the dictator and his bribed foreign cronies just for the sake of teaching poor refugees and the diaspora a lesson, as well as demonstrating the dictator’s 99.6% LONG hands.
    Unity/alliance and action!


  10. Kelebet on

    I am totally torn down inside. I just don’t wanna see this. See how these Kenyans treat our brothers. I just don’t wanna see that at all. God, where are you?

  11. Anonymous on

    Yihe new yemot mot!!

    Betam yemiyasazinegn ena yemiyangebegibegn, gena kahunu yihen yakil mewared kejemerin, tinish sinikoy min endeminihon new!

    This is really shame!! Shame of not only the authoritarian, ethnically narrow-minded and incapable TPLF government, but also of all Ethiopians across ethnicity and religion.

    It is a result of our inability to collectively transform our country to a better one….!!!

  12. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    it is really very sad what our people they have to go trough.i hope this woyane cancer collapse so our people don’t have to get this kind of treatment ever.

  13. Anonymous on

    The real human misery and despair on their faces, aches me to the bone, and it will be stack in my mind for ever. Why didn’t the Ethiopian refugees get help from the International Humanitarian Law and the International refugee Organizations? Isn’t there any kind of Ethiopian organization that help Ethiopian refugees around the world? I can’t even start to imagine the hell they are going through. Meles makes sure, Ethiopians have no safe place to live.

  14. Shame On Us on

    Shame on opposition who could not unite for national interest and be there to receive and help those who are running out of their birth place out of desperation. Shame on them all who talk the talk but hardly walk the walk. They rather argue on endless speculations of ifs while crimes against humanity are being committed and the dictatorial government is able to harass refugees in Kenya, Sudan, Yemen and Djibouti. Meles was even here at CU decorated by novel killer enablers as it’s cadres staged counter demonstration dancing in a praise of their dictator. Elias started and quit his Paltalk room testing a despicable reality. If TPLF and EPLF were still in Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, and Yemen doing as current heartless and talkative politicians in foreign land they would not have captured power in 1000 years. They where on a mission talked less and did a lot in every aspects of the struggle. Current chattiest can only chat while Meles makes good to his pronounced aim of making the borders of Tigray Amhara cemetery. Those who were being deported could have been the very asset who could not mind to fight for liberate and justice of their nation and people and void further TPLF’s crimes against humanity. Instead they we our innocent refugees become trash of Kenyan judge who could not give attention to individuals claim of having a status of refugee and impose Ferede Gemedele on Ethiopians. The question where is the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees can be answered by where are those concerned, and where are advocates of justice, and where are those Ethiopians who have freedom of speech and movement and manse to make a difference when they are needed by refugees whose life is being sacrifices by heartless colonized minded Kenyans of their masters mind being manipulated by Woyanes who are known to commit crimes against humanity.

  15. Menilik from chicago on

    Kenya must pay for this! They seem to forget that, who Ethiopian are. The Brits or Obama will not be there to defend them any way. Sooner of later, Ethiopians will have their own leader to do this. Take my word!!!!

    • whatever on

      Who really are you, please remind us?? Besides have you ever seen how Ethiopians themselves treat other Africans eg Somali and Eritrians before you open your mouth…

  16. Gabose on

    As long as the Ethiopian political culture of zero sum game prevails, the TPLF regime of Meles Zenawi will stay in power and Ethiopians at home and abroad will continue to suffer.

    Opposition politicians owe to Ethiopian people to learn to compromise and stop the selfish culture of my way or the highway.
    It is much better to work on the points they can agree on rather than shutting down the dialogue. The lives of ordinary Ethiopians are dependent on their intransigence. The likes of this Nairobi humiliation and similar ones elsewhere in the world are good examples of how ordinary people suffer when they are sandwiched by by a ruthless regime and insensitive oppsition politicans who pretend that they have people’s inteset in their heart while do not really care about the lives of their own people.

  17. tezibt on

    Answer to some of you

    Why should Kenya pay for this? First of all it is your government that is causing all this problem because it can not rule the country properly. Additionally, this people didn’t go to Kenya to look for a job, they want to use kenya as a bridge to a third country. Why do they do that because they saw you flashing your money back home on a lavish home and car. Yes we in the U.S. made life for people back home by spending so much on things like houses. Making people like Samuel Taffesse rich and turning around and accusing them. We, like woyane, have contributed to the corruption of our women too. It is an adventurous talk for one of us to go to Ethiopia and date so many in promising god knows what. God save us. We are a bunch of hypocrites and that is why woyane is and will continue to be in power.

  18. Tizibt on

    Does the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, whose duty it is to protect refugees, stopped functioning? Or has the UNHCR decided that there are no political refugees anymore!! Has the UN not heard about what has been going on in Ethiopia for the last 20 years? Has the UN heard of the recent election where the incumbent TPLF mafia claimed to have won 99.6% of the votes? Is the UN and its agencies unaware about the plight of Ethiopians, like in Yemen and other Arab countries, the suffering Ethiopians go through and in some cases even lose their lives. Perhaps, the UNHCR is only interested in refugees whose countries have oil and other profitable minerals. THIS IS A DISGRACE AND SHAME ON THE UN AND ITS REFUGEE AGENCY (UNHCR). THE UN HAS REALLY LOST THE PURPOSE FOR ITS EXISTENCE. SHAME ON THE UN.

  19. tezibt on

    Who is to blame for this

    1. All dictators with in all Ethiopian political parties.
    2. Derg
    3. Woyane.
    4. Shabia
    5. All LF’S
    6. Corrupt Ethiopians
    7. Silent majority
    8. All Ethnocentric Ethiopians that are in elites in all ethnics.


    1.Mobilization of the silent majority
    2.Exposing dangerous elements and their actions but not their phone numbers and thier car license plates like we have seen recently

  20. If Jomo Kenyata had been there he could have killed him self for the dignity his beloved people.

  21. Dereje on

    This happens every day every where in the world, not only for Ethiopians but for every citizen of the world.Do you know how many hispanic people deported from USA since Obama is a president? 800,000.The future Ethiopia will deport Chinese, Kenyans, Arabs etc illigally enter to the country for a better life.

  22. Folks: Self reliance and self help are the primary solutions for all Ethiopians across religion, region, gender, ethnicity, etc.

    Only after that the others like the UN, and all the other international humanitarian organizations and governments can listen and help.Unless we get together in unity within diversity and act in a new way I am afraid that hiiden and visible genocides of the cunning fox dictator dressed in sheep skin will soon completely wipe out the entire population sooner or latter.

    Great contradiction between the double digit growth and the double digit exhudos. Hmm…

  23. what have you dome for Ethiopia lately on

    #14, well said, shame on all Ethiopians, especially those capable of doing something for these Ethiopians in Kenya and other African countries who are in desperate situations. I hove no doubt in my mind that Ethiopians Tax Payers money is being used to bribe the neighboring countries of Ethiopia, to make sure that, Ethiopians who are running away from Meles are returned back to the hell hole of Woyane prison to be interrogated and tortured. The story of these Ethiopians in Kenya was reported a few weeks ago, and for sure, I thought some Ethiopians in a higher places were doing something tangible for the Ethiopian refugees. Some Ethiopians build millions dollar homes with stolen money in America and show it off like a museum to their visitors with no shame, shop at the most expensive stores, drive the most expensive cars, throwing unnecessary lavish parties, etc. All these while Ethiopians are living inhumane situations in every aspects of their lives. Disheartening and disappointing!

  24. Obama announces development plan at U.N

    “……It’s the force that turned South Korea from a recipient of aid to a donor of aid. It’s the force that has raised living standards from Brazil to India. And it’s the force that has allowed emerging African countries like Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique to defy the odds and make real progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals, even as some of their neighbors — like Cote d’Ivoire — have lagged behind.”
    President Obama September 22, 2010

  25. Jibaat on

    Mass exodus from Ethiopia began as soon as the country turned to become a prison to its people 20 years ago. What surprised me is the decision by the Kenyan court to put these 89 people in the jaws of Meles Zenawi. I am sure the judge who presided this case is aware of what happened to few other immigrants who were hijacked from Nairobi and taken back to Ethiopia few years ago and for sure he/she knows what is going to happen to these young men once they step on Ethiopian soil. History will never forgive and never forget this.

  26. September 25, 2010 The New York Times

    Sex Scandal Threatens a Georgia Pastor’s Empire


    Over the last two decades, Bishop Eddie L. Long has built a religious and financial empire from scratch, transforming a small, faltering church into a modern cathedral with one of the largest and most influential congregations in the country. Today, Bishop Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church includes a multimillion-dollar network of charities and businesses, a private school and the Samson’s Health and Fitness Center, where he holds court and pumps iron with young people. His message that God wants people to prosper has attracted celebrities, professional athletes and socialites, swelling the membership to 25,000. The church hosted four United States presidents for the funeral of Coretta Scott King in 2006. The rapid expansion of the church — often called “Club New Birth” because it attracts so many young black singles — has also made Bishop Long a powerful political player, especially in DeKalb County, home to one of the wealthiest black communities in the country. The church has become a mandatory stop for many politicians — local, state and national — and Bishop Long supports candidates of both parties. But Bishop Long’s reputation and sprawling enterprises now stand threatened by a sex scandal. Four former members of a youth group he runs have accused him of repeatedly coercing them into homosexual sex acts, and of abusing his considerable moral authority over them while plying them with cash, new cars, lodging and lavish trips. Bishop Long has denied the accusations in a letter sent to a local radio station and has promised to address them from the pulpit on Sunday. He declined, through his lawyer, to comment for this article. The accusations are all the more explosive because Bishop Long styles himself a social conservative, rails against homosexuality and calls for a ban on same-sex marriage. His church even holds seminars promising to “cure” homosexuals. “When this comes out, it gives at least the perception of hypocrisy — it’s like red meat to a lion, everyone’s pouncing on this story,” said the Rev. Timothy McDonald III, a friend of Bishop Long who heads the First Iconium Baptist Church. “This is the issue: how can you be against homosexuality and you are allegedly participating in it? That is the epitome of hypocrisy.” The accusations center on the LongFellows Youth Academy, an exclusive group of teenage boys handpicked by Bishop Long for spiritual mentoring. The boys went through a bonding ritual, known as a “covenant ceremony,” in which Bishop Long gave them jewelry and exchanged vows with them while quoting from Scripture as ceremonial candles burned, according to court complaints filed against the pastor. Reciting Bible verses, the pastor promised to protect them from harm and called them “spiritual sons.” But four former members of the group now say the real purpose of the academy was to provide Bishop Long with young men whom he could lure into sex. The men say they were past the legal age of consent when Bishop Long initiated the relationships. Still, the charges have shaken Atlanta’s church-going society, spurring painful conversations from kitchen tables to talk radio. Bishop Long cuts a flashy figure in Lithonia, the Atlanta suburb where he lives and has built his church. He is often seen in a Bentley attended by bodyguards. He tends to wear clothes that show off his muscular physique. He favors Gucci sunglasses, gold necklaces, diamond bracelets and Rolex watches. He lives in a 5,000-square-foot house with five bedrooms, which he bought for $1.1 million in 2005. His lavish display of wealth is in keeping with his theology. In his sermons, he often tells his congregation that God wants them to be wealthy and asserts that Jesus was not a poor man. By all accounts, he has been well compensated for his leadership in building New Birth from a church with a few hundred members into the largest congregation in Georgia. His televised sermons reach 170 countries. In 2005, for instance, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published tax records showing that from 1997 to 2000 Bishop Long had accepted $3 million in salary, housing, a car and other perks from a charity he controlled. “We’re not just a church, we’re an international corporation,” he told the newspaper in justifying his compensation. “We’re not just a bumbling bunch of preachers who can’t talk and all we’re doing is baptizing babies. I deal with the White House. I deal with Tony Blair. I deal with presidents around this world. I pastor a multimillion-dollar congregation.” After the article about his compensation, Bishop Long hired a public relations firm and went on a campaign to improve his image, Mr. McDonald said. He began charitable programs to feed the poor, help struggling people with mortgages and even offer haircuts to the homeless. “The bishop used to be perceived as aloof, untouchable, with his entourage all around him,” Mr. McDonald said. “He started putting himself in a different light, a more positive light.” Bishop Long’s critics and his defenders are waiting for an explanation of the accusations against him. Some members of the church believe he is the victim of a smear campaign by people in favor of gay rights, though they offer no proof. “It’s propaganda, man,” said Anthony M. Harris, 30, a businessman who says Bishop Long has served as his role model. “It’s retaliation for the 2004 march, the anti-gay-marriage march.” But the accusations have turned others away from Bishop Long. William Abernathy, 25, a music producer, said that he had attended the church several times this year and was considering joining, but that the accusations, coupled with Bishop Long’s opulent lifestyle, persuaded him to go elsewhere. “I’m going to pass on that,” Mr. Abernathy said. “It’s like hot milk now, sitting on the curb, getting sour.” Many in the congregation, meanwhile, have been wrestling with feelings of betrayal. “My heart just kind of sank,” said Cheryl Jenkins, 43, who owns an accounting firm. “If he says he didn’t do it, we believe in him. If it turns out that he did and he apologizes, we have to accept it. No one is above reproach.” Bishop Long was born in Charlotte, N.C., where his father, Floyd Long, was a Baptist minister and owned a service station. In interviews and his books, he has described his father as a drinker and emotionally distant. “To be candid, I’ve been working to remove the tentacles of nearly 40 years’ worth of pain and complications that came my way against my will during the first 12 years of my life, and my father was a preacher,” he wrote in his 2002 self-help book, “What a Man Wants, What a Woman Needs.” He studied business at North Carolina Central University, then went to work as a sales representative for the Ford Motor Company, but was fired over inaccuracies in his expense accounts. He moved to Atlanta to study theology and became the pastor of a small church in Jonesboro, Ga. In 1987, when he took over New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, it had only 300 members and a small building. He adopted a modern image, using slang and dressing like a hip-hop mogul. He borrowed ideas from evangelical and charismatic churches and expanded his reach through cable TV. He also adopted what has become known as “muscular Christianity,” a male-dominated view that emphasizes a warriorlike man who serves as the spiritual authority and protector in a family. His books on relationships suggest that men get in touch with their inner “wild man” and channel their fighting instincts into taking responsibility for their lives. Women are to submit to their husbands, he says. Bishop Long has been married twice and has four children. B. J. Bernstein, a lawyer for the four young men who claim to have been coerced into sexual affairs with Bishop Long, said the pastor exerted a paternalistic and, at times, autocratic influence over young men. The four complaints filed in court describe how Bishop Long arranged for the church to provide cars to the young men and put them on the church payroll. Two of them also said they received free lodging in church-owned houses, where, they said, Bishop Long visited them for sessions of kissing, oral sex or masturbation. He also took them on trips to other cities and abroad, sharing rooms with them, with the knowledge of several church officials, the complaints say. “There are biblical and spiritual passages that were given to them to make them comfortable and make them believe that they were not gay,” Ms. Bernstein said. In the letter to the radio station, Bishop Long called the accusations false. “We continue to categorically deny each and every one of these ugly charges,” he said.

  27. ፍርድ የጎደለባቸው አገሮች እንደ መልክቱ ከሆነ::
    1. ኢትዮጵያ
    2. አሜሪካ
    3. ሱዳን
    4. እስራኤል

    ሱዳን: እንግሊዝ: ኪይርጊይስታን (Kyrgyzstan)as such past offenders, and now Kenya. Let us just give them the benifit of the doubt for now.

  28. ፍርድ የጎደለባቸው አገሮች እንደ ምልክቱ ከሆነ::
    1. ኢትዮጵያ
    2. አሜሪካ
    3. ሱዳን
    4. እስራኤል

    As such past offenders እንግሊዝ and ኪይርጊይስታን (Kyrgyzstan), and now Kenya… Let us just give them the benifit of the doubt for now.

  29. Temesgen Haile on


    Your medieval and parochial blame blaming of others and pointing your stupid one finger while four of your fingers are directly pointing back at yourself cannot bring an iota of solutions to the prevailing dilemmas.

    Do you still need some sort of modern brain transplant to know that all segment of the Ethiopian society needs to construct the modern and new 21st century fair, just and satisfactory broad based alliances on the basis of win-win approach in order to save the pathetic and dying empire from total collapse like Yugoslavia?

    May be you need another 50 years of skinning and processing your WILD medieval and parochial rantings. Hmm.. Old habits die hard!

  30. I have now lost all my patience with gangister Meles and his cronies. What is happening to our people is nothing short than insult!

    Yes, I am absolutely so UNGRY!

    Thanks Ethiopian Review for being with us all the time!

  31. yegermal on

    Do not expect any hospitality especially from kenya. That place is the land of corrupt& the land of evils. Ethiopia is the only country refugees get respect and great humanity. That is our history. Now what happened people start flee from their contry all of the sudden? hmmm…

  32. tokichaw on

    I have been there 20 years ago
    they used to treat us the same
    you have to bribe kenyan police if your visa kenyan said to me there is alots of tension here one day we gone immigrate to ethiopia.that will happen one day.

    In addis ababa there are alots of illegal forigner live they like a king.

    arabs, west african, somalis.

    thats realy crazy.

    the derg fail to have any reserve for peace for shabia and weyan it was
    then.then it fails and run away to zimbabewe.

    now weyane should have a reserv for peace.

    atleast,should try once ,or twice.

    never happen.this is the problem.

    they think they can rule anation by oppresing for every.

  33. Anonymous on

    i cried when i saw the men cry … i dont blame them … i know who to blame!
    Shame on kenya for charging them to be deported … where are they going to get 10,000 shilings.

  34. anonymous on

    Why would one runaway from DEMOCRACY,the land of HUNEY and BUTTER?. Did’t the so called government claim that? Who are these people running away?. Are they from Tigrai or else from the region once up on a time the bread basket of the nation turned out to be hell on earth for then natives. Where is the Liberty that Weyane claim brought for the people?. People, do what it takes to clam your country back!. There is nothing more shame than this. Ethiopia becoming the HELL on earth for its people. SHAME!

  35. tanui on

    i am a kenyan and cannot blame the kenyans.there are actually some ethiopians and are eritreans living in kenya who collude with corrupt officials to exploit money from your own people.they make a lot of money from this human trafficking business by luring such people.these guys are sold to slavery in other countrie by these same agents.i have many ethiopian neighbours who came with the right channels and are now kenyan citizens and we have lived in can’t blame a whole nation just because of a few criminal exploiters.

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