Senior Eritrean leaders visit Washington DC, NY

The politburo member of Eritrea’s ruling party, PFDJ, Ato Yemane Gebreab, visits Washington DC. Ato Yemane, who also serves as political adviser to President Isaias Afwerki, met with Eritrean community leaders and youth association members on Saturday.

Contrary to reports by the Woyanne propaganda machine, the ill-advised U.N. sanction against Eritrea did not interfere with Ato Yemane’s visit to Washington.

His colleague and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ato Osman Saleh, is currently in New York. Ato Osman has been holding meetings with U.S. and other governments’ officials.

Both Eritrean officials are also holding town hall meetings with the Eritrean community.

66 thoughts on “Senior Eritrean leaders visit Washington DC, NY

  1. I think the most important content of the article is the contrast between what the two Eritrean officials (Foreign minister Osman Salih and head of political affair Yemane Gebreab) were doing compared to the two Ethiopian officials( The prime minister and his wife). In particular the contasting receptions of their people. The Ethioopian officials were meeting Americans but would not be accepted by Ethiopian Americans while the Eritrean officials hold seminars and attend cultural events where they are the guests of honor.

    Peace to the Horn of Africa. Down with war mongers.


  2. Debebe on

    Elias, When you mentioned about Eritrea, weyane and supporters yaguaralu, yenchachalu or wequabiachew yenesal. Good job Elias

  3. Alemu Ataro on

    Viva Elias the great son of Ethiopia we love you. We need you to supply us all the NEWS regarding the East Africa Block. The Woyanne and its dogs are out of budget they have no Lies in their bank. The barking dogs of so called oppositions for Eritrea & like the Halaf Megedi above are heading to their final grave.

  4. kirkir on

    Elias hits on weyanes raw nerve kkkkkkkk
    Bravo Elias, The insults from some weyane followers is an evidence of your good work.

    Yemane was touring across Europe and it was just the matter of time to see him in DC. slap slap on your face weyane, he also talked with some American diplomats too, what do you say now.

  5. Observer on

    It was destined to fail from the outset.
    Yemane Ghebreab, adviser to the President was labled a terrorist, a very laughable, and sad analysis. What Elias report shows that Indeed, Woyane’s desperate acts of fabricating stories inorder to incriminate Eritrea and have the world see this peaceful nation, as a terrorist ally has backfired. Yemane is not supposed to travel to America or any part of the world for that matter, according to the infamous sanction put on Eritrea. Why else would he be here if the US is not convinced that Woyane is no longer going to deciet anyone, this my friends is an outcome of the tireless service of Eritreans and Ethiopians alike, such as Elias Kifle, in relentlessy exposing the illigitimate government of Meles and his cronies.
    Thank you Elias for the exclusive news.
    This is a very important development. Please keep informing us and fighting injustice. we are with you!

  6. no need on

    አቶ ኤልያስ ስራህ ሁሉ ዕፁብ ድንቅ ነው ግፋበት ለወያሌ ና የጥቅም ተካፋዮቻቻቸው ራሥምታት ሆነህባቸዋል። በተረፈ በመጀርያ አከባቢ ተቃውሞ የፃፉት ሰዎች ሥራ የሌላቸው ያንተን ፅሁፍ እየተጠጠባበቁ የሚፅፉ የወያኔ የፕሮፓጋንዳ ሽፍቶች ናቸው። ለምሳሌ ተከፋፈልን ወዘተ እያሉ ያጭበረብራሉ። አሁንም ቢሆን በብዙ 10 ሺወች የሚቆጠሩ ወንድሞቻችን በኤርትራ በኩል የሞራል ድጋፍም ጭምር ዛሬ ወያኔን አሽመድምደው አንድባንድ መሽሎክ ጀምረዋል 1ኛ ሥዩም እንግዲህ ዜናው የኤርትራው የማነ ህዝቡን ሥያስተባብር ለገሠ ዜናዊ ደግሞ እንደመንጌ ለጉዞው ልብስ እንድትሸምት ሚስቱን ዲሲ ሲልክ እሱ ደግሞ ኒዮርክ ያለችዋ አባወራጋ። ሆኖም አላማችን ድርጅቱን እንጂ ግለሰቦቹን ብቻ አይደለም የሚያባረው።

  7. asmamaw lezarie on

    Thank you Elias, halaf mengedi and the likes are disturbed woyane cadres. Their hideout at asmarino,com had been demolished where they were spending writing in various pen names. Eritrean Sanction has alot to do with etio patriotic fronts, hence the relevance. This shamful sanction will be annulled very soon, and the oppressed massess will assert over the sellouts as woyanitoch. VIVA Eritrea…what is woyanit gonna say now???

  8. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    #12 Congo
    your article is very smart and timely and i shear your idea and proud of u..

    #11 Admasu
    if you just nee an excuse not to come to ER that is your business but don’t get mad at Elias and Er they are just doing their job that is to report the news and they are doing a great job at that.

  9. Anonymous on


    Contrary to the common knowledge, Ato Yemane G/Ab, one of the political minds in our region, whose contributions to the myriad initiatives meant to solve conflicts in Somalia and the Sudan, have been presenting significant challenges to the neocolonial interests in the Horn region.

    In the grand scale of things, the sanctions imposed to Eritrea, are meant to discourage and/or stop such progressive forces. As such, Ato Yemane G/Ab’s visit signals that some movement is going on in Washington that points in the direction of engaging those forces that have been the cause of frustration to those who have been behind the failed US policies in the Horn.

    Such political developments are seriously bad news to the tplf; so we see all the outrage and hopelessly silly comments of the tplf cadres and supporters.Those kinds of news are indeed what we expect from ER; however, there is some confusion going on in the activist community regarding the stand of ER or Elias towards the Ethio-Eritrea relationships. To a greater extent, the publication of this news item clears the confusion. Moreover, a simple remark may not hurt if we confide to Elias to keep doing what he does best and to be vigilant from the push-pull of certain groups which are more deceptive than the tplf itself and only strive to keep the tplf racist wall with a different facade.

    TRUTH shall PREVAIL!

  10. pesticide on

    Forget Eritrean sanction!

    Sanction against Eritreans never worked for more than half a century. What difference would it make now? Saction on the other hand would give people to come together more, against bigotry, just the way Ethiopian liberation and democratic armed forces are learning from reality.

    But I think Mr Ghebreab is going to take over the ongoing Israeli-Palestinians “peace negotiation” of “Two State Solution”.
    It was meant deception. It will not go anywhere, as America under special interest groups is nothing but one sided negotiation with no good faith.

    How about that, psych!

    Long live the brotherly Eritrean and Ethiopian people for justice, freedom, and liberty ! It works! It is a win-win situation!

  11. ambabi on

    The revision of this politics is that sunction to countries relied on themselves is wastig of time and here is the proof. Sanction in fact deserve to weyane but inorder to save the slave US mad sanctions in Eritrea based on nothing. They new from day one that will not work and now it is time to weyane and followers know the reality. Eritrea is better than any one in the horn despite all the negative comments from all over the cornners. Ethiopians need to come to their senses and stop dreaming. The only smooth way is to respect Eritrea and its ppl and live with respect. Stop being TELALAKI and stop pinching neigboring countries and focus on internal resources to feed the ppl of Ethiopia.

  12. Zewednesh on

    Welcome to america. Woyane TV and radio was saying eritrean officials can not travel to teh west becaus eof sanctions. I salute the eritrean friends who are helping EPPF fighters to launch attackes on Woyane. As far as i Know, ICC is on meles Zenawi’s ass!

  13. Shaebia on

    I ain’t a shaebia supporter, I’m shaebia myself
    some die hard old timers that I talked to, have not shyed away from their old oppressive view on their fellow Oromo people. Despite their hatred of Weyane, they hinted to me their tacit support of the brutal Weyane gangs in order to keep their perceived enemy, the Oromo people. I plead to the younger generation not to get tangled with such idiotic, savage & myopic view of the old generation. The new & young generation has nothing to do with such narrow minded view that leads to doom & gloom. Ethiopians, particularly, the youth have to have an honest debate on the issue & break away from the old ways that is still being masterly executed by the savage weyane to devide & rule/destroy Ethiopia & it’s people. The youth from all corner of Ethiopia need to rise up and work together. The new generation has a great opportunity as it hasn’t got a blame or baggage from the past mistakes. Ethiopia can only be re-built in unity.
    Unite now to defeat weyane & it’s cancerous effects.
    I’m only advising you from my humble observation.
    I’m sure Eritrea & it’s people will be on your side every step of your way. But my pre-condition for my unwavering support as an individual shaebia is …. Get rid of any baggage and work for equal right for men, women, poor or rich …. Just as shaebya did in the struggle for independence. Another very important pre-condition is ‘NEVER FORGET THE POOR & PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA’ and avoid being a crony or puppet of any shape or form to anyone. The last pre-condition can be automatically ruled out if you work in unity accountable to your people only not to any Tom, Dick or Harry.
    Thank you Elias for the opportunity. Elias is a true patriotic Ethiopian.
    As for weyane and their tag along , they know that their days are numbered only if you unite, otherwise they will keep coming and appear here or there to saw their poisonous seeds of divisions wherever they they see cracks opened between the people.
    Some hate against Eritrea & it’s people that I read here & there is only a thin vieled attack on you too. That might be my personal opinion but I, at least, I won’t have to wake up one day to be surprised.
    God help you in your struggle for justice.
    God bless the people who seek justice.

  14. Red afari (warrior casts) on

    Halafi mengedi as a red sea afari we are real eritreans and all of eritrea belong to us long ago (land of punt),so don’t worry about us we are where we meant to be under our ancient name eryth-rea,if the afar in ethiopia (assayita) would like to join us then eritrea it is afars are and never were ethiopians but colonised by the abbysinians,remember the eritreans fought and died for us when our sultan asked for help from the eritreans 1300 years ago due to the greed and savaging of the ethiopians habesh,that led to the fall of the axumite empire,READ HISTORY MORON RED SEA AFARS ALWAYS FELT RELATED TO THE ERITREANS THAN THE ETHIOPIANS,ONE MORE THING ERITREAN AND DJBOUTI RED SEA AFARS ARE CONSIDERED THE PURE ORIGINAL AFARS ASK YOUR KING MINLEIK HE WOULD TELL YOU.

  15. Tazabi99 on

    TO Halafi Mengedi says:

    Dear Halafi, you seem one of the kingdoms of Camelot, which is the mothers of all deception. You’re everywhere running your big mouth. What’s wrong with you idiot, wasting your life sleepless and don’t think what you write and say. Get a life loser. Forget politics you aren’t good at it instead try shoe shining or pushing AREBIA!

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