Meles: Pariah of the World Leaders Forum

First, Columbia University moved the speech venue from the grand Low Library to a campus {www:auditorium}. Then the university president avoided being seen with Ethiopian {www:despot} Meles Zenawi, and sent his deputy. Just to make sure there is no World Leaders Forum association with Meles, they put him on a stage with a blank dark background. Every leader who has appeared on the WLF has had the script of the forum in the background behind the {www:podium} except for Meles. See for yourself below and judge.

Meles Zenawi and other leaders at World Leaders Forum

39 thoughts on “Meles: Pariah of the World Leaders Forum

  1. Belachew on

    Such a background is used only in a situation where a press conference is given regrding a death row inmate’s execution. In such kind of conference both the prosecutors and the defense lawyers or the death row inmate (if he does not want to be represented by defence lawyers) will speak. If we extrapolate this to the situation where Meles Zenawi found himself at Columbia University, it appears that Meles – the CRIMINAL, is addressing the PRESS about his up coming exectution for the crime he has committed against the Ethiopian people. Hence, the dark background is fitting for the ocassion.

  2. She Is Ethiopia on

    I am very sad because Columbia is Discriminating my Democratic Killer Tyrant PM Zenawi!!!

  3. Guess what the reason is? because they were afraid the publicity, they don’t want the pictures to show that he is speaking from the COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY that is why you don’t see the …poor Meles

  4. Sebsibu Tammirat on

    That is expected!

    Meles imposing himself and going all the way to the heartland and living room of NEOLIBERALIM (USA & Columbia University) to bash and insult them for demanding and asking him to handover his unilateral monopolization of political and economic entrepreneurship activities by clearly differentiating the business of politics and the business of business.

    Otherwise,the neoliberals, whoever they be, may argue that rampant corruption, flagrant human rights violations, bad governance and abject poverty may keep mushrooming, while monopoly capital in all its forms keeps mushrooming and swelling like snow balls on top of snow mountains only in the hands of Meles and Family alone just like the bygone decadent feudal societies with no benefit to the neoliberal treasure hunt.

    And the neoliberal’s civilized angry reaction at the level of Columbia is just to symbolically provide the self imposing dictator Meles with blank and empty background as if he was standing some where in the Tigrai cave underground, Columbia meaning that all of his governance and the so called election victory of 99.6% is nothing but hollow and empty contention.

    If the Columbia logo would have been provided similar to that of the other guest speakers, Meles’s cadres might slowly but surely some times in the future capitalize on the university’s logo in their effort for building personality cult by manipulating and contending that their master have been a distinguished professor of development economists at Columbia in his former life. Mind you, Columbia was almost invaded by the informed and active US public almost forcing the university’s professors to go hiding. :)

    He is taking the country down to the drain.

    “Leeban leebaa biserqew min ygermew” Yibbal yellem.

  5. Yea Columbia Uni,
    It is better late than never. Thanks to all Ethiopians and friends of Eritrea who helped send the no nonsense message to the President of the University. It worked!

  6. Demiss on

    Another good observation from the ER.
    I might also add that some of the so called leaders you have their pictures posted are in the same league with Meles. One is even being accused of genocide, by none other than the U.N.
    Meles must be worse than him, at least by the standards of Columbia World Forum people

  7. Ittu Aba Farda on

    What a pity poor boy? Ohhhhhh!!!! The dark background precisely fits his goon background. Dedebit was all dark, right? This guy is a disgusting character. He thinks all of us who decided not to bow and surrender our conscience to him are all former officials or the supporters of the Derg. What a jerk!!!! And when he started responding about political prisoners he started by saying, ‘This lady, Birtukan Mideksa’. That is what my Amhara brothers and sisters call ‘ Killet’ or ‘Killetam’. That is rude. What a rude , ‘Eyyal-al-souk’ creature!!!!

  8. Berhanu on

    The whole world needs to know – Meles Zenawi is a despised and humiliated dictator who deserves his own special place in hell.

  9. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    If we keep on fighting like this we wont see hes face in any background at all.that is great for Ethiopia and for the Horne of Africa.

  10. Shame on CU and Shame on Meles on

    The dictator Meles etched his bold head in anxiety while posing for time to formulate a deceit and an evasion he hide under Derg dress as he avoided an answer and accountability for his own last 20 years in giving an answer to a question posed by knowledgeable Nigerian scholar. His two mentors and collaborators with conflicts of interest would give him A+, but I know Ethiopians who know all Meles budges would give Meles the correct grade F- for not answering question of the Nigerian CU scholar.

  11. Mebratu on

    The gesture given by the columbia university,thanks to our committed compatriots participated in the demonstration,hearalds the begining of the end of the tyrant Melese and his cronies.

  12. Entay Loser on

    Columbia U. is no child. they might have been misled by the DLA Piper and invited the African Child Killer and the Tigray Liberator to a world forum. Meles is the Tigray liberator and he has got nothing to do with such a grand institution that is for the world and not the narrow mentality of a Tigray liberator. I did not mean to be mean but Meles says he is Tigray liberator and the world forum is a too big sweater for his tiny body to wear.

  13. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    and very soon we will not see his face in any background at all that will be the next article on ER Melese and Woyane are no longer in Ethiopia they have despaired out Ethiopia that is the news we are waiting.and ER and Elias will be there to report IT.. go ER and Elias .that is GOOD for Ethiopia……

  14. dfabachew on

    I wish they put names of the two headless chickens opps! professor’s names on the back ground. Headless chicken sach and shiltz.

  15. Meles is a fool. Look, he comes here and tells us how good China is? What he said is essentially forget democracy and human rights and be like China. To say this he has to go to China. He can not beg from the West and praise China. If he goes to China the west will pull the rug from under his foot. So this is why I say he is a desperate fool. He is at the edge of the cliff and can not go backward to safety. The west is fed up with the Chinese greed and deceit. Meles does not have a good brain to think through this option and blurted out what he said at Columbia University. He just started the new chapter in the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia. Thank you Meles the fool.

  16. just an external observer on

    The child-peddling pimp Meles is spending much money to promote himself and look respctable. Deny him that! I repeat deny him that. He cannot kill, rape and sell children and be ‘one of us’.

    Legesse! If you walk and talk like a pimp, then you’re a pimp.

  17. ethiogirl on

    @ Jegnaw Ethiopiawe 14 and 19 .. oufff anjeten new yaraskew.. how about that.. that would be the DAY.. the day we never have to see his face!!!!!! seriously that day should be celebrated in Ethiopia forever!!!!

  18. ethiogirl on

    Poor Melese ! You know there is an exception to the rule when it comes to Melse. In many cases, folks who are ugly on the outside are beautiful in the inside. When it comes to Melse, his looks are the exact reflections of his inner soul and to even make matters worse his surrounding fits him well. Even if the stage was well decorated, it would have turned out dark and gloomy as soon as he starts to use the pulpit. That is ugliness at its best guys!

  19. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    ethiogrl @ 25
    I concur with your statement..”that is ugliness at its best”that fit-es the decryption WANTED Dede or a life by 80 million Ethiopian….GO ethiogirl…

  20. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    ethiogirl @25
    i cuncuer with your statement..”that is ugliness at its best guys”i might add


    and WANTED dead or a life by 80 million Ethiopian…for the crime of murder,looting,selling our land..Reward for capturing this criminal will be FREDOM to ETHIOPIAN…
    sorry guys the glob of wene it comes to Melse..

  21. Ethiogirl you are mistaken. Ask SOLOMON TEKALIGN for meles’s look. Solomon told us as meles is a hand some guy, hahahah

  22. Gemechu, your eyes are covered. Look where is the development. The ethiopian gov’t gets billions of dollars each year both as a loan and help from other countries. Compare the money they got vs dev’t.

  23. furstrated from houston on

    As usual Ethiopian review team and it’s editor in chef Elias Kifele is again ahead of there game in confronting and exposing the tribal regime in addis

    keep up the good work Ethiopian Review Team


  24. Observer on

    Good job Elias! a picture speaks a thousand words indeed! Meles would’ve gotten the grand tratment if it weren’t for your advocacy and informing us of what was to take place at CU. I made a phone call s you advised to Columbia after reading about Meles invitation here. I am sure there was enough pressure put on the president to change the venue and do everything he can to demote and show the fact that Meles is a tyrant that doesn’t deserve a red carpet treatment! Kudos to those who travelled to NYC to voice their opposition.
    Dir biyabir Anbesa Yasir!
    Justice to the poor and the powerless!

  25. Elias – I respect you for the energy and absolute commitment you have for your country and people – your perseveance and determination shadows all the so called plitical parties and their leaders put together – we are your witness you have faught this evil 15th century deformed mentality of the tribal tyrant and its hodams single handedly – please keep it up – you are a true child of ethiopia

  26. Anonymous on

    “ጊዜ ዱሮ ቀረ!”

    ዳግማዊ ዳዊት

    ሰው ተስፋው ሲቀጭጭ – ነገ ሲያስጨንቀው
    ዛሬ መከራውን – ግፉን ሲያስቆጥረው
    “ጊዜ ትናንት ቀረ! ጊዜ ዱሮ ቀረ!“ – ይሆናል ምስጋናው።

    ጊዜ ተስፋ ዳምኖ – የሚዘንብ ሲመስል
    ሰው ዛሬ እየከፋው – ይታያል ፈገግ ሲል።

    ታዲያ ማነው እርሱ – ተስፋን የሚዘራ
    በዛሬ የሚተኩስ – የሰው ባላጋራ
    ምድር ነው ወይስ ሰው – የተስፋ ጠላቱ
    ሰው ነው ወይ እርጉሙ – ወይንስ ምድሪቱ?

    እምቅ ሀብት ሳይኖራት – ጃፓን ስትበለጥግ
    ቻይና እልፍ ህዝቦቿን – አልብሳና አጉርሳ – በፍጥነት ስታድግ
    አሜሪካ ኃያል ስትሆን- በአራት ዘመን
    የሐበሻ ምድር በችግር ሲታመስ – ሲተላለቅ ወገን
    ሀገርም ቢኖረው – መንግሥትም ቢኖረው – ሦስት ሽ ዘመን
    ማሞገስ መኮነን – ሰውን ወይስ ጊዜን – ወይንስ ምድሪቱን?

    ሐበሻ ሐገር ኖሮት – በታሪክ ላይ ሲጣፍ
    አውሮጳ ያን ጊዜ – አልወረደም ከዛፍ
    ካሌብ ምድረ-ዐረብን – አፍሪካን ሲያስገብር
    የአሜሪካ ምድር – አልተቀኘም ነበር
    ጉድም እንደ ጅራት – ከኋላ ነውና
    ሐበሻ ሲዋረድ – እያየን ነው ገና።

    እናም “ዱሮ ቀረ!” የሚባለው ጊዜ
    ነውረኛ ንግግር – ሲገፋም አባዜ
    አካፋን አካፋ – የምንል ከሆነ
    ሰው ነው እንጅ ክፉ – ጊዜ ምን በደለ?

    ትናንት ከሚባለው ትናንት ጀምሮ
    ምነው አላቆመም – የሐበሻ ሮሮ
    ሲያሳድደው ያለው – ከቦረና አስመራ
    ከሃርጌሳ አንስቶ – ሴቲቱ-ሁመራ
    ለህዝቡ ጦርነት – ሆኖበታል ሥራ።

    ጊዜም እንደወተት – ሲገፋ ሲገፋ
    ከትናንት የሚሻል – ዛሬ እሚባል ጠፋ።

    ሰው ተስፋው ሲቀጭጭ – ነገ ሲያስጨንቀው
    ዛሬ መከራውን – ግፉን ሲያስቆጥረው
    “ጊዜ ትናንት ቀረ! ጊዜ ዱሮ ቀረ!“ – ይሆናል ምስጋናው።

    መስከረም 2003 ዓ.ም.

  27. Dagnew on

    I see national colors at the background for most of the leaders above. Where is Meles’, doesn’t TLF has one?

  28. Aratkilo on

    Hey elias if you have a gut , please post the entire forum and it’s out there for the media.

  29. just an external observer on

    #37 arat kitfo, Elias is doing what he is doing because he’s got the gut. What about your pimp leader? Tell Legesse that he cannot buy respect, he’s got to earn it. And he cannot earn it while pimping.

  30. Oromticha on

    Meles, his cronies and supporters(both internal and external) will positively respond to the political crisis in Ethiopia if and only if Ethiopians fight for their freedom like the Taliban. Nothing else will extract our people from the jaws of the 21 century Nazism ravaging Ethiopia. Colombia university or the US government are irrelevant if we fight and die for our cause. Our weakness in armed struggle is the major reason why we lacked international support. “Dadhabaa fi dabooroo haatuu hin jaallattu” is a fitting Oromo proverb which literally means “Coward and weak is not loved even by his mum”

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