UConn water capacity project in Tigray – apartheid in action

Woyanne apartheid regime is busy getting U.S. universities carry out development projects in Tigray with funds received in the name of Ethiopia. The water capacity building project in Tigray by the University of Connecticut that is reported below is a good example. The University has received funds from USAID in the name of Ethiopia, but the project is being done only in Tigray — the Woyanne {www:apartheid} system in action.

(UConn Press Release) — In the drought-ravaged expanse of Ethiopia, a sign in front of the Ministry of Water Resources (Addis Ababa) states simply: “Water is Life!!”

In April, a large multi-institutional team of researchers from UConn and Ethiopian universities was awarded a prestigious USAID/Higher Education for Development (HED) planning grant to support sustainable development and management of water resources in Ethiopia. UConn is committed to advancing hydrology studies and to bringing much-needed practical aid to regions of the globe where clean, plentiful water is scarce.

UConn Provost Peter Nicholls hailed the award. “UConn is committed to the application of our expertise to global grand challenges. What is more basic, more pressing, than water? We are deeply proud that UConn {www:faculty} are involved in this project to address Ethiopia’s water crisis and contribute to a transformative educational model that will allow Ethiopian citizens to solve the nation’s problems. I applaud our USAID/HED team.”

The team, headed by Drs. Michael Accorsi, Mekonnen Gebremichael and Guiling Wang of the Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department, and Drs. Jeffrey Osleeb and Carol Atkinson-Palombo of the Department of Geography, aims to help Ethiopian universities increase their {www:capacity} to educate their students and conduct research and outreach that will contribute to solving the water management and distribution challenges that plague their country.

Dr. Accorsi commented, “Increasing the capacity of Ethiopian universities is critical to economic development in the country. The Africa-U.S. Higher Education Initiative is an innovative program in that it directly addresses this need. It has been a distinct pleasure to work with our Ethiopian partners. They are extremely motivated and dedicated to moving this project forward. There is a tremendous opportunity, here and now, to make a difference.”

Based on their preliminary work, the team was one of just 20 (out of over 300) selected by USAID to submit a detailed, long-term planning proposal that includes the overhaul of the technology curriculum at Ethiopia’s three largest universities. They are joined by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from UConn, Addis Ababa University, Mekelle University and Hawassa University; IBM — through their “smart” water management initiative; Bentley Systems – a leader in the development of water management software; and the U.S. Geological Survey. The project is ambitious and requires significant matching funds from private donors to trigger substantial government support.

Ethiopian Odyssey
In July, six UConn faculty and staff members traveled to Ethiopia to meet with colleagues at three partnering universities as well as officials from various Ethiopian water bureaus, ministries and government units that will be key to the project’s success. Their experiences — from their exchanges with colleagues, officials and citizens to a serious accident that temporarily interrupted their plans — strengthened their intention to seek substantial funding support from USAID to move ahead with the project.

Despite abundant water reserves fed by nine river basins — including the Nile River in the northwest — across Ethiopia: half of the Ethiopian population walks up to four kilometers every day to fetch water; over 70% of Ethiopia’s population does not have access to safe drinking water; agriculture is primarily rain-fed, causing food insecurity, while less than 5% of the nation’s potential irrigable land is under irrigation; only 2% of the nation’s potential hydropower is utilized; and water-related diseases, such as malaria and schistosomiasis, are major public health problems. Recognizing this, the Ethiopian government has placed water at the forefront of its National Poverty Reduction Strategy. Despite the challenges, Ethiopia recently ranked second on the African Rainbow Consulting’s Star of Africa index, out of all 53 African countries, for water resources and overall potential for successful investment.

After a week of successful meetings, presentations and agreements with officials, the UConn team was en route to various locales in the country when their journey took an unexpected turn. A car carrying three of the team members was involved in a serious auto accident that injured Drs. Accorsi, Osleeb and Atkinson-Palombo. Over the next 24 hours, their experiences seeking medical assistance underscored why the USAID partnership is so vital to Ethiopia’s future.

With the help of Drs. Gebremichael and Wang, along with Robert Weiner of Engineering Computing Services, the injured members were transported to a town hospital, where the lack of electricity made it impossible to X-ray Drs. Osleeb and Atkinson-Palombo, both of whom sustained serious injuries. They next traveled to a hospital in the major city of Mekelle. Dr. Osleeb recalled, “When we arrived at the beautiful, brand new hospital, which did have electricity, we were shocked to learn there was no running water — anywhere in the hospital. The lack of water was a problem, but there was also a profound lack of trained medical personnel, so although we were the only patients in the emergency room, we were there six hours before our examinations were completed.” They eventually found skilled medical attention and relief in the trauma unit at a hospital operated by a Korean organization in Addis Ababa, where a Norwegian physician tended to their injuries. The dire conditions they witnessed in Ethiopia strengthened the resolve of the UConn researchers to find a {www:sustainable} solution for water resource management in developing countries.

Water: Complex Problem
The multidisciplinary nature of the team reflects the complexity of Ethiopia’s hydrology problems. The team of engineering faculty has significant expertise in rainfall and water resource prediction using satellite imaging, ground-based measurements and complex modeling. Dr. Gebremichael has long-term hydrology studies in place in Ethiopia, and since 2006, with National Science Foundation support, he has led student teams who installed weather stations and studied the hydrological processes in a key watershed of the Blue Nile basin region. His research in Ethiopian water resources is also supported by his NASA Young Investigator Award. Other team members, including Drs. Emmanouil Anagnostou, Amvrossios Bagtzoglou and Allison MacKay of Civil & Environmental Engineering, bring strong expertise in hydrology, climatology, meteorology, land surface modeling and groundwater analysis.

Dr. Osleeb, who is Head of the Department of Geography, is an expert in geographic information science (GISc), a discipline in which researchers “use computers in {www:conjunction} with digital maps to analyze aspects of the Earth. As a geographer, my role in this project will be to help our Ethiopian academic colleagues develop a spatial analysis curriculum. My interest is in economic geography, which means I’m interested in looking for the best location for facilities, in this case water facilities.”

Ethiopia’s water problems cannot be solved merely by drilling wells, building dams or other structures. The USAID project is aimed at “building capacity,” helping the nation nurture its own problem solvers who can address water distribution problems. Dr. Osleeb observed that “Although Ethiopia has excellent universities, the academic model there is different. Ethiopian professors are not rewarded for research, while in the U.S., we expect faculty to not only teach but also carry out original research, publish and mentor graduate students. This research focus helps us move from the textbook to solving the real world problems around us. We will help our Ethiopian colleagues adopt a new model for how faculty members are assessed.”

Dr. Atkinson-Palombo has similar interests in the project. She said “My overarching career goal is to engage in integrative research, teaching, and education about sustainable development, especially in cities. Geography has a tradition of encouraging thought about how place-specific factors influence the complex interactions between people, the natural environment, and the built environment.”

“The field trips, particularly those in the semi-arid regions, reinforced the importance of the spatial and temporal mismatch between people and water resources,” said Dr. Atkinson-Palombo. She continued “Water is plentiful, but it is not necessarily where people live and occurs in pulses in distinct “rainy” and “dry” seasons. So there is a dire need for mechanisms to store and manage rainwater in agricultural areas where people are predominantly subsistence farmers. In more urbanized settlements, visible water-related challenges are providing the necessary infrastructure to manage stormwater and sewage.”

Dr. Guiling Wang, an associate professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and director of the Environmental Engineering Program, reflected “The need for water is so great and pervasive in Ethiopia that we can have an immediate impact in helping the country address this problem. The focus of our work is on capacity building. We won’t actually be solving the water problem directly. We will be helping our Ethiopian partners develop a more relevant engineering curriculum and a vibrant applied research program. At the same time, UConn faculty will benefit from increased competency in addressing global water issues and new partnering opportunities for research. My experience is in hydrology, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, climatology and hydrological forecasting, so I am interested in helping the universities develop a context-relevant curriculum.”

She said, “Another important aspect of this USAID project is the opportunity for graduate exchange between UConn and its partnering universities in Ethiopia. By providing students an opportunity to study hydrology issues in Ethiopia or other developing countries, and for UConn to host graduate students from our partnering institutions, we can build greater understanding and awareness of global connections and challenges.”

Dr. Gebremichael reflected, “Ethiopia has one of the world’s largest climatic variability, resulting in a highly variable distribution of water in space and time. One major challenge to Ethiopian water resources planning and management has been the lack of reliable measurements. . .Here at UConn, we have developed a tool that uses readings from government satellites and computer models to measure how much water is “available” and “consumed” across a large region. This information is crucially needed in Ethiopia, and it is bound to change the face of Ethiopian water resources development and management.”

The team’s vision is “to radically transform the capacity in Ethiopian universities to better understand and plan for sustainable water resource management by establishing an institutional structure for long-term partnership.” According to Dr. Accorsi, the partners hope to deploy various strategies to achieve their aims, including the development of an interdisciplinary, integrated water resources {www:curriculum}; graduate student exchange programs between UConn and its partnering universities; optimization of resource efficiency; centralization of water resource facilities — including databases and libraries; support for research and the research community; and efforts to secure long-term funding that will sustain the project. A major focus will be on the development of an Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources to facilitate these goals.

Rounding out the U.S. portion of the team are Dr. Anji Seth of the Department of Geography, Dr. Farhed Shah of Agricultural and Resources Economics, Dr. Jun Yan of Statistics, Dr. Eugene Salorio of Management, and Dr. Edward Rossomando of the Center for Waterborne Diseases.

60 thoughts on “UConn water capacity project in Tigray – apartheid in action

  1. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    very soon they will be building a fence in Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia,and don’t forget segregation too.different restaurant,bathe room, even sites in the bus,and theater,and neighborhood,and place of warship that is the way they think about theme self, even when they loot Ethiopia bone dray that is a real cancer.

  2. oh, so what is one more development project in Tigrai when that was precisely what has been happening for the last two decades. Sorry, for being blunt. But Weyane will continue to pee on us, so long as we let him get away with murder arguing amongs us for petty issues. We need to know that the fight against Weyane must take presedence before wasting our time on silly ideas like whether Eritrea is good for us or not.

  3. Wondata on

    Yes, the apartheid system has been doing that for while in Ethiopia. what is worse that it is been supported by a lot of Hodams.

  4. koster on

    Woyanes are doing all according to plan and openly to fulfill their 1976 Manifesto of building greater TIGRAI. It is the hodams and so-called oppositions who are causing more harm to the Country by competing greedily for “FEREFARI” and POWER.

  5. Kitkit on

    Ethiopians, based on concrete evidences have bee complaining this thing, what Zinawians have been doing,the wrong and unfair things right from the beginning and still are saying over and over again about the unfirness,the Zinawi Naziawi and his regime are doing to the rest of millions of Ethiopians.

    Zinawians have never,ever done anything and everything,first and foremost,if does not benefit them,first;the rest of the population is just the leftover.

    Well,this is why Ethiopians are keeping engaged themselves in fighting tooth and nail the Zinawi Naziawi’s fascist and apartheid until the entire Ethiopia and the whole Ethiopians are fully free.

    Ethiopians,keep the faith,keep the fight.

  6. What a wretched idea. You green eyed gadem Eritrean. Leave Ethiopia and talk about the immense problem your country Eritrea is grappled with. No one will hear you, except the gadem Eritreans. Jius shut uppppp

  7. Elias,

    Your racism and lack of intellectual capacity is a significant obstacle to the opposition movement.

    First of all you are consistently looking for info to fuel inter-ethnic hatred, and actively trying to interpretate any info through an ethnic discourse.

    We know as a matter of fact that most ngo development projects are based mainly southern parts of Ethiopia. So when you come across a project in Oromia, why dont you write a similar ethnic art about Oromos or Afars etc? (which shows double standard, and lack of integrity)

    Secondly, this is just pathetic social research, based on one case you reach such a grandiose conclusion? If you were a serious journalist, you would have looked into the stats of all USAID projects and seen how many % were based in Tigray (but then you might find that the results are not supportive of your racist agenda).

    Thirdly, that what you are engaged in is racist propaganda instead of serious journalism is obvious to all.

    Fourthly, since this criticism is heavy in serious substance, I assume you are to big of a coward to publish it.

  8. A good illustration of the double standard and racist discourse of Elias and co. is an art. published on ER 22.09.20081 “U.S. Government Provides Water and Sanitation Assistance to Ethiopia’s Somali Region”. The art is about US aid in the Somali region. Now bear in mind that actions are the same in Tigray and Somali (aid projects by USAID), however, one is seen through an ethnic discourse (Tigrayan apartheid) whereas the other is not.

    This illustrates an intentional desire to fuel ethnic-hatred.

  9. When the time comes, these people will pay the money penny by penny back to the looted. for the rest of Ethiopians it is not a lost money, but a saved money. I assure you, we will get it back.

  10. morgan on

    Tigray also our country Ethiopia don’t divide us we need the development of Tigray equal to other States

  11. Visitor on

    The West will get the message if we expose Aparthied in Ethiopia. Mind you Zenawis crime will be on spotlight. TPLF stands for Tigray. All big investments and funds are forwarded to Tigray. I Tigray Alone full fleged U\s with modern buildings… Mekelle U, Axsum U, MIT, Adwa U and many colleges.

  12. Today or never on

    I think you got to give the 5% Tigrains for having such balls and scaring the crap out of the rest 95% of the population and do whatever their hearts desire or want such as this one for almost 20 years, and keep counting and counting. The Tigrains are unique in a sense that they don’t b!tch about things day in and day out, rather, as we all come to know by now, they are action oriented people. Be it during their struggle to get rid of the evil Derg or during relatively development and peace time nowadays.

  13. When Meles said “Mengedun cherk yargilachihu” To Dr. Brehanu and others I thought he was kidding. Now, I understood he is serious.

    Since he came to power by force he figures he/TPLF has the right to dictate terms. I figure, if opposition comes to power today a new platform will be followed. We all understand the “golden rule”. One who has the gold makes the rule. :-)

    The first thing a political victor does is make his constituents happy.

    Woyane is not different. I look at it this way; what is built or added in Tigray is in Ethiopia therefore, it is not a bad thing. On the other hand,the above article says:

    “..They are joined by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from UConn, Addis Ababa University, Mekelle University and Hawassa University..”

    Meaning the program goes beyond Tigray.

    So, show me why it is wrong for Woyane to establish such program to benefit their constituents as a starting point.

  14. beletu on

    elias thank you for the news, you are a true ethiopians, and with the help of heros and herione like you it will be very soon that tplf will be destroyed from ethiopia as same as hitler and stalin and ethiopians will bring over democracy and freedom over tplf terrorist group and will be taken over their stolen wealth and money back to the new ethiopian govt….as no one in the earth cant stay in power for ever as it will be only a matter of time that tplf will continue to kill ethiopians and to steal ethiopians resources……

  15. Halafi Mengedi on

    The projects are conducted at Addis Ababa, Mekelle and Awassa Universities. Where is Tigray alone benefited??? Or are you so jealous because Tigray is sharing any development??? Tigray is the least developed region the last 20 years despite Tigray did the heavy lifting of the dirty work removing Derg. I do not believe you are helping the unity of the country by lying and insulting one region. You are not advancing your cause people to listen and follow you if you do not present unbiased reasons.

  16. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    WOW the hodam Woyane are out in force to tell us we are racist that is
    delusional really. we know you have to relive you ethnic frustration on this site thanks to ER you can spew Ur frustration unlike other WOYANE and the HODAM control news media.
    you should really tank the fearless Elias and hes staff..

  17. furstrated from houston on

    Mr Elias can you show this numb nuts halafi mengedi charcter the mekelle before and after google map photo you will see the different between all the ethiopian big city and tigray’s apartheid regime mekelle city I was shocked to see the rest of ethiopia is way back compare to tigray cursed city mekelle.


  18. markos on

    Jegnaw,would you study and improve your english rather than wasting time(LIFE) try’n to write this nonsense

  19. To Halafi Mengedi,
    Whatever your belief, I can see that you are an honest man. That is a great virtue! Isolating or demonizing people is not a good politics. I agree

  20. Eden, proud Tigrayan on

    This shameful and racist regime should be ashamed of itself… I hate them so much… please God hrlp us….

  21. Halafi Mengdi on

    YOu have only one Chinema one Fabrica enda Methan you have two high school do you think this project came from you ?you thief lier agame.
    chicken head

  22. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Brother Elias,

    I understand your take on this particular project that is being handled by UConn. One half of me agrees with you about the goon from Dedebit is doing. He may be scheming away most of the main developmental projects like this one in his style (way) of pork barrel or earmark spending. I can see that. Also, it is his way of keeping the cannon fodder population of Tigray happy and subservient to him unconditionally. He has been doing such hideous things since his days in the bush. He had millions of famine fatigued and destitute people in that province in the 70’s and 80’s. He became the main feeder by not allowing any humanitarian organization to come in and distribute fatally needed food unless they went through Dedebit-EFFORT. Then he dangled the food supply in the face of the dying population telling them that the only way they can have access to the food supply is if they join his ragtag army or at least offer their children for the fight he was waging on everyone. I mean everyone including those fighting the Derg. Some people may ask me if I have any evidence to back it up. Well, I tell them to refer to the recent report by the BBC. And also remember the fact that he did not do this alone. These so-called 11th hour opponents such Aregawe and Siye coteries were 100% in league with him. And you read the books these ‘Anti-Meles-Now-Meles-Entourage-Before creatures wrote lately, all what you find is cover-ups and self-aggrandization telling me and telling all of us that heroic deeds come only from the sons and daughters of Tigray. They are telling me and all of us that their 30 or so fighters with only one working rifle defeated a force of more than a thousand equipped with modern AK-47’s. In fact, the only rifle they (old) had became twisted at the barrel and still defeated the overwhelming enemy force. It is a book that should be read by everyone in the US Marine Corps!!!!!! That was what they were telling the famine stricken population in their backyard. Then they dangle the food supply they had in the face of the dying population and asked them to join the fight. Left with no alternatives, the population joined them in droves and paid the ultimate price. It was doing what the goon and his cronies were telling it to do. They ran into raging fires in thousands and took out the fire with their smoldering bodies. They took him all the way to Addis and then he told them he is there to stay for good. When he told them to kill any one in sight during peaceful demonstrations and some of them (not all of them) they did just that. Now they have to be rewarded with such crumbs. This is a fact not a fiction. I hope and pray that some of these merciless killers will turn the barrel of their guns on this Goon sooner or later. I can assure you that majority of the people of Tigray are not such bad folks and they themselves are kept at bay by his well paid (cadres) squads. Now this is the first half.

    The other half of me understand that such projects must be done and done a lot all around the northern part of the country. I am sure our Eritrean brothers and sisters are doing it very well in their own country. Because all of the small streams and creeks had dried out a long time ago. This is strategically important for any democratic government of the future. Believe me this goon and his cronies will be gone sooner or later. It has happened every where. Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, The Philippines, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Malaysia, last and not least the whole Soviet Block countries. OOO!!!! I have one more – Albania – Envar Halil Hoxha, the goon’s former role model.

  23. Yetesebere madiga Tegagne on

    you are just a rascal weyane tring to make your day. why are you working hard to defend the indefensible.I dont believe your accusation of Elias racist is founded. Instead the prince of adwa is known racist and inforces racist policy in our land. If you disagree here is the sources.It is not racism to report what is obvious. Melese policy-peruse developmental plan for tigray alone on the expense of the rest of Ethiopia.

    Go some where and spread your lies.I know deep thing abpout tplf lebas.Ranging from Gojam/Gondar red ash,ecualeptus lumber, beens etc.These items frequently are loaded from these regions to the sudan by weyane merchants.While Ethiopians are forced to live by Guaya. Dont try to preach to non weyane Ethiopians that your falacious idea that Tplf promotes equitable policy . I believe your anger has to do with the revelation of this report than any thing else and the epithe- racist. If you have hard time believing meles is Timkitegna and racist Here is the source.

  24. The Eritrean opposition groups are claiming that Eritrea is occupaying “Ethiopia’s Assab, Bure and Kunama”. Of course, we all know that those “opposition groups” are weyanne stooges and they are just saying what the Weyannes are telling to say. Of course, the Weyannes are still dreaming about creating Abbay Tigray and that’s why they are developing Tigray while ignoring the rest of Ethiopia, after all it is only a matter of time before the Weyanes declares independence from Ethiopia.

  25. Belaya on

    I’m wondering whether Tigray is not part of Ethiopia. Where would u have liked the project then? In Eritrea? What would u have said if the Gibe Projects were in Tigray or the factories being built in between Addis and Nazret? Tigray is one of the driest regions in the country, and it is only fitting that this project is implemented there. but, i am aware that as a shabean lover your website’s objective is provoking hate politics and division. u will never succeed.

  26. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    this ER it is not English or Woyane Control school.but if you want to volunteer to teach us English then never let to learn ill find time thanks.

  27. To win the prestigious award shows the strength of the project and the talent on the side of UConn team of investigators (including the Tigaian fellow). However, the unfairness is rooted in the limited opportunities others are offered; followed by the uneven playing field that is encountered, when one tries to have access to the powers-to-be. Others than that, good job.

  28. Anonymous on

    apartheid in full blown action. it is not only Tigray next is Eritrea. Ethiopians will be a 3rd class citizen in their own country. 1st class Tigray 2nd class Eritrea and 3rd Ethiopians.

  29. furstrated from houston on

    Mr Elias can you show this numb nuts halafi mengedi charcter the mekelle before and after google map photo you will see the different between all the ethiopian big city and tigray’s apartheid regime mekelle city I was shocked to see the rest of ethiopia is way back compare to tigray cursed city mekelle.


  30. Shabia this, Shabia that! Com on folks. Don’t blame Elias for bringing in FACTS! If he loves Shabia, so be it. Why is the Tigray people try to make excuse for their own evil design they have for our country. Eritrea is aforeign country and Shabia is Shabia and it probably will remain Shabia. Why do we have to bring them in in our internal discussion.

  31. Whoever is doubting that racism is institutionalized in Ethiopia they must have a big space between their ears. Instead of criticizing Elias for his relentless effort to call the tribal junta by their names, we should have a courage to call a spade by its name. The hidden issue here is what we don’t hear in other media outlets or opposition camp, and this is “manifesto 76” of the ethno-fascists of Abay Tigray.

  32. Aziza Tinziza on

    Well done.\\ Melese Yegna Sew. “Leras Sikorsu Ayasanisu”. Lomi tera tera. Enantem terachihun tebku.

  33. Anonymous on

    Once again, this is another important cause that shouldn’t be ignored. Ethiopians should write letters to the University of Connecticut president, faculty and the student-body to show how TPLF use every opportunity to get everything they can in the name of all Ethiopians, and use it only for their ethnic group.

  34. Read Me on

    I read the whole story and i could not find any where that says the project was in Tigray. It says the research is done at Addis Ababa, Hawassa and Mekelle Universities. I think Addis Ababa and Hawassa are not in Tigray. So what is the big deal. Does all these people who write comments do not read the whole story beside the topic??? I used to read this site to get info from the other side. This will be the last time i will even open this site. What a total waste of time. This site had become a tabloid. If some one is reading this, pass my message to the editor – This site used to be good and informative but not anymore…………

  35. biddho hafash on

    you narrow minded,ignorant weyanes and your psycopath leader go ahead build modern hosptals,high towers in the so called land of tegaru,but when your time is up you will pay dearly.You are sacking the poor Ethiopian masses.you are starving an Amhara or oromo mother to build a useless building at least at this moment.You think Ethiopian people are so un-responsive and coward to fight you,at the same time the power that you have comes by you serving the west as a mercenary group and they are empowering you militarily,politically and diplomatically.As a mercenary group you are perishable and one time they will dump you,and the ethiopian masses will haunt you.You idiots with whom are you going to trade,who is going to your low graded products besides Ethiopians,Eritreans or somalis and so on.With your fairy tale history of born as warriors and always victors and your war mentality you are tarnishing Ethiopian image in the eyes of the people of her neighbors.By acting as a good servant of the west and threatning the Sudan,Egypt by means of stopping the flow of nile river,by occupying Eritrean territory (badme),by invading Somalias territory you have created made Ethiopia as a country that is an agent of foreign powers not a vital state that has to be dealt with.
    I am very happy and thankful that Eritrea as a people and a state are working day and night to build our country through sacrifices and sweat and never intended to exploit or steal Ethiopian treasury,eventhough we had the option when our tanks rolled to Addis in 1991,thanks to president Essayas guidance and honesty.He and all our leaders at the moment chose to engage with Ethiopia only by trade,but not to get involved politically.

  36. gobe111 on

    good on you the one and only one Elias. God bless you, the ethno-fascists must be exposed and the parasites locked up in jail.


  37. Jimmy on

    Thank you very much Elias for exposing the TPLF wayane dictator prime minister for life who is actively grooming his TPLF wife as his successor prim minister of life just like that Stalinist dictator, Nicolai Ceausescu ex-prime minister of Romania who promoted his wife Elena Ceausescu to the post of deputy prime minister but like all dictators faced the inevitable end when the 1989 popular uprising ended the dictator’s blind authoritarianism and narcissistic personality cult.

    Those spineless Wayane house slave cadres mewing for crumbs from their dictator master for life needs to bark for their bellies.

  38. Elelelele on

    Where ever it goes, it is going to Ethiopians and serves the out poor citizens. If it is done in Tigray, what is the big deal? Don’t let your small brain be filled with jealousy!! There are more important things a lot worth than jealousy like love and helping your fellow compatriots. If you do nothing for them, why not just be happy for them that now they have drinking water? God knows for how long they will have it.

  39. fox;

    The problem with TPLF thugs is there is no such thing as even development in their vocabulary. Their moto is: we are on the driver seat and we want what ever we want to do. They really seem to not understand is it will only take a few days to destroy what has been built for years. They think they can kill and loot for ever. I reaily do not blam them for they have never seen such power and wealth before. The sad thing is that with nothing to contribute to our ecnomic growth, the TPLF gangs are looting our weath. I really would not mind if some ethinic group from the south, east or west (who own the resorces) try to do what these gans have done so far. It is shame we simply seat and allow these shiftas loot our resorces.

  40. Eshete on


    One of our difficulties to suprise of our self and others is our inability to act and act on time.

    For the last 20 yrs while TPLF/WYOYANE was dismemberibng the country spreading division and involve in corruption we ahve been sitting by the way side and wating and not doing any thing.

    We are unemplyement insurance,retirement fund,health insurance and education funding agencies.

    Our beloved family memmbers instaed ofasking their citizen right to get a job,health,education and health care form TPLF/WOYANE they are looking for us to provide it because we have not told them were to ask

    We have paralized them by providing thwem money for generation to come.

    We have to weak up

    Our beloved familes need to thighten their belt for their poltical and economic freedom

  41. Almaz Iwunetu on

    #46 Elelelele says,

    “Where ever it goes, it is going to Ethiopians and serves the out poor citizens. If it is done in Tigray, what is the big deal?” wrote

    So, according to your pervert self serving dictator Wayane logic you mean that the prime minister is always Wayane because it is going to serve Ethiopia. The top key decision making military leaders are all Wayanes because it is going to serve Ethiopia. 99.6% of the parliamentary seats must belong to Wayane because it is going to serve Ethiopia. All the leading and profitable businesses are being owned and controlled by Wayanes because it is going to serve Ethiopia. Lucrative development projects being generously funded by the foreign governments and UN agencies must necessarily take place in Tigrai because it serves Ethiopians. Kikikikiki….

    What a shameless cunning fox dressed in sheep skins and trying to insult our intelligence? Ethiopians are not so stupid as you think!

  42. Dawit on

    @Read Me [#42]

    I applaud you dude, the article at no point mentioned singling out Tigray as beneficiary. They talked about the worst nature of Mekelle Hospital while making visit, of which we heard much. This hospital couldn’t manage to treat them so they have to get the necessary treatment from Addis.

    And above all it is capacity building agreement of the three Ethiopian universities [with UConn]. It is written there in the article:

  43. Selamawi on

    biddho hafash #43,
    You garbage comment doesn’t deserve a response but I do because your user name sounds like ours and I hope it will set the record straight.
    Isn’t this kind of meddling that put us in the situation where our country is in today in the first place.
    The last time I checked Tigray was in Ethiopia so what is wrong with the government that strives hard to develop its country be it Tigray,oromia and what have you.
    I share your frustration with the situation our country that thousands perished their lives for in and its a legitimate concern.But do we really blame the woyanes for all our woos and toubles when we have a tyrant and his cohorts that wouldn’t even spare his own mother when it comes to power turned the nation up side down.The list of problems that our nation face today were/are the making of the gang leader and they are too many and too long.The gang leader and his yes men are the SOLE RESPONSIBLE for all these not the Weyanes.
    Infact the Weyanes are trying to support our voiceless people by become a voice and by standing on our side.
    The regime has committed unimaginable atrocities against our people for the last 20 years worse than the Dergue.The fight for justice and democracy is on and gaining momentum every passing day.If there are allies who can help us gain our freedom, we will form an alliance and the PM Meles’s Woyane is our best bet.Then,no wonder our people are crossing in their thousands to the Woyane land.

  44. daniel on

    If you think by torching other peoples homes you will be living ever after, you are mistaken. respectable leaders or organizations first and foremost they try to prevent any contradiction. It is known fact tigrian are suffering with low self esteem. This problem is caused by their Northern cousins the eriterean. To those of us who grew up together in asmaara, this was a very frustration phenomenon. The eretreans used to try the Italians, even though both of them are one people. Now it is Ethiopia’s turn. They are looting the country at the same time destroy it. What the f…are they thinking. Tigrayns has to understand they were abused by their eriterean cousins. If they keep destroying the land that they a essential to their survival soon or later the better prepare their own grave.

  45. doula on

    Long 20 years has passed since aparthid operates in mother Ethiopiia, after Meles ascended to the throne.
    We should be happy for tigray’s devlopment for it is and continues to be part of the real united Ethiopia.
    Alas, we are witnessing the developments-buildings of bank accounts and comfortable lifes for the crooked non-Ethiopian personalities,the criminal turned states man- Legesse Zenawi, the harlot turned First Lady- Azeb Mesfin and their hodam advocates.

  46. ambabi on

    Remember Mengistu never invest in Eritrea or Tigray during those days becasue he had no confidence at the time. The same thing is happening now weyane will never do any good to the ppls of Eritrea and Ethiopia but focused in Tigray region because he knows that he is enclaved with enemies he mistakenly formed. Eritrea will demand Badme’s liberation one way or the other, Gonder and Wolo or Gojam will do the same thing.

  47. Bogale Ewnetu on

    The TPLF has used Eritrea to take power and will use Eritrea again to stay in power. To unseat TPLF we have to play their game.

  48. Jemal on

    Elias – be cautious when you blame EPRDF for being discriminatory in its development activities for much projects being underway in Tigray. You are irritating our Tigrea brothers and sisters; so you do on us too. I would be even more happier if this news is more true that our many Tigreans are benefited. But that fact is the opposite. Tigreans are deprived of liberty and they have seen only few development of activities. What they have thus far benefited from EPRDF/TPLF is that they have been used as a pretext to legitimize TPLF/EPRDF gangs’ presence in Addis. Know that EPRDF/TPLF doesn’t mean total Tigray. They are so much different entities. Ask Kahsay Brhane and Tesfay Atsbeha.

  49. Badhaasaa Waaqayyo on

    #53 Daniel,

    Please don’t jump out of topic and force us go astray from our relevant Ethiopian problem solution to Eritrea. Let us leave Eritreans alone and tackle our own urgent problems, otherwise we will only keep wasting very scarce resources practically for nothing. Thanks!

  50. Bubu on

    57. Jemal!

    Are you kidding us? who are you telling this crap to? Unless you try to fool yourself.

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