Remembering the November 2005 Ethiopian Election Massacre


Ethiopian civic and political groups, media, activists, scholars, and artists announce that November becomes “Ethiopian Election Massacre” commemoration month around the world. In preparation to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Ethiopian Election Massacre, a worldwide task force has been formed. The task force organizes various activities and a worldwide conference next month.

On May 15, 2005, over 26 million Ethiopians voted peacefully to elect their leaders. As the results started to come in, showing a landslide victory for the opposition party, Meles Zenawi went on TV and declared a state of emergency. He also ordered re-votes in several districts where members of his party went down in defeat, banned political rallies, and unleashed his killers against peaceful citizens who protested his attempt to steal the election.

When the Addis Ababa Police showed restraint, Meles ordered all of them to be disarmed, and gave the Federal Police and his personal army, the Agazi, a shoot-to-kill order.

The Agazi and Federal Police snipers from roof tops and military trucks gunned down young, hundreds of unarmed protesters with 50 caliber rifles. Over 50,000 students and other individuals were rounded up and sent to concentration camps in remote parts of the country. All senior members of the opposition CUD were arrested. All the private press were shut down.

The 2005 election massacre was one of the darkest moments in the history of Ethiopia.

This coming November, we will remember those fellow Ethiopians who gave their lives for their right to vote and for their vote to be counted.

Let’s come together to remember the victims of Ethiopian Election Massacre.

Let’s also unite and devise a new strategy to fight for a better Ethiopia where freedom, democracy and justice will prevail.

More details will released by the organizing committee in the coming few days.


The Ethiopian Election Massacre Remembrance Task Force

For further info:
Tel: 202 656 5117

14 comments on “Remembering the November 2005 Ethiopian Election Massacre

  1. Wogene on

    I will never forget those brave Ethiopians who were massacred on May 15, 2005 by the fascist TPLF regime in Ethiopia.

  2. Our fellow Ethiopians who all are civilians had been killed by zenawi’s ” Agazi, Agassese” force in November 2005. Their sacrifice is not in vain and we all
    Ethiopians have to remember them.

  3. Gigi on

    Thanks my dear brother and sisters. They should never be forgotten and we should never forget the true face of TPLF/EPRDF.

  4. Anonymous on

    Elias you are great.
    It would be great to know at least the identity of those 200 who were killed that dark day in November 2005.

  5. Anonymous on

    Thank you for sharing this heart- wrenching video to refresh our memories. I wonder, what TPLF have done to the 45,000 innocent Ethiopians that were arrested? Are some of them still in prison dying one by one? Did Woyanes kill all of them? what caused TPLF to hate Ethiopians this much? Very disturbing to watch indeed, but a must watch video. This video is a testimony by itself showing the cruelty of Meles that sent innocent Ethiopians to their death, as Hitler had done to innocent Jews to the gas chamber.
    The similarities what these Ethiopians had gone through with Hitler’s victims marching to their death, and the Tutsis begging the journalists to save them from Hutu’s in Rwanda is very chilling.
    As I was watching this video, I started hearing the echoes of the shameless of Meles supporters at the recent at Columbia University — chanting: “We love you Meles! You are doing a great job! We are proud of you! Keep up the good work!…”
    How could anybody in their right mind be proud of a man that sent harmless Ethiopians to be tortured and be killed!

  6. koster on

    The killing and looting continues unless we are united and struggle to free Ethiopia and Ethiopians from woyane state terror and poverty.

  7. Shaebia on

    Good job Elias,
    if one wants to achieve one’s ultimate goal, then nurturing a culture of values that unifies all is a vital ingredient. As far as our experience is concerned, we always remember and honour our martyred not only on the 20th of June once a year but every day by working selflessly for the next generation. That kept us steadfast and humble. Our strength is our fear & trust of God, not the fear of the US-UK & their military might. Respect your people, particularly the majority poor and God will never fail you. He has stipulated it in his word in Mathew 25: 34-46. Don’t get the people of the US & UK mixed up with the regimes who has a history of propping and courting the world’s most barbaric & brutal tyrants. The only things the US didn’t do is for Meles is to train his agazi death squad as they did to all the death squads who were trained in the school of Americas (AKA SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS) how to terrorize, blackmail, torture & eradicate opponents. The US will only support to the highest bidder and Meles fits the bill. What I fear is the oppositions caving in to the US-UK cajoling and threats at the expense of the interest of the poor & of those who sacrifice for the cause. Don’t waste opportunities while it’s here. Don’t let the West dictate your program. The west have now run out of lies lecturing on democracy and human right while helping corruption to foster and funding the worst human right abusers while encouraging highly and tribally polarized politics so that they can create a crack for them to fill in and take roots in a classic Amharic saying that goes… “Girgir leleba yamechal”
    unite and cover for one another otherwise you are doomed.
    God bless your struggle for justice.

  8. Jegnaw Ethiopiaw on

    The best way toremeber the is to never stop fighting this cancer woyane until our beloved Ethiopia is free.they all give there live for that freedom for you and me.Thanks.

  9. Anonymous on

    And yet the international community is embracing the murderer Zenawi. What a shame!! My heart goes out to the matyrs.

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