Dialogue for common goal

In preparation for a united front, Ethiopian opposition groups need to answer what their common goal is. According to Ethiopian Review editorial adviser Ato Sioum Gebeyehou, the common goal that binds every one in the country is Ethiopiawinet, i.e., to belong to one nation called Ethiopia. The following presentation by Ato Sioum explains that Ethiopia is a model nation of minorities that is a composite fabric of more than 77 ethnic groups. Click on the image below to view the 3-page presentation:

7 thoughts on “Dialogue for common goal

  1. Debtera Tammirat on

    In addition and in support of this enticing graphic demonstrations, please also put in simple black and white in words listing and detailing each group not only in part but in whole with their estimated and or real numbers as well as brief historical and current political inclusions/exclusions, grievances, etc. so that we know as to how to associate with different levels and types Ethiopiawinet from each party’s point of views and real life experience even more than the so called offer of mythological promises of the unknown cake in the sky in the form of “democracy”

    Who has the long standing democratic social and political values and culture among these groups?

  2. Eden1 on

    You have provided an interesting link.
    I am kind of puzzled that Addis Ababa’s population was only, “Addis Ababa 3,147,000 in 2008’ according to the demographic researchers.

  3. Temelkatch on

    I think the message of the presentation, as I understand it, is to show, highlight and focus on the homogeneity of the society and less on the trivial and devisive hetrogeneity.

  4. Yemissirach on

    #4 Temelkatch’

    You comment does not reflect the facts on the ground that are in front of your eyes in claiming that homogeneity is the rule and the truth in Ethiopia of some over 77 different nations and nationalities while diversity or heterogeneity is an exception and trivial.

    You know that what you wrote tells about you most rather than telling about the existing realities on the ground.

    You prefer to twist the facts and tell LIES seemingly for the purpose of establishing the basis for the highly centralized authoritarian UNITARY STATE structure being led by an AUTHORITARIAN ONE MAN/WOMAN dictatorship familiarly in operation for the last some 130 years and kept Ethiopia as a shameless and wretched model beggar state to this very day.

    I have no problem with unity and coexistence in as much as there is genuine democracy and equality both for the individual and the groups, and there are willing and competent implementers, (not only self serving and self repeating habitual Swan singers) of such social and governmental modes justice for all.

    As a matter of fact, a dictator is always a dictator whether there IS article 39 in its self serving constitution or NOT. There are human beings with attitudes behind any constitution and their attitudes, practices, cultural and social traditional values with regard to democracy and diversity matters a great lot.

    Remember the fact that NOBODY anywhere would have rebelled against ANYBODY if conditions were fair, just, democratic as well as benefiting and enriching all individual and group interests in practice but not only in the usual cheap rhetoric and make believe empty propaganda that are even written in to the despots constitutions and staying there as dead letters just for the purpose of fooling the national and international public opinion.

    After some 130 years of existing together in the same empire for example similar to that of the former Yugoslavia there is no denying the fact that there are cross ethnic and cross national relationships among the empire’s diverse populations. But cross relationships among nations and nationalities did also exist even in Nazi Germany under the leadership of dictator Adolf Hitler.

    But the main question is as to what kind of qualitative coexistence did and do they have in terms of each party’s’ social, political, economic, autonomy, etc. freedoms as well as individual and group self actualization.

    Get over it, face facts on the ground and the realities they have been representing, are still representing in order to find lasting solutions acceptable to all. :)

  5. Argii Amani on

    I do have no problem with the melting pot (Ethiophiawinet) as long as Afaan Oromo is the ONLY working language of the melting pot Ethiopia! I hope the author of the above graphs had this in mind, of course not Amharinya! Well done, and welcome to be melted into Afaan Oromo speaking homogeneos Ethiopian society! Otherwise enjoy the following: http://www.voiceoforomia.com/99902.html

  6. Almaz on

    Argii Amani,

    WEll, as far as I am concerned Afaan Oromo is not only Afaan Oromo alone but Afaan democracy for centuries down the line. Discovering,knowing and practicing will reveal the truth.

    Speaking Afaan Oromo means also speaking Afaan democracy and nurturing pluralistic representative governance similar to the good Gada.

    So, who ever speaks Afaan Oromo will also learn to live and promote the life and practices of democracy.

    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” ~Galileo Galilei stated.

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