The smell of corruption envelops ESFNA

By Elias Kifle

The recent lawless action of Ethiopian Sports Federation North America’s (ESFNA) executive committee in reversing a decision by the board to invite Birtukan Mideksa as a guest of honor has drawn the attention of a number of Ethiopian groups and concerned Ethiopians who have started to take a closer look at the 25-year-old organization. Ethiopian Review, on its part, has launched an investigation into ESFNA’s activities. Our investigation so far has uncovered the following. (We have also contacted the FBI with a request for investigation. Click here to read.)

1. The ESFNA 9-member executive committee is simply in the service of billionaire businessman Ato Al Amoudi, not the Ethiopian community in North America. ESFNA’s top decision-making body, the 27-member board that represents the soccer teams in the U.S. and Canada, has been stripped of its authority by Al Amoudi’s top aid Abnet Gebremeskel through bribes to some of its members and intimidation by a gang of thugs led by Ayaya Arega, Sebsebe Assefa and Demis Lema (aka Arawit).

Al Amoudi (center) wearing a t-shirt with Woyanne logo; top aid Abnet Gebremeskel (left)

2. Those executive committee (EC) members who are {www:subservient} to Abnet are given wads of cash, free plane ticket to fly to Ethiopia and stay at Sheraton Hotel for free up to 2 months per year. Those who try to carry out their responsibilities as board members are physically threatened by Ayaya and his thugs. The chairman, Mekonnen Demisiew, is the Girma Woldegirogis of ESFNA. For example, when he chairs meetings, Ayaya or one of the thugs simply snatch away the microphone from him and order him what to say or not to say.

3. Attendance has been declining drastically at the ESFNA annual events during the past 5 years. July 2010 was the worst yet. That seems to be fine with Al Amoudi and his Woyanne junta as long as Ethiopians who oppose the ruling party do not control this potentially powerful organization that can bring together tens of thousands of people from all backgrounds.

Ayaya Arega

Ayaya Arega

4. ESFNA is currently facing a lawsuit that was filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court by its former auditor Assfaw Teferi.

5. ESFNA has not been audited by an independent auditor for over 20 years. A few years ago, when some ESFNA members led by the late Dr WM Akalou tried to clean up house, they had discovered that at least $40,000 was missing in one incident alone. The treasurer, who is part of the Ayaya gang, admitted that he took the money and was forced to resign. But soon after that, the stealing continued. It is not unusual for sacks of money to disappear following soccer matches and music concerts.


6. Al Amoudi gave over $700,000 to the ESFNA so far, but it is not clear how the money was used.

7. Ayaya and Arawit have escaped from  Ethiopia after allegedly orchestrating the savage beating and attempted murder of The Reporter editor-in-chief Amare Aregawi. They attempted to kill Amare after The Reporter begun publishing investigative reports about how Al Amoudi is manipulating the Ethiopian banking system. One of the suspects in the attempted murder is Arawit, who is employed by Abnet through Ayaya. Currently, Arawit is living inside a $3,000-per-month luxury apartment on Massachusetts Ave., Washington DC. All his living expenses are being paid for by Abnet, on top of hefty allowance.

8. While objecting to naming Birtukan Mideksa as a guest of honor, the Ayaya gang has forced ESFNA to name Al Amoudi as permanent honorary president of the ESFNA. As we all know, Al Amoudi is an active member and “election” campaigner of Woyanne.

9. For Al Amoudi’s Ayaya gang, ESFNA is a cash cow that they are milking at will. At one point, the Federation was generating up to $3 million in revenue at the one-week annual event. However, much of the one disappears without a trace. The players are forced to buy their own soccer gear (uniform, shoes, etc.) and some times they raise funds from their local community.

Al Amoudi aid and the real boss of ESFNA Abinet Gebremeskel who lives and acts like a mafia boss

10. It must be noted that most of the ESFNA members are innocent Ethiopians who are being victimized by a well-financed, mafia-like group under the supervision Al Amoudi’s aid Abnet Gebremeskel. Visible and active members of the gang are Ayaya Arega, Sebsebe Asefa, Endale Tufer, Arawit, and Fassil Abebe. Another member of the group, Solomon Tekle, is facing long prison term after being convicted of heroin trafficking. Their mission is to keep the ESFNA under the control of the ruling Woyanne junta, while stealing its funds with impunity.

Ethiopian Review’s investigation of ESFNA continues. We urge any one who has any credible information to contact us at or call 202 656 5117. What we have uncovered so far is so outrageous that we are compelled to report our finding to the FBI. Click here to read.

Addis Dimts Radio has a discussion about ESFNA on its Sunday program. Listen here (forward to 1:04:01):

67 thoughts on “The smell of corruption envelops ESFNA

  1. weygud on

    Anyone even remotely assciated with the TPLF gangs can not be representing Ethiopians’ interest!

  2. Alemayehu on

    TPLF would like us to destroy ESFNA.

    However what we need to do is to take it back. It is useless to denouonce ESFNA as a whole but to investigate what is going on there.

    Elias — I commend you for what you are doing. Let us find out who is who. The organization is certainly infested by TPLF and its sympathizers. We need to find out who voted what and why.

    We need to take it back. We should not back down.

  3. melat on


    god bless you…and keep up the great job and we will be on your side to clear out ESFNA from the weyane hodam agents..ethiopians should come together to help out ESFNA to clean out from weyane trojan elements…lets stand up and get up …..

  4. Melkamu on

    This is simply the worst shame to have such a mass community organizations to guide millions because they are supporting the minority junta at home. It is like spitting on millions of Diasporans – min tametalachihu mebalu new. Can’t we have our own genuine ESFNA and conduct this year’s celebration inviting Birtukan – let them run in an empty stadium and enjoy their wishy washy stand.

  5. Kitkit on

    If the honorable Birtukan Medeksa is disrespected,and if the the hero she did is unaccounted,then those who planned to do the damage on her and her people,what good are they for?

    Therefore,all the executive committee must be disolved immediately and urgent action must be taken by Ehtiopian to take the leadership and bring back the ESFNA to track.

    All Ethiopian civic and political organizations must start doing the housekeeping as soon as possible;otherwise,we will continue to fail to bring the needed change we shought for to our country and the people who are under greatest terror in Zinawi’s regime.Purge the spies and moles from all spots that they occupied under the guise of being Ethiopian/s

  6. dfabachew on

    This thing was going on for a long time. I have said it before this group is sold out long time age. The sell was final in San Diago. May be al-amudi and tegadalite use it for tax shelter. As you all know there is no paid player. Even they don’t share any money from the profit. So people what are you waiting for. It is about time, change the name and date of the event. What can they do. Nothing, nada.

  7. Welela on

    Who put them in power? Is that not us? Why not we trash them out? ESFNA is ours. They are there to serve the community. If they act wrongly, we should not leave the organization for some looters and senseless. We have to get the people organization back to the people. Thank you elias. You are really really our hero. You are doing an excellent job. It would be a blessing if we get 10 who works like you genuinely and tirelessly.

    Thank you

  8. Girmay on

    All ofus who are waiting to smell the filth, what are we planning to do after having enough for our nose. Lets contact our state representative and tell them to act according to the public will or fire them.

  9. Mulat on

    Well done Elias. I am waiting for the outcome of your investigation with interest. ESFNA has to reform fundamentally, it is no more impartial and has no legitimacy or integrity.

  10. Elias keep investigating ESFNA what ever they claim you are ; we Ethiopians want to know more about this so called non profit organization. ( I don’t’ buy it). I believe this organization is means of survival for almost all of the board members and others in the organization. I see them as a group of gangsters agreed on to profit in the name of honest hard working soccer players and participants. I remember there was a time in which they (ESFANA) even refused to announce the time and location of a political meeting for people in the stadium. This organization is not about Ethiopian or Ethiopia rather it is all about money. Everything they claim or publish on their web site are far from the truth. Things about Homeless Ethiopians children, HIV and scholarship assistance etc are all lies. They might help one or two organization through out all these years even that is very little amount of money.

  11. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I hope they leave this mother who is fresh out of prison alone. She has done enough sacrifice for that country. In fact, compared to every one of us, she has gone through trials and tribulations more than enough. Leave her alone!!!!
    On the other hand, I am not surprised if Meles government is ESFNA as its target of conquest. It has been a highly politicized organization and gathering. I had been just to one of such gatherings (to the dismay of some narrow nationalists I know) and was astonished by the fervor and enthusiasm of the people gathered. I also noticed how various organizations used the opportunity to reap new memberships. So again, I am not taken back if the goon gives a homework assignment to its foot soldiers targeting the organization. The organization should be left alone by all political groups and let the youth compete for well-deserved bragging rights. Insha Allah!!!!

  12. Expose them! on

    I cannot wait to hear the real truth, including who the vendors are, how much money is expected to be made at the ESFNA event and where the money goes? Is TPLF controlling ESFNA. deliberately to destroy the unity of Ethiopians?

    Ethiopians need to get rid off the snakes in the grass. Let ESFNA be free off poisons snakes and let it be a gathering and unity of all Ethiopians, and be able to invite and honor Ethiopians like Birtukan that scarify for our mother land Ethiopia.

    Elias, great job! Thank you and please watch your back.

  13. Investigation on

    Writing opinions only will not bring results. Let us take action.
    I will donate $1000.00 for the investigation.

    1, we need to have money. Let us send money to Ethiopian review.
    2. We need to hire a CPA to audit
    3. We need to hire an IRS attorney.
    4. Report them to IRS
    5, We need to find evidence .People can send the evidence to Ethiopian review
    6. We need to elect representative form each state not related to ESFNA.

    Eliase please open an account with your money $100 and post the account no. The first step is money.

    You are the only one fight them in public. We trust you. let us take action.

  14. this organization has problems since its inception so why its diffcult to form our own true one and left them to stay in their own mess!

  15. Amtade on

    Elias U are doing good job !!!! This board must be throw away bc I know what, who and where do comunicate to consultation for whom to be the next guest of ESFINA. Plese Proceed it we lookforward to see your findings. This is the spirit of Bertukan thaught/fight for our liberty and freedom in all TPlF holding sectors/. GOD BLESS YOUR JOB.

  16. Iyasu Barnabas on

    Hi Eli, keep on doing to uncover this so called esfna. Do you know about ‘Geta Zeru’ Member of Ethiopian Olympic Committee? He is the one behind, who is baden/weyane Relativ’s of ‘Enweey G/M’. You may ask those invited retired players from Ethiopia and living there who elected them. Have a nice investigation.

  17. Musse from London on

    Once upon a time, we used to be a nation that never lost its humor even in the mid of a catastrophic situations surrounding us. A country which was known through its “Kine” poetry that has helped people express their agony through dual expressions, a country that had writers who through their love stories exposed the atrocities of the oppressing class charmingly, a nation that was known to solve its differences in open air “shongos”, and nation which came together when the country was under external attacks….. What is left of from this nation’s behavior on its Diaspora generation is alarmingly sad and sad. “If you are not with us you are against us!” mentality has never helped us. It only creates more emotionality and aggressiveness. 80 million people have 80 million brains. So if we label ourselves as defendants of this 80 million, we have to stop to act as if we were the only ones with brains in our head. Start listening to others, start accepting differences, start accepting different opinions. Unless we do that, we don’t know what we talking about…

  18. I was disappointed on what you did in different occasions and also boycotted your site for …..!

    Now adays i am really amazed by your strong and smart move ..! I used to say ” ER” should be down once and for all! Now am saying , I wish we had more ERs! Bravo Elias!!!!

    I Borrowed the word “TUGS” from you!

  19. Birtukan on

    We Ethiopians always make mistakes, that is why TPLF stays on power for so long.

    It is almost pointless to denounce the whole ESFNA when we know this is the work of very few TPLF infiltrators within it. These infiltrators are the once who created the false argument of “we are non-profit organization, so if we invite Birtukan we will be political organization and therefore we will have to pay IRS etc.”

    First of all I dont know how the f one organization would become a political organization just by inviting someone from outside the USA. IT is very laughable! And they being non-profit and now they will be considered profit organization is ALMOST CERTAINLY a blackmail from some TPLF agent amongst them. He/She probably knows something going on within ESFNA and they use that knowledge to blackmail them.

    My point is, we need to find the originators of these blackmails. It is pointless to denoucnce the sheep with the wolf. Obviously there are sheep that have been blackmailed by the above argument. THose are irrelevant people. The more relevant are the blackmailers.

    Let us hope the investigations clears up this fact and we can surgically remove the cancer instead of killing the whole body.

  20. abebaw on

    It is very disappointing when we fail to hold accountable those individuals who organize themselves in our country’s name but do nothing to promote peace, democracy and freedom to majority of its citizens. I happen to attend two seasons of events organized by ESFNA and to my surprise they tried their best to separate themselves from majority of Ethiopians gathered in their event by continuously announcing that the event is free from any political group or activity. I am not sure since when talking about our political, social and economic problems considered as being endorsing one political group vs. the other.
    Let me remind ESFNA if you don’t want to be part of what majority of us want to do for our beloved country drop the name Ethiopia.

  21. Weyew Gud!!!! on

    tO #9 – No body gave them the power. They gave it to themselves. I guess each any everyone one of them bastards need to be investigated or reported. Maybe they can tell us where they are getting their generous gifts from and for what purpose. Non Profit belew motewal. Maybe for Self Profit????

  22. Yineger on

    Thank you DC Michael team for voting yes for Birtukan ! Sebsebe and Ayaya you are ruthless not-worthy sale out people.I hope you don’t have kids I feel sorry for them if you do.You don’t deserve to be Ethiopians. How in the world do you get to sleep at night?Your friends don’t like you and don’t trust you. You should be ashamed of your selves ,you think you own the federation may be? you are owned by the Shake aka Meles. You are losers,you will not deliver this time so get ready to drive the cab again.Guss what ESFNA belongs to the Ethiopian people.You have been getting a free ride,no more.Your master Al-Amudin said “I love EPRDF ,it allowed me to ride Ethiopia like a horse” the sad part is you have been following the horse picking up the left over.You are disgusting pigs.

  23. Anonymous on

    Sebsebe and Ayayate the 2 people responsible for this problem
    if we don`t get those monster out we will have this issue all the time

  24. melat on

    god bless you! We will be on your side and please ask any type of direct assistance inclduing finacial and others to bring these esfna gangesters to justice! let ethiopians come together in NA once and for all to clean out the ESFNA from corrupted and criminal memebers of tplf and its trojan elements!

    Keep up the great job elias and god continue to bless you!

  25. Anonymous on

    Elias, I am at a loss for words to thank you for your hard work. This report is long over due. It is disappointing that the non-TPLF members of ESFNA didn’t come out forward to expose the people who have been peeing on Ethiopian people and telling them it is raining. It is unfortunate that, even Ethiopians who live outside of Ethiopia are being used, controlled and intimidated by Melese, and the dictator number one supporter multibillionaire Almoudi. After 2005 election, the non-Woyane Ethiopians should have distanced themselves from Almoudi that has given a blind eye to the tortures and murders of hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians, and his own fellow Muslims in Somalia. What a great shame indeed and disheartening that TPLF greed and corruptions have also gotten a hold of even the non political Ethiopian association outside of Ethiopia!!!

  26. yoman on

    The real owners of ESFNA & their representative board members should wake up & free ESFNA from Weyane & Alamudi gang.
    If the players boycott, the gangs have no choice but leave ESFNA on hands of the players & their representatives.

    By rejecting Brtukan, by making once sacrifice for people & country not an honorable deed they dig their deep grave. We shouldn’t stop until ESFNA is real Ethiopian institute.

    Thak you Elias for persuing this issue. Weyanne any were is weyane & ati-Ethiopian!

  27. ewnetu on

    If we had few people like Elias with a gut, we would have made a big difference in our struggle against the hated woyane. There are several Ethiopian lawyers who can file charges against those woyane loyalists who victimized or are still victimizing the Ethiopian people. For example, the former deputy prime minister tamarat layne who claim to have discovered Jesus Christ in prison wanders around freely hiding behind his new found faith and no body tried to hold him accountable for all misdeeds he committed against Ethiopian people. shame on us. Woyane is riding on the back of the Ethiopian people because we have not had leaders with a back bone like Elias.

  28. Ambasel on

    Great job Eliase, yu are one of the best sons of Ethiopia currently investing all your time, enegy and money for the better future of Ethiopia. You are a man of practice not rehetoric. I adore you.

    Now it is the time for politicians and legally professional country men/womwn to bring these illiterated veteran footballers to justice. You had done all what you could to bring these horrible crime to light so that the people could take the following leagal action.

    Eliase Great please keep up this noble job for ever.


  29. shibabaw on

    Now you are with 95% of Ehiopians in the diaspora. You are speaking behalf of those 95 % ethiopians interest. Bertukan is leading ethiopian poletics to the dangerous dirction than Al mudi.If invititing Al mudi as a gust or accepting his donation/bribe/ is not violation of ESFNA’s law, how could inviting Bertukan be a violation? It is true that this huge and uncontrold money of dispora made the mafia groups blind not to see the reality on the ground. We wiil continue to fight them.

    Thanks Elias! Berta! kante gar nen!!

  30. Ttulu on

    Why not report these thugs to the IRS, the State AG Office where ESFNA was registered, and Office of the DA where ESFNA’s head office is located. There has to be accountability, transparency, and officers of a non-profit enteties should submit to the majority of ESFNA’s patrons, we Ethiopians in US.

  31. Where is ESFNA's board? on

    … “Since ESFNA prides itself to be a democratic organization and there was a nomination on the floor, a vote was taken and Judge Birtukan’s nomination narrowly passed.”

    “… some senior Board of Directors implored and urged the Board to review the decision. After another round of heated and emotional discussion, the Board of Directors who supported the nomination withdrew their support.”

    As an organization operating in the name of we the citzens, we demand for the immediate release of the alleged second meeting and the result of the revoting (if at all possible). What does the bylaws indicate procedures to reverse decisions? We can’t simply accept three to four paragraphs of vague statements.

  32. Bravo Elias for a great work. I am sure the gang will say that they will sue you but the truth and we are with u to the end.

  33. Elias,

    Exposing these thugs is an excellent move. We also have to make sure ESFNA will not be dismantled as to what happened to kinijit. If that happens then TPLF would be a winner. Most of time we are good at exposing the wrongs but we don’t know how to eliminate the evil from an organization an build to malke it efficient and transparent. Take caution. Do not allow our emotion take over and let woyane win. We need to identify the genuine Ethiopian among the board members and push them to take over.

  34. Wedefit on

    Is it not possible to organize a different nonprofit organization? One that is transparent created by the people and for the people with no strings attached. Why are we even bothering? If it did not work for the last quarter a century, I don’t believe it would now. Just move on!! Are the soccer players bound to just play under ESFNA?

  35. Anonymous on

    If non-profit and tax-exempt ESFNA is found fraudulent for mismanaging finances then the consequence would be dire. At the same time, if the organization is taken to court it might spend the money on expensive attorneys following Al-Amoudi – DLA-Piper path or the asset might be robbed. This has become all too familiar game. The preliminary foray by Ethiopian Review is right on the mark and highly commendable. ESFNA must be sued in American court and the corrupt people fired.

  36. Wakyo on

    Elias you are simply Ethiopias pearl to say the least,believe me we are all with you in this case and bring it to the end by taking these sell outs to where they belong before they bring a damage to this organization ,time to say enough is enough for these collection of hodams and
    God bless you Elias

  37. Shaebia on

    The Weyane Tujar might have flooded ESFNA but can’t drown it with his dirty money. I truly feel for you. This wouldn’t have happened in Europe. Period!
    US is a country run & manipulated by those who have the money while the have-not-s cannot afford the lawyer’s fee, the haves usually have the last laugh. Here in Europe, you get free legal help, even, the MPs get it.
    There is no Need hiring a lawyer in US as most American lawyer can easily be bribed by the highest bidder(I.e. By the teen-age chaser, tujar Al-moudi- dirty old man) what can you lot do is organise as community and never underestimate the power of your unity. If you can’t do that and rather rely on lawyers to do the jobs, then you are depending on the power of money just like the Almoudi thugs. It’s gonna be like two elephants fighting and only the grass end up hurting. The lawyers will always win(always get their cut) & the Tujar has unlimited resource but the people end up skint in the pocket. Best thing is to support this website and their moderators speaking for the vast majority of Ethiopian people & involving everyone(including weyane & their thugs). Keep yourselvrs strengthened first before feeding your money to the blood sucking lawyers.
    Organise the people, Inform them, Unite, take actions and victory will be yours.
    Unless you do that, Weyane & it’s thugs will have easy rides. Ayayas, Sebsebes & the Arawits are not well educated and cannot hold a job that pays well so you have to take it for granted that there are gonna be some more hodams who will sell their souls & conscious for some monetary gains. You lot should carry the critical mass, whose actions can stun not only those hired thugs but the Weyane Tujar himself.
    God help you in your struggle for justice.

  38. bliss on

    Such letter must have prove of documents before reporting to FBI. FBI will not do anything before any prove.

    ESFNA will not be changed how could it? It was formed by Ethiopia Diaspora’s name and will always stay the same. The money donated is from Ethiopians in the Diaspora. Because now, Al Amoudi donated, they are trying to own it and turning it into Weyane’s. Why did ESFNA accept the donation from Al Amoudi? What it needs to be done is the groups in the committee should obey the policy set by Ethiopians in the Diaspor and should stay that way. Any one changing that policy should be voted out by the members of Ethiopian Diaspora.

  39. WETMED on

    We have this problem in europe and most of where Ethiopian comunity organaized.we can fight this problem only if we use the method of ELIAS. WRDET LE WEYANE BUCHLOCH !!!!!

  40. Ethiopia on

    Thank you Elias you did a good job. We will suupport you financialy open an account as soon as possible. Please ” Enezehen jiboch” kill them. Al amoudi I wish you are dead.

  41. leba yetfu on

    FBI IRS let’s have every investigator on board. corruption of this proportion is unacceptable. one looks like minutes away from a heart attack. ugly hodamoch.

  42. Yineger on

    Is it my eye or are Abenet and Al- amudin looks alike? The face, the stomach looks like a big truck’s gas tank .

  43. debela on

    Let us clean house

    1-Gonder Meredaja Drgt stripped out of its cash by a member.
    2-One of the former qnjit leader dissolved the cash given by its members.
    3-Another opposition organization its accountant put every cent it made and put the money in its own private account. the so called accounatnt was buying from items in the grocery stores up to a house.
    4-These are the tips of the ice berg. Elias if we clean our house let us clean it from all maggots and dirts that has have happen for a long time. These buffons should be investigated and lets get to the bottom of it. Now a days it is becoming an embarasement to belong to any Ethiopian opposition organization. That is why tegadalite has a field day.

  44. Tagel on

    let us stand along with Elias .That is how we can really challenge woyane.Let us show them how aggressive we are in fighting woyane and his merceneries who took refuge in ESFNA and elsewhere in church and Ethiopian communities.

  45. Geremew Isaatuu on

    I had read the first proposal of the formation of this organization. The formed organization totally lost its goals and visions. What a failure. The image of the organization and its internal activities do not match at all. Sorry for Addis Ababa Gangs. The Markato gangsters are invading American lucrative none profitable market for their personal benefits. Corruption and corruption and corruption an Ethiopian style. I want to hear something from Professor Getachew who has been a key personality in the promotion of the organization. Say something DR. Getachew from Minnesota.

  46. I believe let who ever formed the organization carry out vote of confidence before next game. If that is not possible, at the end of the game let participants set as their goal to do this and restracture ESFNA.

  47. There is nothing apolitical in the guest of honors of ESFNA in the past. I don’t even consider now in an Ethiopian context there is a person who is apolitical, whether acceptingly or not, and if there is, he/she is in denial or is not a properly functioning adult. Rather, ESFNA might not have allowed to give a platform for its past guest of honors to their liking to politicize, which can still be argued about. In my opinion if ESFNA move to invite Birtukan, to participate not to politicize, then the organization admonition humanity, which would bound the organization to higher grounds, rather than the hole it is now bounding itself into -by uninviting Birtukan.

  48. Shaebia on

    Just like the 16th century English king Henry VIII, Abnet looked doomed to die of nothing but exessive food and glutony. He looks bursting. He even got his cockrel-like ‘KULKUT’ hanging down his chin weighing down on him. With all his bodyguards around him, he shouldn’t worry about the general public……. his own medicine of excessive food and drink will saffocate him to death.
    This hodam is fast catching up with his sale-by-date label on him.

  49. Reported to IRS 6/28 on

    June 1st, 2008 | | 29 Comments

    A watchdog group has been formed to investigate corruption inside the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA). According to the group, which calls itself ‘ESFNA Watch’, board members of ESFNA are accused of under reporting earnings, exaggerating deductions and exemptions, and participating in questionable tax shelters. For details, click the groups web site,

    The person who started watchdog disappeared after he received treating phone call from ESFNA group. He had reported them to IRS and FBI in June 2008. The letter you send will open up another chance for FBI.

  50. refused to disclose on

    ESFNA has refused to disclose its annual returns to the public despite
    the United States Internal Revenue Code. Visit

    In the Name of Bringing Ethiopians Together .

    The United States Internal Revenue Code, CITE: 26USC6104 states the

    “Tax-exempt organizations must make available for public inspection
    their annual returns (Form 990) and applications for exemption (Form
    1023), and must provide copies of such returns and applications to
    individuals who request them. Copies usually must be provided immediately in
    the case of in-person requests, and within 30 days in the case of
    written requests.”
    Despite several requests, despite the United States Internal Revenue
    Code, The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America officials
    intentionally refused to disclose ESFNA’s annual returns to the public. If
    the federation officials did not have any thing to hide from the public,
    why did they refuse to disclose ESFNAs annual returns to the public?

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