Ethiopians in Seattle dispersed a Woyanne meeting

Brave Ethiopians in Seattle have dispersed a meeting called by Woyanne cadres Friday afternoon.

Woyanne Minister of Youth and Sports Aster Mamo and two other ruling party officials were scheduled to speak at public meeting.

After chasing away the Woyannes, the Ethiopian activists held a meeting to discuss plans for the upcoming 5th anniversary of Ethiopian election massacre remembrance events.

The activists have also formed a Seattle anti-Woyanne coalition that is composed of all Ethiopian groups, including Ginbot 7, UDJ, OLF, and civic groups.

23 thoughts on “Ethiopians in Seattle dispersed a Woyanne meeting

  1. amtade on

    Breave Ethiopian! Not only from there, we should do the same everywhere. This is the time to be aggresively move forward.

  2. Ethiopie on

    Good job Seattle.Eyugn eyugn yale woyane hulu medebekia yatal… in the very near future…

  3. Yineger on

    This is what we need to do all over the world.Make them suspicious of their own shadow.Go Seattle.

  4. Zabarga on

    Thanks a lot Elias! The background and behind the scene task of networking and forming solid unity of action at the grass roots as well as motivating and coordinating action lines is an excellent and winning trend.

    This is also what is called thinking outside the box as well as alliance within the natural diversity that forms the basis of all reactivities. Programming,sustainability and action is the essence which can slowly but surely lead to the sure victory and justice for all.

    “Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.” ~Martin Luther King

  5. Zemedhun on

    May this courageous actions by Ethiopians worldwide bare fruit and bring those Woyanes to justice . Woyane can ride but can not hide!!

  6. jibbo on

    Listen,boy woudn’t be nice to fellow Ethiopian,are you redy for war with me
    you push me to the maximum,budy

  7. Anonymous on

    good job Seattle. We need to do this everywhere. let’s chase them away back to dedebit.

  8. bliss on

    … TPLF is infiltrating good Ethiopian communities and raising havoc in their life are now systematically influencing American officials against the law abiding Ethiopian Diaspora. This is dangerous that is why, every Ethiopians all over the world need to do like these brave Seattle activists to organize against Weyane’s influence in America. Still these good activists can be infiltrated too that is why like ER investigators, there should be experts to oust these spies that are ruining Ethiopian communities and endangering them in America. […]

  9. The one and only factor that helped weyane to cling in power and and prolong the mysery of Ethiopians is the party bitterness and fraction of the past among differing groups.This helped weyane in two ways.One,it used the existing weakness as a weapon to further divide the oppostion.Second,in the absence of unified national oppostion the west was reluctant to lend support to the oppostion.
    Fortunately, for the people the above condition does not exist any more.Now that hurdle is out of the way since OLF’s announcement to join hands with the rest Ethiopians to liberate the country.

    We must strengthen our bond and direct the energy of the people to wards action oriented struggle and isolate theregime from its financial backers.In the mean time we need to keep an oppen eye on the main tplf menace-that is ward off its infiltration.

  10. Lemlem on

    Now that the dictator has robbed 99.6% of the Ethiopian voices with the huge funds and background direct and indirect logistical supports of some of the so called external dictator pampers, forming his own personal one man parliament as well as his own personal one man dictatorial executive branch, any one can say that one man rule authoritarianism is effectively imposed on 80 million Ethiopians.

    Now the internal Ethiopian situation is absolutely in the absolute hands of a single dictator for life and meant for the exclusive purpose of serving himself and few of his domestic and foreign supporters while 80 million wretched Ethiopians keep starving and facing slow deaths without voices and without justice.

    Since absolute domination of the wretched 80 million is made possible domestically, now the dictator’s attention and next program of action is directed against the diaspora Ethiopians to be infiltrated, divided, destroyed and brought to line on their knees in order to be in par with the domestic impoverished voiceless Ethiopians.

    Then and only then, the dictator’s blood thirsty authoritarian absolute rule mission may come to consolidate,he thinks.

    The diaspora is a nightmare and a huge challenge to the absolutist authoritarian dictator bent on retailing and soon selling all of Ethiopian agricultural lands, as well as scarce natural resource sites and occurrences to foreign patrons who deposit billion in his account.

    The diaspora needs to unite and network between themselves as well as with all humanitarian organizations world wide in order to challenge this program of direct and indirect infiltration and sabotages.

  11. FOR REAL on

    I lived in Seattle all my life and married to Ethiopian woman and have spent plenty of time in Addis. I’m also a regular reader of Ethiopian news sites, I thank some of u maybe breathing to much into this, American authorties and the average American donot know who the hell Meles Zenawi is or his Woyanes cronies, let alone the TPLF, I doubt if Ethiopians even make up less than 1% of America’s population. Ethiopians in Seattle and else where, live in African American communities, even though many have a mental divide as a result of language and culture differences. This article has no real significance one way or the other, in Seattle, u would have to be Ethiopian to even know this even occured.

  12. Proud of you Seattle! on

    Let me takeaway what a few looser Woyanes said to tyrant Meles at Columbia University and give it back to deserving Ethiopian patriots in Seattle:
    “We are proud of you! You are doing a good job! Keep up the good job! Good job! Good job!”

  13. Habeshaw on

    I think Woyane is 10 fold better than any political party in Ethiopia and abroad. Unlike others like feeble Ginbot 6 and Arbagnoch, it has strong muscle that built for itself. It at least brought relative justice, peace and equality to Ethiopia. The ugly diaspora always fails to see the reality on the ground in Ethiopia. Go back to Ethiopia and see how it is changing by day. Long live Woyane! Long live EPRDF! Long life the new Ethiopia!

  14. ginbot on

    If we’re fighting for freedom, we need to respect others freedom as well. Aren’t we supposed to give freedom of speech to wayane then.

  15. Amoraw on

    Some thing is fishy!!!.

    Who let the woyane’s, rent the Ethiopian community center, that just was enagurated????!!!.

    Ethiopians in Seattle, should be aware of that there are only few who are responsible, and need say enough is enough!!!. some HODAMS are getting getting brave!!.

    I think it is really important to pay attention to Zewge Fanta’s writings, I know he is a very open minded man and one of a great Seattelites who are exposing woyane Rats. Please read

    The other thing to note is that woyane, with the help of his servants within the Ethiopian community in Seattle is trying to devide the community by doing some thing like this right from the get go. Ethiopians in Seattle just bought this center. So the woyanes are trying to make the community weak. The community has been weeken for a long time!!. Now Ethiopians just starting to do some thing about it.

    Ethiopians in Seattle, please get to the bottom of this!!, who let the woyanes rent this center??. Some is either very childish/imatured or some one is real HODAM (kebt!!!).

    Some of you are fighting woyane hand to hand (I like your bravery!!), but I am afraid you luck the means, insight and orgnaizational capabilities. I see alot of short sightness in you. Do not kill your time for some thing minor. Focus on woyane only!!. Remember, Woyane only!!!.

    Every thing will clear up!!, just if you clean up the dirt, woyane!!.


  16. Anonymous on

    Sorry for #19 Habeshaw….who is saying TPLF/WOYANE is better and stronger than other opposition parties like G7, Arbegnoch, OLF….?My bro/sis what is ur parametrs?can u show us? Please don’t be mix things or cnfiused yourself or hide realities. Open ur eyes and mind to see other ETHIOPIAN’S life, how they are living, Ur relatves and others economic life gaps. As u said ofcourse u have more money which exploited from us and u have weapon ,but u DON’T HAVE PEOPLE THE MOST POWERFUL FOR EVRYTHING. Are u/tplf realy changing every night in the country?Ok let we look closely ur changes not by yours ,but with our parameters- WHERE ARE THE BASIC HUMAN AND DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS,RULE OF LAW, PRESS FREEDOM…I’m giving u ZERO points 4all. SO WE PREFER THOSE OPPOSITIONS TO SUPPORT TO BRING BACK OUR RIGHTS TOGETHER WITH ALL MEANAS LIKE SIATLERS. GO ON FREEDOM FIGHTERS I AM APPRICIATE IT!!!!!!!

  17. spoiled eggs on

    well done. the same action must be taken everywhere. We should not allow any beggars’ minister to come and have a meeting with any narrow minded and hodam ppl. they are genociders.

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