Grace, Azeb stark similarities

Ethiopia’s mother of corruption Azeb Mesfin has found her match in Grace Mugabe, the wife of Zimbabwe’s dictator. The similarities between these two witches is amazing. Like Grace, Azeb is forming business partnerships left and right. Like Grace, Azeb is a whore. Read the article below about Grace Mugabe and judge for yourself.

Mugabe’s wife has affair with his best friend


When President Robert Mugabe’s younger sister, Sabina, died in Harare after a short illness, pictures showed the 86-year-old president looking devastated at her funeral.

According to one of Mugabe’s most trusted bodyguards who was present at the time, Sabina Mugabe, 75, warned her brother before she died that he was being betrayed by two of the most important people in his personal and political life: his wife and his personal banker, a pivotal member of his regime.

Sabina told the president that Grace and Gideon Gono, the powerful head of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Mugabe’s confidant, were secret lovers.

Grace, 41 years Mugabe’s junior, has taken lovers before. One lover, Peter Pamire, died in a mysterious car accident. James Makamba, one of Zimbabwe’s richest businessmen and a top-ranking Zanu-PF official, enjoyed her favours but their affair ended in tears, too, when a furious and sexually jealous Mugabe ran him out of town in fear of his life.

But never before has Grace been romantically involved with a politician in Mugabe’s inner circle. And never before has a man so close to the president risked allowing it to happen.

The dangers from discovery are high. Zimbabwe state intelligence officials made it known that Mugabe’s detection of the affair had already led to the murder of the bodyguard present at Sabina’s bedside and more trouble would almost certainly follow.

“Once he hears something like that, I think someone will go and meet God,” said one intelligence official.

A pillar of the regime who Mugabe personally appointed in 2003 to head the central bank, Gono was a person he absolutely trusted ; furthermore, he was a family friend. The two have known each other since 1995 when Mugabe appointed Gono, then chief executive of a major Harare commercial bank, to be his personal banker.

“Mugabe trusted Gono. He even thought our boss was taking care of the first lady keeping a protective eye on her so that she could not again be adulterous,” said one senior official in Gono’s office who became aware of their secret affair, and who spoke out about it for the first time last month, on condition of anonymity.

Another in Gono’s entourage said Gono and Grace, who are business partners in several enterprises in Zimbabwe and South Africa, had been planning a life together after Mugabe’s death.

Mugabe’s marriage to Grace is itself founded on an adulterous relationship which shocked many Zimbabweans at the time. Grace was working as a junior secretary in the typing pool in Mugabe’s office and married to an air force officer when the two began having an affair. They had two children while Mugabe’s first wife, Sally – who was universally popular – battled a terminal kidney disease. After her death in 1996, Mugabe wed Grace, who is widely loathed and notorious for her lavish shopping sprees.

The Gono source said Grace and Gono first became romantically involved in 2005 and had seen each other regularly since. When they could not find an excuse to meet in South Africa or further abroad, they met at Gushungu Dairy Estate, Grace’s 1000ha farm about an hour from Harare.

They met twice, sometimes three times, a month.

They also met at the Harare home of a woman friend and business associate of Grace who is a Zanu-PF stalwart. They exchanged e-mails, which one official privy to them described as “explicit”.

He said Mugabe had always naively accepted as true Grace’s story that she and Gono are related. They are not, although both come from the town of Chivhu, 200km south of Harare.

The enormity of Gono’s betrayal would have come as a devastating emotional shock to Mugabe when Sabina revealed it to him.

Mugabe went to visit his sister between 6pm and 7pm on July 26 in the intensive care ward at the Avenues Clinic in Harare. As he sat on her bed with senior police commissioner Cain Chademana, his most trusted bodyguard, at his side, she told him the truth.

Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) officials said Chademana told them of the discussion afterwards and said that the president left the meeting devastated.

“At first, Mugabe did not want to believe it was true, but Sabina told him to ask his men about the affair and make up his own mind,” said the officials, quoting what Chademana had told them.

“It was maddening because Mugabe had encouraged their friendship and sometimes asked Grace to see Gono to discuss mutual business matters.”

In early August, a few days after Sabina’s funeral, Mugabe and Grace left together for China on an official visit.

Mugabe took his sister’s advice when he returned to Harare later in August, the state intelligence officials said .

He summoned his bodyguard, Chademana, to tell him exactly what had been going on. Like others in the state security services close to the Mugabes, Chademana had had good reason to believe Grace and Gono were having an affair even before Sabina revealed it in his presence, but had thought it wisest to keep quiet about it.

When Mugabe summoned him in August, “Chademana admitted that he knew something was going on which he had not said before”, said the state security officials.

“Mugabe is said to have gone very silent.”

It was a fatal admission. A matter of days later, at the end of August, Chademana mysteriously died. State security officials handed over his body to his son, Welcome, for burial. No autopsy was performed. The dead police officer was a decorated veteran of Zimbabwe’s liberation war in the 1970s. He had served as Mugabe’s aide de camp for many years and officials in the president’s office let it be known that Mugabe was deeply shocked.

“It will be difficult for us to come to terms with this sad reality,” said Albert Ngulube, the department’s assistant director in a speech at Chademana’s funeral.

“We are not a murderous organisation but peace-loving Zimbabweans who are determined to protect our country.”

His remarks stopped further speculation of foul play arising from the bodyguard’s sudden demise.

But CIO sources last week revealed that Chademana was poisoned under Mugabe’s instructions by Mugabe’s intelligence men, allegedly employing an undetectable poison. The instructions were carried out after Mugabe had briefed Happyton Bonyongwe, the director general of the CIO.

It was a desperate measure to keep Grace’s affair with Gono from leaking out and making a mockery of the ageing president.

“Mugabe wanted it hushed up at all costs,” said a security official. “Gono is his personal banker, knows Mugabe’s financial secrets and is trusted. And there he is betraying the old man by having an affair with his wife.

“It would be too humiliating and could not be allowed to stand. In addition, Mugabe concluded that Chademana was the source of humiliating leaks about the president’s deteriorating health.”

Mugabe hopes the embarrassing secret of his wife’s infidelity with one of his right-hand men is safely buried with the body of the hapless Chademana in the Warren Hills cemetery outside Harare.

The reserve bank governor’s betrayal presents Mugabe with a dilemma. Throughout most of the last decade of political turmoil and economic meltdown Gono was central to Mugabe’s survival in power.

As the controller of the state coffers, he wielded enormous influence and patronage essentially saving Mugabe’s presidency by finding ways to keep the money flowing when the value of the Zimbabwe dollar had collapsed through hyperinflation.

By dipping into the coffers to fund all Zanu-PF projects, seeing the army generals and the security services were paid and bankrolling the party’s 2008 terror campaign to get Mugabe re-elected, Gono made himself indispensable.

After the reaching of a power-sharing agreement last year when Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai joined a coalition with Mugabe, Gono lost some of his power. But he still remains vitally important to Mugabe and the key figures in his regime and cannot be easily got rid of.

As Mugabe’s personal banker Gono, 50, manages the president’s vast family fortune looted from the country which Mugabe and Grace have stashed away in an opaque network of overseas bank accounts, business ventures and properties, many in the Far East. He also looks after the financial interests of General Constantine Chiwenga, the armed forces chief and others who surround Mugabe at the top and have enriched themselves through their positions.

A measure of Gono’s importance is that Mugabe unilaterally reappointed him to his post last year against considerable opposition from Tsvangirai and, clearly feeling his departure would be highly damaging, he has ever since resisted all demands to dismiss him.

Meanwhile, it looks as if Chademana’s killing could backfire. There are rumblings of discontent within the state intelligence agency where officers, already demoralised by low pay and the killing of Chademana, are talking. Last week several came forward with more revelations which showed the depth of Gono’s betrayal.

One who worked in Gono’s office said he first became aware of his boss’s affair with Grace several years ago when he accompanied him to Malaysia on official business.

During the visit Gono, who had been booked into the Sheraton hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the capital, quickly disappeared to the Berjaya Langkawi beach and spa resort on the island of Langkawi to see her.

The source said that he and his colleagues thought nothing of it until they came to settle Gono and Grace’s hotel bill for the stay and found they were paying for a double room.

Asked how he reacted he said: “In our job we never trust anyone. Even those we are working with we don’t trust. We saw and kept quiet. It is very sensitive.”

At the end of last year, he said, the couple had shared a room at the Cape Grace hotel in Cape Town. Another of Mugabe’s right-hand men, the former Air Vice-Marshal Robert Mhlanga – a key figure in the controversial exploitation of Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond field which is so rich it could make Zimbabwe the world’s top diamond producer – was also said to be aware of Grace’s affair with Gono but kept silent.

Mhlanga has hosted the couple at his Johannesburg house on several occasions during their so-called business trips to South Africa.

“Ask me for another trip like that!” Grace said to Gono afterwards in one e-mail message seen by the official.

More incriminating claims came from the workers at Gushungu, Grace’s dairy farm, an hour’s drive from Harare.

The couple pass off their frequent visits to the farm as business and make a point of arriving and leaving separately.

“At first I did not think anything was going on between them outside business because each time Gono came he bought money with him for the farmworkers,” said one.

“But later on I started suspecting that something was going on each time we visited the house after they had gone.

“No one was allowed inside while they were there. After they left we went back inside. At once it was clear the bedroom had been used for their meeting even though the first lady’s bodyguards had tidied up. They had remade the bed but we could see the sheets had been used. And we noticed the perfume in the bedroom.”

Asked if it surprised him that Gono and Grace were using the farm for an affair, one worker said: “I am not surprised by it. Some others might be. But those who worked at the farm and particularly those who worked in the house will not be astonished.

“It was only going to be a matter of time before someone said it for us. We could not say it ourselves because of fear.”

42 thoughts on “Grace, Azeb stark similarities

  1. Kitkit on

    By any measure, there is nothing like of ours, Madamcrime Azeb Godla Mesfin. It is a wild, wild thing; in the wild, she knew of anything of being decent or lawful; she was just that wild of her being that is reflected in every thing and anything she does.

  2. Back in those days, her friends used to call Azeb “YEDEDEBIT AHEYA”. What it means is clear.

  3. mengesha on

    Elias, you must be out of your mind. This is way below the belt. How can a self aclaimed “journalist” write stating the first lady is a “whore”.You are despicable. Shame on you and your die hard followers.

  4. Kebede on

    The firstwhore Azeb Golla made an order to murder her driver, who allegedly had an affair with her last year.

  5. Lameak on

    Yes.I have thinking for long time ago back after this topic.She look like a whore and she speak as “Eayne Awta Ye Beherawi Teater dogs”
    WeYe Ethiopia.
    Eategh Tiyutu,Nigst Zewditu,Eatege Menen and W/ro Webnesh were great mothers for their family and for the children of all Ethiopians.

    But she?We don’t know really from where she came and to where she will land right now.

    I wondering just right now also who killing to Meles Zenawi personal bodygueard Col Samiul G.Mariam in Aduwa town.Who is the killer of Kinfe G.Medhin and Prof Kinfe Abraha?
    Where is now to answer mr Halafi Mengedi here.

  6. Tesfa on

    Another unbecoming article, let us keep the name calling out of discussions. We don’t need the name calling, it will not feed the hungry stomachs or return dignity to the poor of Ethiopia.


  7. Dear Editor,

    I am sure you didn’t decide to down size this popular website. The article in general and the “whore” in particular are, I think, below the standard of this website. We have a lot to learn from your webste. I found the article cheap and less purposeful. Why don’t you dig inside and inform us about her (Azeb’s) daily life, corruption?

  8. spoiled eggs on

    Azeb golla is a wild woman who came from sudan to dedebit to join her criminal Pm Melese naziyawi.It is a grave mistake to compare MR Mugabe with foreign agent meles and Mr Mugabe’s wife with meles’s wild wife who is acting wildly from day one untill this time.The westren countries were against mugabe because he was attacking their national interest by distributing the land to the land tillers. That why westreners were shouting against Mugabe. Do you think mugabe, ahmedenajef of Iran are more dictators tham meles naziawi and husein mubarek of egypt? Not at all. The westren countries stand is totally clear from now on. they are using the words like ” democracy, human rights , dictator and so on” to stabilize those countries who refused to be their puppets. So to comapre well educated mugabe’s wife with this ignorant azeb who acts wildly everywhere is immorale.

  9. Anonymous on

    Elias and Almariam
    How a shameless people you are. For one thing the tite and the content are two different. There is nothing to associate this story with Azeb. Shemoch

  10. Azeb is a Whore on

    Azeb Gola was a common prostitute in Khartoum Sudan before she joined TPLF out of desperation. Every Sudanese who sexed her for 2shillings a hit will testify to this.

    When she joined TPLF she became a famous whore used by so many of the Tegadelti. Finally, a guy named Kinfe Gebre Medhin made her pergnant and she has a Son with him. This son was lucky because he was not aborted.

    Meles Zenawi then took her from Kinfe but Kinfe was a bit resentful. So Zenawi waited his time and killed Kinfe GebreMedhin.

    This is a short summary of the whore’s biography.

  11. Observer on

    Elias , do you have any substantial
    information as to Azeb being a whore?
    or are you just speculating. we know about her big business dealings but this one is a little bit not supported.
    anyway good job keep exposing but try to support your claim with evidence whenever possible so all the other investigative reports you do will not be discredited.

  12. Add to that YaVaughnie Wilkins the spurned-turned-ultra-vindictive character of Charles Philips & YaVaughnie Wilkins story. Mugabe’s total of six university degrees neither helped his country nor steered him clear from bad women land mines. Just another aspect of vanity in the old age. Robert Mugabe should ask his in house friend Mengistu for advise on this issue as well.

  13. Although Robert Mugabe has admirably stood his ground in dealing with the West, the fact that he gave safe heaven to Mengistu, the man who destroyed Ethiopia, makes him an outright villain as far as we Ethiopians are concerned.

    Day of the Crocodile

  14. Habtu on


    This proves how much you can go way out of Journalistic ethics by calling Azeb a “whore”. Come back to the basics of Journalism,

  15. Ewnet on

    The analogy is supberb considering Azeb’s dispositions that the world has come to learn these days. The lady is notorious, and we may hear more strange things about her because as the Bible says, “pride comes before fall!”

    However, the original article was written by white racist to reduce and humiliate a black nationalist, Mugabe. Therefore, you are, so unwittingly, spreading a white propaganda set out to diminish a national figure on the African continent. Mugabe may have his own weakness and ills, but he has taught white lessons after lessons. The price paid for that lesson is high but the goal is achieved.

  16. Selamawi on

    You are definately sick and you need help.
    I wouldn’t criticize you for not behaving like a professional journalist,because you are not.
    What happened to the human conscience and ethics.I don’t think the average person(even the little ones)on the streets of Addis use that kind of profanity against our sisters simply because its not Habesha culture. But a grown man like you choose to stick to name callings and defamation which I believe don’t help the struggle(if there is any) to move even an inch forward. Calling the first lady ‘a whore’ is not only despicable but also unforgivable.
    Please stick to the issues that people really care about.

  17. Truth on

    Didn’t we hear that the father of Azeb’s first live child murdered too, in mysterious ways?

  18. Anonymous on

    People also say one of the guards, an oromo origin, is also the second husband while meles is toiling to scribble abyotawi democracy….hahaha

  19. Chuna on

    Running a widely read webpage, i don’t understand why you are hail bent on discrediting yourself. Elias, this is anew low even by your standard.

  20. All of TPLF leadership are prostitutes. Meles, Seyum, Arkebe, Abbay etc are prostitutes. Brehane G.K. when he was ambassador in Washington DC was sleeping with Selome Tadese while he was married to his former wife. When Brehane was sued by his wife, she was paid 4 million dollars from Ethiopian money to settle the case.

  21. wondu on

    Well, once a whore is always a whore. I did her when I was in Khartoum for free. She is definetely a whore.
    But I believe the Geace story is a make belief story probably written by the western devils who will do anything to dis”Grace” President Mugabe.

  22. Ittu Aba Farda on

    You will be flabbergasted if you can see firsthand how these so-called Africa’s First Ladies splurge themselves in shopping when they travel overseas. I happened to be in one of the Far Eastern cities were when Grace Gucci was there on one her shopping trips. She and her entourage were staying at the Shangri-La Hotel not too far from Nathan Road in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon, Hong Kong. I was staying at a hotel not too far from Shangri-La Hotel. I never expected a wife of an African leader to be in that city for shopping or even on leisure. What hear a lot is that such people prefer to go to Europe or USA for such a trip. One day, while we I was window shopping on Nathan Road (This road is like the Magnificent Mile of Chicago) and Mody Road, I heard this commotion from the direction of that luxurious hotel. Then a passer-by who just came out of the hotel told me in broken English that ‘Africa hit a man’. Then I got into one of the jewelry shops to buy a gift to my wife. The sales lady at the store asked me where I was originally from and told her that I was born in Ethiopia. Then she told me that the wife of Zimbabwe’s president just beat up a journalist from England after he took her picture at the hotel lobby. And this same sales person told me depressing news that the jewelry shop is owned by a member of the Tanzanian diplomatic mission. I felt like I was hit in the stomach with a Sunday punch. I think Hong Kong police decided not press charges against this rowdy first lady and her violent bodyguards for fear of not starting an international incidence. I guess the poor journalist was just told to leak his wounds and move on. Since then I came to understand that Far Eastern cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore are the new shopping destinations for some of these so-called first ladies of Africa. I think European and US cities are too crowded for them with the Diasporas from their countries. It is nauseating to see when the average people in their countries are lucky to eat once a day when these frog-faced ladies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on shopping spree. But they are not caring people like you and me. They get pleasure out others miseries. May be during my extended stay in Hong Kong and Singapore I will bump into our own first ladies. Since the sales lady told me who owns the jewelry shop, I have started asking who owns any such shops before I buy. I think Mr. Elias should send one of his journalists to Asia when our first lady travels to Seoul with her mongoose-faced husband just to report where she will go shopping. You will be amazed how these African First Ladies splurge when they travel overseas.

  23. This website has degenarated into an abyss of medicority. The thing is the editor is proving himself to be a low life looser with an uncultured upbringing. He might have seen a lot of “whorring” in his young life as he was growing up in “Talian Sefer” or “wubie Bereha” in one of the “sira bet” tokuls.

    Shame for him and his admirers

  24. Kitkit on

    We don’t know wheather Azeb Gola Mesfin,the robber herself and the wife of a super robber,Zinawi is able to count properly to a million count;but we know that she has accumelated immense wealth and money looted from Ethiopia and Ethiopians.This well known robber does neither have a style or personality;she is dry in her heart and eyes,she can not feel anything humanity,she can neither cook or bake,she is sick to everything of her;therefore,she should be locked in a mental institution not to rehabilitate,to rot and leave this world of humangeings for ever.

  25. Hagos on

    It is idiotc to attempt protecting Azeb who has killed and possibly eaten the flesh of many kids. Azeb is a killer and she should be demonized more!

    Wedi Hagos

  26. Mekbib on

    Thank you for all the work you do. Your website is one that does not trade the truth for fake civility. You are one of the few reliable news sources of any relevant or significant level.

    To #3 (mengesha) and all those others who call Azeb Godolo the “First Lady”: That term is reserved for the wife of the President (head of state. Get that straight.

  27. Adane on

    Grace and Azeb shhould not surprise us by going out with men other than their husbands. There are many other wives of leaders who do the same. Also the husbands themselves keep concubines; and what is new about this? Elias will hopefully do more investigation to enlighten us about the wives of past African leaders (past and present).

  28. Elias, its just a kind of writing the tplf gangster deserve its not surprised me to call azeb or other, whore, because they are doing worse than one can imagine so don’t give respect for affronted!

  29. bahiru on

    ታዲያ አዜብና ግሬስ ምን አንድ አደረጋቸው የግሬስ እኮ ያው ጎኖና ቢበዛ ሌላ አንድ ሰው ቢኖር ነው የኛዋ አዜብ እኮ በትግሉ ጊዜ ሱዳን እየሄደች የምትሸቅለው ቀርቶ የመለስ የቅርብ ጉዋደኞች እንኩዋን ማን ቀራት በግልፅ ከሚታወቁት ውስጥ ስዬና ገ-መድህን አሉ አይደል ደግሞ አሁን በቅርቡ አዋሳ ላይ አቶ እምነቴ ቤት አጅሬ ተኝቶ እስዋ የትና ከማን ጋር ነበረች ማወቁን እናውቃለን ብንናገር እናልቃለን ነው ነገሩ

  30. Azeb is wicked by nature and she still not satisfied from what she stole from the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE. Elias, I can assure you that, she isn’t going to live forever and will be bunckrupt with her vicious husband.
    Death to the MONISTORS

  31. Solomon on

    Being a whore is a major business for the Meles’ family. I’m sure Meles is a member of those close door prostitution rings in addis that is reserved for top woyane leaders. IT’S A FAMILY THING! I don’t know about their kids but, most likely, they will follow the steps of their parents. Both of them are whores in their social, political and economic lives. Selling their soul and body for money and satisfaction. Very Sad!

  32. Kifle on

    The first lady is a looter and now a bigtime decision maker, which could be substantiated. She is bilking and milking Ethiopians; but to call the first lady a whore (even if she might be adulterous)is not our culture. Elias sinks himself to the level of koshasha dureye. I think he is sick and his website is doomed to failure. This will be my last time to visit this unethical,useless Jerry Sprnger kind of website. Unless Elias is sick, how could he play such usless game prepare himself to be out of business by writing such kind of unprofessional journalistic word? He is disgusting!

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