Diaspora remittance is lifeblood of the Meles regime

Prof. Seid Hassan has informed us a couple of years ago that without the hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign currency that Ethiopians in the Diaspora send to Ethiopia (remittance), the Meles dictatorship would have faced a grave financial crisis. In a recent book, Dr Aklog Birarra has pointed out that Ethiopians in the Diaspora remit over $1.2 billion through official channels alone such as Western Union. An equal amount of money is sent to Ethiopia through non-official channels such as hawala.

In considering anti-remittance campaign and other actions against Meles, it helps to revisit Dr Seid’s insightful article about investment in Ethiopia. [Click here to read]

10 thoughts on “Diaspora remittance is lifeblood of the Meles regime

  1. Tesfa on

    Quite apart from whether the statistics are true and that stopping remittance would affect the junta there is the plain fact that it will hurt the families receiving the money by far the most. The greedy weyanes will be the very last to suffer. It is like draining the ocean to catch a few fish. They are not worth it. There must be better ways.


  2. Anonymous on


    Your families at home are hostage.They have no much choices, either eat from the trash or silent death from hunger. No one wants to support this regime directly or indirectly. Like our people at home we are becoming helpless…

    Unless one well organized group emerges and give us better alternative, our individual effert continue in the state of disarry without much effect on this evil regime.

  3. treaty on

    As some might notice I decided to limit my visit to this forums because I don’t believe the method we followed thus far -empty debate- with out constructive action oriented engagment will be realistic solution to Ethiopia.One marvels at our tremendous capacity for rationalization and tolerance to the unfolding national dram,under weyane.

    Keeping in line with my resolve,here I copy and past what I once commented about diaspora’s financial support to reletives in Ethiopia.

    Treaty says:
    When weyanes arrived in Addis 19 years ago, they had image problems. The civil service took up on itself to transform the image of the new leaders,and it did its best to make them fit for leadershp.Alas,not long after this event,the weyanes pushed out Ethiopians from key positions and begin to replace them by their own members.Weyanes used this principle of being trained and then supplanting the positions held by Ethiopians by their members many times over,until they virtually control all aspect of the nation’s life.This replacment of EAL Ceo by a loyalist weyane is ,once again, a disgrace.The absence of report about possible wrong doing by the out going Ceo spekes volume about the intent of this clique.

    Under normal sircumstances,one may expect the possible replacement to have been another Oromo,Amhara,Gurage,any one but weyane because the weyanes are over represented in every department.Why is weyane bent in transforming every thing Ethiopian after her own image?the answer is clear..As it has been pointed out by #14 Walewa and others,this matter should not go unchallenged.Melese is in a mad das run kiking every one ,including members of his own party,and subjecting all revenue generating institutions and national corporations-ECB,EEP,ETC,EAL under his immediate control.The attitudes of this leaders towards Ethiopians is simple-take it this is how it must work.We need to gear up for arenewd fight with tooth nail against the occuping minority regime.In the short run boy-cotting EAl,Commercial.,and Wegagen banks will do.Ethiopians can us private banks Such as Awash etc,. Additionally,estabilish effective control of the cash flow to loved one’s.
    Have some one to hand over the bir to relatives at home,after delivery is made pay the agent at the initial point.Deprive the cash starved weyane by placing stranglehold over its neck.

    In the long run Ethiopians need to think through about new approach to solve the contry’s problem.All signs are there for those who have trained eyes to see.This reactiion is not somuch about the replacement of EAL Ceo alone it has to do with the over all restructuring process that is unfolding before our eyes.Once again,here is a suggestion .In addition to the force that is already in place,Ethiopia need to explore avenues to train a multinational force over seas.The country is in great need to acquire Military experts,and small size of elite force as soon as possible.I can not stress enough the importance and necessity of having such citizens at our disposal.One hops the leaders heed this plea and give it a try,and put the rank to test,and see if we fail to support this cause

  4. ELIAS,
    The question how can we help family. some people’s only source of income the money their relative send from here. people there is starving, they are lucky if they get feeling meal once a day. if we stop sending money, then what would be fate of many families? i am for anything that could shorten woyane’s life but i do not have the heart to not send anything when people in need ask for help.

  5. tezibt on

    A very difficult dilemma which needs a thorough thought. But true it is the back bone of the Ethiopian economy. I wish those who bring up this point could also come up with alternatives or they would just continue to confuse us. It is like telling someone that if he or she stops eating the bacterias will starve and die. But the fact is that before the bacterias die she or he will die. Lets not haluciniate. Lets be realistic.

  6. samyy on

    I would like to use if there is any alternative for this….i can’t stop sending money to my family …pls let us know the alterrnative ways!!


  7. Yineger on

    In the old days when Mengistu was on power we used to send money to our family the following way.I think the alternative is to give the exchange to some one who have a lot of money back home ,when the fund gets the family back home give money to the agent.

  8. Tesfaye G.Medhin.Stockholm,Farsta on

    I never send any money who will use by Woyanne minority to my family. I sent this summer money to my sister through a friend. It is easy to do at least for now.

  9. Ahmed on

    Even without a remittance to have an Ethiopian diaspora family member or friend is becoming a status symbole in Ethiopia right now because it brings positive hope.

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