Tagay Gebremedhin’s statue to be destroyed (video)

Following a widespread alms boycott by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, the illegitimate synod presided by Tagay Gebremedhin (formerly Abune Paulos) has decided to destroy the statue he recently built for himself in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

Although Tagay Gebremedhin and his cadres are trying to give a different spin to the decision to thorn down the statue, sources in Addis Ababa who are close to the Church told Ethiopian Review that the real reason is economics — churchgoers across the country simply refused to give donations. In some areas, church administrators were forced to make people pay for holy water.

We are gathering more information on this developing issue. Also watch the video below:

27 thoughts on “Tagay Gebremedhin’s statue to be destroyed (video)

  1. Denounce tplf gang on

    tplf cadres were saying
    “Sinfelig Wuski Enkedalen, lela gize degimo Wuski Endefalen.”

    Likewise Church goers in Addis are stunned with the latest News Analogue which implies that:

    “We can build our Statue in your money, and we can also demolish it with your money.”

    I am amazed to see some people who insist supporting the illegal regime in Addis including Aba Paulos.

    I beseech all democrats to strengthen the struggle and join hands to remove the tplf gang.

  2. Habeshaw on

    It is shame that this big religion in Ethiopia is led by the likes of mean Abune Paulos and his cliques. why they built the stone in the first place? shame!

    Ethiopian Orthodox Church needs transformation. Most of the people around the church are backward, uneducated, illiterate, uncivilized and laughingstock. It is really shame to see the religion introduced to Ethiopia before 4th century to be led by backward and glutton priests and abunes. The priest and abunes, they should go to modern schools, they should modernize their curriculum,they should share experiences from sister churches like in Egypt and Russia. They should know the difference between religion, politics and tradition. They mix up everything. It is really sad when they try to offer handshake with their filthy hands. They should teach about true religion, not about history of kings and abunes.

    Long Live Orthodox Church, Long Live Ethiopia!

  3. tony soto on

    Tagay Gebremedhin may replace his statue
    for Mistress Egigayehu Beyene ( his De Facto Patriarch and head of Ethiopian Synod.)

    Thank you

  4. Ethiopians have to learn how to boycott not only TPLF controlled churches but also continue to boycott their businesses. The opposition parties (legal or illegal) should work hard on this underground or overground. They have to teach their supporters and others to boycott businesses of TPLF and its allies . We have to bring the Tigrean mafia group down to their knees economically inside and outside the country. Opposition groups should stress this. This must be the main part of our struggle against TPLF and its allies, because 95% of Ethiopians can participate in it.

  5. Halafi Mengedi on

    He should have erected it in Mekelle where he belong not Addis Ababa a foreign country to him anyway. He should remove it and take it to his place. His attackers are Amhara ethnic making religion as political weapons. If Tribalism is good for you, it is excellent tool fur us too. Your one Ethiopia slogan is one Amharic Ethiopia and we do not follow you and listen to you. You had many of religion leaders from Amhara and we did not make politics about it for 100 years. Amhara controlled ministry of education to convert other ethnics to Amhara but we did not trying to convert you to anything but be proud who you are. Keep push it and it is good for Tigray, the more Amhara barks against Tigray the more Tigrayans like me who has open mind will be pushed to the side of Tigrayans think Tigray for its own than leave our youths with Amhara.

  6. Dear Habeshaw:
    Paulos is educated in the US and it is during his time that theology college has started in Ethiopia. I do not know what you are talking about, may be you do not have correct info. It is also OK for Paul to erect his statue if we believe he did a good job for Christianity.

  7. melat on

    thanks elais for the info.

    It is a great news that devil g/medhin statue will be destoyed before the people of ethiopia will destoy the statue after the fall of weyane as same as the statue of lenin after the fall of derg….

    it wont be soon that tplf will be removed from ethiopia and the criminal members will face justice for the crime that they have committed for the last 20 years against humanity

  8. Dimbilaal on


    Does the dismissal of the large number of veteran tplf members from their traditionally dominant secure monopoly positions, and now the destruction of an influential Wayane bishop’s newly built statue in fact means the starting of the dwindling power of the mighty TPLF gliding down hill to the bottom of the drain?

    Who is doing such disgraceful things to the Tagay who was chosen and happend to chase dictator Mengistu as far as Zimbabwe while putting the rest of his aids in jail for the last soon 20 years to this very day and liberated Ethiopia from the yoke of dictatorship. I am sure the holy man was not expecting such a disgraceful earthly rewards, be it in his life, after his death and meeting with his creator, or even in his worldly and earthly dreams.

    “In all ages some hypocrites calling themselves priests have put crowns upon the heads of THIEVES calling themselves KINGS.” ~Robert Green :)

  9. dust to dust on

    Thank God that ugly statue finally going to turn into dust. May Aba Diblose gets the same fate as his own statue. The Godless Woyanes built that statue intentionally to bankrupt the Church. There is also seem a turmoil between Aba Diablos and the clicks of Meles — hahaha!

  10. Anonymous on

    Halafi Mangedi,
    Do you drink? or are you on some kind of drugs? May be you suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. One minute you talk as an Ethiopian and against TPLF…the next you try to divide Ethiopians.
    It is Aba Dibelose’s ethics we hate, not his ethnicity.

  11. Gashaw on

    Please folks hold your horses!Such is a time when we need to tread carefully.I think the decision taken by the Ethiopian Sinodos is commendable.But it shouldn’t be a reason for us to tear each other apart.

  12. Barnabas on

    In our modern day surroundings and mentality, self-aggrandizing has crept deeply into our places worships all the way to the top in almost every denomination. ‘I am the one-only-one chosen by God, I-touch-you-you-are-healed, extend-my-arm-you-are-on-the-ground, I-have-the-ultimate-remedy-for-your-financial-woes…we have heard it all. It is all hypocrisy, Raw and unwarranted. It is almost in every religion and denomination. Someone has been telling us that he has the cure for any financial troubles just to find his own church going belly up and utter bankrupt. Benny Hinn ‘could’ demolish the devil just out of pretty much anyone but could not take the evil out of his wife of 30 years. And we had another one who climbed many flights up his college building telling people that God will take him ‘home’ if he can’t raise 8 million dollars quick. We are having our own share of this madness of hypocrisy. The only difference is our hypocrite also totes a blazing gun not to waver in killing anyone he thinks endangering his life right in temple of God if needed. But God is always almighty and the ultimate problem solver. He will find an amicable solution for us all believers so we can continue to huddle around a creed that led us in our unity and strengths. That was how we survived centuries of aggression and incursions by hostile forces. It is our treasure even so to other ‘modern day’ denominations who are the beneficiaries of the feats accomplished by our church. It has preserved the environment where modern day Adventists, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, Benny Hinnites and the likes to come in preach about Jesus without the fear of being taken and shot.

  13. dfabachew on

    # Dmbit you are jocking? If not you are one of the stupid tegadalit. G.medhn used to eat cheese burger with becon when he was in LA. I hope the Vagabond Inn’s logo will be put with beacon cheese burger on his monument.

  14. kitikit on

    Gabrmadhine,messanger of the devil shall be burried in Satano’s tomb.Ethiopians,for sure must capture this wonbedai by his neck and chain his stealing hands down to his club foot and throw him into a volcanic fire where he shall be roasted dinner for his many,many gods.

  15. Wakyo on

    Halafimeged (an illitrate old woyanne) the problem with tegadalay G.medhin not because he is tegre he has trashed the churches to unrepairable damage and being supported by the peoples of yoiur caliber damages the history and tradition of the nation like we have witnessed in the last 20+years your problem is not amhara ethnic that doesnot have a second to spent on your garbage rather fight it and as shown in 2005 punches you Ko and again the peoples of your caliber are the only ones which i can imagine takes ethnic
    more than Ethiopianess had it been the case you would have been successful to disintigrate the nation with the powefull support you had enjoyed from bush govt and brits.Thanks to the brave
    Ethiopians you will be hunted down and surrendered it is only a matter of time

  16. Menelik III To Halafi Mengedi on

    Mrs.You must do know from right just now Ethiopia are for the pure Ethiopians not for you “Lekbat” Tigre.When you are in a poor condition you are like a whore Azieb Gola Mesfin from Welqait Humar you try to play an old fastcion with us like Dr Alemsged Abay fm Axum,prof Hagos Tecla fm Tenbein Abi Adi,Dr Tekeste Negash fm Adi-Grat,ato Belay Abay with his brother Col Kaldekirstos Abay fm Aduwa ,Dr Gilawdos Araya fm Zalanbesa area,Ato Getachw Redda fm Abay Media,Ato Belai Abraha fm Ethioa Media,W/ro Aragash Adane ,Siye Abraha and Ghberu Asarat.
    You have problem inside you and fix first yours becouse Ethiopians things are not your type.

  17. Anonymous on

    destroy the statue of tagay gebremedhin first and then chase this illegitimate abune out of the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

  18. kitkit on

    Death to the evil.The devil parked the satanic monster,Gabramedhin in Ethiopians’ religious lives for twenty years.But our dear lord,God from above the heavenlies and Ethiopians in their homeland watched indisgust Zinawiansatan breaking apart the holy churches from the believers and churchgoers;God was upset and Ethiopians were upset.God sent angels to destroy the body and soul of Gbaramadhin, the demon, and Ethiopians pray day and night for the total distruction of the devil’s being;and it happened.Amen.

    Gabramadhin was born in the wild and was raised to hate Ethiopians;he grew up worshiping varieties of gods that were available inside his parents’ home and the surrounding areas shaped out of black stones and granites.He had little god kept under his pillow with three eyes stuck in the middle of the forehead and seven fingers on one hand and four on the other hand.Seven years,after he was born,his mother took him to a witch to get baptized.All day the witch held him close to her eyes and kissed his tongue with tip of her tongue;she then him dipped him inside the goat skin’s made sack upside down was covered with frogs’ bile and was then fed with goat’s tongue soacked in blood;he was seven years old.The witch pinched on his both sides chicks;she did not live long;she died of unknown ailments,but she was found dead a mixture of bile and blood dripping out of her nose and colourless liquid oozing out of her left eyes.She,to too many christians from afar was the mother of little satan;everybody prayed for her immediate death.Two of Gabramadhin’s distant uncles died of being chocking on their own saliva.

    God will destroy all those satans in the coming years.

  19. mekdes on

    all tplf racist, and terrorist group criminal memebers should be brough to jusitce for the crime that they have committed for the last 20 years along with their racist and corrupted blind supporters and hodam servants

  20. endehuahula on

    that is the way to hit them hard.(by them i mean the weyane gang)stop going to church start praying at home it does not cost us any thing but gives the real pain for the gang. it is not a sin nor converting to any other relegion but is acting the right thing to protect the right of gods creation.no one should let their church yard being abused by non believers so keep acting till they remove them selves from our holly place.

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