TPLF health minister to recieve award

The Legatum Institute, a London-based independent research, policy and advocacy organization, has recently ranked Ethiopia under the Meles dictatorship 108 out of 110 countries that were surveyed (See here). And yet the U.S.-based National Foundation for Infectious Diseases is preparing to honor TPLF Health Minister Tedros Adhanom, the person who is responsible for one of the worst health care systems in the world, with the 2011 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award in March 2011.  This is outrageous and an insult to the victims of Tedros, who is a politburo member of the genocidal Tigray People Liberation Front (Woyanne) that is currently brutalizing the people of Ethiopia. Ethiopian physicians around the world who are unable to practice medicine in their own country may want to inform NFID about TPLF’s disasterious ethnic aparthied health policy.

39 thoughts on “TPLF health minister to recieve award

  1. mengesha on

    I am a physician who has worked in Ethiopia and now practicing in the US. I have recently visited Ethiopia and have witnessed the success Dr.Tedros has achieved in our country and he correctly deserves an award. Unlike you, who is working day and night to destroy the image of Ethiopia, he works day and night to improve the health of the Ethiopian people. He has made a significant stride and will continue to do so. No objections to the award!

  2. Kulfo on


    Of all the Ministers in Ethiopia, Dr Tedros is among the best one. Let’s not blind ourselves. He really did a lot of things and he is the most likable person (after Arkebe). I personally congratulate him. I know the health sector is still poor, but compared to his predecessors, he is much better. It is good to go positive at least once in a while.

  3. nadaw on

    This is again the work of AWASH Teklehaymanote who has Strong connection with Jeffery Sachs. AWash claims he is infectious disease epidemiologist.

    If we do not have a follow and expose AWASH he will do more further damage. Rewarding the criminals.


  4. The infectious diseases whic were eradicated during the Derg and Haile Slassie regime made a come back with the tegadalite. Tegadalays when they were in tigray they never have a clinic in any of the places which were in their control. They didn’t even have a clue how protect the population from infection disease. To protect their army from bed bugs, flea and some other domestic insects they used malation. They used to spray malation on their hairs and clothings. Tegadalia polit bereau member to receive —for what?. For destroying the well established health istitutions?????? This is a second strike by another professional entepernure.

  5. Yeshitila on

    Some of these die hard hedonist and lunatic foreign lobbyists and the institutions behind them are them are simply partners in crimes with the ruthless one man dictatorship jointly conspiring day and night just like some of those disgraceful Columbia intriguers whose white lies have been exposed and challenged by the joint actions of the people and to a large extent corrected.

  6. Edena Abebe on

    Further proof that Western imperialism has no morals, no values, no honor and no shame. Shame, shame, shame on this National Foundation for Infectious Diseases!

  7. We are living in such unfair world where even the so called ‘non-political’ professions are immensely immersed in politics and encourage killings and sufferings of humanbeing, damn it!

  8. I listened Dr. Tewdros participate in the “election debate” and found him to be less of an ideologue. I guess his profession allows him to be that. Also the Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega who was in and out of prsion says……

    [[..No one knew what to make of the then new Minister of Health, Tewdros Adhanom, a malaria expert with a PhD from the UK, but he proved to be a success in due course….]]

  9. Belachew on


  10. Aberu on

    TPLF has recently reported that two million people in one region AMHARA REGIONAL State die of AIDS. If so I think the country need to declare state of emergeny to bring the disasterous health problem under control. Let alone doing this TPLF did not even allocate additional budget to fight the disease in that region. The Aid money provided by donors to figt AIDS is controled by the Prim Minister’s wife. Is this the reason for TPLF lobbysts to get the so called Minister of Health the so called award? Guys! TPLF is spending milions and millions on lobysts and directions are given to these lobysts by TPLF intellectuals living in the diaspora ( individuals likelike Awash.) This is done on purpose. Just to create personality cult for some TPLF AGELGAYs So that the people take them as sucessors after the criminal Meles exits. On the other hand intellectuals from other nationalites are deliberstely discredited, marginalized and eliminated from the political, economic and social activities of their country.
    That way the coming century shall be under WOYANE-all key power and posts controlled by one ethnic group.

    Let us ask the award giving institution why they do this and how they view the current health problem in the country.

  11. Almazzea on

    This is one of the many tragedies US has been casting over our people. Woyanne kills many Ethiopians a certain institution in the US encourages it. It seems these institutions are promoting wrong doing in my country. I feel very sorry for the victims of This TPLF Politburo, Tilahun Gesesse is one of the many victims, and the most recent victims also included unborn child whose mommy was forcibly escorted out of the hospital because she did not have a bribe money, besides the $2 for registration fee which a passerby paid on her behalf. This minister is responsible for this and many more medical injustices against Ethiopians, yet he receives a reward for his crimes.

    I am very angry over this comedic drama.

  12. aseleg on

    to mengesha if things are good and improved then what are you and other ethiopian doctors doing here,why arn’t you practising in your own country,do you know that in chicago alone there are more ethiopian doctors than there are in the whole of ethiopia,do you know people are travelling abroad eventhough they can not afford it ,to get a proper treatment.

  13. Gonderiew on

    I think we have to look at politics and profession (at least in this particular case) separately. We should not label every TPLF member as enemy to Ethiopia. I do not know Dr. Tewodros but several medical professionals whom I know told me that he was doing a great job. I came to believe them after I saw the improvement at Tikur Anbassa Hospital. I expect the same will be true for other places.I invite the writer to go and see. So let us apploud for him; at least he is an Ethiopian. Please let us love one another.

    Dr. Tewodros,

    Congratulations! Keep it up!

  14. Eritreawi on

    Ethiopia has the highest malaria and HIV infection rates in the world despite getting the highest aid from western governments and “charities” like those run by former president Clinton and the founder of Microsoft to the tune of billions of dollars in the last two decades.

    Awarding their prize to a puppet regime’s minister shouldn’t surprise anyone. What Ethiopians in the US should do is shame the NFID by openly challenging them and informing the American people about what really goes on the ground in Ethiopia as we speak.

    For those who are defending Tedros Adhanom, I say shame on you. Do you really think by making him look like the best among the worst change his role in Woyanne rule in Ethiopia? Shame on you indeed.

  15. tekola on

    Woyu Dr. Mengesha

    You think it is Elias who is destroying the image of Ethiopia?

    Is it Elias who

    -murder people on the steets of Addis Abba
    -saw seeds of starvation and disease by ammassing the wealth at the hands of bandas
    -sells the land of the country to forigners
    -embarasse the country by lying day and night

    Is it not Dr. Adhanom’s Party? Do you deny that? Does a member of criminal party deserve prize? Where did you study, Dr wodi Mengesha

  16. samson on

    No weyane official has done something good ever for Ethiopia & its people. This Tplf health minister might has done much only for his priorited as usual, “kilil_1” Tigray region to show world. Weyane is a killer, fascit,rascit regime & brutal enemy of our country & we must get rid off from power.

  17. guest on

    UK is an accomplice in all the atrocities being committed in Ethiopia. Don’t be surprised if it awards one of the thugs of Meles. The West deliberately lauds average performances, hiding the detail. If you consider political, social, economic situations and services region wise in Ethiopia, it is a nightmare,,, some day the UK and Meles apologists in USA will be disgraced when the truth comes out in the open. I wonder what intrigues and evil things this person was doing in the Ministry in the past years!!! Time will tell us

  18. tezibt on


    I differ on this one. Probably it is ok to make sure to hammer all of them so as to attack the wicked government from all direction but the health minister is a hard working and smart guy. I have a proof from some one who is really over worked and tired from travelling through the country to assess health crisis. Yes the policy of the gov’t may have failed but as an individual the health minister can even qualify for higher post. The only problem is that he is TPLF, not even a real one.

  19. Anonymous on

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

    Dr. Tewodros, Congratulations! Keep it up!

  20. Anonymous on

    I guess Mr. Tewodros has a better connection than seyoum who bought an honorary doctorate from a little known university in Kenya. Talk and showmanship is what is good woyane at. In a country where 90 percent of the people do not have enough to eat, woyane declares 10 percent economic growth. leasing vast size of the country’s land to foreign owners was suppose to make Ethiopia a bread basket of Africa. well, the only basket that has been full is woyane’s officials and its Hench men.
    Ethiopians are the hungriest people on the face of the earth. that is just irrefutable fact. Ethiopia’s health care system is even worse than Somalia. However, here is this man who is going to receive this award for ruining what little health system left from the previous regime. what makes woyane different is the extreme it goes to show how cruel it is. Talking about enjoying food security while the majority of the people suffer from hunger, proclaiming double digit growth while the country’s economy has totally been destroyed with high inflation and robbery, and now an award for managing a health care system that could not provide a simple oxygen tank to help even one of the most known person in the country( tilahun gessesse)
    is not only totally absurd, but down right cruel.

  21. Wakyo on

    The health system in Ethiopia is much lower than that of the dergue era even
    though Ethiopia has recieved 100 times more money than that of the emperor and military together from the so called (DAG)in which the British forwarding their h idden agenda as a cover and bleeding the nation and Carter foundation who has done
    harm to Ethiopian peoples during post election 2005 comes with a new face to award criminal gang member for achieving
    1% had it been an Ethiopian with all the money that goes infectious dissease would have become history ,and for that matter you know it ,i know it ,British secret service knows it and c.i.a as well

  22. Forget his ethinicity, simply look at the stat. Home mnany Referal,Hospitals,Clinics and Health station did Ethiopia had under The king and your mentor President Mengistu Hailemariam combined ? and how many fold has it grown under PM Melese?
    It is quite obvious to Ethiopians in Ethiopia but not to the tragedylovers like ER in the diaspora.
    My congratulations to Dr.Tewodros Adhanom.

  23. Hagos on

    Why the idiot Mengesha returned to the US. Should not be better for him to work with Adhnom….who is responsible for death of many innocent Ethiopians in the TPLF jails. Adhnom and his tribal idiots will pay the ultimate price. It is just a matter of time. The so called Mengesha needs to go back to medical school to learn the oath. First Do No Harm.

  24. Hamid on

    Hey Elias,
    We need to organize on this as we did for the Columbia event. Please give us the contact info for the individuals responsible for this. If we find out what’s at stake for them, or how they can be embarrassed, they are sure to withdraw themselves from this affair.

    This freak show needs to be stopped every chance it rears its head.

  25. Alemnesh on

    Folks: Those who are defending TPLF crime party doctor and dictator Meles’s Columbia “face lifting beauty surgery” are FAT TPLF cunning fox cadres dressed in sheep skins who arranged and masterminded the very award itself and now themselves defending their criminal selves, of course after robbing 99.6% of the impoverished 80 million Ethiopian voices. The cunning foxes need to be resisted in unity within diversity.

  26. mengesha(#1),for sure you are not a doctor ,most likely “tenkuay-wich doctor” b/c most doctors have sense of humor,responsible behaviors and dedication for their profession.But some one claiming a doctor and advocating for tplf is simply insane,wicked…

  27. Honest talk on

    The main obstacle to the problem of Ethiopia is the diaspora community’s regid ,selfish,and noneinvolvement attitude in the sturggle agains weyane. It is un wise to use U.S.A as scapegoat for the diaspora’s failure-to do this will be a misplaced priorit.Instead, diaspora need to move fast and clear the hurdle of the road by forming aunified national political organization to represent the people.

    Then, we can reasonably expect the west to explore allternative means towards Ethiopias problem.Unless the oppostion units the west is unlikely to count the oppostion as viable force to work with.
    Blaming the west is not part of the solution but the problem.

  28. There is nothing good that comes from Weyane and its supporters.The very first being a member of junta who are destroying our country make him inellegible for any thing.And we should voice our oppostion to the center.And to those supporters who pretending to take a middle ground we know you.We are not born yesterdy

  29. aratkilo on

    Hi Elias , let me tell you onething,if you have the gut like real ethiopian you should post any commnent that people wrote. But , it’s an ironic that you barking for democracy and free press in ethiopaia behalf of the diaspora.(n).

  30. Abeba on

    # 27. Honest talk,

    I think that you have MADE A POINT.

    The priority needs to be focusing on unity within diversity in order to form a unified and a viable new political alternative. That will change everything. :)

  31. The woyane are buying any award that is on sale, they are really on a spree. They are now trying to beef up the image of this idiot Tedros, an Eritrea trojan horse born and raised in Asmara.

    Elias, yuo’re doing a great job, that is why Meles has assigned a whole ministry to rebuff your accusations. Had your reports been not true, Meles would have ignored them. The truth hurts, woyane is in pain because of your efforts.

  32. Good job Elias!
    To those rifraffs trying to defend this idiot Tedros Adhanom — if Adhanom was any good how come Seyoum Mesfin contracted AIDS. And why has Adhanom not isolated Seyoum Mesfin, instead of sending him to the US to be an ambassador. He cannot take care of the council of ministers, how the hell is he going to take care of the rest of us. Award my foot!

  33. Anonymous on

    HIV, ethnic cleansing, people were made ill deliberately and killed. who is responsible for it. if not this agasass and his ethnic apartheid health policy. the work must start now. no award for this apartheid health minster

  34. George on

    We Ethiopians have now clearly understood what the west needs from Ethiopia, a tyrant dictator who can serve their best interest, they don’t care if the whole population gets wiped out by disease or famine. How full I was to think the west cares for the people of Ethiopia. Infact, a weak and starved Ethiopia is what they want, not a strong and democratic one.

  35. Muluye on

    Hey Mengesha,

    I can tell from your name that you are trying to defend Dr Tedros because he is from Tigray like you; I cannot see any reason to give award to a person or a country who ranked third from last. Well, some parents reward the laziest child in order to encourage the child to do better so that could be the reason why he is getting the award. Ethiopia had better health care during Haile Selassie than the two regimes that followed. By the way Dr Mengesha – it looks like you need some english crash course to improve your writing skills.

  36. Barnos Geday on

    Weyane succesful in killing Malaria but not yet successful in killing a ” barnos” by the name Elias in the USA.

  37. aam on

    This dialogue has nothing with change of the country.Be the man of action than talk.

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