Woyanne to launch people-to-people tour in the Diaspora

Woyanne, the ruling tribal junta in Ethiopia, is preparing to launch a people-to-people tour in Europe and North America with known athletes and artists.

Recently, the Woyanne Minister of Culture and Sports Aster Mammo held a secret meeting in Washington DC and set up a committee to help coordinate the program. The committee is composed of the usual suspects — Al Amoudi employees Ayaya Arega and gang who have hijacked and looted the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA).

Aster had tried to hold a similar meeting in Seattle last Friday, but the brave Ethiopians there chased her away.

The purpose of the tour is to counteract the recently intensified anti-Woyanne activities in the Diaspora.

Meanwhile, 20 out of 27 ESFNA teams have signed a statement supporting the invitation of Birtukan Mideksa as a guest of honor at the Federation’s next event in July 2011.

Fearing backlash, the Ayaya gang-dominated executive committee is reconsidering its decision to disinvite Birtukan. The gang’s biggest fear is the auditing of ESFNA’s finances by an external auditor as the teams have been demanding. Some of the teams are now threatening to file a lawsuit if the executive committee refuses to be audited.

33 thoughts on “Woyanne to launch people-to-people tour in the Diaspora

  1. African on

    It is not enough to act in the diaspora, due to the fact that the Ethiopian tribal junta will never ever care of diaspora activities. What the junta is care about is internal rebellion. So if we are tru heroe ethiopians let uss start rebellion inside Ethiopia.

    Otherwise we shall be slaves of this aparthier regime förever. The rebellion must start the regims heart Addis Ababa.

  2. Hubur :Medihen on

    Do You mean Elias we are the world?This Woyane cheap old will not worl longer.
    “Fitachew Bechama Merget bich new”Buchulawoch

  3. elias god bless you.

    ethiopians should work very hard in NA to bring ESFNA corrupted members to justice for the money that has been taken by alamudi internal mafia group.

  4. BellaDonna on

    I know for a fact there will be people who will be fooled. A widespread information campaign to let people know that this indeed is a TPLF event is crucial. There need to be ads and banners everywhere, in fact, calling for a protest on that day and place.

  5. I thank God for ethiopianreview true journalistic and relentless work.With out this wonderful,and meaningful,invesigative journalism of Ethiopianreview ,weyane would go unexposed.We have to remember a menance to our survival and as such it must be exposed.Period.No middle ground.You are either with the enemy of Ethiopia or with Ethiopia.

  6. Shibbiru Melaku on

    Make NO mistakes that this is absolutely expected from the minority dictator Wayane who have always said that it came to power with the sole help from the barrel of guns and adviced any opposition aspiring for power to do ONLY and EXACTLY the same and take away power from them if they ever dare!

    The 2005 brutal massacares and the 2010 additional indirect political and psychological 99.6% massacares of the oppositions as well as the other genocieds of the last 20 years, etc. are visible testimonies to the Wayane determination to LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED and cling to power by all possible planetary means.

    Now that Wayane have actively been moutheding,dividing, bribing, outmanouvering and stolen 99.6% of the Ethiopian voices, and through that deepened its brutal minority dictatorial control over the domestic population while naturally now its majore attention being focused on the free and indepndent diaspora, increasingly being the only voices of the embattled Ethiopian poor majority and who have clearly exposed and shamed the GREAT LIE OF THE GREAT DICTATOR’ for example at the recent Columbia University propaganda campaign.

    This Wayane’s people-to-people tour of the diaspora is a determined and planned mission of consolidating and permanenetly imposing centuries of unquestionable and uncontested brutal dictatorship.

    It is a plan that have been developed well after its 2005 shocking election debackle and well before the 2010 election SUPER VICTORY, an attempt in which the dictatorship planed and implemented its house-tohouse tour in Ethiopia before the 2010 election.

    The purpose of house-house tour is clearly for the pupose of dividing families and communities, intimidating families and communities, bribing some and punishing independents and following up events very closely until and up to the election days and beyond,hence securing the now famouse 99.6% so called election victory that theoritically placed absolute power in the hands one man and one party which they are currently trying to extend even outside of Ethiopia and in to the diaspora.

    Fore sure, divided diaspora cannot fully stand the pressures from this big local and international secretaive money men and women unless the diaspora puts behind its petty bickerings and form unity within diversity as quickly as possible.

  7. Abyeadi on

    The main fear and consern for any regime is the unity of the people.Unity of a nation always sends shiver and dread to those who rule by sword.The oppostion across the political divide must by necssity unite and occassionaly plan a stage demonstration,to frustrate the plan of weyane.

    We need to do this throught the world until weyane coils back.Weyane is engaged agressively to frustrate the oppostion by bringing the fight on our turf.The oppostion need to to respond by performing far and ahead of the payed cadres to turn the balance and put weyane to shame. Agressive aproach against the plan of weyane is the only solution to humilate the outlandish pariah

    May be the appointment of the veteran deplomats to washington and other key western cities has to do more with weyanes new strategy to fight the oppostion than what we have anticipated all along.

  8. Anonymous on

    “The purpose of the tour is to counteract the recently intensified anti-Woyanne activities in the Diaspora.”

    Elias, you’re 90% of the anti-woyane activities in the diaspora. You’re the last man standing in this fight to death between the woyane and us, and you’re giving them hell. We are lucky to have you on our side.

  9. Alemnesh on

    #9 Abyeadi,
    “..May be the appointment of the veteran deplomats to washington and other key western cities has to do more with weyanes new strategy to fight the oppostion than what we have anticipated all along.” you wrote

    I agree with you 100%. Thanks for the correct assessement!

    In fact both the internal and the external carefully planned and well thought appointments are mainly for combating the opposition both internally and externally in a new and graduated effective all encompassing manners so that within two years there is no opposition of any kind in any Ethiopian alndscape. The great dictatorship and great monopoly of power is thus accomplished for the 21st and 22nd centuries.

    Unified new strategy of struggle needs to be the responses.

    After all, the diaspora has all the actual and potential powers for building a new and just world for all even more than it can believe! :)

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    ~Edmund Burke

  10. Wedi Adigrat on

    They can have ONE song with a big audience….Tigrigna. Period !!!! tell them not to try the rest of it. Woyane doesn’t represent Ethiopia but Tigray. Let the Tigray boys make their Circle and dance Dance…dance…dance dance until they make a big rigng road “kelebet menged” yemayerebu

  11. kitkit on

    The tribalist armed robbers who looted and murdered Ethiopians can not and will not represent people of Ethiopia.We shall stand strong and united to fight back the enemy in any venue it chose to fool the world.We are always united till the end.

    We shall not forget those of Ethiopians who have been slaughtered in great qunatities in just few hours;that day,the day millions of Ethiopians hurt deeply.

  12. Tulu Oda on

    Rebellion within Ethiopia is absolutely essential; however it should be coordinated with the Diaspora.

  13. dfabachew on

    The importance of diaspora is a means of finance. Rhe rest can be done with the population in side. In stead of giving their lives for hunger why not they so something honorable. Die while killing tegadalay and its minions. The stage is the land of Ethiopia the actors should be the Ethiopians. Waiting the diaspora to do the armed struggle is like “the poor little fox died following an ox thinking its balls will fall.”

  14. Anonymous on

    Boycot This soccer thing. Teams must Starr organizing to boycott the federation if their demand is not met.

  15. There will be people who will be fooled,the few an informed Ethiopian and brain washed by Woyannes controlled TV and other propaganda,also few greedy and Tplf gangs.
    Brain washing is the only way to survive for Woyanne this days.
    Well, remember the November massacre and our goal shoul be to unit our people,united we stand. .. this is the real face of woyanne “The massacres of November — The Climax!
    Merkato explodes early Tuesday morning on November 1. The government responds with immediate show of force. Scores die in the streets of Merakto. Many more are injured. By mid-afternoon, prominent CUD leaders are rounded up and newspaper offices are raided. Hailu Shawel, Birtukan Mideksa and Birhanu Nega are imprisoned. Police wantonly shoot and kill wife of an arrested CUD member in Addis; outraging the public. Wide reports of indiscriminate killings by police. Children and women amongst the dead and injured. The EPRDF is responding with massive force. The protests, however, are evidently unplanned and are mostly fueled by police brutality.
    By the third day, protests spread to regional cities: Dessie, Gonder, Baher Dar, Awasa, Dire Dawa and Arba Minch. Tens of thousands are imprisoned. A fee of 1500 birr and forced confessions (absurdly absolving authorities of responsibility) are demanded to release corpses.
    Describing the events that transpired over those days, Samuel Frehiwot, chairman of a commission established by Parliament to investigate the riots said, “ Old men were killed while in their homes. Children were also victims while playing in the garden.” His deputy, Welde-Michael Meshasha described how many died, “The majority died from shots to the head.”
    People were shot, beaten and even strangled, the commission finds out.
    “It was a massacre. There is no doubt that excessive force was used,” Welde-Michael told AP after he and Frehiwot fled the country before submitting their report to parliament.
    The world watched in utter disgust. And in the end, the inevitable happened: the government prevails over its unarmed citizens. A pyrrhic victory if there was ever one!!
    History will not forget the murdered innocents!!

  16. Kitkit on

    For more than half a century,the enemy has been collaborating with our historical and natural enemies to harm our homeland.Agents of the enemy have also been doing divisive activities in clandestine and tinged citizens with ethnic venoms and have managed to attract to their camps the weak and the fool.

    Ethiopians,figures in what the enemy costs Ethiopia and Ethiopians is in billions of dollars and in our priceless fertile lands and little girls and babies that are sold in bulk to rich marketers in the middle east and elsewhere.The plight of little girls and women is on large scale.Little girls are hungry and homeless;their future has been prdetermind fifty years agao while the enemy was busy drafting and planning what wouuld be put into immediateit practices, today.Quite a lot of women are forced into streets as sexworkers,little girls are forced to fight off rats,cats,and dogs just to survive.

    What one time has been secret society now is tranformed into a middle class; it consumes a lot of foods and disposes a huge quantities of garbage in the city.

    Little girls and little boys don’t have access to healthcare and are always in constant pain due to having to eat nothing.Whareas,the children of Zinawianrobbers have access to millions of dollar;at 22, Zinawianrobbers’children have banks and guards and are armed and dangerious.

    Ethiopians,the enemy that is looting Ethiopia and murdering Ethiopians can not represent Ethiopians.Afterall,the enemy,it is what it is.Fight,fight the enmy until it is crushed to its defeat.

  17. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    no Woyane sould be alwoud to run our sport federation in America not ever..

  18. the tribal junta’s people-to-people tour will be chased out of every city. shameless murderous gang weyane doesn’t represent Ethiopia. as to ESFNA the only solution is to dismantle it and build another one free of hodamoch and evil.

  19. Gorgora on

    I do not exactly know where to start and what els to say. I am tierd of people saying things again and again. I mean if we know that Woyane is left no stone unturned to stay in power. This is the simple word which can tell us the reasons :
    Because they know they rule the country with no one willing out of the 80 million people. They know that they will have no where else to hide their wealth except enjoy it buying weapons to kill us.
    We need strong decision to step out from our comfort zone. There will no be any success in the effort we are making to day. There will no be any gain in this speed. If we realy are concerned for our freedom we need to step down from our comfort zone and do real tangible things that can take us to goal. Otherwise there will be another more sufferage due to our choice of wrong position. We the diaspora and all Ethiopians who are very well aware of woyane’s looting and repressive power are responsible to pave the way for woyane stay in power. We blame other issues which are very minor or irrelevant for the time being compared to the killers out there. We need to ignore our current comfort and think to make history for our next generations. Let’s be the founding fathers of real democracy in that very holy African country . Lets do it . We are not going to live for 100 yrs or 90 or 80 yrs for sure. We are surrounded by a lot more uncertain world events daily. There are countless diseases all around us able to make us sick and dead. “Unfreed Dead”
    Let me give you some example i will never be a citizen in US but i read about founding fathers of USA. What they demanded? what they got? Who else is enjoying the benefit? Don’t you think me and you are at least test it what it meant.Thomas Jufferson was like me and you human being.Gorge Washington was human like me and you. And others founding fathers of USA today.We have also our heroes in our country too who sacrifed thier life during Ethio-Itlay war or other wars. Do you think they hate their soul and die just for nothing?No. The reason is freedom. Had they choosen thier life (comfort zone),what would have hppned ? Lets ignore our current comfort zone ,lets ignore it and take the step to get our freedom. Lets do it by SAYING NO TO THOSE WOYANES. It doesnt take us too long to get our freedom from those bedbugs who are sucking our blood. If we choose our comfort zone(the life that we have at hand ) we are not going to get any change whuch is tangible.Let’s do courgeous deeds in every corner of the world to kill them all.

  20. Prvious regime’s ህዝበ ለህዝበ Tour meets America’s Town Hall Meeting is an informal public meeting. Everybody in a community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, and hear the responses from public figures and elected officials about shared subjects of interest, although attendees rarely vote on an issue. In today’s heterogeneous communities with large populations, more often, town hall meetings are held so that people can influence elected officials in their decision making or to give them a chance to feel that their voices are being heard.

    Ethiopia: Ayatollah Khomeini\’s \”Testament\” translated into Amharic

  21. Alebachew on

    The weyannes must be the biggest joke ever. Do they not realize that the Ethiopian people despise them as pests?

  22. Yassazenal on

    Let us get the exact day & place where they w’ll be & we should do the same to support ESAT.

  23. Derege on

    In my opinion, the task at this point should be to find out how they plan to implement their strategy? And, to formulate a counter tactic to expose the game at every turn and frustrate their efforts. They may have deep pockets but we have the most potent medicine as patriotic Ethiopians.

  24. Anonymous on

    #15 Chebelew, get lost! Don’t try to dialogue with us.

    Elias is mobilizing us like never before. Thanks to his journalistic efforts our anger is increasing and our resolve intensifying to fight the woyane until only one of us, either we or the woyane remains standing.

  25. nwg07@yahoo.com on

    Hello, all My Diaspora family of Ethiopians.

    We The Diaspora of Ethiopian Community must stand together and tell the Wayane group – They will never tour in our Country of USA. Yes we are American Ethiopian. Indeed, we are proud of it. Nothing to be ashamed of being An American Citizen. We Stand and United to Destroy the Wayane Government and their socialist/ Communist cadres trained by Chaines secret service.

    We should them here in Seattle WA. USA. No Wayane delegate will move around with out our permission. We wire all over the United States of America.

    Down The Meles Government.
    Down The Dictator and Killer Government of Ethiopian Leader Meles Zenawi.

    We Ethiopian American are A proud Nation, and do not allowed the Butcher and the Killer Agent to move around our Home!

    Watch out , We shall destroy the Meles Zenawi group and the entire Political Groups.

    Diaspora Stand United against the Dictator Government.

    Long Live USA
    Long Live Ethiopia.
    We shall fight all the Dictators all over the World.

  26. who ever comes with TPLF gangs will face serious challenges.I am ready to fight hard, and I will be organizing all Ethiopians who are living in exile against TPLF gangs.

    Let them come.Bunch of criminals.

  27. Kikit on

    The crimes committed by Zinawianrobbers is multidimensional and is horrofic.

    The fugitive,Meles Zinawi is the notorious criminal;so are the rest of members of the crimefamilies.Too many Ethiopians have been murdered;it has been a black night for twenty years.

    Ethiopians will never forget witnessing in horror Zinawi spilling lifelong dislike for Ethiopians and minching and nibbling,as black monky-rat on the lives of Ethiopians.The line-ups in all conrners of Ethiopia by foreigners and a new breed of Zinawians to scramble for Ethiopia is still long.With that in mind,the monster that consumed the lives of Ethiopians can not speak for its victims;therefore;it must be crushed to its utter defeat.

  28. Tokechaw on

    We should get back the ESFNA back out of the corrupt woyane smelling juntas. They should be procecuted for the corruption, we have lawyers right? This is America not the woyane state, they cant do this here!!!!!

  29. kitkit on

    Ethiopians don’t hold hands with enemy and shake hands.We shall bring down the enemy to its defeat and make it scrawl on its ailing knees to face justice.

    yes,the enemy is stubburn;yet,weak,vey weak;all it has is a huge quantiy of guns and bullets and ill-gotten loot,but Ethiopians have mighty power;God’s force and people’s force- with this combined force we have,we shall bring down the enemy to its final and eternal defeat.

    Of course,Zinaiwans are not comodians because they don’t have the character,the style,and the personality;they are neither comics nor funny.Zinawians’ boat,for sure shall sink deep,it can neither float nor submerged half or a quarter;rather,it shall sit on the bottom miles below the surface it tries to fool the world.

    We are Ethiopians,not Zinaiwans;we shall keep fight the robbers until they are captured and face jutice.

    you see,Ethiopians:- Zinawians are not clean of crimes;their hand is submerged in the blood of Ethiopians and their bank account is bulged with looted money;Zinawians are selling babies and little girls on a dialy basis.They are not mini-criminal,neither they are just a group tugs,these are wealthy and armed super robbers that need to be tackled head-on;for such criminals of super robbery,we need supreme court to award them punnishing justice tantamount to the weird and wicked crimes that they committed against Ethiopians.

  30. Andargachew on

    “Wedi Adigrat” You said the follwoing:

    They can have ONE song with a big audience….Tigrigna. Period !!!! tell them not to try the rest of it. Woyane doesn’t represent Ethiopia but Tigray. Let the Tigray boys make their Circle and dance Dance…dance…dance dance until they make a big rigng road “kelebet menged” yemayerebu

    You really are wedi Adigrat? Really? This is very amazing. You comment indicates that you are not Tigraian or at least you are insulting all Tigrians, how come you name yourself “wedi Adigrat”?

    We know there are a lot of people in ER who are great liars and this discredits the ER. There is no one as racist as you by the way. The truth speaks for itself. Shame on you.

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