New ambassadors appointed

Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi has appointed several ambassadors today. For minister of foreign affairs Seyoum Mesfin and minister of state for foreign affairs Tekeda Alemu the appointment in the surface appears to be a demotion, but reportedly both individuals have asked to be ambassadors so that they can get medical treatment in the West (in Seyoum’s case for AIDS, and in Tekeda Alemu’s case for stomach overgrowth), and also to use diplomatic immunity to take out of the country the treasure they looted from Ethiopia during the past 19 years. Diplomatic immunity is particularly important for Seyoum Mesfin, who is suspected of trafficking in heroin. Today’s announcement from the dictator’s office did not specify to which countries the new ambassadors are appointed. See the list below.

New TPLF Ambassadors

1. Seyoum Mesfin
2. Girma Birru
3. Dr. Kassu Illala
4. Teshome Toga
5. Degife Bula
6. Mulugeta Alemseged
7. Hilawe Yosef
8. Mohammed Dirir
9. Hassan Abdella
10. Dr. Tekeda Alemu
11. Gifti Abasiya
12. Dr. Mohammed Hassan
13. Kassahun Dendir
14. Dr. Yehsimebrat Mersha
15. Markos Tekle
16..Lelalem Gebreyohannes
17. Dr. Bogale Tolosa
18. Minelik Alemu
19. Dr. Mohammed Gudeta
20. Misganaw Admasu
21. Dr. Kua Wang
22. Merwan Bedri
23. Ababi Demise
24. Dr. Gebeyeu Ganga
25. Mule Tarekegn
26. Tesfaye Yilma
27. Tebeje Berhe
28. Bereded Animut
29. Dereje Asfaw
30. Aman Hassan
31. Alemayehu Sewagegn
32. Mesfin Chernet
33. Dr. Bitew Getnet
34. Shamilo Fitamo
35. Mohammed Ali
36. Dr. Desta Woldeyohannes

54 thoughts on “New ambassadors appointed

  1. bliss on

    Very interesting…

    There one or two Tigrayans but all from non Tigrayan based on their name that is. So, Meles doesn’t want any non Tigrayan politician in Ethiopia, the more he puts them away from Ethiopian the more he gets resistance. Very calculated.

  2. lemma on

    “both individuals have asked to be ambassadors so that they can get medical treatment in the West (in Seyoum’s case for AIDS, and in Tekeda Alemu’s case for stomach overgrowth)”

    what a bullshit story! even if the news is meant to be true that these individuals need a medical care, 1st. don’t you think they can’t afford of having it without being ambassoders…2nd. as a journalist you shouldn’t try to degrade someone by telling things which is very personal and should not be anybody’s business.
    Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house! I don’t think if you’d be happy if someone else make your health situation in public and try to make fun..
    Shame on you! And if u believe in freedom of expression have the guts to leave my comments on your website.

  3. Musa Mohammed Abseno on

    Ato Elias,
    As your reports get more and more personal, they are becoming stinkier by the day. Your character assassination has gone toofar.Please have some decency. Yours is the worst trash news on the internet.

  4. holoidays at the expense of tax payees. Ethioian embassies abroad are treated not as a work place but as holiday resorts where unproductive officials would be sent to have a good time at the tax payees expense.

  5. Wakyo on

    Elias you are not only a journalist at its best rather an allround talent as
    your article puts it that the woyanne
    longtime foreign minister who has been looting Ethiopia to is bone transfers the money and to prolong his poor health by a better aids treatment somewhere in the west as for tekeda alemu i have heard his name for the first time before
    a friend of mine tells me he is kendegna

  6. Selamawit on

    As long as they fill their big bellys, they don’t mind to which position they are assigned.

    There is no new face and there is no proper position distribution among several ethnic groups. There is a clear partiality that this regime is negatively targetting “unfavourable nationalities” to deprive them the high ranking positions.
    The same Woyane-eprdf groups are substituting one position by another position. But the personalities are THE SAME, whether you assign them from one room to another.
    The Ethiopian people should know that the damage incurred by this barbaric regime is changing from bad to worse.
    One should not concentrate on or worry on who this regime is appointing. They are used to be his servants. Some guys are wasting their time by talking which personalities are taking positions within this regime. Forget about it.
    Let us rise for a system change.
    A change that goes to the interest of the Ethiopian people. Namely;
    a)a democratic elected government that see all the Ethiopian people equally
    b) A country wth a freedom of thought,assembly,integration & assimilation
    c) A country with a rule of law
    d) A country with a free movement within Ethiopia, the right to live in any place of the country according to the choice of the individual or family
    e) A secured private life without the interference of the state apparatus.
    f) A country free from corruption, hoarding of properties, in monopoly as Tplf gangs are doing. Stopping this exploitation conducted in the name of Tagainet etc, etc.
    Long live Ethiopia !

  7. Ke Mezgeb bet on

    Seyoum Mesfin will be in Washigton DC
    Tekeda Alemu(wolayeta) will be New York
    For Meles close & important person Mulugeta Alemseged (Meles mother sister son) will be Belgiem.

  8. It is way out of line to publish health status of a person. I don’t think that it will serve any good in the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia. In my opinion we should stay away from such personal matters.

  9. Almaz on

    The current Ethiopian dictator might have learned a good lesson from his own victim and Ethiopian ex-dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam who close to the end of his rule cunningly placed his closest confidants in key ambassadorial positions, and through them arranged for himself a safe scape route out of the rebellious country as well as a safe friendly foreign recipient country, Zimbabwe, to where he flew secretly after robbing the entire reserves of the national bank as well as his entire looting wealth for the whole period of his totalitarian rule.

    Meles needs to send flowers to Mengistu Haile Mariam on his birth day ceremony as a recognition for stealing and secretly internalizing and using his branded and copyrighted intellectual property of over survival kit.

    FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME.” ~Chines proverb

  10. All of these so-called “ambassadors” don’t serve the interest of ETHIOPIA, they are Meles Zenawi’s private servants (telalakiwoch). They got their positions after helping the regime kill thousands of innocent unarmed Ethiopians in 2005. Shame on you pigs!!!

  11. Anonymous on

    There Is no doubt these people are criminals. But I don’t agree with you guys to disclose their medical condition.That is personal.Please keep up to expose their crime to Ethiopian people but follow journalistic ethics.Mekonnen

  12. Ethiopian review may God bless you.
    The Weyane Junta must be exposed.No decesency to the few and greedy like Seyum Mesfin who refused to give decsent life to many.

  13. Misikkir Iwunetu on

    #14 kanu says:

    “It is way out of line to publish health status of a person. I don’t think that it will serve any good in the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia. In my opinion we should stay away from such personal matters.”

    Come on! I think that you are misguided.
    Your approach may apply when ordinary citizens are concerned but when it comes to anti people groups willfully massacring innocent people all around.

    After all, what is this compared to these group condemning thousands of innocent people to jails, condemning thousands to death and also killing them by shooting them but not by HIV.?

    It is quite normal to expose their members in as many as possible ways, including history of diseases otherwise they might transfer it to others because as authority figures and dirt rich individuals they normally often play around, say, just like that Zuma of South Africa, often playing sex with unsuspecting innocent healthy young girls and even mythicaly and self servingly believing that the deadly HIV may not be contagious at all.

    Under totalitarianism everything is closed and mythical while in democracy every thing is open and rational.

    Why shouldn’t the guy go public as democrats may do and campaign against HIV as an educational role model for his colleagues rather than packing up and go hiding and letting down his long time friends and colleagues keep contracting the killer disease in darkness due to ignorance,taboo and secrecy?

  14. Anonymous on

    Don’t you think this a bit trashy? What is the point this kind of attack? There is a better way of doing it. This kind of comments gives woyane a field day to attack the opposition and discredit all attempts to remove woyane. You are indirectly promoting TPLF. Some times people wonder about ER whether it has a hidden agenda.

  15. Anonymous on

    Elias, you’re da man! You’re a one-man runaway train as far as the woyane and the pimp Meles are concerned. You’ve done more to promote our cause than all the political parties and personalities put together. The few rifraf woyanes above commenting otherwise should simply be ignored.

  16. on

    the only problem is Meles the murderer has no place to hide. He has blood on his hands when he put the army under HIS direct control to gun down innocent Ethiopians in cold blood. Not to mention that he stands accused of genocide against the Anuaks, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Ogaden. The world today is a much different place than 1991. Meles knows he is a wanted criminal and will either commit suicide like Hiltler or end up at The Hague. Those are his only choices and he knows it too.

  17. TPLF rats , what is the problem with calling a spad a spad? As Elias correctlly put it, the former so called Mister is going to States to look after the money the gang looted for the last twenty years and to extend his stenking life by being close to AIDS tablets. Is TPLF ever ashemed of killing, looting and lying? Elias, keep up the good work. The crminal gang is recycling it’s gulitons. No surprise.

  18. kifle yimer on

    I think you are way above your jounalistic duties when giving us description of once health status. First, I suspect you may not have evidence to verify the diagnosis and I would also say that it is unethical to get this low even about your opponents. We can support and oppose with out name calling. Why would you find it necessary to tell us the type of illness they have? Any of can fall ill and that should not count against us. I am supporting neither Seyoum nor Tekeda, but i object using medical diagnosis as a weapon to attack opponents. It is inhuman, insensitive and not necssary.Facts speak for themselves and none of us have to slander the others personality to this level. Hope you refrain from such description in the future.Civil politics shall prevail on both sides.

  19. wey good on

    Its funny …Melese might be calculated either to avoid them from around his power or he want facilitate to transfer the wealth and to escape from the country ….all of them are criminals where ever they go they couldn’t escape from punishment…we will follow their foot path and we will be their nightmare ….

    God Bless Ethiopia!
    Death for Devil weyanes!

  20. wey gud on

    Its funny …Melese might be calculated either to avoid them from around his power or he want facilitate to transfer the wealth and to escape from the country ….all of them are criminals where ever they go they couldn’t escape from punishment…we will follow their foot path and we will be their nightmare ….

    God Bless Ethiopia!
    Death for Devil weyanes!

  21. Rasselase on

    I previously heard Addisu Legesse was with AIDS. Glad these thugs are dying with humiliating manner!!!

  22. ZAGWE on

    ከሁሉም የሚያሳዝነው ባወጡት መግለጫ የተመረጡት አምባሳደሮች የተማሩ ናቸው ብሎ የኢትዮጵያ ዜና አገልግሎት መደምደሙ ነው።

    አብዛኞቹ ሁለተኛ ደረጃ ያልጨረሱ ከመሆናቸውም በላይ የተረፉት ያልተረጋገጠ ዲፕሎማ በመላላክ ትምህርት ተመረቅን ባይ ናቸው።

    አይይይ ፥ ወይ መቅለል!

  23. Bravo Elias!

    It is not only Seyum Mesfin who needs treatment for HIV, there are also a bunch of TPLF members who have HIV. It would be good for Addis Prostitutes if they had known the names of these HIV infected TPLF mafias. The could protect themselves better.

  24. Hailu on

    I hope the pervert Seyoum Mesfin dies in horrible pain of AIDS, he certainly deserve it!!!!

  25. Bandiraye on

    GUYS For the last 20 years Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been a sfe heaven of looters and tribalists. The ministry was ye WOYANE PARASITES MEDLEBYA YE BESHITEGNA HODAM AGELGAYOCH MAGEGEMIYA ENDEZIHUM YE TPLF SELAYOCH METEQAQEMIYA. Ye woyane ambassadroch 20 amet mulu endemejger ageritwan endet endezerfu megalet alebet, Now the minister of foreign Affairs has been assigned as Ambassador Shame on TPLF Prime Minister. He accepted the appointment Just to enjoy the rest of his life in the luxurious embassy residence they constructed with over 9 million dollar. In that lusurious mansion Birhane gebrechristos stayed for a decade and innow it is returned to its proper owner TPLF agent.
    In Addis the mansion Seyoum used to live shall be occupied by Birhane G christos. Because the Ministry has been left open ended as it was headed by the so called Deputy PM that is how they think! woyanes are MESERI When it comes to advantage seeking they are number one. Tey go to any extreme to grab it .

    We Ethiopians in in the diaspora need to stand united to fight woyane We need to confront theitr ambassadors particularly those who are highlevel decision mkers in the government and who have their hands in the killing of the 193 martyrs. The November masacre actors should not be allowed to represent Ethiopia in any country . So we need to write to foreign ministries of countries we live in to reject their appointment.

  26. Ethiopiyawiw on

    ER is committing suicide. If there is any foreigner/ferenji checking to see what the Ethiopian Opposition commentators are saying, ER is a major embarrassment. Elias – why are you killing this site? What kind of strategy of reporting is this? … With the way you are reporting, even in a democratic Ethiopia, I would lobby to ban your website. To be honest, for the first time I do agree with the Ethiopian Government – Ethiopian Review should be banned! I just can’t understand what Al Mariam is doing as part of the board of ER. I can be sure he is not editing the articles. Even in a physical war at the front lines, there is discipline!

  27. Anonymous on

    Based on their names, the majority of these ambassadors seem Oromos and a few Amharas…I wonder why the evil midget chose these people, and decided to send them out of Ethiopia. Let’s hope these servants of dictator Meles, wake-up from their amnesia and come to their senses to stand on the side of their fellow Ethiopians.

  28. Anonymous on

    There is nothing new about these kinds of assignments in a dirty and bloody political gangsterism as far as the very harsh experience we came across almost for 1/4th of a century is concerned . There is no doubt that the question of the qualifications and capabilties of the assigned individuals do not matter at all.Whether one is a Dr. or professor or phildsopher or any other educational standard, he/she is bound to serve not the very interests of Ethiopia and its people but the very ugly political game of the ruling circle which is completely under an irrational, arrogant,immoral and evil-minded personalty.Is it not so dehumanizing and criminal to be assigned abroad and help one of the worst tyrants by justifying the its ruthless actions against its own innocent people?? Is it not terrible to see those so-called ambassadors working day and night to “convince” the host governments and people that the ruling party has to kill innocent citizens in order to stay in power ??

    One thing should be clear. And that is all these kinds of cruel political gamblings will come to an end sooner, notlater.

  29. Ashamed Ethiopian on

    I cannot believe my eyes. Is this what we have come to? How can you post such a disgraceful and filthy review? Is it not just politics? Do you have to attack these people by spreading false rumors? I hope when you are alone at night, you think about what you have said, and come to realize how awful it is.

  30. Anonymous on

    # Kifle Yimer, get lost!

    If you’re a true Ethiopian and not a woyane rifraf leqami, you should congratulate Elias who is doing a great job.

  31. Seyoum hopefully the AIDS will finish him off before he takes out the looted money and treasures. the stomach overgrowth possibly cancer will take care of Tekeda Alemu soon. Most of them have multiple diseases hopefully they all be gone soon.

  32. biddho hafash on

    It is shame and a disgrace that Ethiopia is to be represented by someone who does not have any integrity as an individual.Seyoum Mesfin is a person that hates people of any ethnicity beside tigrayan.He hates foremost any Amhara blooded and all Eritrean nationalists.He advocated relentlessly to continue the bloody conflict between Eritean people and the mercenary group weyanes.
    Everybody should be aware that like Sebhat Nega,seyoum Mesfin and other weyane loyalists that has left good government posts are not been demoted,simply they are going with millions of dollars to new assignments mostly to break the back bone of opposition groups.If as rumored if Seyum comes to D.C it will be to organize tigrayans.
    Weyanes you better know the diaspora is the territory of patriotic and heartful Ethiopian patriots and Eritrean nationalists,who are not tribalists,narrow minded and tools of any foreign powers, they are caring people who dearly love their country women and men.Like you corrupt greed manifested groups or organizations have no place in ddiaspora hearts and minds.Especially Eri-diaspora we are ready for you come try us you will pay dearly.We have not forgot you back-stubbers.go to hell weyanes::

  33. akam( on

    Selam Elias and all distinguished Board:

    Thank you for telling us, the Wayane- Dictator and Killer Government new Killing strategy. Indeed, The Wayane Government all they do is Destroying the The Ethiopianism. Seium Mesfin Is one of the brutal Forein minister who allowed the Arab nations will allow to do some cruel and inhumain act to my Ethiopian People. Seium Mesfin is collaborated with The “Meles Zenawi” Administration:

    Seium Mesfin is also subjec to death Sentence like, Like “Tariq Aziz” Iraq dictator allowed to murder a lot of Innocent Irqi. All Dectator must sentence death and must be hunging infront of the People of Ethiopia. Meskel Adebabay. Death To WAyane Groups.

    They MUst brought to Justice with out any dought.

    EthiopianReview is one of Diaspora’s Voice. Continue.. Congratulation..!! I am also proud Professor Al Mariam being Distinguished Board Member of “ER”.

    Wayane’s power will destroy very soon.

  34. selamta on

    Thanks to Obama, the ban on AIDS patients travelling to the United States has been already lifted.

  35. Viva Elias on

    Dear Elias,we all ethiopian lover proude of you. you are the one never change from your stand and always reliable. would you update us which coutries all these gangsters assigned. God bless u Elias

  36. Silte on

    Why did you delete my message about Tkeda Alemu and Seyoume Mesfin?WQhat is the problem with you?You claim your forum is the most tolerant medium than other forums.This evaluation is none other than selfserving.You have muzled my message twise in a row.

    1-The message on the “subject of weyane remittance”.

    2-The message on the subject of “new embassy persnnel”.

    As far as I know there is nothing vile language contained there. The only possible explanation is you must be whimscal,unpredictable,erratic and a bigot who occassionaly do this to spite some such as myself.Is your primery purpose in this forums the promotion of your little egao.

  37. Techane on

    There is no doubt about the HIV Aids case of Seum Mesfin.
    He was not only A polotical protustut he was also a simple Commercial sex worker dealing with all protustuts of Addis. When it comes to personal health issue, it is simple and is not personal health isue. It is a question of enfecting the hole ethiopian people becouse of his personal and political role he paly for the last 19 years.
    Let Seum Mesfin go to the hel. Let the HIV Aids take him soon.
    Elias kip going on with your carrere those who are barking are Seumes relatives or have interest with him. Afinchan selut Ayn Yaleksal newena

  38. Kassa on

    It is so disgusting some of you discuss personal health problem as an issue here. For that matter how do you know? This is out of line.. way out. Talk about problems in politics. The reflection is, it tells about the integrity of the person(s) making these comments. Please don’t go so low. I do not care about your political opinion.If you want to make difference in Ethiopian politics, be to the point. Who cares some EPDRF politician has this or that disease or not? I respect all genuine political opinions.

  39. Rabuma on

    I wonder if the writer of this article has a slight sense of reporter’s ethics. You are no better than the people you are talking about. That is why we never change, having many senseless people like you. Bringing personal issue to the table, what is your agenda anyway?

  40. wei good on

    The ‘heroine trafficking’ better be backed with facts as such accusation of a high level Ethiopian official is troubling, as it implicates the Nation in the dirtiest trade in the World. Folks can check this fact by contacting Interpol. I have to say this smells fish. Ethiopia is known to be a center for drug trafficking by the CIA,thanks to the far reach of State owned Airline. I doubt the Foreign Minister was personally and ‘knowingly’ involved, though i suspect that some of the Airline personnel are participants in this lucrative trade. The question is if those in power have access to billions of dollars( as is repeatedly stated in this this forum), why would such a top level individual( who seats on major boards like Ethiopian and others ) seek such a risky enterprise? Perhaps, there isn’t much corruption to speak of as is repeatedly stated by the major donors and International institutions.

    This forum is loosing its credibility by exposing, if true, the HIV status of such a prominent individual. Even if that is the case, thanks to Mr Bush, the United States govt gives medication to millions of Africans free or almost free and no one has to travel out of Ethiopia for treatment. I will think he will get anonymity by staying put and not entering the hostile DC environ

  41. kussa on

    Obviously, Mesfin is Melse’s errant boy to manage the billions of dollars that Meles and his wife have stashed away in US and Europe. In the hope that it will secure their livelihood, just in case something happens to get them out. In the mean time, Meles will stay in power with his adirbay cronies of amen corner, who sing in unison his unequivocal praises in his hallelujah choir. As everyone who visits that country honestly attest to it, far more than any time in it’s history, the income gap between the poor and the rich has grown wider in Ethiopia today. Hence, the people are bitter and divided, seeking scapegoat amongst themselves, even as Meles himself insinuated Rwanda style tragedy, anathema for the people of Ethiopia with rich history of tolerance. As we all know, development could not be measured by mortars and concrete alone, but by the heart of the people governed, living peacefully under just rule of law,where no one is above the law.

    For a long time, Ethiopians hoped and prayed that, nothing like the Derg will come upon them again. Obviously now, the people are not even sure what they have got. Some say we have got wolves in sheep’s clothing, in other words, ultra communist one party system, masquerading democracy and free enterprise. Yet, it is free for all, when it comes for their embezzlement of national treasure. Come on now, at least the Derg had the courage to show its true face. But these are classic chameleons and God forsaken charlatans, as most Ethiopians now view them. The fact of the matter is, they do not sem to care about the view of Ethiopian people.

    Hence,the misfortune is for the genuine Ethiopians, who have refused to be divided on the bases of gender, tribe, religion, or region, regardless of what the changing opportunistic masquerades are perpetrating on them in order to perpetuate their exploits. We pray courage to the people, for the day will come, just like it did to their predecessors, when these will also be forced to throw up everything they are guzzling up now. In the mean while,we need to attempt to resist dancing to the music of divide and conquer and then rule ( by hook or by crooke), these charlatans are playing. Rather embrace each other, despite their effort to issue us license to hate and despise each other. We have more in common than that divide us, and let us celebrate the differences and embrace the the similarities. Remember, if we insist on looking back and demanding “an eye for an eye”, then everyone will be be blind. The desire is to look forward with hope and expectation of a better day and not give up. Hulum yalfal iskyalf gin yalefal.

  42. Lucy in America on

    Lemma, dedeb weyane, why do you get upset? So many anti ethiopia’s elements will act as biggars ambassadors. These are shameless ppl.

  43. Dange on

    Comment #33 the fake name “Ethiopiyawiw”
    Elias is Ethiopian hero who is very strong in his integrity to expose Ethiopian # 1 enemies the Woyanes. Woyane is # 1 Ethiopian enemy! Meles Zenawi and Company i.e. all the Telalakewoch one day you will be tried in the court of law and get your judgment.

  44. Please, don’t report personal issues (like medical cases). Don’t you think there are many honest people who are suffering from different diseases/viruses? What type of message are you delivering for these people?


  45. HIV positive on

    I am an hiv positive and not a polotician! I would shoot you on the head before I die for the stigma and discrimination that you are dissiminating. I would have really done it if Weyane cooperates and gives me the gun. It would not have been difficult to find a ” YERGO ZINB ” like you in the USA.

  46. Gebeyaw on

    it looks something clumsy—-this thing? i’m very much bored with, what is the need to post personal issues with no value to brag about?
    I advise you to sit with your legs crossed, whatch yourself (what you post)with your heart floating aloaf like a chrub rolling on a cloud—then you will burst in to laughter amused with your poor imagination.

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