Meles Zenawi toys with TPLF honchos

Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi who has recently completed the transformation of his regime into a one-man-dictatorship is now toying with his former equals in the ruling TPLF  leadership by demoting them to mid- and low-level government posts. His latest move is the appointment of Abay Tsehay as manager of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation. Before the September reshuffle, Abay was a politburo member, minister of federal affairs, and national security adviser.

Earlier in the week, Meles appointed Industry Minister Arkebe Okubay as adviser to the prime minister, without any specific assignment, and former Foreign Affairs Minister Seyoum Mesfin is named ambassador to the U.N., which he has refused to accept. Seyoum reportedly wants to be ambassador to Washington if he is to be demoted from a cabinet position.

Meles is also going after the humiliated Sebhat Nega’s businesses. A government-owned construction company has recently filed a lawsuit against Wugagan bank, which is owned by Sebhat. Just a year ago, it was unthinkable to touch any of Sebhat’s enterprises. [read here]

Meanwhile, the despot has taken even greater security measures than before to protect himself. To start with, Meles has the most protection than any other African dictator. Currently, even when he holds meetings with top level officials, he is constantly surrounded by several nervous bodyguards who are ready to act in a split second against any threat.

15 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi toys with TPLF honchos

  1. Anonymous on

    Is true that thieves know and cooperate how to steal, but among them thieves there is always one who is greedy and want to take a larger share. And Melese and his stooges are a prime example

  2. Yohannes Ejigu on

    “Li NEGAH SIL YICHELMAL” There are many symptoms that are surfaced recently and internal battle are over flowing. Some big thing is brewing and I do not think that Meles can supress it. Such internal termoils are signs of the begning of the end. It will blast from within.
    Relax and watch!

  3. Mestewat on

    Folks: If what is reported here is true,and In as much as I disagree with the dictatorial and genocidal policies of Meles Zenawi, I think that this move in one way or the other, may not be bad, even if I can not at all contend that it is good.

    Even the Diaspora’s increasingly vigilant united opposition to the corruption and one man’s dictatorial rule as well as firm opposition to the dictator pampering foreign donors might have had its share effects on the decisions made.

    Mind you every thing affects every thing in today’s interconnected and ever so close world system. That is why we should never be passive, saying “who needs my support?” or “I am only one person, even other can do it.”

    As nature meant it and created, every single individual is absolutely valuable and counts.

    And when you put one on to top of each one, and all together, you get the mightiest force that can chain and bind even the mightiest super force that is keeping families, communities and nations helpless impoverished souls.

    After all, most of those those TPLF whispering back bench corrupt old hedonistic fossils are the very once who firmly tied Mele’s legs, hands, brain and tongues and in that manner made him ONLY their own private petty parrot puppet to promote and defend their sole shootings,looting and protection of the looted mountains of wealth while 80 million voiceless Ethiopians are starving to death.

    The honchos were knowingly and or unknowingly preparing Meles for the international criminal court just like Charles Taylor and Omar Al Bashir of Sudan, currently an outlaw wanted criminal, according to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

    By then when Meles is sitting in the jail of the International Criminal Court next to Charles Taylor’s cell,eating hard dry tooth breaking biscuits and thinking about the misfortunes of life, the hochos might have long evaporated in to the thin air together with their huge wealth, going to take sun and drinking absolute Vodka mixed with Battery, the popular energy drink as well as thinking about the good fortunes of life.:)

    But the question is now as to what Meles is going to do with his “liberated self.”

    Seyoum Mesfin refusing to accept the prestigious UN post? Hmm…

    If I were Meles I would have sent him to Zimbabwe as an ambassador so that Seyoum may also be able to practice part time farming activities close to that of ex-dictator Mengistu’s farming estate.

    What is Seyoum going to do in Washington other than part time conspiring and daily bad mouthing even Meles for his own personal self serving purposes. any there is no farm land over there in Washington like in the Afar region of Ethiopia or in Zimbabwe.

  4. Bellyu on

    Meles didn’t do any harm against his Tplf-comrades. He has rather gave them reliable living conditions. Those guys have accumulated billions dollars in cash and in kind. So he has replaced one Tplf by another Tplf and one Opdo by Opdo, one Debub by another Debub, etc.
    He has tried to polish his face by pretending to have changed something different. All of them were/are EPRDF-members. They were all under Meles command, and they are now under his command.

    From the whole scenario that wonders me is the special advisory appointment of Ato Erkebe Equbay.
    That means from the date of appointment on the Meles regime is or Meles is advised by Arkebe whether it is evil or good.
    So every evil or damage incurred by Meles to Ethiopian people will have the consent of Ato Arkebe.
    Ato Arkebe is the only Tplf member that is still popular outside of his party.
    To keep up his popularity Ato Arkebe is expected to raise issues concerning Ethiopian destiny in public, in the media, etc.
    Otherwise Arkebe will be regarded as the mouthpiece of Meles.
    To avoid this he has to express his thought publicly so that the people could distinguish the difference between the two.
    The next 6 months will show us how the new cabinet is functioning.
    Ethiopianess will prevail !

  5. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I tell you some of these people are hoping mad that the Goon is now romancing with the stones from other nationalities. I am getting a well-founded indication that is a really deep-seated bigotry exists among them. They are somewhat flabbergasted by the fact that heir to premiership is not picked from other than a person from the southern nationalities. I am stunned to hear that. ‘There is no tradition of leadership’ is one of the comments I heard from one of them. I thought narrow nationalists are just narrow in their assimilations and not those far chauvinists. It is a new lesson for me that narrow nationalists do grow to be chauvinists also. What do I know? I think they find being a bigot now is a fad and classy at this point of their ruling.

  6. tokechaw on

    Woyane is now becoming too big on the top and slim on the bottom. It is on one leg with heavy load of nepotism, corruption, misery, genocide, theft, denial, and we can call all the bad words. How hard woyane is protected by it’s pigs it will fall soonnnnn

  7. It is break time for all(“Ereft bittee” meles andalew). Even Meles has the “donkey work” given to his excellency servant hailemariam. Meles, get your comrades a rest but do not let them manage sugar factory, like you gave to Abay Tsehaye, because he is not qualfiied to run such schemes. I have never seen a politician sucessfully run a sugar factory like Abay.

  8. Colombo on

    Meles is tricking his old friends by saying in western world when top officlas resign from political life, they join a “private sector”. His decision against Abay Tsehaye falls in that grand scheme of sideling political oppenents who might be real or percieved threats in the future. The relationship with Abay TSehaye has never been an easy one. Abay, after being coerced , by CIA changed his alliance with Seye group and saved Meles from silent coup that was waged by Tewelde and Gebru Assrat. Since then, Abay was very vocal in this deep seated hatered against Eritreans and Meles’ soft stand when it comes to Eritrea.Abay Tsehaye as minister of Federal Affais was very ardent in his opposition of Meles’ plan to return confisicated propoerties owned by deported Eritreans. In addition to that Abay has been very detrmined to topple the sitting Eritrean regime and Abay was the main person who single handedly took the position of organizing the Eritrean opposition groups in Addis. Abay opposed the five point plan proposed by Meles to settle the Eritrean issue. So Meles was waiting an apportne time to get rid of him and assign him in a lucrative position -in this case in the sugar bussiness and later compile a case of corruption and and throw him to jail accusing him of getting cought his hand in the SUAGR JAR…..ABAY NOW IS FALLING TO THIS TIME HONORED MELES TRICK:-) MELES IS DOING ALL HE COULD TO GET RIC OF ALL THE OLD GOURDS AND REPLACES THEM WITH WEFCHO BEGOCH OF THE SOUTH:-)

  9. Tesfa on

    It may just be a move to give the mini goons more time to manage their looted money abroad. An exit strategy so to speak for the old guard. Don’t be surprised to see some if not all of these goons in a neighbourhood near you.

  10. mekber on

    God is dismantling this junta. The most tribal and Amhara haters are not holding any meaningful positions today not including MELES and Azeb.

  11. The good news is that there is a wide spread mistrust among Tigrians and one could take him out of the picture

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