Bereket Simon in action (video)

As expected, Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon wasted no time to respond to New York Times report about Haile Gebreselassie’s reason for retiring. Within a few minutes after the New York Times report appeared online, we can guess that Bereket have summoned to his office both Haile and his manager Jos, and given them a tongue lashing, followed by threats of serious consequences unless both refute the report in a convincing way. Watch the drama below. Haile had a choice — to be a freeman and accept the consequences, or to be a slave to Woyanne. He chose to be a slave.

Report by ESAT

19 thoughts on “Bereket Simon in action (video)

  1. Don’t say that he is slave. If he loves his country he has to remain slave. If I were him, I would not invest therer. Set up ngo and make a difference, that is it.

    Weyane has caused chaos on Ethiopians. Down with Weyane.

  2. frustrated from houston on

    what the…………. what is she talking about………it even doesn’t make sense, indeed it is the work of dedebit’s finest work. ha ha ha

  3. Tazabi on

    How about the following:
    Let us say he already choosed to be a slave, so he wont give any negative comment concerning the ruling party.If his manager did, haile wont accept him as a manager again.
    In other way round, if we assume that he didn’t choose to be a slave, so he wont deny any comment that he gave.
    If haile is somewhere in between, his side will be cleare sooner or later. Cheers !

  4. Almazzea on

    Prior to the event we heard Haile Gebreselasie was under trenmendous political pressure from Azeb Mesfin. She has been hounding him for his agreement with Honda car company, she wanted him to lose Honda project for EFFORT. However, Honda car company told Woyanne they do not want to make deal with a conmpany favored by the government, they wanted to give Haile the chance to advance in life.

  5. mengesha on

    You think you know what is better for Haile than him self? You amaze me, you are one shameless sick rabid animal.Listen, you are failing every day and more and more people are knowing who you are.Soon you will be left alone only with Tamagne,Abebe and birhanu nega.

  6. Betegbar Yechala on

    Well as sad as this report is Haile made his bed and he should lie in it. The New York times would not make a story up. His Manager should have known better. He took a chance and he should stop fibbing it want help his case anyway. The story is out and you can not spin it even if they try.

    I just hope Haile will really deal with reality and stand up and get counted if he wants the respect of the people other wise he will be seen as a shoo in and a spinless man who is afraid of his own shadow and only interested in money with no integrity. So Haile no one is asking you to sacrifice yourself, but to say that the NY Times is will not do you good. Tell your manager that he blew it and that he is in Ethiopia which is a Dictatorship, and dictators don’t take it lighly when they are criticized. that the truth does lie somewhere in this report but you are not in a position to comment on it. Ha ha ha.

  7. girum t. mariam on

    Ato Elias,
    Why you run away from Ethiopia? why didn’t you “take” the consequence by fighting inside Ethiopia? … easy to say anything from abroad.

  8. Anonymous on

    Coment#6 – It’s better to stay with Tamagn, Birhanu, and Abebe than staying with people of your kind. You and your likes are thinking with your ass-holes instead of your minds. Long live Elias down with askeyami ben and kiletamu Nigussie w/mariam. kindibun mansatim ayasfeligim.

  9. You have a nerve! on

    #6, you are simply laughable and pathetic. You cannot deny the truth that you are on the side of evil people who have committed horrific crimes on Ethiopians. The people you have mentioned: Tamagne, Abebe, Birhanu Nega and the likes of them are patriotic Ethiopians and law abiding citizens that never committed a crime. You accept it or not the truth is that 80 million Ethiopians are on the side of Tamagne, Elias and the likes them than on the side of TPLF.

  10. This is a spin from the spinster Meles. But look at the lie fabrication and how they were pushed into recanting their words on intimidation. BUT THE MAIN THING THAT IS BEING KEPT HIDDEN FROM ETHIOPIANS IS THE PHONE TAPPING SO THAT PEOPLE WOULD NOT HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF WHAT THEY TALK OVER THE PHONE AND WRITE ON THE EMAIL. EVEN THE TRANSLATION OF JOS “I DIDN’T SAY PHONE TAPPING” WAS TRANSLATED AS “POLITICAL PRESSURES” HAHAHAHA THIS NEWS HAS OPENED THE EYE OF ETHIOPIANS TO TAKE CARE OF WHAT THEY TALK OVER THE PHONE AND EMAIL WHICH IS THE GOLDEN SOURCE OF THE INTELLIGENCE FOR THE TPLF SECURITY. Why is that Meles and Isayas think that CIA, HRW, Diaposra and everything under the sun is after them. For Mengistu, Meles and Isayas, the agenda of the imperialists USA and EU is endless nightmare.

  11. Developement without freedom on

    Weyenes have stolen aid money,election and commited many many other crimes. If they intmidiate Haile, what is new?

  12. i hope what they said is true. i hope he gets to see what is like to be pushed by tugs. he chose to ignore the what is being done to people by the dictator he is supporting so why should we care about what happens to him. i hope they take more than a land from him and make him see what is like to be pushed by woyane.

  13. Shaebia on

    Mengesha #6….. you are deluded and live in Meles-Bereket’s bubble. Can’t you even look at yourself here?…. The odd one out!! You seem to get carried away with that….. just because your Mafia boss Meles intimidated & silenced the people Ethiopia and stole their voice ….. It makes you believe that you can speak on ehalf of the people. Get the grip, hod’-ader….. You can’t even speak for your non-existant conscious apart from speaking for your sesetam HOD. Just keep filling up your stomach…. & no wonder you use your stomach to think with. DEDEB HODAM!!!

  14. korerima on

    ato elias ,,,edahn kefelk wey ,,so many dollars,,,,,esay
    tesfa kortehal,,,n u desrve for it,,

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