Solomon Takalign cashing in on Woyanne butt-kissing

By Elias Kifle

When singer Solomon Tekalign went to Eritrea to visit Ethiopian opposition groups (see the video here) 3 years ago he was in dire financial straits. He was literally begging friends for money. Right after he returned from the Eritrea trip, suddenly cash started to flow into his hands from “invisible” sources. Within a few months, he bought a 4-bedroom single family home in Atlanta, as well as a brand new Hummer ($40,000).

[Below is a photo of Solomon Tekalign’s 4 bedroom house at 1096 Carriage Trace Cir. Stone Mountain, GA (fully paid off)]
Solomon Tekalign house in Atlanta

Then suddenly he packed his bag and flew to Ethiopia. When he returned, he started to sing to Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon’s tune by launching an attack on opposition groups and any one who opposed the Woyanne ruling junta led by Meles Zenawi.

As the May 2010 fake election approached, Solomon released a new song praising and admiring Meles Zenawi’s eyebrows (qendib). Singing a love song to Meles meant more rewards.

[The third house at 1228 Carriage Trace Cir. in Stone Mountain, GA, that Solomon Tekalign is currently buying with cash]
Solomon Tekalign house in Atlanta
[Photos by Ethiopian Review’s Intelligence Unit]

Solomon now owns 3 cars (Jeep, Hummer, and Mercedes Benz 500) and 3 houses (a town house, a 4-bedroom house, and a 6-bedroom house) with an income of about $50 per day that he gets by making illegal copies of music CDs.

Solomon Tekalign is a good case study of how Woyanne is successfully co-opting and neutralizing its opponents through bribery with money looted from the poor people of Ethiopia.

I hope the U.S. law enforcement authorities who specialize in corruption look into this case since such corruption is undermining the Ethiopian community in North America and also it is a violation of U.S. laws.

Solomon and other hodams are feasting on Ethiopia’s treasure that is looted from children like this girl below who scavenge and eat trash at Addis Ababa city dump to survive.
Ethiopian children surviving on trash

69 thoughts on “Solomon Takalign cashing in on Woyanne butt-kissing

  1. Kebede on

    Let God show us their(him and lidetu) punishment soon. Why I lie, they robbed not only our money but also our courage, our trust,our hope… But what is being human for him and his likes. These ‘ pendulems’ are killing us. It’s a shameful act to sell nationality

  2. Ittu Aba Farda on

    IRS or FBI can get to the bottom of this affair with this guy. If he cannot prove that he had earned the fund he uses to buy the houses through legal means, then he had a serious problem in his hand. If FBI or IRS cannot prove that he made the fund by way of a registered business and paid proper taxes on his earnings, this scab has to explain how, when and where he got the money. Both FBI and IRS should be given this guy’s recent history of political alignment so they can trace his financial transactions history. If they can prove that he has been provided with financial assistance by the Ethiopian Regime, then he will considered a foreign government agent. Then he will be in deep creek where he will not be able to wade out of it that easily. In fact, he either will be thrown out of the country or his fat ass will be thrown into a slammer for a long time. That is tantamount to espionage. By the way, I just google his name and his pictures show he is so fat. Now wonder why he needs all that many to fill that big stomach of his. He may just blow up from hypertension or Hyperglycemia.

  3. Gelmo Kurra on


    It has been over thirty years since I camw to the USA and for most of the time I have been isolated and with no contacts with Ethiopians. I think I have an idea as to Solomon is but to be sure I have to aee his picture could you print his picture. Thank you for the good work you are doing.myz

  4. HakimGara on

    This will help.

    How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

    If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 3949-A. You may fill out Form 3949-A online, print it and mail it to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Fresno, CA 93888

  5. HakimGara on

    One more….

    Please use this website to report suspected terrorism or criminal activity. Your information will be reviewed promptly by an FBI special agent or a professional staff member. Due to the high volume of information that we receive, we are unable to reply to every submission; however, we appreciate the information that you have provided.

  6. Response to Dawit ( cOMENTATOR # 41)

  7. This is all crap, pure 100% jealous.He went the other way,let him go.He is Innocent until proven guilty.

  8. Tazabi99 on

    I have seen the same rate before and no surprise her.It’s just a shame how this selfish hodam betrays the heroic fighters who are paying their dear lives. I don’t think he has any morale in him. There are a lot like him and we just need to watch them.

  9. This guy has to be investigated by the IRS and FBI because we should able to know where this money come from? as far as we know he has no job or any source of income. I hope they will look in to this matter.

  10. Shaebia on

    Tizibt #9 …. Don’t be naive sister,…… There ain’t no place as corrupt as the USA….. only thing is that corruption is somehow legally operate in the very corridors of the Capitol Hill where hundreds of lobbyist buy out congressmen by-passing the people who elected them so as to help pass bills written by the lobbyists themselves. They show us here on Channel 4 in UK and it amazes us how they manage to get away with that while the US public, for the most part, are kept busy or entertained with news of Paris Hilton, Porno and etc…. While they get away with murderous corruption almost everyday. Ofcourse Solomon Tekalign brought money from elsewhere and bought a houses and assorted cars and that is only gonna help boost their ailing economy. The US ain’t fools who would commit suicide by investigating Solomon. They will, however, will get him oneway or another …. Not on corruption charge but other excuse to get their hand on his I’ll-gotten wealth.
    Weyane will sooner or later crumble like a cookie and Solomon will be doomed along with his weyane master. His existance is directly connected to that of weyane’s.
    The struggle is always bitter but the victory will be sweet.

  11. #41 the barbarian on

    #56, I agree with you. #41 is a typical heartless woayne who has no conscience.
    There shouldn’t be any kind of excuse for little girls and little boys to work as garbage collectors in full of bacteria and disease filled garbage dumb. I am pretty sure, #41 wouldn’t want to see his own kids pass by that area, let alone collect garbage in their bare hands. It is in humane and totally unacceptable. My heart aches for these young Ethiopians of tomorrow.

  12. People,

    We better organize and fight for both the diaspora, empower US then empower our people in Ethiopia against Weyane. Solomon might be recruiting people to spy one us for Weyane and who is who in order to endanger our people in Ethiopia.

    We the diaspora are no different just because we don’t directly take stolen money from Weyane. The fact that we are indifferent, unlike ER and Elias so far, we just don’t care what happens in Ethiopia. By keeping silent and by not being active here in the diaspora, we are perpetuating the oppression of Weyane in Ethiopia. Our indifference has resulted even here in the Diaspora, Weyane is beating us from left and right influencing U.S foreign policy, putting spies all around us causing us to mistrust eachother, you name it. It is a shame we are beaten even in the Diaspora!

  13. Katanga on

    Great work Elias!! Another case study that would be of interest is that of Kemer Youssuf. Kemer is a talented Oromo singer who used to live in Toronto till 2008/09. He didn’t have a fixed address, at one time he was living in a government subsidized housing; and he was struggling to make ends meet. Now he is lured by Woyane has become a big shot; got involved in real-estate business, and other stuff. Woyane is simply buying people who thinks could undermine its opponents, or perpetuate its image.

  14. Hi moderator,
    I don’t understand why you ommitted my comments which are true and could be verified by your aides in Ethiopia, Oromia region? If it is because of someone in his life who shouldn’t be directly mentioned for Solomon’s character, then, I will accept that.

  15. Kitkit on

    so far,Ethiopians are doing so good at exposing those cheap hodams,such as solomon Tekaligne.This hodam is a typical semi-literate who can not even differnetiate between good and bad;very simple yet a daunting task for him too see good things through the mind of his eyes;if he has health eyes.

  16. Geremew on

    Solomon Tekalign = a typical HODAM who betrays his people for the hummers and the houses awarded by the kindibu yamarew.
    shame on him! he is talking too much and too loud right now to defend his transgressions, but sooner or later, his conscious will speak to him and his expensive cars and houses will not save him, not even qindibu yamarew!

    He should be ashamed of himself!

  17. ተክለሀይማኖት ነኝ on

    ተክለሀይማኖት ነኝ
    ሰሌን ተውት ያመነበትን ሰርቶ ወኔ የሌለዉ ትውልድ
    ውስጥ ይንደላቀቅ
    እኛም እየተቸንው ሌላ ትውልድ ይተካ
    ወንድማ ቢኖር ኖሮ—–

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