Solomon Takalign cashing in on Woyanne butt-kissing

By Elias Kifle

When singer Solomon Tekalign went to Eritrea to visit Ethiopian opposition groups (see the video here) 3 years ago he was in dire financial straits. He was literally begging friends for money. Right after he returned from the Eritrea trip, suddenly cash started to flow into his hands from “invisible” sources. Within a few months, he bought a 4-bedroom single family home in Atlanta, as well as a brand new Hummer ($40,000).

[Below is a photo of Solomon Tekalign’s 4 bedroom house at 1096 Carriage Trace Cir. Stone Mountain, GA (fully paid off)]
Solomon Tekalign house in Atlanta

Then suddenly he packed his bag and flew to Ethiopia. When he returned, he started to sing to Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon’s tune by launching an attack on opposition groups and any one who opposed the Woyanne ruling junta led by Meles Zenawi.

As the May 2010 fake election approached, Solomon released a new song praising and admiring Meles Zenawi’s eyebrows (qendib). Singing a love song to Meles meant more rewards.

[The third house at 1228 Carriage Trace Cir. in Stone Mountain, GA, that Solomon Tekalign is currently buying with cash]
Solomon Tekalign house in Atlanta
[Photos by Ethiopian Review’s Intelligence Unit]

Solomon now owns 3 cars (Jeep, Hummer, and Mercedes Benz 500) and 3 houses (a town house, a 4-bedroom house, and a 6-bedroom house) with an income of about $50 per day that he gets by making illegal copies of music CDs.

Solomon Tekalign is a good case study of how Woyanne is successfully co-opting and neutralizing its opponents through bribery with money looted from the poor people of Ethiopia.

I hope the U.S. law enforcement authorities who specialize in corruption look into this case since such corruption is undermining the Ethiopian community in North America and also it is a violation of U.S. laws.

Solomon and other hodams are feasting on Ethiopia’s treasure that is looted from children like this girl below who scavenge and eat trash at Addis Ababa city dump to survive.
Ethiopian children surviving on trash

69 thoughts on “Solomon Takalign cashing in on Woyanne butt-kissing

  1. this fool solomon swap his entire life and existance for a house and car to spend sleepless night for the rest of his life he is now officially the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  2. Lalibela on

    This is so obvious. My god!

    I wonder where and how Negussie Woldemariam lives. I would be very interested to know.

  3. Solomon Tekaleng is the poster child for all Hodams. He is an easy diagnosis though unlike others whose intricate motives live on dangerously for decades. First, his Hodamenet is self-defeating, but the day his moronic activities cause some serious damage, he’ll disappear due to his guilty conscience and lack of discipline. If you compare him to the likes of Mesfin Woldemariam and Birihanu Baye of the Dergue, who played multiple agent roles for several goverments, however, Solomon comes out as የፒያሳ ሳምቡሳ, a man whose existence revolves around comfort, good meal and the bathroom. Hodam.

  4. Wondimu Mekonnen on

    Solomon is hod-amlaku. Now he has gained all that money, for sure he is going to over eat and either explode or die of diabetics. Just watch.

  5. Anonymous on

    Thanks Elias, Great work!

    How nauseating and disgusting! It is because of traitors greedy people like Solomon Takalign that have sold their souls to the devil, why our country is in the situations it is in. The likes of soulless Solomon Takalign are literally snatching food from the mouths of poor Ethiopian children. I wonder what these disgraceful Ethiopians who live large and beyond their means with the stolen money….think when they see and hear about the twelve million Ethiopians that are expected to die for a lack of piece of bread and a cup of water a day. Solomon Takalign and the likes of him and those who eat and dine with the looters should know that they are eating the flesh of poor Ethiopians and drinking the blood of poor Ethiopians. Ethiopians need to distance themselves from people like Solomon and the other hodam that built a five million dollar house with the blood and sweat of Ethiopian people.

  6. It is very obvious this fool have no brain in that ( ankola shaped) head of his. What he uses to think and live is his QELIQELO belly that sold it’s soul. ” AYINEGA MESILOAT BEQUAT ——, BINEGA MADIRESHA ATACH” ENDETEBALEW, YACHI QEN SITIMETA ESUN AYADIRIGEGN. Solomon< ahun tilahim telatih new ! Ye misikinu hizib eniba ena Ye Ethiopia amilak yiferidibihal ::

  7. Yineger on

    Elias you are doing a good job,and you should let the FBI or the IRS know about this corrupt individual like the case of the ESFNA.It needs to be done.Where did he get all the money to have all this?

  8. Tizibt on

    I wonder if the US laws apply to corruption cases outside of the United States. I am sure people coming into the States with money to invest in real estate or other businesses are welcome since the US is unaware where the money comes from, i.e. wealth acquired by corrupt individuals. However Ethiopianreview is commendable since it draws the world’s attention to the corrupt practices of the Ethiopian government. It is a step in the right direction to expose Solomon Tekaligne as you have done, so that the US realizes what Meles is doing with the money they and their partners give to Ethiopia as aid. This is why I have been admonishing those Ethiopians who react to news on this website about Meles’ corrupt and evil rule, as if he is being accused wrongfully.

  9. erribey agere on

    Guys the Ethiopian people have to be made aware of this. TPLF is embezzling our recource and paying lobysts agents of spy networks and cheap greedy people like Solomon Tekalign and Niguissie Weldemariyam just to buy support from the international community and Ethiopians in the diaspora.

    The money they are spending could feed some of the childern who faint in classrooms because of hunger. Whatkind of evil animals are leading us. It is so sad Solomon could bark about the ugly eyebrows of Melez Zenawi but he can not make us love TPLF the child killer.

  10. T. Goshu on

    Folks, the money from the bloody politics is expected to be paid to those self- dehumanized persons like Solomon. By the way, I do not think singer Solomon has been a man of rationale and morality in the real sense of the terms. This guy is absolutely one of the persons who are vulnerable to the very disgracful and dirty behaviors. These kinds of people reveal their real or hidden behaviors during the time of challenges -and that is to say that they have no any sense of shame when they totally sell themselves for the sake of filling up their bellies. This is not a new phenomenon .I do not think we need to go back to the horrible times of Hitler, Mussolini, and all other heads of states and governments who ruled and are ruling with their brutal machines. Simply put, people like Solomon have done and are doing any dirty job for those terrible regimes. And the porblem is that once they start “injoing” the material inerest they are offered, they become more intosicated and injoy the crime they commit.

    Any way, we have to beware of the fact that these small-minded and evil-guided persons can be used by their masters to shot down people of reason and big thinking. That is why we need to fight these kinds of deadly behaviors with no reservation.

  11. Eritreawi on

    It is sad to see very few Ethiopian diaspora sellouts would manage to neutralize hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians with the support of Melles and his tribal cohorts.

    This is an indictment on Ethiopians in the diaspora, how can a diaspora society with the so many intellectuals and hard working people not be able to organize and do their part in stopping the destruction of their country by a minority junta with little to no support inside or outside Ethiopia?

    Ethiopian patriots in the diaspora should look themselves in the mirror, learn from their mistakes, shortcomings and organize to shake the Melles junta from its foundation. Ethiopian intellectuals should shed their narrow thinking and organize every Ethiopian without regard to ethnicity or religion under one umbrella to help the people of Ethiopia who are under Woyanne occupation.

    If the Ethiopian diaspora don’t wake up and do their part, they will one day wake up and see their country owned by foreigners, the process has started already, millions of acres of fertile land is being sold to foreigners, this has a far reaching consequence than most Ethiopians in the diaspora imagine. Time to wake up, organize, know your enemy and unite to bring down the Woyanne junta who are in the process of selling Ethiopia to the highest bidder.

  12. Getachew Z Atl on

    I know Solomon since he came to Atl some years ago. We had good relationship until he was blinded by the Atl Woyanes. I am sure Solo the Woyane remembers me. After the bloodshed election, some brave Atl people got together and formed Atl Kinjit. a friend of mine and I went to his fake shop looking for a copy of his song that every one admired. I am sure every one remembers that. He gave us two copies and told us that he will do any thing to get rid of Woyane. We were proud of him. Look at him now, he can’t even face us. we don’t see him in the barbiques, weddings, etc. Even if he is there, no one think that a human being seats next to them. Solo the Woyane, you should be ashamed of yourself. you sold the ethiopian people. Getachew

  13. Dereje on

    Why don’t you report him to the FBI. It looks like ER Intelligence Unit has all the evidence. You got to destroy all hodams one at a time.

  14. Solomon looks like PIG on

    This pig is good for nothing. As a matter of fact he is not even a singer, he is just leflafi and akrari. He dont deserve to be noticed, because he is so miniature and very very insignificant insect.

  15. goitom on

    Let him eat and then he is going to be eaten by the security force of Ethiopia. I can assure you that he will be eradicated soon by his master.That is what all I have about him till now. Who needs this kinds of trash,we do not need him too.

  16. Tazabi on

    Solomon tekalgne’s allaince with weyanes begun just before his trip to Eritrea….it was carefully designed that he visits and get much attention and letter discredit arbegnoch….and offcialy join weyanes..!!
    He was given more than two hundred thausand to sing for \meles

  17. tekola on

    Excellent research work. We are proud of you Elias. History will put you as a fighter for the victims of Woyane such as the little Girl you posted here eating garbage.

    God bless you our brother!

  18. Mimi Geresu on

    LOL @ Nigussie Woldemaryam getting TPLF supporters.

    Chimpanzee faced Nigussie and his slave master Belai Habeteyesus are getting TPLF undying enemies. Most of the DC area might have remained apathetic to Ethiopian cause if these two were not pushing them for action. Chimpa Nigussie would have done much damage by being with the Opposition. I am very much happy he and the other idiot, Yoseph, who can not put two words together are with TPLF. THey are indeed a blessing in disguise.

  19. Jininu on

    Elias, I think it is possible to give this evidence to the IRS. In the US law, one has to pay a tax for any kind of income. I am sure, with a $50 daily income, he can’t own all of these paid off assets. Some seems to be some illegal action. We have to report this case to the IRS.
    #9, there seems to be something you dont get it. Every foreigner investor doesnt do money laundaring. They bring their money legally and officially. But this guy, along with the woyanes must have done something illegal.

  20. Kitkit on

    Obviously,it is not a case like start late finish rich;it is the case of one hodam who sold his entire dignity for material reward;a reward for backing the most hated regime of Meles Naziawi.Solomon Tekaligne is a living dead who walks on the victimes of Meles Naziawi.

    Solomon Tekaligne is not a man;for sure.His life will never get off the ground because,for now,he might think he on the top of his narrow world;in planet-Z,everything is built on sand and it is temporary,so also,the life of Solomon Tekaligne.When Zinawians’ regime demolished,so will Solomon Tekaligne’s house get demolished.

    Well,Solomon Tekaligne is a criminal by virtue of his association with the criminals who are currently murdering and lootng Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

    It is better for a parent losing his son than raising a son like solomon Tekaligne.

  21. Ethiopians from Germany on

    Elias Kifle – You are a wonderfull Ethiopian. Berta Bro. Pls bring this Hodam to the USA court. No sleep, No selam for the Hodams!!!

  22. It is an open secerete how Solomon become from “hero” to Zero in a matter of few months.

    It was better to have nothing and be remain respected thru out his life instead of getting some money by betraying his people and his country.

    He is sleepless in the remaining parts of his life beacuse he is looting the poor Ethiopian farmers money with the help of woyane

  23. Senayit on

    Thank you Elias for the information. You exposed him well to be clearly known by the people of Ethiopia. We expect more from you!

  24. elias thank you for exposing the truth about solomon and his corruption relation with the current ethiopian ethno apathied criminal leaders. I hope FBI will come after solomon to investigate the source of his income as we live in the country here in the usa where rule of law is above everyone and i am sure the us law enforcement group would apperciate such kind of valuable information to carry out thier investigation…..

  25. Teshome on

    This is a classic case of “money stolen from starving people in poor countries given to emissaries in rich countries”. Somebody can take this case to the local law enfrcement agency or even to FBI. Solomon might have been granted legal residence in USA through political asylem. Now, if it is proved he is an agent of the Ethiopian government, that would mean he had lied when he applied for asylum. Further more, his source of income should be investigated. It could be money laundering.

  26. Tezebet on

    First and for must I feel sad and sometimes it makes me mad when we talk about this guy. He is one illiterate who doesn’t even spell his name correctly. For Ethiopian politics or opposition Solomon is irrelevant please guys don’t give him any credit and waste your valuable time… there are a lot of capable people out there who can change Ethiopian life and we should help them. People like him always exist since the birth of human. They will be many in the future. Money is evil thing, especially people like him has no academic background, very poor, and has no soul or doesn’t know what is shame is. Don’t take me wrong there are a million Ethiopian poor and undedicated, but never sell their soul for temporary comfort.

  27. Zekarias on

    Dear Elias,

    May the Lord’s name be praised for true and heroic Ethiopians such as yourself, Eskinder Nega and many others.

    It is good to expose such shameless people like Solomon. But, we need to go beyond that and seek justice by contacting Transparency International and the like.

  28. I think Solomon is a smart man. He has served the opposition when that was the fashion. Now he has matured,it is time to make money. Where can he get a better deal than support a corrupted government.

  29. wel/wel the 3rd on

    Tnks Ato Elias about the sad and sold out puppets such as Solomon’s dirt laundry information. I have also simiar info to share that’s not any more a secret. A lots of tgrains who are woyane’s elite family members and others by paying handsome bribes are immigrating to the west (especialy to north America, such places like Boltimore,MD)as Eritean refugees. That is defrauding a honest tax payers like you and me. Even some of them when they reach to their final destination as illegal immigrants, apply as Eritreans for asylum. Because they are familiar with the language, culture and close to the boarder to Eritrea (what a worst nightmare to be a crooks nieghbour!), it’s not that hard for them to predend, twist and strech the truth. After all, they are in control of the Ethiopian legal,(if there is any) poletical and fanincial system! Further more, the students who reported for poletical deceptions as Eritreans attending at the Ethiopians universties are infact Tgrians, with the exceptions of the few Eritrean puppets’ family members. One of the founding Eritrean father, the beloved Abona ato Weldeab Weldemariam once quoted “kserkeni zreakuwos kmelseley neyamno” which roughly means it is hard expecting repayment from someone once defrauded you. Tody’s Ethiopia shakers and movers can say or do as they wish and sadly go away with it like usual busness!
    As you mentioned i hope too, the U.S authorities who specializes in corruption look into this case.

  30. Elias,
    Why waste time on this loser? tell us about people who are making huge contribution to our community. or tell us about those who are killing woyanes so they can inspire us in continuing our struggle. This big pig is no good for nothing and do not give a time and space in your website. However, to those who live in Atlanta, How could you let this hodam gather this wealth? you should not step into his store and buy his stolen item. make him lose his business and see if you can afford to stay in this house. it is my dream to see him on street of LA so i can spit on his face.

  31. martha on

    I wish if u guys report to IRS. Because from where did he get this much amount of money? Is tax paid for this money? Was all this money registered while he was filing his tax return? if not it is a federal crime. It need critical investigation by the government and IRS specialists.
    First source of the money
    second Issues associated with tax and similar stuffs
    Bravo Ethiopian review ,it is an excellent investigative journalism

  32. To the Editor of this website:

    See you are such a hypocrite that you even lack the courage to post a view that challenges the credibility of the information disseminated through your website. You do not have the moral authority to demand democracy or free press, as you are a coward even to entertain a view that differs from yours. I challenged you that in the picture posted above, there is no indication that the girl is eating trash and nor there is an indication that there is trash food in the heap of garbage. It appears that it is a trash full of mainly fabric materials. The people appear to collect the trash for recycling in return for a certain amount of cash as it is currently practiced in some parts of the country. The information contained in your website is mainly based on heresays and inuandos to promote the intersts of certain political groups. How can a sane and rational person consideer your website as a credible source of information. Given your issue of credibility, how can one trust you that the above shown/listed property belongs to Solomon? Even so, what evidence do you have that the source of funding for the property procured is Woyanne?

  33. Elias great like always even though this guaguncher is no more worth even as a humanbeing he is simply a rotten egg

  34. This guy is most likely buying houses for TPLF leaders.All these houses and cars are not his properties.You know TPLF leaders are diverting money that is donated to Ethiopia by America,Canada and Europian countries in to their own pocket. Leaders of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front(TPLF)are direct recipient of Foreign Aid,it is not the people of Ethiopia.

  35. K Bekele on

    Is there any limit when one turns into a traitor? Selling his heart for 30 pieces of silver. The younger brother of Judah who sold Jesus to his killers. Judas has come back in a different persona. From the grave, Judah has chosen Solomon Tekalign for his reincarnation. And so Solomon Tekalign betrayed us, Ethiopia and most of all-his own soul. For what? For money. According to Ethiopian review, Solomon Tekalign has miraculously turned into the owner of three cars and three houses. All after he sold his soul not long ago and bowed to the killer dictators in Ethiopia.

    Solomon has no shame. His conscious is dead. He killed it with three cars and three houses. Solomon is just a dead animal walking around and playing with his toys. The toys he got from Zenawi. It won’t work though. Since he is in pain and shame. And in denial. How long Solomon is going to continue his new life in shame? No one knows.

    Solomon Tekalign, What a shame! Who is next?

  36. Leba leleba on

    Dawit #41,
    You are one of the most insane, insensitive, irrational, unsympathetic, cold-blooded and senseless individual. You lack good judgment and have no room to criticize Elias or anyone else. Molacha leba!

  37. Anonymous on

    The house looks haunted. It has no Life. You can feel the evil spirit. A hodam devil leaves in it.

  38. Thank you Elias for yuor Investigative Jornalism. I wish we had other dedicated Journalists like you.
    By the way I do not think it worths your time to write an article on individual who does not have a brain.

  39. One thing this and others like solomon are given to us by the Woyane regime as a way of wasting our valuable time. These are the topics of today and tomorrow.if we are wasting time on this kind of nonsense when are we going to have a dialoge about the future? This is the assignment that they gave us. When we discuss on the minor issue like this one,the major challenge will be left behind the burner.I know we Ethiopians are at half sleep. Let us wake up and discuss the future.
    I am not disputing that we do not be aware about the traitors of Ethiopia. But, we have to treat it like a news and move on other buring issues that we have to tackle today and tomorrow.

  40. Kebede on

    Let God show us their(him and lidetu) punishment soon. Why I lie, they robbed not only our money but also our courage, our trust,our hope… But what is being human for him and his likes. These ‘ pendulems’ are killing us. It’s a shameful act to sell nationality

  41. Ittu Aba Farda on

    IRS or FBI can get to the bottom of this affair with this guy. If he cannot prove that he had earned the fund he uses to buy the houses through legal means, then he had a serious problem in his hand. If FBI or IRS cannot prove that he made the fund by way of a registered business and paid proper taxes on his earnings, this scab has to explain how, when and where he got the money. Both FBI and IRS should be given this guy’s recent history of political alignment so they can trace his financial transactions history. If they can prove that he has been provided with financial assistance by the Ethiopian Regime, then he will considered a foreign government agent. Then he will be in deep creek where he will not be able to wade out of it that easily. In fact, he either will be thrown out of the country or his fat ass will be thrown into a slammer for a long time. That is tantamount to espionage. By the way, I just google his name and his pictures show he is so fat. Now wonder why he needs all that many to fill that big stomach of his. He may just blow up from hypertension or Hyperglycemia.

  42. Gelmo Kurra on


    It has been over thirty years since I camw to the USA and for most of the time I have been isolated and with no contacts with Ethiopians. I think I have an idea as to Solomon is but to be sure I have to aee his picture could you print his picture. Thank you for the good work you are doing.myz

  43. HakimGara on

    This will help.

    How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

    If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 3949-A. You may fill out Form 3949-A online, print it and mail it to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Fresno, CA 93888

  44. HakimGara on

    One more….

    Please use this website to report suspected terrorism or criminal activity. Your information will be reviewed promptly by an FBI special agent or a professional staff member. Due to the high volume of information that we receive, we are unable to reply to every submission; however, we appreciate the information that you have provided.

  45. Response to Dawit ( cOMENTATOR # 41)

  46. This is all crap, pure 100% jealous.He went the other way,let him go.He is Innocent until proven guilty.

  47. Tazabi99 on

    I have seen the same rate before and no surprise her.It’s just a shame how this selfish hodam betrays the heroic fighters who are paying their dear lives. I don’t think he has any morale in him. There are a lot like him and we just need to watch them.

  48. This guy has to be investigated by the IRS and FBI because we should able to know where this money come from? as far as we know he has no job or any source of income. I hope they will look in to this matter.

  49. Shaebia on

    Tizibt #9 …. Don’t be naive sister,…… There ain’t no place as corrupt as the USA….. only thing is that corruption is somehow legally operate in the very corridors of the Capitol Hill where hundreds of lobbyist buy out congressmen by-passing the people who elected them so as to help pass bills written by the lobbyists themselves. They show us here on Channel 4 in UK and it amazes us how they manage to get away with that while the US public, for the most part, are kept busy or entertained with news of Paris Hilton, Porno and etc…. While they get away with murderous corruption almost everyday. Ofcourse Solomon Tekalign brought money from elsewhere and bought a houses and assorted cars and that is only gonna help boost their ailing economy. The US ain’t fools who would commit suicide by investigating Solomon. They will, however, will get him oneway or another …. Not on corruption charge but other excuse to get their hand on his I’ll-gotten wealth.
    Weyane will sooner or later crumble like a cookie and Solomon will be doomed along with his weyane master. His existance is directly connected to that of weyane’s.
    The struggle is always bitter but the victory will be sweet.

  50. #41 the barbarian on

    #56, I agree with you. #41 is a typical heartless woayne who has no conscience.
    There shouldn’t be any kind of excuse for little girls and little boys to work as garbage collectors in full of bacteria and disease filled garbage dumb. I am pretty sure, #41 wouldn’t want to see his own kids pass by that area, let alone collect garbage in their bare hands. It is in humane and totally unacceptable. My heart aches for these young Ethiopians of tomorrow.

  51. People,

    We better organize and fight for both the diaspora, empower US then empower our people in Ethiopia against Weyane. Solomon might be recruiting people to spy one us for Weyane and who is who in order to endanger our people in Ethiopia.

    We the diaspora are no different just because we don’t directly take stolen money from Weyane. The fact that we are indifferent, unlike ER and Elias so far, we just don’t care what happens in Ethiopia. By keeping silent and by not being active here in the diaspora, we are perpetuating the oppression of Weyane in Ethiopia. Our indifference has resulted even here in the Diaspora, Weyane is beating us from left and right influencing U.S foreign policy, putting spies all around us causing us to mistrust eachother, you name it. It is a shame we are beaten even in the Diaspora!

  52. Katanga on

    Great work Elias!! Another case study that would be of interest is that of Kemer Youssuf. Kemer is a talented Oromo singer who used to live in Toronto till 2008/09. He didn’t have a fixed address, at one time he was living in a government subsidized housing; and he was struggling to make ends meet. Now he is lured by Woyane has become a big shot; got involved in real-estate business, and other stuff. Woyane is simply buying people who thinks could undermine its opponents, or perpetuate its image.

  53. Hi moderator,
    I don’t understand why you ommitted my comments which are true and could be verified by your aides in Ethiopia, Oromia region? If it is because of someone in his life who shouldn’t be directly mentioned for Solomon’s character, then, I will accept that.

  54. Kitkit on

    so far,Ethiopians are doing so good at exposing those cheap hodams,such as solomon Tekaligne.This hodam is a typical semi-literate who can not even differnetiate between good and bad;very simple yet a daunting task for him too see good things through the mind of his eyes;if he has health eyes.

  55. Geremew on

    Solomon Tekalign = a typical HODAM who betrays his people for the hummers and the houses awarded by the kindibu yamarew.
    shame on him! he is talking too much and too loud right now to defend his transgressions, but sooner or later, his conscious will speak to him and his expensive cars and houses will not save him, not even qindibu yamarew!

    He should be ashamed of himself!

  56. ተክለሀይማኖት ነኝ on

    ተክለሀይማኖት ነኝ
    ሰሌን ተውት ያመነበትን ሰርቶ ወኔ የሌለዉ ትውልድ
    ውስጥ ይንደላቀቅ
    እኛም እየተቸንው ሌላ ትውልድ ይተካ
    ወንድማ ቢኖር ኖሮ—–

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