Boycott Aster Aweke – update

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By Elias Kifle

This week the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) that was created by the Tigrean despot Meles Zenawi is spending millions of birr to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

First of all, both ANDM, which was created 16 years ago in 1994, and its predecessor, Ethiopian People’s Democracy Movement (EPDM), which was created in 1980, were used to advance Tigrean People Liberation Front’s (Woyanne) ethnic apartheid agenda.

Second, ANDM is an anti-Amhara and anti-Ethiopia group that is led by Meles Zenawi’s puppets who are not even Amharas, such as Bereket Simon and Helawi Yoseph.

Third, ANDM is a criminal organization that has incited violence against Ethiopians of Amhara ethnic group in southern region of Ethiopia.

Fourth, ADNM’s raison d’etre is serving its Woyanne Tigrean masters. In the video on the left you will see ANDM leaders pledge to build schools in Tigray while Amhara children eat trash at the Addis Ababa city dump.

This week, Aster Aweke and some lesser known singers are scheduled to perform at the ANDM anniversary event in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

And next Wednesday, Nov. 28, Aster flies to the U.S. and dares to come to Atlanta to sing in front of Ethiopians, many of whom have fled Ethiopia because of ADNM and its puppet master the ruling TPLF.

I love Aster and enjoy her songs, but I join concerned Ethiopians in calling for a boycott of her performances from hereon until she apologizes and gives an assurance to the people of Ethiopia that she will never associate herself with Ethiopia’s enemies such as TPLF and ANDM.

There are many talented Ethiopian artists who will never sell their soul and betray their people for Woyanne crumbs (frefari). Let’s support them and boycott those like Aster and others who betray their country.

There is a well written article in Amharic about ANDM by Wondimu Mekonnen of London. Click here to read.

62 thoughts on “Boycott Aster Aweke – update

  1. ANDM-slave on

    When I read the above, it reminded me Meles Zenawi’s interview with Paul B. Henze which took place in March of 1990… Here goes…

    “Meles Zenawi:,,,, When we talk about Amhara domination, we mean the Amhara of Shoa, and the habit of Shoan supremacy that became established in Addis Abeba during the last hundred years. ”

    About ANDM (EPDM)
    “BH: Is the EPDM the same kind of movement, or does it include several organizations?

    MZ: There are many different currents and attitudes in the EPDM. Though it is not as well organized as the TPLF, it does not consist of separate organizations either. We have to help it get better organized.”

    “here are different opinions on this, but we think that the whole population[ERITREANS] wants independence. They may not understand what it means. These people were once strongly in favor of unity with Ethiopia. The SHOAN AMHARAS destroyed that feeling. The highlanders are getting more impatient than the leadership of the EPLF. Isaias sees problems in independence and does not want to rush and create difficulties for himself, but he doesn’t have full control over this issue. ”

    “trolling our radio and we are working on this now. We need to bring it completely and directly under our control. But this is difficult, you will understand. You seem to have the same difficulty with the Amharic service of the Voice of America. We are often very unhappy with the Amhara chauvinist line we hear on it. Don’t the people in charge of the Voice of America understand that they should keep it under better control to avoid insulting and angering important parts of the people of Ethiopia. It sometimes sounds more like the “Voice of the Amhara” than the Voice of America. We sometimes jokingly refer to it as the “Derg’s Other Voice”. ”



  2. የበላይ ዘር on

    እነይህ ብኣዴን ስይምቦል ናቸው። የራሳቸው ኣቋም የላቸውም። በዚህ ጉዳይ እኔም እጋራለሁ። ብኣዴን በመለስ የሚጠመዘዝ የራሱ ኣቛም የሌለው ደካማ ድርጅት ነው። ኣያፍርም ደሞ የኣማራ ህዝብ በርሃብ እያለቀ፣ ለ30ኛ የምስረታ በኣል በማለት በብዙ ሚልዮን የሚቆጠር ብር ስጫወትበት እያየን ነው። የብኣዴን ና የወያኔ ድርጅት ውድቀቱ ቅርብ ነው። ጀግኖች ያስረከቡን ኣገር ተከብራ እንድትኖር ኢትዮጵያዊ ሆይ! ተነስ፣፣ እያለቀስን ሳይሆን በትግላችን በኣገራችን ሰላም ለማንገስ ኣስፈላጊ ሁሉ ማክፈል ኣለብን።

  3. enchekorere tigeba on

    why do you show the event’s pamphlet if you are truly against it? Please remove it from your site because it is serving as a free and enticing ad for the hodams’ and bandas’ little celebration.

  4. Geremew Haile on

    We will now see if thiopians in Atlanta love their country or their hod.Boycott Aster Aweke and deflate her arrogance.

  5. she is not politician, and i dont know why you include her in the complicated Ethiopian politics. she is doing her job to live her life, that is all, why dont you see from this perspective?

  6. Kibreet on

    This is a prime example showing the distinct characteristics of House Negroes. A House Negro Loves the Master more than the Master Loves himself. Aster is a House Negro. She has proved it many times in the past.

    If you have not boy/girlcotted her show in the past, this should give you an ample reason to start now!!!!

    While you are contemplating to boy/girlcott the self proven traders, check this out too:

    Dill LeEthiopia Hizb!

  7. done boycotted. boycott anyone associated with Ethiopian enemys. Disgusting to build a school in Tigray while there own amhara kids are eating trash and dying everyday.

  8. Elias,

    I disagreed with you in the past on opinion u shared with us about some individuals including Dr. Taye. However; this time i agree with you completely. Aster became an enjoyable toy for TPLF since day 1 upon coming into power…

  9. farouk on

    this is a known tactic.. it is called endorsement. when an organization or corporation wants to sell something to people, they use celebrity to endorse it. this is both for good and shitty products.

    what we have here is a shitty product that is endorsed by aster.

    i love aster and her songs, but this is a mistake. but adirbayinet and hodaminet can only continue if we as individuals allow them. we need to call out every individual that is selling their soul. especially as an amhara, i take a hard line stand against any effort by tplf to legitimize its tool andm. so this is an especially sever mistake by aster. it is true that tplf is good at using people for its own end.

    ethiopian review, thank you for all the service you are doing.

  10. Aster can’t eat with two knives. I support the boycott. My home boys and I won’t be there for sure.

    Thank You Elias

  11. Mamit qillo on

    I don’t know how well informed Aster is…well, apparently not very well. But there are a lot of Asters and Solomons out there even in the US who cannot think for themselves and easily influenced by watching TPLF propaganda TV, TPLF funded radio stations, and by seeing high rise buildings and roads in Ethiopia without knowing who own the buildings and oblivious to the land deal that their Ethiopia is being sold piece by piece to foreigners. It sickness me to know that in the name of fake political party and innocent Amharas, TPLF are poisoning other uninformed ethnic Ethiopians to create division and to spread hate against Amharas. I hope and pray, some how the University students in the Amhara areas and in all other parts of Ethiopia, get informed and hopefully the students spread the truth and about TPLF, the killers of their children. There should be grassroots movement to get out and spread the message about TPLF in every part of Ethiopia by the opposition leaders and every Ethiopian should know by now what the hoodlum Woyanes are all about. Someone need to call Aster and informed her, before she makes one of the worst mistakes of her life.

  12. Imagine 100 people are watching a movie in a room and there are 6 unruly people disturbing the peace, what would the other 94 people do to these scumbags?

    Oromo 34.5%
    Amara 26.9%
    Somalie 6.2%
    Tigraway 6.1%
    Sidama 4%
    Guragie 2.5%
    Welaita 2.3%
    Hadiya 1.7%
    Affar 1.7%
    Gamo 1.5%
    Gedeo 1.3%
    other 11.3% (2007 Census)

  13. Ambassel on

    Please leave ethiopian artists alone. They make business and sing for the people of Ethiopia. Aster, Haile, Teddy Afro and others primaily are nor politicians. They have to work with the government to reach their audience. I think we should mainly focus on organizing ourselves better so that we the Opposition have the momentum to take power. Otherwise musicians and sportsmen are not going to sacrifice for us and for our people.

    We have to go to see Aster’s concert in Atlanta. We have to leave Haile Gebreselassie sort his problem himself out. We have to look at things responsibly.

  14. Abeshaw on

    Let your dollars speak louder. Boycott Aster’s show. I know there are a lot of people who love Aster’s songs but at some point we have to make a clear distinction.

    Aster knowingly associated her self with TPLF and their associates. With this stand, she has shown her card and there will be some supporting her and MANY oppose her. That’s the reality. Since everything has a consequence, she has to be aware of what’s coming to her.

    Therefore, any sensible Ethiopian MUST boycott her shows and send a message for her and others that “they cannot have their cakes and eat it too.”

  15. well done. Boycott Aster. this will be a lesson to any artist who wants to eat with two knives. they have to know that governments go. upsetting the people who pay for their cds and concerts is lame.

  16. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I think she should not be ostracized for singing to make a living. If the Dracula is gone tomorrow, she will sing at the ceremony of the next democratic government. Tilahun, Mohammud Ahmed and others have all sung at ceremonies both for this and the Derg governments. She should be approached in a civil manner and lectured about the current regime. She may need assistance to maintain the lifestyle she is now accustomed to. Otherwise, she should be left alone with her chosen device of singing for who she feels appropriate. But if she comes out and speak foul of the opposition, then boycotting may appropriate.

  17. dfabachew on

    EPDM is a miscarriage of history. I know all the members. They are not AMARA. Breket a.k.a. temberber was a lumpen when he was with EPRP. The saddest part is its her second time to sell out the Ethiopian people…

  18. Kitkit on

    Aster Awoke did not venture out to discover into the wildress of Ethiopia;of course not.She quietly walked into planet-Z and got delegated into Zinawian camp;but,lately,she realized that there is no much room to manuver;she is stuck.

    Of course,she is young at heart and does things what young girls are the US,she tasted the pie of freedom and danced and flirted with young and old.To her,nothing matters beyond her world that she is now in because it is not her business to be interested in what other Ethiopians engaged in.In Zinawin camp everything illegal is possible and possible to do illegal things.It is upto her to open her eyes and see what millions of Ethiopians see;if what Ethiopans see does not make her aware of the world she is in,winking and blinking would become impossible to do for her.Looking the other world with one eye closed will only dispayes the half world blured and the other half dark;which one pleases her to see and act in or dance into is left to her own judgment;but there is the real judgment day to come sooner or later;that time;that time, if prolonged by some sort of mishap,then she might be too old to see what things unfold for themselves.Yes,Ethiopians must boycote her show because she does nothing good to the cause millions of Ehiopians involved in.By the way not all Ethiopians have special taste for her music;therfore,from the point of liking her music,time has changed and songs in the mind of Ethiopians are entirely different from the songs Aster thinks otherewise.

    From performance point of view many young artists have outperformed her either in domestic stage or internationally.This is a new era and synergy that Ethiopian are in and with.

    Coming to Atalanta! Well,Solomon Tekaligne will for sure receive her on her arrival at the airport;other than that who else would waste time?

    In Atlanta,there are schools that teach weilding and life skills;wouldn’t it be better for Solomon Tekaligne and Aster Awake to enroll in the program? There will be more students,more spaces,and more options;well,in Zinawian camp there is no more space and more options other than being slaves and dishonored.

  19. Habeshaw on

    Where are Amharas? woyane confined them to Church compounds and graveyards.

    Amhara need to be organized and struggle for peace and justice of its people. Glutons like Aster Awoke, Solomon Tekalign and many others are playing with people’s life.
    Wake Up Amhara,

  20. Choose freedom over Tyrany and corruption.Please choose freedom.Lets boycott and send a clear message

  21. memire on

    It has always been the hodam amharas and oromos who are doing the dirty work for woyane. woyane is just a collection of bandits and thugs of tigrean origin who are in for the loot. it just robs every thing in site. well, that is what bandits do anyway. our struggle should focus on the hodam amharas and ormos who are collaborating with woyane for few crumbs. these are the people who are robbing and killing their own flesh and blood for woyane. with out these vultures, woyane would not even exist for a month. let us be firm on our response to these hodams. It is not the first time that aster chose to ally with woyane to collect some money for her drug habit. She collaborated with the evil empire to host a concert in jan meda knowing full well that it was inhabited by people illegally expelled from Eritrea.

  22. Mammo Kilo on

    This was long overdue!Elias,thank you so much!Ever since I saw her dancing on the same stage with the murderer tribal war lord Zenawi and his financier Almoudi, I’ve been wondering how she got away without being punished by Ethiopians.Dear Ethiopians living in Atlanta,before deciding to go to that woman’s show think of the Ethiopians shot on the head by Agazi Mercenary brigade,think of Shibre,think of the thousands displaced by the Woyanes just because they’re from the wrong tribe,think of those Ethiopians who couldn’t make it and drowned in the red sea fleeing from the racist regime,think of the tens of thousands put in malaria infested concentration camps and forced dozens to shave with one blade,think of the Addis Ababa university students gunned down in the heart of their city in broad day light,think of the mass murder and carpet bombing in Ogaden,Awassa,Jimma,Gambella,Bahir dar,Gondar,Dessie,Diredawa,Arbaminch and etc.What kind of Ethiopian artist collaborates with such a devil?Who are the Ethiopians with their right mind going to this artist’s show?The Ethiopians in Ethiopia,inspite of all the hardships they’re facing,they tought us a lesson boycotting the mogul-Almoudi.What about us?Those who made it to the land of unlimited opportunities?Are we ready to make this minimal sacrifice in memory of those brave Ethiopians slaughtered by Zenawi and his Agazi mercinary brigade?Those of you, who’s incapable of this,be cursed!And May the Almighty give you your due!God bless Ethiopia!

  23. Stoned Peter on

    People please email and call to every friend you know to inform about Solomon the pig Meles’s new gf and stupid Aster this link I personally had emailed to everybody I know so please people do it. Do not neglect your contribution remember one thousand miles distance starts from one inch. In addition when Aster comes to your city wherever you are to show her left over music from TPLF do not go to her show. Moreover tell to everyone you know. Specially in restaurants and Ethiopian owned shops and in your churches and mosques tell everyone. Elias, I know you are a smart man and law obeying person so you need to report about Solomon’s new unknown wealth to the IRS. he has to tell for IRS his income sources. as you know your web site is visited by different non Ethiopian news people and by the Government so if you do not say you will be responsible. As you know if you see a crime if you do not report you will be considered as cooperative or you will be perceived as aiding a criminal person… Thank you Elias for your hard work by the way I visit your web between 10/20 with in the 24 hours so thank you for everything you do, trust me you have been a gift for us if you stay the way you are now.

  24. Solomon on

    I think we Ethiopians, especially in diaspora have to boycott some of these greedy, irresponsible singers and Athletes who directly or in directly associate, support this government. We have to find ways to hurt their business and persona so that they know how we detest this government. Otherwise, they will never get it.

  25. Kitkit on

    Aster Awoke is the 3rd hand of Zinawi like Solomon Tekaligne is.What exactly is she comeing to Atlanta? Well,she has never been a comic,a comdian,a humourist;would it be that she dares stand in front of Ethiopians and unwinds the tnglements that she has been warped or wraped with while dancing in Zinawians’camp?

    yes,Ethiopians;Zinawians have different look and appearances;they can be singers or just ordinary elements,but they have common look and appearances,just like Aster Awoke and Solomon Tekaligne have.

    Together,Ethiopians have mighty feast to twist the hands of Zianwians and overcome them.

    Obviously,Aster Awoke is not the last disgraced entry who invested in Zinawi’s franchise business;Solomon Tekaligne has acquired houses and cars as material reward from his master;so will Aster Awoke.Honor worths priceless than short-lived man-made material;well,Aster Awoke chose the the cheapest and failed herself.Well,Ethiopians have many important things to do;they don’t have time,even to have a glimps of Aster.

  26. Stoned Peter on

    People there are many Solomons and Asters one of them is Tilahun Gugsa the one who had a movie about having Ethiopia a sea port do you know that person is a TPLF friend. Because while he was robbing Ethiopians left and right by showing his useless movie about a sea port for Ethiopia as if he is anti TPLF while he was showing in USA and Europe at the same time he had a show at the millenmium hall about the success of the next TPLF five year economic plan during this new Ethiopian year celebration. By the way I wish if Ethiopia has a sea outlet. My main point is if people try to take advantage by showing two faces for Tigreans and at the same time Ethiopians I do not like that kind of smart move, it annoys me.

  27. boycot,boycot,boycot…anyone associated with tplf,whoever,for whatever reason it might be ,simply because Ethiopians in the diaspora have few means to fight tplf and this (boycotting)is among them.some of you are saying business,shut the f** up your mouth-business at the expense of ethiopian people’s blood.we made them heroes and we should tell them that we ,the same people, can make them go down to zero.I am sick of some of the lame excuses some of you are making,of course if you are woyane (-you blood maniacs) no blame there because you are sick people,a cure is on its way,otherwise stop,stop… excuses ,come together on such constructive ideas.Some of you are thinking aster as just a singer,but what you forgot is what woyane is going to cash on her appearance on that shows,it is not about the money.I think the best strategy for the diaspora people is to teach citizens about consequences of their actions because some of us have no idea what our actions today will result in tomorrow.

  28. Political Deciept of a Highest Order! on

    The people who are talking on behalf of the Amhara people are non-Amharas. Simmon Bereket-an eritrean who volunteered to be Amhara in order to inflict the necessary damge envisaged by the sinister groups. Others are are also ordinary individuals who happened to have amhara names to decieve the locals but make a living by selling their lips of support, not from a political intent to harm but from illiteracy and not knowing the temporary damage they inflict in the long run. It does look like making a nazi soldiers given political responsibilities on behavlf of the victims-the Jews.

    What these non-Amhara-amharas are saying to the Amhara people is loughable–“they have achieved self rule….”. They achieved from being a modern, civilized and contemporary citizens of the modern world to a crowiling, dacking, villagized, untimely and backward members of an ethnic bag forced to live in a shrunk ethnic enclave…so loughable…loughable…

    The epi-center of the whole mokery of this pseudo-political activity is run by people who do not know and not aware that there are learnt, well versed and wise people of virtues that are watching from within and from without.

  29. Kitkit on

    Isn’t it better for Aster Awoke to have a good grip on her life?

    Let all Ethiopians be clear with Aster Awoke,we mean it,your plan is going to be a fail.O,ya;young at heart!with that Azeb Golla Mesfin’s look? or rather,with that sneaky look? Give us a break.

    Hungry rat don’t settle quiet in her hiding hole;she roames here and there,and there for pieces not knowing there is a trap awaiting her.No one knows when,exactly Aster Awoke packed up and moved into Zinawians’ camp;but Zinawians’ world is too narrow to roam around because it is a blured world where those elements who lowered their dignity for pieces of this and that,they can not see the real world;well,Aster Awoke is ready to take a trip to America where she once has been for years taking a lot more than she has been giving;she gave little wrye smiles and took a lot fortunes and went to Zinawi to get more by doing what her masters would like her to do;this is why she is ready for what is definitely going to be a fail.

    What is Aster Awoke going to America for? From Azeb Golla Mesfin with love,a song,must be to Solomon Tekaligne and sing that sexy song Kindibu Yamare,unison;the song dedicated to fellow oppotunist and hodams;what else would it be?

    Well,both Solomon Tekaligne and Aster Awoke live in Zinawians’ camp that will collapse soon.

  30. Gemoraw on

    It is a high time that Ethiopians in Atlanta should boycott Astere Awoke’s show.
    She has to learn a lesson as she was hugging and kissing the TPLFites butts.

    We need to come together and show our unitiy to the bandas.
    I know that there might be some opportunists who will sell their soul and attend Aster Awoke’s show.
    We will know who is with the opressed Ethiopian people and who is against them.

  31. Yineger on

    My fellow Ethiopians call your friends and family,e-mail,text, use Facebook,tweet,any and evry thing including flyers at Ethiopian churchs,stores please let us go out in mass and campain to dismantl weyane’s tactic…

  32. Tough time for Atlanta******
    ESFNA democratically voted for Birtukan to be invited as a gust of honor, but reversed by a few Hodams at ESFNA. All “GOOD ETHIOPIANS” will or might boycott the Atlanta game next Year. I know I am not Going unless ESFNA reversed its stupid decision Period. And now my favorite singer Aster Aweke is trying to stab me in the back. Ethiopia is for ever, If I loose Aster to woyane I know there will come another Aster a true Ethiopian who will not stab Ethiopians in the back.
    “There is no peace with out freedom, There is no freedom with out a fight”

  33. For Ethiopia on

    Elias, please be fair! Aster Aweke is not the only one who perform for Woyanes. During this event Ephrem Tamiru, Kuku Sebsbie, Hamelmal Abate also perform. Why did you omit them? Are they your friends?

  34. HELLO! on

    This comment is regarding the telethon on Tigray Development Association:

    This is really Ethnic apartheid(Tigrean apartheid).That is not a rocket science,One can tell that TPLF is planning to create a huge gap between Tigray region and the rest of Ethiopia in terms of education,technology and other sectors so that TPLF would stay in power for the coming 100 years,that is why many schools,colleges,facories,and other networks are in effect.But what TPLF officials don’t get is that people from other part of Ethiopia have realized that they are abandoned and forgotten.It is a matter time people who are neglected will react and revenge unless TPLF compensates and thinks of the people of Oromia,Amhara,Gambella,Afar,Sidama,Gumuz,over all nations who are not Tigreans,otherwise TPLF is on the verge of destroying itself.I can tell the time is approaching and the country is gonna be in great danger of ethnic conflict.
    TPLF officials have to wake up and revise their leadership efficacy.TPLF should share both its wealth and power to other majority and minority nationalities.

  35. In our own motherland Ethiopia, these spineless tiny overfed and overarmed dictators DO NOT let us talk, DO NOT let us write, DO NOT let us WALK and peacefully express our rightful views and natural opinions an burning issues that directly concern us and if we attempt they shoot us directly in the head like some sort of cheapest wild animals, putting the rest in subhuman medieval dungeons, ostracize and excommunicate the rest completely outside of homes, communities and country, etc.

    In spite of such reckless gross criminal human rights violations they have arranged for themselves one of the greatest robbery of the century by stealing 99.6% of all the voting Ethiopian voices and through that cunning fox deviousness master Mafia witchcraft paced the 80 million VOICELESS wretched Ethiopians under its dirty absolute wild boots.

    This being the case and the entire country absolutely in the pocket of the ONE MAN ONE medieval PARTY dictatorship, now the focus and the strategy is to extend the domestic experiences and absolute robbery to the domains of the Diaspora to infiltrate, divide, demolish, place under control and put in line along with the voiceless enslaved majority back home.

    Look at some these fake Wayane agent (spy) cunning foxes dressed in sheep skins and posing as opposition publicly while privately “sleeping in the same bed” and developing more and more effective strategies of enslaving the domestic and the diaspora Ethiopians.

    We must resist in unity within diversity by effectively and practically fighting back both in Diaspora and back home in order to take back our undeniable rights and seeking justice for all.

  36. …..why Aster Aweke or solomon tekaligne? what about Ali Birra,Kemer,or any other artist which performed in similar event prepared by pro government parties.why are you too shy to comment or critisze singers which are not ethnic amhara? What is your point?….

  37. Ittu Aba Farda
    You said Tilahun had sung for woyannes. That is not true he never did yes they asked him to sing patriotic songs particularly during the war with Eritrea and his answer was systematic NO he said I have dozens of recorded ones and use those ones. For obvious reasons woyanne don’t dare to use them so that is the true information. As to boycotting, Ethiopians who loves the majority and who condemn the despicable minority junta day in and day out it is time now to be pragmatic and show your patriotism by boycotting of sold out drug addict aster aweke’s concert. She has to be humiliated the same way as Ledetu in London. Elias thank you for the info BTW.

  38. Teklu(#39),I can hear you ,I share your pain-we have to do a lot ,otherwise we gone loose a lot of them specially the venerable ones like Aster Aweke unless we get them early before the woyanes reach them,that’s why I was saying the diaspora should focus on educating ,especially the weak ones ,what woyane mean to ethiopia and its future.

  39. danZman on

    I usually don’t agree with Elias but agree on this one 100%
    Aster you can have your concert anywhere in Ethiopia but not in politically charged envirnoment you took a stand and now it is time for us to take a stand too!!!!
    I am sorry I love you Astu but you have to learn tough love as well….

  40. Treaty on


    I whole heartedly agree with your point that weyane is an organization that is founded under the pretence of polettical freedom yet all along it has been and remained to be a collection of ordinary shiftas and wembedes.The leaders legese and sibhat nega are cold calculating ordinary tugs who have been instrumental in instilling fear and blind allegiance among its followers.
    Like any opportunist they often remaied 50 miles behined the front lineinorder to save their skin. There has never been any reported valor,bravery about these two leaders,instead we hear about leges’s desertion of military assingment.

    They can’t force the same allegiance upon Ethiopians but they manage to get some misfits here and there to work for the shiftas. When we start to take maters seriously by that I mean facing weyane every where without fear,boycoting its banks wegagen, mosebo cement fctory etc dening it hard curency from diaspora, retalating those who gave themselves in the service of legese, inspite of the deplorable condition of our people we can expect to see change. The highway robers wyane who made it to the palace need a face to face confrontation_this is the only thing they understand.It knows its shortcomings that it is unwellcome entity.Weyane strength lies in her secrecy and her trick to bribe hodam Ethiopians for leftover.
    It takes everyones involvement to turn the tide to our favor,we are the majority,truth is on our side,the bandas have only guns in their hand.

    Weyne will not escape the verdict of History,sooner or later it will be brought down by the weights of her own sin,and the whole world is waching it.

  41. gudfella on

    Is this ironic? what is the difference b/n an Ethiopian is Bahir Dar vs an Ethiopian in Atlanta? Why would it be okay for An Atlantan to be entertained by Aster but not ok when it comes to the Ethiopian in BahirDar. Are we really against the government or the people of Ethiopia. Elias, Stop chewing Khat or what ever you are smoking. Stop the boycott crap. Everyone has a right to do his/her own business.

  42. Let us admit, despite past history there is a TENDENCY to favor Amara than other ethnic groups, that by no means should be compared to the domination of Tigray under TPLF that Ethiopia had never faced the extreme domination of Tigray on Ethiopia in its history.

    Tigray’s threat is Amara so the only way to dismantle it is to control it and to tell other OLF Amara is the enemy not Tigray. Indeed, amara had weakened and people from Amara origin, Lidetu, Shawel, Aster are perpetuating Amara’s oppression.

    Without isolating Tigrayans however, indeed what makes Ethiopia Ethiopia is the collaboration between Amara and Oromo. They have shown us by defeating Italian colony. So it is crucial to bring Amara and Oromo unification to get rid of TPLF regime that is isolating Tigrayans from the rest of Ethiopia.

  43. Girum Sebsibe on

    #48 gudfella,
    “…Stop the boycott crap. Everyone has a right to do his/her own business.” you wrote. Kikikikiki…

    You really made me laugh tooooo much.

    Did the 200 young and bright Ethiopian gunned down in broad day light while peacefully marching and doing their business have had any right or you mean the right to be killed?

    Did judge Birtukan Midheksa landing in medieval dungeon for uttering few words which she naturally considered as her right and personal business have had any choice and any right?

    Do the large number of innocent Ethiopian currently in Wayane jail possess any right of doing their business?

    Please don’t put on your usual sheep skin on your true cunning fox self and keep fooling us as if meaning to insult our intelligence. Kebt!):

  44. There are times that art and politics go hand in hand, however as politics can be independent of art as it wishes, so should art. In fact art is to all people and it deserves even more independence. If and when the artist by choice, interest, inclination etc is a political singer, it is a different story.

  45. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Brother Lucas:
    If Tilahun never sang in the presence of the goon from Adwa or any one of his leading coteries, then I will stand corrected. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me about that. I know her just from what I saw her once on NBC in late 80’s or early 90’s when she was featured on one of my favorite jazz musicians David Sanborn’s show. She was wonderful. She made me proud. In fact, I was somewhat chastised when I told someone I knew then. I was told she was a Neftegna singer and it was not in my interest to admire her. That did not prohibit me from admiring her. I hope I am not the only one who hates to lose her.

  46. Michael Mekele on


    I hope you will post my comments. Here are my thoughts.

    First and foremost, I did not appreciate Aster’s willingness to perform in that concert in light my opposition to meles zenawi’s regime. I wish she didn’t agree to do it. But that’s just what I would have liked to see.

    However, it’s important that you be ethical as a journalist and limit your yourself to reporting and factual analysis, and let your readers make their own judgments.

    While I would have liked not to see Aster perform in that concert, I understand that her willingness to perform there is not tantamount to endorsing ANDM. She is nothing but a gifted artist we all happen to like, with perhaps no political value whatsoever. Even if she endorses Meles Zenawi, Ethiopians are not going to listen to what she has to say because they are the ones living the the nightmare of being ruled and divided by meles and his chronies. The moment she endorses Meles’s party, yes boycotting her would be legitimate, but now I don’t think so. She is probably doing it to make a living just like everybody doing a job they don’t enjoy out the necessity to put food in their table. So for now leave poor aster alone. By the way I don’t remember if you called for Neway Debebe’s boycott. What about Mahmoud Ahmed? Ask yourself.

    The other thing that bugs me about you is how divisive you are, and how venomous some of your comments are. Sometimes Glenn beck appears to be more balanced than you in his reporting and/or analysis.

    In this article about Aster, you are referring to Meles as a Tigrayan who is out there to benefit Tigray at the expense of the rest of Ethiopia. My friend, this only makes you look like a foolish or somehow delusional who sees things when they really are not there. If Tigray has an enemy it is no one but Meles. Meles works for Eritrea and Tigrayans along with their Ethiopian brothers and sisters are sick of it. However, Meles smartly uses your kind of foolish rhetoric to frighten Tigrayans into not cooperating with the Amaharas or the Oromos, thereby sustaining his tyranny. Your foolish rhetoric is not nothing but music to Meles’s ears. He wants the rift he created to get even bigger and he is lucky to have you as one of his helpers in doing so. I don’t know who you are and where you are from and I could care less. But have some conscience and be a positive force in uniting Ethiopians against the Eritrean elite ruling Ethiopia. Meles was mum when Shabya massacred kindergartners in Mekele. Sebhat said his government would be out in full force to defend Eritrea should it’s existence be somehow threatened in the future. These people are not Tigrayans; they are Eritreans, and I think it is time that you leave the poor but proud people of Tigray alone.

    Thank you for posting it

    Michael Mekele

  47. Yalfal K. on

    OH people there should not be compromise with weyane sympathizers or activists.We should not use our money to strengthen the dictatorial regime of MZ.Asters mission is quite clear . Therefore stop attending her show and inform friends to do so.
    Why not we See SHAMBEL BELAYNEH and others who stand for the people !!
    Let’s go for freedom than slavery !

  48. The more opposition tries to over rule over SPORTS AND THE ARTS, the more they alienate moderates and others.


    Assuming opposition compensates her in monetary value that her performance generates for her living, expenses etc, even still, to boycott an artist is like arresting the wings/their spirit.

    Believe it or not our artists experience the Hollywood syndrome of glamour, fame etc, and yet their very personal lives can be a different story. The least her funs at the other isle can do is, let her be free.
    Just like you are away from your country is in experience of freedom to write and express, you need to be aware not to pass the defining line.
    Most likely people despise Solomon Tekalegn (I do for these reasons) not necessarily just because he changed camp, but the way he changed: trying to tarnish names, integrity, and professional credit of those people who were very much his benefactors. The cheap way he praises as a sell out the mythic tell of the “eye brow” story as if prophecy is fulfilled and Aba Tebele Yerchun? the ultimate cynicism on our faith. He went wild and if material is his reward for his madness, each to his own, but he is an exceptional lesson to remember.

  49. Dear Ittu Aba Farda
    Please take it easy bro it is just noting. You don’t do harm to be forgiven you only use your privilege to comment. I agree with you as well Aster Aweke is one of the top singers in the country and I like her music too. Particularly the one she played before she left home I have lots of memories but these days she looks as if she is siding the minority regime may be it because of money but there are a lot of artists who distance themselves from woyannes and at the same time make money. So we want her to behave that way and we will bring our love back to her. She has to also know the money is coming from the majority, the people.

  50. Michael Mekele on

    Eden1 # 56

    Kudos to you sis. I second you. Performing is the way she makes her living. We need to be able to distinguish between her performing at events and her endorsing the party, in this case ANDM. You said it all and I won’t add anything.

  51. REGASSA on


  52. I am glad you share my views. If at any time you disagree with other views, I hope you will let me know as well.

  53. Michael Mekele on

    Thanks and I knew you had me in mind when you wrote that comment. And yes I sure will vigorously debate with you in the event we happen not to agree on some issues. Cheers!

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