ETV used Aster Aweke’s name without permission

Ethiopian Television (ETV) that is currently under the control of Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon has been falsely using Aster Aweke’s name, according to associates of the popular singer.

For the past several days, ETV has been using Aster and other Ethiopian singers for promoting the ANDM (a puppet organization for Woyanne) that had thrown a lavish party in the town of Bahir Dar to celebrate its 16th anniversary last week.

Aster Aweke’s associates told Ethiopian Review today that she has been out of the country for the past several months and that even if she is in the country she would never perform at political events that are organized by the ruling party.

ETV was also showing Aster on its Ethiopian New Year show last September without her approval, according to her associates who are managing her concerts.

Ethiopian Review has independently verified today that Aster in fact did not go to Bahir Dar to sing, and that ETV has been using her name illegally without her permission.

This is a good news. Ethiopian Review is a great fan of Aster Aweke, and we will continue to support her as long as she doesn’t let herself be used by Meles Zenawi and his genocidal junta that is currently brutalizing the people of Ethiopia.

It is any one’s right whether or not join the struggle to liberate Ethiopia from the grip of the Woyanne vampire regime. Those of us in the struggle get upset and jump into action only against those who allow themselves to become tools for the enemy.

We are satisfied by the answer we received from Aster’s camp and that we wish her a successful concert in Atlanta.

In the mean time, enjoy this song by Aster:

The following is a poster of Aster Aweke’s concert to be held in Atlanta this coming Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2010

Aster Aweke in Atlanta

22 thoughts on “ETV used Aster Aweke’s name without permission

  1. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Those who are in Atlanta and able to go the concert, should buy tickets. It should be filled up standing room only. What a relief!!! I am really relieved by the latest news. Insha Allah!!!!

  2. Habeshaw on

    Aster, thank you for not singing for
    Woyane. We love you and you belong with
    the true Ethiopians, the oppressed.

  3. Mezgebu on

    I wish if I was in Atlanta! Aster please continue to stand with true Ethiopians and not with child killers

  4. Anonymous on

    Good to hear that Aster is not one of those leba traitors that have sold their souls to the devil and the mighty dollar. I hope Aster is not hurt and affected by this misunderstanding. This is a lesson for all of us not to jump to a conclusion before knowing all the facts. Woyanes do everything under the sun to create division, confusion and hate between peace loving Ethiopians. Death to all evil Woyanes and their associates.

  5. ThankGod on

    This is how it should be. Aster, you have integrity.

    ETV, however, has yet again proved to be the lowest of lowest scum. When TPLF is removed from power, ETV will be cleaned out as well.
    TPLF, you will never ever bring under your control the Amhara people. That is “sayitalem yetefeta.”

  6. Saba Solomon on

    Amen.Thanks Aster.This dirty gang Woyane had used Solomon Tekalgn and even try to use Teddy but thanks god again.

  7. Tegist on

    How abot Ephrem Tamiru? Is he still in Bahir Dar for ANDM? or Woyane is using his name falsely?

  8. Treaty on

    We need to apologize for this darling icon; I myself was startled by the news.As a result, I have not commented directly about it but tangentially in support of some one’s opinion. Those who are close by her need to keep her informed about the state of affairs in Ethiopia.

  9. what a relief.I hope Ethiopian review will be more cautious next time.I thank God for having Ethiopian review on the people’s side.

  10. Abiy Ethiopiawe=አቢይ ኢትዮጵያዊ on

    It is Aser’s choice:-Stand for
    Ethiopian people or Agazi-Weyane????

  11. yoftahe on

    I personally do not support the hip hop or rap joining with Ethiopian music on one concert. We can see rap music in other occasion anytime or any where if it is necessary but most of Ethiopians who does not like night club world would not be happy with the rap dance in one concert with Ethiopian music culture. I am sure the yang generation is not the only group who like to see aster’s concert. therefore, please try to make sense. I would be very happy to see Aster awoke in this concert but I will not be there b/c of rappers existence and the rap confusion that will happen in our community! I am sure many matured and non brain washed Ethiopian will agree with my point!

  12. Mammo Kilo on

    Unless Aster herself speaks to clarify why and how her songs manipulated by the Woyanne occupied ETV,Ethiopians in Atlanta should boycot her show.We all witnessed that during the millenium Woyanne party she was entertaining the genocidal couple-Zenawi.That’s roughly a little more than two years after the 2005 massacre of Ethiopians by the Agazi mercenary forces.So I urge every Ethiopian in Atlanta to boycot her show up until we hear it from her!God bless Ethiopia and its people!Cursed be the traitors!

  13. Which ever way it had worked, that is GOOD NEWS. Thank you for the update.

    Your update just happened to post after my concerned comment. Any way, no regret for commenting. It is my true feeling.

  14. Anonymous on

    I am not sure why she explains herself or her officeial spokesperson if she has one instead of the so called “associates”. What kind of crap. It is like standing at the crossroad and claiming to be both to the left and the right. This is similar to the news that is surrounding Haile as well.
    We all know that freedom is not free. There is a price to it and nothing in Ethiopia is political. it is a choice between good and evil. If one decides to stand with evil or shy to speak about it in the name of politics then it is up to the rest of us to stand together and make sure one is one one side or the other.
    I am sorry to say but what a coward and disgusting state of affair.

  15. dfabachew on

    Rap is so far it is rude, illiterate, violence. It doesn’t have what is required of a music. Ethiopians have rap too, a.k.a akaki zeraf, what makes akai zerad different from rap is it alway has to follow a song. For rap you don’t need a voice or instruments. Rap artists are almost all are hudlems. It usually is published in the prison and jail area. Rap artists are born in violence and die in violence.

  16. ET_hagere on

    EFFOOY! I am relieved. I love Aster; she is my favorite of all time. I spent my first pay check in US to see her. When I heard my Astu’s appearance on Woyane’s concert, I said to myself, Astu, my beloved singer, memory of my loves, ANCHIM?

    Regardless of my love and respect for my star artist ever lived, Aster, I would boycott her. Nothing comes between me and beloved motherland, Ethiopia. Thanks God. Our Astu is still with us.

    She has no reason to bend for the brutal regime.

  17. #17 Anonymous,
    A very interesting philosophy and that takes a lot more than the current state of the opposition.

  18. T. Goshu on

    We take the reaction from her associates as something which makes a lot of sense, and we appreciate their sensisitivity to the great concerns of millions of Ethiopians.

    Those of us who have commented on the information about her ” speculated performance” are not supposed to make any regret as long as we express our concerns in a civilized manner.

    Moreover, our concerns deserve a response from herself explaining how and why ETV uses her name repeatedly without her permission?? Although her response by proxy is OK as long as it is true, I do strongly believe that the innocent People of Ethiopia desrve to hear her words of mouth. Is it not a kind of contempt not to give her reaction to the people who give unreserved admiration and courage to her wonderful songs?? If she is not willing to make herself clear and clean from any undesirable perception and/or speculation, her credibilty will remain negatively impacted.

  19. Shaebia on

    Mammo #15…… what more do you want apart from
    the clarification that Aster’s aide gave…… that Aster won’t be available to sing or entertain for a political party or rally. singing for the Millenium is totally a different kettle of fish. It belongs to all Ethiopians not Weyane only. You have to make a distinction on that. I don’t expect her to come out and say something herself, otherwise the Mafiosi Weyane will do what it did to Teddy Afro and even the great Haile had to flatly deny what his own aide told the NY Times. Weyane might not be able to jail him as the world would not spare him but it can do worse & dirtier trick on him…… Maybe cause a premeditated accident to get Haile killed. Haile knows that first & for most his very life needs to be alive so as to fight the weyane but he knows that anything can happen under weyane evil regime…… So Haile’s hand & mouth are effectively tied while only his legs can do the business. It’s alright for you Mammo #15 to say that living abroad with your life out of meles’ harm way. Your right for life & freedom might be guaranteed but not those living under weyane’s boots. Try to throw a stone from a glass house and then see if you have a roof over your head.
    God bless your struggle for a just justice.

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