ETV used Aster Aweke’s name without permission

Ethiopian Television (ETV) that is currently under the control of Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon has been falsely using Aster Aweke’s name, according to associates of the popular singer.

For the past several days, ETV has been using Aster and other Ethiopian singers for promoting the ANDM (a puppet organization for Woyanne) that had thrown a lavish party in the town of Bahir Dar to celebrate its 16th anniversary last week.

Aster Aweke’s associates told Ethiopian Review today that she has been out of the country for the past several months and that even if she is in the country she would never perform at political events that are organized by the ruling party.

ETV was also showing Aster on its Ethiopian New Year show last September without her approval, according to her associates who are managing her concerts.

Ethiopian Review has independently verified today that Aster in fact did not go to Bahir Dar to sing, and that ETV has been using her name illegally without her permission.

This is a good news. Ethiopian Review is a great fan of Aster Aweke, and we will continue to support her as long as she doesn’t let herself be used by Meles Zenawi and his genocidal junta that is currently brutalizing the people of Ethiopia.

It is any one’s right whether or not join the struggle to liberate Ethiopia from the grip of the Woyanne vampire regime. Those of us in the struggle get upset and jump into action only against those who allow themselves to become tools for the enemy.

We are satisfied by the answer we received from Aster’s camp and that we wish her a successful concert in Atlanta.

In the mean time, enjoy this song by Aster:

The following is a poster of Aster Aweke’s concert to be held in Atlanta this coming Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2010

Aster Aweke in Atlanta