Troublesome developments in Eritrea regarding EPPF

There is more disturbing news regarding Ethiopian opposition groups who have been given shelter in Eritrea. A few days ago we learned about the disappearance of Col. Tadesse Muluneh, one of the founders of Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF). We have requested Eritrean officials to investigate and let us know what happened to him. It’s now been over 2 weeks and we have not received any official response so far. However, our sources in Eritrea have informed us that his arrest has been orchestrated by Eritrean adviser to Ethiopian opposition groups named Col. Fitsum. Yesterday we also learned that current EPPF chairman Meazaw Getu’s movement has been restricted and his vehicle has been taken away by the same colonel. During the past few months, at least two central committee members have been killed and several have fled. Hundreds of fighters have also left their units… [details later]

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  1. That being said Elias, thanks for your transparency.

    Hopefully, The South Sudan separation from North will happen soon and I believe it is good for Ethiopia for two things:

    1. Egypt does not want this separation of S and N Sudan because of Nile.

    2. Sudan has been foe of Ethiopia lately by collaborating with Weyane against Ethiopia’s oppositions and raping our women and imprisoning our people instead of respecting them their refugee status. Prior to Weyane came to power, Ethiopian refugees have been respected by neighboring nations such as Sudan, Keny, etc. today, Ethiopian refugees are being hunted down from left and right to support the Weyane regime. So Weyane has long extended its tentacles around Africa and around the world against Ethiopians to continue to control and rule Ethiopia without any resistance.

    3. EPPF may be able to spread to South Sudan at least and support opposition groups. Maybe this is possibility.

    There is an American guy who is capitalist said that in order to amass resources and profit, Sudan must be broken apart as well as Ethiopia. I hope this evil guys prediction will not come true for Ethiopia. My worry is if war breaks out in Sudan, it might spill in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

    God save Ethiopia!

  2. Whether you believe or not, Shabiya is keeping all Ethiopian opposition partys or Liberation Fronts under it’s controll just to bring Wayane to compromise in order to exploit Ethiopia together. Really, if Shabiya is interested to help the oppositions partys, within one or two years miracle can happen for Ethiopia.

  3. Selamawi on


    I second your motion and He should have been given the apportunity to leave to a country of his choice….I am sure the Colonel will be released soon…pray if he is alive…usually when shabia doesn’t repond it means there is high probability that he may not alive!

  4. Selamawi on

    Guys Guys…EPPF has been engulfed in power struggle within its file and ranks. TPDM which was formed much later has been performing spectacularly. For all intensive purposes, the EPP we know is obsolete! The new emerging coalition by Mola Asgedom is send shivers through spines of the spineless weyanes. if you guys think there is democracy and human rights in the dog eats dog gurilla warfare , then you live in lala land…it is brutal out there…either you adapt or persih…EPPF couldn’t adapt to the ever changing situation and faced its fate became dysfunctional!!
    None the less, they should eb treated with respect and given the chance either to join the “reformed” eppf or join other rebel groups or shown the way to the sudan…having personalities like good colonel being killed would damage shabia’s image…so why is shabia opting this path?

  5. How easy and speedy we are to give emotional comments. First of all, is Elias activist or journalist? As a reporter it is his mandate to make public what ever feats to his cyber. As a patriot and active member of the community, he can’t hide his humane emotions.

    Regarding to EPPF members status,
    in a “no war no peace” situation, any thing can happen. I thing we underestimate the role of big countries, like the U.S.G. They are in constant action to destabilize the several regions in the world. The Horn of Africa can not be immune from this reality.
    Just to remind the readers, Isayas was jailed in Sudan by the government agents during liberation struggle era.
    We can’t be fast judgmental for action or reaction occurred thousands of miles away from us.

    Let’s refrain from unnecessary and offensive comments. Time will tell what is happening over there.

  6. Tezibt on

    Every thing is unfolding the way it was expected by many. The two allies, Shabia and Weyane may have had their leadership at odds with each other. Remember that mid rank military, intelligence and government personel’s are still in contacts in both governments. Why? because you have half brothers, cousins, relatives etc… working for both governments. There is limited contact and money can play role in intelligence. But also that EPPF is a rotten organization. You got so many power mongers PM wanna be personalities. So the stinky EPPF aint getting any where. Sad for the few great people in their ranks and for the misguided youth suffering in Eritrea. Elias, you better watch out and you should be glad they let you come back to U.S.A. Dont go again.

  7. Issayas and the EPLF should now show wheather they are the friends of Ethiopia and Ethiopians by releasing the Colonel and others in EPPF or work for Woyane by dismantling EPPF. I have been in Ethiopia recently, people were sartting to belive Issayas as an allay.Surely Mr Afeworki is badly advised or is not aware of what is going on. Mr Issayas, this is time to show where you stand, with us or against us.

    Ethio review, thanks for bringing this in to light and please keep us informed.

    May the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia live together.

  8. ThelastPhase on

    Both Meles and Esayas are coming to the last conclusion that it is time one destroys the other. And Egypt is also pressuring Eritrea that no geniune “Ethiopiawi” organization should be allowed to exist. So Shabia created a new fake Ethiopian organization controlled by shabia out of EPPF, TPDM and two other organizations. The aim is to make TPDM the boss because you can put there any Eritrean and claim that he is Ethiopian.

    On the other hand Meles has also decided to remove Esayas because the economic embargo will not be so effective as it used to be in the future for Eritrea will start exporting Gold and other minirals so Meles is sensing you have to get Esayas now while he can not afford buying new fighter jets rather than latter when the money starts flowing.

    The naives like Elias never understand that the existance of the state of Eritrea is entirly based on the destruction and weakning of Ethiopia whatever the officials may say.

    And don’t forget that lying is a culture of tigrgna speaking people from both Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is in their blood.

  9. King Lobengula Mogodi on

    Folks: We need to understand even from the get GO the fact that there are NO permanent friendship but ONLY permanent interests.

    It is very good that Elias and the Eritrean leadership got together and worked together for their own independent mutual interests.

    But as soon as time marches forwards and conditions keep changing, each party begins to perceive that its own part of the interest may better be achieved by other means rather than by the prevailing means, then existing cooperation and friendship ends right there and then. ABSOLUTELY STRESSFUL AND EVEN DANGEROUS BUT NORMAL.

    US policy is itself under very strong pressure and stress from all sides, starting from Iraq, to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia. They need to save what is there to be saved and prepare a scape route.

    They might struggle to support and form a unity government in Somalia whereby all the waring Islamist groups may be brought together and share power in order to have a lasting and stable government after 20 years of carnage spiced with local and global terrorism that placed even continental US under an ongoing serious threats.

    To stabilize Somalia and establish an effective authoritative government of national consensus the US needs absolutely the help and cooperation of the Eritrean government working in coordination with the TPLF regime. By throwing its support behind US effort the Eritrean regime comes out of the “freezing COLD” and enjoys all the strategic, military, financial and material resources and worldly goodies which it may never get from any of those opposition groups being goodies at bickering and getting on to the nerves of the Eritreans.

    Elias is a great man and great motivated journalist that can make things happen.

    He made it in the past and he will also make it in the future. The point is keep going but NOT KEEP crying.

    Ethiopian solutions needs to be in Ethiopian hands. If all the opposition groups got together in unity within diversity, they should have already liberated the country.

    When the stick is in your own hands and the snake is in front of your own eyes, why go so far as to look for bigger stones?

  10. Elias,
    you super idiot, you have been awarding Isayas as man of the year. You brute, now are telling us a different story. One day, you will be hanged at Meskel Adebabay, and your corpse will be offered to a kebena wenz hungry hayena.

  11. Lucy in America on

    Weyanes and hodam bandas,take it easy. We know shabia is your bloody nightmare that is why you are shouting here.Who is going to give his or her ear to your shouting. We know there is some idiots in EPPF leaderships.Thanksto God the movement of the that blooduy criminal is restricted. The rest Col TADDESSE will be free soon and he will one of the un breakable challenge to all the adwa’s axum’s and sheres criminals.We will use all opportunities to punish all the adwa’s lootters and killers.

  12. Suture on

    I am sure they have a good reason, yet I can only agree with commentator #47. Or the man should be charged officially of his crime if there is any.
    Why are guys demonizing Elias, Elias is doing his job as a free journalist. it is obvious that most of you are really happy because you don’t want to see any good relationship between Eritrea and EPPF.

  13. michel on

    selam Elias

    please Elias be patient. don’t come to conclusion to may hear from the government of Eritrea soon.u may want to hear what append but the Eritrean government will tell what append cause the government usually respond slowly.

  14. Ethiopie on

    It is a pity to hear this bare fact to come true at the vrey end. I have said this before if you are still believing that Eirtrea and Ethiopia are in dis array ,you are fooling yourselves. If you remember eirtrea was continuousely talking to deploy its solders to the Ethiopian border when the 2005 Election was hot. Whenever oppositions planned something it was eirtrea rather than Ethiopian officialf who was responding to the response. There was one guy fro Ginbot 7 (lij Tekle Ke Canada….) I was admattant to accept the guy’s persuatio to froce every struggle to be from Ethio/Eirtrean boarder which was a set up to me…..still watch out and try to understand the devilish woyane ideas…So why do you think they forget Eirtrea and start strengthening its ties with another neighbouring countries like sudan and Kenya?……Watch out Eirtrea is another Lidetu at a national level….please save our sisters,mothers,brothers and fathers from these devils..

  15. Abera M. on

    Woyane is the enemy of the Ethiopian people, but they are created by Shabia. Despite their bravado once they held power, TPLF was nothing without the devilish strategy of the EPLF. Meles is doing all this ethnic divide and rule trick as he was thought by Shabia. I consider all the fighhters in Eritrea as bargaining chips for Esayas, th biggest devil in the continent. He might say he want good relations with Ethiopia, but that is only until he destroys woyane. When you deal with an unpredictable dictator, YOU ALWAYS NEED TO BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR HIS SPORADIC ACTIONS. ERITREA IS THE SOURCE OF OUR PROBLEM, AND IT CAN NEVER BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

  16. Let’s STOP our knee-jerk reactions and show lack of emotional intelligence on this issue. Does it occur to us EPPF is and has been in perpetual crisis (and will be) regardless of what Shabia does to it? OLF, ONLF, TPDM are fighting Woyane while EPPF infights. I don’t see the other opposition groups having a crisis. Remember Solomon Tekalgn’s major CRISIS (was that Shabia’s fault, too)??? According to some of the moronic messages I read above, the asnwer might be: YES IT IS.

    And let’s not kid oursleves. There is no military crisis within Shabia. We know Woayne generals have defected to Eritrea, but NOT a single captain, let alone, a General, except for army recruits who want to use Ethiopia as a route/excuse to go to Western countries have defected from Eritrea! How’s that for crisis?

    By the way, US Embassy in Asmara was simply exposing its cluelessness and frustration with Shabia when it concluded “we are trying to have contacts within the [Eritrean] army” in its WikiLeaks. Hoping on hopeless situation of fiding a crack in Shabia will not help us except give a life-line for Woyane to reign its terror.

    What I’m saying is, stop being judgemental on Elias and Shabia. I do not believe Shabia would work against its interests and that of EPPF by weakening EPPF. The truth will come out. EPPF’s perpetual crisis has been a FACT for all to see and we don’t have a clear reason to blame ANYONE.

    Personaly, I would put my money on Woyane as the culprit in this new saga because NO OTHER FORCE WOULD BE SCARED TO DEATH BY EPPF’s UNITY THAN WOYANE. We have all heard WOAYNE agents inflitrate and kill a TPDM (tirgay rebels) leader inside Eritrea a few years back.

  17. Anti weyane - DC on

    First of all, maybe he is a spy for the US. Shaebiya will never touch you unless you take some action or broke a chain of command…..Or mobilize something. They are very clever in spy and security apparatus. They have 5.6 million spies all over the world inside and outside. Even the oppositions in diasporas or others who hate Isseyass will send information back to Eritrea. In particular Eritrean women are the powerful tool for this. Of course Raw meat as well…………….
    Shaebiya will outlast everybody at the end. Take my word!
    Meles will be history very soon.
    He finished Sudan
    He finished Mebutu Congo
    He finished ELF
    He finished the mighty DERG! USSR! Cuba! US!
    He finished Ras Teferi Haile Slassie.
    The only organization survived for so long is the TPLF but soon they will be replaced by TPDM.
    Take my word.
    The problem is that Isseyass will never ever sleep until he hit his objective.

  18. weynedo !! on

    good job Ellias to inform the current news this is what journalism is
    dont worry about some beles belita weyane says dont got offended !!!
    you are the true Ethiopian son
    you are the son of Gandi !!
    you are the son of Mandela !!
    you are the son of BOB Marley !!!
    the son of all Ethiopian jegnoch !!!!!
    keep inform as the curent news !!1

  19. Tarike on

    I am sorry to say this but this news tell us the truth about shabia. All our hope to fight back woyanne from Erteria is a hopeless endeavor. This would close the division among us and will look forward for other alternatives.

  20. Shaebia on

    Those who made a rush conclusion will also, later, rush to make lame excuses. I like to make an informed decision. I know for a fact & you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out that the unity of Ethiopians serves the interest of Eritrea but not necessarily to some old timers with baggages. There is a fact that is openly uttered by some zealots, even in this day & age. Let alone a newly formed, vulnerable & at times fragile EPPF whose members are brutalized by weyane….. Even the victorious EPLF was vulnerable & at times fragile in the first couple of years of its inception. Some forces from within & without have tried to dessimate it, compromise it and/or blackmail it……. But it came out stronger & wiser because it had vision & commitment to match that. If EPPF can’t rise to the challenge, then it won’t succeed. We have seen so many opposition leaders savaged first & then compromised later ….. Like Haile Shawel, Lidetu Ayalew etc ….. 
    There isn’t knew stuff going on here…… The US is openly hostile to Eritrea…… Where as, it is friendly with Weyane, who savagely kill, jail, torture & oppress its people day in day out…… Even steal people’s voice/ vote in full view of the world.
    The US is master of sabotages, bribery, blackmail & assassination…… It even got a school called the school of Americas( AKA school of assassins)where the art of insurgencies, economic sabotages, torturing and even death squads are trained at tax-payers money. Google SOAW for yoirselves. The US has probably contacted a disgruntled and corrupt official in Eritrean army as stated in wikileaks but that would not yield any result as Shaebia knows each and every single one of them if there is any. It might be news for some, thanks to the recent revelation of wikileaks…… But we Eritreans knew all along as far back as the summer of 2001 when the so called G20 met 9 years ago on that fateful day of Saturday, 18th August 2001( only 3 weeks prior to 9/11)….. Where the hand written 5 pages of the minutes of the meeting revealed how top and lower brass on the military & cadres were to be infiltrated using money donated from USAID, IRI & NED(who are extension of the CIA). Same weekend on Sunday 19th of August, the weyane & its financiers hosted a bunch of their clowns in Gonder & declared themselves Eritrean government in Exile. Same weekend weyane organized a 20 man demonstartion outside the downing street in UK & in coordination with another one in Washington DC. It was meant to overwhelm us but we have faced more trying challenges in the past that this one was easily shrugged off. Only a year earlier, Dr Bereket Habteselassie who served as minister in Haileselassie era & as investigative commissioner in the Dergue regime that resulted in the murdering of 60 of his fellow ministers, was compromised when he met Kifle Wedajo of Meles’ aide & prof Endrias Eshete, weyane’s favourite docile academic. Bereket was at the centre of all this that only culminated to a steep downfall but the US is stubborn as it had invested so much it got so clinged to their project of coup d’état. It will never happen….. We know that weyane is waiting for the right time to do the bidding of the US but that day will be the end of weyane as much as the notion itself is the beginning of the end of Weyane.
    We Eritreans will continue to work with Ethiopians who dare to side by the majority of the disfranchised poor Ethiopians. At the end of the day, the disfranchised, dispossessed, & the poor people of Ethiopia deserve representation. If no Ethiopian step up to defend their interest, then we won’t turn our backs on them to be used, exploited & discarded by party politics like they have been for years. For God sake, there are 42,000 Ethiopians mostly Oromo people languishing in Yemen but nobody cares….. but we do, so should you,…… not for political millages but for pure humanitarian and patriotic reason. 
    Elias, I hope you rise up to the challenge to post this opinion. If not I’ll save it and post it elsewhere. It’s only facts and I can understand the pressure the weyane puts on you, but I feel you stand up to all that as you are a true Ethiopian serving the interest of your country and people and a friendship with Eritreans is should not be an issue as is your possible frienship with Jamaican, Americans, Brazilian or any other people of the world. In fact, frienship with your neighbour is more natural than another one, continents away.        

  21. Fithawi on

    Selam All,
    First of all its sad that someone who is a supporter of the evil regime in Asmara has stolen my user name.I used to go by ‘Selamawi’and I am one who strongly oppose the injustice and atrocities that is going on in my country in Eritrea.
    I had sent so many comments that could remind all of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters to side with the most brutalized and oppressed people of Eritrea by a handfull of gangs led by Issaias but never posted by our brother Elias.I hold no grudge for that but now I believe most of you come to your senses that Isaias is not a person to be trusted and he is no good for either people of Eritrea or Ethiopia.
    Isaias track record shows that he is not a man who holds firm to a principle with a target to achieve but rather a ruthless dictator who would do anything to perpetuate his ironfist rule even at the expense of the whole nation leave alone an organization like EPPF which has never been allowed to operate freely from its inception.
    Here is my take on the news.
    There has been a rumor flying around for a little while now that the Weyanes in conjunction with the Eritrean opposition forces will go for the final push to make the regime in Asmara history for once and for all.Eritrea pro democracy forces have been gathering in Ethiopia from all over the world to take part in its funeral.Issaias has been panicking by the latest development coming out of Ethiopia with the EDA(Eritrean Democratic Alliance)conducting a successful national conference.Dictators are cowards and Issaias is no different.If the rumur is true, then I have every reason to believe that the death and abduction of the EPPF is ordered by the dictator himself to appease the woyanes.

  22. its shocking to hear this news from a proactive media /elias/ and it show how deep in trouble eppf is so you decide not to go back eritrea because tell the truth and be with shabia at the same time it seems impossible

  23. legesse on

    let’s not make too much noise.we don’t know what happened and this is a struggle and no body is indispensable.if a leader is taking the struggle in a wrong direction, he should be punished.we are, I think confusing armed struggle, with democracy.we should not be discussing about individuals but let us set our sight on the big picture that is the removal of be successful leaders die and leaders are changed for strategic reasons.
    the same thing happened to woyane and shabia both changed leaders several times before they finally became successful.
    this is the most opportune time geopolitically and woyane is alone in the horn.ertria is getting stronger and more confident and egypt can no longer tolerate woyanes political manipulation of the nile issue. we are near to the end than ever before.when it comes to removing dictators from ethiopia,no one is as experienced as as isayas and he is more than confident that he will deliver and the two brotherly people will live in peace and harmony.

  24. #10 Abe,
    He must have started getting money from people in south sudan. Now he wants Ethiopian Diasporas to fight for their future in the hopes of them helping Ethiopia in the future. HAHAHA

  25. Fitihawi on

    Dear suture #61,
    I hate to say this but I doubt if he is coming out alive given the track record of the regime for the last 20 years.
    No one has ever lived to tell a story who had ever been to the dungeons of the regime.The G-15,the parlamenterians, journalists and hundreds before them are good example to descibe the nature of the regime.
    So its naive to think that the junta regime would charge him in the court of law.To begin with there is no law in Eritrea.The psycho dictator and his generals are the law of the land.They do whatever they want with impunity.

  26. I hope this Col. Fistum gets his hands on you and whips you like the child that you are. You are Ethiopia’s (along with your role model Isayas) worst enemy. I understand that you have no idea what you’re talking about, but i pray that you make your stupid visits to Eritrea and they decide to keep you there, or better yet, send you to the front lines so that my brothers and sisters on the other side can blow your head off. Like i always say, i love thinking that you will never set foot in our beloved country you TRAITOR!

  27. Shaebia on

    “Fithawi” #71 & 73
    you must be the last person to beleive that the US beleives in true human right, democracy and freedom of expression……. Look no further than their friend & your friend, tyrant Mele. Zenawi. They might have a dozen or so large corporate media often labelled “free media” but, no way are they ” Independent media” by any stretch of imagination. They work in cahoots with the establishment….. Where as many of the independent media like Democracy Now and its journalist- Amy Goodman, & e-media like wikileaks & Julian Assnage are harassed. Fithawi….. You are no doubt a brutal tyrant & dictator in waiting….. But beleive me….. You’ll be waiting for ever and ever and ever……. The days of US’ propped up most brutal tyrants of thelast century like Pinochet, The Shah, Ferdinand Marcos, Suharto, your own Meles and the likes are over …… no doubt the US knows that its attack dog, Meles Zenawi is powerless to make a change in his own village let alone in Eritrea…… So that is why in the latest wikileaks the US is trying to find an excuse to Invade Eritrea by themselves…….. You wait & dream for that day to come and we’ll wait and see how this will transpire.
    You would say anything in the book for obvious reason, but we will do what we do. You might have the support of the world( US, it’s west allies & its poodles Meles) …… We don’t need their support….. We have the truth & The true God on our side. We don’t brag, we don’t lie….. And see the wikileaks Joe the US is working to cultivate a culture corruption in Eritrea according to cables sent by Ambassador McMullen….. All the cables were catagorized as “Secret” and forwarded to CIA, DIA, NSC, the 21st century colonialism tool africom located in stutgart, state dep’t and the lot. And all the cables are full of their peronal opinions & hardly collaborated with facts, just like the opinions you here day & night from Glenn Beck, O’Rielly, Limburgh & the dumbo Bush.
    We always beleive the truth prevails in the end ….. But not until the constant lies & threats of war run out of steam & drowned in it own bubble(Afra) of lies. Usually lies have to run its course before the truth emerge victorious.
    Have a great weekend.

  28. Tezebet on

    Elias what happened my comment was not published I think you prove me one more time that you don’t want to post things that you don’t want to hear. That is why I start my comment “hope you will post my comment” … Sad

  29. ayalew on

    The Ethiopian peoples must learn from the past events, for example, what has happened to EPRP and OLF. It was the internal power struggle which has destroyed the both Organizations. Does the EPPF fall in the same boiling pot ?

  30. Abesha on

    Elias last month I have sent a comment about three of your great mistakes as opposition activist in diaspora. These three of your big mistakes arised from your misguided thinking of Shabia as friend of Ethiopia. These three mistakes are: 1) Naming Ethiopia committed enemy Isayas as person of the year. 2) Campaigning and rallying for Eritrea in opposition of the UN sanction. 3) your opposition of the only good thing of the last 20 years of Woyane regime, that is the invasion of Somalia to kick out the Islamist from power. But you didn’t post the comments. Now I am glad you learned your lesson in a hard way. So don’t expect any good from Shabia the creator of Woyane. EPPF also should not ‘expect dove from the egg of snake’

  31. Gemoraw on

    Elias you are a true Ethiopian nationalist. I have been supporting you on everything you do to liberate Ethiopia from TPLF colonialism, except your relation with the devil Esayase Afeworki. Eritrea is a fake country created on the assumption that they will get everything from Ethiopia to survive. I am very happy that you finally realized that Shabia is still the enemy of Ethiopia. This will cause TPLF to be mad, because they want you to be associated with Shabia.

  32. kasebaw on

    From the Ethiopian side there is no doubt that Eritea is the parts and parcels of the great Ethiopia, when from the so called ” ERITREAN STATE ” there is no doubt that the united Ethiopia is the great threat for it. So in such a inter- waved situation how can one expect good things from Eritrea ?

  33. #29 washeraw,

    Why do you use that which is not yurs?This blog name doesn’t belong to you and you know it. It speaks volume about your unhealthy selfestem.What makes you think that you have to criticize the actions of political leaders while you remain unfaithful to adhering to ordinary etiquettes.
    It is disgusting to see this flaws are being repeated in the same forum,as #71 Fithawi is complaining.
    Please without any controversy drop that blog name now!

  34. Elias, Ethiopian opposition groups have the right to decide whether they want to work with Colonel Fitsum. The Eritrean government must be able to accommodate that if it wants a relationship based on trust, respect and mutual interest. I am an Eritrean and a supporter of GOE and I applaud you for being open about your demands instead of spreading rumors under a pen name as others do. President Isaias is a man of principle and a trustworthy person. I am sure respects your candidness. The problem is that he is facing enormous corruption in the military and bureaucracy, and the colonel you are talking about seems to be one of the corrupt guys.

  35. BilisummaaTV on

    Mr Elias Kifle we all know that Eritrea people are slaved by their own so called leaders leaded by Esayas.Esayas is just like meles the killer.Meles and Esayas are the same.Elias weren’t you the cheerleader of Esayas? I hope one day U.S gov bring Esayas and Meles to the court of law.

  36. shabiya on

    funny those ethiopians who fight agains ethiopia knows nothing about shabiya.shabiya is as NILE reiver.pls think first befor u say wpyans.woyane is in good way at this time.

  37. kasebaw on

    The only solution for our problem is first just to work together internally. That means to sit down and come to compromise with all Ethiopian groups which are fighting Meles. Otherwise we can not remove the dictator when we are in disarray. If we are strong enough from in side, the out siders will come to us by themselves.

  38. BilisummaaTV on

    Money talks I am 100% sure TPLF is giving millons to top Eritreans leaders.In return the freedom fighter such as OLF,Ethiopians,and others are going to suffer.Remember the Suden fighters that were based in Eritrea couldn’t leave Eritrea unless they pay millions of doallars to Ertitrea ruling class.This is all about money.Who ever gives more money gets what he/she wants.

  39. EriEthio front on

    Isaias has no money to feed the quarter of a million idle peasant militia.
    Egypt is happy to at least to feed those hungry peasonats and keep them at bay.

    Blame it to Egyptian secret hands.
    EPPF should consider negotiating with the Agames and save Ethiopia and Eritrea before the Egyptians put both on Chaos.
    People and nations first
    Politics second

  40. concerned person on

    Guys, it is better not to bicker on Elias. Instead do your parts. Elias only did what he thinks is right for his country. You should understand straggle is not a smooth ride. There is ups and downs. You Ethiopians only know how to talk not fight and woyane knows your weaknes that is why they had smooth ride in election. They are there to stay in power as long as they want. No stupid Amhara is going to challenge them.You only know how to eat meat.Get Up and fight. Eritrean people they talk what they mean, they do not deceit.Eritrea is your only best bet if you want to get rid of the woyane.

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