Eritrean colonel causes havoc among Ethiopian opposition

The government of Eritrea needs to act promptly to stop its rogue mid-ranking officers who are causing havoc among Ethiopian opposition groups if it is genuine about building a strong relationship with Ethiopians. The following information is intended for such purpose, since private communications have been left unanswered so far.

It was with shock and disbelief that a few days ago we learned about the disappearance of Col. Tadesse Muluneh, one of the founders of Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF). We have requested Eritrean officials for an explanation. It’s now been over 2 weeks and we have not received any official response so far. Ethiopian Review sources in Eritrea, however, have informed us that it is not just Tadesse who is arrested. Several individuals in EPPF’s central committee have been rounded up in the past few months.

The arrests have been orchestrated by Eritrean adviser to Ethiopian opposition groups named Col. Fitsum, according to our sources.

This week we have also learned that current EPPF chairman Meazaw Getu’s movement has been restricted and his vehicle has been taken away by the same colonel.

During the past few months, at least two central committee members have been killed and several have fled. Hundreds of fighters have also left their units.

After rounding up Col. Tadesse and others, last week Col. Fitsum convened an EPPF meeting and forced the leadership to summarily remove several individuals, including six in the Diaspora, from the central committee for opposing his illegal actions. He then appointed a hotel-owner in Philadelphia named Tilahun Gelaw as head of EPPF in the Diaspora over the objection of the chairman, Meazaw Getu, and several central committee members.

EPPF is not the only group that is currently facing problems in Eritrea. We have also learned that hundreds of OLF fighters under Gen. Kemal Gelchu who are stationed in Eritrea have been immobilized. Gen. Kemal is currently placed under a virtual house arrest.

Col. Fitsum has also arranged some individuals to kidnap and beat up Ginbot 7 Secretary General Andargachew Tsige when he visited Eritrea a few months ago. To cover his track, Fitsum sent the attackers to Ethiopia where Woyanne shot them dead as soon as they arrived.

The turn of events in Eritrea regarding Ethiopian opposition groups is deeply worrisome to those of us who have been promoting cooperation with Eritrean government. Strong opposition figures are currently being silenced and in their place those who act and behave like puppets are being hand picked and installed as leaders by Col. Fitsum and other mid-ranking Eritrean military and intelligence officers.

We believe that all this is the work of rogue elements in the Eritrean military who might be secretly working to re-establish relations with the Woyanne regime in Ethiopia without the knowledge of the president. We believe that these Eritrean officers are purposefully undermining Isaias Afwerki’s agenda to build good relationship with Ethiopians based on mutual interest.

One of the tactics Col. Fitsum uses to keep Ethiopian groups weak and their members at each others’ throat is to identify corrupt individuals (some who are suspected of being Woyanne agents) and promote them while undermining and planting disinformation against those who are thought to be strong and free of corruption. That is what he has been doing against Col. Tadesse, who is in good terms with almost every one in EPPF, including the current chairman EPPF, Meazaw Getu. As a matter of fact, Meazaw has repeatedly expressed his wish for Tadesse to return to the EPPF leadership. It was Fitsum who chased away Tadesse from EPPF at the barrel of a gun. Fitsum turns around and informs his superiors that he is keeping Tadesse away from EPPF because the rank-and-file members will mutiny if he comes back.

Some question whether individuals like Col. Fitsum are acting on their own, or their actions are sanctioned by higher-ups. We will find out the truth in due course.

Our suspicion regarding the likes of Col. Fitsum has been strengthen by the recently leaked U.S. diplomatic dispatches from the American embassy in Asmara that has been released by Wikileaks.

In one of the diplomatic cables, the U.S. ambassador indicates that some military officers are working to bring down Isaias Afwerki. Could sabotaging the activities of Ethiopian opposition groups who are friendly with the Eritrean government by the likes of Col. Fitsum be part of a campaign of sabotage to undermine President Isaias? We could be wrong, but for now that is our assumption based on what we know so far.

If we look at EPPF, for example, every movement by EPPF units in the past year has been leaked to Woyanne forces in advance. As soon as the units make a move, Woyanne forces, along with ETV crew, capture them. Despite repeated warnings, the EPPF fighters are given mobile phones, which makes it easy for Woyanne to track them down.

At the Feb. 2010 EPPF general assembly a serious effort was made to revamp its leadership and establish an inquiry committee that would investigate allegations of corruption that has plagued the organization. The plan included bringing strong individuals such as Col. Tadesse to the central committee. All the efforts were blocked by Fitsum.

Tilahun Gelaw has given tens of thousands of dollars in cash and several mobile phones to Col. Fitsum during the past several months. Col. Fitsum has kept most of the money for himself and distributed the mobile phones to the EPPF fighters.

The above cases are just a few of the acts of sabotage against the EPPF and other Ethiopian opposition groups who are provided shelter in Eritrea.

The arrest of Col. Tadesse and several other Ethiopians is a reckless act as far as the Ethiopia-Eritrea relationship is concerned. Does the Isaias government want a genuine relationship with Ethiopians, or a master-puppet relationship?

If the answer is the former, to mend the situation, President Isaias can do the following promptly:

1. Order the release of Col. Tadesse and all other Ethiopian patriots.
2. Remove Col. Fitsum from his position as an adviser to Ethiopian opposition groups. There are many other Eritreans who can do the job in a constructive way.
3. Appoint an inquiry panel that investigates the alleged sabotages by Col. Fitsum and others against Ethiopian groups.

201 thoughts on “Eritrean colonel causes havoc among Ethiopian opposition

  1. mengesha on

    wasn’t Col. Fistum your hero? This is the begining of the end.This is what happens when you deal with Isayas. Ethiopia shall prevail and prosper.

  2. memire on

    Elias, you have always been upfront with what you believe. Unlike others who repeat woyane’s accusation of you being an Eritrean agent, i believe you have a good and noble intention in promoting EPPF and other opposition groups in Eritrea. when you asked isayas why there has not been any significant progress in EPPF and others struggle, he blamed opposition leaders in diaspora for not showing up at the battle front and lead the struggle. That was not and still is not a genuine answer. Ethiopia has heroic fighters that can overthrow woyane with in a few months. After all, we have seen woyane’s army strength when it was routed out in shame from Somalia. I believe woyane soldiers who are not of tigrean origin would gladly join any resistance if there was any credible one. Elias, you are known for calling a spade a spade. The Eritrean regime does not want to see a strong Ethiopian opposition. it does not want to face another obstacle in Ethiopia after the fall of woyane. It is unimaginable to say that this colonel is doing all these with out the knowledge of Isayas. it is high time that we define Eritrea as a pariah state that does not have a good intention for Ethiopians. The dream of isayas and his government is to see that Eritreans take the position and privilege that is exclusively accorded to tigreans.

  3. This is funny, it seems like everything is falling on your head these days Elias. Not to mention the bigger problem you have.

  4. The above article perfectly shows where Ethiopian Review and Elias belong to?
    God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea

  5. Betegbar Yechala on

    Elias- great job, we see the Woyanes squiking as usual. I appreciate you candor and good effort to get down to the source. That is why you bother most people since you are a front shooter, you deal with issues rather than personalities. Most people seem to be followers of this group or that group and would allow them to step on them. You however seem to always go for what your guts tell you. Thank you for your effort and do follow through on this once and for all.

  6. Agamino on

    i am enjoying the show! you are going to bring a lot of garbage dirt stories like ,Abebe Negatu prostitution after you fought each other.

    i am waiting to hear more! till then,i am enjoying this, while i am having a cool beer!

    i want hear more about Elias, Birhanu, tamagn, Al marariam (maferia)…

  7. Eshetiti on

    Aha! mr Elias ” the rogue elements of…”. Is not that the whole Eriterian gvt is rogue? Is not that the prsident of Eritrea your hero ? Shamless, instead of throwing a cheap shot against ESFNA, Indiividual ethiopians go a head investegate the truth your beloved country Eritrea.

  8. eritrawi on

    Right on Elias. You raise a valid hypothesis. Your link to the wikileaks cabels is also reason for concern, at the very least. Logically, it would not stand to reason to assume that the Eritrean govt. would intentionally and underhandedly try to undermine Ethio. opposition, when it has and continue to take so much flak for publicly supporting them. Including sanctions. My question is have you raised the matter with the President himself. Do you have a compiled documents to serve as a basis for your concerns which can be directly be sent to:
    H.E. Ato Isias Afewerki
    The office of the president
    Asmara, Eritrea

    Happy new year!
    Keep us posted.

  9. Bett_DC on

    Here We go again,
    dealing with Isayas is like sleeping with the enemy, “He is a lunatic” from wikileak.
    Isayas never ever did or will do any good to Ethiopia.
    Please Elias, review your position on this matter. Isyas is a loser and all he dreams everyday is disintegration of ethiopia.

  10. I like the fact that you are tenacious and up front about any political issues. This shows that you are not a puppet to the Eritrean government .as some would claim. If anything, Ethiopians should learn that you are interested in change to the betterment of our people that to advancing any ones agenda.

  11. Elias are you naive or what? The whole Shabia-backed opposition is an absured excercise in futility. A sworn enemy of Ethiopia can not and should not be expected to provide safe haven for Ethiopian patriots. Issayas’s use of Ethiopian opposition is to create political intimidation towards Meles, Who is also a grave enemy of Ethiopia but, just happened to take the bigger piece of the pie at the end of their symbiotic relationship. Do you exepect doves out of snake eggs? Al this mid- level- officias sort of balony does not hold water. A stone can’t get turned without the Megalomaniac’s knowledge . To argue otherwise would be to defy the hard fact as he is the sole excutioner of the criminal enterprise in Eritrea also known as PFDJ. In closing, I will call upon my Eritrean and Ethiopian brothers and sisters to forge unity and stand together against these two heads of a single monster.

  12. Suture on

    As an Eritrean and as individual who really looking forward to see the normalization of Eritrean Ethiopian, and the downfall of woyanne sooner rather than later, I would be absolutely disappointed if what Mr. Elias saying is true.

  13. Fitihawi on

    Poor Elias,
    You bet on the wrong person.It has been clear from the outset that pscho Issaias is no good either for Eritrea or Ethiopia.He is a guy who has been determined to creat havoc and bloodshed in both countries and thats what he has been doing all along with due deligence.
    He didn’t blink his eyes to instigate a senseless war that resulted the death of thousands and the loss of incalculable amount of property.Dictator Isaias who is full blooded Tigrean (his father is the son of a Tigrean immigrant from Tenben)could have used his ethinicity to create a peaceful and harmonious relationship between the two people.But ‘No’,instead he is exploiting everything to inflame and perpetuate the non existing animosity between the two people.Isaias has been committing all kinds of atrocities against our people for the last 20 years. Today,imprisonment,assasinations,rape and torture are the order of the day . we in Eritrea are determined to fight tyranny to the eand and we will not rest until dictatorship is religated to the back water of history.
    Brother Elias,
    I am glad you come up with your demands but its naive to think that the dictator will heed to your justified demands for the relationship to stay intact.If you remember Dawit Issac a journalist with Sewidish citizenship whom the dictator incarcerated in Sept 2001 is still in his dangeons(God knows if he is alive) despite all the urges and pleas by the international community. The notion that the said colonel did all these horible things in his own without the knowledge of the dictator is absolutely naive.There is nothing in Eritrea that the junta dosen’t put his hands on particularly things like this that deemed important for his survival.I hate to say this but no one has ever lived to tell a story who had been to the dungeons of the junta.We have witnessed the G-15,the journalists,the parlamenterians and many others before them have never made it out of the dangeons again.They neither made it to the doorsteps of the court nor defended themselves.They were just made to disappear.Mark my words.
    I hope this is a turning point for all of you who have been infatuated with the blood sucker dictator and its time to side with the most brutalized people of my country.After all injustice for one is injustice for all.

  14. thomas on

    Play it it cool Elias!
    I don’t agree with revealing these issues in public,it does not advance our interest at all.
    Let’s focus on the big picture! The enemay is woyane ,no body else!
    Elias please don’t write this in public,don’t make woyane happy!
    I am sure president Isais will look closely to this issue and make decisive measures.
    There are a lot of things that we don’t know,clearly there is power struggle between the Ethiopian groups which needs to be dealt with.We should not handle these issues in public and if there is a need some of the high ranking officials should go to Asmara to discuss with the president.
    The Eritrean economy is getting stronger than ever and Egypt is more than ready to help,the end of woyane is near and lets work together.Stop the internal fight and let’s fight woyane!!!

  15. Minelik on

    Elias, well well well… it took you five years to recognize the true color of shabia. Shabia is no friend. Had you have another trip to Eritrea , you could have been in jail by now. Shabians wants EPPF for one specific treason.. to milk the fund. Shabia will never arm pro Ethiopian groups. That is why EPPF is weakening day by day . My advice to you, distance yourself from Shabia. Period!!

  16. Minale on

    Dear Elias,
    You should not think that it is always appropriate for the Eritrean Officials to respond to every thing you are asking about. If they are no responding you should not condemn them to death. What you can do is to come with a scenario based reporting; without a specific conclusion.

    Good that you said ‘We could be wrong’ as what you have written is only one possible scenario. There could be another reason behind the actions of the Eritrean officials. For instance what if they are going after ‘Tikur Chaka’ the person who posted a series on EPPF and the Eritrean Gov on Ethiomedia website. It is logical to anticipate such things to happen, as the person used a nick name (Tikur Chaka). It was very clear that ‘Tikur Chacka’ should be one of the high ranking EPPF officials or some one linked to them. This scenario can be dropped if ‘Tikur Chacka’ is not one of the victims of the current actions of the Eritreans; and he could give us his own account of what is going on. I think, by using a nick name, ‘Tikur Chaka’ might think he has done good for his own security, but he has created danger to many others and probably himself (if he is genuinely concerned member of EPPF).

    What if the Eritreans have got different information about ‘Woyane’ infiltration of the opposition. What makes your information more reliable than what they have got. Do you think Ethiopian Review to be the main source for the Eritrean Intelligence?

    My point is that we can build scenarios, let us not rush to make conclusion.

    God Bless Ethiopia and Eritrea

  17. If the rumor is true the US has starting mediating Ethiopian and Ertrian high level diplamats secretly on major issues like Badme,Ethiopian use of the Assab port, normalizations of relation and eventual establishment of free trans boarder trade.
    According to sources both parties have have accepted the initial measures to farther advance the negotiations ie removing the ethiopian oppositions from eritrea and vise versa.

  18. Jaruu Balcha Wami on

    You disgraceful shameless sellout. mr Elias you will pay the full price for collaborating with ethiopias enemies ( shabia,olf,onlf).

    You hate woyane so much you would rather have osama bin laden rule Ethiopia. You disgusting cockroach. Your type will be eliminated. This is disgusting journalism.

  19. Stoned Peter on

    Elias I really admire you for being a true Ethiopian so no Tigrean or TPLF bastard should accuse you anymore as a pro Shabia or pro Eritrean person I never believed them. Thank you for staying a true Ethiopian and for being honest human being for the ideas you stood. I am sure the Tigrean Mafia has been embarrasse with this article because they have tried to discredit you openly. However I am sad with this situation because the pro TPLF group has said many times it will be the wrong choice Eritrea to be our struggle base if I am not wrong the halfhearted Ethiomedia Abraham Beleay has said during his debate with you. In addition Hodam Solomon Teka might produce another music about Meles’s handsomeness especially about his his tallness and his beautiful hair or Meles’s stylish Afro. To be true my heart is broke with this sad story, I think TPLF has a big hand in the Eritrean security agency if not this should not happen anyway Elias please try to contact the highest person or President Esayas I am sure he is indanger himself by TPLF spies. I am sad today because this news had been a big lose for us. Please Elias let us know mor about this situation.

  20. Fitihawi on

    Thomas #17,
    You still must be naive to think that it is possible to sit down and talk to the dictator.To begin with,you have to realize that there is no what we traditionally call ‘a government’ in Asmara that behave like one but rather a band of shiftas with a strong leader who does things with impunity.If you remember Dawit Issac who was a journalist with Swidesh citizenship has been in in his dangeons ever since 2001 despite all the pleas and urges by the international community to bring him to justice.
    Brother Elias,
    I am an Eritrean and I have witnessed the brutalities and atrocities going on in Eritrea.Don’t heed to anyones advice that tells you to go to Asmara and talk.Vindictivness is one of the trademark of the regime.So anyone can put you in danger and once you are disappeared you would never see a day light again.Be carefull please.

  21. Yohannes Ejigu on

    Here We Go Again Elias,
    You make me laugh when you consider yourself, the Kissinger of the day to resolve this standoff? I can see now clearly how immature, and erratic person you are to think that Isayas, the stubborn dictator gives a damn about your foolish demand. Who do you think you are, daring to put your naive request to the “honorable monster”? Do you really think that the so called Col Fitsum is acting by his own? There is no a single thing that is happened in Eritrea without the knowlegde and the blessing of that lunatic monster. Col. Fitsum is doing what his boss,”the invincible, your man of the year” told him to do.
    As I said in my previous comment, Isayas and Meles needs each other for thier survival. The EPPF or other Ethiopian woyane opposition forces in Eritrea are only there as a bargaining chips and when the time comes they will be used as a pawn to be sacrificed in order to fulfill woyane’s demand. It could be a back door deal, money or any other interest that they are bartering with. Why would you think Isayas could answer your demand? Becuase you called him a man of the year? He might get valuable thing from Legesse to throw EPPF under the bus than your fruitless propganda of the man of the year or milinium junk. So wake up! Maferya.

  22. I have never trusted shabia to do any good to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. My frustration with Elias was/is his support and trust for shabian leadership which will never ever bear fruit. OLF is the witness for that for over four decades.

  23. lula lemma on

    what the hell you are doing in Eritrea.You EPPF are another headache for ETHIOPIAN people. As far as you are supported by Eritrea you are also WOYANE.
    Do some thing better than playing with human life. You do not have place in ETHIOPIA.

  24. Scenario Analysis:

    1. EPPF is progressing by removing woyanee inflitraters. The Eritrian Intelegence has traced these elements

    2. EPPF is going down. Woyanne inflitaters are getting control of the front.

    3.EPPF is always in Chaos, nothing is new.

  25. I am sorry Elias – I say you are too quick on this. I simply could not believe what you were told and why did you post it so quickly. This is some damaging stuff…

  26. Tezebet on

    Hope Elias will publish this…

    In my wildest dream I never dream that there is something good emerge from Iss-Ass. I would rather to believe that the father I buried 26 years ago will raise up from his grave and see him alive…than believing Iss-Ass will help Ethiopia in good intention…When it comes to Ethiopia he is as evil as Melese. There is one thing I wish good for Iss-Ass to live longer and be a president of Eritrea, they deserve him. How in the world we trust this guy and believe that he will change while the record show us clearly the number one enemy of Ethiopia. Just to remind the reader
    1. Who is the father of all the evil things happened to Ethiopia?
    2. Who create and raised Melese and his clones?
    3. Who said that he give 100 years homework to Ethiopians?
    4. Who hunt and kill all patriot Eritrea origin Ethiopians right after he took over Asemera and Melese took over Addis?
    5. Who murdered thousands of Ethiopian military that surrender after the end of the war?
    6. Who bombed innocent Tigrean kids In 1998 war?

    He has gigantic hate towards to Ethiopia that I can’t describe it in word…his hate is in his blood if any one thinks that he has a will and a mind to bring change towards to Ethiopia, that person should see a doctor. I hate Melese/Woyne and I pray every day to live longer to see Melese and his clones death so I can pee on their dead body, in each one of them. However, just because I hate Wayane I don’t trust and believe that day and change will come to Ethiopia with the help of Iss-Ass. I try to understand the logic behind it and I still can not get it.
    Elias I disagree with you in so many things but never said you are a sellout or you work against your country “Ethiopia” interest intentionally, I personally talk to you so many times while you were actively help Lidetu (before he fells from grace) I know how much you hate TPLF, I know you are one of a million people who dream and work hard to see the end of this regime however you should revisit your love affair with this killer (black Hitler)… if I were you I will work and advocate day and night all the oppositions parties to leave Eritrea.
    Demand all the oppositions to work against TPLF instead working against each other facilitate good atmosphere to the opposition to stop their internal friction …work tirelessly to bring all the opposition to work together. Ethiopians are tired to see the oppositions division than Melese regime these days. We all know what Melese stand for and who he is and where he is taking that country, the problem we have is to understand what the opposition stand for and when they stop put their foot in each other throat.

  27. Thank you Elias. For those who were suspecting of you as Shabia lover, you have shown that you are an idependent mind who shoot straight, calling a spade a spade. I really mean it, you have elivated your credibility.

    Now for the main story:
    I was one of those gullible Ethioians who thought that Eritria could help Ethiopians to bring down the Mafia Woyane government. However, we have observed over a considerable period of time that infact the Eritrian government was weakening the real Ethiopian freedom fighters, just fearing that a stronger Ethiopia will emerge after the fall of Woyane. That was wrong. If you think about it, strong Ethiopia can only be good for Eritria economically.

    Many Ethiopian freedom fighters are now killed by Eritrian security forces. In fact after the masscure of the 2005 Ethiopian election and the attack on “Kinjit” movement, thousands of young Ethiopians from Gonder Wello Addis and Gojam were burning in anger and waiting to join the freedom fighters. That momentum was lost as the Eritrian security forces strated wakening the freedom fighers of EPPF and divided them by tribe (Tigray front, Benshangul, Southern etc etc). This was not acceptable to any average Ethiopian and those detrmined Ethiopains gave up on the hope of EEPF.

    Who ever is doing it in Eritria (the government or some rouge security forces) Eritrians have again choosen the wrong choice. You can not win by being against the Ethiopian people. We both win by working together for geniune peace and brotherly negibourhood. What you are doing now like by killing and disppearing Ethiopian freedom fighters such as Colonel Taddese Mulneh could make you pay a terrible price. The moment Ethiopians lebel you as an eneemy, it will be very easy for Woyane to rally the people for another war with any excecuse to finish you off.

  28. aman amlak on

    Elias ,
    it was just a matter of time before you switch to Woyanne side
    but somehow I always thought you go to where the profit is .
    Are you writing this article to make the diaspora happy or telling them that the party is over . The next thing to do is to ask the woyanne for forgiveness and go back to Ethiopia and enjoy the fruits of your hard work screwing up your people for a long time

    May You Rest in PEACE .

  29. Bekalu on

    I have great admiration for your work and personality.You are the truth fighter who is a son of a gun. When it comes to ethiopia you will confront any one with out any hesitation. I see that you don’t have freindship or group mentality, when it comes to mother land. I salute you, Elias. Keep it up.

  30. i suspect long time ago this colonel is working for malelit.He is definitely paid some money by weyena or usa.This criminal must be removed and take him to prison.

  31. Gashaw on

    If what I read is true, there could only be a few explanations.One possibility is that Isaias does not trust the opposition.The second hypothesis is that Isaias has lost control over his subordinates . The third one is may be it is some sort of demonstrating good intentions to the Ethiopian government. There could be more plausible explanations. I would love to find out.

  32. Anonymous on


    YOUR BLA…BLA… doesn’t help now.

  33. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I don’t really care about this creature by the name Kemal. Do you all remember the video of him giving interviews right after he fled to Asmara? I could tell from his gesture or posture if you will that he did not flee because he felt strongly about his people but rather ran away after being caught to be somewhat a slacker. He looked like some one not cut out for leading a guerilla force. And living in Asmara with a daily dose of Spaghetti Sugo-Bologna or Spaghetti all Bolognese would not help either. Just read the latest stories of his so-called fighters. They are waging war in Kenya and running like rabbits. My heart bleeds with utter sorrow for those many young men and women who are blindly following such irresponsible tactics. Did he find it easier to liberate those Oromos living in Kenya? What a mess!!!

    As far as you Brother Elias. From now on please be very careful. In this case, the enemy of my enemy does not and will never work. Eritrea is another sovereign country and let it sort out its internal problems on its own. It has enough intellectual horse power to lift up its status on its own accord. And remember this: The people of Tigray and Eritrea are closer to each other than the people in Gondar, Gojjam, Oromia, Afar and the rest of the people in the current boundary of Ethiopia. Never forget this geopolitical fact.

  34. koster on

    “AHYA BIRAGET TIRS AYSABERIM” Isayas and Meles are one and the same except their relationship to the WEST. Isyas is a tyrant and MELES is a “friendly tyrant” because of their relationship to the WEST. All what they need is to have all what are called “nationalsists” and eliminate them so that they loot Ethiopia peacefully.

  35. Solomon on

    Elias, the foundation of eritrean politics is based on hatred against Ethiopia and the perception that Eritrea is different, and destroy or deny all evidence that links eritrea with eth. in the form of family ties, language, common history, culture. However you have been advocating for erit..this shows how immature, confused, ignorant you are and trying to present and inflate yourself as political analyst, journalist, freedom fighter, human rights activist etc. You are disconnected from the reality. Please rethink your role – do u want to be an independent journalist or HR activist or agents of unknown parties, central committee member of one of the political party (incl. shabia and woyane). Your knwoledge about EPLF/TPLF and Eritrea is shallow.

  36. Hiji girim on

    Ay ya ya yiy….What a story. Elias why dont you look another job. like cleaning or……

  37. Anonymous on


    Forget your bla..bla.. and think how we can save our gallant fighters who are in troubl in Eritrea. Bring them inside where their is a ripe situation within our territories. We can start an urban gurella warfare.

  38. It seems that Elias is given a mission by Isayas Afewerki to blackmail Colonel Fitsum for what is going wrong with the Ethiopian oppositions in Eritrea. Believe me next time Elias will tell us that President Isayas removed (arrested) Col. Fitsum for his mis deeds. I am guessing Col. Fitsum is already arrested for some other political reasons or problems with mr. Isayas. Otherwise this story is so funny that no one expects from Elias.

  39. Elias, do not rush. Take your time and try to get proper information from the concerned authourities.
    We Eritrean also are asking about the devolopment you brought to us.
    For your information Shaebia is never in a harry to take actions, therefore why not wait till we know what they are doing? We Eritrans trust our president as a honest and decent person and will never negotiate with the USA to make concessions at the cost of the Ethiopian opposition parties operating in Eritrea. This will create a bad sentiment in the Eritreab people and reduce his popularity in the country.
    If there are some spies or infiltrators from the Woyale at any level, I assure you that they will be filtered.
    Thanks for ahving trust of our president. Together, Eritreans and Ethiopians will eliminate this westerners puppet of Woyane.
    We need to be patient and strong at the same time.

  40. I’m not surprise to hear this news even during the border war there were some colonels and top officials were working for usa and weyane.even one of the colonel escaped when he was suspected.he was a tigrai origin.Now about this mafia colonel is secret agent of malelit.An action must be taken it is not safe to the opposition and the people of ERITREA.And also ETIOPIAN opposition do not need an advisor

  41. Both the people in Asmara and Arat Kilo are Ethiopia-haters, and it is logical that they put aside their differences and act together whenever Ethiopians appear to be stronger. It is stupidity that Ethiopians got surprised by this actions of the Eritrian government. Elias is trying to have us believe that this is an independent act of a Colonel. What a näivety!!!

  42. Almariam is only maferia. This man who professes to be a lawyer and chairman of ESAT, jurist and college professor failed to file charges against meles zenawi regime. He keeps only writing articles and stories. The same goes to Shakespeare Feyissa in Seattle. I am sure there are so many ethiopian lawyers in USA. Why cant the they compile evidences of massacre in ethiopia against meles zenawi’s regime to file at world court or ICC? Elias , can you please highlight this issue?

  43. Bewnetu on

    Elias, we know that you wouldn’t last long in this polarizing politics, but never thought that you will fall apart so quick. We simply wait how far you can go before you commit suicide.

  44. Yohannes Ejigu on

    Here We Go Again Elias,
    You make me laugh when you consider yourself, the Kissinger of the day to resolve this standoff? I can see now clearly how immature, and erratic person you are to think that Isayas, the stubborn dictator gives a damn about your foolish demand. Who do you think you are, daring to put your naive request to the “honorable monster”? Do you really think that the so called Col Fitsum is acting by his own? There is no a single thing that is happened in Eritrea without the knowlegde and the blessing of that lunatic monster. Col. Fitsum is doing what his boss,”the invincible, your man of the year” told him to do.
    As I said in my previous comment, Isayas and Meles needs each other for thier survival. The EPPF or other Ethiopian woyane opposition forces in Eritrea are only there as a bargaining chips and when the time comes they will be used as a pawn to be sacrificed in order to fulfill woyane’s demand. It could be a back door deal, money or any other interest that they are bartering with. Why would you think Isayas could answer your demand? Becuase you called him a man of the year? He might get valuable thing from Legesse to throw EPPF under the bus than your fruitless propganda of the man of the year or milinium junk. So wake up! Maferya.

    December 18th, 2010

  45. dahlak on

    you denkoro moron,
    stop talking rubbish about GOE.
    u are woyane or eritrean slave for woyane.

  46. Dereje on

    Dear Elias I can’t wait to see you in Addis preaching about EPRDF.Meles is smart enought to forgive your sin.May be in 2012 person of the year for Ethiopian Review will be beloved PM Meles Zenawi.

  47. Geremew Isaatuu on

    This is a good opportunity for the common civilians to really learn about factionalism in an organization. I feel modern history of the national movements starting from student movements and all other parties and fronts have not been well studied and analyzed and put to work.

    We need to understand that and come up with a new paradigm. Now and soon. Rigid solutions for fluid problems is unacceptable vision.

    Big, big, big, big and huge problem. Please study history. Study TPLF. Study OLF. Study EPRP. Study DERG. and study EPDRF. Even study EPDM and EPDO. Learn about ELF, EPLF and TLF and MLLT.

    All boils down to fratricidal actions in the name of wrong and correct political stands. Let us learn how to communicate and dialogue. The goal is to save human lives but the saviors become victims because of simple and complex disagreements that are always very transitional in their characters.

    Take actions taken by Mengistu Hailmariam. He undone himself. Take Isayas he is destroying what he had built over half a century. Take Melese Zenawi; he is destroying what he had been working on for the last
    forty years. Organizational stabilities and national stabilities and internal and external peace for a nation and an organization are very crucial. The people and our countries expect that from our current and past leaders.

    It boils to one thing the black men and women of modern Eritrean and the Ethiopian empire do not understand the current conditions of their respective people. They are not selfless leaders and they keep fighting over power and fame without accurately solving our historical problems. All opposition leaders are all the same characters who fight each other for power and money.

    When does factionalism stops and dialogue and reconciliation starts? Why do we need to destroy our brightest and learned people over problems that could be solvable. Communicate. Communicate with each other instead of running for guns and bullets. Unite to work together harmoniously. Our people are hunger y and angry. I may say that basically people who would have been better of if they are united yet they seem to go for opposite to eradicate our species from the face of Horn Of Africa. Guess who is happy our common enemies.

    “ A bird that is free cannot free if it preys on another free bird,” and “ The evils that men do lives after them.” and “ Separate. Evil and good do not mix.” Let us be good for our next generations. History will judge us.

  48. Yohannes Ejigu on

    #33 Gashaw, & Elias Kifle,

    There are the fourth and the fifth plausible explanations (conspiracy theories) as to why Isayas is trying to flash-out all woyane opposition.
    4th) there might be underground negotiations, woyane with shabiya on Legesse’s principle of give and take, and if isayas saw an advantage he will throw the bargaining chips (opposition) under the bus. It would be naivety to ever think like, immature and erratic elias that col fitsum is doing what he does without the approval of that lunatic dictator.
    5th) CIA might come into picture between both dictators order them to make peace by promising them what they want in order to prepare both neighbors (stakeholders) of Sudan incase some thing goes wrong on South Sudan referendum in which America is watching closely and with interest.
    6) If they are willing to sale themselves to the CIA plot, facilitating the referendum in Sudan, Legesse and Isayas are digging their own grave. Once, South Sudan is stable sovereign state, Americans will be at the center of that new nation, the north will be sandwiched between Egypt (the beneficiary of annual allotted American tax payers millions of dollars) and south Sudan and the importance of Legesse will be diminished and if he tries to use the China as a lever on Americans they will not hesitate to overthrow him and his new Chinese friends will not sacrifice their interest with US for a dog like Legesse…. The list could go on and there are many plausible explanations behind the action of that lunatic dictator from Asmara. However, Elias the other dictator of the media is trying to hush me and trashed my comment just because the bare fact and truth I wrote is not in line with his deceptive agenda. I sent my comment on 12/18/2010 at about 12:15am and the number was 20th comment # 100474 and again I send after 6 hours the same comment on the 38th and # was 100505. Can you see how many comments that he trashed in the past 6 hours? 13 and he published 18 out of 31 comments. i.e. 42% of the comments are not approved by Elias. What a journalist he is promoting the silencing of dessent or different opinions?

  49. Shaebia on

    Fithawi #16 & #22
    your propaganda. Is tired and recycled……. Your claim that Isayas is from Temben, Tigray is a recycled & knackered propaganda that we Eritreans call it “Zereba gedifkas zereba gwal-mengedi” …. Meaning talking of a non-issue while the main issue is covered up. You can even go to the wikileaks cable where amb McMullen so psychotic were talking about Isayas and his roots….. I hope you should, at least, believe your financiers, if not beleive what you have been told long ago. All the lies and name calling you spew out like a hell of fire will run its course…….
    I’m happy Elias is reporting on what he does best….. Reporting the news as it is and following up on it….. He’s like a true investigative journalist…… Digging every facts available and let the people do their own analysis. What the docile “Frthawi” is doing is a futile effort to set theagenda in his Glenn Beck type of monotribe of childish tantrum. His tantrum might create a mountain of bubbles only, that will eventually pop one at time to leave you back on your ground…..
    I’m, for one, very keen in the story and I have always been aware of some corrupt colonels in Eritrea’s rank & files & in the past when they get jailed, the quisiling league of assembled weyane’s puppet & its western financiers always jump to their defense, claiming they are prisoners of conscious….. Beleive me ….. Some of them are in fact jailed for not having any humane conscious towards their subordinates…… Two years ago Gen Sebhat Ephrem said in an interview with “TE’ATEQ” that the military has introduced 12 values that the rank & files of the militry brass should be evaluated with ….. Along with introducing evaluation of superiors by the subordinates including the low level soldiers. Sebhat in the interview stated that some officers disagree being evaluated by their subordinates. We knew that this new measures were introduced help
    stem off corruption that is encouraged by natural greed or compromised from outside. We have modernized our military to stem
    off corruptiion and sabotages despite resistance from some. What we need is the same form of mechanism within a EPPF,
    OLF, TPDM & etc…. For now, Elias is doing the noble job of reporting news while it’s still hot. Good on ya, Elias. Your comitment to your country & people should not be questioned by the servant weyane regime and their sub- servants. So called ” free press” might not be exist in Eritrea but everything the press throws is on the Internet and Internet service has never been restricted in Eritrea including the dead ETV , weyane’s dead TV, has never been hampered from broadcasting in Eritrea.
    Fithawi…. You know what the weyane will do to you if they cach you watching EriTV which the weyane has been jamming it along with EthioSat, VOA Amharic & Deusche Welle . Even the US Who has always been defeaning our ears on freedom of press & expression cannot handle the wikileaks websites that it has been bringing it down so many times and pressuring the corporate media to undermine wikileak revelations & even using companies like VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, to deny service to wikileak, the very basic service they provide even to the most evil & disturbing organisation like the racist white suprimacist KKK.
    Fithawi, ,….. your blame game could not have been misplaced.
    As far as I’m concerned Elias is doing a great job and he doesn’t have to prove his patriotism to anybody, least of all to servant weyane & its sub- servants & hodams.
    This revelation is good for everybody & those who killed any member of EPPF should never escape accountability.
    As I have said so many times, I’m not a “Shaebia supporter”…… I’m SHAEBIA, myself. I beleive in the ideal of shaebia….. People need to learn what shaebia stands for and what its visions & goals are. Beleive me, Everyone who claim to be a “Shaebia supporter” not necessarily is Shaebia…….. If I’m allowed to bring a parallel
    analogy to that from the bible…….Mathew, chapter 7, verses 21-23…… it said …..” not everyone calls out to Lord will be saved…..”
    Fithawi…… the whole chaper in context …. That will help bring about to life your dead conscious and get rid off your inflated ego & and arrogance.
    Have a great weekend.

  50. Mr.Elias, you trusted Essayas, despite a massive protest among genuine Ethiopians. I admire your bold and heroic effort you have done so far. Don’t give a damn for laptop heroes who know nothing except negatives.

  51. Tulu Oda on

    Elias must now admit that Isaias and Meles are one coin with two faces. Let ER rectify its mistakes of the past and change its strategy in order to decimate Shaebia and TPLF.

  52. Tazabiew on

    This article is rather interesting and an eye opener to some. To me it seems politics as usual. I read so many comments that are totally misguided and immature. Granted Issays is a dictator that has ruled Eritrea with a strong hand, but to accuse him of all evils that is happening to Ethiopia is to not shoulder your own failure in doing what ever it is you want to accomplish. There is no shred of evidence where Issays has ever done to divide or harm Ethiopia not a single shred of Evidence. He fought against what he considered a colonizing country, and he won and liberated his people, for that he deserves a medal. As for helping various Ethiopian opposition, it does not mean he wants to disintegrate Ethiopia, actually contrary to that, He wants all Ethiopians to have an equal opportunity and have their say, because he has a first hand experience what happens when your rights as a group is taken away from you and are subjected to practically no less than slavery. So if he helped this groups, it is only because he feels he is doing a good thing, to build a strong united healthy Ethiopia. But those who don’t Know the facts, and don’t know him, keep repeating the same old and tired propaganda speech of hate. You may not like how he runs Eritrea, but he is a man of work and as such, as has been witnessed by those who hate him, the western media such as the economist have predicted by 2011 His Government will be among the fastest growing and this is another place where he should get a Medal. For him to be able to do this, with all the adversities and enemies he is surrounded by, is amazing. For those of you, who are filled with hate, I hope the progress he is making , won’t make you die out of sheer hate and jealousy. So you need to take it easy and of course focus on your own issues. Last but not least, if he is clamping down on some or all Ethiopian opposition, I say GOOD FOR HIM for that He will need a GOLD MEDAL!!!!, because the opposition had almost 10 years to make something, some useful and meaning full progress until now, and what have we seen from this people? Have they even taken one lousy village??? I don’t think so, so it is time Perisdent Issays puts Eritrea first and knows his priority and responsibility is to take care of Eritreans and not some good for nothing disgruntled opposition groups. And Since Eritrea is on track with economy boom, as is the Ethiopian government, the sensible thing to do, is for him to start normalization with the Government in Addis and work toward changing the lives of Eritreans. I hope and pray, Perisdent Issays and Priminster Melese using their wisdom, as they are one of African intelligent and great leaders in many aspect, need to put their differences behind and it is time they start working together and that is the dream we need to cheer for. Dream for peace, prosperity and brotherly neighborhood. It is time Ethiopians stop talking garbage about Persident Issays and it is also time Eritreans stop talking nonsense about priminster Melese, this are two individuals who have given their lives for a struggle and made it, the rest of us, we are hiding behind computer while eating burgers and accusing them of this and that, what have we done in our life to bring about a change to our people? At least this two great leaders have done what ever it is they did and have made it, so before we are quick to call people names, we should look at our selves and give the respect that this people deserve. In the end weather we like it or not, the growing and exploding economy of both country dictates that normalization comes in 2011. !!!!!!!!! Knowing this reality on the ground, all oppositions parties of Ethiopia will be in their best interest to start negotiations with the Ethiopian government and start working toward united Ethiopia, instead of wasting time raising arms against your own people. Isn’t it irony that you guys support this rebels who are practically fighting against another Ethiopians and killing their own brothers, and yet you have no shame you want to blame Issays for dividing you?? you guys need to check where your marbles are. First stop killing each other and realize that you are on people, and what ever it is you are not happy about, do it peacefully. Ethiopia is on the path to great success, don’t let your time wasted in hate and false dreams, of toppling a government. The government of Melese is here to stay.!!!!!! Victory to all peace loving Eritreans and Ethipoians.

  53. Shaebia on

    To Those hypocrites who promise heaven & earth to the poor people of the world when you can’t wven plug your own hole……..2nd Petros 3:19 describes such people as “Wicked people”  & the verse says, “……. They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sins & deception. For you are a slave of whatever controls you….”
    And 1st MSG to Peter 3:17 says…..
    “…. Remember, it’s better to suffer fo doing good, if that is what God wants, than to suffer for doing wrong……”
    Just as did all the slave traders, the colonizers & now the hegemonic US empire ransacking the resources of the countries of the poor people by creating propaganda and continuous lies…..just as the bible reminds us in  2nd Peter 2:3…… “….. In their greed, they will make up clever lies to get jol of your money…..” 
    Does that ring a bell?….. The despotic monstrous Weyane accepted as a stateman in the West despite killing, jailing, torturing so many. The clever lies are the promotion of democracy, human right & freedom of expression which, ironically, weyane itself claims to defend that won it 99.6% of the votes. Weyane and its foreign investors reap profit while the people of Ethiopia becomes poorer, more disfranchised & dispossessed everyday.
    When we refused to believe all the lies, we get targetted. 
    A film on all these is being worked and hope that it will be premiered in the Canne’s film Festival in the near future. Remember the film Faraniht 9/11 denied to be premiered in US but won as the best docu film in the Cannes film Festival….. We have interview of Michael Moore saying how an American film is shown all over the world and even an international acclaim but not slowed even to be screened in his own country, US. The film was later shown there….. So much for all the defeaning lectures they continue to tell us.
    God bless your struggle for a Just justice.
    Have a lovely weekend.  

  54. Elias the brave and smart Ethiopian that gives a heat for woyanne criminals like no one, you are a real nightmare for dedebit cocroaches,every time you come up with a burning issue woyanne ministry of foreign affairs sends its hand out survivers after foreign wellfare to respond or defend their structural crimes financedby solen Ethiopian money recieved from the donors,no matter for this temporary joy as the strugglle moves in a bigger dimension with the participation Ethiopians from all walks of life and around the world.Elias woyannes survival is only the looted money and a very few who puts themselves in the crime world and could not see no other way out except going to the limit, woyannes days are really numbered and i assure you all freedom loving Ethiopians are with you
    God save Ethiopia
    Death to woyanne cocroaches

  55. gedamu on

    I always thought that Elias kifle was an eritrean disguised in ethiopian skin, anyhow if the story is true i hope that you learn from your mistakes of trusting those people from then north, it should be the last thing to do for an ethiopian to colaborate with isayas or any other eritrean for that matter because never in history have we learnt that they have done something positive for ethiopia. Its not too late elias you can always join the real opposition who are figuring it out to promote peace in ethiopia and for the bright future of our children.

  56. Elias tells the truth.

    1-Col.Fitsum kicked you out of EPPF central committee membership.
    2-Eritrean Government in DC cut-off your lousy pay cheque.
    3-You have a problem/divorce/ with your Eritrean wife.

    The truth, nothing but the truth.

  57. I am with shabia on this-we are just making noise from DC as usual and confusing Elias who has been trying his best to forge a winning alliance to end woyane’s rule.
    I was shocked to learn that the commander of EPPF fighters has been in asmara driving,not in the bush fighting and leading the fighters.I am equally surprised by the reaction of the EPPF supporters when the Colonel took away the commander’s car and told him to go to the bush and fight woyane.Thank you Colonel,good job,why didn’t you do it even before.I have never heard of a rebel commander driving in a beautiful city (probably womanizing….)which has become successful.
    I am sure this shake up will make EPPF strong and their leaders will start doing what we want them to do:go to the bush and fight,don’t sit in asmara(stay away from temptations).
    When it comes to winning a war,no one knows it more than Isais,he knows what he is doing.

  58. Eritreawi on


    You deleted two posts I made in response to your articles, by now it is clear that you are showing your true colors. I think it is time for you to expose yourself totally and hold hands with Abreha Belay and play fake opposition to Melles while you are serving him behind closed doors.

    Trust me on this one, no matter how much dirt you throw on the Eritrean government, all you will do in the end is expose yourself, that is just a friendly advice, time and again it has been proven that weak minded Ethiopian politicians in the diaspora try to make themselves feel good by ranting and raving against the Eritrean government but in the end they all eat the dust and in due time you shall too.

  59. I have never trusted shabia to do any good to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. My frustration with Elias was/is his support and trust for shabian leadership which will never ever bear fruit. OLF is the witness for that for over four decades.

  60. ameche on

    I am eritrean. I believe that ethiopian & eritrean must work together to bring the tigrain government. the tigrain government is #1 enemy of ethiopian and eritrean.

    please ethiopian contact Eritrean Embassy in DC tell what is going on with Col. Fitsum. Col. Fitsum might be working with weyane & out side agent.
    he might be weyane agent.
    believe me anything is possible.
    please inform eritrean officals with what is going on with ethiopian oppostions

  61. Suture on

    I have a couple off recommendations for you Mr. Elias; you ought to stick with you journalism. Don’t get involved in politics; you are too sentimental with it. Even that, I believe you need to take some more communication policy. At lest you will be able to learn more about clear and present danger. You may be right with your information, but the timing of your report is absolutely harmful to your organization.

  62. Stoned Peter on

    Elias before I get to my point please do not go to Eritrea or do not trust anyone there are people that can harm you, oh I am sorry I for got to say Good Morning brother Elias how are you taking the bad news I am steel beyond belief sad however I am sure this situation will bring a better way of fighting mechanism of the Tigrean Mafia invaders. Such as instead of going far away we can fight TPLF and the Tigrean Mafia from our own home from Ethiopia that was what we did during the Italian battle so let us do from the cities, hamlets, valleys and mountains of Ethiopia. We should treat this fight as an outside force attack we should not see the Tigrean Mafia as a fellow Ethiopians because there are no many of them. We should not run for the fear of these rats. We can suffocate them with their evil work before they harm us with in our country. Trust me it can be done that is what the Etiopian heroes did to the Italians so let Ginbot 7 and others do their base everywhere in Ethiopia even at the backyards of Meles and his Mafia’s place 4 killo. For instance if we want to attack the Mafia we can use everything from cars to guns as well as money to finance the struggle we should take or snatch from those filthy Tigrean Mafias after all that was our property from the start. we should not run for fear of these bastard and idiots let us avoid them or let us not associate with them because many of them are spies for the TPLF Mafia most of them ar proud of being Tigrean than being an Ethiopian in short let us avoid them from being friend and other social activities just like a bad habit. If we do that they can not find what we do and think so they will not attack us let us delay their move for every action if we do that I am sure it will be a successful struggle let us not be late from doing everything. Last not least let us shame the Hodams like Niguse and Solomon etc. let us ignore them with in Ethiopia and outside of Ethiopia.

  63. Disgusted on

    What Elias did is tried to blackmail the government of Eritrea. But in doing so, he exposed himself and hurt his standing with the Eritrean government and people that he worked with. Elias also showed his immaturity by falling into the trap the TPLF or Ethiomedia set for him. Elias is also making a huge mistake into believing that he is the sole representative of the Eritrean Ethiopian relationship equation. He isn’t. He also is myopic in his approach by thinking that Eritrea will jump because he requested it. Elias is truly a fool that is full of him. But what is even more disgusting is that many believe any thing they want to believe without the facts in. Eritreans are not crazy to take actions hastily as he did. What Elias did is irresponsible plain and simple but he will not change a thing.


  64. Fed_UP on

    As An Eritran I am willing to bet President Afework has nothing to do with this . The president is busy building the country. Did you know that
    1- He didn’t know about badme conflict until some one called him to break the news
    2- According to Interview he gave, he didn’t know about the arrest of the G15 until some one broke the news for him (he was a sleep before the news)
    3- He didn’t know about the Djibouti conflict until Qatar officials broke the news about the conflict.
    And more…

  65. The way you wrote this article is masterful. You have accomplished three things: 1) you established yourself without a doubt that you are not a hired gun for any one and that you do not hesitate from taking a stand when it comes to defending Ethiopia and Ethiopians, 2) you brought to light why Ethiopian freedom fighters are floundering in Eritrea with no tangible progress, and 3) instead of condemning the whole Eritrean government, you presented a reasonable request. If the Eritrean government rejects your request, you will still come out the winner. If they accept your request and fix the problem, it is a win for every one except Woyanne. The ball is now on Eritrean government’s hands.

  66. yegeremew on

    Folks, the rush to judgement is what makes people confuse and do or say unnecessary stuff. Elias before your write your own he said she said analyses, you should have investigate and find the correct information form GOE or from EPPF official in Asmara. Your information is baseless and you want the GOE to look bad and crule. I hope we find the truth sooner than later.

  67. Treaty on

    Elias Kifle kudos to your courage, I am your regular,and know where I stand in this issue but not interested to state it here at this time.However,I want to respond to melese’s pay dogs who seem to think that Ethiopia is in dire straight because of what is this news.

    First of all, the Ethiopian people are God fearing, wise, patient, and long suffering citizens. It is this long suffering attitude that allow melese’s rule to take root in the country. It is this faith in good will, trust and taking people’s words for what it is that allow our people to separate foe from real friend.
    This is the only proven and miningful path that was expected of us to tread.After all desire to settle differences through negotiation rather that through a barel of agun is a mark of noblity. So far, Ethiopians have patiently attempted to settle our differences amicably. Just because the methods we followed doesn’t bring succefull results doesn’t mean that we have accomplished nothing.
    The fact still remains that TPLF regime is incrisingly becoming isolated from the world community and its remaining hope is to lean on the arm of red China. This state of affair tplf is intering was possible because of the sacrifices made by many citizens. mean while this new developments in Asmara need to be regarded as set back and not as defeat.Neverthless, many government supporters, who care less save to fill their bellies are already celebrating. If that be realistic assesment good for them.
    As to Ethiopians,we will never run out of options,if there is a will there is a way.
    Somali is one option S.Sudan,kenya,S.Africa,and the Land of Israel are all previously discussed viable choices.Weyane need to be reminded that its undue reliance on her military super structure is unwarranted.Because the foundation of that strucvture is on what I call REMET-a fire coverd under the ashes.

  68. limene on

    All is just infighting and some hodam ,disgrantled EPPF commanders who are unhappy about having Tigrayan Commander in Cief in the newly formed merger.
    But to be honest,Tigrayans are naturallly gifted in millitary strtegy and I don’t blame the Coronel if he promoted the Tigrayan Commander to that position.
    Amharas are naturally the best in law, journalism,theatre…and they are the worst people to lead a freedom fight.
    The proof is rebel Tigrayans from Eritrea and Tigray bit the largest Amhara led millitary with the most letal ground,naval and air weapons of the time ever seen in the history of the horn of africa.

  69. Turner on

    I agree with Fed-Up.
    I would even add the following points about our dear president:

    1- did you know that someone broke the news that Eritrea was independent in 1991? Infact, at first he wasn’t even aware that Eritrea was about to split from Eritrea.

    2- did you know that he didn’t even know referendum was being conducted in 1993 to have Eritrea secede?

    3- did you know that he wasn’t even aware of Meles being in power in Addis until the war broke out in 1998?

    So you all stop blaming our president for things he has no knowledge of.

  70. Though I do not trust Esias completely.I still bleive he is genuine with his support of Ethiopian oppostion groups.This news may be fabricated by weyane agents.Remember Elais it is Weyane who condemed you to die by hunging not Esaias.Weyane is an enemy of God.Period.This may have also been fabricated you know by those peudo opposition groups.

  71. Anonymous on

    This the most betrayal of all time. What a stub in the back! I hate to say I told you so, but all along I knew we should never trusted the creater of TPLF Isayass. It looks like Isaass’s days are numbered and he is irelevant. As I predicted, Melass is on his way to occupy Eritrea and expand that Greater Tigrea and leave our country Ethiopia dismantled after TPLF robbed us for 20 years. It extremely disapointing to know that Obama administration are tolerating tyrant Melass.

  72. What a pathetic plea from a desperate man intended to evoke sympathy from an equally desperate and cruel Eritrean government. The fact that the opposition is at the mercy of an Eritrean mid-level dictator speaks volumes about the organization.

  73. T. Goshu on

    Mr.Elias’ news and comments may have some grain of truth/fact. Unfortunately, the way he presents his views and analysis is highly overshadowed by a very deliberately and meticulously designed emotional and sensational thoughts. I wonder how this kind of personality is useful and desirable in dealing with a very deep and worisome general ( political,economic,social and moral)crisis we are facing. It is very ,very difficult to predict the real-self of Mr. Elias. I hope he will take all the the comments he receices from all his readers.

  74. gudi new on

    Elias!!!!!!!!!, you are one of the most outstanding heroes of Ethiopia of present time. By your posting above you are even shown us how a metal-solid of Ethiopian you are! As you know, a credible political future is primarily based on trust. i assure you have got that one nailed down. I personally had doubts before. we now trust u!
    most of the people who post on your site are woyanes and people who dont make any contribution to the struggle but like to talk. So, don’t give them the mind at all. Keep up with the good work.
    just to mention a few, you have done the following -:

    1. Stood firmly strong against weyane: aligning yourself with the majority of Ethiopians who are silenced.

    2. At this difficult time of Ethiopian history, you are continually searched for a solution to safe our mother land from disintegrating by weyanes: this means doing whatever it takes!, which you have done a great job with our support.

    3. Dedicate/sacrificed your life to do all you have done and continue doing.

    4. motivated so many with your consistency. (personally, i have run into many young Ethiopians that said that they love you and what you stand for: “ elaisn betm new yemiwedew”)

    Now, you are resurfacing with a new approach. People have the right to tell you not to repeat mistakes but cant not to tell you not to make mistakes, given the severity of the Ethiopian’s problems.

    You have a great future: meanwhile keep exposing weyanes and any one that affiliates with them.

    Thank you for your hard work!!!

  75. Hiyoba on

    Elias do not harry to acuse some one whether be Eritrean Government or Indivisuale Col. Futsum at this moment!Elias why is two weeks so long to you to have a response from the concerned ones? Elias is that what you call it building a healthy Relations between the two peoples? Let me say one thing to you if you are a genuine Tagai think twice or more before you bomb the whole relation.
    I would like to advise you to BE COSUISE AND WISE NOT EMOTIONAL!!!!!!

    Peace to All !!!!!

  76. Assta B. Gettu on

    Two years ago, your mission, dear Elias, to the beautiful city of Asmara to establish peace and good working relationships between Ethiopia and Eritrea should be considered a fact-finding mission. Since that daring mission of yours, we have learned so many facts about the two unpredictable leaders: Isaiah Afeworki and Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi).

    Isaiah Afeworki has told us in one of his interviews with you that he welcomes every organization that works for bringing change in Ethiopia. Economically, he believes the growth and prosperity of Ethiopia is good for his country, Eritrea, and he continues to tell us the two countries, Ethiopia and Eritrea, can work side by side without fear, with much freedom, and without border. His concluding remark about the futures of Ethiopia and Eritrea is: “The sky is the limit.” However, after I have gathered some information about the arrest of Col. Tadesse Muluneh and the mistreatments of the other EPPF officials, I have concluded such inhuman activities could not be done without the blessings of the Eritrean President, Isaiah Afeworki. He may have his own reasons why he wants to disintegrate the organization of the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters after he gave them some shelters to stay in his country and work hard to bring down the Woyanne government and replace it with a democratic government. One of the facts we have learned so far about Isaiah is that he hates the two words: democratic government. When he sees EPPF is working to establish a democratic government in Ethiopia, he feels he is threatened since he, his people, and the rest of the world know very well he has been in power for many years without a second party that challenges him. In this case, the sky is not the limit; Badime is!

    By any means, Elias mission to Asmara is a success in interviewing the most feared dictator in the Horn of Africa, Isaiah Afeworki, and in finding out his intentions about the futures of Ethiopia and Eritrea; his plans about Ethiopia and Eritrea during the interview were positive; nevertheless, he has miserably failed by the recent developments in his country for humiliating the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters by arresting their leaders and confiscating their properties such as their cars and their other essential belongings.

    How can a person in his right mind punish his guests who are living under his protection, under his permission, instead of pleasing, supporting, and wishing them success in their missions to liberate Ethiopia from another worst dictator, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi)? He has betrayed them, and, very soon, who knows, he may send them back to Ethiopia to be shot and killed, and that will be the end of any person who tries to liberate Ethiopia, living inside or out side the country. Ethiopia is facing two enemies who speak the same language, believe in oppressing and exploiting their own people, and who never think someone, one day, will rise up and bring them down.

    I am very sorry for the two oppressed nations: Ethiopia and Eritrea! May the good Lord, Jesus Christ, bring them a leader who sacrifices himself/herself for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea!

  77. Axumawi on

    This sound EPPF is standing with one leg, poor EPPF and Elias. Although EPPF has a lot more problems than the allegations against Col Fitsum, rather EPPF love to blame others for their failed in everything they do. EPPF has no mission and without mission, there would not be any success. EPPF stands for EVERY PERSON in any way POSSIBLY to FAIL miserably. In addition, EPPF would love to see Ethiopia to remain poor for their personal mission to meet.
    Ethiopia shall prevail and prosper country and Failed to EPPF and their puppets.
    Power to the people
    Viva Ethiopia

  78. Poor Elias, You are having a big problem with your friend, your man of the year, Isayias “the redmeer”. How are you going to resolve this situation now? We have been telling you that for Ethiopians neither Isayias nor Woyane would bring freedom, democracy and justice. They are both determine to dismantle and destroy the Ethiopian nation and “Ethiopiawinet. I hope you now have learned the lesson.

  79. It is is interesting to notice comments coming from Eritreans is so bitter in tone now. You people are so selfish and into yourselves. I also wonder why you even come here and crowd every Ethiopian site and bitch about being mistreated or misrepresented. Last time I checked, you are “independent” nation.

    As guests, I don’t mind if you come here or any Ethiopian site/venue and argue your case in good faith. However, all I see from you is defend the indefinsible. Lie at all costs and make others beleive that you and your governement is doing the ‘right’ thing, when most of you know full well that is not true. To a typical Eritrean, it appears that everyone is always ‘wrong’ and that they are always ‘right’. I have yet to see an Eritrean critcizing their officals or their government. Do you think this is healthy, even for your own good? I don’t think so. We Ethiopians are not afraid to critcize our government, past and present. Most of us here in Diaspora are anti-weyanne and openly speak about it. Even differences between the opposition is widely discussed openly. You people need to learn to be reasonable and bold enough to speak the truth of what is going on in your own homeland first and foremost. You are not even capable of seeing the obvious misery of your own people, and of what is going on Eritrea, yet you seem to follow every move ethiopians make and are making. I hate to generlize, but you people will never change or learn to live in the real world.

    Most of you seem educated (at least from your writings) and I beeieve most of you live in the Western world, however, all you do is pontificate by lying and deceit.

    I have a feeling most of you frequenting Ethiopian sites and writing comments are payed cadres, much like the die-hard cadres of the weyannes among us. And you also think you are making an impact on readers by writing all these convoluted one-sided comments. However, what this does is put your case very weak and make you look foolish at same time. I advise you to stop meddling in our affairs un invited and start looking into yourselves first. Then, lets see if we can trust you, and that we can truly cooperate and work together.

  80. YEMANE T. on

    Eritrea is an independent country. The problem of within Ethiopian opposition is not Eritrean problem. We have so many Eritreans attending higher education and living freely like it was before 1998 right now. We donot want to loose this privilege that was given back to us after 12 years of waiting . We want to work and diversify our businesses in Ethiopia and we can do that now . We got our main objective . We associated with EPPF in the first place to get back to Ethiopia. Now EPRDF opened the door for Eritreans we donot need EPPF anymore. EPPF can work with us and we Eritreans can get EPPF officials a place in the business other oppositions like KINIJIT officials had done. As for Ethiopian Review you can start a journalism business in Ethiopia and help mend the business relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea. We know You are good on being vocal . The past 12 years thought us a lot , this time we are working to a common goal with all involved.
    Get ready Ethiopia !! Eritreans are back wiser and stronger that before !!!

  81. Stoned Peter on

    Thank you number 80 gudi I agree with you 100% I also agree with mister Assta B. Gettu Today I was listening Hodam Niguse and Belanesh radio Hager Fikir just to know what they would say with this new breaking news of EPP situation as I have guessed just like anyone the 2 idiots were barking with joy. By this news the victims will be the realation of Eritrea and Ethiopia however it has helped Elias as a true champion of the Ethiopian struggle trust me.

  82. Hello elias. since when do isayas care for ethiopia? he allign with tplf and plant woyane in ethiopia forever. you are one sick person i ever saw in ethiopia oppositions including tamagn and al mariam. i am happy to hear that.

  83. Anonymous on

    I am an Eritrean, the funny part of the story is that Isayas didn’t know anything about this. please Elias, I like you and becareful,,,,,

  84. Abinet on

    As one who cautioned against trusting Essayas I am not surprised at this latest revelation. Although very intesligent, Elias,emotions seem to get the better of you ! I remember many Eritreans were very pro Meles until the Ethio-Eritrea war and subsequent expulsions. It is incongrous that people who are anti Melles for Human Right abuses support Essayas who is equally if not more guilty of Human Right abuses. ( Betu Yikterow) Recently I saw a fascinating documentary on Aljazeera a true story of a couple in Eastern Europe who belonged to a radical party which violently attacked Jews. Then recently they discovered they had Jewish origins both tried to hide it from each other at first! however once revealed the man actually gradually became a Rabbi !
    This seems to be what we ( Ethiopian & Eritreans) are doing! our judgments are based not from genuine humanity but tribal alligieance and self interest. God Help Ethiopia and Eritrea the future is bleak with so many so called politicians and their supporters with similar mentality!
    (Racists )

  85. Dejane on


  86. Sheweate on

    If you guys haven’t heard already, the nation of Eritrea is said to be the fastest growing economy on planet earth in the year 2011, with an anticipated economic growth rate of 17%. How did this happen to a nation that was being described as “impovrished”, “tiny”, “dictatorship” etc… by the corporate media as recently as a few weeks ago, while at the same time the same crew was describing Ethiopia as being as “budding democracy anticipating an economic growth rate of 11%, in the 2011 and government elected with 99.5% of the governed”. It’s time for the Ethiopian elite to wake up to the fact that Eritreans pity you for your predicament and only tried to help you out of pity.

  87. Time for Ethiopian opposition groups to go back and fight the lunatic meles on their own soil what ever ít might take. PERIOD

  88. Adefris on

    Shabia is still in bed with weyane. I am 100% certain we cannot fight weyane without fighting Shabia. Get the Hell out of Eritrea. Shabia hates the unity and strength of Ethiopia. Hell to them!
    By the way Elias, had you posted the article I sent to you a while back, lives could of been saved. You refused to post it, because you thought shabia was helping us fight weyane. Wrong!!
    I repeat – All opposition groups leave Eritrea immmediatly! Save your life now!!

  89. welsaid below on

    The dream of isayas and his government is to see that Eritreans take the position and privilege that is exclusively accorded to tigreans.

  90. Crazy Thinking - Ashebir on

    Bravo Elias at least you tried but you have to look at as to the main reason. You approach was right to save Ethiopia but the rest of Ethiopians in diasporas failed you.
    TPDM will liberate Tigray and declare Tigray independence. Meles will accept Tigray as independent country and will remain as an Ethiopian leader for the rest of his life. The new president of the republic of Tigray will be Mola Asgedom. As this guy was supported by Eritrean army, he will enjoy working to integrate this new nation called Tigray with some sort of Federation or confederation based on free border with Eritrea possibly with the afar region. Meles will loot Ethiopia till death to develop Tigray so that to cope with Eritrea. If you notice the trend the Tigrians watch EriTV 24/7 and will easily integrate as citizens in a free border. If they are loyal to Eritrea and its people they will not have any problem with Eritreans coz of shared culture and language. This is the ultimate objective of Meles. The Amhara population will be concentrated back to Tana Lake ONLY. All the history and culture will be gone to Tigray and Eritrea. 100% all Axumite Kingdoms will be in the hands of Eritrea and Tigray. This looks the trend for me. The power will be concentrated in Asmara. Slowly the influence of Addis Abeba will diminish in the continent just like Legos in Nigeria. The Oromo People will declare their new nation, the benshangul and Amara people will remain in Ethiopia. The tigreans want to be Eritreans more than the Eritrean people. Just their problem is inferiority complex but if they are rich and make adjustment to their dialect no one will notice in Eritrea and they can live side by side with Eritreans. So the Eritreans will not have a problem with them they are a shield from any force from the south. And the Eritreans will also use them as a counter balance of Arab influence in Eritrea like eastern part of Eritrea—Sudan and Yemen and so on… The entire history of Ethiopia which is about 90% will be gone forever after tigray seceded from Ethiopia. Abreha Belay will be happy as he is single till now (50 years) and he might find one Eritrean women from the border in Zalambesa and will live in Asmara and will stop commenting about Eritrea. He will be pro Shaebiya till death. The Oromo people will control Ethiopia and abolish Amharic and replace it with oromigna and the influence of Addis will decline and power will shift completely to the upper north where it starts. The people of Gonder have a chance to join tigray but will be difficult as it is going to create a problem with Tigrigna and Tigre (Eritrean) SUPRIMACY in the region. This is what I am predicting will happen. It is really BAD for us, Ethiopian. The main cause is that the Amhara elites obsessed with red sea and Eritrea. They don’t care about their country. This scares the Eritrean coz they know what the cost of war means. The same goes with Tigray people. They scare of war after war. The DC people or diasporas people are out of touch from the reality. Those educated people are also care about assab or Massawa. This land belongs to Eritreans but why they claim as theirs. This is really CONFUSING ME! We can claim Tana Lake or Gojjame but to go as far as Eritrea and Tigray as our own land is very misleading. Emperors etc that doesn’t work in 21 century. Just ask yourself that why most of the people are not pro UNITED ETHIOPIA! It is too late to reverse the direction but you never know may be one day.
    Recommendation to you is that — If any Eritrean hears the word access to the sea from any Ethiopian — you are just gone — from his heart he hates you too much. He might be friendly for the moment but you friendship with him done. The same with tigray people if you same something about they got advantage in addis – they are gone as well. All this lead them to a conclusion that Ethiopia means a place of evil people! Period. Nobody cares about Ethiopia or that history— in fact this history or that history does not make sense at this age of information. I think you did your best to reconcile two opposite thing but Shaebiya will not bend like other leaders coz they know how they get to the power and what price they pay to liberate their ancestral land from our colonial rul. The same goes to TPLF. We think Ethiopia is our land and Eritreans and Tigreans are aliens. That is rude. If fact our population is far more that theirs is due to war but you have to know that — They are the ancient people there. They are direct linked to AXUM. Where the queen of she was born and rule according to our traditions. This people are the original! Period! They have to deep attachment to their land. We have to know where our land is.

    Bravo Elias,

  91. I think what most of Ethiopians don’t understand is that Mr. Elias and the EPPF are simply in a very difficult position. My take on the fight against Weyane is that it could have been accelerated by joining the Eritrean forces had the regime in Asmara been one that could be reliable. Mr. Elias and the EPPF simply seized the available means in a given time which was the most conservable strategy at the time. Weather it was the right move is something to be debated. I see it as a political and logistical strategy. What I don’t see this scenario as is that the motive behind joining the Eritrean force against the Weyane regime is by no means one that was formulated for any personal gain but rather a patriotic move to oust the current corrupt regime in Addis.
    It is sad to see some of the bloggers above to blame and point finger to Elias , one who is very genuine in his endeavor and a very talented individual with guts to do the right thing as he sees it fit.
    My question to you all morons above is “what did you do to fight against the regime which is striping g your wealth and left you naked.” Oh yes, it is convenient to sit on the side and talk the talk but are you walking the walk as he and the organization is doing.
    Stop being cowardly and put your heads together as one people and simply change strategy if you have to

  92. Tedros on

    I am not surprised to hear this an Eritrean we have been crying for two decades with this monster. But it took Elyas so long to recognise. Elyas don’t get so blinded by the strategic advantage Isyas is using the ethiopian opposition to maximize his advantage to Unite Tigray and Eritrea. ….Esayas hates every body except who would stand to oppose this…it is time to test the reality now. Change your strategy..try to side with the oppressed people of Eritrea…and it won’t be any problem tomorrow to build a relationship based on the people to people.

  93. Barnos Geday on

    Yesssssssss excpected revenge from our cousins… Your master Issyas had said let every Eritrean count up to the third generation and will know that he og she is a Tigrayan…. may be the Colonel has understood atlast that blood is thicker than water.. Elias now I agree that Issayas is the man of the year 2010…Now that he has begun killing Barnos..

  94. Rule of Law on

    Did you see worshiping a predator like Isayas Afeworki was wrong to begin with. All these years you proudly portrayed him as an example of African leadership while in fact he led his country in the same manner as the Gambino mafia boses treated their low ranking subjects. You posed for a picture in your recent pilgrimage to Asmara and you told us how Asmara looks “heavenly” oh really? Now you can bite your own index finger in utter imbarrassment. Wait a minute did you and Al Mariam vote “Isayas Afeworki as person of the year?” Alice in wornderland…. kkkkkkkkkkk

  95. Lucy in America on

    To Weyanes and sold out bandas. No matter what we willcontinue using all alternatives by cooperating with your ex. king Issaya untill the shamless agamido’s repressive regime will go toqality and give their hands. Do not worry . conole taddsse cou;ld be arrested.wehave molre colonels and brave ethiopians to toppel tegers’s criminals.You are really shameless and visionless people. You are sitting on a hot volcano and dancing on it.

  96. Lucy in America on

    we know fur sure eritreans and tegeres can not live together because they in defferent level of civilization. There former relationship was like king and slaves and this type of mentality will never change. Eritreans have their own country and natinality where asthe tegres are wellconfused people who have neither eritrean nor ethiopian nationality.They areconfused in between. we ethiopians want to send all tegeres to eritrea , but eritreans are not rerady tolive these abckwards who mis-used ethiopia like foreigners . Most adamidos were Italy’s slaves and they are living still with the same mentality. That is why they arekilling other ethiopians. burn chruches,kill christians in the churches and sell everything which are valuable.

  97. Anonymous on

    What an awfuel news to hear. I never trusted dictator Isayass that grew up haiting and fighting Ethiopians all his life and that created one of the most evil man, the Hitler of Ethiopia. My heart is breaking for the patrotic freedom fighters. My guess is that tyrant Melass must have promised his tyrant cousin Isayass to give Eritrea more looted money and wealth from Ethiopia. It is not a secret that the two evil cousins hate Ethiopia/ns and will do anything to dismantle the country and continue to divide Ethiopians. The question I have is–why do the non-woyane Ethiopians continue to take orders from TPLF high military personael to fight and die for woyanes, instead of turning the gun on the looters and killers of Ethiopians and sacrified their lives for their country? Why aren’t the opposition leaders failed to turn the Ethiopian soldiers against TPLF? My heart is breaking for the patroiatic freedom fighters that got slaughtered by Eritrians and TPLF.

  98. meseret on

    hey elias, you deleted my comment against eritrea but you seem to like anything degrading Ethiopia. what is the purpose of comment #99 ? know that, no matter who wrote it, it shows your siding since you are the one allowing them especially when you filter ours.

  99. andennet on

    i am very happy because everybody will understand who ISAYIYAS is thanks for time if we live more we can see from him. we can’t make real friend from ERITREA those oppositions are CRAZY how they move to Eritrea? can you hide beside your enemy?
    this is a big news for EPRDF thanks GOD. from the begining we don’t have strong politician LONG live WOYYANE / EPRDF

  100. andennet on

    i appreciate Elias Kifle this news is great news it opens your views for all Ethiopians before we expect you are one sided person but now u are a real person at least you write what happened in Eritrea too.

  101. ashenafi on

    i realy feel sorry for those clueless people who take elias kifle seriously. this guy is mental just like his lunatic boss in asmera. how the hell can two people or group work for a common good if there is no trust that is build on a binidng mutual interest.even my 2 years old will nodd his head for a no. the bottom line is isayas and his supporters do not like ethiopia and her people, especially the amharas and tigrians. they dont even like those oromos who do not share OLF’s secession agenda. and these are the people you work with to bring change in ethiopia that improves the lives of her people…good eko naw!

  102. Aremsa on

    Very good planning Mr Isayas has understood the so called Armed Ethiopian opposition forces under his control are not capable of doing any harm to Woyane so he is going to reorganize them as one unit and appear as a man behind this plan. The catch is some one has to take the blame for that has not been done in the first place. Now we now who is to be blamed. And once again Elias will tell us how genuinely his hero Isayas is trying to help us get rid of Woyane.
    Loll I am impressed.

  103. I read Tikur Chaka’s letter about how shabia keeps a tight rein over EPPF. From the beginning, I never believed EPPF was a genuine autonomous armed organization, but always accepted that I might be wrong. Now what the letter states is that, beyond EPLF as the puppet master, I read that some of the so called leaders of EPPF are hodam cowards.
    Now, you may call me a coward as well for pointing my fingers, but guess what. I did not take up such a serious task only to lay on my back and spread my legs so easily. What happened to heros? What happened to sacrifice? What happened to leading by example? Now the footsoldiers who bought into the EPPF idea are, it seems, languishing in the desert wasting away. Once again, the youth is only an instrument for the selfish aspiration of the older people. Have we seen this before?

    Elias, I fully appreciate what you do. When I say thank you I am not just saying this le-yismula. But with this thanks comes responsibility on your behalf- to speak the truth no matter how dirty or depressing it is.
    If other people are like me, especially the youth, then we are seeking only the truth. No more lies. No more propaganda. No more trickery. No more smiling in our faces telling us lies only to turn around and piss on us. No more lies or cover ups please. Grab the bull by the horn IN ANY AFFAIR and present it like it is. No more “for the sake of tomorrow”. No more “it is what it is.” We should never ever let anybody get away with any lies. The minute we start with that is the minute we clear out the weak, the liers, the hodams.
    By the time all those derelicts are cleared out, of course we may not have many “politicians” but the few that are dedicated and truthful are better than the many that stand in line to rape us and our psyche again and again. Let us at least have the truth on our side for the sake of hope. It may not be in our culture to confront, but our survival depends on it now.

    The truth shall set us free.

  104. Shaebia on

    Dawit of #88…. you talk about Eritrea here day & night but expect to shut Eritrean voice in their own matter. We are even entitled to have an opinion on Ethiopian matter let alone on Eritrean matter. Why not, as your closest neihbours who share lots of things in common, aren’t we entitled to have an opinion on each other that affects both people.
    I bet you wouldn’t have any problem if a white man from American or Britain were to have an opinion in an Ethiopian matter like they always do. It only shows your slave mentality for not tolerating opinions coming from your next door neighbour who share more than a border with you ….. When in fact you tolerate and make excuse for opinions that came from a continent away. First liberate your mind which is still in bondage, then you can start about liberating your country or people. You are hypocrite and your hypocracy will bite back at you. Freedom starts from oneself. How could you talk about freeing others when you yourself are in bondage mental slavery.
    Perhaps, talking on virtual reality hiding behind the screen might have made you feel like a lion but you are less effective than a lion drawn on a paper can be. At least that would scare of a big child like you.

  105. Shaebia on

    Yemane of #89
    Boooo!!! ……hiding behind the screen… Come out come out….. Tell us who you are….. You are not Eritrean by any stretch of imagination….. You are a weyane in flesh trying to appear here as an Eritrean. You are a complete give away….. Nobody expected you to be a clever disguise …. When even Meles could compromise himself on SHAKA’s show live on talk to Africa prog calling as “ABEBE”.
    you lot are a complete idiots ….. Total give away.
    I like you though, as you lot can help wisen up even the most lay man that comes here for the first time.
    No matter how many times you disguise and appear to talk on behalf of one group or another alla weyane style, the truth will always come back to bite you & will emerge victorious over your lies-rotten body.

  106. Jelias on

    Ato Elias,
    Why dont you quite drawing people to become your supporters, irrespective of the facts?
    Shame on you! You have been the only Ethiopian Advocating Isayas Afeworki as hero.
    Similar scenarios are behind your stands against Qesis Zebene, Mahibere Kidsuan and EOTC affairs. It showed your shallow insights and hatred based analysis of facts at stake.
    Why don’t you be open to ideas and develope yourself first?
    Why do you expect everybody to use your ‘eye-glasses’?

  107. seperat ETHIOPIA from weyanne on

    we said it long time a go that shaebiya will never help the eppf in ordre to brig down weyane.For ETHIOPIA weyane and shaebiya are our enemies so we never trust these YATARIK ZIKACHOCH.I Hopp elyas TINSH KOYITEH AHUN LESTAFKEW MASTEBABEYA SETEH ENDEGENA WEDE SHAEGIYA ENDATIMELES:

  108. well!
    i am not in a position to critisiz or support the recent developments regardning all armed opposions bcs i am thousands of miles away from them jus like elias and my hasty and emotional conclusion would damage my credibility to the futur.
    As EPPF is part and parcel of the whole puzzle in the struggle it does offcourse concern us but what i have learned from the countries and peoples who passed through a bitter and a long armed struggle is that they hade gone through a lote of radical and challenging reshuffles, changes but for the good.
    The host country could have a roll on these case based on mutual cooperation and the countries security . if we take all the history of armed struggle in our world the host countries do have a roll.
    My conclusion is that the arrest of somone is not the case here bcs it is not surprising or i will not expect to get informed bcs these is about a reall struggle and endangers lives of others.
    We will see a lot of changes and if somone will want to know i would recommend to go to the field and meet the fighters.
    Otherwise we have to respect the decision made by the EPPF so far.

    take care!!!

  109. Suture on

    Some of the Eritreans brothers are shameful, weren’t some of you guys crying like a fool along side of the Woyanne supporters, saying that the Eritrea government gave sanctuary to the derg remaining and Kinijit? Why is that now suddenly you appear to care about EPPF? Some of you are not even Eritreans but pretenders.
    Some of my dear Ethiopian brothers and sisters are like chameleon. but one thing you need to understand, Forgive me # 99, Crazy Thinking – Ashebir, I like your paragraph so allow me repost it.

    1. “…Shaebiya will not bend like other leaders coz they know how they get to the power and what price they pay to liberate their ancestral land from our colonial rul. The same goes to TPLF. We think Ethiopia is our land and Eritreans and Tigreans are aliens. That is rude. If fact our population is far more that theirs is due to war but you have to know that — They are the ancient people there. They are direct linked to AXUM. Where the queen of she was born and rule according to our traditions. This people are the original! Period! They have to deep attachment to their land…”

  110. Helina on


  111. Muller wedi Erey on

    Hi Elias,
    I am distressed by the news of the Ethiopian Colonel. I want all Ethiopians to know that Eritrea/President Isaias will not make a deal with Woyanne or any other enemy of Ethiopia. This is not how Shaebia operate(We did not sell out against Somali and Sudanese fighters. Remember if Eritrea were to sell out then we the so called Int’l Community would not need to impose the illegal and unjust sanction against us)
    So I advise you to be patient(Eritrean gov’t are sometimes very slow in responding). So let’s all be patient and lets hope for good outcome)
    God bless Eritrea. God bless Ethiopia. And death to all Enemies of the people in the Horn of Africa.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    PS. Some Ethiopians wonder why Eritreans frequent Ethiopian websites.Because people say what they think without inhibition. Also, it is in my interest as an Eritrean citizen that Ethiopians know the true picture of Eritrea. Eritreans don’t hate Ethiopians we just love our country and continent.

  112. Bewnetu on

    @ Yemane T

    dear brother. Those days are over for ever when Eritrans were one of the most privileged residents of Ethiopia. Access granted to Eritrean students at Addis/Mekelle/ Axum universities to ERitrean refugees is only due to humanitarian concerns on the part of Ethiopia. Eritreans are currently there as a TRANSIT to be resettled in a third hosting country. Regarding making and owning business in Ethiopia as before it is also much tougher than ever as no favour will be accorded for Eritreans. Most businesses /sectors have already been taken up by Ethiopians and other investors such as Chinese, Sudanese, Turks Saudis and Indians. Eritrean nationals will be expected to act as any other foreign investor which means NO access to local bank loan and unrestricted access to local resources. They will need to bring their own money (in most part) to take part in an investment opportunity and take advantage of a much larger Ethiopian market. For that reason, they can also go to South-Sudan or Angola to make money out of their investment.

    To conclude my point, Ethiopia is for Ethiopians.You chose to be independent and that was granted & our basic understanding of freedom embraces both political and economic emancipation.

    I hope you are not promoting the evil and never-materialising idea of ” Ethiopia ye-gara, Eritrea ye-Bicha”.

  113. wow elias this what ethiopian need to hear. the truth shall set u free. i am glad u exposed them the evil work thye do. happy new years elias. keep up the good work.

  114. Anonymous on

    Thank you Elias,
    You did a good job.C/l Taddesse is a victemed of EPLF regim.EPLF will never suport and armed Ethiopian opposetion groups for those who fights with one Ethiopia slogan.EPLF is with a plan to destoyed our country.C/L Taddesse is an innocent he is in presoon because he love his country and the people of Ethiopia.
    We Ethiopians should united for releas of our hero Taddesse Muluneh

  115. Both Eritrians and Ethiopians will have a lasting peace and democracy when they work together. The disapperance of the Ethiopian freedom fighter, Col.Tadesse Mulneh will only deepen the mistrust among Ethiopians and Eritrians. The only benficary from this unfortunate incedence is TPLF.

    The onus is on President Issaias to prove that he is not part of this dirty and dangerous game. He has to take measures now. The once encouraging trust that was devloping b/n Ethiopians and Eritrians is now crumbling fast and time is running out for President Issaias to reverse this trend.

  116. #115 Shaebia: What you wrote is what I called in my earlier comment as a typical Eritrean response. You are full of emotions and address points that is not written and making things up as you go. So, what you did is truly proving my point. Here are your fallacies:
    1. You don’t know me or have seen me writing before and yet your assumption that I am here “talking about Eritrea day and night” is pure paranoia, and is the result of your twisted imagination. 2. There is nothing in my writing that talks about “shutting you up”. This again is a fabrication of your own making. What I told you is to stop bitching here and try to blindly “defend the indefensible” about your own government day in day out. Rather than answering and addressing that issue I raised, you chose to still bitch that someone is shutting you up.
    3. I agree with you as a next door neighbors, that we need to discuss about mutual issues that are beneficial for our peoples. However, that discussion can be achieved when you live in the real world and share your honest assessment of your own government as well.

    4. The thing you rambled about a white man and slave mentality is so silly and will only show your own experience and reflection that emanates from your own built-in inferiority complex that stems from your love for Italians colonizers. I need not say more about this, as it is so obvious for anyone reading this exchange.

    5. Speaking of hypocrisy, I tried to advise you to know yourself first and and come clean about what is going on in Eritrea. However, rather than addressing this crucial issue, you chose to evade it and tried to pass your hypocrisy on me. This is what I said is typical of you people in my earlier comment. Nothing changed in your comment about the condition of your people and your government but confirmed my earlier point as being very true.

    6. To repeat my point, if someone lies about his own misery and the condition of his/her own government, then that person does not deserve my respect or anyone’s for that matter. This is what I call hypocrisy of the highest order. Then again, as the saying goes, old habits are hard to break.

  117. Ethio-Gang on

    Wow.. so much for “Man of the Year” :) For the Shabia Wushas… This is just the beginning. Your used up butt will cry for mercy from Ethiopians. After sleeping with the enemy, and trying your best to destroy any peace in Ethiopia, you won’t have a single night peace in your life. You may run away from your mirror image, but your conscious will kill you slowly. The pennys you collected from Shabia, and its leaders won’t give you any salvation. This article you posted is nothing new for us Ethiopians. The truth was told about EPPF, and its non existent army when Solomon Tekalagn went and saw the dismal state of affairs, and how things are being used by money collectors. The Tikur Chaka, story is just the icing on the cake. Ye Ethiopia Amlak, will not let her down, how much you and your ilks want her to be destroyed. Many Ethiopians have given up with the left over Derg/EPRP generation, and are moving ahead living you and your generation to cry like little girls.

    Ethiopia shall prevail!

  118. Assta B. Gettu on

    How can we help our forgotten brothers and sisters who have joined voluntarily the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters, living behind their family and their friends? These Ethiopian volunteer fighters are facing three crucial problems: internal disputes among themselves, oppression or persecution by friendly Eritrean government, and an extensive search by the Woyanne regime to catch them and destroy each one of them without mercy. Forget the hunger, the heat, the cold, and the unpleasant conditions they are facing each day, each night, and each hour in a foreign country with no correspondence or telephone conversation with their loved ones at home. If we are unable to help them financially, we can still pray for them so that the Almighty God, in his own miraculous way, may grant them victory at the end after they have received all these sufferings and indignation for the sake of the Ethiopian people.

    My brotherly advice to these Ethiopian young boys and young girls in uniform in the Eritrean desert is that each one of them should silently pray and read the Holy Bible that says: “O our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.” (2nd Chronicles 20:12) God is fast to listen and act if we sincerely ask him from our hearts. May he be with all of you!

  119. Bandaw on

    It’s unbeliveable, Elias…you still don’t say it, Esayas Gvevernment did it..instead you blame one Colonel or a group of government officials…it’s ok, say it It’s the Eritrean government whom you were supporting…’s like saying the culprit for Ethiopian misery is Meles or Bereket it’s the government….you are a political science intelectual how come you missed this one !!!!!!

  120. Asmelash on

    Mr. Elias was baking the flour of fixing the relation between “Eritrea and Ethiopia” for about 3 years.
    It seemed a holy thing. Many a men/women were gathered together to cheer that ambition.
    Mr. Elias was condemning the Ethiopian regime and was portraying the Eritrean side as an angel. But the “Proof of the pudding is in the eating!” We haven’t seen any progress up to now.
    Some so-called elites like Dr. Daniel and prof. Tesfatsion were discussing about Federation /confederation. I do not understand why those academicians brought this issue into the stage. The matter has no follow up. It remains as a day dream. There are many reasons for it.
    Firstly: One of the reasons, in fact, the main reason is that many Eritrean scholars as well as politicians do not accept their historical root as Ethiopians. Besides, they do not respect the freedom loving anti-colonial sentiment of Ethiopians.
    Secondly: I think Eritreans are closer to the Sudan than to Ethiopia. They shall federate or confederate to the Sudan. They have better relation to Sudanese. Due to immigration they are well mixed with Sudanese and more with Arabic culture. Even their President inclines more to Arabic language to Ethiopian. Most Eritreans are adapted to Sudanese culture.
    Prof. Tesfatsion had a clear stance that to achieve that objective, if the man from Asmara should be replaced by another democratic figure in Asmara and the same fate to the man in Addis Ababa.
    In my opinion, both leaders wish fame and glory. They have quenched their thirsty of power by suppressing the people of both countries at the shoulder of the youth.
    In fact, the man from Addis Ababa was begging many times to negotiate with his former recruiter. But the man from Asmara ignored the offer.
    As time goes on, both of them came to realize that the appropriate time to negotiate in every aspect is crucial. So the man in Asmara eliminates those naive Ethiopians that sought shelter in Asmara. In return, the man in Addis will squeeze those Eritreans that opposed Asmara regime and sought save heaven in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia.
    This is the arrangement between the two barbaric rulers long time ago.
    Finally, Mr. Elias tells us as if colonel Fitsum was the mastermind of all evils.
    In Africa, a low rank officer is always subordinate to other higher military rankers. For this reason, it is hard to imagine that the colonel himself has caused all evils in Asmara, against the biased opponents of Meles in Asmara.
    Mr. Elias, I tell you are finding a scapegoat to polish your past mercenary act by shifting the problematic to others.
    God is the only divine power that I truly rely on most.
    Let god save Ethiopia and its people!!!

  121. Axumawi on

    You are one of the people why we Ethiopians cannot live in peace and harmony. You are wishing death to people in order to give you self-satisfaction in life. If you are wishing people to death, so you can be happy. The reality is if someone dyes he or she is in peace not suffering as you are. In your dream, woyane will never defeat by any loser organizations or individuals. Woyane will thrive in every aspect you can think of. The hate you are experiencing is nothing but hate and war mongering. I can imagine what you will do to Woyane Tigray if you have the power. Thanks to the Almighty God you are powerless and I may add a jerk, loser, bastard………. Since when is a killer condemn to a killer, I thought they have the same mission that is to kill and destroy a nation. Tezebet, Elias and Issayas are the same, they are all rigid and working day and night to destroy Ethiopia, that is per Tezebet statements.
    Ethiopia thrives with Woyane.

  122. Elias, you are an Ethiopian patriot. You have proved that you are a man of interity. Thank you very much for your dedication to the freedom of Ethiopia from the Weyane Mafia.

  123. Tariku on

    What were you expecting from Eritrea? Unless otherwise you are out of your mind, how do you expect to start struggle from Eritrea with a useful outcome for Ethiopia? What Col Fitsum did was right for his country.Do you dream that a strong opposition with an Ethiopian agenda would get support from Eritrea? It is the puppets that are going to be treated and supported. If one cannot see that, one has to be either a fool or blind of the situation around him. Please grow up!! Never expect support from an enemy!!

  124. Wondafrash_Shewe on

    What a dubious analysis! You just repeat what is already known for long time. Esayas know what is being done and it’s under his approval. If u want a strong and united Ethiopia, remove Shabiya from power. Remove Woyane from Ethiopia. Unite Eritrea with Ethiopia. U can not trust both Woyane and Shabiya. They are both the two sides of coin.

  125. Hayelom on

    Shabia and the colonel used Elias Kifu as a condom for their satisfaction and agenda.

    On the other hand Weyane is the luckiest group/government in the Ethiopian history. All its enemies are weak, non-collaborating and most of all cowards-ye were arbenoch.

    Weyane will rule for the next 30 years (atleast)and all the enemies will vegetate and die in in exile. And this include Ahya Elias.

  126. Hi Elias, Comment 91 is not mine. Surprisngly, my second comment is also removed.

    Anyways, my second comment was a call for President Issayas to tell us where he is standing at this issue? Did he approve the disapperance of Col.Taddese Mulneh and others, or this is the work of a few rouge security people like Col. Fistum? Was the Pesident lying to us Ethiopians, when he gave us his loyality word in 5 round interview with Ethiopian Review. Ethiopians want to know the fact. Silenece will only deepen the suspecion.

  127. Suture on

    No wonder why the woyanne is ruling the country without strong and viable oppositions to compute against them. You people are losers. Attempting to blame others for your own weakness will not take you anywhere. Watch, TPDM will win the war while you guys are still crying for power. No doubt why Meles told you to go fight for it. Because he knows you very well that you will not going to do it. Isn’t that amazing that you want poor people to die librating Ethiopian but you want power without contributing for it? Well, in that case you are not any different than Woyanne. The people of Tigrean died liberating Ethiopia but few are enjoying the honeymoon. Let’s take Chakatikur4 for example, this person chose to stay anonymous. As far as any rational person could think he/she is one of the power hungry individual. He/she accuses people of cowardice it is obvious that he/she is the one who is coward.

  128. Rule of Law on

    Now that you have opened a can of worms for all to see; I suppose things will never be the same with your “person-of-the-year.” Isayas may summon you to Asmara for a brief discussion on the missing terrorists and I hope you are not going to be naively take the offer; if you do, that I believe might seal your fate as mafia bosses dread any one who cross their line. I wish you Quit dancing around with this beast for it is much easier to domesticate a wolf than to expect Isayas show humanly. In the past, we heard that he likes to watch movies inspired by Mafia bosses like the godfather and he’s just the exact imitation of those out law personalities.

  129. Belachew on

    dear Elias every thing will be ok soon. the government of Eritrea is discussing about colo Fitsum…

  130. Qahito on

    From what i heard is that eppf has been infested with woyane double agents and spies,and this is a major clean up for eppf,i mean seriously no one does a better clean up job the shabia,you people are dumb and stupid not to think that shabia has high spies in woyane regime,more than half of those who joined the opposition had a big question mark for leaving,the sudden large rounding up clearly indicates a tip or information recieved regarding these people.If that would’ve been a slow arrest with some able to escape then you would jepordise your spies in woyane regime and lose element of suprise to arrest them,this is house cleaning job this is not about the eppf but the national security of eritrea also,lets hope they don’t execute them from what i heard the evidence is very bad against most of them including audio recordings and shabia won’t tolerate these games.No wonder they were hesitant to push more with the eppf they must’ve known of the infestation within the opposition group.

  131. Elias that is for woyanne barbarians with lowest IQ in the planet earth and

    “ America’ s anti-Ethiopian unity policy had become clear to us beyond any doubt when the US had started to identify itself closely with the EPLF and TPLF and had decided to hand over power in Ethiopia from the Derg to the EPLFTPLF. It was also then that the CIA had come out openly to block the forces of Ethiopian unity and serve the cause of Ethiopian dismemberment.
    This had become clear at the Toronto Conference which was held from Hamle 12 to Hamle 15 (July 1990) with the object of creating a democratic united front of forces committed to Ethiopian unity for the formation of a transitional government to replace the expiring Derg. And as this objective was contrary to the US strategy to replace the derg by EPLF-TPLF those loyal to the CIA had done everything to sabotage and disrupt the Conference before it achieves its objectives. I was one of the persons responsible in organising the Toronto Conference with the objective of achieving o the unity of pro-unity forces and, as President of EPDA,I was preparing to lead the EPDA delegation to Toronto when I was told to go urgently to Khartoum (Sudan) where I was told my service was needed urgently. Replacing me to lead the EPDA delegation to Toronto was assigned Dereje Deressa, EPDA secretary General. It was only upon arrival in Khartoum tht I understood the CIA mischief to avoid my presence at Toronto. At this point CIA was engaged in bringing together forces that will form the entourage of EPLF-TPLF and follow them applauding to the power pedestal in Addis Ababa so as to give them the appearance of popular support while alienating pro-unity forces and individuals.

  132. thank you Elias on

    Elias thanks for not shying away from reality, the reality that eritrea has never been and will never be a solution but rather a problem for ethiopia. I love you as much as i hated you..for me personally one of my biggest concerns in regards to ethiopia was to see eritreans exploit our naivety and I am now relieved that the truth has come out for all to see…if there are still people who can’t read the writing on the wall, they are ether retarded, or simply not ethiopians. thanks elias again,you shouldn’t be ashamed of trying..never…

  133. WOW…


  134. Deki_Arawit on

    I agree with 71 & 77, Isias has no knowledge with what is going on.
    1- He didn’t know about the soccer players who asked for asylum in Kenya until Aljazeera journalist told him.
    2-He didn’t know the arrest of Dawit Issak until a Swedish journalist asked about Dawit.

    The list go on and on..

    I am sure Isisas will be thankful to Elias for bringing to his attention about col.Fitsum.

  135. Hey Eshetit!, yes we know ESFNA is infiltrated by Woyanees as Woyanees infiltrate into many Ethiopian opposition forces. What is wrong if Elias writes about it? Infiltration is infiltration weather it is in ESFNA, EPPF or other political opposition forces. Thank you Elias for being honest about these issues.

  136. Observer says on

    Do not rush, take your time
    My scenario is:
    Power struggle within EPPF, or
    EPPF infiltrated at the highest level by Woyanne.

  137. Just Curious on

    Please raise your hand if you ever contribute or help EPPF? Ask your self before criticizing this and that.

  138. Sharki on

    Don’t pick up a fight with Eritrea. This discusion shouldn’t have taken place et all. We are watching every ward that flows. It is your call to improve the relation you calesly spoiled. On the other hand I want you to know it is a promise to protect Eritrea at any cost. If your organization was founded on solid ground it shouldn’t have expiriensed the ups and down trends. Don’t blame other for your misery. I don’t think you are a bad guy. You simply need to wise up especially dealing with Eritrean. Everyone of us had accumulated pain atributed by successive Ethiopian rulers. As we try to forge and improve relation you are adding salt to injury.

  139. Proud But Rational Eritrean on


    As an Eritrean I closely follow your articles and Political activities. Though I don’t necessarily agree with each and every of your political opinion, I must admit that I REALLY admire you for reading your mind, a quality rare in both Eritrean and Ethiopian political activists.
    I also admire you for your considerable EFFORTS to forge a good relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia and your stand on Woyane’s policies.
    Sometimes, however, reality dictates innocent and good intentions. The Eritrean reality under our President absolutely clashes with your hardworking and intention. I am one of the supports of the President by looking at the bigger picture, the survival of my country, but also sometimes disappointed to see his reckless measures. I remember almost ten years ago when rumors took my by surprise that the president is going to arrest high-ranking officials. And he did.
    I support what you did in this open letter, which is not a secrete for us who travel back and forth to Asmara. But one thing you missed is that there is no individual, military officer or civilian, who does anything without the President’s knowledge. Do you know our government knows where each and every Eritrean in the Diaspora go to which church or restaurant? Which Eritrean are befriended with Ethiopians or Sudanese etc. If you believe a colonel who is the primary contact person between the government and the Ethiopian opposition does anything without a prior approval of the President’s office, then you have a long way to go to understand the operation of the government. I also advice you not to travel to Asmara until things are cleared out. Writing such a letter tantamount to attack on the government’s pride.


  140. Shaebia on

    Dawit #127
    pls take a deep breathe & read your annoying comment on #88 & compare it with your reply on #127. It back-fired at you. You are shooting yourself on the foot.
    Your emotion is getting the better of you & you seem to be bereft of any ideas that can bring about a solution to any problem whatsoever that you rather choose the easier avenue of going on an emotional yo-yo trip. You need to have Consciousness or sub-conscious to remind you not to make an emotional Judgement. Another thing is that you need, Firstly,  have respect for your fellow human being when discussing issues whether you know them or not ….. If not, don’t expect others to respect you as you don’t respect yourself, let alone others. 
    The most idiot point that you made is ……”that I don’t know you”
    Of course you don’t know anyone here nor do I know anybody here except Elias Kifle who is brave enough to come out in the open…… Would you do that? Hell No! Let alone to come Out with your identity in the open……. If I were to confront you in the street that you are the one using the nick “Dawit” on ER, I bet you would deny that, flatly….probably by saying…… “ENATE TEMUT ENE AYDELEHUM…. ENAYR TEMUT SELIH……” All of us use virtual nicknames & hide behind the screen….. 
    The only reason people like myself choose to hide behind a screen-name is to avoid & deny cowards like yourself talking about us behind your screen name & attack person & personalities instead of bringing & attacking  ideas with more and better ideas. The proof of the swarming of people like yourself is right here where a lot of, with the exception of a few, are like yourself ….. Utterly bereft & starved of ideas but upto your neck loaded with filth & non-sense just as the saying goes…. “little minds discuss people…….” 
    Your first point on #88 is not about ideas but about people & people “you don’t know” as is expected from small minds like you. Nephat!! 

  141. gamoraw on

    I see God’s hands work’n in this. All elements who collaborate with Esayas to destabilize !Ethiopia, falling apart. more to come.So So happy! Elias, the wanna,be Journalist, Ye-Esayas Ashker
    let it be a lesson if you have a little bit brain left in you

  142. detatched on

    The author seems out of touch with his vague assessment of the dramatic turn of events among the Ethiopian opposition leadership in Eritrea. This is expected to happen. The reason to it is clear. One can’t stage a movement in a rogue country without being a puppet in supporting the agenda of the host country. It is a recent memory that the alliance between EPLF and TPLF broke for no other reason than the usual one sided approach of EPLF trying to engulf Ethiopia under their control. If you think they have changed a bit, you guys are fooling yourselves. I think it is about time the opposition in Eritrea redesign their tactics and make their role clear to the Ethiopian people who are smart enough to distinguish those who are working for their cause. I have been addressing this concern long before the movement began. Never ever stage a movement against the ruling party in Ethiopia in a way it sends the wrong message to the Ethiopian people. They see the intent not necessarily the purported purpose. There is an interesting article about how the future of the Horn of Africa can be shaped in a non destructive manner: “Horn of Africa, beyond borders”, whose link can be found at:

  143. Spokes Person to Melese's Zenawi on

    I want to let all you interested people be it, Ethiopian or Eritreans, I want to tell you the Priminster is very happy with this news coming from the our Eritrean brothers. The priminster has always belived in what he calls “revolutionary democracy” can only be attained, when every sector of society is engaged and has a steak in the political process of his/her country. And to that end the priminister and his office has been tirelessy working to bring about a transparent and democratic system. And those calling them selves oppositions but were engaged in terroirst activies with the help of the Eritrean governement, were advivsed to stop what they were doing and come to the negotation table and participate in the general elections. But they chose instead to creat havoc and be indiferent for the democratic changes we have brought. As such the priminster wants to personaly thank the Eritrean Government in the clamping down of this opposition leaders, and I would say this is a good start and one that needs encouragement as the Ethiopian governemnt time and time again has stated, our desier for a good nigbhourlyness and to start negotiation on our outsanding border issues, to bring it for once and for all, to its final demarcation, so the two people can go on with their daily businesss. Again thank you for reading and the priminster wants to thank every eritrean and Ethiopians that have been writting their coments though 90% seemd, far from the truth and were totally misguided by false information, as the priminster is commited to transparency and jenuin democratic changes as well as freedom of speech, he encourages all of you to continue to comment and be engaged in your respective country politics as well as regional politics. finally the priminster would like to whish you all a happy holiday season.

  144. Anonymous on

    kkkkkkkkkkkk…Isayas doesn’t know KKKKKKKK

    By the way, you are one person. May be you are not even an Ethiopian. How do you represent the Ethiopian people and make a deal with Eritrean? I know you guys are looking for shortcut. Ethiopians are smarter than those people who live in the U.S/EU or other country but dream to be a lead my country. Thanks God!

  145. treaty on

    Please the speculaters,defenders of I.A,apoogists of this and prognastinator of all kind of scenario let the whole argument stop here.We appreciaate the help and consern of those up to this point.I believe now please leave the matter to Ethiopians alone.We are working to reach solution on our own.We are not bashing I.A or any one else,we simply say from now on please leave the issue for us.I always advocated selfreliance,raising,training,feeding our own army.Please what ever happened between eppf and Eritria,we still need to make independent move.
    Many weyane cadres such as the socalled
    Axumite start to ,ooz venem ,what is your problem man!Take your Adwa,Axsum ,Entichi,and stick it to Ertria as Sibhat Nega under the guise of retirment appear to be doing just that.In case you think We are in the dark,I informed you upfront.This is how I deal my foes tell them in the face

  146. Shaebia on

    I’ ain’t surprised to see a sudden squirming  of weyane supporters throwing their filth & tantrum here….. Looks like they are hell bent to set their own agenda. Let’s wait & see what is going to transpire out of this hulla-ballu…the weyane gangs certainly know how to tickle the vanity of some unstable, uninformed & emotional fellows of the diaspora tigers (esat  y’maynekaw awagi birgade)
     if the weyane, with the help of its domestic tujar(Alamoudi) & its foreign financiers, can penetrate ESFNA , wedi-Tekalign & some of the “oppositions”, then nothing surprises me if the EPPF is also infiltrated with double agent….. But I have a belief in the patience of Shaebia who wouldn’t jump into action & bravado …. but rather either meticulously feed the double agent with false intelligence or turn the double agent into a triple agent…… Shaebia might have such a generous good will but shaebia also knows that there are some who would want to exploit that…… Eritrea has learned that from history….. Where the UN gave us a” flag”, a”parliament” & even a “constitution” & a “free press” as a “mireqat”….but we ended up swallowed whole by an absolute monarch and we were left with nothing including the very ground that we stood on. That’s why we get militarized, cautious & never give an enemy that wants to hurt us a sintella of chance. Don’t forget that you are dealing with Shaebia who paid tens of thousands of its best to regain what we lost as a result of our naivity. ….. If you expect shaebia to give any organisation a free hand with little or no scrutiny, on its soil, then you must be living in cloud cuckoo land.  Let alone shaebia & Eritrea who is under US-Weyane sponsored sanction & who is in a no-war no-peace limbo situation with an enemy that one day will be destroyed,….. Even in peace time & normal circumstance any country will be extra cautious……
     Look at shirking Shiekh Sheriff Shiekh Ahmed who, in Jan 2006, the weyane (U$ attack dog) toppled Sheriff’s 6 months old moderate UIC regime that stabilsed Somalia for the first time in 16 yrs….. He fled & entered Asmara….. But the Shiekh was bought up with a promiss of a $$$$$ & re-instated him back to power hoping he will be their man & popular. He is now restricted in a 1km by 1km  = 1 square km area in Moqadisho……they can’t even go to shop at Bakara Market a couple of blocks away……The Same man back to square one ….. A free man became a bought man….. Payed with U$ dollar. We gave him sanctuary & safe heaven when the US drone was trying to smoke him out of his hiding hole…… How did he pay us back?…… 3 yrs later, he stood shoulder to shoulder with Hillary Clinton & was advised or ordered to condemn Eritrea from a podium in Nairobi, Kenya…… What else can be expected from a bought up man in a one-by-one driving an American 4X4 paid by U$.
    And you expect Shaebia to match the U$ dollar for dollar…… No , ney, nein…. No way Jose. We help only those who have principles not those who are in it for their own benefit….. Don’t be naive to believe any group ( be it TPDM or EPPF)that they are not  under scrutiny. The U$ always uses its printed money to dangle at those slaves who even pass out at mere metion of U$ dollar & we all know that there are many of them out there wherever they come from….. Let alone those on our soil, every weyane’s move in Mekele, Addis Ababa or abroad is under the stringent scrutiny….. We even know most of weyane’s agents & their contacts, one by one…. I’m sure we will identify the rest of them. We won’t be fooled twice. We always believe that an enemy that wants to destroy us…. Shall be destroyed first. No ifs no buts.
    BREAKING NEWS …BREAKING NEWS…..While I was writing this I heard a news that the Washington post printed under the title “TOP SECRET AMERICA” ….. a scary stuff….. Whoooo!!!….(.yebelahal- yebelahal jibo) I have to stress it’s not shaebia but washington is” building up a vast domestic spying network on it’s own citizens”…. All thetalk of your civil liberity is is out of the window….. Say bye bye to that.
    We are talking about their own citizens not even foreign armed insurgency force. 
    Even your emails, FBs, Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace, your cellulars & even this comment board is under their scrutiny. 
    it’s a fact…. Put it in your pipe & smoke it,….. Dear lads & lasses…..or ladies & gentlemen……. It’s a reality right under your nose while you are sleep walking.

  147. leacelover on

    Ato Elia, first sorry to hear another sad story and next, please no need of jumping on the above matter so fast. if the Eritrean government took such a measure without any probable cause, it must be really paranoid. lets hope the law of physics that estates “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” did not apply here. after all, thanks to the Ethiopian resources and billions of donations granted in the name of the starved and alleged development, the aparthied minority regime is well known for dividing and weakening its opponents; be it by bribing tons of cash or inticements of power. indivituals who don’t have strong principles, integrity and devotion to their mission in the first place seem easily tempted in such situation. remember, we are talking about a nation that even lost some of her own children for this easy and irresistable offer (sin of greedness) to mekele. anyway, unless it does not compromize Eritrea’s national security, abagobye wouln’t mind reponding in due time. it’s shaebia’s tradition of taking things slowly than woyane’s tradition of “reapeated lies makes right or shoot first talk later” approaches. the good news is in case col Tadesse is arrest for what ever reason, he is certainly detained in a humanly way like any prisoner. this is EPLF’s proud history before even they were the geneva signatories. asking any Ethionian pow will just prove my point. peace every where!

  148. Blame game on

    Elias was dead wrong in opening the can of worms he could never hope to get them back. I do not know anything about the inner workings of the government of Eretrea, but to balme them for what appears to be some kind of power struggle between members of the opposition should not have been blaming Eritrea!

  149. Anonymous on

    For the last twenty years, Meles and his puppets have been misinforming the rest of the world that only Amharas are against him. I am not sure if it has been done already, but I urge some well educated Ethiopians from different ethnic groups to get together and write a letter to the US state department to show that it is not only one ethnic group that opposes dictator Meles.

  150. don’t you see guys that god is with the current many things happened in the past 20 years but it turns out that the gov’t turn out to be the winner at the end.
    I Think the almighty god is using the current goverment to fullfill his everlasting plan for ethiopia.
    be careful lest we found ourselves in disagreement with the all might GOD.
    Let god bless ethiopia

  151. dawit- your nightmare on cyber on

    #153-Shaebia: After reading your latest comment, I truly feel sorry for you. You are one confused soul and beyond any common sense whatsoever. What you wrote does not even make any sense to anyone who thinks he represents Eritreans.

    What your all-over-the-place rambling showed is that you have nothing but expose your ignorance and your lack of understanding of basic human understanding and/or values to civily communicate in a public forum.

    Just to remind you how confused you are and how ridiculous you look. I will try to hint just a couple of points out of several. What is laughable is your habit of repeating what I called you and hurling back the same at me, as if that is going to stick or that it makes you look reasonable. Fool, that makes you even more foolish than what you already are.

    I reminded you and thaught you being “emotional” is a useless virtue, as it will not help your convoluted logic. I also thought that “respect” need to be earned. But rather than thanking me for tutoring you with these and other basic human values, the empty-minded you have to pretend by repeating the same advises and faults provided to you as if you have any values.

    That is why I called you a useless payed cadre, who has no trace of reality or logic, flowing in your veins and/or brain. Like a typical cadre, you have no shame or yilugnta, except lying and making up stories, as if no one notices the lies.

    I truly think you are beyond help and are full of hot air. You are really laughable and foolish to think that your emotional nonsense is going to make a difference. You can bitch, burn and rant all you want, but I care less about your ignorance and inadequacies, as long as you keep it to yourself. For all I care you can remain foolish all your life and even hang yourself.

    I am saying all this because people like you don’t need to be treated like normal human beings. If you have to know, intelligent communication etiquette is only for those that deserve it. And my friend you don’t deserve it at all, not anymore; as a spade has to be called a spade.

    I am sorry to waste time with a useless paranoid zombie like you who just writes anything to make up for his ignorance. I am glad you are not Ethiopian. Ethiopians don’t cover up the wrongs of their governments or their leaders, by concocting lies and deceit. Never have, never will. What a shame sharing a continent with such an ignorant and useless soul like you.

  152. To Disgusted: Comment# 70

    You seem to be an Eritrian defnding/supporting the harm done to Ethiopian freedom fighters in Eritria. By doing so you are making many Ethipians angry, creating animosity and erroding trust b/n Eritrians and Ethiopians. We Ethiopians are polite and respectful people but sometimes you guys interpret this as foolishness and stupidity. Let me assure you, Ethiopians are very sophisticated people who can eaisly identify their enemy.

    We trusted President Issayas when he said (in 5 round interview) that he will support the Ethiopian freedom fighters in their struggle to overthrow the Mafia Woyane. Now we are asking him to know his stand on the attack on Col Taddese Mulneh and other Ethiopian freedom fighters.

    Silence or differing the issue can only undermine our trust on him. We want to know the truth. Did he approve the attack on Ethiopian freedom fighters, or is this the work of few rouge Eritrian security personel like Col.Fitsum, who may also be Woyane’s spies, working to overthrow President Issayas himself?

  153. Mamo Tesema on

    Hold on ! Rushing into conclusion is wrong! Let’s not spoil our hospitality. Fighters need their respect to the cause they stood for.Let’s avoid spoon feeding.

  154. Another Shaebia-SAWA DIASPORA WING on

    Another Shaebiya-SAWA 5th Round
    Dawit: what are you talking about? It looks like to me you are emotional and less IQ person. Of course we defend our government till death. We are all here to defend what we believe in. If you believe in free speech – whatever your western masters feed you 24/7, this guy by the name Shaebiya has every right to defend his position. Do you think Shaebiya will help you just like that till the gate of Menelik palace? You must be naive my brother. It is national security my friend. Just because we hate Meles doesn’t mean we bring ultra radical person in Menelik Palace. This time no more mistake? For example the entire Eritrean population does not support EPPF! I think we have come to a conclusion that one way or the other Eritrea and Ethiopia will go to war at one time in the future. The 2000 war with Eritrea gave you a little pride and most of the people think they can bit Eritrea once meles is removed from the power. Every Eritrean know that so that to try to occupy ASSEB. But we are also waiting meles to go coz we know the next move is easy for us. The battle is going in Mekele not Asseb or Asmara. My friend dawit — A dead Eritrean even knows every trick our brothers from the south are designing. The only problem is that Meles is hiding behind USA – looks difficult to penetrate him. The EPPF is also weak and that leaks sensitive information to weyane. I think from the beginning I don’t like the idea but it is okay to try. ANYWAY I don’t like the idea of arresting but who know they are the one leaking the document as well. I heard about EPPF for the last 10 years…. what they have accomplished so far. NOTHING! Eritreans respect like Elias ——— Very brave and that tried every possibility. We wish he was Eritrean. Eritreans like brave person … just look at Isseyass is loved no matter you hate him but we all Eritreans love him to death in our heart. Watch my Ethiopian friends Ethiopia is heading to neo-colonization— he is selling your country. We started with 1 Ak47 in SAHEL. If you truly believed in GOOD Ethiopia you don’t need even Eritrea. Ethiopia is a vast country and you can go to Gambela, start from there. But you have to have a gut to do that. To die for your beloved country Ethiopia, stop whining!
    Meles is hiding behind terrorism slogan and that is why he is surviving for so long. Come on 80 million.
    Dawit stop whining — SAWA Diaspora Division

  155. Shaebia on

    Dawit of #163……
    what part of my comment on #153 did you not understand….. You hardly addressed any of my points nor your empty drums that you beat in your earlier comments that I pointed out, nor on your own contradiction……however, I can’t understand your desparate tantrums spewed out as you seem starved of ideas for discussion….as if you are like a fish out of water gasping for air……
    Remember that this forum is not about you and/or me as we don’t even know each other….. It’s about the ideas that we bring here for discussion, ……… an idea or facts for discussion that we haven’t seen from you here…… Apart from talking about people you don’t even know or met……….
    Besides I have no evidence to believe that you are an Ethiopian….. apart from your claim, which you expect others to believe you at virtual face value.
    “Dawit”, I give you a virtual-friendly advice ….. Go & read a book in order to help bring your consciousness to a level of an average intelligence and help yourself interact with fellow human beings in a minimum decorum descency.

  156. Eritreans would be fools to lose an ally like Elias. I just can’t imagine what benefit they get out of arresting prominent Ethiopian opposition members there by antagonizing Ethiopians. Please wise up.

  157. Don´t worry! on

    Dear Elias, don´t let emotion take over. With this I mean once u interviewed the president, u can interview him again. A lot of ethiopians here never mention the USA and the dirty game it plays in their country and tries to play in mine. And the USA is a powerful country capable of creating havoc anywhere it wishes. I don´t think an arrest here or a disappearance there would change the fact that ethiopians in general are tired of the meles regime and want to change it. They´ve proven it in 2 elections already. So no matter the machinations that regime is soon gone. As for the eritrean president, i don´t for a second doubt his honesty in trying to build a genuine people to people relationship but as u say and as was proven previously, there´re traitors in every country and Eritrea is no exception. What I´m sure is though, the traitors will be found and punished.

  158. Geremew Isaatuu on

    Finally it is the whole people of the Empire who could determine the future of the country. Few armed men and women cannot do what the demonstration in 2005 showed the whole population of the world.

    In 1974 it was the people of the country who were fed up with Haile Sellase who
    came together and kicked out the govenment of Prime Minister Aklilu Habte within six months.

    In 1991 it was the organized efforts of many National fronts that had resulted in the death blow that led Mengistu Haile Mariam to run to Kenya then to Harare.

    I believe the people of the Empire if united do not need to go to Eritrea to fight the current government and they can do it from their villages and towns.

    The force that matter lives right at the center of the country.

    It must be understood that when the fronts came together and had an agreement in London they had a very successful results that had helped Eritrean as well as Ethiopian people to get rid of the dangerous man who had soaked his hand with the blood of innocent Ethiopians.

    Ladies and gentle men other Ethiopian Organization tried to fight by getting the support of the National Movements and Fronts of Eritrea in the early seventies and the fronts were looking for a favor that help them liberate Eritrea. When those Fronts refused to agree with Eritrean fronts they were immediately destroyed militarily as well as political by the Eritrean Fronts. One of the leading personalities was the current president of Eritrea.

    Any organization that may seem to Eritrean over steps their future plans for their country is out and dead. I remember, how Tigrayans and Eritrean even while fighting with Mengistu were getting to each other throats.

    There had been several accusations by TPLF about the blocking of passages to Sudan for Tigrayan people who were leaving the country for lack of food and shelters in their own villages. TPLF and Melese said they have to start building a road through Walkayit and Humera and had to bring back people to Ethiopia from the boarder of Sudan because of the blockade by Eritrea. My point is that when the Eritrean fronts get threatened by a new front they will immediately design a means to destroy it. They never cared for others
    Except their own national interests; I do not blame them and others must do the same.

    I am sure you guys remember the earliest fight between the Eritrean factions was between ELF and EPLF and they were destroying each other over the years and finally in 1982 they finished up ELF. Also in the early seventies the
    a group with The EPLF wanted to work and unite Ethiopia and Eritrea and they were destroyed with one night by the Front. A great historian and students of modern Politics Yohannes Sibehatu and his twenty seven friends and fighters were assassinated. Then in early eighties a prominent Eritrean political and military figure was killed. His name was Doctor Iyob who was in charge of the south Eastern regional front of Eritrea. Hirut Iyob his daughter has written a book and dedicated to the memory of her father who lost his life to the cruel hands of his own friends.

    In fact the Eritrean constitution was drafted and immediately shelved when it seemed it was against the power of the existing national government. Several powerful and influential men and women were taken to prison and other such us Professor Bereket who was an eminent legalists of the constitution was thrown out of the country. My point is if the current government of Eritrea takes such domestic and international political risks what do you expect it will do for your alien organization except taking of any political or military and propaganda advantages to its own benefits. It is natural and obvious and that is the way the games of politics played.

    I am not sure if Eritreans will over step their national interests to accommodate any national movement that operates out of their country. However something is better than nothing; it would be better to think of other good and promising alternatives that will offer an absolute freedom for any opposition leaderships and their respective fronts on the ground. I do not hesitate to say one of the best choice people have to consider is to settle a long term peace agreement among the opposition groups. Unless people agree they cannot create a formidable force that may engage the current government to go back to a drawing board and offer a better chance to genuine democracy in the country.

    At least what about a real alternative. If the two governments join hands what will be the future of the oppositions. They do not need to be bargaining chips in totality. That will be absolute foolishness. To my surprise; I see many organizations doing that to themselves. What if Isayas himself loses his power in Eritrea and another powerful group takes over the government and settle things with Ethiopian government? Your rears are cut off and you will be dead meat in the deserts of Eritrea or Ethiopia. You must and you should shelter and mingle your struggle with the genuine sources of supports- the people and the conducive land escapes of the country. The Ethiopian mountains are very famous for being good shelters to its citizens who wanted and kept their nation and freedom generations after generations. Over all I want to recommend peace to our people and nations including Eritrea. there is nothing better than peace. The tow countries and people within Eritrea and Ethiopia need peace at this moment. The international situations at this moment is not very promising to any poor African nation including Ethiopia and Eritrea. We have been burying the two people under the mud of poverty.

  159. Wedismera on

    Tazabiew #57, I agree with u the way U described president Isaias and his leadership skills. The part I don´t agree with u on is the normalizing of relations with the weyane part. Eritreans will never normalize our relationship with the weyane for 2 very important reasons:
    1. Our sovereign territory is still occupied by the weyane
    2. We´ll never agree our neighbouring country being ruled by the most dangerous, divide and rule, method of tribalism.

  160. ##166-Another Shaebia-SAWA DIASPORA WING:

    First, I am not emotional(your friend was), but am just fade up of you Eritreans coming here and bitching and playing the victim game all the time. So I am entitled to vent a little sometimes when fools like that Shabiea act idiotic. At least, you are a bit honest in exposing your deep fears, where the other shabia fool shied away from the truth.

    Let us analyze what you wrote:
    1. So what you are telling us is you will defend your government and your leader no matter what? Even at the expense of lying and covering up the truth, etc, etc. That is so stupid, but it is your right to be stupid. Go ahead and pretend everything in Eritrea is good and dandy. By doing so, you fool no one but yourselves. So, hiding the evils and crimes of Isayas and your government is “a national security” issue huh….? Wow, what an intellect!

    2. I have my own reservation of EPPF operating in Eritrea. They have been played by shabeia, and they got what they deserved. So, at this point, I care less about whether EPPF is mistreated or not, as they should not have trusted a snake like Isayas and shabia in the first place. I have NEVER been a proponent of using an enemy as my partner in any struggle again. We Ethiopians will do it by any means possible/necessary, but not using Eritrea as a partner… never and ever will it happen again. So, your blabbering about that issue remains just that, a blabber and wishful thinking on your part.

    3. Don’t fool yourself thinking that you will put someone in Menelik palace again that caters to your selfish Eritrean appetite. It will not happen!

    4. You can vent all you want about the Meles regime being slave to westerners. We all know that, and it will be addressed and corrected in due time, as the struggle will continue until that becomes a reality. Please save your crocodile tear about the neo-colonialism and other blah blah you like to ramble about, as if we needed your advise.

    5. Speaking of whining and bitching, that is exactly why I started my comment about you uninvited guests whining in an Ethiopian site in the first place. So, if you want to see someone whining, look in the mirror.

    Or find an Eritrean site and praise each other there. Pretend everything is dandy in shabialand. As I said before, we Ethiopians enjoy discussing diverse ideas and thrive in the virtue of difference of opinions flowing. We don’t defend everything and hiding our miseries and undemocratic governance whether it is in public fora or in person, like you do. So, if you don’t like this type of diverse opinions being discussed, don’t come here at all or I repeat, if you do come, DON’T BITCH. End of story!

  161. RAMATOHARA on

    Asa gematu kechenkelatu.

    How could u trust undemocratic force to struggle another undemocratic force unless u r about to install another undemoctatic force?

    No tyrany needs a democratic and free neighbourhood my friend. It is wrong to trust Isayas in the first place.

  162. HAqu-Yegelete on

    Eliase, You erred so much…infact it seems to me that you have outperformed Solomon tekalegne by your sudden shift of allaince? The reason is simple, the EPPF in the field went through radical transformation and it expelled many cadres in diasporas including yourself and now you are on rampat attack on EPPF and ERitrean government!

    The government has no obligation to respond to a journalist and the colonel and others are under hosue arrest because they were conspiring against Eritrean government and the new coalition formed! Soon they will be shown the way to Sudan and for all intensive purposes, the old EPPF failed and now the reformed which is part of the enw coaltion is alive! Those rebel groups don’t need any assitance from do nothing diaspora armchair genrals, they have enough asistance from neighboring countries and they will focus on field works than concentrate on diaspora squables! If you really beleive in armed struggle, the new transofrmation will bring result in shorter time. I wonder why OLF and Ginbot are not complaing for the wrongs doen on their memebers? why elaise became self-appointed spokesperson for these fronts? The truth of the matter is that Genral Kemal’s group was told that unles he agreed for united oromo front, he was not welcome in Eritrea. Genral kemal heeded to the call from Eritrea and agreed to join the OLF and wage a joint struggle to shorten weyanes stay in power. As far as Andargachew TSegie is concerned, he denied your report and he said bussiness is going as suauly with Eritrean authorieties….Elaise get used to it the dysfunctional EPPF is history!! Now you ebcoming laghing stock of weyanes! You seem to have infected with solomon tekalgne virus:-)

  163. Andargachew on

    #166 Another Shaebia-SAWA DIASPORA WING
    “The battle is going in Mekele not Asseb or Asmara…”

    This is an old fashined saying you repeating it again. Do you remember what you idiot Shaebians said when you invaded Ethiopia 1998? “Our breakfast in Adigrat, our lunch in Mekelle and Our dinner in Addis Ababa”. This was what you arrogant shaebians said. But, the result, everyone knows. You were defeated in Tesenei, Tokombia, Senafe and everywhere inside your territory, and you were running towards Asmera. Liar.

    As per the EPPF thing, I am happy Col.Fisum (or Issayas Aferwrki) is disintegrating them. How well He (they) knew them that they are useless with no sold purpose. A lot to come.

    Elias supports every struggle against woyane including the support of Shaebiya. Taking into account what most opposition forces blame woyane (making Ethiopia land-locked), it is being insane shaebiya will allow these opposition forces to take power in Ethiopia. This is a very solid reality. Shaebiya knows this fact very well and it will stop supporting them sooner or later. I am not sure what the looser diaspora will do after that. Shame on you.

    Ethiopia is doing well and the people are focusing on developing the country. The people who are trying to create no peace in Ethiopia are those who are behind the screen. I am not sure how they could not realize this fact.

    Peace and Development to Ethiopia!

  164. Wechewgud on


    I like your approach. It is high time we the diaspoara/Ethiopia talk about how to solve the problem and come up with idea criticized or accepted instead of making comments. But then it is blog, Weyane will take this problem solving and use it for themseves and also blogs are where ever one vents their frustration. However as 69 state , i like his apporach, let us be doers.

    #144 Wakyo,

    Thanks for speaking out. However, we have absolutely no power when it comes to foreigners such as CIA. U.S has forgotten for 20 years now how Ethiopia is allies historically with the West. What comes the most important now is geopolitical strategy that it is the corporations that matter not between the genuine relationships between West and Ethiopia as the only Judao-christian nation standing on her one feet. Remember, story had come out last year from Weyanes (formers) that Robert Gate, the U.S Sec. of Defense was working hand and glove with Weyane against Derg, this relationship could also be a plan to disintegrate Ethiopia.

    Wallstreet bus. man had talked about also how Sudan, Nigeria and Ethiopia will disintegrate soon. Sudan’s disintegration is immintent as we see it coming in January. This business man said he would enjoy controlling the resources of these will be disinitegrated nations. So it is all about resources.

    Awesome analysis of what could be happening!

    It is most likely that foreign element or between Weyane and Shaebia agreement with what is going on. Weyane demanded to get rid of opposition groups such as EPPF in exchange for probably reconciliation with the U.S or Weyane.

  165. It’s a damn shame.Intellectual bankruptcy and children’s game,debebekosh, to think that the lonesome looser in Asmara was going to help you defeat the Ethiopian people. May be he was told by his master from Cairo to stop the bullshit.Game is over and it’s not to late to restart and help the Ethiopian people defeat poverty and build it’s image and tell the Ali Mariams and Berhanu Negas to go to hell. The hell with narrow nationalism and childish self perception. The lion has awaken and will be unstoppable.

  166. Desalegne on

    My enemy’s enemy is my friend, doesn’t work in the community of the two unmistakeable Tigre-Tigregnis. They are one in the same. One who is desperate marrys a Preginant woman type of thing is going on with the Amharas today.

  167. You guys are very emotional. Just one article changed you all except few. You can’t do politics like that. And don’t wait for Eritreans to solve Ethiopian problems. And EPPF has failed and was infested by Woyane operatives which needed house cleaning.

  168. Some ppl think they´re smart only because they can type in english. Look, if Isaias wanted to destroy ethiopia, as some here claim, he had the best opportunity to do so, in 1991. Meles was “in his hand” and there wasn´t any other opposition worth the name. It wouldn´t have bothered the OLF, ONLF etc. because they don´t care about the unity of the abissinian empire. But Isaias gave the TPLF the benefit of the doubt and encouraged them to cooperate with the other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Wasn´t it therefore the weyanes hate shaebia? This is not from “my pocket”, this is factual history. But eritrea haters, be they amaras or tigrayans always come back with this argument. This is nothing but projection,
    And to mr Elias, why come out with this news so early without contacting eritrean officials?
    What makes colonel Muluneh the perfect human being? Can he have commited a grave mistake? Remember the Kinijit leader who won the election in 2005 and then decided to bnow to Meles? There´re similar examples from the past, U know!

  169. HAqu-Yegelete on

    The whole thing was so messed up by Elaise’ hasty conclusions….I can assure you all EPPF has done nothing except derailing the struggle ..its memebers cosntantly embazzle money raised in diaspora and the power struggle within the rank and file is incredibly high….EPPF has run out of steam and the new coalition is a way to go…
    I hope issaise expelss all arbegnoch who refused to join the coaltion of forces to Sudan and get this matter to rest.
    As far as Elaise ordering Issaise Afewerki what to do….emmm Elaise you just don’t know the guy:-) it just made wonder how you view yourself in the Ethiopian-Eritrea relationship…speaking of self-agradizment!!

  170. Tulu Oda on

    EPPF was as good as dead from day one of its formation on utterly wrong assumtion trusting dictator Isaias.

  171. wedi tigray on

    Can you imagine how much you were derailed from the facts?
    do you realize now that Isayas and his rogue government are working hard for the disintegration of Ethiopia??
    You can count the comments posted here and come up with common sense…Stop
    doing business with the devil!!!

  172. 3rd round - SAWA-1997-DC Area on

    Sometimes I was wondering to see those retarded people in diaspora complain about Eritrean government. Hell no my brothers, we the hard core Shaebiya even doesn’t like the idea of entertaining EPPF in Asmara. But the old Shaebiya or YIKALO told us it is in our interest to help them before they finish each other. Those crap toxic minds in DC area and London think Eritrea is a heaven place for them. My friends first of all stop mentioning Shaebiya etc. It is a government of Eritrea. You can call your government weyane or neftegna but respect the government of Eritrea. You are just there to fight not entertain yourself or prostitute. Abide by the rules of the Government of Eritrea.
    Dear Elias:
    No matter how your relationship with Eritrean government is don’t think you are better that colonel future. No Eritrean will sell his country just like that. No matter we disagree with President Isseyass, the national security comes first in Eritrea. Remember as well the Eritrean military is the backbone of Eritrea not President Isseyass or any single individuals….. So respect OUR MILITARY OFFICERS.
    That is why we served our country for 30 years without salary. This colonel served his country for 18 years without a single dollar unlike your colonel who was working day in and night with a derg to bomb MASSAWA and the Entire Eritrean city. First of all, you need to go and take SAWA training yourself and you will understand the chain of command in military. Just visiting Humera from the out skirt of Omhager does not mean you are brave or EPPF is your personal property. I was there 100 times and it is just a safe place to be. So you visited that place and showed us in YouTube doesn’t mean we trust you 100%. It is strategic allies. We both have our own objectives. You to liberate your Abyssinia country and we, the Eritreans to protect our land from this US puppet Meles in case the next war broke out in Mekele or Asseb (The final grave of Meles and other diaspora wing). I was there fighting to protect my country long time.
    The million dollar question is: WHO LEAK THE DOCUMENTS!
    In this kind of mess to accuse the Eritrean Government is a mind boggling. By leaking secret document to weyane you guys endanger those soldiers in the front. Therefore the Eritrean government need to contain this. In military if something secret thing leaked, just you arrest everybody until proven innocent (the inner circle). No time for investigation or court from military point of view. Just look at the wikileaks or Israel strategy. But the problem is most people in diaspora know nothing about military. Just take behind computer screen and propaganda. You leave in DC or London or Amsterdam- ESAT – doesn’t mean you guys know everything about the government of Eritrea or EPPF. In fact from Eritrean intelligence apparatus I strongly recommend Eritreans Government to take harsh measures for those who leaks documents and lazy people who suck our resources. We now from our history that who the number one enemy of Eritrea. First of all teach your people to respect Eritrea as a sovereign country. Do you want Ethiopia or Asseb? You cannot have both at the same time. I watch your interview of Isseyass 10 times to see your facial expression, the way you ask question, emotions, and the way you look at Isseyass etc. Have you noticed that Silieshi interrupted while asking Isseyass about Asseb and Ethiopia- Eritrean relationship? We Eritreans monitor everything you guys do. We support to those who believe in the good relationship of Ethiopia and Eritrea but we put question mark to those politically motivated one. No Eritrean is fool. We really sympathize with what Ethiopia is now and extended our hand to help you but not at the cost of our national security. If we want we can ignore all the Ethiopian forces coz weyane will not ignite war with Eritrea coz he know the war will be in TIGRAY! Tigray will be destroyed. They might try war in Asseb once their power slips from them to get their support from the Amhara people and some confused Oromo people (not the proud Oromo). But this time it is going to be all out war. He knows that.
    You support the ant-sanction support, write good things about Eritrea, Man of the years doesn’t means 100% committed person politically. We do background check always. From his childhood, his principle, firmness, what motivated him oppose weyane, your history on Eritreans, with whom you associate, inclination in life, emotion etc.
    So be careful!
    In particular to the Eritrean military, we don’t care about civilian criticism but never to military.
    Remember the military in Eritrea is loyal to the country not Isseyass or else. We swear to defend and protect Eritrea not Isseyass. It happens to be Isseyass is the commander in chief. Do not mess with Eritrean security and military. Of course Isseyass is very clever in military mind so does the entire Eritrean officers. Do you know that 90% of the military high rank officers were fighters more than 20 years? It is not like a weyane hierarchy, where the military is ONLY loyal to MELES! In Eritrea the military is loyal to ERITREA! No one is above the law that is why Isseyass live modest life style and the same like his peers. If he was corrupt and treat he could have gone long time. He is the most powerful coz of his character and loyalty to his country.

  173. Anonymous on

    #186, Once we get ride of Meles we will take back ASAB. This I can assure u!! We have nothing to do with ur good for nothing Eretria. We are better off u guys plus Tegray. We don’t need the help of Ereria or US to oust Meles. We will do it when the people come to realize the danger of ethnic poletics and think beyond that. Ethnicity, sawn by Meles and Esays, is our big problem right now. But it is fading away through time. Even the Oromos, who were most opssesed by ethnicity, come to relize it is good for nothing. We are one step to unity and then Meles and shabiya will be history.

  174. To:HAqu-Yegelete #175

    Don’t blame Elias, for reporting what he observed. He is a journalist with a back bone and a straight shooter. he can not hide facts on the ground while Ethiopian freedom figthers are thrown in to jail.

    You Eritrians may think you can cheet Ethiopians all the time. You are wrong man! Ethiopians are more sophisticated than you think. We are trusting people but we can also eaisly tell who is who?

    We gave the benfit of the doubt to President Issayas when he told us (in 6 rounds of interview) that he is with us in overthrowing the Mafia Woyane. Many Ethiopians were ready to put behind past hard-feelings about Shabia and even started to show respect to the President,trusting his words and thinking about peaceful and brotherly co-existence with Eritrian brothers and sisters after the Woyanes are gone.

    But here we are again: the usual anti-Ethiopia back stabing tratiorus behaviour from Eritrians. You threw to prision time-tested Ethiopian freedom fighters like Col.Tadesse and others. And you still want us to belive you when you say, you are heling us! Amazing!

    If you really beleive in one united Ethiopia and future prosperous Eritria where the two brotherly people live in peace and harmony, why do you divide Ethiopian fighters by ethnic groups like (TPDM, Benshangul, Oromo etc) Are these people not Ethiopians? Why don’t you encourage these organization to join EPPF and fight as one Ethiopian army? This could have given the struggle a high momentum and get rid of Woyane in avery short period of time.

    Instead, you are encouraging those who defect from the current Woyane army to join ethnic based organizations? Why are you doing this? What are you preparing for us?

    You created and nurtured TPLF and brought a lot of havoc on our country. Now TPLF got out of your control and perhaps you want another sorogate organization to balkanize Ethiopia. I tell you, you will never succede. TPLF didn’t succede in dividing Ethiopians. The people are more united than ever. Belive it or not Ethiopia and her flag is in our blood. That was why TPLF was successful in rallying the poeople in the 2000 war with you guys. You country was almost destroyed.

    Thanks for letting us know in the open what you are doing on patriotic Ethiopians, like Col. Taddese. Ethiopians are now more alert than ever when it comes to Shabia’s long-term plan for our beloved country. Rest assured, we will figure out how to solve our own problem once and for all.

  175. #187 The key is don’t talk about it just do it, there are who kinds of people in the world; those who read history and those who make history. Eritreans are history makers. They can stand proudly in the environment of aggression and superpower treat. You think you guys stopped in the dynasty of ZAGWE most of you are still in ZAGWE. For example you never been in Eritrea you don’t now Eritrea and you just consider Eritrea as a Wal-Mart, go and shop whatever you want. I can guarantee you that will never happen even in our dead body. We even bit the Dreg, which was the hardest military regime in Africa. Why don’t you think right? Can you use your mind for good cause? BTW Eritrea is not based on ethnic federalism. That has been abolished after independence. Let me be honest here, if you read all this 185 comments in this article, most of them are negative about Eritrea. They seem they had been waiting to say to Elias that “this is what we were waiting for”. They didn’t even wait and think because they do conclusions on local matter that they never knew and they never saw. Every time you guys do this, we Eritreans become very critical on you. For example I would prefer Wayane than this 150 people here commenting on Eritrea. At least Woyane doesn’t claim Assab. The other thing I noticed is also you guys under estimate Eritrea. Please think of a dedicated 4000000 army who had been fighting the enemy for 50 years. They cannot even be intimidated by big power. We are self reliant, we don’t need help from anybody we got our independence on our own and we are building our economic independence on our own. The problem with most of Ethiopians is that they had been victims of their own ideology for the last 50 years. They thing they can concur a nation people by force, they think they could silence voices by force, they think they can cleanse a population and take over their land. They only recent history reasonable leader Ethiopia had is Atse Minilik. Who protected Ethiopia by defeating the Italians and never claimed Eritrea or crossed Eritrean boarder because it doesn’t belong to him. However Haileselassie acted to be wise who ended up as a fool. The biggest mistake he did was illegally breaking the federation. Had he treated Eritrean fairly do you thing Eritreans would prefer to live in the mountains of Sahel for 40 years? There was also a second chance given to the Derg, which acted by killing the only Eritrean trusted general whom in one speech diverted the Eritrean attention to think peace, which lasted only three months. Why you guys don’t think rational? Why are you always thinking about a country which is sovereign for 19 years now? Why don’t you think of your big country and try to change the life of the 70 million people? Why you guys are sitting in the west and think to become the leaders of your country? Why you are waiting sitting on your ass for someone to die for you and then give you a presidential position as a Christmas gift? If you are thinking get a presidential or prime minister Christmas gift while you are enjoying life in the west, I can assure you that Issayas will not be the black Santa Clause, neither any of the Eritrean citizens

  176. 3rd round - SAWA-1997-DC Area says on

    Anonymous says:#186
    See you then at the front. You will back to where u belong. TANA LAKE! ASSEB — hahahhahahah. That’s what the intenstion of Amrahu is. Do not worry we will see another ” We are the World” song soon. After SUDAN — Ethiopia is the Next. No more the poor Oromos cannon shield. Face to face with Amhara. Just they are a piece of cake for us. Pray for mama Ethiopia. You are naive to think that —this new Ethiopian map will be there in 10 years. Yu will be pushed to the gambela region where you belong. SOLOMON DYNASTY. hahahhahahah

    No more stealing history………… Check from where you come from.

  177. Proud African on

    It amazes me to read each one of our comments on this blog and quickly determine which tribe one is from or indvidual stance on political topics. We all need to look in the mirror and accept the fact we are the major hurdle for any advancement in Ethiopia or Eritrea. Most adult Abesha have so much anger and hatred towards one other it is imposible to look at their kids in their eyes and teach them the positive side of a unified nation as well as the importance of respecting your neighbors. We should learn to accept our grief and losses through counsiling or a religious practice, but to dwell on our past and pass it to our kids by teaching and feeding their brain with unfortiunate bad experiences we all or our family member have gone throughis not fair to them and most importantly suicidal for the future of Ethio Erit.

  178. Yes We Can on

    Article 82
    I also like to thank Elias for his hard work in exposing these dictators relentlessly. There are many proud youth Ethiopians that are behind you and are very supportive of you as a journalist but most importantly as a concerned Ethiopian citizen. Those who are your supporters stand by you and we will cotinue to pray for you and our country.
    Kudos: 82!!!!! But with love and respect to our neighbors.

  179. Denver on

    I live here in Denver Co which is the capital for the Woyannes dictatorship party, I can assure you when I tell you These people are the most shrewd, deceitful, illiterate, stone age Nomads. I hope Ethiopians wake up and recognize the road thats ahead of us is complicated and hard to understand but with continuos prayer and love for one another we can get there. we have Snakes and spys amongs us who get paid or sponsored by this regime so becareful of your friends cause sometime your enemy is right next to you (most time). Keep your head up and keep on pushing cause their days are very limited and short. Looking forward to a Pro Ethiopa convention in Denver in near future so I can laugh and smile when I see their ugly skinny faceand offer them Affer ba suikar (soil with sugar) their Besso ahahahaha lol!!!!!

  180. To Bk 190:

    We Ethiopians don’t want your contry. What we are saying here is stop being taritors (Kehadi). Your president told us that he wants lasting peace with the two brotherly people and he will be on our side in the fight to bring lasting peace to Ethiopians and Eritrians.

    The two journalists who interviewed him (Elias and the other guy) asked him “what is the guarnty that you don’t change your position and suport Woyane again?” President Issayas answered “… we will never support TPLF again”. Many people had doubts on his words but some of us gave him the benfit of the doubt. But it now looks like he was lying to Ethiopians.

    You should know that we are not begging you for anything here. We are just telling you that you acted as traitors by helping Woyane. Ethiopian freedom fighters trusted you and came to your land to fight their enemy. But you turned around and arrested them. This is what you call a clasic traitor’s behaviour. Now we know who you are and we shall never trust you again. We don’t need your false support. We will solve our own problem.

    As to prefering TPLF over 80 million Ethiopians, go ahead and kiss their ass. They were your servants anyway and they may still be willing to be your servants again (this doesn’t include the people of Tigrai-only the servant TPLF). But rest assured, TPLF is a hated government and they will not stay around that long. You will only make future relationships more complicated and enemical. If I were you, I will try to forge lasting peace with the Ethiopian people instead of few MAFIA Woyanes. But you guys never learn. You are always short sighted.

  181. Stoned Peter on

    You Ethiopians when will you wake up from your prolonged sleep?, why do you think Tigreans as an Ethiopian just to see my point check the hidden TPLF web sight Ethiomedia what Abrham Belay posted about Tigreans and Ethiopians in Australia they live in different realities the Tigreans come to us or they call theymself Ethiopian when they want to spy us so wake up and smale the coffee please do not think as Ethiopians the Tigreans do not be stupid, wake up!.

  182. To #196 Gelaw
    First of all I would like to thank you for repying my commets on 190.
    The thing is you did conclusions on matters you don’t know again. Have been in the ground with EPPF? Do you know them do you know how they operate? What the role of Eritrea was and is? What I’d Elias is giving the wrong information or he missunderstood the stituation? Let me tell you this Melles has 50000 security agents and the litterally has invaded EPPF. The biggest agent was Medmidai who was key intellegence agent who allegedy defeced woyane and secured a leadership in the Ethiopian opossition for four years and now is back to his papa Woyanne. This is a dessaster for the organization. Kemal Gelichu couldn’t even be trusted now. You guys shouldn’t under estimate woyanne. I couldn’t even rule out Elias to be working for the Ethiopian intellegence. That is what is missing on you guys. You can’t build trust in politics. You have to be always alert for the worst. The funny thing is why Elias or Sleshi want to be in the EPPF central commitee? Why don’t they so their good jornalizm. Please Please Please don’t under estimate your enemy. The other thing is t didn’t say 80mill Ethiopians my word was about the 180 people whom I read thier comments. My choise was made between to enemies. Thouse Ethiopians who have hatred of Eritrea and Woyanne. I prefered the later because they are cleat enemys which we have already built a way to predict them. However, I have a great respect to genuine Ethiopians who are peace lovers like yourself. I mean if we work together we could have ruled Afriaca

  183. This frequently is amazing to me how blog owners for example your self can find the time along with the commitment to carry on crafting good blogposts. Your site isgood and one of my own need to read blogs and forums. I just wished to thank you.

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