Mengistu Worku in his own words (video)

A tribute to Ethiopian football icon Mengistu Worku.

8 thoughts on “Mengistu Worku in his own words (video)

  1. Mengistu Worku is an Ethiopian Football legend, no doubt about it. What amazes me is that current Ethiopian football is no way near what it used to be about 50 years ago. Mengistu Worku’s generation produced the best footballers than anytime in Ethiopian Football history. I wonder if there is any explanation why this is so? I wish your readers share there opinions & insights about this phenomenon.

  2. Tezibt on

    To Dawit

    There was discipline, integrity, love of country and a caring administration. You can’t have good team when the pool is dry. Chat, cigrete, alchohol and sex at a young age doesn’t help. I was a soccer player myself so I know what is up.

  3. Mengistu Worku: Charismatic star player as well as skillful and talented. Thanks for playing for St. George. During the end of your career, you played against an European country where that country dominated by scoring quick five goals, and you somehow managed to score two goals keeping us out of shut out. RIP.

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