Protecting Ethiopian patriots in Eritrea

Several Ethiopians from around the world held a meeting Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010, and discussed the disappearance of Col. Tadesse Muluneh and other Ethiopian patriots in Eritrea. The meeting also discussed other on going issues concerning the struggle to liberate Ethiopia from the Woyanne ethnic apartheid regime. Read details of the meeting here [Amharic].

48 thoughts on “Protecting Ethiopian patriots in Eritrea

  1. Poor Ethiopians. You don’t yet know how to play with our Northern brothers. These people (both Woyanes and Shabia) think with the mindset of their forefathers. They are locked in time, they are still in the 19th century. That is how you should understand them if you want to bring democracy and peace in that country.

  2. koster on

    in the first place, it was wrong to expect to get a genuine support from Eritrea. How can Eritrea wants a strong, united and democratic Ethiopia. Please save all Ethiopian patriots who fled woyane state terror.

  3. Protecting from whom and how?
    Every one looked confused.

    Just try to refrain more from provoking or posting unncessary articles, like the one you have circulated recently, by asking explanation from the Shabyans.

    Who is asking who? and why Shaebia need to reply to your calls? Realy, whom do you think you are?

    These are the questions you need to ask yourself before anything else. Shabians do not reply to the super powers, if they think the question is coming from nobody’s corner. They are very proud and they don’t want to deal in public. Otherwise, they will treat it as a propaganda stint.

    Just an advice!

  4. You want to protect Ethiopian Patriots in Eritrea ? Why do you not first Protect the Patriots in Ethiopia first.

    My advise for you is get your Patriots out of Eritrea, the Woyanes are ready to accomodate them.

  5. teshome on

    What type of press release is this? The Ethiopian people patriot front is all in all infiltrated by the woyane mercenaries. This is desperately desperate. The press release failed to address the central dilemma facing EPPF from Eritrean government the least the case of the Col. Tadess disappearance could have thought the EPPF about the troubling and unhelpful Isayas government and make a decision at spot because it is extraordinarily difficult to undertake any sort Eritrean based struggle with this pervasive climate of fear.

  6. Shaebia on

    I read the declaration of the Sunday 19th meeting …… & if we see the in the fifth paragraph…… It clearly & unambigously says as follows as translated word by word from
    Amharic….. “…. Despite brave Ethiopians paying with their lives fighting against the Weyane, their EPPF leadership is totally (I’ve to emphesis “Totally” = “mullu b’mullu) infiltrated by by weyane & individuals & groups with evil( ekuy) agenda……”
    That answers it & lets not forget that weyane has Eritrean agents too, posing as Shaebia supporters, working to undermine the relationship & the trust between the people of the two brotherly countries. We have already identified such posers already & I advise those Ethiopian brothers to name & shame those people as they only show their pre- programmed characters in front of Ethioians, posing as a Shaebia supprter. That is why I always say ….”I’m not a shaebia supporter…. I’m Shaebia myself”….. & accountable for my deeds & behaviour.
    Please wisen up & I advise you to read such tactics used in the old Rhodesia under the minority White rule of Ian Smith, where such special forces(posers) called the “Slues scouts” were responsible for killing & liquidating more than 80% of the patrotic independence fighters. It was named after some English man called Slues( Sleus) who invented the tactic to infiltrate the enemy. Remember Weyane is your enemy & has by now mastered on the art of sabotage & blackmail.
    You got to wake up……. Shaebia, not only will scratch just the surface but will get to the bottom of this.
    You bet your life on that and those weyane collaborators & infiltrators ….. Put that on your pipe & smoke it ….. Because shaebia never sleeps a wink & will smoke you out of anywhere or any of your disguise….
    Have a blessed holiday!!

  7. Elias, I have never trusted shabia. I always wonder why a brave anti woyane like you praising Esayas? I thought I do not know politics but look what happens.

  8. Assaminew Tammirat on

    Mistrust, division, conspiracy and endless bickering. As long as Amharas and oromos don’t come to their senses and form solid unity within diversity, building trusts based on equality and justice every one both from the inside and the outside will only use each opposition groups as a dirt cheap bargaining chips. Araat Nixxib.

    This means that you often work very hard and build a strategy and action line simply to find out that your planes have already been brutally demolished even with a fraction of an our.

    Wuhaa kidaa wuhaa afsis new negeruu. You guys need to get to the bottom of things. Otherwise if you are always doing what you have always been doing, you will also be getting what you have always been getting. Slavery and bargaing chip role and the lose of 99.6% voices. The possibility of Wayane and Eritrean joint rulership of Ethiopia just similar to the early 1990s is an absolute possibility. MAKE NO MISTAKES! So, why is it that you guys and gals keep beating about the bushes, day and nigh with all kinds irrelevancies? Reality talks!


    I think sending a fact finding mission would have been a better way approach. Due to the fact that EPPF or its diaspora supporters are not a government a clandestine meetings should be effected. Otherwise to expect the govt. of Eritrea to deal in a govt. to govt manner in this case is a bit naive. Stop making the mistake of making a mountain out of a mall. When you are in hole the first rule is not to dig.

    Victory to your patriots!

  10. He say, she say, I say shut up on

    You’re just building your own grave dude. You’ve taken gossip and turned it into rumors, now it’s recycled back to you as facts. Part of being a man and leader is never jumping to conclusions, your actions will haunt you, as they used to in the early 90s, when you made those infamous quotes about a certain leader whom you shock the hands of.

  11. Halafi Mengedi on

    You guys are real shameless and you are not struggling to liberate Ethiopia but to gain power at any cost. As an Ethiopia you cannot side with Shaebia who fought to strangle Ethiopia throat by land locking forever and expose to its enemy like Egypt. You are saying ethnic rulers while you are fighting for ethnic Amhara to come to power; there is no secret about it. If are true Ethiopian first condemn Shaebia the swore enemy of Ethiopia and fight at home either in the bush or in Addis Ababa peacefully so that we can listen to your agenda if you have something to offer better than the current rulers. By being aliened with shaebia automatically you became an enemy of Ethiopia no matter what good agenda you may have for the future of Ethiopia. Ethiopia priority should be to get its own port and the Afar region, which is occupied by Shaebia to hurt Ethiopia.

  12. Dejane on


  13. Treaty on

    The news of this meeting is a positive step forward. As the last week’s development in Asmara is concern to all citizens, it also takes the involvement of all Ethiopians to discuss future relations with Eretria, to set up inquiry, and to map out the next course of direction. It is hard to see the news about the arrest of EPPF officials in Eretria can be received as isolated incident unknown by the country’s highest officials. We hope the Eritrean leaders will look into this matter and do their utmost effort to safe guard the rights of Col.Tadesse Muluneh and his comrades, to win their safety.
    Regardless of what happened within the EPPF, in keeping with good will intentions of both people, I ask the president Iasias himself to intervene to obtain the release of these individuals as Christmas peace gesture.

    Regarding the Dec., 19 conference believe it is a step in the right direction. I look forward for the organizing committee to call its first international gatherings.With such prospect we will have something to say then.

  14. It is highly unlikely and unusual practice for shabia prisoners to see a day light once they are thrown into the dark, narrow and hot metal containers no matter their innocence. For shabia this is called “national security”, since they don’t want their inhuman tortures, rape and killings to go out thus kill them or keep them for years with out trial even if they found them 100% clean and innocent. Helen Berhane, a well-known and famous singer, has described publicly several times how she was beaten, tortured and raped while in detention. she was arrested and sent to Mai Serwa military prison where she was tortured, beaten, and held in a metal shipping container for over two years. Her experience was typical of many others who are being routinely rounded in by police in different parts of the country for no reason or explanation what so ever until they are either killed or released after years of sufferings. only history will tell the cruelty, murder, rape, and killings of this devil dictator.

  15. Eritreawi on

    Throwing tantrums from Europe and America will not do you or your cohorts any good at all. What you are doing is burning bridges with EPPF on the field and the only true friends Ethiopians have in their time of need.

    You can’t lead an opposition thousands of miles from home and expect to win against one of the best financed and highly militarized dictatorial Melles regime. It requires doing actual fighting on the ground to bring about positive change in Ethiopia. This is what a lot of Ethiopian diaspora elite fail to understand. If you want to be part of the struggle for positive change in Ethiopia you should subordinate yourself to the leadership on the ground, not the other way round. No armed struggle succeeded led by remote control from western cities.

    I hope you grasp these facts and stop your power struggle against EPPF leadership. At the end of the day the EPPF leaders on the ground will advance the struggle and you will be sidelined, that is the worst thing that can happen to people who say they want change yet work against the very principles they say they aspause.

  16. Call Spade a Spade on

    Dear Elias and EPPF followers,

    Can’t you see wnat’s going on with EFSNA and EPPF leadership? These are only some of the VISIBLE organization that have been infiltrated and renedered uselss by the Notorious NAZI Woyane, I an sure there many more less known orgnaization and individuals that have been silenced by the Nazi Woyane leadership. So the struggle against Woyane must go a notch higher and they are NEVER to be underestimated.

  17. Blabla Gureniawoch on

    I think your brave col. has made a mistake. Shabia don´t waste time for such corrupt col. hence he is in neverland. Sorry but you better ask what he did and stop blaming the hand which is feeding you.

  18. Mekonnen on

    This calls for all Ethiopians to act against WOYANE individually without waiting for other person to lead the struggle. We all need to ask ourselves what can I do to defeat WOYANE in the position I am in? We all need to act according to what our innerself tells us without waiting for a leader or a group to tell us on how to defeat Woyane. Because as we learnt from experience Woyane always intercepts communication between leaders and the rest of us. We all should have the courage and the coenfidence in ourselves to be able to do all we can do to continue the struggle individually and reach victory as a whole .

  19. wedi eri on

    what’s wrong with whole deal is you all need to participate the fight finiancially and physically. you can’t chant from far away. as far i know shabia and woyane need to destroyed frome this earth.

  20. Samson on

    Ethiopian patriots in Eritrea is an OXYMORON. An Ethiopian patriot will only set foot in Eritrea to liberate Afar people from the shabia occupiers. Otherewise they are traitors who deserve what dictator Isayas is doing to them.

  21. For one col. do you want destroy your struggel. I wander why you shouting to much.wait don’t hurry to comment. Eritrean government knows what is good and bad. Elias if you start like this propoganda then you are showing the real face hiding till now. the eritrean gov. suspecting you to much because every thing we did you send to woyane. we know the col. was doing very ugly work.we know also who you are. so we were not surprise when you start complaing about this.if you continue like this don’t forget we are not far from you.

  22. Our ivory tour intellectuals first have to study the history of Shaebia and the Eritrean people. If you dream of dealing with Shaebia in this infantile manner, you are seriously mistaken.

    Shaebia dealings with the big and small powers is what Africans had to learn and proud off. The Ethiopian comatose diaspora lacks the sophistication and political maturity to deal with Shaebia.

    The Shaebia leaders wisdom, sophistication, experience, guts and nerves of steel is unmatched in the annals of world history. For, those that have eyes that can see and ears that can hear the answer is clear.

    Megaphone diplomacy, self aggrandizement and self promotion are taboos in the Shaebia culture. Shaebia doesn’t have time for diplomatic niceties, double talk, lies and deceit.

    Truth, honesty, mutual respect, shared responsibility, non interference, accountability …etc …etc are some of the Shaebia values that the comatose diaspora need to understand fully.

  23. Blabla Gureniawoch on

    Welcome in Shabia world. But fellowing rules are to fellow.
    1. Be open minded, don´t have hiding agenda.
    2. Don´t be corrupt.
    3. think global, act local.
    4. Don´t lie
    5. Don´t betray your people
    6. Don´t be corrupt
    7. Don´t be corrupt
    8. Don´t think you can play us.
    9. Don´t be a f***ing corrupt
    10. Do zeraf on the front not at home lol

  24. EthioPat on

    Bring all Ethiopian Patriots out of Eritrea Now! They should not have been there in the first place. Under the current circumstances, the most effective way to struggle is to take the fight to weyanne inside Ethiopia proper. Eritrea can’t even take care of itself much less help Ethiopian Patriots. Besides, it has its own interest and agenda at heart and not the interest of the freedom fighters. Bottom line, bring them out of Eritrea immediately and do away with this unlikely and unrealistic alliance, if there is one. Period.

  25. Fitihawi on

    Dear Elias and other patriots,
    Wasn’t it a notorious blunder to ally with one of the worst enemies of democracies and justice in the world.Today Shaebia is synonymos with,mass killings,
    imprisonment,torture,rape,human rights abuse and all kinds of evil in the book.This band of shiaftas has been commiting all kinds of atrocities without being provoked against our kind and defenceless people for two decades.
    If this nasty group is capable of commiting unthinkable atrocities against the very people that supported them all through,then one would ask,what makes you think that your patriots would be treated differently.I hope the disappeared patriots are still alive but history has shown us time and again that no victim has ever lived to tell a story of mistreatment who had been to one of very many dungeons of the shiftas.The latest example is the incarceration of parlamenterians,sinior military officers and journalists for over 10 years now.It has been reported that most of them died of mistreatment.Remember,neither of them were charged nor given a chance to defend themselves in the court of law.Ofcource there is no law in Eritrea.The nasty dictator and his corrupt generals are the law of the land.The worst thing of all though,they mercilessly make people disappear without a trace and afterwords deny their very existance.A case in point,the dictator was confronted by a reporter in an interview about the situation of Joshiwa Yohannes who was the most loved and well known freedom figther who ended up in jail for expressing his views,the dictator blatantly said I didn’t know a person by that name.It has been reported that Joshiwa died in jail from mistreatment.This must be a wake up call for all of you to identify the true colours of the junta and distance yourselves otherwise you will be in for a disappointment.Its time for all Ethiopian Justice lovers to side with the most brutalized and oppressed people of Eritrea in the fight against tyranny and mend the rift that was created by the dictator that you infatuted with.
    Ezi Wedhankum.
    Justice and rule of law will prevail,
    Long live Eritrea,

  26. Kitkit on

    It is absolutely disgusting and foolishness in all forms and shapes that individuals or groups have not been thinking througly about going to Eritrea and ended up being used and abused,then kept as human pups.Ethiopians,what do we have to say or feel about the entire situation at this moment and in the future?

    What is the difference between the Meles’s and Isaias’s regime? Don’t thsoe naive fellow Ethiopians know Isaias and Meles are one and the same,don’t they,those Ethiopians know it is just how Isaias and Meles have not gone along chiefly because they did not agree on how to loot Ethiopia and yet they have not had any sort of querrel other than temporary disagreement,that they are always enemy of Ethiopia?

    How could fellow Ethiopians trust Isaias?

    If we don’t learn from the past history and the many mistakes that we made again and again,then we are donky as they have been saying to us we are.Period,period and period.

    We feel terribly sorry for those poor fellow Ethiopians who just followed the Idiot leaders and put themselves in such absurd and weird situation.

  27. You wonder why shabia cleaning up eppf and everyone is complaining???thats the problem right there eppf amhara trust anyone that comes with a sad story who come to them while they are paid spies and agents of woyane,if the amhara wants to be a respectfull and strong opposition then they have to trust shabia,no one does a batter clean up job than shabia,once the eppf is cleaned and strong and once they are assisnation attempts on their leaders by woyane then you will know eppf are in a position to knock off woyane,Elias you are just someone who has a website writing about ethiopian affairs,shabia knows more than you who is corrupt and who is a spy,if they knew of the attacks in tsorona by the so called afar rebels few years ago and only few generals and meles knew about that then you can begin to understand not all in eppf is what you thought they are,i heard evidence of voice recordings is among the latest indictment against these 2 faced idiots,this is the diffrence between amhara eppf and shabia,any amhara can be trusted upon joining eppf and raise in ranks amhara are naive,shabia are diffrent they don’t trust anyone and are harsh on people who are traitors.its up to you if you want the opposition to be dismantled in the future then you can keep barking but a clean up job like now not only would tell spies that most likely you will be caught but it also says that this is only going to happen once and from now on the eppf would only get stronger.

  28. Annoyed on

    You ppl talk about EPPF as if it has already scored dramatic victories in the field liberating villages and towns. You guys are pathetic!

  29. bahlibi on

    @Blabla Gureniawoch says: the tenth commandment of shabia is funny. specially the tenth one “10. Do zeraf on the front not at home” loooool. ke’dem kedadem amharu mebla’e imber metekuas abeye yeke’lu… long live eri!!!

  30. Mogodi Lobengula on

    26#. Kitkit,

    “How could fellow Ethiopians trust Isaias?” you asked

    That is the mother of all questions.
    But the question can also be asked the other way round, that is to say:

    How could the Eritrean leader and fellow Eritreans trust the Ethiopian opposition who lack any capacity of trusting each other and working together in unity within diversity.

    If they could have accepted historical realities, built bridges and trusts and have forged solid alliances across religions, regions and elasticities as to produce a joint multinational political agenda (program)they could have already made history and renewed the Ethiopian political and social landscapes in a new and modernized ways even with out the need of relying on Eritreans and other external aid supports that comes, if it comes absolutely with strong visible and invisible strings attached to it.

    On the contrary, most of our learned men and women are producing long lists of writings that are always the same and the writers are not even able to pose for a while and think creatively as to what can be done in a new and creative ways. So, we always keep doing the same things and also keep getting the same things like always, say for the last some 20 years.

    Can’t you see the fact that the same Wayane who have killed some 200 young and bright students on the streets of Addis Ababa in connection with the 2005 election and after that, proactively changing strategies robbed 99.6% of the 2010 election is currently, actively and broadly at work even at an international level causing havoc and discord among the diaspora and other circles while the opposition is simple singing the same old sectarian swan songs. Hmm…

    As a matter of fact, the solutions are in our own hands in the form of alliances/unity within diversity and the problems are also internal to our own country.

    No one can defeat a united and determined society! Araat Netib! or even Ammist Netib, the one more extra Netib being added to demonstrate the gravity of the situation under discussion.

  31. Mr/Ms Congo: If we are in 19th century and still govern you, then you are in 18th century:)

  32. Is this the end of the road for your support for Isayas? I cant wait for this drama to unvail.

  33. Anonymous on

    Hey Eliass,

    Now your master Assayas turned his back on you, who are you going to nominate for “person of the year” for 2011?? Although you might have been “naively” trying to align with the “enemy of the enemy” you are no strategist and to say the least stupid for leading our brothers and sisters into the hands of Shabia/Assmara …their blood is now in your hands. Eritreans will never care about Ethiopia lest we forget the blood they spilled and the hundreds of thousands they maimed in the name of liberation.

    Fools like you give both Meles and Assayas unabated reasons to exploit and destroy everything Ethiopian. I nominate you as “idiot of the century”.

  34. Shaebia on

    The topic of the discussion is the declaration of the Sunday 19th Dec meeting Regarding EPPF leadership. Their assessment couldn’t have been clearer. It’s about Elias or a forum for ‘Fithawi’s tired propaganda. Is there not anybody here with analytical mind to ask a question on how & why the whole of theeadership is infiltrated by Weyane. Those Weyanes who come here to set their agenda by diverting from the issues can be understandable …. but how about the rest of you non-weyanes…… Those league of quisiling are transfixed with one agenda….. Spread lies & propaganda so as one day to become a weyane like puppet in Eritrea committing atrocities that surpasses that of weyane.. … Some sale out hodams can also be u derstandable & it’s a known fact how the weyane plays their distrust of the Oromo people to bring them on their side….. That’s why you get to see some anti- weyane elements or groups tacitly supporting the status quo. Eritrea’s strategy was to dispel that mistrust among Ethiopians that the weyane is successfully use as pawn in its dirty game of pitting the Amhara against the Oromo. That is the first chapter of the struggle that the anti-weyane groups can not complete…… that is making difficult to begin the second chapter of weyane’s destruction. First & for most …. Self emanicipation & unity in diversity….. Then, secondly, engage in a nation-wide program.
    The only solution…..
    N.B. Correction in my previous comment…….” sleus scout” to be spelled as “selous scout”…. Wikipedia it for more detail on that.

  35. Shaebia on

    It’s not about Elias nor a forum for Fithawi’s tired propaganda…..

  36. wedi Eri on

    Here is my intake what’s going on in Eritrean and Ethiopian that we couldn’t solve it in a matter of 19 years. What I call it a little knowledge it too danger. As we all aware those students attend Addis Ababa University from 1955-1974 the cancer of our countries. Their luck of depth communist idea they embrace it like a child embrace his mom breast. This ideology thought them three things. Eliminate who ever challenge your authority, keep everything secret and limited your circle of trust. These principles sustain the past 40 years and will continue until we control our destiny. Shabia and Woyane like right arm and left arm in one body. My advices to all of you either join a new form of military to fight it or shut the hell up. You don’t fight an organization came through gun with your pen or mouth. You have to fight with guns otherwise you are wasting your time. I’m Eritrean who happens to see this two organization their principle for the past 19 years. None of them benefits to our people cause.
    Here is some of their similarity.
    1. Shabia the most secretive organization we ever seen in the history of our country. They Eliminate people without any trace. Such as G15, menka, and so many young Eritreans. This deal has been done during revolution still continue in that pattern.
    In the other hand Woyane eliminate all the people that challenge them the past 19 years in Ethiopian (Bertukan) plus unknown innocent Ethiopians people without trace.
    . 2. Both sides know how to frame a group or individuals who challenges them.
    3. Both organizations a student of a Marxism ideology as their guidance principle.
    4. Both organizations they don’t care about their people well been. What is important to them is power by any coast.
    5. Last not least they both kill so many innocent Ethiopian and Eritrean people. None of them a countable for their action.
    So my dear brothers and sisters we should open our eyes what’s going on in both country. People fighting each other for the sake of politics not even know who our common enemy. Please let us join together to fight this curse we are face in our generation.
    God bless Eritreans and Ethiopians people

  37. Stoned Peter on

    I Think if Shabia stayed in this reluctant situation to release the EPP members I am sure it will harm itself or Shabia will destroy itself because its enemies will be many by the way Ethiopians were forgetting the past mistrust if Shabia goes back to its past Anti Ethiopia policy TPLF will benefit at the same time Shabia will damage itself. I do not think it will harm the 2 people’s relationship unless both sides use this situation to there benefit. I am sure the Eritrean people have nothing to do with Shabia…

  38. Beja Kingdom - Eritrea on

    May be who knows Elias is a WEYANE AGENT! Like his big brother SOLOMON TEKALIGN!CAN SOMEBODY POST THE BIO OF ELIAS.

    When did he start ER … what he had written over time about Eritrea. If there was any document related Asseb and other. He must be eliminated from EPPF. He is weyane at hurt.

  39. Chebelow on

    The only siding with shabia all of u guys are, b/s u hate Tigrains. Narrow minded people.As
    Far as know these guys are working day and night to change the image of this poor country the so colled Ethiopia. Living with history only and laughed by the whole world where ever u go. This country has been stand and united for long period of time by this brave people’s grand fathers. They disarve salute not hate for the God deck. They believe in reality not in a dream like u guys.

  40. the one on

    I don’t think Elias is Weyane Agent,but i think he is a new CIA agent and Shabia know that.

  41. Ane #3 Shabia,

    You want Elias to be quiet when you arrest Ethiopian freedom fighters. What a retarded person you are? The mistake Ethiopian freedom fighters made was to trust you guys and come to your banda land.

  42. Rule of Law on

    #9 is suggesting on sending “fact-finding-mission to Eritrea;” I was laughing at the prospect of people going to Eritrea “to resolve the situation” and returning back safely. I for one don’t wanna be part of this. lol

  43. Agafari on

    Dear Mr. Elias
    I am very happy, because May be you understand now how Shaebia’s plan to destroy Ethiopia? You have to know Woyane is Ethiopians but Shaebia is not Ethiopian blood like you.

  44. Treaty on

    Happy Cristmas every one,

    To begin with,this has been a very divisive issue for Ethiopians, in fact the one and only issue I differed with Elias. We don’t know why Eppf officials thought alliance with Shabia as a way to unset weyane as viable strategy. Since we don’t know how the committee to lead this front was set up, to begin with, we remain clueless about the commitment, and loyalty of the persons. However, it is to remembered, in the years gone by more than any one else it was overwhelmingly Eritreans who promote and popularized the idea of alliance between Shabia and eppf as beneficial for the two people than any one else.This, we repeatedly witnessed through EPPF related issues posted in Ethiopian review.Then, I remember most Eritreans,, accusing those Ethiopians who opposed as weyane supporters. A blogger “Koster”who now appear to have changed his support to the Eritrean regime accused me then for opposing Eppf’s attachment with Shabia.Again at this moment many Eritreans are blaming Elias for posting about the arrest of col.Tadese Mulunehe.

    The same Shabia supporters are lashing out Ethiopians or using slur words against us as in the following examples

    #3 Ane, who remind us not to write provoking articles. I take it to mean accept what Shabian leadership has done.

    According to #15 Eritriawi Elias is burning bridge with EPPF in the field when he decided to publish this article.
    #21 Idries Awate seems to think Elias should have not been concerned for one colonel.
    #23 Gurreniawoch told us it is all our fault.

    #27 Rambo Has told us Ethiopians need to respect Shabia if they want to be respected, which amounts we need to accept the decision made by Shabia and make no fuss about her mishandling of our people.

    #29 Bahilibi freely uses racially epithet
    I thank Elias for posting this news. first, it must be reported because
    Law less regimes must be exposed.
    Second, Ethiopians have no excuse now but be united and design the course of their destiny independently of Shabia,Weyane interference. This does not mean that the development of this event make those who have all along anticipated that Shabia wont be reliable ally as some argued to have been right,
    Even though they pointed out the likely hood of its outcome in advance. It means regardless of what happened in the past, now Ethiopians have to think thru about fixing their destiny. That means separate ourselves from Shabian and Weyane supporters and map out a strategic vision free of political subversion and infiltration by the two culprits. No one is suggesting that has each to cut loose of available personal and family ties immediately. Yet, I can’t emphasize the sober fact that only Ethiopians have the sole responsibility to fix the destiny of our
    country.It comes to this we must be able to distinguish between foes and friends,with out making this descernment it is impossible to take a single step in the right direction.We need to be able to separate all the clamor and map aout our own destiny,which our opponents will destort,confuse,and mislead if given chance as it has been the case in the past.I look for ward to hear from Eppf conference,we must extract eppf from Asmara.

  45. Washington on

    Both Shabiatch and whiners can go to Baghdad or Kabul in other words drop dead. We Ethiopians are very proud and determined people we will figure it out, be patient the time will come when we send these lunatics back to their Caves where they belong.

  46. David Ayalon on

    What if this is all designed to make the new EPPF look as if it is independent from Eritrean influence so that it can garner more support from Ethiopians? Do not trust what you see. Dig deep and find the truth.

  47. desalegne on

    This is for eppf and other ethiopians in eritrea,
    Qen sitem yabat wusha yineqsal ena yecheneqewo erguz yagbal yibalal. Do not think for a second that Gonder and Gojjam are different.They are one in the same. It’s also the same if not more for eritrea and tigray. They are bound to be together by the common language and families they share. The only thing that could unite the two Tigres, the four Amharas, and the other multi-ethnics in the region is if we all have a common goal towards reciliation and peace.

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