OLF spokesman speaks out on Gen. Kemal Gelchu

A spokesman for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Ato Lencho Bati, told Ethiopian Review that the report about Gen. Kemal Gelchu being under a virtual house arrest is incorrect and that the general can travel any where he wishes.

Ato Lencho has also said that OLF troops have not been immobilized and that his organization appreciates the Eritrean government for giving shelter to OLF members and supporters while Oromos are being mistreated and brutalized in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and other countries in the region.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Review has been informed yesterday that another well-known Ethiopian patriot named Shambel Zewdu has disappeared over a week ago in Eritrea and his current whereabouts remain unknown. Shambel Zewdu was elected to parliament in Ethiopia from the Gonder region at the 2005 election but when Woyanne stole the vote, he decided to join the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF). Earlier this year, he submitted his resignation after Col. Fitsum (the so-called Eritrean adviser to Ethiopian opposition groups) had tried to arrest him and for the past 11 months he had been living in Asmara as a refugee. Many of the rank-and-file members of EPPF looked upon Shambel Zewdu as a father figure. More details about him later.

In a radio broadcast to Ethiopia yesterday, the Asmara-based EPPF radio that is under the control of the rogue Eritrean colonel has blasted Ethiopian Review editor and 4 others as destructive individuals who are trying to hijack the organization. This is the same corrupt colonel who made EPPF his personal piggy-bank.

87 thoughts on “OLF spokesman speaks out on Gen. Kemal Gelchu

  1. HAqu-Yegelete on

    Elaise-you got the boot and suck it up!! EPPF has been changed…why trying to divert attention? echi nat chawata!!

  2. no need on

    Thanks to mr.Lencho Bati about your information.So Elias think twice, if you really want do the right thing go and see in the ground and make sure what is going on like you do before.

  3. neftegna on

    he has to say that cause ….but can they succeed?we will see.Ethiopians are shallow.we don’t plan a far.do you think that eritreans will think positive about the people of ethiopia?never!their hatred is a product of their long ‘struggle for indpendence’,which is infact a self sellout struggle for mercenaries like Egypt and the Arab world.the best ethiopia can do is take the eastern border lands from eritrea in broad daylight.anyway eritrea can’t do good for us.a country of bitches and bandas

  4. zelalem habte on

    Elias, you are too hyper. You are indrectly appeasing Woyane.

    Shabia never intimimdiated by big powers, leave alone you. you are wasting your time.

  5. Eritreawi on

    This makes one wonder as to who “Tikur Chaka” was? Doesn’t it. Abreha Belay’s website was printing smear propaganda against EPPF attributing its propaganda to an annonymous guy named “Tikur Chaka”. Now we are reading basically the lies re-written on Ethiopian Review.

    For anyone who can put two and two together it becomes clear that what Ethiopian Review is printing is identical words attributed to “Tikur Chaka” in Abreha Belay’s Ethiomedia.

  6. Gemeda on

    Mr Lencho,
    Are you benefiting in the expense of Kemal? “Siastebabilus Aytehal”. really We ashamed of you!where is OLF now? its already dead due to shaebia securities repressive command. you have to think twice before you spread a trash propaganda. Thank You Elias for updated info.

  7. Elias, any information about our only hope ( our opposition fighters) for freedom need to be told. This is what makes your site our window for the light in the end of the tunnel. Dont Hesitate to inform us and do what you do best. Keep up brother, you are brave man.


    ቫብያ ኦነግን የሚደግፈው ኦነግ እገነጠላለሁ ብሎ ስለሚታገል ብቻ ነው. EPPF ለኢትዮጵያ አንድነት ስለሚታገልና ሻብያ የኢትዮጵያ አንድነት ስለማይፈግ ብቻ ነው.Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…they are Two Sides of One Coin….

  9. Dejane on


  10. SAWA-19th Division on

    You made a mistake Elias for fabricating news.Eritreans don’t lie OKY. Why are they sitting in Asmara anyway. They need to go jungle.

  11. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Brother Elias,

    I wish you have asked Mr. Bati the reason behind the war his front is waging in Kenya.

    In regards to those who are now in incarceration in Asmara, I think their case should be investigated and obtain the real story behind such measures taken against them. All political movements peaceful or those involved in armed struggle go through conflicts among members and change of hearts by people positioned at higher echelons. Did Colonel Fitsum incarcerate those individuals after receiving hints of desertions? Also, I think the other groups who now function as the new leaders of EPPF should be given a platform on this website to clarify their positions on this new development. Otherwise, it will lead to a scenario of ‘me against them’. What do you think? I think it is the right thing to do.

  12. Well Elias

    It looks like they don’t want to any more. They stopped seeing a good thing about you. You have been rejected and they know you are full of tultula. Get over it and be a good looser. Kewedeku buhala meferaget lemelalat!!!

  13. PLEAS elias do not try cover your sin by taking the honest eritrea goverment that trying help ethiopian oppostion group for mutal benfiet stop your destruction.and i demand you to explain us why you wear basted from EPPF

  14. general kedae on

    shabias have an uninterrupted access of defending their devil isayas afewerk on this site. mr kemal thanking shabia for not killing him can’t change who shabia is.
    yes, groups with a plan to see Ethiopia in pieces such as kemal of olf are in favor of isayas afwerki, however clueless isayas can’t even work with them since his brain is too slow to process such tactics.

  15. aradaw on

    Here comes the bankrupt Elias!!! Nothing more than this come up to show how stupid you are. I am wondering how and where you studied political science. If I were you I would have gone in the hiding forever. You have been humiliated so many times for the naked lies and fabricated stories which turned out to be false. Please for the sake of justice and morality get the hell out of Ethiopian politics and mind your own personal business, if you have any. Who do u think trust you any more?

  16. Makelawi Torture on

    It is a relief that at least we have Eritrea as a haven to fight Woyanne. It is good to know that the OLF fighters and the others could launch attacks from Eritrea which is the only place where opponents gather and regroup in this age of international coziness and the tightening of liberation movements. Lets not jump to conclusions either way and lets respect the right of Eritrea as a sovereign country to keep an eye of whoever is in their territory. imagine the people who are killed and tortured in Ethiopia where even citizens are not respected as even guests. There is a difference between a guest and a resident. People are being tortured at this minute in Mekod camp, Birr Sheleqo, Makelawi and the countless prisons in Ethiopia and citizens are being confiscated of their lands and houses and we complain if Eritrea is supervising alien guests. Ethiopians have lost the right of citizenship and tortured and land confiscated in their own country!

  17. Suture on

    Elias we want to know if what Tikur chaka said about you and your comrades is true or not.

  18. WETMED on

    you are our compass to find the truth.now it is more clear you are not woyane or shabia.you are ethiopian young patriot. ke SHI LALEGUMA AND MONALIZA

  19. Dagmawi on

    Elias, there is not doubt that you are working very hard when it comes to fighting Weyane. I am sure all people have noticed that even Shabia itself. However, i feel like you are rushing a litle bit when it comes to issuing such a sensitive article regarding EPPF in Eritrea. I have a feeling that something is really going on in the EPPF circle, let us not underestimate weyane as they are verywhere working to demolish any strong opposition groups like EPPF, thus i have a suspect that some of the members may have been infiltrated by weyane. Remember, Shabia wants two things. On the one hand the national security of Eritrea and on the other hand they want weyane to be destroyed. Thus if we look this two Shabia’s strategic objectives, i have a doubt that they will play a distructive role for EPPF. They are very experienced when it comes to security, even their own Military officials are under the radar of Isayas’s intelligent officers, thus who ever it is weather EPPF or their own colonels, if they are playing with weyane they will nail it down, so lets wait patiently to understand what is going on inside EPPF as we will obstruct the future goal and strugle to overthrough weyane, in my opinion the EPPF in diaspora is the cause of all this crisis. The strugle should be led and directed by the one’s in the battle field, the diaspora should only be involved in fund raising and assisting. Elias, what you did recently through the few articles you published is just you made happy weyane, you actually gave them a christmas Gift. When you have issues with your alies, you should never make your critisism in public, what ever time it takes you should discuss it privately. Anyways, as always i love you Elias because i know your heart.

    Best wishes to you for the coming NEW YEAR!

  20. Adefris on

    Hi Elias: I like your patriotic attitude..you are a true ethiopian. Ethiopian unity is the core of everything. Isias afewerki fully supports the ethiopian disintegration and not ethiopian unity. so no wonder he supports OLF and is attacking EPPF. Isias ultimately wants a disintegrated ethiopia and wants to unite eritrea with his root region (his fatherland and motherland Tigrai) look to his ancestry.


    Long live Ethiopia

  21. Hey, “To err is human” said the good book! So let’s not get self righteous and demonize Elias. In my opinion, yes he did a disservice by jumping of accusing Eritrea before the fact were in. I also, can not help but notice either blind Weyane supporters and some disgruntled Eritreans against Isaias are having some field day about this rumor.
    As far as I know, Eritrea is the only country we need to work with, not only to get rid of Weyane – which is coming soon, but for long haul.

    I can live with land locked Ethiopia, but I can not live with a neighbor I could never trust. So, those of you who are crying zeraf, convince us that Eritrea means harm to us. Otherwise shut the f**k up and jeopardize our principled relationship with the Eritreans – God damn it!

  22. Gemechu on

    Poor Elias, it seems you have taken after the Eritrean blood of rushing to say something. I guess you have not heard when they say yerega wotet, ye wotawal kebe. So you need to relax man, you are way to emotional, in the process I think while you mean well, you could end up being a distructive force, by bringing unecssary informations that casts doubt over the ligtimate work of EPPF. I am sure you have some source that are feeding you something, and I guess you thinking you are doing true and pure jornalistic work, you are shooting your mouth before you have all the facts with you. I want to tell you the best thing you can do For EPPF, and all other interested Ethiopian people who want to see woyane gone is, and also for you own sanity, the best course of action for you is to sign up with one of the community colleges and take Jornalism 101, which I am sure will teach you, not only professional reporting, but, you are confusing what information to say when and to whom. You don’t just blap about every fart you hear, you need to be very very careful, you think if Woyane and Shabia during their strugles of 30 years, you think, their work and dirty laundry was accessisble to every one? if it was, their ability to make it as a strong force would have been diminshed becuase their supporters would have been furesterated, so please do cool it down a bit and when it comes to freedom fighters and their mechainsim of operandi, you need to know what you are doing. Plus if the EPPF said they are fine on their radio, who are you to keep creating problems that does not exist. are you with them? do you know all the details of what thies people are up to?? may be if you have the courage, instead of hiding behind a computer and eating burgers in DC, go to ERitrea and join EPPF and from the berha stay with them till they win and show your true jegna side, just like the one you want to get rid of, like Melese and company did, they didn’t stay in DC and achived greatness, instead they were in Chaka along with the people they were supporting, so please save the jegnent and work to the real men, you keeep reporting about the soccer match and weather or not Birtkuan is going to be invited or not, that is the kind of talks that suits you. Hope you take my sinceserst advice to heart. Happy holiday.

  23. Suture on

    I bet most of those commentators, those who are crying fool, are most likely not supporters of EPPF. I bet most of them really want EPPF to be disintegrated. And some of them are those who are deeply infatuated with Eritrea.

    አዲአ ገዲፋስ ሐትኒአ ተናፍቅ ዝተባህለ ከመዚ ምስተረክበ ኢዬ: ዎያነ ዘንገርገረኩም ምቃዋሞ ገዲፍኩም ሲ ናብ ዘፅለሎኩም ጠራዕራዕ:: ዘርጣጣት እም ኪዱ አብ ጫካ ኮንኩም ተቃለሱ እምበር ሻቢያ ድእሞ ደይ ተቃሊሱ ኢዬ ሀገር አምጺኡዋ: ምኢንቲ መጎጎ ቲሕሌፍ አንጭዋ ዝባሃል ነገር የለን: ንዎያነ ከኔጥፍእ ክኒብል እልፊ ጁጅ ማጁጅ ናይ ኤርትራ ሕማም ዘሎዎም ኪአትዉና አይንደልን ኢና

  24. “ETHIOPIAWI says:

    ቫብያ ኦነግን የሚደግፈው ኦነግ እገነጠላለሁ ብሎ ስለሚታገል ብቻ ነው. EPPF ለኢትዮጵያ አንድነት ስለሚታገልና ሻብያ የኢትዮጵያ አንድነት ስለማይፈግ ብቻ ነው.Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…they are Two Sides of One Coin….”

    #9, You nailed it.

  25. TAHISAS ታህሳስ 29 (January 07) ገና


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  26. shaleka mulatu on

    There is a lot of heart breaking , lots of misuse and abuse going on in Ethiopia and the country is always struggling to feed its 80 million, there is always corruption weather it is Meles, Brehanu, Merara, Hailu or EPPF. But expecting a help from Eritrea is a clear violation of brain thinking. Did you forget that Eritrea was once Africa’s coffee exporter, Did you forget that upon the arrival of ERPRDF that Eriterians have virtuall free access for loans and trades than the Amhars or Oromos, what did they miss, what do they want, basic Grade four math understand and do your home work right if you want next year to be in Grade five PERIOD (.) other wise forget your crap that Eritrea is a peace loving country wants to HELP ETHIOPIA. Eriteria’s total export is 14 million. look out of the some 60 flower exporters it is ten of them export and have this much as an export revenue. that is what Isays dream to have not your liberty not your Ethiopian freedom, not Ethiopian unity.

  27. The Person that can’t get freedom to live in his country; how could he live in others freely, esp, in non-democratic countries like African and Asian count. Opperased people of Non-demo. contries like ETH (the most non-demo)should try their best and bring the one that they wish. Other wise, may be they have to wait for the end of z world. Pls let us the principle of democracy which is,”Majority rule minority right” in ETH this is opposite i.e. Minority rules and the right of majority is zero which shows the stupidity, at least they have to give the majority tha right to live in their country. Till the people get this no talk of Democracy.

  28. The fact OLF is still well and alive in Eritrea says a lot. OLF is a narrow minded Ethnic focused group. That fits Shabia’s future dream for Ethiopia.Divide and weaken! On the contrary EPPF is all inclusive and one nation under God freedom to all group. Shabia does not, will not like Ethiopian progress and strength. Thus the imprisonment, killing and disappearance will continue. Get the Hell out of Eritrea!!

  29. Beja Kingdom - Eritrea on

    Remember the Eritrean people are different than the people of Tigray and Amhara. The Eritrean Kebesa Tigrigna are linked to Tigre and Beja of their Eritrean cousins in Eritrean and Eastern Sudan. The Beja Kingdom! While the Tigrayans of Tigray, Raya Azebo and Amhara are Agaws means their origin is Agew. All Amhara – the fake story tellers —- remember you guys are Agewes.

  30. free the freedom fighters! on

    Lencho bati has made his ever fatal mistake to anounce that General kemal gelchu is free. it is more than two month since kemal was denied access to his soldiers, now it is hard fact that kemal is under house arrest. history is gonna judge those who say such reckless things at the cost of others lives…

  31. EPPF fired Elias on

    This is an issue between Elias and EPPF and not Shabia. Why is EPPF against Elias? What happened? Please answer this and let col. Fitsum out of this game.

    Elias was rejected by EPPF, why? Why they don´t want you anymore?

  32. badme stone on

    I read Eritreans/shaebians posting on this article,as big advisers. They portray themselves as important players. You curse and insult Elias for reporting what he knows. He is not a cofident of issyas, he is a jouranlist.
    All Eritreans that visit this forum do the following.

    1. Stop pretending you guys are big time players, you guys are not.

    2. Steal some stones, and even better big rock from badme and give it to isyas. This will make him happy.
    3. Give isyas a calling card, in case the woyannes go after him.

    4. Your big generals who are now harrasing Etiopians inside Eritrea were hiding inside the trenches, and their only arsenal was fart. your col. Fitsum is a survivor of woyane war.

    5. Read news, and shutup do not give any comments. You are not expert at anything. Just go steal some stontes from Badme.

  33. Dear readers who suffer “cleptomania” Ye_ijj amel malete new. I am sorry to tell you that very few of you know what politics is. I don’t doubt about what Elias wrote if you do, You suffer too much from Lack of information. Shabia as well as woyane is the enemy of both Eritreans an Ethiopians. You can buy them for a cent but they sell you for a Dollar. Those innocent “freedom fighters are so desperate to look for shelte under Shabia. Sorry believe it or not Mr. Lencho lies, not for bad but only to protrct his and my brothers in eritrea. If you are not very new to the story, we repeatedly heard too much from fighters who sought shelter under shabia. We only get the solution if both woyane and shabia get eradicated.

    may God put mercy up on us!

  34. Regabel on

    Dear Elias,
    The Spokesman of OLF denied your report and the messages coming in from Asmara-based EPPF radio also indicates that your report was unfounded. For whatever intention or reason you dis-informed (at best misinformed) your readers. This is incomprehensible. But Ethiopians are intelligent enough and would not be mislead by such disinformation.

    Is this only due to wrong information received and or due to hasty conclusions? Or you have a problem with the ongoing shakeup of EPPF to transform itself to become a decisive force. In any case you compromised your professional ethics.

    By now it is very clear to all Ethiopians that Eritrea and its leadership have a firm stand and they stick to their principles. At present Eritrea is the only neighbor country that welcomes and helps Ethiopian refugees. Our Eritrean brothers and sisters are on our side in this difficult time. It should however be clear that it is only we Ethiopians who can solve our problem. It is high time for all liberation movements and all Ethiopians to work in unison to bring a change in our home country. For how long can our liberation movements be sitting ducks?

  35. With this set of mind, Majority of Ethiopians deserve to be ruled by Woyane. You are so emotional and directionless!

  36. I am from oromo ethnic. Elias is right. He told the truth. OLF spokesman and others are liers. I appreciate Elias for telling us the truth. Eriteria wants to rule Ethiopia indirectly, after downfall of Weyane. that is why they hijack all ethiopian fronts

  37. Anonymous on

    Dear commentators,

    if you want a clear answer please refer to comment no.20 (dagmawi) very convincing and brilliant way of presenting the prevailing truth in the ground let us wait to see what is going to happen,


  38. At least we are able to see how shrewd and crook our Northern Brothers are. It is not difficult to understand what these people are dreaming. I have been questioning the border-conflict, the behaviour of Esays in the aftermath of the 2005 election (he did big favours by diverting the attention of the world from the atrocities being committed by Meles at the time). Now everything is making sense. Shabias and Woyanes, keep dreaming, you will never achieve the shity desires you bore in your wicked heart.

  39. Guys why do not you leave OLF and Oromo alone? We had nothing, we have nothing and will have nothing with Habasha at ALL, NEVER! Do not you know the broken class; you will never mend it. Oromo and Habashas are broken apart in a manner can not mend. Some individuals tried failed, some politicians tried, failed again. Yo know why the crime habasha committed to Oromos hurt everbody living or dead. I can feel it myself, I can see, hear and I am still looking at the wound in my live and my paprents live. You are still wounding us, late alone to apolozise. I can I stand beside a person/people who woud not only my phsical oerson but my innermost person. Me and my children NEVER do it. So PEASE PLEASE GIVEUP. FINISH.

  40. Point_From An Eritrean on

    I would like to give you guys a few pointers that I have noticed. First and for most armed strugle is not an easy task by any means. Becuase one has to give his/her life to a cause. It is not like any of us here, who seat behind this computer and take a jab at each other. And during an armed strugle just like any political party there are deserters and those who would change sides, so you have to always be careful and have an internal audit if every one is marching to the same rathym. Now, I have to say, the people of Shabia have proven to the world, their ability and sophistication when it comes to gurrleia warfare, and have done it to no other to the biggest army of AFRICA (AKA Mengistu’s Derg army) which they not only skawsh but made the commander in chief run for his life in zimbwabe, this was quite a great achivment. Inorder to do this, they had to recurit and train the TPLF group. And becuase TPLF were good listeners and students, they took, what the Shabia adminsteration told them and were able to get to where they are now. Even with in TPLF, Shabia had his hands in making some necessary political changes for instance, the good for nothing, Dr. Aregawi Berhe who was the leader of TPLF, had to be sucked down and Melese Zenawi was brought in, that was done by the hand picking of ISSAYS Afewereki, that was becuase he saw the great potentials in MELESE, and with melese leadership the TPLF transformed it self to a better organizations and with much and great help of Shabia they marched to addis ababa. Now in the same way, the leadership of EPPF might needed some shaking up, becuase SHABIA knows, a leader that is capable from one that is good for nothing like Dr. Aregawi Berhe, that need to be brought down and bring a better robbust leader. What is important is you want leaders that will get the job done, not just talk crap and achive nothing. I have been following EPPF for the past many many years, i have yet to see any meaningful result. SO I SAY it is time the ERitrean GOvernement setp up to the plate and make the necessary changes to get this organizations some skills and the leadership qualities they need. So all you girls here instead of crying and complaning about how things are done, you have two options, really and letterally, You can go and join the front and make your self usefull and bring your bright ideas to the FRONT and may be if your ideas are good, you might even change the course of EPPF according to your liking, but if you choose to be like a sissy girls and hide behind computer and cry and complaning and call names and insults over the great men/woman that are serving EPPF and the Great leadership of Eritrean Governement who is helping them to achive their goal, you just shut up and watch when the masters are working. Shabia is about to paint their final master piece very soon, so just relax and enjoy the show.

  41. Elias;

    It is good to see many Eritrean freely airing their views on your site. However, I’m surprised that the great number of them are not differentiating their governments from their country. They tend to blindly support their government irrespective of the mishaps and weaknesses. Is it a misguided patriotism? That kind of approach is counter productive.

    I wish they get matured enough to admit “our government has mistaken on X, Y or Z issue”. In this regard, we Ethiopians have gone extra mile in doing so.


  42. Enough is Enough on

    It is time for Elias to say enough for isayas the beast and his blind supporters here. we know shabia’s destructive nature from it’s incentives. We have been clapping with one hand for quite a long time hoping that shabia will be able to make use of this big opportunity to reform itself for the 21st century leadership and work for lasting mutual relashinship with Ethiopoans.

    However, Iam convinced that it is an imposible mission especially for isolated and sanctioned isayas not being able to respond to Elias, the only person who have been supporting the dictator and who openly voiced against the recent UN sanction on shabia.
    Let’s not waste any more time for nothing or worst to create another chao to the the horn. We know that a significant number of eritreans are in search of peace for themselves and working to connect the broken dots between Ethiopia and
    Eritrea and it’s time start working with them to explain and pressure their dictator.

    From what we have seen so far, one can conclude that shabia is a blind organization with no vision who don’t even know what it needs for it’s own
    self. Based on some of it’s weird behaviors, shabia resembles to one of the many fake organizations created by TPLF to serve it’s purpose.

  43. Anbesaw on

    # 26 do you think we have a time to read your copy-paste thing. Elias I thing you Love controversy and you are doing this in a daily maner.

  44. Tezibt on

    Elias may be hyper and make mistakes but I bet you this time he is right. Lench Bati … is lying as usual. He is trying to protect Shabia… Unless the Eritrean government takes action to take care of its rogue colonel Fitsum, it is proving that it has become a failed state that is infested with mad dogs. We will see. For those of you who criticize Elias, hold your horses and wait for the more juicy news. Though I have never had any hope that the struggle in Eritrea will come to fruition I did give it the benefit of dought but thanks to elias for the paradime shift.

  45. Gud new on

    Elias, you need to be matured by now. Do not rush fot conculusion politics has its own way of language.and you have to learn it to swim in it.

  46. Feyssa on

    Kemal netsa sew new bileh tenager” eyetebale ke Asmara yemimetaletin tiezaz endewerede yilekawal.

  47. #42: you must be kidding. Ethiopians still can’t differentiate between ethnicity and nationalism. Fikera bicha!

  48. Shaebia on

    These rubbish stuff written about Col. Fistum is all propaganda…… This is a highly sophisticated weyane’s operation gone busted…..
    Just wait & see….. the weyane had bitten his own bait. Another Naive thing is that Elias or any other person expecting shaebia to give an explanation orclarification on the matter is utter naivity, to say the least …… Even the meeting of Sun 19th of Dec didn’t bother toclarifyon it’s assertion in its declaration that EPPF infiltrate wholly top to bottom…….
    Besides shaebia didn’. Start or organise OLF…..OLF struggle began during haileselassie period due to continuous injustice on its people which successive regimes failed to address. If the rest of Ethiopia can’t show good will towards the OLF & understand the persecution of their fellow Ethiopians, then Otomo people need not an incentive…… it’s vital for other groups to ally with OLF before it’s too late. Everybody’s Interest can only be secured in unity but if the Oromo people can’t find sympathisers & allies amongst their fellow Ethiopians, then, eventually, they will go the whole hog all by themselves & one can’t argue if they reap the fruit of their blood & sweat all for themselves. I just can’t understand how some cannot see the bigger picture….. or is it a generation making mistakes in the tradition of that of the generations before them……
    Minilik disowned Eritrea(Bahire-Negash) & failed to help defend
    from the brutal colonialist Italia as a result of his internal rivalry with the northern rulers of the then Abbysinia Empire. Then the US had Eritrea federated to Haileselassie’s Ethiopia after the defeat of fascist Italia in Ethiopia ( after 5 yrs rule) & in Eritrea ( after 50yrs rule)….. However, instead of Haileselassie extending a good will with to the brotherly people of Ethiopia & Eritrea….. He chose scorch earth tactic to subjugate Eritrea instead of living in harmony leading to inevitable unity based on mutual interest & consent. Mengistu spurned a chance that was initiated by Gen. Aman Andom… He was assassinated & derg relied on USSR to annihilate EPLF….. it was itself annihilated…… Weyane was the worst of all….. A modern day puppet took the bait of its handlers but failed miserably……. Now as the noose/lasso around weyane’s neck is getting tighter, the so called oppositions are so ineffective to the point that they don’t give any alternative or confidence to its poor, oppressed & disposssessed people except the OLF & ONLF who are sacrificing as we speak in their relentless struggle against against weyane who is continuously persecuting its people. Now the rest of Ethiopia is at the cross road….. Are they with their people or with weyane?…… There is no middle way or nuetrality here…… It’s either – or……. Not neither – nor.
    The choice is yours ….. Whether to say enough or repeat the generational mistakes…
    I sincerely wish the best for Ethiopia as I have fantastic brothers from there that I can’t forget…… But I can’t become something I’m not…… I’m an Eritrean….. as a puppy or a calf born in a horse-stable cannot become a foal……it’s a natural phenomena…..” sew k’sewu, aheya k’eamedu” endillu….. You guys need to be able to see beyond and avoid from taking cheap actions now for the sake of narrow view or political expediency.
    Melkam Gena!!

  49. Shaebia on

    Please I emphasis that the pan/ Qenae is never, by any means, intended …… in the Amharic saying I wrote above in my comment…… “sew kesewu, aheya k’eamedu…….”

  50. Elais I thought you are inteligent 180 degree turn in a few days is scary.This is what Weyane does.
    What don’t you go to Eritrea and interview the people instead of giving unverified information like you did with Aster Aweke

  51. I nvr heard any complain frm ,olf ,tpdm,southrn…but eppf, they ask for help,welcomed to z country but still z same, bzw elias Ur problem is wz eppf why u WAN take to Eritrea. DEAL wz them ,try worked out Ur difference ,pls don’t pit it in public coz it doesn’t help 2no1. bzw It’s URS fight to defeat weyane,

  52. Halafi Mengedi on

    Point_From An Eritrean,

    We heard you enough to make yourself like giant of East Africa even though we know you are foxes of Nakfa. The only assistance you gave to Woyane was to train the first fighters of 10 individuals for about 20 days and all those trained by you are the leadership of Woyane not the fighters. The TPLF fighters were being trained by Tigrayan ex Ethiopian solders at the beginning of the struggle as the struggle time goes TPLF themselves became the master of guerrilla fighters and trainers. There was no much help from Shaebia. Woyane was getting rather Woyane helped you from your destruction by ELF, with out Woyane, shaebia could have been history long time ago. When ELF was fighting Shaebia, Shaebia was not strong enough to counter and drive ELF from their lowland Eritrea. Within a short period of time Woyane brought so many fighters and out numbered ELF and drove them to Sudan completely. After ELF disappearance from Eritrea soil, Shaebia started to attract many Eritreans to join them and their number grew rapidly but became stagnant again and most of Shaebia training camps were empty due to luck of new blood of fighters coming from the people of Eritrea. Actually Woyane was using Shaebia camps to train Tigrayan fighters because the Tigray volunteer youth flocking to join the struggle. There was a time Woyane could not handle the people who were willing to join them. Woyane started to put them as neighborhood watchers to reduce the people who want to join the struggle.

    The other two most decisive war with Derg at the base of Shaebia, Derg solders surrounded their base and could not come out from their hill for weeks almost to be eliminated for good twice at different times, thanks to Woyane came from the back and dispersed the enemy forces at the expense so many Tigrayans fighters life. With out Tigray help Eritrea could have been destroyed long time ago. Eritreans were not mobilized fighters like Woyane, Derg was pounding their base every morning by their helicopters and fighter jets to the point Shaebia was cut of from their main man power suppliers Kebessa of Akele Guzay, Mendefera and to some extent Hamassien due to Derg present in all those areas and Shaebia disappearance from the areas due to bad strategy as immobilized forces stationed in one area. When Derg collapsed from power thanks to Woyane liberated everywhere from Tigray to Addis Ababa in 17 years, Shaebia able to drive their fighters from Nakfa to Asmara. Shaebia could not control any Awraja of Eritrea except at the North tip of Eritrea border of Sudan for 30 years. Shaebia never control Keren or Hamassein or Akele Guzay or Seraye or Massawa or Afra like Assab any time in 30 years. TPLF came to the game of struggle and drove EPRP from Asinba to Sudan and drove ELF to Sudan and drove Derg from Tigray entirely and chased Derg to Wollo and Gonder and controlled them within months and pushed to Gojjam and Shewa and within a year Woyane managed to control the whole country. Shaebia never fought outside their base in Nakfa and arrived in Asmara, they just drove one morning from Nakfa and arrived within a few hours in Asmara with out one shot to be heard from Shaebia as soon as Woyane arrived in Enteto, Addis Ababa hills the Derg solders gave up and the Eritreans drove in from their base.

    The biggest different between Shaebia and Woyane is Woyane never got any aid from anyone except from its enemy Derg solders and the fighters were farming for their own food until they got big help from the world in 1984 when the world came to help the starved Tigrayans in the countryside. Where as, Shaebia was founded by CIA, Mussad of Israel and all Arab countries specially Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria Lebanon, the Gulf states, Pakistan, everything shaebia needs from food, arm, clothes, training, passports, logistic help, intelligence information and others the front needed at the time until they drove in to Asmara.

  53. temechew wassie on


    Make no mistake about shabia and its motives. there is no reason why shabia support democratic rule in ethiopia. Firstly, its very nature make it impossible for it to participate in this type of effort. Secondly, its aim is to benefit from ethiopia’s resources by instituting a pro-eritrean government in addis ababa. This is lacking now because of lack of trust between TPLF and tigray people whose goal is hijacked by eritrean agents who lead the TPLF.

    Both eritrean and ethiopian people are victims of shabia and woyanne. Shabia failed eritreans by separating them from ethiopia and making them live in poverty and tyranny. For the shabians, the erirea they dream is a vain nation doomed to failure and subjected to torture by its own children who claim to have emancipated them.

    We ethiopians do not and shouldn’t need eritreans’ help to get our freedom. With God’s help we will surely be free. We just need to pay the necessary price.

    Shabia was at odds with ethiopia when other members of the TPLF leadership were in power challenging eritrean mercenaries and agents ruling ethiopia by force. This situation ignited the unintended war, but was later put to end by meles, the eritreawi.

    Now the group that challenged meles and simeon, and its tigrian sympathizers are no longer in power any more. So, why would shabia support ethiopian opposition, such as EPPF at this time? No way man!

    viewed in this way, both TPLF AND EPLF are forces that oppose free and democratic ethiopia. Both want to further their narrow ethnic agenda at the expense of Ethiopia and its resources. This unites them. Each wants to form a “pro” government in the other to realize its objectives and goals.

    Therfore, make no mistake about shabia and its intentions. They are not true allies in our struggle for freedom and democracy in ethiopia. Other options need to be explored and used!


  54. badme stone on

    #43, who are you to give advise to Elias, and Ehiopian oppostion memembers in general.

    Forget your gurilla movement, isyas and his generals were chased during the past woyanne war. Your issays and his generals had to run as fast as possible to save their life.
    What happened to the gurilla skills? What happened to deafting the largest army?
    Isays and his generals had to run and hide under women skirts. This is the truth. Stop pretending you guys are big shot gurilla nation.
    Give all your advise to isyas and his generals so that he does not run as fast as he did during the woyanne war.
    Engouh is enough, Eritrea needs a leader and generals who dont hide under women skirt in the moment of heat.

  55. #43

    I share the comment given by someone concerned Ethiopians that the supporters of shaebiya are trying to tell us they are the all-knowing people and far better than us. Let me try to give my suggestion to the comment given in #43 by some Shebiya supporter who says Issays knows all the best for EPPF as did for TPLF.

    How could one person with possible logical mind say that that the biggest army in Africa (Mengistu’s Derg army) was defeated by Shaebians? As always you are trying to tell us you shaebians are very arrongant. The truth is Both TPLF and Shaebiya destroyed dergue. Without TPLF could have never defeated degrue. The truth that you were in the deserts of Sahel for around 13 years without achieving anything is solid evidence and supports this fact. Here, the struggle of TPLF against dergue would have been also very difficult. These, don’t boast yourself that you and you alone are an example of braveness. Had TPLF said no to help you in Sahel, Shaebia would have been dead.

    Down in the middle of your paragraph, you tried to tell us that due to Shaebiya’s good administration, Aregawi Berhe was ruled out and replaced by Melese Zenawi . This is a white lie which some shaebiya supporters want to spread all the time. This was done by repeated meetings and mutual understanding among the TPLF administrations alone. Shaebiya didn’t brought down one person from power and put up another to power. This is it.
    It is fact that both TPLF and Shaebiya were working together to common enemy at that time (dergue). But, they do have their own way of doing things. Unless agreed upon TPLF, shaebiya would do nothing by his will to TPLF, no interference.
    Don’t forget that there was big difference in military strategy in Shaebiya and TPLF, and TPLF’s military strategy proved to be very strong and were able to line a lot of people from Tigray. Shaebiya know this very true unless they want to deny it out of the habit to be very arrogant still.

    You are trying to say “what shaebiya does to EPPF, it is for its best activities, because shaebiya knows very well in administration and the history proves it”. This is absurd. I don’t support any armed struggle in Ethiopia personally, but I found your arguments very foolish and selfish. And I was forced to comment on the selfish behavior of the shaebiya supports who have dominated this website by writing comments. The fact that you completely say the Shaebiya administration is with no mistake right now proves that you are a narrow minded supporter.

  56. Beja Kingdom - Eritrea on

    Ethiopian diaspora are very retarded man. May be they work 24/7 in DC parking lot so that no time to change their operating system. They are stuck in 1988 when Mengustu Hailemariam was in power bombing my people. It is very funny that why do you trust Elias better than colonel Futsum. Because of he is from amhara trib. I just read most of the comments to see who is who? Puzzled about the state of mind of those chicken head people, crying about “Elias I told you so”. If those comments are coming from weyane a supporter that is oky but if it is from Amhara tribe. Hell no the government of Eritrea need to kick those retarded people from Eritrea. They have been there 10 years nothing achievement except leaking sensitive information to diaspora. Who told you colonel Taddese is innocent. Do not forget what kind of people you guys are, do you remember Petros Bezabh, and he stubbed Shaebiya while Shaebiya feed him for a number of years as a prisoner of war. Shaebiya send him back home but he came back to Bomb Eritrean city during 2000 war. His MIG was shot in the sky and was captured in Asmara. May be Col Taddese is crap like him. Just to say that Shaebiya abandoned and imprisoned EPPF member and accused them of killing is NAIVE. The damage is done and in military if you broke the trust you are gone. Elias is OUT! May be TUKUR CHAKE IS Col Taddese leaked to Ethiomedia rather than Ethiopian Review. May be he is the one implicated in wikileaks so that tries to bribe colonel Futume. But colonel Futume arrest him. No Eritrean is fool and plays at the cost of his beloved country. First of all, the government of Eritrea need to advice to the EPPF to cut their diaspora wing. They are useless and depressed people. They talk and talk and talk. Second, their problem might be MOLLA ASGEDOM is their new leader so they are not happy because he is from tigray. TPDM is very effective and they are the one that can only challenge Weyane. OLF is good but I think they are playing a different game. They are establishing themselves peacefully to separate from Ethiopia. This federalism helps them consolidate their culture, language, and awareness. I think they are in a better position to take over Ethiopia for the next government. The biggest treat to weyane is ONLF – in particular if the Somali people from Somalia joined them, it will be a big blow to weyane. Addis Abeba is few kilometres from their strong hold. I think TPDM might be a changing force. EPPF is gone for good. They luck determination and secrecy. The diaspora people hurt them. The other million dollar equation is how the south-north Sudan referendum helps Ethiopian rebels. Can they use this new phenomenon there? Shaebiya can use it via the Eastern Front of Sudan. The commander of Eastern Sudan Front – Musa Mohammed is from Eastern Sudan (Eritrean Origin). He controlled all the land till south Sudan. The weyane looks weak this time but time will tell who is what? What I have learned from this news is that never trust AMRAHA tribe.

  57. Anonymous on

    I believe Elias than the OLF spokes person. If Elias’ report is not true, why not the government of Eritrea deny it. All it takes is a brief press statement on their official website. Borther Elias keep up the good work, by the way I hate to say this but Ali Abdu used for the last years’ person of the year. Look what he has done: according to your report, EPPF radio has reported about 4 destructive individuals, one of being you. There is nothing goes on air without Ali Abudu’s approval.

  58. YeGena on

    Iam afraid that may be this is why Meles keeps baby-caring shabia no matter how hard they bark against him. My little advice to eritreans is that if it was not to the instability, opposition and challenges agaist meles zenawi by EPPF and other peace loving organizations, TPLF has long destroyed shabia and you know that better than anyone else.

    For those Ethiopian heroes you are suffocating for nothing the fight is all about time but for shabia it about it’s existence. So the choice should be clear, whether you side with Ethiopians and fight against tyranny for peace to prevail for both people or wait for weyane bread whatever it might be made off, poison or a real bread, which you should know by now.

  59. Emebet on

    Dear Elias, you have a huge responsibility to protect our patriotic heroes from harmonious situations and places as they depend on your information. Shabia is not just our sworn enemy but enemy of it’s own people also. so you should be ahead of the weyane-shabia tricks. Helping shabia is not different with helping weyane. What shabia is looking is another weyane who can loot Ethiopian money and resource and send to eritrea but a permanent one, unlike meles who reduced or stopes the deal thus a war which consumed so many innocent Ethiopians and eritreans.

    The fact that right after the meles-isayas war, eritrea’s economy went down to negative 12 where as Ethiopian start to grow for the first time since weyane came to power shows the magnitude of Shabias dependence on TPLF handout. I agree with many of your views especially to your far reaching approach to work with eritreans for a common purpose of peace and prosperity for both people buy Iam afraid that this would be possible with shabia. You should becareful about misinforming Ethiopians which puts them in a harmouse situation and tell the naked truth that shabia is not a a good partner to work with.

  60. EthioPat on

    #58-Tulu Oda, you said and I agree with you 100%. Yes, the only good Shabia is a dead one !!!!

  61. belachew from Minnesota on

    i am proud of you and you are true son of Eritrea.
    ezom yedug (donkys) himam alewom about eritrea.
    good job and God bless you

  62. Emebet on

    @ #61 beja-eritrea,
    You are the typical example why it is impossible to work with a narrow minded group, shabia. I know how much of you are stacked still in the stone-age thinking, but I still manage not to speak against your whole tribe because I am not shabia and I know your luck of education and decency.

  63. Mekari on

    Elias, Patience is a Virtue.
    Please wait tod find out the story, what really took place from all sides before you broadcast anything on your website. It could undermine your credibility and also turn your audience away, not to mention the destruction it would create to those who are fighting the real fight.

  64. stifanos on

    TO#4. Neftegna,if Eritreans are bitches and bandas,what about you?Are you A “m F” ‘or a pimp, pimping his country to the highest bidder.If in case you are not an illiterate, I would like to advise you to read the book written by Tesfaye Ghebrab,Yederasiw Mastawesha.In the book you will learn and gouge your actual military strengths versus your day dream.To your information I am going to bring the fact to your attention how badly your ass has been kicked by the gallant Eritrean defense forces.

  65. Fitihawi on

    Dear Elias,
    I think your suspicion about General Kemal being held under house arrest is right.My sources in Asmara told me that his personal driver who is an Eritrean (speaks oromo perfectly)is now working for another official from the OLF.What my sources say is that the guy has been disappeared from the spotlight for a while now.They are quite adamant about his disappearance because its very unlikely that the regime would transfer his driver under a normal cicumstance.The driver had been working with him ever since his arrival.
    I also believe that is the case otherwise,General Kemal would come out himself and settle the dust. Don’t you think????
    ‘Merry-X-Mas and Happy New Year’
    to all of you

  66. eeyyee on

    Jarri afuufutun duruu afuufa hin galchitu. Takkaas waan gaarrii hin oddeessitu. Oromiyaan ni bilisomti. Diinni oromo ni barbadoofti. Gatii hedduun itti bahuus guyyaan bilisummaa dhihoo jirti. IUO!

  67. Elias, this is a good opportunity for you to distance your self from the worst crack-head dictator Isayas Afewerke, which I prefer to call him “Isayas the beast” due his huge ass. It has costed you to loose many of your Ethiopian followers in big time. Know that no matter how many hundreds or thousands of eritreans here will not sum up to a single but true Ethiopian voice.

    You should never trust that beast again unless he undergoes a brain transplant and a total fat grafting operation which I believe is blocking his thinking ability making him the slowest man on planet, according to the shabias here calling for patience.

    Elias, take my words, how do you think a beast who is a president and who told to your own ears that he supports and and will help EPPF by himself betray his own words? The answer is simple: that is shabias culture. You can put a lip-stick to a beast but it is still a beat and will continue to be a beast.

    Elias, it would be in the best interest of our country in the long run to pressure TPLF to destroy shabia rather. I know they are very sensitive to what Elias will say than Obama’s phone call these days, and would be a great response to short sighted shabias.

    Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

  68. I am XX and I have read all comments about the EPPF, report and I strongly believe Elias have the right to report the fact.

    Finally, no war at all this is new generation and believes in discussion and in unity. One Ethiopia for ever and God protect our land and Ethiopian is belonging to God.

    Happy Christmas and happy New Year.
    From XX

  69. Ina Adam on

    i hope brother Elias does not become like Astu B.Getu.what he is writing is a music to the ears of the Woyanes.Elias,where are you going with this?

  70. Mr. Fithawi: this is the most immature analysis I ever heard from a human being. When a driver’s change of job is connected to politics, it is so ridiculous.

  71. Nakfa Lion on

    Hello Elias. I read the news regarding the top opposition leaders. And its also good to hear that Gen. Kemal Gelchu is all right. I can not advise you but try to search the reliability of any news before hand instead of running to post it in your website.

    Regarding Shaebia, try to understand to whom you are dealing with. Try to understand their behaviour and stands. I read comments of some brilliant Ethiopians and Eritreans regarding the matter. Try to follow these outstanding comments. Forget the weyane blood suckers and their followers, forget some Eritreans who comment negatively, and also forget some from central Ethiopia who have great hate towards Eritreans/Shaebia.

    TO Halafi Mengedi…..

    I really do not like to spend time to respond to your ignorant comment. But as the Amharic saying… WESHET SIDEGAGEM EWNET YEMESELAL endilu, you are trying to substitute a falsified (like your masters-Meles and Seyum Mesfun) history how the weyane came to power. You are not in a place to tell your immature telling to the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. These two great people knows every thing. I will try to remember you some if you have a mind which work right. Not as you said but tens of thousands weyane fighters trained by Shaebia including the FERTACH Prime Minister. The training also took place even pro-Independence including heavy artillery despite the fact that you guys are poor and never hit you target. Do you forget the Shire battle you almost spoiled by Derg which will lead you guys loose your base the so called Dedebit and Shaebia came with their 30 Tanks to survive you? Do you remember the news first told by Shaebia because that there were no weyane leaders stand with their fighters? Do you also remember the Debre Tabore battle which you guys demolished by Derg(1st battle) and as usual you guys called to Shaebia for help and they help you and teach you how to climb the mountain? Do you know who first get in to 4 kilo Palace-they are the always you guys masters called Shaebia. Do you forget the great Afabet Battle? Do you forget the Massawa battle? Do you forget the Great Dekemhare battle?
    You twist the reality but Colonel Mengistu run away from Addis after the fall of Dekemhare battle. Do you remember for how long Meles and 4 Kilo Palace gurded by Shaebia’s Comando? Do you forget the so called Foreign Minister Seyum always drive to Eritrean Embassy to ask advise Ambasador of Eritrea in Ethiopia? I did not forget the weyane came to Eritrea in Red Star Campaign who have engaged to war side by side Shaebia which basically aimed to get experience. As you know weyane never saw a real war until the Red Star Campaign. We Eritreans unfortunately repaid negatively by war and bad will. The people of Eritrea and Shaebia feed you when you guys starved, gave you shelter when ever you crossed Mereb River, gave you work opportunity like servant and shoe polish (listro) which you guys only good for. Which may probably makes you feel INFERIOR. The INFERIORITY COMPLEX you guys have towards the human being specially Eritreans led you guys mental disoder, ”kefat”, ”tenkol”, zeregnenet”, ”gotegnenet” and so on. Its very hard to get your heart. As Eritreans says your heart is ZIG ZAG like the Highway Asmara-Keren or the Alamata road. We Eritreans know how to deal with you guys. We will not tricked once again like Atse Yohannes-Alula did to our people. Your so called smart guy Meles but the real TENKOLEGNA tried to fool us like Yohannes-Alula but failled. No more trick and no more exodus towards eritrea. Try to central Ethiopia if they did not deport to Tigray.

  72. eritrea on

    Hey elias kifle
    first, i would like to say why you are making confusion in mind of ur own people?Before you posted this kind of sensetive article you have to have enough evidence.please don’t be rush next time.

  73. Tazabi on


    This shows your depth in politics. No one will believe you anymore. I can not believe the 180 degrees!

    We thought you are different journalist who give hope to his people but with all this you are the same the Ethiopian diaspora who do care about their people. No wonder you opposition leaders suffers under Woayne and you the diaspora sleeps well. Very starange creatures. You talked much about Col Fitsum; you must be naive. You still do not get the struggle and still you do not understand the CIA infected woyane head

    Have a nice day


  75. First of all I would like to express my best Christmas wishes and greetings to all peace loving Ethiopians and Eritreans all over the world.What we are seeing att this moment is that we have a very long way to go, to accomplish our goal. Qalsna newihn merirn´yu. Tiglachn regim ´na merara new. Keep on fighting against weyane.

  76. I´m Eritrean but what you are saying seem for me some thing strange. In my opinion it is important to make ourselves from bad sentiments. Unfortunately both Eritreans and Ethiopians have lost many years of apportunity what the people in the developped countries didn´t, by engaging at the bloody war, and living in poverty. The war has left many SCRS so I understand you when you write what you think is right(which I fail to aggree with), I think it is important to remmember to do our best to heal those SCARS of war. We need to create an appotunity for our children which we fail to have yet.

  77. To jart
    I´m Eritrean but what you are saying seem for me some thing strange. In my opinion it is important to make ourselves from bad sentiments. Unfortunately both Eritreans and Ethiopians have lost many years of apportunity what the people in the developped countries didn´t, by engaging at the bloody war, and living in poverty. The war has left many SCRS so I understand you when you write what you think is right(which I fail to aggree with), I think it is important to remmember to do our best to heal those SCARS of war. We need to create an appotunity for our children which we fail to have yet.

  78. Edossa Kenea on

    Oromo peopol not looking for oromiya from Tigray TPLF. Even during histry of there carry iron for libration passed many azardes life like spirit link in to them from libiral virus and passed azard and chalenge data contain . Challenge of mony, financia, scholar ship and living foreign countries to let off stragle of libralism. That is enough for those knowing libration and passed that life with out give up.Now oromo peopol must stand indepandant and strangth assosset renesanse our parties and others assessetion. Yes, oromo in CIA too.

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