TPDM on a short leash

By Elias Kifle

Some Eritrean friends are asking me why is it necessary for Ethiopian Review to start a public discussion on concerns regarding the disappearance of Ethiopian patriots in Eritrea and problems facing Ethiopian opposition groups. They are urging me to work behind the scene to find solutions. That is also my preference. For over a year, my colleagues and I were engaged in intense behind the scene discussions with Eritrean authorities regarding Ethiopian opposition groups inside Eritrea, and particularly the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF). As a strong advocate of cooperation between the Eritrean government and Ethiopian opposition groups, I would not want to jeopardize the progress that has been made in the past couple of years despite enormous difficulties. However, a corrupt mid-ranking Eritrean official named Col. Fitsum, who is assigned to advise Ethiopian opposition groups, has ran amok and it seems the Eritrean government is unwilling to control him. The rogue colonel has been trying to block the effort to revamp EPPF — an organization that has not moved an inch in its 10 years existence — and when he noticed that he is losing ground, he has launched a disinformation campaign using the Asmara-based EPPF radio and web site. He has also tightened his grip on EPPF more than ever. A few months ago, I and several others had finally decided that locking horn with a rogue, albeit powerful Eritrean intelligence officer in Eritrean territory is not worth it and decided to take a different route. This move seemed to have threatened the colonel even more and he started to take desperate actions, including the arrest of those who are thought to be involved in the new movement. He has also called an urgent meeting and ordered the dismissal of several EPPF central council members, including those who had already withdrawn themselves.

We will take a more in-depth look at EPPF another time. Here, I will try to illustrate that EPPF is not the only organization that is facing difficulties in Eritrea. In Ginbot 7’s case, for example, Col. Fitsum has dispersed most of the soldiers who had defected from the ANDM wing of Woyanne and arrived in Eritrea in early 2009 to join the new movement by turning them against each other. He forced the few who remained in Eritrea to create a new group named Amhara Democratic Force Movement so that they would not join Ginbot 7. With the exception of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), all the other Ethiopian groups are in the same boat. The only reason ONLF is facing little or no problem in Eritrea is that Col. Fitsum cannot get involved in their affairs. As a result, ONLF is the only opposition group that has been able to carry out serious military actions against Woyanne.

One of the Ethiopian armed resistance groups that seems to be by far the strongest is the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM). I visited one of the TPDM shelters in Oct. 2009, and I was impressed by the sheer number of its troops. The first question that came to my mind while visiting the TPDM army was, why are we not hearing about any major military offensive by the TPDM forces against Woyanne? TPDM could easily make Tigray ungovernable to Woyanne if it is allowed to fight. ONLF doesn’t have 1/10th the number of fighters TPDM has, and yet it is consistently bleeding Woyanne’s nose until every one in the world knows about it.

I asked the TPDM leadership this very question. They were too afraid to give me an answer, but it was not necessary. I could read the frustration in their faces. Instead of fighting Woyanne, TPDM fighters currently spend their days toiling on farms without pay. The fighters want to fight. The leaders want to fight. But fortunately for Woyanne, they are put on a short leash by their Eritrean “adviser.”

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  1. Belachew on

    wow Elias whats wrong with you? it is not good to post like this kind of story. i hope everything will be solved soon

  2. Dr. Bekagn Alegezam on

    It makes a lot of sense to me, why the Eritrean governement would be reluctant in actually allowing any of the armed resistance groups to start fighting against woyane. Which is, if they actually do start fighting, the Eritrean governement knows 110% what exactly the action the Ethiopian governement will take, it will not waste time fighting this groups, rather it would directly go to the source and attack Eritrea. Now let us face it, you think Issays is about to make a second mistake and dare cross melese and risk any chance of war? Issays knows very well, another full blown war with ethiopia means the end of his leadership. And we now how much he loves his leadership and he is not going to let go of it, especially not for the sake of armed resistance groups. The ogaden liberation front is far and distant in time and space from Eritrea, so Eritrean governement has nothing to do with that group, they have a place in somalia where they can run and hide if pressure mounts on them. But the others are all parked in ERitrea or border btn ethiopia and Eritrea which means any provocation from them, Ethiopian government would have no choice but to take it on Issays. So what Issays is doing is simply buying time, by pretending he is helping this groups, he is using them as propaganda that there is armed resistance groups more like a deterent to scare Melese, but exactly just that nothing more. It also allows the Issays government to give the illusion that it is with the rest of the Ethiopian people, becuase it gives them free air time in their tv and radio programs, other ethiopian would feel that issays is sympthasising with their cause, but if you carefully look at exactly what he is doing for them, it is clear in 10 years time, not even one lousy village has come under the armed resistance occupation. It is almost as if there is no armed strugle, they have been highjacked by issays. The other possible theory I would like to throw in here for discussion is, that may be just may be behaind all the hateful rethoric that Issays spits against MElese and vise versa, this two dictators might be, in hidden communication where, they are exchanging informations and are staying in power by treaking all of us in to thinking they are enemies when they actually are working togther to strengthen their grip to power. Really look at both leaders, they both have gotton rid of any one that was assoicated with the true foundation of their particular party, both leaders have the final say in their government, and both enjoy being in power. Short of inflamatory words, what exactly has any one has done to hurt the other person?? what?? the answer is NOTHING, abslotely Nothing. So while we talk and say this and that, the joke really has been on us. the people of Ethiopia and ERitrea have been dooped and been tricked in to beliving there is enemity between this two leaders, when there is none what so ever. What is there is, a clever and a well thought plan to stay in power, by keeping all opositions in check. Even melese has over 11 oppostions groups that say they want to over throgh issays, but have not made one single attack that is meaningfull. So guys truly if you really want to get serious with figthing and taking your chance against woyane, first and formost, you need to not have to do any thing with issays that is the first thing, second isyou must keep united and create one united armed strugle, cause that is the only way to seriously engage the woyane army. Only when people realize the past 10 years melese and issays have been seceretly meeting and working togther, that progress can be made, truly when ever I see an armed resistance group to Eritrea, I just lough becuase, it is the last place where any Ethiopian reistance group should go cause you will not get any help from Eritrea that will be able to get you what you want. IN the end there is still time, for what is worth, to start fresh, away from issays and his mid or high level so called generals. And begin a real resistance againstthe tyrant regim of Melese. Same goes to Eritreans, they must stay away from melese if they truly want to get rid of issays, cause melse is not goign to help you guys, you need to do it alone, or better yet, we need to creat a new resistance armed grouop called EEFF (ERITREAN ETHIOPIAN FREDOM FIGHTERS)This new party can work jointly to bring down Melese and Iissays and creat an atmospher where this two people can leave in peace and harmony. So please join me in creating this party as it is the only way forward for the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia to succed in their strugle to a better tomorrow. Stay strong, victory will be ours.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Kiflu Hussain on

    Dear Elias;
    You still put the blame squarely on the so-called Colonel named Fitsum.By so doing,you remind me of some die-hard cadres from the Mengistu era who exonerates him and blame all the woes of Ethiopia on his subordinates.There is no blinking the fact that Isais Afeworki never wants to see a strong Ethiopian opposition group that not only removes Woyanne but puts the necessity of Ethiopian unity into the right perspective.

  4. Brother Elias,
    You hit the nail on the head when you explain the lack of progress with EPPF in Eritrea. I hope everyone learns something from this lesson expecially those responsible puting our brothers and sisters on danger. We let TPLF and Shabia deceive us again and again and again.

  5. SAWA 19TH ROUND on

    My Friend the war is going to be in South Ethiopia or Addis Abeba. Not in Tigray!

    One day they will be transported to the South. No more war in Tigray-Eritrea Border. Our Problem is not Tigray people but WEYANE!

    Remove Meles Zenawi!

    Do you know the cost of war!

    No more war in the North.

    No more breeding like dogs in the South while north people suffers!

  6. I strongly believe the colonel in question is doing what the government wants him to do.There is no way he is acting by himself,it just doesn’t make any sense to me that he is left alone to do whatever he wants to do with out his bosses.
    This is a big issue for the Eritrean government to just let it go that way.The point is, the Eritrean government doesn’t want to see patriotic opposition elements than surrogate once.I think it is high time for all freedom loving Ethiopians not to be driven by our wishes and invest our energy on other remaining alternatives,however few they might be, to avoid unnecessary sacrifices.

  7. Strange, very strange. Do you think you are helping to solve the situation? You are becoming part of the problem.

  8. Anonymous on


    Why do you make noise about the colnel? Esayas and his party are runing the show and Fistum is doing his job given by Esayas.

  9. badme stone on

    The next 40 comments will be coming from shaebia puppets, advising Elias how to do journalism.
    Shaebians stay out of our discussion, and go find the generals that are hiding inside the trenches since badme war.
    Your I know it all attitude is disgusting.

    This discussion is for Ethiopians.

  10. I am always for the truth. Whether the matter concerns me or not, truth shall always be told. For a serious reader, this story tells many things. Though Elias euphemistically put the blame on a rogue Colonel, there is nothing this colonel can do without the approval of his boss. The state of affairs clearly shows the shitty project the Eritrean government is trying to accomplish in collaboration with their cousin in Ethiopia. They are encouraging an Amara movement and TPDM is the largest and strongest group. They seem also friendly to OLF.

    I would like to tell both Shabia and Woyane that though they are emboldened by the so called ‘victory’ against Derg (which by and large should be credited to the Ethiopian people) it doesn’t mean that they will be able to achieve their crazy dreams. Ethiopia will prevail. The world has already seen that you know nothing of development, progress and civilized life, but looting, cheating, and killing. You can’t create wealth with your own effort and creativity, but you must cling to others as blood sucker parasites to survive. That is the fact we witnessed in the past 20 years.

  11. koster on

    It is against all odds to expect that Isayas Afeworki needs a strong and democratic Ethiopia. All what he wants is a weak and ethnically divided Ethiopia. After all both tyrants either Meles or Isayas care less for their people and country they are supposed to serve or rule.

  12. I think for the above article speaks loud about Ethiopian Review and its founder. No substance, no credible evidence, no new information, full of accusations that do not make sense, no conclusion, absolutely hilarious! – The worst ever article I have read in this site!

    God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea.


  13. Bewnetu on

    Shabia is not stupid, unlike most of Ethiopian opposition. They know any provocation in the North means a full scale war with Weyane for the last time. They will never risk their own existence for clumsy malfunctioning Ethiopian opposition.

    Besides, how would Shabia justify that all or most TPDM are actually Tigrians but not Kebessa Eritreans ?

    Opposition should stop the blame game.

  14. Gude Ekonew on

    Sawa, The cost of the recent Badme war 1998=2000 alone in human terms is more than 70,000 Ethiopian dead. Do not forget the majority who died on that war were from the South. On Christmas war of TPLF with Al Shabab four years ago thousands of IPLF soldiers who died too were from South Ethiopia.

    TPLF has brought a lot of war, destruction to South of Ethiopia is that by accident or design ? Maybe as you claim to cut down the high population rate of South, by the way AIDS and starvation is all killing the Southern Ethiopians too.

    You must be ashamed of yourself for your hateful rhetoric of the South that has been A GOLD MINE of EFFORT for two decas now. Without South TPLF is dead and surely Ethiopians have to expose and fight exploitation under the cover of Federalism, It is an “FFF” Federalism. Fake and Fools Federalism like the fake animosity between Shabia and TPLF, Yoi can add another F it is all FFFF. F has nothing to do with Freedom.

  15. Bezabeh Belachew on

    I really appreciate what Elias Kifle is trying to made a positive change in both Ethiopia and Eritria which are a two faces of a coin for me. In Eritria they have a government whatever policy it follows is an Eritrean government lead by Eritreans. In the case of Ethiopia we have nothing but only enemy. The ruling group in Ethiopia is anti-Ethiopia. Meles and his group from the very beginning until now are anti-Ethiopians and they remained until now. When TPLF was created by EPLF, TPLF was an instrument to weaken Ethiopia. EPLF trained them, indoctrinated them. Especially fortunate for Ethiopia the leaders on the top of both organizations didn’t agree how to manage the power they processed over Ethiopia. I think top leaders of Eritrea are more sensible that the two brotherly people could live together in cooperation not as enemies. Although a fight broad down between this groups because there was and still is a conflict of interests, the common TPLF and EPLF members are still friends and as I could imagine have a kind of communication among them. Col. Fitsom who was maybe is a comrade of TPLF members would not allow their defeat by any Ethiopian national movement like EPPF or Ginbot 7, even not by OLF. Please, let us not be naïve trying to wage a war against Weyane from Eritrea. Start building a strong organization within Ethiopia and integrate it with the Diaspora movement and fight Weyane within Ethiopia.

    God bless Ethiopia
    Bezabeh Belachew

  16. #6

    Can you tell the world the name of one of your leaders in Woyane camp who said that future wars will not affect north of Maichew (he meant Tigray)?

  17. I never thought, even for a second, that Issayas would want to see a strong Ethiopia. I am not sure why you believe that, Elias! Your article clearly demonstrates what I have suspected for a long time. The main problem is Issayas. Please call the spade a spade and get it over with. The colonel that you describe as rogue would not do any thing without Issayas’s nod.

  18. If the armed struggle got problem in Eritria, then which country can be used as a spring board? Kenya, Djbutie are most probably not help full. Sudan, the newly to be formed south Sudan? or Somalia….or what other options are there?

  19. The Truth??? on

    Ok Elias, this type of information on your website is not going to foster any harmony between the Ethioian opposition groups themselves and also with the Eritrean governmnet. It seems to me the Ethiopian opposition groups are now between a rock and hard place, and particularly since they are prone to being infiltrated by Woyane/Alamoudi mafia gang. The strategy must now be changed. Personally, I would not inflame the good relationship that prevailed between Ethiopian opposition groups and the Eritrean government as Eritrean will alwasy and for ever reamins to be our neighbor. I would say let’s revisit the strategy and adjust it according to reality on the ground.

    Let’s not give up and also let’s not inflame the current situation. Let’s just huddle up and develop a new and smart strategy to fight the Woyane/Alamoud gand….

    The Truth????

  20. Abegaz on


    I wonder how your mind operates? This is not something you can solve by the usual bla bla. You are just like yejib chikul kend yineksal aynet. You have no tactic at all. Your ultimate outcome is always failure. Learn to act wisely.

  21. asheber a. on

    Dear Elias

    I really admire your determination and commitment to fight for the freedom of our people, but sometimes I see you walking around in confusion in your effort to find the right solution. Let me illustrate my point by taking the role of Isayas’s in this story.

    First and foremost, we should all acknowledge, even though it is very hard for some, that Isayas is not a mentally balanced individual. Like any other ruler bent on dictating his wish on his subjects, he is as ruthless as they come. This is not a new phenomenon for Isayas, it was just so since he joined the Eritrean struggle in the early 70’s. Thousands of Eritreans have been murdered for standing up to him even within the EPLF. There is no other option as far as Isayas’ is concerned except his own way. That’s why you don’t hear of any opposition inside Eritrea because Isayas does not approve of that. Millions of Eritreans have bought his lies and worshipped him believing he will lead them into the promised land; and it was only a matter of time before everything turned into a fantasy. Eritreans are now running away from their home and seeking refuge everywhere, de ja vu all over again. And what was the cause of all this? There might be other valid answers, but what is very clear is that some of us are not looking the reality as it is presented but projecting our own fantasy in hopes of getting into the promised land.

    Elias, I am sorry to say, but Isayas played a nice trick on you as well he did on millions of his own people. He played you like a fiddle and you took all the crap and crowned him man of the year for your website because you believed the end of Woyane is through him. But let me give you a brief about the position of Isayas on Ethiopia and hopefully it will change your mind about what needs to done and search other options rather than trying to justify and find meaning in everything Isayas does.

    1. Isayas is an absolute dictator; he is the head of the only party in town; he is the head of everything in Eritrea, period. The colonel is just taking orders from the boss and, Elias, the sooner you believe that, I believe the fewer headaches for you as well.
    2. Isayas has never been a friend of Ethiopia anytime in his life and I don’t believe he will start to be one anytime soon. In the 70’s, EPRP did everything to appease and support him in his cause and he did everything to destroy it in return. Isayas had the opportunity to bring peace and stability to the whole region when he brought down the Derge with the TPLF, but instead, he chose to steal everything in his sight and send it to Eritrea. And that was not even for him, he tried to control everything and lost the fight.
    3. Isayas instigated wars among all his neighbors as the first order of business when he separated from Ethiopia. The Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti, Ethiopia were at the receiving end of this adventure; and everyone knows what he did in Somalia. The Sudan and the Arabs (Yemen) provided all the support that Isayas needed when he was in the jungle and look how he wanted to treat them as soon as he sat in the throne. If this is the way he treats his friends who were at his side during his needs, what kind of treatment do you think is in store for his Ethiopian friends? We have already seen part one of that when he had the opportunity, what is the reason now to give him a second chance?
    4. Right now, Isayas and his group, are very close to being out casted as a rogue regime by the international community because of his role in the Somali quagmire. And Eritrea is on the verge of total collapse because of economic problems and social disharmony. Isayas may be a luny, but he is not a fool; he does not want to see any additional problems and add to his misery. Therefore, helping EPPF, Ginbot7 and OLF is not at the top of his agenda if ever at all.

    I could go on and on and write why it is not a right course of action to make alliance with Issayas, but Elias, you have to make the hard decisions yourself and find the place where the light is shining. I believe you made your choice in desperation and haste the first time around, and it is my hope that you do not make the same mistake again.

  22. Yodith on

    The problem are for a few time and we can solve soon between two sides. But don’t give to Woyane a chance. hell no. We know there are many Woyannes here to hear any bad news from the two front. My idea is it is not time to fight to Woyane in that area but by west and east then at last in north then no way out for Woyane. He will out as he was.

  23. menelik on

    While, the diplomacy is accetable, the reality is only ‘alsheshum zewer alu’. Col. Fistum has no aothrity by himself. Let alone a government like that of Essayas’s any organization has a chain of command rule. He could do something a one time or two time action without the consent of his boss but not so many things for so many lenth of time. But keep on blaming the colonel for a while. Ther is no use to include Essayas in the blame game. But we should not forget the reality.

  24. Makelawi Torture on

    I bet the Eritreans are not clueless in what they are doing. Whatever they do, they have Eritrea’s interest at the center. One point is to raise their bargaining chips/power higher and save their chips for an ideal time. Now they may think that the political situation is not a time when you just send the soldiers you have accumulated to perish in the objective situation. TIMING is of the essence. The fact that you have many soldiers does not mean you run berserk and finish them off without the ideal political, military and …situations. So let’s not be quick to say that numbers equal victory. TIMING and COORDINATING WITH OBJECTIVE REALITY MATTER.

  25. Misikkir Iwunetu on

    I really appreciate Elias’s vigilance and purposeful communication.

    I also appreciate his daring initiation of relationship forming with the good Eritrea in order to strengthen the Ethiopian opposition on the basis of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” as well as dealing with each other for the advancement of each party’s own mutual interests.

    To be fair, ERitrea is in the relationship simply to promote its own Eritrean national interests while Elias and the Ethiopian oppositions are also in the relationships in order to advance their own national interests. That is really normal and is a globally practiced political strategy between nations and governments across the planet.

    In reality however, the one most benefiting from such relationships is the one least dependent and more powerful on the other. In these sense, there is no question that Eritrea as a state and host to all of these opposition groups is the one most powerful and least dependent on its guests. These condition of least dependency and and having the boss relationship over the guest oppositions allows Eritrea to pursue its own unilateral national agenda at the complete expenses of the guest opposition groups. The more all of these opposition groups are dominated, dictated and, heated hot and bent to the unilateral interests of the Eritreans, the more they become powerless and frustrated and keep divided and conducting factional internal battles while losing their original visions and missions.

    To really dream for an organized strong norther army coming to conduct a successful battle against the Wayane dictatorship with the help of Eritrea is a strategy doomed from the start. Eritrea does not want Wayane to lose power but wants that Wayane changes its unfriendly Eritrean policy to that of friendly policy and joint ruler ship of Ethiopia. And for that, Eritrea needs to keep up the ever present threat of the opposition being completely under the control of the Eritrean leadership.

    I like Eritrea and the Eritrean leadership as well as the fact that it is also taking care of the Eritrean interests in the best ways it knows.

    With the same logic, I also like all those opposition groups who are committed to replace the brutal human rights violating and impoverishing Wayane dictatorship with out the undue and all encompassing Eritrean interferences meant to use the opposition as mere useless bargaining CHIP for the advancement of the unilateral Eritrean national interest rather than the advancement of balanced mutual interests.

    Under the circumstance, Elias need not be soft and silent, otherwise his voice will be swallowed in silence with no much fuss while the other party will get away with its plan with out any opposition and exposition even during this golden days of information and telecommunication technology revolution.

    The fair condition in the relationship is if Eritreans are prevented from too much interference and dictating terms and conditions of the struggle to their own national benefits alone when the opposition gains practically nothing out of it even after years of residence in Eritrea. Fore sure fragmented, bickering , blind and power thirsty parochial opposition groups are also partly to blame.

    To counter balance the whole northern dilemma which in my opinion will only get worse as time passes by whether Elias talks about it discretely or publicly, is to try to base the struggle inside the country, away from the direct foreign influence, specially from the south. To do that, one needs to form discrete alliances, negotiations and unity within diversity, etc.

    Otherwise, if you keep doing what you have always been doing, you will also keep getting what you have always been getting.

  26. Elias, where is Issyas when all these going on under his nose? He gets involved in simple Ethiopian affair but this too big to ignore. The arest and abuse came from top not from a low ranking Colonel.

  27. #22 said it all “Let’s revisit the strategy and adjust it according to the reality on the ground “

  28. Eritreawi on

    Elias, please stop making a fool of yourself in an attempt to cover up your loss in the power struggle between the lap top fighters like you and the real EPPF fighters in the field. To anyone with half a brain it is comical to read your constant blame of a “rogue colonel”. You are using this deceptive argument to cover up the fact that you refused to go back to the field when EPPF leadership asked you and your diaspora “lap top warrior” colleagues to abide by their rules. What you have been posting lately is nothing more than sour grapes and it is making you look even more pathetic.

    Now you are trying to implicate TPDM for no reason at all, yes TPDM is the most organized and most effective anti-Woyanne force in the north of Ethiopia, all anyone has to do is go to and judge for yourself if TPDM is as bad as Elias is making them out to be. I am starting to wonder if Elias was ever genuine about his political activities in the last two years. Now we know Elias is no better than most Ethiopian elite in the diaspora, who make a whole lot of noise from behind their computer screens but would never dare fight among their people inside Ethiopia.

  29. belete on

    for many ethiopians we rather see weyane or who ever is ruling ethiopia to continue than those who work with ethiopia sworn enemy shabia.
    shame on ginbot 7. this is the first confession exposing their relationship with isayas afewerk and shabia.

  30. Anonymous on

    How the hell do think Shabia will assist Ethiopian unity? They are the very reason for the creation of TPLF and the demise of Ethiopian unity. Do you know Col. Fitum is on the pay roll of Weyane. In my view it is utter foolishness to trust Shabia. A true opposition group must be in a position to bleed Shabia and Weyane at the same time.
    Hell and destruction to Shabia and Weyane!

  31. ameehe on

    elias, remember # 1 enemy of ethiopian & eritrean people is weyane. you must focus.

    together we must defeat weyane/tplf.

    weyane is # 1 enemy of eritrean & ethiopian people.

  32. Brother Elias, you shouldn’t engage on any kind of behind the countrer discussion or agreements that are proven to fail on the cost of our people. That will be another betrayal to the Ethiopian people. The minute you start distancing yourself and tell the naked reallity about dictator Isayas, a fresh and united resistance will be started from North to south and East to west that can destroy the two dictators.

    As commenter #3 has clearly put it, isayas is using our fighters for his political consumption to hide the blood on his hands and the capital crimes he has been engaged and still doing it on the Eritrean people just to stay in power. Isayas will keep using our fighters for this purpose and keep humiliating, dividing and killing them so that they will not be a real threat to meles not because he wants meles to continue but for his own existence. He knows it very well what meles is waiting, either it be from the north, south, east or west, any meaningful attack or threat on meles by any group supported by isayas will give him the altimate approval to go after isayas and remove him from power in a matter of hours if not minutes. Meles has most of the Eritrean people on his side to do the trick, 100,000 young eritreans on the name of refugees, thousands joining every month and hundreds of opposition parties in Ethiopia waiting terribley for that majic day.
    He is just waiting for a good opportunity to win the international community so that he can do what ever he wanted and not being questioned as usual as he did in Somalia.

    So knowing these realities and already speaking on the ground, waiting for a miracle not very different to waiting a calf from an ox especially at a cost of human life will be a terrible mistake for Elias to associate with.
    In simple and cleat words, isayas is another body-guard of meles. He is shitting in his pants and will work day and night against any potential threat to meles, at the same time keeping the eritrean people hostage as he is still fighting with a bigger enemy for their good and wants them to stay in a house arrest until he die, for the next 3 to 4 decades as he openly said it.

  33. Brother Elias, appologies for repeating myself, just edited a misspelling and added a bit to it.

    Happy Holydays to you and your families.

  34. Tezibt on

    Dr. Bekagn Alegezam has really outlined in his comments the reasons why Isayas is doing what he is doing and the poor colonel is just a simple soldier performing a duty that is assigned to him by his boss. Isayas is merciless and this issue is his bargaining chip and nothing happens with out his knowledge. Probably Elias is trying hard not to start a full blown accusation but to kind of warn the Eritrean leader. Elias please go back and look at the interview you did with Isayas and read his face. You will get your answer. Welcome back to the U.S.A. though. I am glad that he didn’t make you one of his bargaining chips. I was really worried about you.

  35. There is a lot to learn from this recent debacle. And in the process for Ethiopians to re-think and lay down a working strategy than attempt a failed strategy.

    Armed struggle in this day and age is quite different than armed struggle over 20 years ago. Times have changed and the so-called “cold war’ is over and done. We are in a new era of globalization, where is a new ‘world order’ is in place.

    As a result, it is very hard for any group to successfully wage and launch an effective armed struggle. First and foremost, it is hard to get the necessary arms and military assistance, say, by a major power as in case of the cold war era. The TPLF and EPLF were lucky fighting the Derg, because the era was so ideal for armed struggle. That objective reality and condition does not exist now. Hence, armed struggle is quite different and not as conducive as it used to be.

    I am not saying armed struggle is impossible, what I am saying it is way harder than it is used to be over 20-25 years ago.

    To add insult to injury, the current armed struggle is based in the borders of an enemy territory making it more complicated and complex in nature.

    In my opinion, an effective struggle is to re-think the whole struggle and utilize other means and perform that means by taking the struggle away from enemy territory. There is nothing better than conducting an independent and free struggle, no matter how many years it takes. Being at the mercy of your host country (and a host country that is really the enemy)is not what I call a free and independent struggle. So, the opposition patriots are between a rock and hard place.

  36. Elias why not go to Eritrea and ask all these to the Eritrean president.Lets hear what he has to say.This colenel needs to be removed.I’m pretty sure Esaias was genuinly concerned about the progress of the Ethiopian oppostion groups and want to see a united Ethiopia regardless of the perception to the contrary

  37. Elias!!!

    Thank you for speaking the truth. You were accused of being pro Eritrean by the supporters of Ethiopian government but your recent articles show that you neutral and always searching for the truth.

    God Bless You

    Happy New Year!!!

  38. Andargew on

    Selam my internet warriors. You guys seem ready to fight to the last drop of someone else’s blood.When are you going to stop this foolishness and work for the interest of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea and stop salivating for more blood. Just the fact that the freaking LFs think Mr.Esayas will support a real Ethiopian opposition is a contradiction in terms.I feel very hopeful in the fact that the old guard and all the LF’s are dying off and a new generation, free of baggage, will rule the future Ethiopia and Eritrea.I suggest all you old folks in here worry about your retirement situation and health-care issues and leave the next generation of Ethiopians and Eritreans to map out a positive future, free of animosity, where they can work and live together as neighbors/brothers for the benefit of both peoples. Happy New year to all my Ethiopian & Eritrean brothers and sisters, Let there be a lasting peace and prosperity for our peoples.

  39. HAqu-Yegelete on

    Well-once your start reducling yourself , you might go all the way as well! That is exactly what Elaise is doing. He started on a wrong note and now he is on slippery slop of misinformation. For intensive purposes , he is now offically infecte3d with Solomon Tekalgne Virus. EPPF failed because of its internal problems. Elaise knows it very well! How many times EPPF went reformation under Eliase’s watch and what were the problems….Now blaming Eritrea for EPPF’s ineffectivness is unfair and it only shows Elaise’s 180 degree shift toward the camp of Belay of Ethio-Media!
    Elaise self-appointed himself to be spokesman for OLF,Ginbot 7 and other opposition groups now he added new task to his porotofilio and that is to be TPDM’s spokesperson and talk onbehalf of MOla Aghedom…it is indeed laughable!!Well what can I say Elaise is going through dangerous downward was kinjit, hailushwel, now is Eritrea:-) Can we see any pattern here:-) the man is devoid of any political skill!! He is now burning the last bridge!!

  40. Shaebia on

    @Dr Bekagn Alegezam……..
    It’s quite to the contrary of your thinking actually. Weyane k OSS fully well that if a war erupted again, it would be the end of weyane….weyane couldn’t do it even in May 2000 despite the fact that Eritrea handicapped itself by declaring that it won’t fire the first bullet…… Which gave a massive military advantage to the marauding weyane only two days prior to the general election. Despite armed to the teeth & supplied with US satellite intelligent, weyane couldn’t achieve its stated aim. Believe you me, Dr….. This time it’s a different kettle of fish & you can bet your bottom dollar that shaebia will put your weyane in its place & finish it off. Put that in your pipe & smoke it, mate.
    Eritrea fought in a barren desert & built underground facilities( schools, hospitals… In fact for your info the largest ventilated undergroun. Hospital in the world- it’s a fact….. & little factories, pharmacies & improvised radio station) but the EPPF, OLF, ONLF & TPDM can have its headquarters in but since you lot have a large space of jungle & forests inside Ethiopia …… Which can be used as the perfect hiding place for the gorrilla warefare against Weyane & its mig jets, your fighting commands need to be based in your land while continuing to engage & treat your mistreated people who would treat you & give you logistic support in return. But there is nobody who would show courage & brVery to sacrifice except OLF & ONLF.
    Need a real soul searching…… Instead of jumping to shift the blame everywhere but yourselves. I hope we get to the bottom of this story.

  41. Shaebia on

    you told us of How you were impressed by TPDM and finally you made a conclusion based on your assumpton that you claimed to have read it from their face. All I say is…..more psychic Power to you, mate.

  42. wey gud on

    just a few weeks a go there was a post in front page about 74 Ethiopians were kill or harassed by Kenya. On this post you have 5 comment in almost 2weeks. So my question is don’t you care about the Oromo people to express youe concerns!! the some reaction with Ogaden, or other part of ETHIOPIA where ethiopians are killed and burn a life, however, you people cry like a bitch where eppf this and that . So, who is dividing ETHIOPIA , you amhara hudmoss liers and gut less cowerds , ethiopia to you is amhara ah!!!, now you bring us anther coffie talk that you cooked with your good friend BEN. what a human wast you are!!!!!!

  43. Dr. Bekagn Alegezam on

    O my brothers, it is so sad to see, how people have totally fail to see the reality on the ground. I tried to make it simpler before but the more I think about it, I think I should make it even simpler, so I am going to tell it like a child story, may be then People would realize the reality on the ground. A long long time ago, there was a man, who young, frail looking studying at the university of Addis Abeba 4 killo to be exact. this man was about 20 years old, shy very shay actually in appearance, who wouldn’t even utter a word among other students, though he was an engieenering student, he was bussy reading books that had to do with commusinm and social justice bla bla, filled his head with every thing what he thought was the right way for a society to be, and as he looked at the government, he saw the monarch system, he was very disgusted by it, why the kings lived like that while He had and others had to live poor, so his anger starts to build within him and when he was 3rd year student, his greads were failing as he was perocupied with this thoughts about revoution and ant-monarch sentiment, he unexpectedly droped college, and went back to his origin of province Eritrea, then finally joined a resistance group then lead by mouslim leaders. the resistance group he joind were happy with him, cause he knew how to read and write in english and was from the Christian background so they quickly made him commander of the chirsitan group, they though doing will help bring more christaians to join their group, they even sponsored him and sent him to china for 3 years military and communisim indoctrination, well he was on the edge but in china they did a number of brain washing on him. filled with all the hate for imperialisim and its way of life style, this young man returned to his armed resistance group, and he started teaching his theories, cause no on would listen to him, cause it was coming in direct conflict with the mouslims way of thinking, he had to separt from them and created his own party, well luck was on his side, he succeeded in deafting the mouslim group and created one party system, but he then quickly realized to bring his dream to reality, he needed a party from with in Ethiopia to help and advance his cause, not just for that time, but for the time after he liberated his country. after looking at all the different resistance group of the time, he set his eyes on TPLF, but the leaders of TPLF were not kind to him and were not following his prinicples so he found a young man ambitious of power and one that is filled with greed to no end, and to boo, he is half eritrean, he couldn’t have been any luckier in his life, that was the day ISSAYS met MELESE his life time friend and progedy. Issayas asked melese what it is the most he would like in his life, Melese replied I like to have lots of money, lots of every thing, the more issays knew melese, the more he realized that, to advance his cause no just for then but for ever, he knew there couldn’t be any better person than this man who was filled with an absloute greed. So this two men agreed for a life time partner ship, but and formed their alliance, again here I want you guys to know, this TWO MEN MED THE ALLIANCE not the parties or the people, THE TWO INDIVIDUALS, cause both had their own agenda, one driven by ultimate greed the other by failed commuisist idiologies. So long story short, they managed to make it and come to power and got rid of DERG, now while in power, life was so good, untill the group with in the TPLF woke up to what MElese was about, and start to question some of his policy and agendas, plus some also has been eying the priminstership for themselves, so melese knowing he was in trouble called his big brother issays, and advised him on the issue. Issays also told him, some of his party memebers have been sort of acting out and the people were not as he invistiond the country was gona be run, with an abosloute socialist program, for he had said to him self, socialism will work if it had a leader that knew and commited itslf to the principles of socialisim so he was out to prove the world that he was different than rusia or any other country for that matter, that was his delusion of grandiose which makes him think like that, any way, the only way out, melese tells him, you need to pretend you are attacking me,and will peretend we are going to war, ofcourse you can imiagin issays was very woried that, this might turn in to real war and might bring the end of his regim, but Melese convinced him it was just going to be a skrimish like the one you did with yemen, and dejbouti or sudan, just skrimish. well guys you know what happend there, it turned out to be a full scale war, that was becuase melese lost control, and his party memebers such as Esseye aberha and others, used the opportunty to get rid of issays and letter to get rid of melse, cause they found out the truth, well unforuntately, as you know the devil is always with his kids, on the 11th hr, Melese was able to save his big brother issays, after all, poor issays only started the war thinking it was gona be a minor skrimish, he had no knowledge of what the others had plan in store for him. But in the end, it ended up being more than they had ever dreamt off, cause Melese got rid of EVERY ELEMENT in his group, that threatend or even spoke badly of issays, well Issays for his part got rid of every element that had cohorted with this group of TPLF memebers to get rid of him, now the two men in total control of their party, had a final meeting, in this meeting, remembring their days of strugle, they once again agreed to forment their friendship for life and do what ever it takes to stay in power. NOW both realize they need each other, and the only way is, to stay in power, they have to create this no war no peace plan. This time issays asked melese a favor, you just have to seat and park your solidgers in badme, melese was reluctant to do that, cuase we are talking about over 200 thousand solidgers doing nothing, just seating getting paid, this will bleed the ethiopian economy, cause this solidgres are not really needed, plus melese can’t use assab as port for a while, this also will bleed the economy even more, so this was very difficult thing to accept, but knowing the fact that the war issays did as a favor, that was suppose to be skrimish almost coasted issays life, plus there was an incident that took in 1996, where issays came to visit melese and on his way home, his plan was set on fire, and had to made emergency landing, first issays thought it was melese but later the two found out it was actually the group of TPLF memebers that wanted to get rid of issays in coordination with the groups of Eritreans that Issays fired from his party. So melese felt bad that twice issays almost gave his life for him and for the cause, so he said, okay, okay to bleeding his country economy to help a friend. So guys there you have it, there friendship is deep, they will do any thing for each other. Once the no war no peace plan was agreed up on, the rest was just propaganda and make belive, Issays orderd the governement controled media to talk garabage on melese, while pertending to help this oppostion grouop, but in reality what he does is, give proper info back to melese, I will end this letter by giving you one information you have never heard before. When ginbot7 was created and they wanted some help with Eritrea, issays found out the list of their members back in ethiopia, ginbot7 thinking issays were their friend, gave him a list, to let him know they had help inside ethiopia, well, issays didn’t even last 24 hr he made a call out to melese and gave him the list, the next day 60 people in cluding high offical genearals and bussiness men in Ethiopoia were arrested and most are langusishing in prison and some have been sentenced to death. So my friends the friendship of issays and melese is much deeper than what you people think, and they will succed to stay in power as long as, this and other secertes are out in public, and to see us divided is the only way for them to stay in power, that is why i sugested and i continue to encourage Ethiopians and Eritreans alike, your enemies are TWO individuals, MELESE and ISSAYS, this two people, have outsmarted 90 million people and stayed in power for this long, well we can’t let them get away with this for another year. We must unite and take action. first and formost we must change our way of thinking, there is no SHABIA there is really no WOYANE, there is only ISSAYS AND MELESE that is it, the rest are just means to an end, where the two dictators use to stay in power. And we the people keep arguing about this or that and fight with each other, it is really this simple, i know many people don’t belive what I write here, but it is the truth and you have to see beyound the box to understand the danger we are facing, this two men made their pat 30 years ago, and they stayed with their plan, to the tea. What about US, can we make a pat to unite, get rid of this dictators and creat a harmony to our people, or are we going to be an instrument for this two dictators, i encourage any one with any information of secerte meeting of issays and melese to come forward and share with us, any thing you heard seen, is helpful, the truth must come out, victory in the end is ours!!!! KEEP THE STRUGLE ALIVE, stay focouse, for our enemeies (ISSAYS AND MELSE) have done their homework and have perfected the art of dividing us and rulling us, we must also do our homework, organize and take control of what is ours!!!!!!! happy new year to every one!!!!

  44. erribey agere on

    Dr Beqagn:

    You must be a clawn with your vision of EEFF lool

    In the first place if the armed opposition groups launch offensive against woyane from whrever they are they will be supported by Ethiopians in urban and rural areas and it shall not be an easy fight for woyane to win.

    Second if Meles Zenawi declares all out war on Eritrea the people of Ethiopia wont be behind him. The Ethiopian people have burned their fingers by the devastating war at Badime Tsorena. After sacrificing 100 000 compatriots and and 3 million dollar a day to wage the senseless war we ended up in nothing. Badime is now Eritrean land. So Dr do you think the Ethiopian people shall be dragged to war willingly. Never! Not even the army . Besides WOYANE does not have the luxury to spend millions on Arms from the meger foreign currency reserve.

    My advice to those who have sheltered in Eritrean land should fight for their independant management of their own affairs. Shabya is evil by nature never trust it If you could mange your affairs by yourselves. If they deny you this right please leave to other countries and seek safe heaven in other countries. You can at least fight woyane freely be it in cyber or what have you That is much better than stinking in Eritrea in shelters and give free service. Even if a small scale war ignites tetween the two evil governments you innocent people could be used as buffer for shabya.

    Eliase you are doing good job keep up the research till the tru story is revealed.

  45. Treaty on

    To many Ethiopians who have come in contact with Shabia jevha and weyane have never been deceived by the current news.They deemed it unworthy ,from the get go,to lean on the arm of Shabia to take out melese.Simple examination of to their secret records could have been a warning sign the utter impossibility of such prospect. The two fronts conceived and executed have fought hand in hand in order to execute their shared political vision and current geo-political orientation to the region.
    To this end they used everything to turn the balance of power their favour.They even manage to deceived other Ethiopians in to believing that after the removal of Derg democracy will user in the country. If Ethiopians remain suspicious without faltering to the hidden agenda of the two fronts, there is no reason to believe that the two fronts could make it beyond the Tekeze River. Their motive left unchecked, through deceit they managed to forge their power along Ethiopians. Their by thwarting ability of the Ethiopian Army to resist as propaganda coming from the fronts led the public to believe the rural Ethiopians are against the Dreg and in favor of the shifts.
    What else is there. It is said, “Blood is thicker than water “For years EPLF,had problem of forming Eritrian united resistance against Ethiopia.Eritria was represented by several factions,EPLF,ELF,EPLF-R.C led by Sabae.
    For years the purpose of Shabia’s I.A is to eliminate the two fronts and to make EPLF the sole Erotrian voice.Hence the civil war between the two fronts. So much so Derg was able to arrange his encirclement against the fronts while they are in the midst of their own war. Thanks to the assistance of TPLF Elf has been annihilated by the two fronts.
    You ask why? because the two have same objective. One can’t think terms of forming alliance with malignant Shabia ,in good conscious,in order to anahilate weyane.One has to be brain dead to entertain such anidea.Some deceived souls still think in termes of Eritrian/Ethiopian Democratic forces,I am against this one too.Etjhiopia alone on her own will stand against the enemy.How? I shall answer that one in the next message.

  46. Hello Elyas do you think that Isayas Afeworki needs a strong and democratic Ethiopia. All what he wants is a weak and ethnically divided Ethiopia. After all both tyrants either Meles or Isayas care less for their people and country they are I never thought, even for a second, that Issayas would want to see a strong Ethiopia. I am not sure why you believe that, Elias! Your article clearly demonstrates what I have suspected for a long time. The main problem is Issayas.The colonel that you describe as rogue would not do any thing without Issayas’s nod. The shabia government will never see a strong Ethiopia insted of helping for those who are orgaized for one Ethiopia the are insised for those who are organized by ethnics.Take as example the action against C/l Tadese Muluneh it is unhuman..

  47. Elias – you are just like a spoiled brut. Instead of blaming anyone, why don’t you tell us what is your difference with EPPF?

  48. Halafi Mengedi on

    Issayas Afwerki has three objectives to have very strong Tigrayans on his side (TPDM) than other ethnic groups:

    1. Issayas knows that the Eritrean people or the military or combination of both will rise against him one day to topple him from power. For that purpose the Tigrayans are his only trusted allay to defend him and crash the uprising movements and stabilize the situations in Eritrea. The Tigrayans speak the same language as the Eritrean kebessa and knows every inch of Eritrea corridors to fight back effectively either in cities or in the villages of Eritrea and they can pretend as Eritrean kebessa in the eyes of other ethnic Eritreans. The most top trusted leaders in Eritrea are from Tigray origin as Issayas is, also Issayas is a true Tigrayan who can motivate TPDM as their own blood true leader of Tigraway defend him from Eritreans specially from the none Kebessa ethnic Eritreans which are 80% of the population of Eritrea today and the majority of the arm forces are none kebessa Eritreans. Issayas already told the commandos of TPDM what it mean to him the presence and strength of TPDM, he told them he does not trust any General or civilian ministers other than TPDM and he assigned them in every places in the cities of Eritrea where to station and protect every Government installations and kill demonstrators seen in street with out any hesitation. If any uprising to start either from the military or civilians, TPDMS are the first units to be deployed in the street of Asmara, Massawa and other very important places with the help of high position Tigrayan origin like Issayas Eritreans to kill mercilessly Eritrean armies or civilians.

    2. Having strong TPDM within the sight of Issayas is very important for him if there is uprising against Meles/EPRDF in Ethiopia to send TPDM with the help of his military units to control the situation in Tigray region and advance to Addis Ababa and other region of Ethiopia with the help of TPDM to control Ethiopia and install someone his liking person as the leader of Ethiopia and loot Ethiopian wealth to build his dream Eritrea nation in the future. He knows that with out the help of Tigrayans he will not able to cross Tigray and do anything in the Amhara and other part of Ethiopia. Issayas also thinks that TPDM is the only organization can neutralize the strength of Woyane and replace it by his recruited group to serve Eritrea as the sole decider of for all Tigrigna speaking people. Remember Issayas is using the same method to eliminate Woyane as he did to ELF or JIBHA using Woyane on his side and drove ELF from Eritrea soil for good.

    3. Issayas knows that with out the backbone of Tigray people Meles or Woyane could not rule Ethiopia and creating strong army of Tigrayans will scare Woyane and Meles can make concession to Issayas demands and normalize both leaders in the future. Also TPDM and other ethnic Ethiopian groups in Eritrea can be used as bargain cheap to get rid of Issayas opponents from the Ethiopian soil.

    I like to mention that someone posted both Meles and Issayas have opposition groups but both of them have not committed to help fighting effectively against the other is not by design by both sides. In Issayas situation if he pushes like TPDM or EPPF Woyane will decide to go after him once for all and it will be his end of his regime since the majority of Eritreans are begging Meles to start war against Eritrea. Therefore, Issayas rather keep TPDM for the above three options I outlined.

    Where as the main reason Meles does not want to help Kunama, Saho, Afar or Tigre is because it is he against Meles’s sole life long dedication of creating viable independent nation of Eritrea including all the nine ethnics of Eritreans under one unit that includes Assab port as part of Eritrea. If Meles supports Kunama, Saho, Afar, Tigre, all of them will demand to separate from Kebessa Eritreans and all them will join Ethiopia except Tigre and it is going to be the end of Eritrean independent nation which is Meles and Sebhat do not like to see in their lives. I strongly believe and said many times that one of the reason Meles wants to stay in power in Ethiopia is to make sure other Ethiopian leaders will not retake either the whole Eritrea or the Afar region. Meles knows that with out him the Afar region if not all will be part of Ethiopia as soon as he steps down from power. MEDREK already stated that they will not rest until the bring back the Afar region not just Assab but the Afar region up to South of Massaw that may include Saho and if Saho and Afar are gone, I do not see Kunama will remain with Eritrea either.

    The bottom line, any Ethiopian who really concern the plight of the people today and the future of Ethiopia interest and unity should abandoned working with Shaebia and join MEDREK the most realistic and potent organization to lead and resolve all the problems the country is facing at present time, specially the resolving the internal war with OLF, ONLF, Al shebab, Shaebia and most importantly Egypt and using Abay River in the near future in a meaningful way. MEDREK has the capacity to galvanize the entire citizen of Ethiopians and do very big national projects to be self sustained nation and strong united of Ethiopia.


    Some people on this website scared of creating Abay Tigray, in my opinion it should not scare anyone except Shaebia that is way the created map and spreading it and preaching about it day and night to scare mostly Eritreans so that they can stick with Issayas and scare Amhara for the disintegration of Ethiopia unity in the future. I believe that if there is Abay Tigray in the future that includes Eritrean Tigrigna speaking people and the Eritrean region will be under the control of Tigray as one group in the Federal union of Ethiopia which means the stabilization of strong one united Ethiopia from the tip of Ras Kassa Sahel to the Moyale and the end of mercenaries to foreign Ethiopia enemies specially Egypt and Sudan for ever. The stronger Ethiopia unity the better chance of using Abay River with out any one’s threat from foreign countries like Sudan and Egypt. If the current status remains in place, there is a good chance Ethiopia may not use Abay River effectively as it desires due to the threat from Egypt and Sudan via Eritrea cooperation. The Ethiopian people should make strong effort to create Abay Tigray in order to control Eritrea under the Federal Government of Ethiopia, no brainier.

    Do you like to see Eritrea region under the control of Shaebia the mercenaries of all Ethiopian enemies or under the control Tigray as one region and be an Ethiopian Red Sea????

  49. Terefe_Demissie on


    You put it correctly!

    “…a corrupt mid-ranking Eritrean official named Col. Fitsum, who is assigned to advise Ethiopian opposition groups, has ran amok and it seems the Eritrean government is unwilling to control him.”

    Do u still believe that the Eritrean govt. does nothing to do with this? The col. is doing it with the blessing from Esayas and Eritrean govt. Period!

  50. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I always take this website and its editors first as journalists in a peculiar situation. I said ‘peculiar’ due to the fact that they are prohibited from being read and seen back home. They may also have been on the ‘wanted’ list by the black ‘Gestapo’ in that sad part of the world. I would like to think and make myself a believer that this dissentience is all the work of one ‘rogue’ mid-level official. If that is the case then that young country has lost its ways and is in governing disarray. But I don’t think so. I think those around EPPF and others in similar predicament should thank the Eritrean authorities for what the good support they have provided them so far and part ways, if that is all possible and not too late. I also don’t think that any opposition group with an ‘Ethiopian’ agenda would go down well with such a political setting that had found success by organizing and launching a protracted brutal war against this very entity known as ‘Ethiopia’. More than what they already learned during their bitter 30-year independence war, the last 1998-2000 war has taught them another bitter lesson. Such united ‘Ethiopia’ will not be a ‘safe’ and ‘soothing’ song for them. It would be a miracle if that is not the case. I also hope and pray that I would be wrong in thinking that those individuals who disappeared or thrown in jail will ever see the sunlight again. I hope I am wrong.

    There is a lot of news to report about the Diaspora here and every where along with what is going on back home.

  51. Wechewgud on

    Elias(hope you post this) people,

    God bless you for this information and not keeping us in the dark. Great intelligence gathering. What seems to happening is several things at once. We must NOT put our eggs in one basket. So those opposing Isaya’s collaboration, I say, you still don’t know how the politics goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Look, U.S befriends secretly with its enemies because there is mutual relationship. To not allow any opposition groups in Ethiopia for any purpose means opening the door for weakening Ethiopia. If it is possible, Ethiopian struggle weather they are staying on enemy’s land or not must take a risk. Ethiopia’s struggle must continue at any cost not only from its neighbors (Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, even to nations that are not surrounding her to strengthen those who are struggling from the Ethiopia’s neighbors) So I understand what Elias is doing. If would have been possible, also to bring genuine peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Apparently, the division between Ethiopia and Eritrea, especially being brainwashed by Shaebia and Weyane, these (Ethiopians and Eritreans) once strong people that were like family are now divided and weakened. In addition, it has now come to the point Eritrea by collaborating with Weyane and outsiders could completely destroy Ethiopia, for ideology that they might unite only the ethnic groups of their interest. What Elias posted above is a clear evidence and many possibilities:
    1. Isayas is probably listening to the Agenda of the West that if he abide by this Meles and Isayas could rule the Horn.
    2. It is possible Weyane and Shaebia are pursuing their long term plan by dividing the people of Ethiopia against eachother and destroying the unity of Ethiopia which is not being done systematically. What Elias posted is very clear that Shaebia under this Fitsum guy do not want a strong Ethiopians opposition army but allows TPDM and ONLF to be stronger. It is because ONLF wishes to break apart from Ethiopia therefore,Shaebia is speeding this up. Weyane might be in kahoots also by pretending it is fighting ONLF but in fact, it does support its secession. So, Shaebia is doing the dirty work for Weyane. Let us not forget also, Arabs and West are talking to ONLF because it has resources. Are they going to support ONLF like they did South Sudan to break Ethiopia apart? That remains to be seen.
    3. Shaebia even though it is not affecting TPDM, it is not breaking or harassing TPDM why is that? It is because it is one ethnic group army that could be by the way not necessarily anti Weyane but anti Meles. It is probably joining Shaebia also for greater Tigray. Why EPPF being harassed? It is obvious because it embraces unity of all Ethiopians. As a result this Fitsum guy is making sure there is no unity that later makes Ethiopia stronger against Eritrea. What does this tells us is that Eritrea has never been honest in making really peace with Ethiopians in the first place and want to continue the divide and conquer of Ethiopians. Little do they know that the division will also affect Eritrea one way or the other. So Shaebia is actually doing the work of Weyane/Meles by weakening our opposition gorup therefore weakening Ethiopia. Why is Kemal Gelchu harassed because he is pro Ethiopia. In sum, we Ethiopians must always know that this is going to happen, those who didn’t must be naive in the first place. However, we got to do what we got to do as I explained above that opposition groups are important to be near Ethiopia against enemies of Ethiopia no matter the risk.

    God bless Ethiopia

  52. quindibu on

    The explantation for Ethiopia’s predicament is Eritrea; and beleiving you’re pure white and the other side pitch black is a disease that has no cure among Ethiopia’s intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals. The evidence? Look at the recent articles of Elias. Conveniently ignoring the accusations that have been levelled on him, he’s been harping the same music about the ‘rogue’ Colonel. Implicitly though he’s telling us, without him, the reformed EPPF is the stooge of the Eritrean government; implicitly he’s telling us he’s the litmus test of Ethiopiawinet. His simplistic and juvenile approaches to complex issues however, are not Elias’ monopoly, it’s a malady among Ethiopians.
    Hey Elias, By the way,I’ve a new name for you to add on your list of people who are missing in action. How about your brave pilot Bezuneh Beyene. Remember him?

  53. Anonymous on


    ሰላም ለሁሉም:

    የገረመኝ ነገር ቢኖር ኤልያስ ለአንድ ዓመት ሙሉ ከመጋረጃው በስተጀርባ ሆኖ በሚስጥር ጥረት ሲያደርግ ለኛ የሚያወራን ግን ውሽት መኆኑን ነው:: ለመሆኑ ሌላው ቢቀር ይህንን ድረ-ገጽ ተዓማኒነት ለመጠበቅ እንኩዋን እውነታውን መግለጽ ለምን አልተፈለገም:: ይህንን ድረ-ገጽ አምኖ ጊዜውን ሰውቶ ለመጣ አንባቢ ወቅቱን የጠበቀ ዕውነታ በማቅረብ ሰብዓዊ ክብሩን የጠበቀ መረጃ ለማግኘት አልታደለም:” ወቅቱን ያልጠበቀ መረጃ, መረጃ መሆኑ ቀርቶ ታሪክ ይሆናል “( ለጊዜው ስሙን የረሳሁት ጋዜጠኛ እንዳለው):: በዚህ ወር ውስጥ ከዚህ ዌብ ሳይት ሁለት ነገሮችን ተምሬአለሁ:: 1. ለኛ የሚተላለፈው መረጃ ሁሉ ዕውነታ ሳይሆን አዘጋጆቹ እንደ መሰላቸው የሚያቀርቡትን ሃተታ ብቻ ይዞ የሚወጣ መሆኑ
    2. ባለፈው ወር መግቢያ ላይ ያቀረባችው ሁለት በፎቶ የታገዙ ጽሁፎች ዕውነት እንዳልሆኑ በሌሎች ሲገለጽ እና ማስረጃ ሲቀርብባቸው ወዲያውኑ ከድረ-ገጹ ማስወገድ ናቸው::
    ጥሎብኝ ለኤልያስ ታልቅ ክብር ነበረኝ, ያላቸውን ሁሉ እያየሁ ለስው ስደስኩር ዓይኔን አላሽም ነበር ሆኖም ዛሬ ማመን ከማይገቡኝ ጥቂት ሰዎች ውስጥ እንደሆነ ተገንዝቤዋለሁኝ:: እስቲ ደሞ ወደሌሎች ድረ-ገጾች ዞር ዞር ልበል::

    ለመሆኑ የዘንድሮው የኢትይጵያ ሪቭው” የዓመቱ ሰው” ማን ይሆን? ፕ/ት ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ እንደማይሆኑ ተስፋ አደርጋለሁኝ::

    በያለንበት ቸር ይግጠመን


  54. Lucy in America on

    Elais, TPDM HAS BEEN FIGHTING AGAINST MELES. WATCH IT. what is wrong with man/ We know col fistum bounced both zewudalem kebede who considered him self as EPPF king, meleke, demise belete and you. for that reason you came out with big stick aganist those who were your year person before. think before and apply in action.

  55. To Wey Gud

    Who told you that Amharas are the only one’s who read Ethiopian Review and write comments? If you want to know the truth most visitors of the Ethiopian Review are Eritreans. You must be either one of those individuals infected by Woyanne tribal policy or a Woyanne cadre who wants to deceive others. Please also note that there are so many tragic stories that take place in our beloved country that do not necessarly invite visitors to a discussion or a debate. Please grow up!

    May God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea

  56. Suture on

    Would any Eritrean think you guys are in Eritrea just because you like us? Nobody would think that. You want something from us and we want something from you. if you don’t like the Eritrea offer then get out. You don’t even hate woyanne because of the way they govern, but because of their ethnicity. Remember, you have never fought a war alongside of us but gains us., so put up or shut-up.

  57. Gudissa on

    If it is true, no more hope.betam asdengachi neger new.TPDM yemibalew zim bilo neber malet new?

  58. Elias, thank you so much for your detailed analysis of this important issue. My question is, like a number of others above, where is Esayase Afworkie when all these things going on? Is he sleeping or masturbating ??? Let me give the answer myself. Esayase wants a weakened and frustrated opposition forces for Ethiopia .

  59. Elias you are confused now because you have followed a very weird politics for a long time. Even now, you do not want to admit your mistake, and have the gut to say the real culprit is Isayes after all. No, you need a scapegoat, to still keep your idol to remain as is: an idol. But Elias if Esayes is an idol, the worshipers are delusional. I know for a long time that your politics sucks. Very juvenile to be exact. I hoped and said to myself one day this guy will mature, politically I mean, considering the time you have spent concerning Ethiopian politics. But I am losing hope on that aspect rapidly. Do you blame me? You still believe Isayes and Ethiopian opposition parties complement so that replacing EPDRF will be practical. It will never, I repeat, never happen that way. If there will be political change in Ethiopia, it comes from Ethiopians with no support from your idol.

  60. i hear you Dr. Bekagn on

    People – listen to what Dr. Bekagn has to say. Don’t just negate one another. To my reading, Dr. Bekagn has given us the whole truth in a plain language that makes sense, logically plausible that’s in the minds of most sensible individuals who follow the situation in Ethiopia and Eritrea. I would probably argue Dr. Bekagn has some insider insight or better understanding of the situation, which otherwise he could not have made such characterizations.

    the EEFF thing could be a far-fetched thing. The thing, however, each of us – north and south of the mereb river – should fight our respective enemy (meles and issays) on our own terms without any support whatsoever from the two regimes in power. if and when we succeed to remove the two tyrants, we can then meet to build a new political architecture that serves the interests of both people. Yes, we can not tell what Eritreans need to do. For us, Ethiopians, however, we need to wake up and come to our senses – get out of Eritrea – don’t seek refugee in Eritrea soil. Use our own valleys and forests and mountains to wage the struggle. If not, we continue to cry foul again and again. We have glorious past and there is so much lesson to draw from it.

  61. Dr. Bekagn Alegezam on

    I would like to know what type of smoke you are smoking. You belive organization like mederk, which is run by failed states men such as essey aberha will bring any meaningful change? you must be on crack my brother. Those guys had their chance and failed, they can’t even out manuver Melese who played them like a full right on their face. And you think this people have the forsight to be bring change?? are you for real?, I take my chances on US, which are the people who are fade up with this people. Again I still see some poeple not seeing the BIG picture and talking about if war breaks out with ERitrea and Ethiopia, GUYS I WILL TELL YOU, THERE WILL NOT BE A WAR BREAKING OUT BETWEEN ERITREA AND ETHIOPIA AS LONG AS ISSAYS AND MELESE ARE IN POWER. READ MY LIPS, yes this is the fact, no war, they have made a peaceful pact it says NO WAR NO PEACE. This way, issays gets to enslave his people under the banner of national service, this poor people are working for Free, full filling issays’s dream. while Melese keeps robbing the country in broad day light, full filling his whole life time plan of accumalating wealth. you guys are giving this two guys much credit when you think, they plan to keep the country divided this that, their mission is very simple, this are two individulas that have their own agenda. MELESE just wants to make money at any coast, selling land, take part of the aid money, open bussiness under various fictious companies, even steal over 12000 tons of coffee, steal GOLD, heck even sell kids under the name of adaption, him and his wife are in the bussiness of making money at the expense of 80 million people that is the only thing melse cares about. As for Issays, all he cares about is not money, that man is so crazy he does not even care if he wears a soaks, ALL issays, actualy he is alergic to money, he hates any one that is rich, he hates any one that has money, the only thing that gives him pleasure is when he see, people suffer. He gets a kick out of people just digging whole, so he truly belives through his delusional brain that socialism is the way forward and HE and oNLY HE ALONE can show the world that socialism works, so there you have it, this is the driving force for this two leaders that is keeping them in power. Like I said before, it is quite simple they both need each other to do what they are doing, GUYS can’t you see, this two men are 110% succesfful in what they set out to do , they are both happy , becuase in life this two men are doing exactly what they both want. What more can they ask, and here we are arguing about all kind of garabe ideas this that, wake up. The don’t read the script and illusions Melese and Issays have created for us, this people are dangerous to all man kind, they must be dealt with ASAP and ERASED from exsistence to do this Eritreans and Ethiopans must join hands, we have to join hands for both of us are suffering in different ways from this TWO SICK DICTATORS.

  62. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I have been wrestling with myself after reading here the story of ‘TPDM’ and another article of the same group on this website a few months ago. I followed the link here and read their program written in English. I read it again and again to make sure I did not miss any important material. My question is why the need to organize as an ethic front when the objectives shown in the political program as ‘Ethiopian? In this day and age after so much rights have been obtained pertinent to oppressed ethnic peoples, the national question has rendered itself superfluous unless the real agenda is the an unannounced objective of destructive ‘country’ making. This is even more true when it comes to the Tigray national question. I am honestly troubled by this. May be brothers Elias and AL G/Mariam would be at mercy to give me an enlightening explanation how it can be justified. Right is right and wrong should be told as wrong.
    N.B. This may not be an issue but their program in English is wrought with grammatical and spelling errors. I am not qualified to critique their programme in Amharic.

  63. bountykilla on


  64. Anonymous on

    It looks like you prefer to keep your friendship with your Eirtrean friends than saving the lives of thousands of Ethiopian patriots in Eirtrea. Let me tell you all something Ethiopia and Eirtrean oficialls dine and wine together in foreign countries and talk on the phone overnight. Their only aim is to rule their respective poor people.

  65. (anten bilo) Elias, … If you blame the colonel for whatever is happening, you are claiming that your “man-of-the-year” is democrat; which makes you the only bone-head in the planet (next to himself) to think so. Wake up and use your “popularity” to do something positive to your country before you die. Geltu.

  66. Dr Yassin Omer on

    #64 Dr. Bekagn Alegezam says:

    You must be unemployed and depressed remnants of the DERG regime. Your analysis lucks deep knowledge of the Eritrean people. Please talk about your landlocked country, and leave alone my beloved country Eritrea and its leadership.
    You are funny, join hands with whom? The remnants of the DERG like you? My friend you really underestimate my people. I am in the opposition camp and strongly oppose the Isseyass regime. The main reason why most educated Eritreans in diaspora oppose Isseyass is his handling the war in 2000. He suspends top shaebiya generals during the 2000 war with your country. I was there in the battle unlike you but pissed off with Isseyass after the war and run away from Eritrea in 2004. I am a strong advocator of weak or dead Ethiopia let alone work with you. I would rather serve Isseyass as a slave for the rest of my life rather than work with Amharu. Eventhough Tigrians betray us in the last decade but would prefer than you. Please educate yourself about the Eritrean people. We have no problem with tigray people but with Meles ONLY! UNSEAT MELES is our goal! And substitute with another Tigreans or weak Ethiopia is in the best interest of Eritrea.
    Most Ethiopians think if war broke out with Eritrea, Meles might go after Isseyass and invade Eritrea. First of all, we have 400,000 soldiers inside and 200,000 outside Eritrea; we can easily organize and attack Ethiopia from within and Sudan. Second, most Ethiopians doesn’t know, that war will also be the end of Ethiopia. The main reason is that Ethiopia doesn’t have military in south and is vulnerable to military attack from anywhere. No more defensive strategy. I like this new strategy of the Eritrean government, if he continues like that I might join him sooner than later. This poor doctor of sociology thinks Eritreans will join him. Stop Asseb issue! Period!
    Halafi Mengedi is Abreha Belay from Raya Azebo (10%Tigray and 80%Oromo)! He should support for OLF rather than Tigreans.

  67. Anonymous on


    As most of the commets point out , please learn from your mistke. All what is happening now in your political world should make you more smarter and stonger as long as you stay geniuen. Please abondon your support for erteria and foucus only about ethiopia. Elias, again as most of the comments point out you still have time and chance to come back but be frank ” It is not the colonel but it is the Ertrian governemnt behined” If you can not see this I don’t know how you can run a poletical web site.As I understand you ( I may be wrong) you work hard to bring peace , freedom and prosperity to the ethiopian peopel but the path you followed was wrong, but you still have time to adjust. Mistakes made peopel smarter if they are cosidered as a lesson. Please turn back be smart and continue doing what you have been doing.

  68. Wedi Hager on

    Let me try to be honest but clear, as long as the Ethiopian opposition groups are supported by Eritrea, once in a while they are going to be dictated by Eritrea. I remember in the 1970s the EPLF’s foreign secretary, the late Osman Salih Sabe, was living in Syria and was fully backed by the Syrian government, they were dictating the eritrean revolution from Syria, and they even tried to create Bath’s party inside the Eritrean revolution. The same goes for the Sudenese government who were also trying to dictate the outcome of the revolution. As long as the revolution is in the mercy of some countries, those countries will protect thier interests by manipulating the revolution’s principal. At that time Issayas Afwerki disconnected his relationship with those countries and led the revolution inside Eritrean among his own people eating wedi aker, unlike other Eritrean leaders who tried to lead the revolution while in the arms of other countries. The Eritrean revolution succeeded because Issayas Afwerki never sold the principle of the revolution to other countries. As long as the Ethiopian opposition fighters get their military uniform, weapons, supplies, finiancial support and their leaders enjoy Issayas Afwerki’s lasagna and spaghetti bolegnese in Asmara, of course the Eritrean government is goin to dictate the Ethiopian oppositions parties. If you would like to be independent from Eritrean influence and own your own agenda, you must locate your fighters and leaders inside Ethiopia. And gain the support you need from your own people.
    Long live the friendship between the Eritrean and Ethiopian people. Solidarity forever.

  69. i have writted so many comments on this web stie none which have been posted.elias you are big disgrace who posts only what he wants.
    you should have put that on your editorial policy that we don’t waste our time writing comments.

  70. Alebachew on

    semu sewoch. ertra motew tenfwaqew new ezi yederesut. egna lememot lemesewat zegeju aydelenim meselegn. weyane b-radio propoganda aywedqim. zare 99% ashenefyalew belwal. nege demo 100% lenen new. mot ande new. hodamochu demo eyateramesu meguress honwal negeru. ere beqa. yebeqal.

  71. Suture on

    #71 Dr Yassin Omer says: Tell them bro. Honestly I don’t know how we can put into their stone head that Eritreans,regardless of their differences, are always ready to defend their nation. Once adgi always adgi. woyanne can not start war because he know what the outcome will be, so do you bluffers .

  72. WEY gud on

    I think we have problem here, let us stop blaming and counter blaming people. I do have an idea how we can solve this problem as easy as 1,2,3 Just expel all Ethiopian oppositions out of Eritrea and expel all Eritrean oppositions out of Ethiopia.

  73. Tazabi! on

    I appreciate Dr. Bekagn’s statement. Dr. Bekagn knows the hidden story of both dictators(Meless and Esayas).Their hidden secrete was discovered(was taken in memory)by the Weyane security head Kinfe G.medhen when Meless and Esayas met in Saudi Arebia secretely after the war of Badme, But Kinfe has already gone with his secrete story. After his death, all his secrete documents are burned by despot Meless. The other most important thing I understand from Dr. Bekagn writing is the great mistake made by Guenbot-7, that is their members lists given to Shaebia. Because of this our Ethiopian heroes like general Tefera and others are languish in the Weyane prison under false accusation of coupdeta.I am wonderful, how G-7 trusts shaebia? especially Andargachew Tsige may have some knowledge of the two groups because he served as a member with EPRDF for a long time.Please, G-7,don’t trust Shaebia as Dr. Bekagn told us Shaebia and Weyane have hidden agenda that yet known by most innocent Ethiopians.
    Finally, I thanked the editor Elias Kifle for the work you do for all ofus.

  74. Yineger on

    Thank you Elias for realizing at last what we Ethiopians have been telling you. The Colonel is driving our people over the cliff. But what you didn’t said was that the Colonel takes order from Esayas to break down the Ethiopian fighters in tribal line and frustrates them to death…

  75. tezibt on

    Thank you Elias. I know u r my type of guy – stubbornness. Over all I really like u and I feel sorry for the fact that honesty + stubbornness = misery and I can see u suffering. With out being stubborn I find it hard and I don’t know how u r making it. U r my alula + melaku beyan. I love u but I hate your stubbornness. Well we all got negatives. It is ok. Don’t ever get that dog get u though. You know what I mean though.

  76. wey gud on

    #76 is not my comment ,but I see it under my nic before even been aprrvied to be posted this is bizzar, just like,elias

  77. Tazabi! on

    Dr. Bekagn, I want to say something about the forming of EEFF. Your idea is awesome, but as we Ethiopians have the ability to form our own fighters there is no need to form with Eritreans. Because eritreans have greater problems than Ethiopians. They are divided in more than ten fronts.And second is it is not our aim to form a new Eritrean front,incase if you try you will never find any one. At this time the only Eritrean oppositions are found in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, simply they are watching their boss meless Zenawi. They don’t have fighters or supporters in Eritrea. There fore, Dr. Bekagn forget the forming of a front with eritreans,but why not we Ethiopians form a united Ethiopian fighters in our soil in four directions of the country? In my opinion,you look like a politically important person, so it is important to exchange ideas with the leaders of G-7 because at this time we all Ethiopians, who live inside and outside the country, are waitng them lead us to fight and throw the facist Weyane regime from our country. Thank you for all your contributions to the Ethiopian people.
    With support of our God Ethiopia will save.

  78. Tezibt on

    NO. 77

    Is no 77 smoking Ganja? What the hell are you talking about? I have used this nick name for ever. Unless you are smoking the wrong stuff or you got rebbies you should stay away from me. “just like,elias” what does just like Elias means? I am quoting your mentioning of Elias. You may need to see a psychiatrist. If you are a normal person you would not post the manifestation of your bizzar character. No wonder why we have so many lunatics. Back of buddy!!!

  79. Tsaaga Luul Kiros 1978 on

    I would like to ask Tazabi or Halafi Mengedi (all are from Aigaforum)You can make you a lazy boy if you want like other from Tigria do but you can’t be an Ethiopian just for today abd what you hell are you think you are to lure whole smart Ethiopians you from savage DiDiBit jungal.stop your pitty mouth now.
    forget about Eritrea ,Eritrean are not your your low life as you did before.

  80. Axumawi on

    Mr. Dr.Bekagn,
    I agree with most of your points, however I’m amazed how you failed to notice the fact that Isayas is as greedy for money or worse.
    Just these 2 points can speak the volume of his greediness
    1, you just remind me the worst story I ever heard in my life, how isayas took off the gold-teeth of eritreans mostly mothers mothers for hard currency during his war with meles. That is beyond greediness to me and make him the greediest of all the greediest to make people toothless for money.
    2, Don’t you think it’s his greediness tha Isayas has made eritrea the only country where every citizen who lives abroad has to pay 2% percent of his income to isayas, in order for him/her to be able to go back to his country? How ridiculously greedy is that ? to force someone pay you money in order to visit his own country and family ? again it is just beyond greediness…

    Another point that I found a little suspicious is, how you described and elevated isayas as an intelligent person and went too far putting him as a main player who even trained meles … Unfortunately this is a song constantly played here by shabias who are 24/7 on the net trying to tell the world that their leader is smart too just by associating him as “meles trainer” which is completely a no-brainer reasoning but understandable as isayas is considered a fool to many of his pears around the world, let alone being a main player.
    I wish you listen to some of isayas’ speeches and tell us if that man really is able to train some one. No need to go 40 yrs back to justify that he is not.

  81. Opinionated! on

    What´s strange is though, why the EPPF leadership inside Ethiopia haven´t come out with a statement about this? I bet they know a lot about what we don´t know and maybe agree with the steps the eri-govt. is taking. Secondly, do we know if these ppl, claimed to be under arrest, are not infiltrated by outside forces like the wey-and or even the USA and that eritrea with the approval of the EPPF inside Ethiopia is taking these measures? The way the people “arrested” are portrayed here, it seems they´re incapable of mistakes or sins. Thirdly, I thought Elias was a kinda “press” for the EPPF and not one of it´s leadership to dare ask the Eri govt. for an explanation as if he´s their equal in strength AND doing it in broad daylight instead of at least asking them in confidence. He says he knows a lot of people of influence in Eritrea, after all. So why not go after this discreetely first? Now that he blew the story out of proportions and offered ultimatums to the Eri govt. he blocked the way forward. I don´t know if he´s an amateur or a flip flopper!

  82. Gude Ekonew on

    Dr. Yasin,

    You hate Amharu and you still come in Addis as a refugee and take advantage of your Tigrean cousins and act as master. You so called Hamessans have big problem, GURA.

    Your Gura is killing you. Here in the Diaspora you have no one except yourself a freind. Your hate campaign against Amharu is eating you within inside.

    The only crime of Amharu is fighting for Independent Ethiopia not allowing foreign invaders to put their foot on our soil.

    You have been “free” for two decades now, show us your accomplishment, nothing. You are now known for dying escaping “free Eritrea”. With or without Isaias you have big problem, hate of Amharus.

    “Ethiopia Yehulachene Eritrea Yegelachen” is dead, smell the Ethiopian Coffee once you happen to export without shame. Do you guys know shame ?

  83. Dr. Bekagn Alegezam on

    Dr Yassin Omer , I want to respond to you because, you seem to be living in an illussion filled world. Let me shade some light, I hope you would benfit from this. Frist know that, fact has its own reality you may attempt to deny it, but in the end, Fact is stubborn. Reading your comment, I am rather convinced that you are not ERITREAN. I can almost say that with 100% certaintiy. I arrive at that conclussion becuase you don’t have a centeral theam to what you are saying but you are jumping up and down with an attempt to creat this iedea that Eritreans hate Ethiopians thus you want other readers here to think, badly of ERitrea, that trick comes not from a true ERitrean but from some one that hates Eritrea, and you know who those are, so I am not even going to tell you where you are becuase now you know exactly what am talking about. So just know we know who you are okay, so take it easy, this childish treak won’t work any more. But for the sake of argument let us assume you are Eritrean as you say you are, let me show you the contradictions of your statment, in one breath you talk that you are opposition camp, in another you say you rather be slave to ISSAYS. but yet you have defected from issays. So as a defector of your leader, and as some one who seem to hate melese, where is your opositon movment based from? let me guess at home. you see, Eritrean oppostion if there are any, at the moment are just opportunists, they are not real oppositions, they are parked in addis, eating with melese, they are just a means to an end for Melese. I am not going to waste time talking about if war breaks with eritrea and ethiopia becuase it is not going to. not now, now while melse is in power. You don’t even understand your leader very well, you actually supported my argument with out you even undrestanding what you are saying. You said, you left Issays cause in 2000 war you were disapointed for him firing the GENERALRS. lol that is so lougphable, why do you think he fired them? that is because Issays is not working for you, HIM and melese thought they were just having a skerimish that was suppose to be a pretend war, but the poor generals on both side who didn’t get the real memo of the war, wanted to really fight, so you saw the result, wake up and harnes your self with facts and reality rather than empty bravado, that has only let you to starvation and defeacting the very leader and country you supposedly support and want to salve for, though you have run away from sawa. And as for that war in 2000, if it was not for melese on 11th hr, did you forget the Ethiopian army was in BARENTU. not badme, not zalanmbesa, this are border towns, THEY WERE IN BARENTU WAY DEEP INSIDE ERITREAN LAND, I wonder where the 400,000 thousand solidgers where? The third round war took 3 days to foild ERitrea, my friend it took less than 72 hrs, there is a saying in amharic ” Telba binchacha , Band Mukecha” so that is the fact okay don’t keep deluding your self to something that is not the reason, let me even giving information you have not heard before, on the third round of war, when the Ethiopian solidgers marched on Barentu and when they were with in 40 Killometer from Asamara about to embarck on the city like a christhmass light, there was a frantic phone call from asmara to addis abeba, I will try to summerize the phone call for you: Melese is seating in his office his secertary says there is a call for you sir, coming from a frantic man, he says patch it in. Melese goes” Hello man lebel” issays on tigraya on the other side he said it on tigraye i am translating it in amharic ” Ante sewye menkaha, lechersgn new ende,”he is talking very fast breathing 30 per minute, kuna kuna eye tenfese, what are you doing, asmera legebu eko new. Melese goes” Issays tergaga, Ayzoeh tinsh yene wotaderoch moralachew tenesto ke kuteter ej hedewal, gin ayszho atefera, I will call press conference now and call off the war. Issays goes please do this soon very soon. Melese goes, ayzoeh ende teregaa, I will do that endetengagerenw, now just call UN put some white flag and Meet me in alegeria will finsh the rest there, but aysoezh will end the war now. Rummor has it , issays had to put a diapper then cause he couldn’t even control his bowels, so my friend, that is the fact okay, but you have to understand, even though all kid of ugly things you say, What is important for Ethipians and ERitreans is to work together becuase we are bound to be living in the same corrners of the world. So people have to rise up beyond this simeple hate they have for each other and look at what is most important in order to change the lives of the people they care about. Eritreans are coming by the thousand every year to Ethiopia defecting, for a better life, and I am very happy to see them come home, and even go to university in addis abeba. More eritreans are today defecting eritrea to Ethiopian than any part of the world, becuase they have realized food is in Ethiopia, though it is to sad that it took 20 years of abuse to realize that, we still wellcome you with open arms and will continue to well come you with open arms. I will tell you why we do that, becuase you don’t know what youare doing that is why. when they crucified Jesus on the cross, he looked up to the heavens and said, ” O father, why have you forsaken me, Forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing” and preaty much it is like that. So my friend stop deluding your self with fals reality and the sooner you accept what is and not what is not, the sooner you will be okay.
    Comment by MR. TAZABI. Thank you my brother, And I do know we have to have our own front ofcourse, we are not going to form a new front for Eritrea, that was not my intention, but we have to work together, behind every ones rethoric the realy is very clear, The people of Eritrea are getting screwed by Issays, and the people of Ethipoa are getting screwed by priminster Melese. that is the fact, we are all in pain, the sooner we work togther the sooner we can get rid of our pain once and for all, Guys stop hating each other, becuase I don’t know if you have realized it but both people are amont the most poorest nation on EARTH. hate our lack of education to our people, hate our poverty, hate those who have subjected us to live under sub human conditions, to fire and put your anger on other place, especially on other people that are just suffering like you, is absured to say the least!!!!!!! I hope we all wish for a better understanding in year 2011. Let the poverty of good will, and poverty of understanding comes to an end, and an era of cooperation, coexistance with mutual respect and love comes to our corrner of the world, and may the enmies of Ethiopia and Eritrea (namely Issays and MELESE) be ERRASED from the face of the earth, O LORD let this year be the year.!!!!!! happy new year every one.

  84. Yakito on

    #71-Rd Yassin Omer:

    Your silly hatred of Amharas is just that — SILLY. It is the result of shabian propaganda that you were fed over the years. It is also an outcome of a deep-seated and ongoing Eritrean inferiority complex that has been building up within your nefarious Eritrean brain. For all we care, we Amaras hate you back as well, so I have no problem with that. Who would care for an eritrean snake like you and others anyway.

    What you showed in your comment is nothing new but the usual eritrean hate that has been poisoning and burning your little brain over the years. Any hate or any negative comment coming from a known banda and a sworn enemy of Ethiopia, will amount to nothing and will only show how petty and low you are. Therefore, don’t fool yourself thinking that we can’t through your fake chameleon nature. My closing advise is for you not to involve yourself on Ethiopians matters anymore, as you have a poor and a banana republic to look after. Remember, you wanted ‘independence’ and you got it. So, stay away and don’t trespass. Move on banda, and stay away from Ethiopians.

  85. Elias, you are an honest man. You are a patriotic person. I admire your moral strength. Keep up the good job. You are the MAN OF THE YEAR. Thank you very much for you hard work and dedication.

  86. Genene on


    The so-called TPDM is made of Tigringa speaking Eritreans who are disguised as Tigreans to cover up insurgency and guriella warfare in Tigray and other parts of Ethiopia by Eritrean forces. Despite the fact that there are Tigreans who oppose the Woyane regime, it is unlikely that Tigreans will side with the Eritrean government who not only maltreated and abused Tigreans but also committed war crimes by targeting children and other civilian installations in Tigray.

  87. Suture on

    #80, you got it wrong. Eritreans always proud of who they are. They don’t ask for more or less. Aren’t you little derg reminder, who is always crying for Asseb? All we are saying is that we don’t want you; just we want to be a good neighbor. Rather than that, we have our own land you have yours. woyanne and Derg are the same to us, but you guys hate to woyane more than you hate to derg. The reason is simple; woyanne, at least most of the military leaders are Tigreans. I have never thought I would agree this with woyanne, but the fact is, you have more free speech under woyane than under derg. If we, Eritreans, hate woyanne it is because they back stopped us, on the hope of capturing Asseb to please you so that they can stay in power.
    As for Mr. Elias, what he failed to mention on his first report, after he visited the front, was that TPDM is well organized front, have more fighters, and they can execute an effective attack on woyanne troops; instead he said EPPF were most organized, something to that nature. There was not mention of TPDM’s strength then. Suddenly Mr. Elias changed his word and telling us that TPDM have more fighters and are well organized. When I read Elias says TPDM are spending their time working on agriculture without pay, it made me to think what one, with no military experience, would have say had he/she visited Eritrean freedom fighters during our revolution. Would they say Eritrean fighters are spending their time working in agriculture, or like the TPLF said once, Eritreans are stationing in no man’s land with not clear objective? Pay freedom fighters? That is unheard of as they are fighting for cause not for money.
    Mr. Elias said few weeks ago, over 100 thousand woyanne solders are stationing in Tigray. Well, if that is the case, how can TPDM inflect heavy causality on the huge number of solders with sophisticated armors? It is impossible unless Mr. Elias saw over 50 thousand TPDM fighters with heavy military hardware. I suspect this is blackmailing TPDM.

  88. Treaty on

    Elias I thank you for presenting the existing internal problem between Shabia and Ethiopian armed groups.We need the truth at all times,and you deserv credit for speaking up.It is interesting to see that most Eritrians who were strong advocates of unity between Shabia and the forces being aided by it are bocming bitterly dis-apponted not for the wrong done by Shabian autorities but for the revelation made of the existence of such behavior.

    Neverthless, the revelation of this matter is absolutly important in our case.For it saves us great pain and heart ache from expecting something good will be turned out of the liberation fronts who in advertently appear to have fallen in to the hands of Shabia & TPLf leadership.In addition,this news is testing the sincerity of the advocats of unity with Shabia who with out making anycoast benefit assesment of the relationship they speak The question now is does any one see any common ground between those forces who demmand democracy,free speech ,and rule of law in Ethiopia/ Eritria on the one hand ,and the politics as represented by TPLF&Shabi on the the other ?The simple answer is no.The inner core of both parties long ago have made intelectual and emotional commitment to the ideology of their reespective parties.Unlike the view expresed by BEKAGN ALEGAEZAM these hard core cadres are not expected to be objective or raise any criticizm against the policy of their leaders.Instead, they will do every thing possible to keep the status quoremain undestrbed.
    Under such circumstancesthe the idea of removing weyane through the assistance obtained from Shabia was a misplaced expectation from the start ,and it needs to be severed now.Granted, that there is some level of friction between the two leaders and that each is training rival political dissidents in its own soil, yet this in itself is not enough reason that lead one to conclude that war between the tow parties is imminent.Beside the business of handling the relationship between the two parties entirely belongs to the two leaders.It becomes apparent then,we are up against not just Melese and I.A but also the represive political machines of Weyane and Shabia in which these leaders are in command.

    On the other hand, the forces for democracy in bothe Ethiopia/Eritria have much in common.They both are fighting to remove the dectatorial regime in their respective home state and need to co-operate their struggle against tyrany.

    More than this Ethiopians now need to look forward to see the need to train a multi national military experts and a small elite force on our own.What is required here is an absolute commitment to finance and train such limited force for self defence.The two leaders are not so much conserned about any force that claims to be opposing their rule being trained in their soil,so long these forces remain pawn to these leaders.By controling the lives of these movments,for this furniosh opportunity to demoralize the aspiration and resolve of the people to fight. The main treat to weyane rule is an independent multi national force trained by Ethiopians some where outside the sphere of weyane’s influence.

    We ask our leaders to take this matter seriously,make inventory of what is in the ground,train experts as well as a small force.In return, the rank need to be willing to make finacial and moral support for such undertaking.

  89. Elias, One visit in 2009 is not going to give you a clear picture nor make you an expert in TPDM.

    TPDM forces have been more lethal than ONLF on many occasions. And if you follow Eritrean media, TPDM continues to bleed woyane to death while PRESERVING its man-power. TPDM is focused on TRAINING and building the same military infrastruture that the EPLF once built before it became a powerful and efficient liberation force.

  90. ERITRAWI on

    This is to Genene,

    Who committed atrocities? Woyane or Shaebia? Who unearthed graves in Gash bark…. shaebia or Woyane? who raped old women as old as 60..Who hates our black eye? who bombed Asmara (though futile). Asmara never bombed by Alied Forces during 2nd world war. Asmara never bombed by DERG and Asmara was not bombed by Haile Selasie….. Guess what… Woyane tried to bomb it … is not it attrocities and war crime. Woyane committed more war crimes in Eritrea than in Ogaden…. History will reveal


  91. Elias, the truth is bitter it is hard to swallow. What the difference between EPPF and All Amhara organization. They don’t want to spill their own blood but they want to be leaders stay on the top by the expense of other ethnic group blood.

  92. Suture on

    To me you, Tezibt, are the one who is smoking Ganja. From what I can see, to this minute, unless you reading from different page, 77 is written under your name 76 is written under my name, which is waiting moderation. So, it looks like you are calling to yourselfer smoking ganja.

  93. Dr Yassin Omer on

    #84 Dr. Bekagn Alegezam says

    “I want to respond to you because, you seem to be living in an illussion filled world. Let me shade some light, I hope you would benfit from this.”
    Everybody knows that who is living in an illusion world? Are you for real? People like you are the most confused human beings on this planet. From your shallow writing and analysis you look obsessed with Eritrea and Isseyass. Try to fabricate stories about everything regarding Eritrea and Ethiopia. Your cheap propaganda about the war in 2000 is really laughable. Isseyass called Meles to SAVE him…. What a trash analysis. I know you would not believe this but it is a fact on the ground that happened in 2000 war. I was there stationed in Teseney with mechanized brigade. First of all, weyane`s intension was not about Teseney or Barentu as you stated to fabricate it. It is about Asseb! Period! They start the war in 5 fronts of the second WWI style humanwave (using Oromo as a cannon fodder) but lost big times in Asseb and Tserona. These two places are the most militarily strategic places in an all out war. The biggest mistake shaebiya does is they underestimate weyane and Ethiopians …… they did not prepare for an all out war since the contested border conflict war in badme ONLY! Once thousands after thousands march towards the PLAIN trenches — the biggest tactical strategy was to withdraw from the unsafe and uncomfortable places. The Ethiopians lost 170,000 Oromo while the Eritreans lost 19,000. We have done that in our history in 1978 when the DERG brings Russians, US, CUBA we left ¾ of our land and stationed in Sahel. Second, from Barentu to Asmara is around 240 km and the Ethiopian soldiers could have been buried in the desert of Akurder. Read history please …. It is not easy to teach Amhara because of too many fictitious stories in their head. But this is the FACT plain and simple.
    “Reading your comment, I am rather convinced that you are not ERITREAN. I can almost say that with 100% certaintiy.”
    I care less about my Identity and nationality my friend because I know who I am and who I belong too. I am just writing you assuming an Ethiopian. I care about your argument and analysis. Forget this issue it is crap propaganda of Amharu, Weyane etc.
    Assume I am an Eritrean! Period!
    “I arrive at that conclussion becuase you don’t have a centeral theam to what you are saying but you are jumping up and down with an attempt to creat this iedea that Eritreans hate Ethiopians thus you want other readers here to think, badly of ERitrea, that trick comes not from a true ERitrean but from some one that hates Eritrea, and you know who those are, so I am not even going to tell you where you are becuase now you know exactly what am talking about.”
    This is foolish my African friend. I came from Egypt oky because of my name is Yassin. You came from Madagascar too. The original people are people from the ancient Axum. Eritrea and part of the current Tigray people are the sole owners of the geez script, culture, etc. This current Ethiopia exists only 100 years ago with Menelik rise to power. Just tell me since when Eritrea was part of Ethiopia. Read history after the fall of Axum Eritrea was an independent land called Barhe- Negash and with often invasion of the Ottoman, Egypt, Italy Ethiopians etc. Read more and more about the history of Eritrea. Forget Asseb! Or swimming in the red sea!
    I am jumping from one topic to another. You are wrong; in fact you are the one does that. I said I left military because I have a strong stand on Ethiopia that parallels the fundamental people like you that want to invade Asseb. Asseb = nine mini states of Ethiopia to me. As long as the Amhara did not stop looking for Asseb we will not stop our policies from happening that. True Eritrean or else … this is crap and I don’t buy it.
    “But for the sake of argument let us assume you are Eritrean as you say you are…”
    I like that! No Eritrean is fool!
    Born and raised in Asmara Shikor! Travolo near Alaskala Hotel!
    “You see, Eritrean oppostion if there are any, at the moment are just opportunists, they are not real oppositions, they are parked in addis, eating with melese, they are just a means to an end for Melese”
    I am not an opportunistic or that crap Weyane beggar. I am a well fed family guy unlike you. Education, Money and Nationality please put aside. Talk about ideas and arguments.
    “I am not going to waste time talking about if war breaks with eritrea and ethiopia becuase it is not going to. not now, now while melse is in power.”
    Your true color comes! That is the main reason I hate Amharu. I am a strong advocator of strong stand on Ethiopia. Broke the backbone of the snakes
    No culture, except raw meat and Zeraf.
    “You don’t even understand your leader very well, you actually supported my argument with out you even undrestanding what you are saying.”
    I don’t care about what ever crap arguments except wipe from the earth those who argue the invasion of Asseb. In particular Ethiopian educated. No amhara in power for the coming 1000 tears. We know how snake you are guys during 2000 war. You support the crap weyane. You can call me narrow minded or else but that is my stand. Never again they will be slaves in Ethiopia forever. Weyane will be gone soon but will be replaced with TPDM. I hate Isseyass does not mean I hate my ancestral land Asmara. If war broke out in the near future which is likely after Meles or while Meles is in power I will join the military. What makes me surprise do you think Elias will change your Image about Ethiopia.
    “You said, you left Issays cause in 2000 war you were disapointed for him firing the GENERALRS. lol that is so lougphable”,
    May be you are retarded but shaebiya is not ONLY about Isseyass ….we Eritreans were disappointed with the reason he gave us to arrest and fire those brave Eritrean generals. They are die-hard Eritreans which advocate the dismantling of Ethiopia. Majority of Eritreans support them.
    “why do you think he fired them? that is because Issays is not working for you, HIM and melese thought they were just having a skerimish that was suppose to be a pretend war, but the poor generals on both side who didn’t get the real memo of the war, wanted to really fight, so you saw the result, wake up and harnes your self with facts and reality rather than empty bravado, that has only let you to starvation and defeacting the very leader and country you supposedly support and want to salve for, though you have run away from sawa.”
    Fired them because of their policy on Ethiopia and his long term strategy of human suffering of Ethiopians….. Just power struggle among them but he outsmart them. Very simple!
    I like one thing about him because he is your nightmare —- Amhara and Weyane.
    “And as for that war in 2000, if it was not for melese on 11th hr, did you forget the Ethiopian army was in BARENTU. not badme, not zalanmbesa, this are border towns, THEY WERE IN BARENTU WAY DEEP INSIDE ERITREAN LAND, I wonder where the 400,000 thousand solidgers where? “
    They are all dead according to your shallow analysis. That is what I was telling you before. You occupied a barrel of land until does not mean you killed all the soldiers.
    “and when they were with in 40 Killometer from Asamara about to embarck on the city like a christhmass light, there was a frantic phone call from asmara to addis abeba, I will try to summerize the phone call for you:”
    Ye tela werie! 40km south of Asmara is Dekemhare; 40km north of Asmara is Adi Tekelezan (Barentu is 220km from Asmara), 40 km east is Gindae). Read geography Amharay.
    “ Melese goes” Issays tergaga, Ayzoeh tinsh yene wotaderoch moralachew tenesto ke kuteter ej hedewal, gin ayszho atefera, I will call press conference now and call off the war. Issays goes please do this soon very soon”
    Do you really have a PhD?
    PhD in Yetela Bet Werie … be mature please.
    Open University … just like your brother Meles
    “So people have to rise up beyond this simple hate they have for each other and look at what is most important in order to change the lives of the people they care about. Eritreans are coming by the thousand every year to Ethiopia defecting, for a better life, and I am very happy to see them come home, and even go to university in addis abeba”
    We have 100,000 Eritrean soldiers inside your soil in case war broke out. Information is power! Send any new development about Ethiopia to Eritrea…
    Every month 10000 Ethiopias left or die. People migrate from place to place that is a natural phenomenon in this new globalization. HIV infected country.
    “Melese goes” Hello man lebel” issays on tigraya on the other side he said it on tigraye i am translating it in amharic ” Ante sewye menkaha, lechersgn new ende,”he is talking very fast breathing 30 per minute, kuna kuna eye tenfese, what are you doing, asmera legebu eko new”
    Please shame on you …has a mercy for you 170,000 people that died in the battle. You are depressed human being …..
    “So my friend stop deluding your self with fals reality and the sooner you accept what is and not what is not, the sooner you will be okay.”
    Thank you Akeke Zeraf …..Do not forget the Article 39 though. Pray for Ethiopia

  94. advocate on

    Yassin 71
    “I am a strong advocator (advocate) of weak or dead Ethiopia”

    That is why you have been dying for the last 5 decades and will continue to die..

  95. No need on

    አቶ ኤልያስ ፥ሁሉን አውቃለሁ የሚል ምንም አያውቅም የሚል አባባል አለ ። ስለዚህ ውጊያም ሆነ ውትድርና ራሱን የቻለ ሳይንስ አለው ፡ያውም ረዘም ያለ ጊዜ፥ እውቅት፥ ያስራ ልምድ፥ እምነት፥ ቆራጥነት ወዘተ የሚጠይቅ ። ስለዚህ 1ኛ ስለ ት ህ ዴ ን የጻፍከው ፥ ግንባር ሄደህ ካየሀቸው በፊት ተከልክለው እንጂ ያቢያንስ ትግራይን በቀላሉ በያዙ ነበር ብለሀል። ይህ ሀሳብ 0+0=0 ነው፥ምክንያቱም አንደኛ በደፈጠ ወጊያ ጠላትን ማደከምና የውገጊያ ብቃትን በማሻሻል የትጥቅ አቅምን ማዳበር ከዛ ውጊያውን ወደ ፊትለፊት ውጊያ በመለወጥ ትግራይን መቆጠጠር ይቻላል።እንደኔ እንደኔ ውጊያው እዛው ያልቃል።ይህ ሲሆን ወያኔ እንዳደረገው ሂድ ግፋ እያለ ከጀርባ እየተኮ ሰራዊቱን ማድፈጀት ሳይሆን ፥በአነስተኛ ሀይል ጠላትን መደምሰስና ህዝብን ከጥቃት መከላከል ያጠቃልላል።2ኛ ስለ ኦጋዴን ነፃነት ግንባር ፥ብዙ ብዙ ልዩነቶች አሉ አንደኛ 25 ዓመት ዕድሜ ፥ከፍተኛ የዳያስፖራ ኦጋዴንያ የገንዘብና የሞራል ድጋፍ፥የወያኔ ጀኖሳይዳል ጭፍጨፋ በኦጋዴን ፥ብዙ የኢትዮጰያ ሚድያዎች ኤልያስ ጭምር ለኦጋዴንም ሆነ ለት ህ ዴ ን ሚድያ ስርጭት ስለማታደርጉ ፡ለምሳሌ ስለ ውጊያ ውሎአቸው ፥ህዝባቸው ስለመበደሉ።ከዚህ ሌላ ለአንዳንድ የወያኔ አባላትና ለአንዳንድ ዘረኞች ማወቅ ያለባቸው ብዙ ውጥተው ወርደው ኢትዮጰያን ነፃ ለማድረግ የኢቶጰያውያን ጥምረት ለዲሞክራሲያዊ ለውጥ በሚል ስያሜ የተዋሀዱት 4 ድርጅቶች እና ሌሎችምድርጅቶች በምያደርጉት ትግል በየቀኑ አዳዲድ ድሎች እየሰሞን ወያኔ በቅርቡ ይደመሰሳል።

  96. Instead of writing these long statements, please let’s shout to the almighty GOD.
    may GOD bless you.


  98. yacobam on

    Elias you are lossing it. First you said EPPF members was disapearing in Eritrea and we find out you were fired from EPPF. Second you said General Kemal was under house arrest, but OLF’s spokesman said that is not true. Now you are saying TPDM fighters are not allowed to finght against weyane, but today dec. 30/2010 TPDM reported kiling over 140 weyane solders even EriTV shoued some of the bodies. I think you should beg EPPF to take you back or shut the hell up. This really makes you a spoiled chiled. You should serously think about it befor it is too late.

  99. Elias, the one thing you seem to forget is that the host nation has an obligation for the security of its borders. For instance, it has to be watchful and take measures to prevent from hosting enemy agents amongst the guests. Why you chose to single out an Eritrean individual’s name and publicly assign blame, makes it clear that your handling of the situation is suspect. As far as I’m concerned you have lost credibility.

  100. Rufael on

    We told you from the beginning that any trial through Erteria will result in fatal failure. Do you remember when you were argueing in ECADF? Know stop fooling yourself. Shabia will never ever want to see united strong Ethiopia

  101. Dr. Bekagn:

    I am sure you will not waste your time writing replies for Dr Yassin. He/She is the most desperate but imbecile toy who has lost his/her already retarded metal balance by the eloquent description of facts. I would like to thank Elias to bring the facts to light and also pleased to get a fresh perspective of the matter from you.
    Please do not get dragged into discussions that are facts but that do not add to our efforts of achieving unity or are disservice to the common cause. Facts that are not timely to talk about or that affect the pride of others no matter how much enemies tried to infuriate you, poke you to say something that disengage some or many that have the same cause with us should be saved, I believe. Given the level of your analysis, I do not dare to advise you but I still want to exhort you not to fall in their trap of disheartening possible allies by being taken away by just love of sharing facts. My feeling is that Yassin somehow was successful in making you state some truth while you were trying to explain how his/her position was fallacious. Her/His comments were meant to be distractions and donot have any substance at all.
    In the mean time I will be very happy if you help me explain how Shabia’s support to ONLF and Al Shebab adds up to Melese and Isayas’s pact!

  102. NEW HORN on


    Elias, for one reason or the other, you have basically placed yourself in an untenable position with respect to the most sophisticated political organization in the Horn. Obviously, those groups and individuals who have been part of the regressive forces have been congregating around the thread treating it as a session for group therapy. At least, this aspect does have some entertainment value– for politics buffs.

    Just to give you the benefit of the doubt, some did chose only to keep it to themselves and wonder what all the fuss has been about. Still, at this moment it doesn’t benefit anyone to either speculate what all this hurabura has been all about or to simply conclude that it is just another instance when typical Ethiopian politics is being played out; as in: afterall,what is new in Ethiopian politics and its proponents?

    Elias, whatever the latest dispositions may be, regardless, thank you for all your efforts and dedication; moreover, looking forward, it is incumbent upon yourself either to continue as part of positive change in Ethiopia and in our region or simply be another typical Ethiopian political activist from the old school.

    To reiterate, the forces for real progressive change do have their own ways and pace; all that and other unique qualities have been developed through decades of tenacious and tactful struggle. As such, those who aspire to take that route are expected to be not only intelligent, determined and tactful, but also positively humble.

    TRUTH shall Prevail !!

  103. Debtera Misgana on

    106#.T. J. says:


    Kikikikikikiki… You really made me laugh loud. :) Thank you great brother/sister for your great humor.

    I think that the opposite of what you wrote is the perfect TRUTH. That is to say, ” THE BADEME WAR WAS NOT BETWEEN MELES AND ESAYAS BUT A JOINT PROJECT OF WIPING OUT THOSE CITIZENS THEY WANT TO FEED ON.” The material and human resources and wealth to FEED ON comes from the vast Oromo and Amhara land and NOT from Tigrai and Eritrea. Please count Gold, Platinium, coffee, Oil seeds, staple ans cash crops, hides and skins, vast amounts cattle population, forest, wood, etc. Whom are you trying to foll like always?

  104. Dr. Bekagn Alegezam on

    #103 Dr Yassin Omer
    O my poor friend, you are screaming like a starving chiwawa, tergaga boy. there is a saying, ” Awoko yetega bek sekesut aysemam” My friend, if you insist in filling your brain with 100% fabricated reality, and fill good about your meaningless life that has left you with nothing, it is your provocative to do so. But it is truly sad, for you to be so angry with little information, and direct your hate toward people that are the cause of your and your peopl’s misery. You keep talking about ASSAB, you seem to forget, Ethiopia for the past 10 years lived with out assab, and yet is still doing okay relativley speaking, while Eritreans on the other hand, are starving to death, as it is a point in case people are living by the thousands, while people do migrage from place to place, they don’t migrate at the speed and amount that Eritreans are fleeing their country. It is a shame, for a group of people to strugle, fight for 30 years, and only to come home, to run away from again!!!!, this is a true travesity, I feel for you, and it is why , in my perivious writting i said, We forgive you, for you don’t know what you are doing, cause had you know what is goog for you, you for sure would have taken a differnt path in life. But it is what it is, and sometimes, people learn the hard way, and now it is very clear many ERitreans have realized, that so called indpendce was not what was amounted to be, you are indpendet that is true, you have assab and massaw that is true too, but you have no food. the youth have no life, they can’t even go to church. And don’t tell me the orthodox and catholics are operating, I am talking, a young Eritrean man, can’t go to the church of his liking, say he wants to be a pentecostal, or Jehovas, though his older brother fought for his freedom, his older brother’s death was not enough to give him, this simple yet crutial part of human libirty. So my friend, the realiteis are there for all to see, I wish, I truly wish, becuase unlike you, i have no haterate for Eritreans, I wish, they live free, I wish they had food to eath, i truly wish, the people get the freedom they deserve, but as you saw it your self, you couldn’t handle the hardship, so you run, good for you, you atleast saved your self, from the hell whole of the world!!!!. I wish more other ERitreans save themselves from the hell whole they are faced with. You might give it, all different rationale as to why you left your beloved country,, but the reality in the end is, quite simple, you couldn’t handle the hardship, it is that simple, the hardship that you thought was never gona be there, once you liberated your country, what a disapointement that must have felt. So i know you are angry, I know you feel the pain, and Thus you want to take your pain on some one, I feel you bro, i really do, so it is for this and other reasons, we take any Eritrean that comes home with open arms, let them go to school, put roof over their head, give them food to eat. Any thing, for it is the right thing to do, to help your brothers who are suffering in HELL. So there is like I said before no point about talking the war, bcause in what seems very miserable life that you are faced with, you have created this illusioanry fanatasy story about, a war that somewhow you magically took won killed all this people and this and that so you want feel you belong to this heroic group of peopel, and that is oaky to feel heroic, i understand your pain my brother!!!, but in the end, if all you feel is just fanatsy you are going to get hurt even wors . My friend, I don’t want to remind you about that 2000 war, but it is a fact, your leader, who said, it is easier for the sun to come from the west than for me to withdraw in pupblic, was the one in LESS THAN 72 hrs of the Ethipoian army marching deep in to his country, put a white flag like a sisy that he is, called the UN and said He accpeted the agreement for a dialogue, my brother, this man refused to seat for dialogue before the last war, he said it was easier for the sun to come from the west, well i guess just like you, he was living in illusion, and delusion that he was so heroic that the sun which for ever that has come from the east, would come out from the west, than for the Heroic Eritrean army to reterat in disarray. My brother, you know what happen, The sun came from the EAST as it usally does. And the heroic army of issays, run in disaraay, what a heroci army that is, saving their lives, i don’t blame them, when the lion comes your way, you have to move, it is just that simple. Real leaders, die in the battel they lead, learn from history of ASE Tewoderows, ASE YOhannes and many others, they never in disarry, they stand and fight and lead their people to victory, they don’t let if an inch of their land is taken seat and watch, as your leader is doing now. HOW come the heoric army if ISSAYS is not coming to take their court awarded land of BADME. AFTER ALL it was from badme that he refused to come out, so how come, your land it take away from you yet you watch talking garabage on tv and radio but nothing to show for. Atleast when issays were parked in badme, the ethiopian solidgres said, you are not going to seat in my land, cause that is ethiopian history and tradition, you don’t let an ememy seat on your land, you evict them, just as issays was evicted from badme. But in return, he is not capable of evicting back to take his COURT AWARDED LAND back, that must hurt. I know it does, so i know your hurt, but do you know the adminsteration that took badme from you, is not amhara, it is the woyane. AHYAWOON FERTO DAWLAWUN alu, it is the woyane that packed you and your family in the middle of the night and sent you home in 1998, took all of your people’s property, it was not the amhara that did that to you, it was the woyane that came after you and embarassed you to the world was never the amahara’s, but yet, you are crying, talking this trash about amhara this amhara that, and you are so childish that who do you think the TPDM are?? they are just another woyane. Ye gulcha mekeyayer woetun ayatafetewm alu, so my brother i could go on and on and on to show you, how you are just breathing hot air, you need to take easy, accept the reatly and apperciate that fact that atelast you are not in the hell whole, you are no longer, subjected to slavery under the scheam of ” nation building” what it really is, work for free program. Well I will write you some more next time, now let me let you digest tis my Heroic defective solidger friend. All the best for may be in the next life time, you will have a better luck!!!!! happy new year.

  105. wadi-Algena on

    Dr. Bekagh, your skin deep conclusion is childish. I am an Eritrean and oppose the rule of Afewerk totally. But predicting about the war between ERI.and ETH. i believe the loser will be Ethiopia. Facts are: Eritrea has a compact military more than before. If the war break out, if not all most Afewerk’s opponents will turn out to support him because it is the mother land’s cause. Eritrea can cause devastations to Ethiopian fighters through thousends of hols a long Ethiopian boarder with her neighbors. Ehiopia has a very long boarder starting from the east boardering Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and Eritrea itself. Weyane can not controll all these range of boarder. Most Ethiopians, i mean, the opperessed peoples of Ethiopia will stand with Afewerk. Weyane fighters has only the Eritrean boarder to wage a war in which they will be buried. Weyane has a shallow support from the Ethiopian peoples and even from the neighbors. Today the Weyane fighters are considered as a mercenay from abroad occupying Ethiopia. Dr. i give you one example, no a single Ethiopian has seen Meles driving in public streets. Why ? Because Weyane know that they are hated by the peoples of Ethiopia. contrary to this, Afewerk is loved by his peoples and drives freely among his Eritreans.

  106. parasiteFreeZone on

    “TPDM fighters currently spend their days toiling on farms without pay.”

    Elias, that sentence alone will tell you the whole history and meaning of eritrea and shabia, the main thing that I believe you have been missing and still confusing you and wasting your precious time. “Eritrea can NOT exist without Ethiopia.” For Ethiopians, luck of resource is the only reasoning, and justification that we give to support that idea,just by looking at the worsening poverity, suffering, and refugee flooding of eritreans. However, there are many more social, economic, and other developments in the region that many of us have simply ignored or failed to notice. These unnoticed but fundamental problems are now walking by themselves and even knocking our doors saying ” hey, we can’t exist without you: we depend on your shelter,leadership, protection… etc etc). I will try to stick with only 2 points for now: labour and leadership that it’s a naked reality “Eritrea can’t exist without Ethiopia.”

    1, Labour:
    “TPDM fighters currently spend their days toiling on farms without pay.”
    In my opinion, as a person who happen to know the eritrean way of life, eritrea’s dependence on working man power is the main and very huge problem that they can’t survive bythemselves. As a matter of fact culture, if there is a huge gap between Ethiopians and eritreans, it would be “the culture of hardwork.”, a very short phrase, yet it determines once destiny. Eritrea lucks this very important culture in big time to the point that it jeopardize their existence as people.

    Eritreans know this problem very well and how serious it is, especially in the agriculture field where 85% of their population depend on for living. For the illiterate shabia gov’t, the only solution they found to this is to collect every Eritrean youth by force, throw them to sawa then to the farming fields to do a job what normally the farmers are supposed to do, instead of opening schools and teach them a lasting solution to their bad culture.

    To make things worst, eritreans have another bad culture, a culture of denial. I’ll leave this to the readers to do the judgment based on the number and type of responses to this or other comments on ER. One can also easily understand the idleness of eritreans just by looking the number of eritreans in any ethio-eritrean forum or social networks.

    It is like all 5 million eritreans are sitting online 24/7 when you see their population against ours. Honestly, What percent of Ethiopians can sit like that for nothing? Less than 0.01% is to me, knowing the #things that I need to have them done everyday.

    You know this very well if you are a YouTube user, just open a random 10 Ethiopian videos and do the calculation. I’m prety positive that you will find more eritrean comments than made by Ethiopians.

    In conclusion, as Elias has put it nicely, Ethiopian fighters in in Eritrea especially TPDM as they are the ones they can communicate with the farmers (Tigrigna), are simply being used by shabia as farmers, laborers, trainers to their idle population with out a pay or all the hassle trying to get a job done with a 6 years old sawa kid.

  107. Stop telling us the rubbish saga. Who is starving of hunger today, is it Ethiopians or Eritreans ? Go and ask the world food organizations.

  108. It is silly to expect something good from shaebia. abso for ethiopia?? kkk.
    Let u forget what you call positive cooperation or stuff with them. We wont settle with these people until we get back assab port and they know it. that is why they dont want us to be strong and they are not wrong in their own way. stop dreaming.

  109. Stoned Peter on

    I Think this person Dr Yassin Omer is a person from Turkey I know one person who hates the Amhara people he always writes every bad thing whenever he get the chance to insult the Amhara people in every web sight because he thinks if the Amharas are not destroyed Ethiopia will not disappear as people like him they wish if he is not the Turkish person This Person might be Meles the ugly bisexual 60 years old fat wrinkled boy.

  110. Stoned Peter on

    you Axumawi muscle head, you must be idiot Woyane from Dedebit. Don’t you remember what Meles your stupid leader said about Isayas he said it will be better to talk with Isayas for few hours than reading many books. So leave the Doctor alone and read your TPLF history, you bone head.

  111. Fitihawi on

    Dear wadi-Algena #114,
    Its good that you are against tyranny that the merciless rulers of our own imposed on our nation that thousands perished their lives for but still seem to be living in fantasy Eritrea of yours that most of us have been living for years (very far from reality).I am an Eritrean too and strongly oppose the iron fist rule of the shiftas and fight with everything possible to get rid of them.I hope and always pray that war never breaks out agian with Ethiopia for it is sadly but surely we are going to be the losers.I also don’t understand what an impact army Eritrea owns because truly speaking Eritrea dosen’t have an army which is capable of defending the nation from any external invasion leave alone from a mighty and rich Ethiopia of today.What we have in Eritrea today is hundreds of thousands of hopeless and weak people held hostage under the point of a gun waiting for the right time to flee.This has been done deliberately by the dictator to weaken and destroy evrything Eritrean.If you doubt my assertion,you better visit the disease infested Eritrean refugee camps just across our borders in Ethiopia and Sudan.As far as your assertion that Eritreans in the opposition will support the tyrant incase war breaks out is simply bogus because the opposition has been calling on Ethiopia for a long time now to interfer and support in getting rid of the tyrant.Thta is the strategy now and it is going to be realized sooner or later.I hope you wouldn’t be freaking out by my assertion,afterall didn’t the tyrant did the same to get rid of ELF in the early 1980’s.You were also hulucinating about the shifta leader driving around freely in Asmara and how the people loves him.If you are talking about the few years right after the independence,yes I agree and I was one of the crazy supporters too.But today things have changed a lot and you better read the information leaked about him in wikileak recently.Your paranoid tyrant dosen’t even trust his own chef so he has to switch his food plates with a subordinate in an attempt to foil an imagined (not real)plot of poisening.So this shows how much he is hated and he knows that his days are numbered.We Eritreans will not hesitate to take him out when ever the time is right because he and his cronnies are responsible for all the woes our great nation is in today.
    ‘Happy holidays for all’

  112. Siraji on

    Fitihawi, you are pretending to be an Eritrean in the day light. We Eritreans konw that the wolf can change her fur, but not her character. We are sure that you are either tplf agent or one of those Derg’s chauvinists who is still reproaching the Eritrean peoples for the fall down of the best comminist rule in Africa. So if you believe that your boss will win the war, please tell him to start it as soon as possible. You will see again what your comarades have expernced in Halhal and Barka areas.

  113. tsion on

    In 1978 Mengistu’s propaganda of ” RED STAR COMPAGHN ” on Eritrea has ended with devastation on Ethiopians. There is no doubt that history will repeat itself.

  114. Halafi Mengedi on


    I know Fithawi put it very well the current situations and what will happen if war break between the two. But Eritrea nationalism and unity or HADNET is not the same as 20 or 10 years ago, the ethnics of Eritreans attitude towards Eritrea and the Shaebia rules is not the same as 20 years ago, the number of kebesa populations are not the same as 20 years ago and the number of military units 20 years and today are totally different make up, means today military majority members are outside of the kebesa people.

    Where as Ethiopia 20 or 10 years ago is totally different country within the same boundary, its economy is totally different, it military hardware and the potential to get any weapon immediately from anywhere is huge, the number of population to assemble as military to fight shaebia is very huge, the attitude of Ethiopians to regain Afar is enormous and most international communities are with Ethiopia today.

    If Ethiopia has a plan to dispose Issayas, Woyane will assemble and arm most of Eritrean ethnics like Kunama, Saho, Afar, Bilen and Tigre and deploy them in their own regions first and send the huge wave of Ethiopian forces to disperse Shaebia armies all over in order to make you ineffective fighters and swallow you so easily and very quickly. As the Ethiopian armies liberate lands the different ethnics of Eritrea already deployed in their region will spread propaganda to their own ethnic Shaebia armies to abandoned Shaebia and join their units and stabilize liberated villages and cities right behind Ethiopian forces and control their people and regions to create their own Kilil like Ethiopians. The Ethiopian army duties will be just to shoot and march forward to capture Asmara with out thinking of helping left out people in the liberated areas. Do not forget also right after the first bullet flies across Mereb, most of Shaebia armies will join their own ethnic fighters and the kebesa soldiers will flee to Sudan to join their relatives in Diaspora all over the world than fighting for Issayas regime in Eritrea. They know that the border will be closed again as soon as the fighting is over specially if Issayas remain in power and the Kebesa soldiers and civilians will completely flee from the lands they occupy today.

    We know most of the Kebesa Tigrigna speaking populations are settled in the Setit and other lawland areas and as soon as the war breaks, the indigenous people will turn their guns against the highlander settlers in their region and they will be massacre and displacements. If war breaks with out Meles Zenawi leadership, Ethiopia will not stop or compromise or sign any kind of treaty but to take over once for all and give all the Eritrean ethnics their own Kilil. The next war between Eritrea and Ethiopia will be the demise of Tigrigna speaking Eritreans and the new beginning of chapter one history for all ethnics of Eritrea.

    The last thing Shaebia will not get any help from any Diaspora Eritreans or most of his old supporters of Arab countries except Egypt and Libya.

  115. grum on

    Eritrean, kkk.
    Do you remember what isayas said during the badmie war? If we loose this war, it would mean the sun will not set!.hoping that you know about the sun and the recent war, let me tell u not to worry. it is only a matter of time.

  116. hafash hizibina on


    theory is easier than practice as you are narrating an endless story. Today there is no something which is called Ethiopian soldiers. They have ended up with the fall down of the Derg. Always the racist Amharas hate mostly the Tigrigna speaking people. Don’t forget that if threats come the Tigrigna speaking peoples will melt together to withstand the Amharas rotten Chauvinism mentality. Your group want to exploit the present crisis between individuals Meles and Isayas.

  117. Ethiopie on

    Eritrea: Expecting a Pigeon from a Snake egg!

    By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

    It would have been easier to say “we told you so” and walk away; but putting our citizens in harms way is never an easy matter. Few years ago, some concerned Ethiopians warned that dealing with the Eritrean despot Issaias Afeworki was a dangerous and risky game. I was one of those who attempted to shade some lights by writing several peace to warn my fellow Ethiopians that Issaias is someone who cannot be trusted. Those who were stubborn enough to ignore our warnings are now learning the hard way that Issaias would not allow anything in Eritrea that he cannot control.

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

    Reading various articles regarding the arrest of Colonel Tadesse Muluneh and others who joined the Ethiopian opposition group based in Asmara, I am amazingly surprised by the reaction of those who expected a different result from Issaias. It is unfortunate that individuals who lack vision and strategic planning are putting patriotic Ethiopians who could contribute a great deal to the struggle in harms way by trusting a despot whose sole interest is to put a puppet regime in Menlike Palace. It has been said that Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

    Other than to those die hard Issaias supporters, it is clear to the world that Issaias wants to build the shattering Eritrean economy at the expense of Ethiopia. In order to achieve this evil objective, Issaias has to create a government that he could control from Asmara. Either because of utter ignorance or vengeance some in the opposition quarter are dreaming to bring a democratic change to Ethiopia through Issaias Afeworki. Unfortunately, mixing the principle of Democracy and Issaias is like attempting to mix oil and water. Issaias ruled Eritrea with an iron fist and with brut for the last 20 years. If it was up to Issaias, the Eritrean people would not breathe without his permission. If Issaias is not allowing a democratic governance in his own nation, it is clear that he will not allow any sort of democratic governance in the neighboring country.

    It is unfortunate that those who relied in getting support from Issaias did not learn anything from EPRP’s relationship with Issaias. Issaias kept EPRA (EPRP’s army) from engaging in armed struggle after EPRA reorganized itself after a heavy blow by the Dergu military force in late 1970s. Issaias kept EPRA fighters under control of the EPLF army until EPRA became ineffective. The recent OLF history indicates the same pattern of behavior in part of Issaias. Several reports have indicated that Issaias have kept OLF leaders in Asmara under house arrest.

    Recently, we have learned that an opposition organization based in Eritrea has an Eritrean Colonel “adviser“. It is not clear to me why “Ethiopian Freedom Fighters” need an Eritrean advisor unless the Eritrean regime has an enormous interest in controlling and directing the action of the fighters. Why in the world Ethiopians invite the regime in Asmara to interfere in Ethiopian affairs? Time nada again, we have seen Mr. Issaias acting against the interest of Ethiopia. The notion that Issaias would be an ideal liberator for Ethiopians is not just a cruel joke but also an ignorance of history.

    Does anyone expect a Pigeon from a snake egg? Expecting Issaias to contribute anything for the true freedom of Ethiopians is not any different from expecting a pigeon from a snake egg. Issaias is someone who should be charged for crime against humanity in a court of international law; he is not someone who can be considered a trustworthy partner. Some in the opposition quarter who think politics is a child play because of their utter stupidity or ignorance do not seem to learn their lessons yet. It is bad enough that they put several Ethiopians in harms way and at the mercy of this brutal murderer, yet they are telling us that Mr. Issaias is not responsible for the detention of Colonel Tadesse Muluneh and others. They tell us it is because of Mr. Issaias’ subordinates that Ethiopian opposition organizations based in Eritrea have become impotent. They tell us that some rogue colonel is responsible for their dysfunctional organization failure to move forward even an inch for the last ten years. Until the recent terrible news coming from Eritrea, these same individuals were painting a rosy picture about the Eritrean accommodation of Ethiopian opposition organizations. Now we know that they have been lying to us. According to their own account, they were aware of the abduction, arrest, and mistreatment of Ethiopian opposition leaders based in Eritrea by the regime in Eritrea.

    Instead of coming forward with the problem they have faced, and contribute in strengthening the true struggle for lasting peace and democratic governance, they mercilessly assaulted those who tried to warn them that the path they were following was dangerous. They wasted an enormous human and financial resources and contributed a great deal for the division among the opposition groups. What is sad is that they have not learned their lesson even today. Once again, I am here to tell them that they cannot bring a Holy alliance within the opposition by making a deal with the devil himself. Issaias has only one objective: to control Ethiopia’s resources by any means necessary-period!
    For those who refused to listen in the past and were stabbed on their back, I want to tell them once again that it is not too late to change course. I want to tell them that they are dealing with dangerous despot who has an enormous disregard to human lives and to the rule of law. I want to tell them that Issaias will not allow any thing to function in Eritrea unless he has full control. If it is possible, please, save the rest of the “freedom fighters” by moving them out of Eritrea. Some who are working with Issaias are above their league. This is not child’s play, this is real. Several lives are at stake. You are incapable of thinking strategically; you are using your heart instead of your head. Leave the political leadership to those who are capable leaders. Stop labeling those who can provide effective leadership, and stop dehumanizing them just because your finger is capable of punching key boards. By your smear campaign, you are narrowing the political space and contributing to continuation of the predicament that we are in.

    Let this be a lesson to you. Instead of taking dismissive and defensive positions, entertain ideas freely, listen, examine, study, and most of all know your real enemy. Don’t let your hate for the TPLF cloud your judgment. Ethiopians only have to depend on ourselves to bring the desired change to our country. Although the none violent opposition seems slipping to its usual habit of complacency, we need to poke them and wake them up. There is no time for complacency. Where are you MEDREK, and others? Politics is not only during the election period. The TPLF is working 24/7, 365 days a year. What about the rest of us? We all should demand the release of Colonel Tadesse Muluneh and other Ethiopians from EPLF’s deplorable prison camp. Please take your time, consult with one another and strengthen the none violent struggle and the opposition functioning in the country.

    I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope 2010 was a productive and joyful year for all of you.

  118. Misrak on

    I think, Dr.Bekagn is successful not in his exposition of facts (since his insidious lies try to gloss over truths ranging from diplomatic warfare to proxy war in Somalia) but in provoking innocent Ethiopian and Eritrean nationalists. You guys do not be tantalized by seemingly factual but evil scheme of Bekagn. Let us not be caught by national pride and emotionally tear one another apart. Hating or despising peoples of a nation has never been a good idea and will never be. Let us focus and aim.

  119. Eritrea-Gold-Rich on

    TPDM will get weyane/TPLF soon. Weyane/TPLF will be destroyed.

    long live ethiopian-eritrean cooperation.
    we have to get this people, weyane/tplf thugs one-one

  120. dawit on

    TPDM has been and will remain ineffective as well, as it is the tool of Issayas and his futile dream of seeing Ethiopia as his “pie in the sky”.

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