2010 Person of The Year

By Elias Kifle

In 2011 Ethiopian Review, the longest running independent Ethiopian journal, celebrates its 20th year in service. It is a milestone period in the journal’s history and a special occasion for those of us who have labored hard to keep it going. As the editor-in-chief, in deciding who to select as Ethiopian Review’s Person of the Year,  this time I have decided to look at our own accomplishments and recognize those who have been there through thick and thin over the years. While there are many individuals — too many to list here — who have been providing valuable support to Ethiopian Review, for their enduring contribution special recognition goes to: (In alphabetical order)

Dr Alemayehu G. Mariam, who played a key role during the initial stage of the magazine’s existence as a senior editor, and continues to make significant contributions as an adviser, regular writer, and associate editor.

Ato Elias Wondimu, who once served as the managing editor and after launching his own publishing house, Tsehai Publishers, continued to consult on the editorial direction of the journal.

Wzr. Meseret Agonafer, who is a fountain of inspiration and moral support, as well an authentic example of a genuine friend.

There is another person who deserves even greater appreciation, for without his consistent moral support and advise there would not have been Ethiopian Review. He is my own father Kifle Seifu.

My father is currently in the US. I, along with my sister and brothers, have brought him and our mother here a few months ago after witnessing Woyanne going after the families of its opponents. He had already survived an attack about 15 years ago by Woyanne gunmen who sprayed his house in Addis Ababa with machine gun bullets. He returned fire taking down (wounding) one of the shooters. It was nothing short of a miracle that he survived the attack. He spent 3 months in jail and was released with the help of the American charge d’affairs in Addis Ababa and Ted Dagne at the U.S Congressional Service.

After he was released, for the past 15 years, Woyanne made sure that my father could not do any business in Ethiopia. Every venture he tried was blocked. After a long legal battle, about 4 years ago, three different courts, including the supreme court of Ethiopia ruled that properties (worth over 63 million birr) that Derg confiscated from my father returned. Woyanne refused to obey the court order and told my father that his properties would be returned under one condition: That he must stop his son from publishing critical opinions and reports about the ruling junta on Ethiopian Review. My father’s answer was unequivocal no. I’m proud of him for that to no end.

I don’t know any one who has worked so hard through out his life as my father did. One time when he was working as a contractor on the Ethiopian Air Force base in Debre Zeit he collapsed due to sleep deprivation. It was normal for him to disappear for several months at a time exploring mines in some of the remotest parts of Ethiopia.

Kifle Seifu, 2010

He is now 84 years old and after all the hard work through out his life he doesn’t have a penny in the bank. During the Derg era its prime minister FikreSelassie Wogderes, and security chief Tesfaye WoldeSelassie confiscated (robbed) most of his properties. The Woyanne junta that replaced the Derg refused to return his properties ignoring court orders, and made sure that he doesn’t earn a living in Ethiopia.

There are countless others who have lost much more than properties in the hands of the two barbaric regimes. They have taken away the lives of so many innocent Ethiopians. I am lucky and grateful to have my father still alive.

The two vampire regimes, Derg and Woyanne, have left my father penniless. But he has one thing that is more precious and that no one could take away from him — honor.

With his skills, experience and hard work, my father could have been one of the wealthiest individuals in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, in a country where the president is a pig, the prime minister is a mass murderer and the patriarch is a thief, it is extremely difficult for a person of honor to succeed and thrive.

I’m profoundly blessed to have a father like Kifle Seifu and in this special milestone year for the journal it is my honor to choose him as Ethiopian Review’s 2010 Person of the year.

153 thoughts on “2010 Person of The Year

  1. Elias through your father you are honoring all Ethiopian fathers who live honorable lives and passed on to their children love of country, honor and duty.

  2. Gude Ekonew on

    Abate Kifle Seifu your recognition as a person of the year is well deserved. I wish you many more years to live and see mother Ethiopia free from looters and killers.

    We are proud of your son Elias kifle whom I want to nominate as the best journalist for 2010. Elias Kilfle is not going with the tide rather do his job tell the story as it is and reach to a conclusion most of us we do not like.

    TPLF death penalty on Elias is recognizing him as a journalist who is not afraid of the big mafia and very hard to bribe.

    I am proud of you Abate Kifle and pray for you God to give you many more years. You are our father too because through you we see our fathers who said no to fascist Italy and sacrificed and sadly the sons of those bandas are in power and avenging the patriots sons and daughters.

  3. Elias,

    Excellent choice!

    We are also thankful to your father for providing Ethiopia with fighter son, Elias Kefle.

    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous on

    Hi Elias I know you dad history. I am proud of him!
    Ato Elias Wondimu
    For press freedom, Help for journalists to gates asylum, Keeping alive our country history And so on he is very determined guy I am proud of him.
    E. Worku Atlanta

  5. Elisa, Though I don’t agree with you all the time, you have done so much exposing Weyane. And lately you exposed the mistreatment of Ethiopian Opposition forces in Eritrea. It takes a good upbringing for a person to get where you are. Since your father is responsible for you to be here in addtion his own contribution to Ethiopia I vote for your dad. I wish you had included your mother. Mothers have equal contribution in most cases for a person’s achievements. Kudos to your dad. Dr Alemayehu G. Mariam is my second choice. I also wish you had included Bertukan Mideksa. Happy New year.

  6. I am one who you call ‘woyanne’ and I must tell you, today I am proud of you and I agree with you with this selection.Father deserves the honor. Happy new Year.

  7. Lalibela on

    Very well stated Elias. You are very wise to have brought your father given what the Barbaric tyrant is doing to the father of Mr Andargachew.

  8. Like father like son. I now know where you got your strong solid principles. As an Ethiopian I am proud of your father.

  9. Elias I don’t agree with you most of the time but when you nominate your own father you touch my heart. What a best honor, I wish many brothers and sisters learn from you and attribute their honor towards their parents. You mentioned a robbery from the previous regime and the current one, Like your family my family was robed by DERG. But the the burglary is going on and you are Luck to have a father to witness the good the bad and the ugly. Congratulation! Still I don’t agree with you most of the time.

  10. thank you Elias for this fantastic choice of Extraordinary people

    god bless and Protect you all

  11. Yassazenl on

    Good job Elias, if yoy can pls tell us more about your father that way we can share your choise.because we do not now him before.

  12. Zera Yacob on


  13. Aklilu on

    Ethiopian Person of the century is a more fitting crown for the honorable Ethiopian patriot Ato Kifle Seifu.

  14. Very interesting; now I know who Elias Kifle is. You are lucky to have such a father, congratulation.

  15. Tedla Hailu on

    Dear Elias,

    It needs a mature judgment to honor the very people who brought you to this world, nurture you in your time of need, and above all mold you into the person who you are today.

    Good choice!

  16. Assta B. Gettu on

    What a blessed, educated, and true Ethiopian family!

    Indeed, Elias, you are one of the luckiest person in this world to have such a graceful, determined, and hard-working father, a father who has never lost hope to be, one day, with his son. Elias, I am sure, for your father, it is just like the biblical Jacob meeting his lost son, Joseph in Egypt. But your father is lucky you are living in America, not in Egypt run by a dictator like Ethiopia.

    The burden you have been carrying all these years about the life of your father in Ethiopia, whether he will be killed today or tomorrow, might have lifted from your head as your father is now a free man, living with his free son in a free country – America. However, as I know you very well for few years now through your web site, your thought about the other Ethiopian people who are suffering under Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) will not give you a complete joy even though your beloved father is with you. You want all Ethiopians to be free and live in their country without fear and intimidation; until that happens, you are still and remain a sad person. You worked so hard to bring peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and at the same time to bring your father from Ethiopia to America. You have succeeded in achieving your father’s wish, but one day you will also be able to achieve in liberating Ethiopia and in establishing a lasting peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    Your father represents those who are still suffering in Ethiopia; therefore, nominating your father as the 2010 Person of The Year is like nominating all the other Ethiopians under the oppression of the Woyanne regime, and the nomination is absolutely correct, timely, and ennobling. In respecting your father, no doubt, you will get the blessing of the Lord, Jesus Christ; in fact, one of the commandments of God is: “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you” (Exodus 20:10). The land the good Lord is giving you is America, and who knows he will give you Ethiopia too, which is now in the hands of the Woyanne criminals.

    For honoring your father in this way, may the good Lord honor you, love you, and be always with you!

    Welcome to America, Mr. Kifle Seifu, father of Elias Kifle, Chief Editor of the Ethiopian Review!

  17. Elias, what a great choice! Indeed like father like son. You get under my skin some times but you are really a decent, honorable guy. Happy ye ferenj New Year!!

  18. I am sorry your father went through all that at the hands of Ethiopian regimes and I am glad that your father is alive and well with his kids including you. Although I have been telling you that lately you have been wacko in your emotional bursts regarding Eritrea, EPPF, OLF, TPDM and other fighting forces, I must congratulate you on this selection since nobody knows your father and his contributions better than yourself and your family.

  19. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Brother Elias,

    May Allah’s Blessings Be Upon Him!!! I myself am in my late 60’s and will have him in my prayers everyday. Please count your blessings that he is here with you along with your siblings. Insha Allah!!!!

  20. yhi new enji on

    Here we go again! Seifu Kiflen Wolede, Kifle Eliasen………….A family of jegna. We are proud of you guys. The apple does not fall from the tree. I am as an Ethiopian proud that you guys are ethiopians.

  21. Yelekal on

    God Bless Mr.Kifle. Ababa Kifle you are very lackey to be alive and be with your family. This arrogant geb woyane will eat you live if you stay longer in Ethiopia. Ye Ethiopian tensae yasayewot.
    You look very strong.

  22. Ermias on

    I was always asking where you got the courage to stand up for what you believe in, now i got my answer. what a wonderfull family. people like you and your dad are the reason that make us not to give up the fight.
    god bless you all and happy new year.

  23. Yineger on

    Elias you are lucky to have your father alive than see him suffer in weyane’s prison.For me this day made me think my own father who have passed away before weyane took over Ethiopia.It sounds weird but I’m glad he didn’t live to see this parasites, but having to see your father in the free world out of the big prison is another thing.Happy new year and you couldn’t chose a better person than Mr Kifle Seifu. Elias you look just like your father ,enjoy every minuet of this time and thank you for sharing your story with us.

  24. Wube on

    Gash Kifle Seifu represents the best of Ethiopia. A great choice for person of the year.

  25. tesfayekitaw on

    Dear elias
    The best choice to urs father u are very lucky man my father was killed while he was sleeping by gougemangue woyanai in our house imagen how they fill my mom, sisters brothers still up to now they are sick, I appreciate urs father strength but I am deeply sorry withs age he become refugee, lets unite and fight those banda woyani ,.elias I will pray for yrs father health. He deserve to be the person of the year he represent all the father of ethiopea, again my god father ATO ATANAW WASAI an old man he was kidnap in sudan and passed away in kality mass chameber ,please I chose urs father, god bless him,
    Tesfaye kitaw

  26. memire on

    Excellent choice. In a country where there are millions who have sold their soul for woyane crumbs, your father’s integrity is admirable. He is not only a highly principled man, he has also raised an Ethiopian who loves his country and works hard every day to bring a better day in Ethiopia. By making your father person of the year, you also allow us to honor you through him.Thank you Elias for your love of Ethiopia and its people. you are a battalion plus in this struggle. keep up the good work.

  27. yeneger Tariku on

    Good Choice. Your father is a hero and you had a good choice.
    Congratulations to you as well and a happy new Year. we hope the year 2011 will be a better year for those who oppose the woyane government and a great success in uniting against woyane.

  28. true on


    Thanks for opening up. We Ethiopians have really disconnected with our community and going back to our origins, connecting to soul and serving our community and opening up like Elias is what bonds us all therefore unite us against all evils.

    Let 2011 be the year that brings the heroism in us like our ancestors to give us strength to protect our beloved Ethiopia against all odds.

  29. Anonymous on

    elias, I like your father’s picture. he looks very graceful(Girma moges). you see our fathers and fore fathers are like that! They are God fearing, very fast to listen rather than blubbing.May God bless him with longivity!

  30. Kiflu Hussain on

    Dear Elias;
    I thought at first this is a classic case of “LERAS SIKORSU AYASANSU.”However,after reading your father’s story,I not only agreed that you have made the right choice in nominating him as the person of the year.Your family story also led me to conclude that unwavering patriotism comes from a strong family bond where the head of the family leads by example.I envy you and congratulate you that your father is still alive despite the harrowing experience in the two consecutive evil regimes.Most Ethiopian fathers had succumbed to the frustration and silently and untimely checked out.Once again,many congratulations.

  31. Zooma on

    Dear Elias,
    Be proud of your father, as a saying goes in Amharic, “WORRK BE-ESAT ENDEMFETEN” your father went enormous dangerous ways, and he has approved by his persistence in perseverance. And you have to follow your father’s footsteps until the sovereignty of Ethiopians.

  32. koster on

    It is great to have people like your father who stands for truth and justice. Since we cannot airlift all Ethiopians under woyane state terrorism, I hope you and others like you continue their fight to build an Ethiopia free from tyranny and poverty. I hope we all including your father survive long to witness the liberation of Ethiopia from Woyane looting and killing.

  33. Haimanot on

    This is a perfect choice, especially now. In a society that is currently crowded with too many hodams, Ato Kifle stands out as a man of integrity and honor. It is Ethiopians like him what makes Ethiopia is worth fighting for. Elias please continue to write about individuals like your father so that the new generation can learn what honor and integrity means. Happy New Year!!

  34. Gudeta on

    Dear a respected journalist and Editor Elias
    I heartily wish you a Happy New Year encluding your family, particularlly your beloved Dad and Mam. I know the pain, but dedicated struggle for justice and freedom is an absolute winner. Mine also a similar witness when my beloved grandfather Dr.Caalaa Gudataa jailed for more than two years for being an Oromo a suspected OLF Supporter now lives in Germany. What was interesting to me was his motto: ” one day Oromians and Ahmaraland will be come as a Regional Strategical Alliance for common interest and Stabilty”. As he said, if we the two Big Nations come together we will make a difference the last breath of the racist regime rule on our land.
    Have a year of success for your planned project!!
    Boun Anno!( Italian )

  35. Eri-boy on

    God bless your father Elias, he looks so humble …that i can’t help but cry…

  36. congo on

    That was a good choice. Your father is obviously a strong person and proud Ethiopian, we can see his influence in you too. He also symbolizes the tenacity and determination of our fathers who bequeathed us this pround and glorious nation. But, considering his lifetime endaevour and perseverance, I doubt if ‘person of the year’ is the most appropriate recognition. I would rather recommend some other lifetime-accolade for him and similar people in his generation.

  37. Anbesaw on

    ውድ አቶ ክፍሌ ሰይፉ ኽንኩዋን ለፈረንጆቹ አዲስ አመት አደረሰዎ፡፡ ኤልያስ ላመንከው ነገር ወደሁዋላ የማትል ሰው መሆንህን ማንም ኢትዮጵያዊ ያውቀዋል፡፡ ከሁሉ በፊት ያገርን ክብር ማስቀደም የቀደሙ አባቶቻችን ያቆዩልን ቅርስ ነው፡፡ ከያንዳንዱ ጀግና ጀርባ እንዲህ ያለ ታሪክ እንዳለ ሁሉ፡ ከሆዳሞቹም ጀርባ ያድፈ ታሪክ አለ፡ ሁሉንም ታሪክና ጊዜ ያወጣዋል፡፡ለህሊናና ለክብር ምኖርን የመሰለ ታላቅ ፍፁማዊነት የለም፡፡ አሁንም በምርጫህ ከሚስማሙት ሰዎች እንዱ ነኝ፡፡መሪ ከሚዋሽበት ፅዩፍ ቃል ከሚተፋበት፡ለሆድ ያደሩ ሰዎች ከነገሱበት፡ጳጳስ ለእግዚአብሄር አባት ሳይሆን ለሐውልት ከሚሰግድበት፡የነገ የልጆቹን ዘመን በዱቤ የሚበላ ትውልድ እንዳሸን ክፈላባት፡አገረ- ኢትዮጵያ፡አውጥቶ አዛውንትና ታታሪ ለህሊናቸው አዳሪ ታሪካቸውን አክባሪ እና ልጆቻቸውን አስከባሪ የሆኑ ወላጆቸህን እጅህ ያገባልህ አምላክ የተመሰገነ ይሁን የከበረ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሰላምታዬንም አድርስልኝ፡፡ እንተ እድለኛ ነህ ብዙዎች በነዚህ ክፉዎች ምክንያት እናት አባቶቻቸውን ማየት መሰብሰብ ሳይሆን ላፈር ያላበቁ ጨዋ ኢትዮጵያውያን በአለማችን ሞልተዋልና ለነሱም ያንተ አይነት እድል ቅዱስ እግዚአብሄር ይሰጣቸው ዘንድ እመኛለሁ ነፃይቱም ሁሉን ሰብሳቢ የሆነችውን ሀገረ አሜሪካ እግዚአብሄር ይባርክ፡ አሜን፡፡

  38. alem on

    even if i dont agree about every thing you write and speak today i do honestly appriciate for selecting your father.it would have been wise to Add your mother. with out your mother your dadi might have not that physical and spritual streangth. so……..plzzzzzzzzz add your mother tooooooo. and that makes more sense to everybodyyyyyyyy

    Happy newyear

  39. Unity (አንድነት) on

    ኤሊያስ – ምርጫህ ተገቢ ነው። ያን ሁሉ መከራ አለፈው ለዛሬይቱ ቀን በመድረሳችው ሰላም ወዳድ ሁሉ ደስ ሊለው ይገባል። ደርግ አልፎአል። ወያኔም በጊዜው ያልፋል። ጊዜ ሁሉን ይሽራል።

  40. BIBLE on

    I would love to have a father like you.Unfortunately he passed away without recieving JESUS CHRIST as his savier,So what about you Mr Kifle Seifu?Please,Please,Read the BIBLE,
    John chapter 3
    Today is your day.
    may GOD bless you and your family.

  41. Foolished by cooked Statistics! on

    Your father deserve this! You are what you are because of your father!

  42. tsehay on

    sons who appreciate their father are most of the time had a good upbringing. Certainily Elias is one of the good guys out there. The problem he has is sometimes he tries to dump his view on others. But his relentless exposition of woyane parasites and his dedication to see a democratic Ethiopia makes him a good example for many ‘hode aders’ out there. Happy new year Elias.

  43. Selam 2015 on

    Dear Elias,

    Glad that you nominted your dad for such a big award. People like your dad and a family like yours are the reason why we continue to hope, hope for the future of a blessed and free Ethiopia. My God Bless you and your family.

    Well done!

    Happy New Year to you and family.

  44. Ahadu on

    Elias even though i have my own person of the year i do appreciate your choice of giving this respected and hard working Ethiopian is really touching. What he has gone through and i join you your dad deserved to be one, God give him enough time to have every wish fullfilled like eyob in the bible.

  45. Solomon on

    Wow Elias what a contrast b/n you selections of your father and Esias Afewerki, this is one of the best selections you have made so far. I congratulate you and your father for this great honor. May God bless both of you. Ethiopia shall survive this century’s ordeal.

    Solomon G

  46. Tulu on

    In todays society the rich and famous are always nominated to be person of the year. For 2010 as a person of the year, you selected Mr Kifle.To me this is one step in the era of peoples journalism. It should not be always the powerfuls to be recognized person of the year.The hard working Ethiopians who have lost so much, who have also given so much for mother Ethiopia deserve to be recognized. I congragulate your courage and wisdom in peoples journalism and fully support your decision. May god bless your father and the rest of the family. Happy New Year Mr Kifle and congragulation on your nomination to be Person of the Year.

  47. Stoned Peter on

    Elias now I know why you are the way you are, it is true because of your up bringing who you are now just like Meles is hated by all of us. On the opposite you are really loved by most of us you and your family are treasure I think your father deserves more glory from all of us because of his good charactor you came to be who you are as a result all of us have benefited from your hard work. I am sad though because you should put this barbaric TPLF Mafia work on your family again and again for people like me who did not know what happen to your family. what happen to your family is a big story to be seen for future court and these idiot TPLF must pay your father back with the interest your fathers hard work fruit. However not saying about your self when you have this big amazing life story you ignored so that shows by itself you are not running as some do for their own personal power interest thank you. You are an amazing humble man. Thank you thank you again and again I wish long life for you and your father as well for the rest of your family and for your web sight I wish the best 2011 thank you Elias.

  48. Belew on

    Happy New-Year Elias Kifle Seyfu

    Now I know why you are working hard for the betterment of mother Ethiopia. You have grown-up under the hand of true patriot Ethiopian father. Your great choice made me know you and your family better.
    Your father paid their sacrifice while he lives in Ethiopia, and you did not forget your country for the last two decades even if you are living far away. Ato Kifile Seyfu must be proud of you as well.


  49. ERITREAWI on

    After the woyane “election/erection” 2010, meles gave a speech to his supporters in addis from behind bullet proof glass covered podium. Yesterday Isias was seen in Asmara crossing right through thousands of revellers in Bahti meskerem square with a mere a handful of body guards!! The woyane suckers in this forum should tell meles that the Russian roulette is his turn and should try one of that in addis!!

  50. AbaDama on


    I am teared up and emotional while reading this years choice. An excellent choice!

    I must say your honorable father is lucky, too. His son is one of a kind. His grand children and generations to follow will walk chines up. That is what Zenawi and the thugs won’t see in future free Ethiopia.

  51. Truth~ on

    This penniless, frail old man is exemplary to all of us. Despite all miseries he went through, he kept his integrity, honor and dignity.

    Unlike the perpetrates who are ending up rotten in rathole one after another, this old man stands tall with a clean conscience in front of us. Congra!!

  52. Suture on

    God bless your father. He truly deserves it. May the god almighty help him to see free Ethiopia; where every citizen treated equally and I hope your father reclaim his hard earned properties. Happy New Year.

  53. ashenafi on

    my honorable father who worked hard and sacrificed his life to raise me and my 6 siblings is my man of the year every year. i believe that goes for many of you too.

  54. Enderasu on

    Mr. kifle seifu deserve so much more than just person of the year. God bless him and let us not close our eyes on TPLF. TPLF will go down.

  55. hailu say on

    It is very very hard to read or to look at without being so emotional and very touched.I see now you are the son of a double patriot.thank you for showing us one of the greatest and true patriot of our beloved ETHIOPIA(our mother land) and your roots.No wander you are a voice for the voiceless.

    May God bless you and your family.

    Happy New Year!

  56. kitcho on

    I think there is a conflict of interest and ethical question, you being the owner and the editor of the paper and nominating your own father as the man of the year, while there are quite a few Ethiopians, who have given their lives or imprisoned for their stand against the monopoly of ethnic governance, such as Ms. Birtukan Mideksa.

    I am sure and am certain that you love and respect your father, most of all, as you stated that you owe your father a great lot. It goes without saying that I am sure there are great many of us, who do really feel the same way, yet not having the venue to nominate them as a person of the year or the month, even the week, since we also love and respect, most of all, owe so much to our father too. However, by the mere fact that you own this site does not meant that you can shove your personal choice on us, with due respect to your father, yet could not be compared to those people who have sacrificed their lives in the name of their country.

  57. Mario on

    Mr. Kifle Seifu is one of the many living testimonies for the horrendous atrocities committed against the Ethiopian people by Derg and Woyane regimes.

    It is a wise choice as Ethiopian Review’s Person of the Year for he represents the millions of Ethiopians who sacrificed and invested their lives, wealth, time, energy and moral obligation for the betterment of their country.

    If there is anyone out there who is not happy with this selection, tough luck.

    Happy New Year all.

  58. This is proof that you are not the “Elias ‘Eritrean Review’ Kiflom” that some people think you are. Since you have this quality of being, well, quality, stylish and bold, and your choice in this case a bit self-serving, still, it is within taste and probably a well deserved pick. Standing for the oppressed, powerless and poor is very noble indeed and goes a long way and should not be limited to the plights of Ethiopians:

    Pakistanis Rally in Support of Blasphemy Law

    Car Bomb Kills 21 at Egyptian Church

  59. DanZman on

    I usually don’t agree with most of your opinions but for a change I agree with you on 110% basis when you honor your father in a sincere way.

  60. Kewle on

    Elias – You have done a good job by selecting your father as Person of the Year. That is indeed a great honor to your father and your family.

    Unfortunately, this story reminds me those African leaders who nominate their sons and daughters as their successors to the throne as if their countries have no one rather than his/her special family.

    One thing that you and those African leaders usually forget is that this institutions do not belong to you.

    Elias – I afraid, once again you got the selectin absolutely wrong. Trust me it is not by no means a disrespect for accomplishments of your father. However, when I read the first paragraph where you state “As the editor-in-chief, in deciding who to select as Ethiopian Review’s Person of the Year…” I said O Elias – here you are! Since you are in public service, you have to reflect public interests and not your personal agenda at your site.

    From the bottom of my heart I wish to your father and your family the healthiest and most blessed New Year.

    God bless Ethiopia

  61. Suture on

    God bless your father.
    He truly deserves it.
    May the god almighty help him to see free Ethiopia; where every citizen treated equally and I hope your father reclaim his hard earned properties.
    Happy New Year,

  62. GELAW on

    Good choice. Your dad’s story speaks for many in Ethiopia. The country is under communist rule for almost 40 years now (DERG+WOYNAE)

  63. Abdissa on

    Elias, I agree with your choice. Your father represents all other fathers who live honorable life and raise patriotic Ethiopians like you. I am one of the unlucky ones who lost his father to the savage regime. Your father’s story has made me think about my own father who was a man of incredible integrity. Thank you Elias.

  64. erribey agere on


    May God bless your beloved father with more years and health.He has grace that he even does not look he is in his eighties.

    Above all he should be proud of you-his son, who is fighting woyane by all means.

  65. Great choice and a perfect way for Ethiopian Review to end 2010 and start the new year.

  66. TUMMY on

    What a wonderful and amazing character. I want say more but speechless and emotional to say the least. God be with you Mr Kifle.

  67. bewnetu on

    Elias, it is sometimes good to teat onself where there is no one taking you seriously. You and your thinking are revolving around you… most of the time… right? You are someone who can’t grow out of self-obsesed personality like a toddler who is ready to do anything to get attention. This is a sickness nobody can change t until you come to the end of your course

  68. Agonafer on

    Congratulations Elias, you have a very graceful father. Let God bless you and your father. I like you,and I like what you do. I do not agree with everything you do though, like attacking Hailu Shawel. I wish most Ethiopians had the spirit you and your father have, a fighter spirit. Keep up the good work, we are behind you and I am sure you will prevail

  69. Aman on

    With all the imperfections of human thinking and opinions including yours, some of us agree with your choice for the persons of the year and others including myself don’t agree. I see nothing wrong with disagreeing with the choice because no matter what your choice is, no 100% of the people are going to agree any ways but it seems like over 95% of the bloggers agree with your assertions. I have to admit that you have gotten a good grade. The point to me is not why and how you nominated, rather it is about your personality, upbringing and why you are a fierce opponent of the Weyane. After reading the article on the nominations, I concluded that you are a very decent human being and that we as Ethiopians are lucky to have a person such as you to represent us and fight on our behalf. Elias, keep up the good fight!

  70. Teshome on

    It doesn’t make sense at all. Why do we have to spend our time reading your father’s story? Keep your family’s matter among your family. Please do not mix family matter with public issues.

  71. Yineger on

    When some one makes a comment he/she have every right to say what he/she wants to say,as long as it is not malicious. That is why we at the Diaspora wants this kind of right to bring to our people. Knowing that #37 and #41, I really respect your view of objecting Elias’s selection of Ato Kifle.One of you even said “Birtukan Medeksa should have been selected” TRUE she was one of, if not the first choice of mine too.But this is not only about politics and Ato Kifle represent millions of ordinary Ethiopians who are not elected officials,who don’t have the Human right commission ask their release from jail,who are not known by foreign governments,and most of all Elias have every right to chose his father for what this father and son went trough by the barbaric group back home.By saying this it is not by any means to make Birtukan’s sacrifice any less and when i think of what she went trough it leaves me speechless but there are to many venues she can be nominated on so don’t try to lash on me.

  72. nadew on

    There is lot of ppl who are suffering by dictator woyanes. Therefore i wish long live to ababa kifle!! Good bles you!

  73. Adera on

    Wow, Elias you have a great father and I wish to you and your father a happy new year. This year your choice was great and lets hope in 2012 your father will be again a man of the year. I will choose your father as a man of year until the end of his life. I was always against you but today I was with u because of your father.

  74. Almazzea on

    This is truly a moving moment for all of us. Ethiopia has fallen in the hands of a beast, the sad part is one beast is replaced by another. Unlike the previous beast where differences exist in the top echelon, these bunch have blood ties. More like the Suadi royal family the current beast is there to stay. Having a family business to protect the current rulers will make sure that when it is a war they share it with Ethiopians and when it is a benefit its strictly for the family, EFFORT.

    [size=150][b]Ato Kifle Seifu[/b][/size] Should not feel the pain for there are several more who have lost their livelihood. Having health and a caring family is something no beast can attain, because the loot will always gets in between. Just like 26 Woyanne beasts tried to run [i][b]Scannia[/b][/i] and failed after only ten years, the Woyanne bigger objective of holding power by force will come to its end. The law of physicas states, all things that go up will come down, the bigger the rise the harder they fall. Woyanne will fall face first upon its demise.

  75. Anonymous on

    Leoul says:

    I am proud of your father it deserve this honour,This shows for those who left behind in ethiopia suffering from the cruel regim equally meorable.For your father I wish him long life and Eliase, HAPPY NEW YEAR.In the name of ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE,I THANK YOU for your hard work againest this cruel regim.

  76. K.Bekele on

    Selam Elias,

    What a graceful and good looking father you have at 84! What he does is as good as how he looks. A great guy. He was supposed to be the man of the year every year. How come you remember him just now? I know why. You were stuck with that Eritrean sucker by the name Esayias Afeworki. This sucker took your great father’s spot for many years and he is now hunting real EPPF leaders sabotaging the struggle to free Ethiopia. By the way still helping his former friend-Zenawi.

    Elias, your father not only looks handsome. He also looks intelligent. You inherited his looks from your dad. But you missed his intelligence. Otherwise you would not have put that sucker Afeworki as the man of the year twice.

    Anyway, you made the best choice this time. But now you got me worried about your dad and your family. Killer Zenawi may harm them because of you and this overwhelming publicity and support your dad has received here in the Diaspora. Now you may have to think and plan about your dad and your siblings. You know what killer Zenawi did to Dr. Berhanu’s and Ato Andargachew Tsige’s family.

    God bless your dad.


  77. Geremew on

    Your father brought one of the worst person, you, to this planet. I feel sorry for him.

  78. Ewnet on

    Am glad you meet your father bless him.But you are such a selfish arrogant person young mans are dying in that desert and you are talking about man of the year such a corrupt organization SHAME ON YOU

  79. Tesfa on


    Great choice. Your father represent the true Ethiopian spirit: hard work, antinkugne baynet, defiance under repression and contempt for tribalists and dictators. By selecting him as a person of the year you have also honored his generation. Now you initiated it, don’t stop at this. Please find similar exemplary charaters like your father to teach the current generation. You don’t need to wait a year to do that.

  80. menelik on

    I second your nomination. Also Meseret Agonafer deserves a complement for her persistent determination.

  81. assefa abebe on

    Dear Elias:
    I read your choices of personalities who deserved to be on Ethiopian Review’s person of the year for 2010. I can honestly say you made good choices, regardless of what others might say. The choice of Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam a political science instructor at California State University, and an attorney in profession is absolutely the right person for this choice. Professor Alemayehu is also a prolific writer which I enjoy reading his articles on Ethiopia in many web sites I scour through most of the time.

    The young journalist Ato Elias Wondimu of Tsehai publishing CO. whom I met in Washington, DC. during The National Summit On Africa in February 2000, is also an, energetic and a well polished journalist who elevated his career to the next level. He deserved to be chosen for 2010 person of the year’s recognition.

    My sincere apologies regarding Wzr. Meseret Agonafer, due to my lack of knowledge about her, I would rather leave that alone as you already stated about her wonderful contribution towards your scintillating web site.

    The last and not the least is about your father’s determination and sacrifices he had made to protect his children’s well being by turning down the request made by the dictatorial, terrorist, and illegal regime of mother Ethiopia. Many despicable cowards will never hesitate for a second to sell their pride and soul for a meager hand full of dollars to carry out the dictators wish list. No one in the history of bribery ever turned down a property that is worth so many millions of dollars just like that. Yet your brave father chose not to take back his own property that he toiled his fingers to the bone to build it. Although it is tempting to refuse that amount of money, I take my hat off to his courage and beliefs for not selling out his unblemished honor and reputation of him and his family.

    I wish you, your family, and parents a wonderful happy new year filled with love, prosperity and tranquility for years to come.

    Regards, assefa

  82. Asrat on

    I know Gash Kifle for a long time. We used to live in the same kebele. He is an embodiment of honesty and bravery. I remember the specific incident Elias mentioned. Gash Kifle chased away 6 Woyanne thugs who came at him carrying Kalashnikovs with only a pistol. The cowards ran away with their tails between their legs and later came back with about 50 other thugs just to surround one man.

  83. Zeleke on

    What a very good choice Elias! Your father deserves this honor. The story touched my heart. Your dad is a brave man. By selecting him for this honor you are selecting all the fathers from Ethiopia with similar history and bravery.

  84. Ye-wend lij wend ende-Elias! Ye-banda lij banda ende-Legesse Zenawi!

    Money and material will be wasted! Human integrity and honor is ethernal!

    Elias, we respect you and your dear father!

  85. sami on

    Gash Kifle was a close friend of my dad. It has over 30 years since I saw him last time. I remember him as a dignified, humble man who calls every one including his employees “getaye” “emebete”. My dad used to think very highly of him. My dad has passed away several years ago and this story made me think about him in this New Year day. Like Gash Kifle, my own father also sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings to have a better life. I think I have not been as grateful as I should to all my dad did for me. I just took it for granted. Hopefully I will be able to meet Gash Kifle and give him my regards.

  86. Aba Dagnew on

    Elias, I was at family reunion today and during lunch your choice of person of the year was the main topic of discussion. I want to report to you that every one is supportive of your decision. Great job.

  87. Anonymous on

    Ato Kifle Seifu is a blessed man to have a son like our own Elias. My own choice for person of the year is Elias himself. It takes an iron will to do what he does.

  88. selam Ato Elias. I am not one of the support of you because the day i heard you on paltalk disrespecting one of “Aregaw” meri Hailu Shawel

    But to day you gave one of the best present to your father and for sur all fathers wish frm his son that is giving him respect and Honer him.

    Happy new year and long live for your father

  89. Nega on

    Elias now I know where you get your tenacity. Happy New year and congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Ethiopian Review.

  90. Elias' Fan on


    The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree. I sometimes feel like you are the last and only voice screaming the American Patrick Henry’s famous quote “Give me Freedom or Give me Death!” even though you are constantly being drowned by the confused, the hodams, and the true enemies of Ethiopia (Woyane), who never sleep from their final goal of looting and destroying the once proud country.

    And thanks for pointing out that the other Vampire Regime, the Derg, who destroyed the country beyond recognition, kill its best, demolished the moral of the citizens, terrorize whatever was left and delivered the hapless populous to the incoming Vampire Regime in a silver platter.

    But I diagress. Your dad is an exemplary example of the pride that was once Ethiopia. We all can relate to you by remembering our own fathers, some of whom have moved on, lucky in a way, not to see what have come of their country. The countless others who were put in your dad’s shoes have sold the country down the river to what you appropriately termed ‘Vampire Regime’ for whatever they can get out of it. I wonder how they sleep at night.

    I am so proud of your dad, not only for his great life and sacrifice for his country, but for passing on his patriotism to his children, especially you.

    Happy New Year to Abatachen Yetekeberu Ato Kifle Seifu and to our lonely voice in the wildereness Elias Kifle. My admiration and pride to both of you is boundless.

  91. Anonymous on

    Elias – God bless you! Unfortunatly you are way ahead, most of us are just bunch of losers, that is why weyane still play with our life. If we had 1000 more people like Elias weyane would have been history.

  92. Yilma Kdane on

    The best decision I have never seen in on ethiopian website. Your father deserves it. By electing your father as the man of the year for Ethiopian Review, you have also honored millions of other ethiopian fathers. God bless you Elias. I wish to your beloved father all the best.

  93. Tezibt on

    to NO. 82. Teshome

    Family is the pillar of a nation. A nation starts from family. The type of family determines what a country looks like. Please be some what kind the spirit of family. I don’t know how you grew up but most people do value family. This is the first time that Elias did such a noble choice. I will refrain from posting negative comments on his selection of the other two people. Elias should as usual select only one nominee but I guess he didn’t want to look selfish. Any ways, I applaud him for selecting his dad. His dad is what I call the average humble Ethiopian who can be one of the best role models for this generation, according to the story posted. Like father like son. Just slow down on the bitter politics and spice it up with some cunning. Don’t be stubborn and I will wish you are my prime minister.

  94. Gemchu on

    Elias, I see a lot of inconsistency in your actions all togather. Your choice of person of the year this year focuses on people who contributed for the sucess of either Ethiopian Review or yourself. Why is it so different from your nominations of last year and the year after? What is your definition of person of the year? I am having hard time to figure out what you stand for. It is not only this time. I don’t want to get into details but I don’t trust you anymore.

  95. Linager on

    This deserves for a father of this much determination.One can see now where the solid foundation of Elias Kifle is based, on his committed father. I like your father’s unequivocal NO. What a sprit and a personality this NO shows!! In a Prison State where every activity is looped in misery, we got a father of honor. A right choice, Elias. Long life to your father. God Bless you, your family. God Bless Ethiopia

  96. Geremew Isaatuu on

    Behind a strong man there is a strong woman. what had happened to your father has been harshly affecting all your siblings including your mother. I regret you did not mention her name and put up her photo along your father’s picture. I tell you revise your statement and include a story about your mother.

    I feel that every now and then women in Ethiopia are forgotten by their sons not to be included in any activities that are worth mentioning.

    Mothers are pillars of our society and they are the glue that keep the house together. So does your mother and she deserves a honor together with her life long partners- your father. I salute her.

  97. khalil le fou on

    Elias simply GOD bless u and ur family; and i wish to ur mom and dad Abrham’s blessings in the rest of their lives.

  98. bisrat on

    #123 elias certainly not a male chauvinist. i happen to know this family closely.His mother, like many other ethiopian mothers she doesn’t want her son to get involved in ethiopian politics. NO BODY IS SAFE WITH ELIAS. HE GIVES CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. GOD BLESS YOUR FATHER AND HIS FAMILY.

  99. Tesfaye N on

    Hi Elias I know you dad history. I am proud of him!your father deserve it.
    God bless your fatherand happy new year.

  100. Tezibt on

    To NO. 123. Geremew Isaatuu says:

    I applaud you. You are right mothers need to be given the spot light. Elias should consider your comment about his mother.

  101. Elias, […] The choice of the person of the year should be for a person whose contribution is shared by many, in fact by several millions. Mr. Kifle as you made it known stood up against EPDRF in behalf of him and his family. That is commendable, but it does not make him to be the person of the year 2010. Because there are so many who stood up against the excess of EPDRF, and if we are going down this road the selection becomes tricky. What about those who stood up for Ethiopians as a whole, and be sent to prison for it? Elias, you could have chosen those prisoners of conscience as person of the year, and you could have made more sense. Here, I think your emotion overtook your reasoning. Whenever a decision is made merely based on emotions rather than objective reasoning, defending that decision becomes impossible. Elias, you made unwise decision, by so doing you degrade the very purpose of choosing the person of the year.

  102. biddho hafash on

    Ato Elias Kifle happy new year to u and your brave father and bless you all. Keep on being peoples bridge and the voice of the neglected Ethiopians.Thank you.

  103. Transparancy on

    Great Choice… you are blessed to have such a role model… Congratulations to Ato Kifle

  104. Kassa on

    I am familiar with the shootout incident in Beklo Bet. It was a one man vs woyanne hoodlums little war. Your Dad is one strange person who is living his life as a person of typical Amhara stubbornness and self dignity. I have lived in the same neighborhood where he used to roam in with his Land Cruisers. I think I also remember you Elias, before you left, some 26 years ago if i am not mistaken. I wish you guys all the blessings. You are one strange conservative Amhara family; that I know for sure.

  105. Anonymous on

    I am dead sure the other candidates do not deserve much than your father. I vote for your father with all due respect.

  106. Alemu on

    I have no problem with the choice. I rather got confused by what it means person of the year say 2010. Does n’t it mean that the person who contributed the most in whatsoever why in the year 2010?
    Mr Kifle had definitely contributed more than his share for the well being of our society and country at large which were probably until a few years ago, not definitely in the year 2010. I think a different scheme should be put in place to recognize those long time contributions. Let me be clear here. I am not arguing that Mr. Kifle does not deserve to be person of the year say 2000 but not 2010. I stand to be corrected should i in case missed a point or two

  107. Mosissa Saba on


    Siyaasaan siyaasaa, seenaan seenaa! Seenaa manguddicha kanaa dubbisee daba mootummaan Woyyanee ummata Itoophiyaa hundaa irratti dalagaa jiru waan beeknuuf abbaa kankee kabaja guddaa kennaaf, maaliif jennaan karaa dhugaa jedhee itti amanu irratti waan hanga dhumaa qabsaa’eef….
    Let me say this Elias, I totally agree with your choice of the person of the year. It is a right choice at the right time,, for the perseverance and pain he had been through. In fact, today I was telling my younger brother about the heroism and benovelance of our late father, just in case he didn’t know what our father went through…for that somehow tells some of our personalities in a certain way..if we look back…an hour later my brother came and told me Elias Kifle selected his father as the person of the year for 2010 and that it is a story I should read about. I read it and decided to write something, although it is 5:30AM here in America’s hearland and it is the time I should go to bed after talking to my mother who is back home. The story tells people who the real Elias Kifle is…whatever you write from this point forward we look at you through this mirror! I may not agree with all of your political outlook but this is a choice second to nothing as far selecting person of the year is concerned, because it is an idea whose time has come for you!

  108. Dejazmach of Tigray on

    Mr. Elias,

    Truly you come from a good stock; a great family of honor and true Ethiopians, such is a geniune family in an ideal Ethiopia, long associated with justice, equality, honor and patriotism. People like your fathers would have been the leaders of buisness, industry e.t.c in a just Ethiopia. and if my knolwedge of Ethiopia’s history serve me right, people like your father would have been honered by Ethiopia’s monarchial governors or even the emperor with the titles of, Girazmatch, Kegnazmatch, Fitawrari or even Dejazmatch, such was a country where engeniutity and productivity was rewarded for the betterment of our country and our people. Unfortuanly today’s Ethiopia has beecome the land of bandits, a country where bandas and people with no moral backbone and no patriotism, no love of country, no ethics are thriving financialy with contempt. I pray the day comes that geniune hardworking families, like yours are rewarded while gangsters and gov’t backed robbers, the likes of TPLF mercinaries are forced to abdicate their ownership of every concivable assets and forced to relinquish, where by the true owners are given back what was theirs . I thank you for sharing your background, and I wish you and your father, Ato. Kifle, a happy 2011.

  109. Anonymous on

    It is a great pick Elias, I can read the bravery, honesty, decency and handwork of our great forefathers through the eyes of your father. I wish that you used a good language whith such an honorary Ethiopian. I have my own reserves for the current regime;However, from what Iam reading, I can tell you that you have hijacked the property, respect and dignity of such great Ethiopian more than anyone else.
    Look how damaging and unethical your language is to label your own father with ” He gun down one…”? It is ridiculously stupid to say the least.
    I hope that he will shine you some of his lifetime knowledge and experiences of Ethiopianess, how fighting for liberty is very different from simple insults.

    God bless Ato Seifu for his lifetime service for a better Ethiopia, for standing strong for what is right and Ethiopian, living high keeing the Ethiopian struggle and sprit alive till this day at this age of his time where he could easily leave the country and live in comfort as many of us did.

  110. Gragn Ahmed on

    … you should have put opposing views like mine which was number 2 comment which you ignored. May Allah Almighty ignore you for this evil act alone.

  111. Anonymous on

    So we finally know who pick up the ‘Person of the Year’ award for your magazine. Only one individual that is you. Otherwise your father would not have been chosen.

    A respected magazine (website) which is supposed to share national issuses should have gathered a group of knowledgeable individuals to choose the award.

    As important as your father is to you, he should not be presented the award only because he gave birth to you. In fact by giving the prize you are awarding yourself.

    The award should be given only on merit.


  112. Ra'Oeil on

    I personally know Gash Kifle “The Great”. I met him several times a couple of years ago. He is a wonderful Ethiopian, a true Hero of our homeland and a role model to all of us. I hope that one day more people will know about him and his likes. We have so much to learn from our Fathers. His incomparable knowledge of Ethiopia and its true place in the world is exceptional. Congratulation Gash Kifle! You are our father too!


  113. dawit on

    Yes, through the recognition of Ato Kifle Seifu, all Ethiopian fathers, including my dad are recognized, as he is the personification of all Ethiopian fatherhood. Elias, God Bless your father, and all Ethiopian fathers that have stood for the honor and the defense of the Motherland!!!

  114. Shaebia on

    Elias… Absolutely deserved winner of the man of the year, first & foremost for bringing up such a principled and brave man like yourself. Elias, many people would have bowed down for weyane so that they get their properties back. But you and your father refused to sell your conscious and refused to be hodams. And another reason is that you love your country so much and prove that in practice not only in words… you walked the walk. Despite disagreeing with some of your pinions, I love your courage and bravery. After all I’m shaebia and believe in tolerating the opinions of others as it was this principle that kept shaebia steadfast throughout its darkest times (bahli neqefeta and re’esi neqefeta). You gave a voice here in your journal and opinion ER to everyone regardless of ones origin or political stands. For that you deserve the man of the year yourself but your Dad deserved it even better for instilling such principle in you. Congratulations!

  115. Abat on

    Elias.Excellent choice!But as a regular reader of Ethiopian Review and thus know well how diverse the opinions posted are, I am a litle curious that I have not seen a single opposition to your choice of the year 2010.

  116. Takele on

    Dear Elias
    I join you in congradulating your honorable father of being the man of the year. He also should feel proud of having a brave son, Elias Kifle.

  117. Amina on

    I am in tears. I am glad you came to your senses and nominate some one who is worthy. I forgave you for nominating Issayas, the #1 ENEMY OF ETHIOPIA.


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