Protesters oust Tunisia president; Meles next

Widespread protests across Tunisia over economic crisis has forced the President of the northern Africa country. Ethiopia’s genocidal junta led by Meles Zenawi could also be facing the same fate soon as Ethiopia currently is engulfed in a debilitating economic crisis. Recent price hikes prompted Meles to impose price caps. This week, the Woyanne junta police arrested close to one hundred businessmen who have not complied with the price caps.

President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia forced out

(BBC) — Tunisia’s President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has stepped down after 23 years in power, amid widespread protests on the streets of the capital Tunis.

In a televised address, Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi said he would be taking over.

Tunisia economic crisisA state of emergency was declared earlier, as rumbling nationwide protests over economic woes snowballed into anti-government demonstrations.

Unconfirmed reports say Mr Ben Ali has left the country.

Earlier, police fired tear gas as thousands of protesters gathered outside the interior ministry.

Doctors say that 13 people were killed in overnight clashes in Tunis, and there are unconfirmed reports that five people have been killed in protests on Friday outside the capital.

Troops have surrounded the country’s main international airport, Tunis Carthage, and the country’s air space has been closed.

A state of emergency decree bans gatherings of more than three people and imposes a night-time curfew. Security forces have been authorised to open fire on people not obeying their orders.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he stood side-by-side with the citizens of Tunisia, his country’s former protectorate.

“Only dialogue can bring a democratic and lasting solution to the current crisis,” said Mr Sarkozy in a statement.

The US, a staunch ally of Tunisia, said all people “had the right to choose their own leaders”.

Mr Ghannouchi, 69, a former finance minister who has been prime minister since 1999, will serve as interim president.

In an address on state television, he promised to “respect the law and to carry out the political, economic and social reforms that have been announced”.
Stranded tourists

The BBC’s Arab affairs analyst Magdi Abdelhadi says Mr Ben Ali’s demise will go down in history as the day that an Arab population rose and brought down a head of state they regarded as a dictator.

He says it may rattle the entire post-colonial order in North Africa and the wider Arab world.

Earlier, Mr Ben Ali – who had said in a TV address on Thursday night that he would relinquish power in 2014 – said he was dismissing the government and dissolving parliament, and that new elections would be held within six months.

Human rights groups say dozens of people have died in recent weeks as unrest has swept the country and security forces have cracked down on the protests.

The protests started after an unemployed graduate set himself on fire when police tried to prevent him from selling vegetables without a permit. He died a few weeks later.

UK tour operator Thomas Cook said it would pull out all 1,800 of its customers currently on holiday in Tunisia.

Thomas Cook and another holiday company, Thomson First Choice, are cancelling departures to Tunisia scheduled for Sunday 16 January. However, Thomson are not bringing home visitors already in Tunisia early.

Tourism is key to Tunisia’s economy and an important source of jobs.

The UK, the US and France are among the countries advising against non-essential travel to Tunisia.

“The situation is unpredictable and there is the potential for violence to flare up, raising the risk of getting caught up in demonstrations,” the UK Foreign Office said in its latest travel advisory.

In his speech on Thursday night, Mr Ben Ali, who had governed Tunisia since 1987, announced he would stand down in 2014.

He said there was “no presidency for life” in Tunisia. But he said he did not intend to amend the constitution to remove the upper age limit for presidential candidates, which would have allowed him to stand for a further term in 2014.

The president, who earlier this week had blamed the unrest on “terrorists”, also said he felt “massive regret” over the deaths of civilians in the protests.

Mr Ben Ali, 74, was only Tunisia’s second president since independence from France in 1956. He was last re-elected in 2009 with 89.62% of the vote.

43 comments on “Protesters oust Tunisia president; Meles next

  1. George on

    meles and his bandit gangs must be shiverring in fear after learning what happened in Tunisia. No amount of force can stop the power of the masses once it reached to a point of no return. The tplf thugs must flee now before it is too late. To remind them in case they forgot, since they have very short memory, it is the mass uprising that brought down the Emperor’s government before the Derg took over.

  2. Dejane on



  3. Marda on

    Tunisians are all arabs, they speak all arabisch, they have same religion…so they can marach out together with minimum possible aftermath effects.

    In our case Woyanne is very barbaric…he will shoot a lot in the Streets, has a jocker for his last time action..Ethinic division.

    But whatso ever it is better to die for freedom than to die of hunger…let us march out and bring Democracy in Ethiopia

  4. mengesha on

    George,Dejane and Marda
    Why don’t you go to Addis and lead us at the front of the protest?It’s easy to write on line but don’t put innocent lifes by pushing from behind.This is what happened in 2005 and my fellow Ethiopians don’t want to be sacrificed for your greedy wishes to come true.

  5. Dejazmach of Tigray on

    We are hearing some series infighting with in the military high level brasses who are almost all from Tigray about their discontent of the top commanders whose title range from Major General to Lt. General to full Generals of excessive personal enrichment of wealth inpart due to their connection to the families of Meles and Azeb and their extended buisness holdings through out the country. General Samora and a certain collenel from the central command is deligated in assigning key offices to loyal officers as well as officers with birth or upbringing in adwa-hamasien, axum or envirnos and that means promoting undeserving officers to offices that doesn’t merit their standing and this is resulting in incompetency and utter failure of the department and as a result this is engulfing the defense ministry and Meles and few executive TPLF members including his wife Azeb had almost 4 meetings in the past 6 months (one meeting in January) respecting the serieousness of the issue with loyal officers. Adding this to the chaoatic Ethiopian economy and the upwards of 50% unemployment, something is defently brewing, it may just need a nudge.

  6. Balcha Gebeyhu on

    Fellow Ethiopians:

    In the last major mass protest, which started in the student protest in late 1967 in Paris, a number of regime changes happened in Europe and Africa. Fast forward, in short, now we know that some of the changes resulted in petty dictators like Legese Zanawi & Ben Ali and others taking over power and made the life of citizens more miserable than before.
    Now that Ben Ali, faced with economic crisis and citizens revolt against his dictatorship, has vanished in thin air, Meles Zanawi for sure will start day-dreaming & may be dialing his wayane ambassadors in China & other cities for possible shalter. This will remind him of the after math of 2005 election where he was reported to have had an escape plan in case the planned but never carried out strike in Addis had materalized. No need to write what will happen next….but it is clear to everyone that Meles fate, no matter how long it takes, will be no differnt than the dictator Ben Ali’s. The only difference will be how united all the progressive oppositions are in making a lasting change in the life of our citizens.

    Fellow Ethiopians let us make sure the next regime change will not repeat the same mistake of breeding dictatorship in our beloved land. Let democracy and the rule of flourish once for all.

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia and protect her citizens from thugs & crooks!

  7. debela on

    Weyane’s source of power lies not in the military or any thing else but ethnic federalism. Ethnic federalism has effectively served weyane against any possible trepidation that comes in its way. The different ethnic groups hate more for one another than for any public official who has abused their hope and future. In short, Tunisia is not Ethiopia.

  8. dfabachew on

    As all arabs do they care less about any thing else but sugar. These mulah never demonstrated for justice or equality. They care less about press freedom. They care less about their people being operessed. It is the arabs culture to demonstrate when only the shortage of sugar. Each one of these mulah gazzel about 20 cups of a day. So don’t tell me the arabas are bla bla. As soon as some one gave them that gadamen sugar arabs will do usualthing sleeping burping, furting and praising their maker who ever it is for this wonderful life.

  9. teshome on

    Not only Melse but Esayias too who should be unequivocally step down from their power
    Elias, I am perplexed at many of your articles you always have got mercy on Esayias? I looks you are joined at the hip with Brutal Esayias regime. That is high degree of vulgarity for Eritrean people. Please forget your blue blood and come to expectations.

  10. Molla on



    Wow – You made it clear how you like to see Ethiopia in a messy situation. You must be a true son of Ethiopia and the one that will save her from disaster.

  11. Inshalah! on

    I say “Amien” to that. But, I am afraid, we have been all talk and no walk lately!

  12. inorder for meles get the point of shivering from the wind from north africa, there must be genuine reconcilation among the various nations and nationalities in ethiopia, which is purposflly and succesfully impposed on them by the regim. Since meles is too smart there should be some kind of unity among all the people. Unity among all people is the only pain in ass for meles. He divied and ruled for 2 decades, narrow the gap and he will scrabling to his death. Stop talk start action.

  13. Gragn Ahmed on

    Time for change. All corrupt Arabs should go that use religion to hide for their faults. In Ethiopia the christian empire must go away. Time for Muslims to take power because they are the majority and the rule of law must be in order and the right of citizens respected.

  14. Anonymous on

    Hey, why do you compare apple with orange Ethiopian people when it comes to internal struggle they never been united and can’t be United because of the demons called ethnic complexity. The only way Woyanne will surrender power is by infiltration means every one has to be member like the derg era that every one become ESEPA and weakened the power. Otherwise the division in the opposition relying on Isayas will not work. The faster we all become woyanne the sooner Melese and his colleagues be eliminated from power. No one will do demonstration again in Addis everybody is afraid and it is easy to say get out for us from outside.

  15. on

    Indeed woyanes and Meles’s days are numbered.

    We never imagined the days of the emperor and Mengistu’s days were that numbered in the middle of our misery. We thought both were there for the rest of our lives. In the same manner, we might also think that Woyanes are also there for the rest of their lives.

    Unfortunately, that is not how mother nature works. It works like in Tunisia, where the fate of the dictator is dashed altogether at a lightening speed and the hope of the people is shining bright again.

    Time to wise up before the count down of those numbered days is over.

    Death to dictators!!!!

  16. zenawi who is the butcher of Addis is absolutely running out of time and it is better for him to leave his position rather than hung like his old buddy Saddam Hussein.
    We will witness and this will definitely happen very soon.
    Death to the Dictator.

  17. Tariku on

    Idiot. Stick to your bloody EPPF story. That suits you best. Relating Tunisians situation with that of Ethiopians is silly at best & stupid at worst. Tunisia is a monolithic Arab country with no ethnicity issue dividing the people . It I’d also said technology has helped the protestors , namely 20 pc of the citizens are on face book to share and distribute information to organise their case. Besides effective army, like Weyane’s Agazi is absent from Tunisian land. The implication , if any, of this riot will only be felt by other similar north African countries such as Algeria & Egypt.

    If u are still alive, we will see what you have to say this time next year. If I were you I would be more worried about your pending court case in London. This time , you seem to be on a deep shit.

  18. Oromticha on

    In order to oust the corrupt and brutal dictator of Ethiopia, all people must unite under the slogan of “Enough is Enough”. It is becoming increasingly clear that the only means that forces Meles and his cronies out of power is continuous mass resistance and ultimate sacrifice. As we have observed from the departure of the Tunisian dictator, few countries are ready to shield dictators and most are with the oppressed people once they forge a unified resistance. Thus let us unite for the final victory of ousting the most barbaric dictators from Ethiopia.

    Victory to the people!
    Tigrayan domination and colonialism of Ethiopians will end in 2011!

  19. Gadaa on

    The Haromayaa unversity last week defies woyane and has been songing freedom while the woyane was looking in disbelieve. Woyane scared to death about “revolt aginst tyrenny” that will come soon.

  20. Fitihawi on

    Attn Eritreans,
    Isn’t it time for us(the youth in particular)to do what the fearless and gallants Tunizian youth did to oust a blood sucker dictator.In our case its not only the corruption but a system that is determined to destroy the whole nation that hundreds of thousands perished their precious lives for.Our beloved nation is facing a band of traitors that kill,rape,torture and imprison citizens relentlessly to protect their power.The struggle to oust dictatorship has been going on all fronts and its gaining momentum every cursed passing day.The shifta regime has been on its dying bed breathing with a life supporting machine and what is all needed NOW is to plug it out and throw to the dust bin of history where it belongs.Dictators are cowards and Asmara shiftas are no different and thats why the shiftas mouthpiece like meskerem,dehai,alenalki and others are not posting this exciting news.They must have realized that their days have been numbered.HAL-LE-LU-JAH.

  21. The time has reaped for the popular uprise. the Ethiopia people will realise the false conciousness they forced to accept. The double digit economic growth and the next 5 years transformation plan is a fake project to divert the people attention from known the true cause of their suffering. Meles and his cronies will never lie to sell the Ethiopia in pieces.

    Three centuries ago, the great sociologist, Karl Marx, wrote in his famous political and economic book, the Capital, how the working class is being alienated from his/her labour, the result of his labour, I.e., commodity, fellow worker and environment.

    By the same token, it is clear that how the Meles’s government in the last two decades has alienated the people from different social, economic and political spheres. The military is totally dominated by his immediate tribesmen, the civic society is placed under the draconian regulation, favouritism in business is the practice of the day. Unemployment, poverty, price hike, nepotism, tribalism and all types of ills of the worst form of government is the basic characteristic this government.

    Political fetishism is the discourse of this government. Meles came to power to enrich himself and his cronies. Politics is a means of filling their pockets. It is a commodity by itself which can be sold to a highest bidder. This is clearly affirmed by the selling of the land of the country to foreigners. Robert Mugabe fought against the Minority government of Ian smith to empower the people of Zimbabwean to redistribute land owned by minority white.

    However, Meles is doing the opposite by allowing the foreigners to get hold of the fertile land of the nation. Even Derge regime was progressive in this regard. They empowered the tenants by enabling them to take the land they were tilling. The last monarchy in Ethiopia came down due to the famine that stroke the northern part of the country.

    As just Karl Marx predicted in the above mentioned book, when the people of Ethiopia understand the false consciousness and open their eyes and develop conciousness, they will bring about a substantial change that would pave the way for true modernity. where economic growth is not a political motto but the prosperity of the people at the grass root level, an end to poverty and famine, injustice, tribalism and nepotism.

  22. Tezebet on

    Don’t condemn me or think I am supporting this bloodsucker regime in Ethiopia. I will be the first one to celebrate their death; it’s my day and night dream to see Melese and his clone hang in the middle of Arat killo. However; Ethiopia situation is totally different than Tunisia in so many ways, Tunisia is not Ethiopia….
    1. No strong multiethnic opposition that can take charge for the uprising
    2. No national military loyal to Ethiopians or Ethiopia, more than 90 % of the high ranking military officers come from one ethnic group, and they are profited from the current government
    3. There are thousands of people from every ethic background sell their soul to fill their belly… these kind of people will never blink their eye to sell their own brother to Melese regime
    4. People fad up seeing over and over the oppositions let them down and people lost the faith on the opposition.
    5. TPLF purposely divide nation in so many ways so the last 20 years Melese destroyed the trust between people or ethnic groups.
    6. I am connivance myself after 2005 peaceful struggle will not work in Ethiopian situation, the only way you pushed out Melese/TPLF is with the combination of military struggle and popular uprising within Ethiopia.

    But one thing I agree with some of the comment I read, the fate of TPLF will not be deferent than what we see in Tunisia.

  23. teketel on

    It is a good one, Meles will either be ousted by a mass uprising or he will die of his own terror and fear. I wish to see this banda go to hell soon.

  24. Gifti on

    If this thing will be spreading to Tunisia’s neighboring countries, I am certain Ethiopia could follow. In any case, it is my
    wish the tsunami that started in Tunisia would engulf all blood-soaked tyrants of Africa such as Mubarak and Legesse (Wedi Banda Zenawi Asres).
    Ladies and Gentlemen, something unprecedented for many dacades in the Arab world and in Africa has happened. What we had witnessed in the late 80s and early 90s in Eastern Europe is unfolding in our region and it is called people’s power. What makes it more exciting is the fact that regimes which fell one after another in Eastern Europe were supported by rotten & dying superpower. This time the regime that just fell in Tunisia by people’s power in Tunisia was supported by Western powers. What happened in Tunisia today has generated panic among tyrants in the region supported by the West as well as in Western capitals. (BTW, it seems the panic has spread even to cyber BUCHILAs in this forum).
    Hopefully, Egyptians, Ethiopians and other Africans suffering under these tyrants would summon their courage and stand in solidarity with one another as their counterparts in Tunisia did and send message to their respective tyrants “how many of us you can kill?” and “no amount of police brutality or killings would stop people’s tsunami.
    Western media taking its cue from Western embassies was using terms such as “street violence” or riots for the people’s uprising in Tunisia. When Iranians or Zimbabweans rose in similar fashion, same acts are called prodemocarcy rallies etc.. Today, after they saw the people’s uprising in Tunisia gaining momentum by forcing the President, to flee they have changed their tone and terms they use. There was no mention of movement for democarcy as if democracy activists exist only in places such as Iran, Zimbabwe or among Burmese monks or Russian oligrachs etc.
    Now Westerners have witnessed the power balance has shifted away from the tyrant they have supported for decades, they are outraged by Police or government forces violence and the killings of 50 or less civilians. Where were their outrage when more than 200 civilians were killed in streets of Addis or protesters were beaten, maimed and thrown to prisons en masse in Egypt by regimes they supported? Bunch of hypocrites!

    I fear the consequence of ethnic based politics when time is up for Legesse Wedi banda Zenawi Asres forced out of power by people’s insurrection

  25. Halafi Mengedi on

    Dejazmach of Tigray,

    Thanks for the info, the most effective way to create hinfishfish among the military is Dejen Radio, the guy has good reputation among all the military and most of Woyane civilian members in thigh positions and most Tigray people in Tigray and Addis Ababa listen his broadcast but the guy does not get any help from concerned Tegaru. I wonder if Tigryans from Diaspora can contribute money and help him to broadcast and shorten the looting spree of Mele, Azeb and some of their mender people in the name of the whole Tigray. Specifically Diaspora from Enderta, Tembien, Raya, Awlallo, Shire and Wolkait should wake up and do something. The Alumni associations by Awraja Tigrayan Diaspora should be abolished and people should concentrate to oust Meles from power by any means and other true Tegaru and Ethiopians can take over from this traitor and regain the country sovereignty. The only way Meles can be removed is from the military lower ranks to take over the power and bring Meles and his associates to court of justice to face their crimes. The military has been spied by civilian and some military cadres all their activities on daily bases. The Adwa people are spying to every Tigrayans at home and in Diaspora to keep their looting business to continue forever. We the majority of Tigrayans gave them a blank check what ever they want to do and they are slaving our people while they are becoming millionaires over night while Tigrayans and the rest of the country living on foreign aid and Ethiopian youths are fleeing the country to other African countries in search of job. We Tigrayans became YE MELES BALOMAL NECHLEBASH AND CHIN GERED FOR LIFE to destroy Tigray and Ethiopia.

  26. samnv on

    The 21st century revolution just started people this will spread worldwide faster than expected,not only in the third world countries even the most powerful super powers will face a really nasty economic mess within a year or 2012,people we need to pray to god for his mercy,hopefully it will be short and peaceful transaction from dictatorships(rule of the jungle) to the people(true freedom),i will assure all of you every african dictators are already in a very scary nightmare they know what will take place in the very near future,be prepared too many innocent life will perish worldwide.

  27. Hiyoba on

    It is a nice wish and hope that would happen in Ethiopia like Tunisia but There is no good leader in Ethiopia to push to the finale goal.
    All educated Ethio´s are either cowards or greedies. Look at Mrs Burtukan first she was a divoted leader for change and now she is silenced by weyane´s brutality.No voice at all!!!
    Ethiopia is blessed by her Natural resources but not by her leaders.

    God Help the people of Ethiopia!!!!!!!!

  28. Andargachew on

    This is a day dream. Foolish idea. There a lot of people who are on the side of woyane this days like there were in the bad time of the dergue regime.

    The people are now very happy that there is price fixing. I am one witness of this. The supprot of Meles and his flexible actions which are all the time for the benefit of the people have been proven recently. As for the day dreams, go dreaming!

  29. I think guys you dont seem realize the reality of Ethiopia from Tunisia. The people in Tunisa are one group, one hearted, one aim . But the Ethipian people their ideas are the same as thier numbers, they dont have common aim, they share hate and ethnically divided. Ethiopia is a country where some group claim to be the protectorate of the government, some group who believe that they are under suppression , some favored, some colonized, some liberalized by the government. So how do you think that the people will be able to fight against the Ethiopian Government. This will never and ever happen again, if happens, it will be bloodshed not between the government and the people but between the people themselves. Do you think that the Ethiopian people sufferred less than Tunisians ? not ! but Ethiopian people have learned from 1997 election as they would bring nothing in the divided context except to be consumed by bullets.

  30. Anonymous on

    The question is, does their dictator receive undying support and billions of US Tax Payers Money every year?

  31. wishful thinking !!! There is no a hero that take the lead just paper tigers. Sad Ethiopians like to talk and zero in action.

  32. Yitayegnal on

    Dear Editor,

    The Ethiopian revolution has started much earlier than the Tunis one. It is still smoking. And you know that something that has been smoking for long will not stop when it starts burning. It just consumes everything and ash will be the result.

    Meles is not intelligent but foolish. What angers me is the stupidity of the so called Ethiopian politicians. Every time you find them running here and there, shoveling from left to right, insulting one another to carry out the homework the devil Meles has given them.

    Why is Meles and the company are aggressively engaged in the so called fake “Erik” or reconciliations after rigging the vote of 80 million miserable people for the last 20 years? Why now? Why not during election contest? Why not when all political parties were asking for it? Why now sending puppet “Shimagiles” for fake “Erik” to return the legitimate patriarch of the EOTC? Why “forgiveness” for the Derg officials now? …. It is simple. To just divert attention at this pivotal time. It is the tactic of the Orangutan not a man. But worse for those to be decieved by the Orgutan….

    May we work harder and better for our survival.

  33. I don’t know about the overreaction and excitement of many Ethiopians at this event and what it means to their country. If we need change we really need not wait for such event to take place in Tunisia to be used as parallel event.

    I think the folloing few prepartions by the opposition must take place for change to take place in the country.
    1-The sleeping opposition leaders need to prove to their followrs they are still alive able to lead. If not,they need to come out in the open and announce they can’t handle the hit.Such simple cut answer will do justice than to banish followers by inactivity.Honesty about this will be reliving!
    2-The leaders of all the opposition parties must be able to form common alliance.
    3-Establish independently led multinational defense force that will co-ordinate the civil disobedience at home.
    If these conditions are met Melese’s day will come into an end.
    Failure not to prepare for any such eventuality will spell disaster.
    I don’t believe any rumor I hear about the perturbation inside the weyane military. People need to stop wishing, and must rather believe in hard work to bring the desired change.

    Finally, I am excited about the events in Tunisia only if it plays as a catalyst in neighboring Arab states which hold their citizens captive by imposing the state Sharia law.
    I will be happy to see the five hundred thousand Muslim women and young men set free from state imposed Sharia.After I read the wiki leak revelation regarding the Saudi western style drinking being I want the people to enjoy such right without any one telling what they must do. Check the link below

  34. Dejazmach of Tigray on

    Halafai Mengedi

    You are right. You probably know that the Tigrian school alumina associations are controlled by Sibhat Nega and his lieutenants here in Diaspora not only that, the development associations affiliated by awrajas are also controlled by the same guy and his lieutenants who are running organizations like ‘Mtsa’ mahber tegaru semine America as well as “Tselal Tegaru” this was purposely done in order to effectively undermine genuine awraja associations by genuine Tegaru with in their respective affiliations. Tselal tegaru for example, is a mocking of Tigrians, the idea is, you create an organization that would serve as an umbrella which will give the impression that all awrajas are united under a single association, at the helm of that are adwa-hamasiens controlling the day to day activities of individual awrajas hence maintaining Adwa hegemony manifested by the status quo– prolonging their control over every aspect of our lives. The first thing Diaspora Tigrians must do is, to dismantle the alumina organizations as well as the bull crap development associations and free it from TPLF influence as well as contamination. This can be done by discontinuing membership and instead helping fellow Tigrians individually by a group of 2-5 people indoing so effectively freeing oneself from TPLF watch dogs. This will be the first thing and a crucial step b/c there is no other place where TPLF comes in contact with Tigrians other than school associations and development associations. Many southern Tigrians are starting to do that; the next thing will be to create a link with our brothers and sisters in the army. The ‘dejen’ radio and other media outlets directed to that particular audience can bring substantial fruits. The bulk of Tigrians who are low level as well as midlevel officers are from southern Tigria (Raya, Enderta, Tembien) as well as a great deal from Shire and Welkait. The agametais are becoming a mystery since some of the richest business men from Tigray are men from Adwa and Agama (thanks to men like Seyoum and Tsegay, and the many with in the security apparatus, agametais are making it big)—so I don’t know what to make of it. The top brasses with in the defense army are getting too old and have become too rich and too docile to resist a potent assault by mid level officers from southern Tigray (a great number of them are veterans of the badme war, battle hardened, young—late 30’s and mid 40’s who exemplified very well in battle fields and are university educated and very pro-Ethiopians). The old TPLF guards, the likes of Seye, Gebru and Asgede and their followers may play a role in this, though it may be a dangerous road for them. I truly believe southern Tigrians are the only hope we have as Ethiopians if we are to free Ethiopia from going into the abyss. The armed resistance groups stationed in Eritrea are useless and will not amount to anything.

  35. Satenaw on

    The catch phrase he garnered 86.6% percent of the vote in 2009. Does these sound familiar with our 99.6%. The outcome these democratic election none less than the ousting of these beloved leader.

  36. Addisu on

    No way! Fara bila! We tried it in 2005 and where were u? Telling us to fight agains weyane from your sofa in Dc. Weyane shaved my hair and put me in jail. This time they will shave your arse not mine. Hahahahaha

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