Why isn’t Egyptian army shooting?!

Unlike the notorious Egyptian police, the restraint shown so far by the Egyptian army in the face of a nation wide popular uprising is becoming no doubt worrisome to Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi who himself is sitting on a ticking time bomb. Meles and his blood thirsty army chief, General Samora Yenus, may have called Hosni Mubarak to ask why the army is not shooting. When Ethiopians held rally following the 2005 fraudulent elections, Meles Zenawi had unleashed his death squads who gunned down civilians indiscriminately, including children and women.

In memory of those Ethiopians who fought for change, and to remind us that positive change is still possible in Ethiopia, Tamagn Beyene has produced the following video.

30 thoughts on “Why isn’t Egyptian army shooting?!

  1. Abebe on

    Ethiopians have a great opportunity to free themselves from the Tyrant.

    This is a global momentum that should be seized upon. The west willnot be able to support the Tyrant without appearing hypocrates. As to the troops of the tyrant, like anybody they will act like a savage as long as they can get away with it. We should have worked very hard to pressure the tyrant to bring the past ccriminals to justice. It did not happen but still always remember the tyrants troops, how wever brainwashed they may be, they stillhave to calculate their cost-benefit.

  2. Sir, I have asked this question. Even in Tunisia, the army didn’t shoot at the protesters at large. Although they are dictators, the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt have some degree of respect for their citiziens. Not so in tplf’s ethiopia. It is a regime which has it most of its subjects as its chief enemies. So you have the explanation there why, unlike the tplf’s ethiopia, in egypt and tunisia the dictators are not murdering the protesters at large.

  3. Anonymous on

    My guess is that, the government of Egypt isn’t shooting because they have gotten a warning from the Super Power of the world. The Tunisian former dictator and the Egyptian dictator seem angels, compare to our evil dictator Meles. And yet, the US government failed to give warning to the worst dictator, one of the most human rights abuser in the world and a tyrant that has the blood of countless number of innocent Ethiopians on his hands — Dictator Meles. Very disappointing, indeed!

    • no superpower can interfere in an Egyptian or a Tunisian internal affair
      and the answer of your question is that there is a patriotic armies in these countries on the contrary of their police forces that was loyal to presidents

  4. Tezibt on

    Change is gonna come soon. Thanks Tamagn your contribution is critical. Elias we thank you also for being one of the critical voices to the change that we expect. Please do not expose any tactic and strategy though, otherwise the Ethiopian issue is a matter of few days. What we should worry is about having an organized body that will take over. We have no dought the government can fall in few days. There is enough frustration to topple Meles over night. There is no rush to do it though. Let the AU meeting end and all the reasons to keep the security forces in the streets subside. Then use all media to take the initiative. Now lets worry so as to avoid the take over of leadership by another dictator which is a serious concern in the case of Ethiopia.

  5. tootoo on

    Unlike either of Egypt or Tunisia, Ethiopia no more has a national army which is neutral and loyal to protect the interest of the country. Ethiopian army is a private army of Meles Zenawi composed of Tigrians.

  6. Tezibt on

    Ethiopia can bring change if greed by few opposition leaders can be overcome. The advantage of Tunis and Egypt movements is that there is not greed among the oppostion. Actually there isn’t even an opposition figure leading the movement. Luckily, the people are changing the course of their history. Sad but true, in Ethiopia the people never got that opportunity. Always, either the dictators or the elite snatch leadership from the people. Please oppostion leaders, stay away only this time and change will come. Let the people lead. The people have the thermometer that guages the temprature of the day. Let the people lead any movement. Let a leader come out of the people themselves. This is the best way to achieve change. I wonder if those failed oppostion groups can stay away only this time.

  7. There is a difference between Egypt and Ethiopia. Egypt is united and the police and army means they stand with the people at the end. In Ethio. case, Meles has done a good job of ethnically dividing us. So they will go after other ethnic groups such as Amara and will try genocide on the Amara people and cry for the international community Interhamwe on Tigrayan people. Meles has already calculated this. In addition, OLF and Shaebia will take this advantage against the Ethiopian people along against Weyane. Ethiopia’s case will be deadly. We were united in 2005, that would have been the time to continue to protest no matter how many people died, we were also betrayed and tricked by international community. I am sure even as we speak, Weyane is getting ready what he can do if there is going to unrest. Now would have been the time for us to oust the Weyane and Co.

  8. one ethiopia on

    change is up on us! we the people of ethiopia we don’t have to wait politian to bring the change we want we the people has a great power to bring the kind of change we need.today should be weyanne’s last day on power. tomorrow we have to brith freedom

  9. OMG, I saw mass that came out in 2005, how could we have lost? How could we have lost with such mass demonstration? Very sad!

  10. Haile Sellassie Melkamu on

    Generally speaking the Egyptian army is NOT so stupid as to start shooting and committing unforgivable crime murder crimes against the Egyptian people protesting against the of wrongs of a ONE MAN impoverishing brutal dictatorial misrule of the last 30 years.

    After all, the people are ONLY asking their inalienable natural rights to which they are absolutely entitled, as president OBAMA also clearly put it. The commanding army general has just returned from the US after a lengthy negotiation with relevant US authorities including the Pentagon, of course. That means even the general’s hands might have been tied. But from the Mubarak’s camp force is neither the answer nor the solution at all.

    The demonstrators carry the card game that may absolutely decide the outcome of the struggle if they keep playing their cards sustainable and rightly. Resistance is a motor and engine of change in the face of ossified and vegetating self centered dictatorship ONLY benefiting family members and close inner circles.

  11. memire on

    Unlike the Egyptian and Tunisian army, the Ethiopian army is segregated by ethnic grouping. The COLONIZERS and THEIR BANDA affiliates have been placed in commanding positions while the Ethiopian members are being kept in private position in their own country. this is a greasily reminder of the old British army that roamed around the world colonizing countries with private soldiers recruited from the colonized countries while their British counterparts stayed in the commanding position. The woyane army is not different from any other sector of the Ethiopian society. You have to be a member of the colonizing group( tigrean) to be a beneficiary of any privileges including the rank of leadership no matter how small its level is. the rest of the army is used as a cannon fodder as has been the case in the war with Eritrea and in Somalia. we all know that addis ababa is guarded with five brigades of woyane army solely or mainly composed of members from the colonizers group. it is going to be bloody if any riot is started in addis ababa unless the people are ready to return fire with fire. in one of the wiki leak revelation, the little despot said that the Ethiopian people need to be the one who should demand democracy and justice for themselves. In all the 20 plus years since he and his group occupied Ethiopia, this is the first time that he came close to telling the truth. The American democracy that we enjoy here is not a factory product. people shade their blood to bring a better future for the future generation. Ethiopians are dying from hunger, poverty and arbitrary killing any way. why not do the heroic thing and leave a better future for our children? Egyptians and Tunisians which are relatively prosperous and have better life than Ethiopians have risen up against their dictatorial regimes regardless what they are going to lose. Ethiopians should have even a better cause to rise up against this brutal occupation. they have been dehumanized and treated like a second class citizen in their own country. what is left??????????????

  12. I wonder where Meles and his cronies will exile to???
    I am sure Meles & Co are thinking about it.

  13. Tammirat Bogale on

    Absolutely I am 100% convinced that the revolt of the Ethiopian people which will come sooner or latter, whether we like it or not, depending on the right triggers at the right time and in the right place will do away with this through corrupt mother of all brutal and impoverishing minority dictatorship.

    But there cannot be a simple and direct copy cut revolt of success. The Ethiopian condition is a little bit different due to the resourcefully heterogeneous nature of its population, historical conditions and the cunning fox dictator’s willingness survival kit to directly, indirectly and skillfully reinforcing and exploiting all of these major and minor differences.
    And then again, instead of keep writing kilometers upon kilometers of redundant activism, agitations and calling on people to descend on the dictator, opposition leaders need to pause for a while in order soberly device and map out a clear and clean working strategy of basic alliances and from there unite the people both against the Wayane Agaazi army and the wayane robbers they are loyally protecting. Absolutely even giving the vision and mission of the government and govern aces after the liberation can be a perfectly good idea. But it must some kind of a reassuring and and empowering sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

    Even in the case of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolts, the resistance did not at all provide any clear and clean agenda of government and governance after the demise of the old dictators. THey trusted and keep trusting the people’s capacities in forming a viable democratic government better than the once shamelessly clinging to power by all means possible.

    “The people have revolted” ~stated Opposition figure head Mohamed ELBaradei just few minutes ago. And it is true that the people have revolted in the true sense of the word “revolt against tyranny.”

    And it is an inspiration and GREAT ROLE MODEL for all people suffering under the burden and crushing yoke of injustice and brutalities.

    ” A populace never rebels from passion for attack, but from impatience and hatred of suffering.” ~Edmund Burke

  14. Dagetu says on

    Some feels no confidence in our police force. Nevertheless, in the past the police force wanted to join the protesters, and they even showed victory sign to the demonstrators. However, the demonstrators fail to seize the office of the prime minister, the media and other important government offices. When you’ve a large people of demonstrators, like we have seen in Ethiopia, you just can’t leave the opportunity without getting a result.

  15. freedomlover on

    We can not compare Tunisian and Egypt leaders with Ethiopian shiftas (tplf). The shiftas (tplf) never hesitate to kill everyone when ever their interest threatened. They are not leaders but uncivilized and savage thieves.

  16. Anonymous on

    Besides tyrant Meles committing worse crimes than the Tunisian and Egyptian dictators, Meles has done and gone to the deep end of crimes by locking up tens of thousands innocent Ethiopians, torturing and murdering thousands and also by giving the Ethiopians fertile land and our only port to foreigners. The bloody-hand Woyane dictator has gone farther than the two dictators have ever done. From what I have been reading and hearing about Egypt for the last few days, Egyptians have incredible amount of freedom than Ethiopians. Why is it that the sufferings of Ethiopians have been ignored for too long by international media? WHY? WHY? WHY?

  17. Ethiopians need to do it now while the AU meeting is going on in Addis…. It will be difficult for the government to cut off cellphone and internet services at least until the meeting participants depart (by that time the demonstration will gain enough momentum to sustain itself)

  18. Neg Beene on

    The popularity of the Eguptian army is not only its strength in terms of numbers and arms, but its affinity to the people from which it comes out. this is in sharp contrast to the Ethiopian TPLF army. take for instance how the army’s division named AGAZZI did to innocent civilians in 2005. Shooting boys and girls in their backs while they are running away from the police and children shot in their hearts and heads. This is massacre and a show of fear by the TPLF. But the chapter in world history that has been turned by Egypt and Tunisia is that the whole world watches and accountability is inescapable for child killers Meles and Azeb.

  19. Fire through Africa on

    Hi Elias, is that true just now about 19 private jets left Egypt amongst them the rich who camfoulaged a great GDP and promoted the Mubarek regime. What rhetoric of few millionaires in our nation too, I am wondering whether the next fire comes down to the horn.

  20. Berhane on

    One big diffrence about Ethiopia & those two other countries is that the armys of Egypt and Tunsia are composed of all their citizens. On the other hand in Weyane controled Ethiopia the Army & all the security aparatus is composed of one ethnic group and few other oportunistes that will not hesitate to kill as many as they can to stay in power. Their movement started based on hate for the poor and inocent Amaras dont have any thing to do for their drought and hanger.

  21. Anonymous on

    Because they are not the Ethiopian Army which is an army of one ethinic group and because they value life and they love their fellow citizens!

  22. Sontoga Henok on

    It is TOO early to say that the Egyptian army is hesitant to shoot and kill innocent citizens asking for their basic rights. Blood bath may still take place simply because there are important matters at stake even though traditionally the Egyptian army is quite popular among the citizens.

    The contradiction is the fact that almost all of Mubarak’s officials including Mubarak himself and his newly appointed spy chief vice president are military officers disguised under civilian cloths.

    They may be out in manipulating, outmaneuvering and eventually crushing the people’s resistance in one way or the other.

    Simply because they did not shoot and kill up to now due to rapidly moving events overtaking them by surprise as well as due to the divide and rule Wayane style cunning fox tactics of the ruling dictatorship cliques putting the police force against the armed forces.

    By now the police forces have been completely removed and put back in to their invisible barracks built by the Mubaraks while the army have been and still being brought in and placed in positions in large numbers with large arms, ammunitions and all kinds of modern military equipments and gadgets. The intelligence communities and cadres of the dictatorship are deliberately setting out prisoners free as well as going on the stealing rampage and destroying the historical relics and artifacts of the GREAT Egyptian civilization that is also part and parcel of the GREAT early African and the entire world civilization.

    The purpose of the SABOTAGE is to show and demonstrate to the entire world including the entire foreign donor communities to the effect that ” ONLY Mubarak’s solid iron fist dictatorship can keep LAW and ORDER perfectly in place in such a savage and unruly country filled with beggars and reckless criminals.”

    Mind you folks, even Muchos AMIGOS Commandante Fidel Castro when confronted with the demands of the iternational community (US at the head) to respect human rights and freedoms of his citizens played exactly the same game when in 1994 he emptied his entire jails and let prisoners freely over flood the USA.

    “Criminals ‘in exodus from Cuba’: US fears Castro emptying his jails – into Florida.” was the Sunday, 28 August 1994 news paper article from, THE INDEPENDENT” authored by PATRICK COCKBURN in Washington.

    Interestingly enough, the word “exodus” originally refers to the flight of the Israeli people from Egypt under the leadership Moses on which Bob Marley’s and Hikaru Utada’s album’s are based as well as Leo URSIN’S book and Otto Preminger’s 1960 film.

    Even after thousands of years, still EXODUS from Egypt seems to take place simply because some exceptionally GREEDY humans cannot learn but leave matters to simmer below the surface like a volcano to the point of NO RETURN and ultimate explode.

  23. Ethiopia is quite different from Egypt! First, the police and the army has no marcy to their fellow citizens. They enjoy killing. and therefore such act of civil upraising is very dangerous and it could even lead to bloodshed and civil wars between ethnic groups. We should be very careful not to advocate such issues the consequences are very very dangerous!

  24. DueCare on

    Do not be fool. The Egyptian Army does not shoot because it is ordered not to by its masters. Who do you think is paying the army? For any reason if Washington feels the current revolt will lead to revolution, then with or without some pretext terror orchestratation, it will give a green light to the army to squash the uprising and that will result in deaths. Who will be blamed for the killing? Well, the Army. An army or police is not something fictitious institution. Both have a structure that has strict chain of command and if the order comes both follow orders alike. The action of an army could even be brutal and ugly.

    Washington does not give the second largest useless-for-the people aid in the world for Egypt for nothing. The chain of command extends from Cairo to DC. I do not think that is the case yet for Woyane Army.

  25. superalula on

    I recomend every one to read Tizibt’s comment from above where he calls on all opposition parties in EThiopia to stay away this time. This is gonna be the people’s time to determine who they want in their offices. Let a real leader, not a person who wants a name for him self distruct this wave of flame coming to Ethiopia. We need a leader who is a natural born citizen of Ethiopia, willing to make a difference in the poverty striken country. We need a man who will restore our flag.

    Why the Egiptian millitary is not shooting? is a wonderful question though Tamagn’s vidio didn’t answer it directly. The Egiptian army is not owned by the Mubarek Regim, whereas The Ethiopian army is owned and operated by Crime Minester Meles Zenawi and his looter wife for the last 40 years may be, that is since before they maneged to take over Mengistu. More over, power in Ethiopian army is segrigated by etnic means. The Tigrians posses higer offices and power than the rest etnicities, like the Oromo, Amahra and other minorities which is not the case in Egypt.

    I think we shall exploit the momentum before it is too late. In fact, WE have more resons to be angry with our tyrant than the Egyptians.

    Meles and his looter wives are selling our lands depositing a dangourous future plot to the children of Ethiopia still to come. The Crime minester has done everything in his power to abuse the current ethio’s genration with deep rooted hate and revenge. But no resounse or enought resistance from us. So, It has been a while since the crime minester undermined the current generation. Hence, he is ploting punishemnt or waging war agianest the Ethiopian future generation by selling/leasing their land to a total strengers. Does any one knows how Djibuti sleeped away from Ethiopia? it was throught the same process you are witnessing at your generation.
    This is the scramble of Ethiopia for the reason of leaving cancer for Ethiopia and all its future desendants.

    We got to stop that ppl. Mele’s is a danger person leading the country he hates so much. Where is Ethiopianizm..whereare we really the decendants of those heros who maneged to kick Italy out of the country? are we?

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