Ethiopian activists worldwide to convene a conference

Inspired by the popular uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Jordan against corrupt dictators, Ethiopian activists around the world will meet on Sunday to discuss conditions in their own country and what can be done to reignite the people’s struggle against the ethnic apartheid junta in Ethiopia.

The meeting by Ethiopian activists, who had organized events around the world two months ago in remembrance of the 5th anniversary of the Nov. 2005 elections massacres, will consider world wide actions to highlight the brutal repression in Ethiopia, according to Tamagne Beyene, one of the coordinators.

For more information, call: 202 6565117

16 thoughts on “Ethiopian activists worldwide to convene a conference

  1. Tamiru on

    Let’s also help the Egyptian people. If the Egyptian revolution fails today it will have a negative domino effect through out the freedom loving nations. Just today the famous Nobel peace prize winner and opposition leader,Elbaradai, expressed his frustration of President Obama’s tacit support for Mubarak and called Obama -oxymoron on Aljazeera. Obama is trying to sale fake reform by the Mubarak regime to the Egyptians. It is embarrassing enough to see Egyptians suffer with US made tear gas but it is more disturbing to see the US president standing in the side of the dictator than the freedom loving people .
    Just the other day the US vise president, J.Biden, said he can not call Mr Mubarak a dictator and Hillary Clinton said the Egyptian government is stable.It very sad to see President Obama’s heart broken between his dictator Mubarak and the democracy loving Egyptians.A dictator can not bring democracy and it is time for Obama to be in the side of the people and call Mubarak to go! Please let’s demonstrate with the Egyptians because there is still a chance that this revolution can be crushed with out freedom loving people all over the world make their voices heard. Mubarak’s strategy is to make the military happy by giving their men the top two positions,vise president and PM,so that the army won’t oust him and then sending his thugs to loot and cause chaos and then slowly and slowly to crush the demonstration for reasons of instability and looting. If we don’t support Egyptians today we are making a very big mistake. Please lets join the Egyptians, let our voices be heard-if we don’t,our fate will be the same broken hope tomorrow. To learn more about what is going inside the mind of Mubarak please watch Aljazeera TV at streaming.

  2. Ethiopian people should unit now to bring a meaningful change to the country. I am sick of the tribal politics Meles and his co are engaged with. Unless we come together and spread the hope of freedom sweeping through north Africa and Arab world, it would be too late to catch the dictator before he sows his Machiavelli theory in the country.

    Meles anticipating his downfall he is secretly recruiting and training tribal affiliated militia in every region in if he falls Ethiopia is divided on ethnic basis.

    However, by arming these militias he is not cognizant of the danger it pose to the national security of the country. No army is capable of defeating the popular upraise. We Ethiopians seems to forget that we die in thousands when it comes to defend the country from foreign invaders. Never the less, we have to recognize that this regime is not different than foreign invasion. The time has come when we have to raise up from our deep slumber and bring change in the Country.

  3. Jagama on

    I strongly oppose the way Obama is supporting the dictator leader of Egypt, Hosin Mubarak while the mass of the Egyptian people are dying in front of his eyes in seeking for freedom.It is really shamefull for Obama to support Mubarak. USA is setting the rule by herself and destructing by herself too.

    Therefore, I strongly suggest Obama to be either the side of the Egyptian people or quit from any comment.How can you say I have to lead you for the people who said I don’t need you?

  4. In Egypt, soldiers don’t fire against their own people. Agazi would murder entire people in Addis or somalia but not in Tigray. Only the latter could successfully topple Meles.

  5. Cleopatra on

    Influential outsiders(Mubarak’s buddies) are working around the clock to prop up, strengthen and keep dictator Mubarak in power.

    The entire weight and massive power of several spy agencies of other countries are sleeplessly washing, cleaning, greasing, feeding, pedicuring, manicuring their loved dictator and may soon try to put him and his spy chief on public display.

    That is why some of the foreign figures are talking with double language at the same, appearing to be critical to Mubarak but still saying that he is a nice guy anyway. This is just to buy time for him and his dictatorial regime to regain lost momentum and go on his well known savage assault.

    At that point, the resistance will face merciless and utter brutalities with no traces of humanity or humility.

    Remember that all of these revolts took/taking the dictators and their cronies with complete surprise and rained on them totally unprepared.

    Playing the delaying tactics in order to wear down the resistance, divide and crush is an old arts and crafts of dictators from the classical times to the present. Total Vigilance is in order!

    If the resistance is not determined 1001% and push forwards their call for the immediate resignation of Mubarak and his government, they will be outmaneuvered, outgunned and crushed beyond repair.

  6. Yassazenl on

    We should start protesting against Meles Zeinawi when he go to Germany for meeting that way he can stay there. So the agazy weyane wotaders fail quickly because weyane is dead whit out Zenawi. What do you think? Ha.

  7. I can’t wait to see the down of the racist from ethiopia. This is the right time to do that.

  8. Daniel A.U on

    WE Ethiopian preparing and organising the ultimate price to topple the Weine regime. In ADDIS and other part of the cities you will see soon some thing you have never seen before. Thank you for Tunisan and Egeptian people inspiring us.
    All we need from Ethiopian loving dispora
    is fully unity behind us and Meles and his regime not getting any protection from the western worlds.

  9. Tamiru on

    Breaking news on Egypt: Hillary Clinton calls orderly transition of power in Egypt. That means the US want Mubarak to lead a real reform and transitions to democracy. What a joke? America is behind the curve. Obama called for democracy in Tunisia after Bin Ali left. This is very interesting time!

  10. I would help Egyptians on one condition; 1. They have to rebuke the control of Nile
    2. Admit they are the cause of the underdevelopment of Ethiopia by helping Shaebia, Weyane and OLF
    3. Stop its terrorism against Ethiopia and be a good neighbor.

    In fact, I would rather support Yemen. Yemenese are the most good hearted people in the Middle East and have more common with Ethiopians than the so called Egyptians that the true Egyptians, Nubians (Pharoes) have been extinct because of Arabs occupation to that land. The Arab Egyptians believe they are the civilized which is not true, they are the new comers that killed Nubians (Ethiopians, Pharoes) and claim they are the civilized.

  11. Beneberu on

    Go,go Tamagne we are with you. We do not have to miss this chance.

    May God Bless Ethiopia !!

  12. sharmarke on

    Salutes – ONLF will support anyone who is ready to fight this dictator who is killing indiscrimanately our people. Don’t think spilling Ogadeni blood should not be your concern. Remember when Mingisto was mass killing the Ertreans many of those who think that was patriotism was the real couse of Ertrean succession.

  13. abebe on

    Ethiopians need a backup from the white house,people who has access to it please persuade anyone whom you have access to.take lessons from Tunisia and Egypt,the former is less strategic than the later to the it is the question of change that comes from white house that it no more needs meles.

  14. Shaebia on

    True @#12……. Your statements couldn’t have been so so untrue……please do us a favour sparing us from your lightweight spins….. You’ll end up fooling yourself and the gullibles only…… If you continue this way, you’ can become a threat to the spin-Master, Bereket Simon’s Job.

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