Ethiopia’s ruling party to convene an emergency meeting

The central committee of the ruling party in Ethiopia, the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (Woyanne) along with its puppet, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), has reportedly scheduled an emergency meeting for Monday to discuss possible impacts of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen uprisings on Ethiopia, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources in Addis Ababa.

The Meles dictatorship in Ethiopia has already taken steps to keep Ethiopians in the dark by imposing a news blackout of the uprisings. All independent news web sites and blogs have been blocked. The people in Ethiopia, however, are getting information through alternative sources, such as the VOA, DW, satellite TVs and emails.

Worried about similar uprisings in Ethiopia, some people have started to withdraw their saving from state owned banks. Most of the Woyanne officials have already taken the wealth they amassed over the past 20 years out of the country.

Bank withdrawals started after a recent interview by Dr Berhanu Nega and other economists with ESAT TV about the declining value of the birr for people who keep their money in banks. According to Dr Berhanu, economics professor and chairman of the opposition party Ginbot 7, the financial condition in the country is in such a deep crisis that the people are better off keeping their money under their mattress rather than in the banks.

On Sunday, Ethiopian pro-democracy activists around the world will convene a meeting to discuss and plan activities that would force the Meles regime to submit to the will of the people, according to Tamagne Beyene, spokesperson of the group.

22 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s ruling party to convene an emergency meeting

  1. Truth~ on

    “the financial condition in the country is in such a deep crisis that the people are better off keeping their money under their mattress rather than in the banks”

    It is not the best advice. People would be better off putting their money in hard currency or in the form of tangible asset rather than putting it under mattress. Ethiopian Birr will be valueless paper in the near future. Whether u put it under mattress or in the bank, no difference makes unless the comparison given has has a political correctness.

  2. The 99.6 % winning margin should not scare TPLF RATS. THE IS NO DOUBT THE DECAYING TPLF RATS WILL GO. The more they stay the more vioent their death will be. Tplf committed suicide in 20005 AND reapted the same mistake last year when it claim that it won a fake election. The wrath of the the people coming and the rats had better leave sooner than later.

  3. Neg Beene on

    The good thing about dictatorship is that they are blind until they are caught off guard. That is good since they would leave all the wealth they amass inside the country to return it to the people who deserve it.

    Egypt is a lesson to dictators that there is nothing in the world, not America, not EU, not the police or the army that can save you in this age of international criminal court accountability.

    The other lesson is that dictators shall know that power is not like “yerist gizat”. Power if of the people and it is not what you inherit however you seize it.

    Lesson # 3 is that you can never see it coming as things change in ways you can’t control and know. Maybe now or maybe later but definitely it will be here.

    Lesson # 4 is that no one is invincible or almighty when the people say “Enough!” Egypt gets 1.5 billion USD a year and that power has not stopped this earthquake of mass revolution.

    Maybe this is a time for those who think EPRDF is “zelalemawi rist” to think “What if” and “how do I…?”

  4. Halafi Mengedi on

    Berhanu Nega, what does it make difference whether anyone keep his/her money in the Bank or under matters to keep the value of purchasing power or the value of money one way or the other???

    I am one of ardent Meles and Azeb opponent for their decision-making and looting and other things but Berhanu I see you worst than Meles because you are working with the enemy of the state of Ethiopia, Shaebia just to gain power at any expense. Tigrayans will not allow you to come to power and dismantle the constitution and ethnic kilil. Ethiopia will not march backward to the old time and ruled by one ethnic and dominated by one language.

    Everything Berhanu Nega possess is all the old hate administration of Amhara and Tigrayans fought to dismantle and any Tigrayan will not stand by idle Berhanu to do his wishful myth, so the Oromo, Southern nationalities and others. Berhanu Nega argues that true sandstone is limestone if it fits to his political agenda.

    Berhanu Nega who are you to over come Tigrayans and other ethnic Ethiopians and rule Ethiopia???

  5. Turner on

    Both The Ethiopian and the Eritrean regimes have ordered a total news outage on Tunisia & Egypt.
    These are tough times for both dictatorial regimes.

  6. Hello on


    You are unproffesional liar!

    If internet is block in Ethiopia, how could someone would be able information through E-mail? You are the most stupid, arrogant, idiot, corrupt mind, lowless, etc. person on earth.

  7. K.Bekele on

    Selam Elias,

    It is one of the most fertile of all times to free our people at this great historical time of an all-out war against dictators in North African and the middle East.

    Zenawi’s time is getting nearer. But we have to be sofisticated and meticulus when we plan to unsit Zenawi. Zenawi is no ordinary enemy. And Zenawi is getting ready to suppress a possible revolution in Ethiopia in a hundred ways.

    But I would like to assure and ensure to all patriotic Ethiopians one important thing. If you think Zenawi will be overthrown only with Tunisia’s and Egypt’s style uprising, you will make the biggest mistake in the history of our people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

    Unless an uprising in Ethiopia is accompanied and defended by a well-armed insurgent group in the thousands, Zenawi is going to kill as many people as necessary to smash the uprising. A well-organized and armed group is crticially important if the Ethiopian uprising against Zenawi if it is going to be successful.

    Remember, the Weyane army is under the total control of Tigryans who are party members. One ethnic group dominates and leads the army. It is not like Egypt or tunisia where ethnicity has not played any role. Practically the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt is like the revolution against Haile Selassie. Massive uprising with no armed group was enough to topple Haile Selasse and Ben Ali. Now there is an uprising in Egypt but they are still struggling to topple Mubarak who has the US behind him. He is still there. And I am afraid the momentum for the Egyptian uprising may slow down unless some decisive armed action is involved on behalf of the uprising by well-armed civilians or a military group that joins the people. That tells me that the Egyptian uprising may fail without a strong armed backup from the army or from the civilian masses.

    The Ethiopian scenario is radically different than the situation in Egypt and Tunisa. Of course somethings are the same. Ethiopians are both tired of dictators like Tunisians and Egyptians. The economy is in shambles in all of them. But the details in Ethiopia is extremely different than it is in Tunisia and Egypt.

    So planning an uprising in Ethiopia requires a specific and different approach if the struggle to topple Zenawi is going to work.

  8. Dagetu says on

    The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has an obligation to restore peace and stability in Ethiopia. To act silent as if nothing happen in the country, and ignoring the fact is not what I expect from my beloved religion. It makes me wonder, what happen to the church leaders? Dr. Martin Luther King fought and died for what he believes, the right thing to do for his people. Today, we have witness the fruit of his determination and dedications. God knows, preaching Halleluja! every Sunday won’t take us to haven. Ethiopian Orthodox Church had played an important role in confronting the Italian soldiers, during the war between Italy and Ethiopia. Therefore, it is a tradition of the church to stand firm and dismantle the current enemy of the Ethiopian people. God keep and bless Ethiopia.

  9. ‘putting the money under mattress’ is not a solution for the financial crisis, rather saving their money by exchanging to other highly valued currencies may help…………..

  10. The hell with woyane. It is the right time for them to go. It will be better if they fire themselves from their beloved post. Go hell woyane.


  11. Assta B. Gettu on

    A cloud of revolution hovering over the Ethiopian sky may bring a rain of change much expected not only by the Ethiopian farmers but by all the Ethiopian citizens whose gardens, farm fields, and animal-grazing meadows have been dry for over 20 years from the lack of rainy season of democracy throughout the country.

    The Ethiopian people must pray that the rain of democracy they are expecting to come to water their dry land may be a gentle one, not a stormy, windy, and a violent one that floods the land and destroys the existing virgin soils – the young and the old Ethiopians.

    Rain of change or rain of revolution has rained earlier in Tunisia, then in Egypt, later in Yemen and Jordan; so far, the rain that has fallen in some of these Arab countries that have never seen such a turbulent rain in the history of their nations are terrified and are not quit sure what the final consequences of such tempestuous rain that has claimed the lives of many innocent people will be.

    Some Ethiopian meteorologists or scientists have been predicting for quit some times the skies over the Ethiopian northern mountains are gathering dark clouds that indicate the imminent outpouring of rain of democracy, but, so far, their predictions have not come true, and such rain of democracy has never materialized either in the northern or southern mountains of Ethiopia.

    Who is to blame the Ethiopian weathermen whose predictions have been false or the Ethiopian clergies or imams whose prayers for rain of democracy in Ethiopia have been spurned or rejected by the Almighty God because these imams and clergies have refrained from denouncing the evil practices performed every single day by Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), Jezebel (Azeb), Aba Paulos (Diabilos), and Al Amoudi, the richest Ethiopian Muslim?

    Most of us remember Elijah the prophet: when Elijah the prophet prayed that the sky should not give rain for three years and a half, the sky obeyed Elijah’s demand, and after three and a half years later, Elijah prayed that the sky should pour rain on the land of Samaria, and it did (1st Kings 17 & 18).

    Nevertheless, it is not the Ethiopian scientists, the Ethiopian politicians, the Ethiopian clergies, and the Ethiopian imams or rabies that would bring rain of democracy or change to Ethiopia, it is the author of life, Jesus Christ, who can bring the rain of change to the millions of Ethiopians, and this rain of change that comes through Jesus Christ has the power of healing and purifying those who believe in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of the Living God, the Ancient of Days, the Rock of Ages, the Alpha and the Omega. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

  12. jalhun on

    Every person in Ethiopia is ready to rise up against the oppressive and repressive regime that has kept 80 million Ethiopians in the dark for the last twenty years.

    Meles Zinawi and the system he established excuted humanbeings,tortured thousands,imprisioned thousands more,and looted the country’s resources and systematically destroyed Ethiopia;therefore,together,we must unite together and bring down the Meles Zinawi’s regime for it or its kind shall never come back to Ethiopia.

  13. tootoo on

    Dear Asta B Getu,
    Are you a theologian? You look to me someone with a firm knowledge of the Bible and Koran. Have you ever participated on abugida blogs recently? If not, I strongly encourage you to participate and shade a light on recent blogs and controversial topics such as
    ድርስሳነ ሚካኤል ከራሱ ጋር መጣላቱ አልበቃ ብሎት ከሌሎች ወንድሞቹ ጋር ለመጋጨት ጠብ ሲጭር በተስፋ አዲስ

  14. Halafi Mengedi on

    Let us not fool ourselves the Ethiopian revolution has nine colors, that is the nine kilil which is everyone of them are committed to their own kilil than the Federal Government.

    Three forces will drive Meles from power:

    1. The price of consumer good is untouchable to ordinary citizens.

    2. The military may catch him and bring him to court to face his crime.

    3. Tigray cadre can remove him too if they are not happy.

    Issayas Afwerki the only force can remove him is the military or war with Ethiopia.

  15. Arsema on

    Elias is a truly kind and dedicated pro-democracy journalist. From day one to date Assta has never posted any useful idea for Ethiopia or for humanity. All the time s/he throws her/his garbage and Ethiopian Review has never denied any space. That is what freedom of speech is. S/He is a fossil to the core but still s/he has a place.

  16. ppl we have so many ethnic groups that are divided by woyane. it is not easy to get rid of him the way tunisia & egypt did. it will be the most bloody one. the first and the most issue which can bring down the dictator will be:
    1. Our unity in diaspora regardless of our ethnic group which this dictator implant in our brain
    2. ***** Stress the land grab issue
    3. The economy situation
    4. To call up on the army and police
    5. To call up on key government authorities to co-oprate with the people and to speak up their concer about the ppl situation in ethiopia

  17. Anonymous on

    To Halafi Menged(Halfi Weyane),

    which ‘Killil’ are you talking about. The one demarkated by Woyane that gives massive land to immigrant Somalia, fertile territory for the rocky Tigrai, and handingover fertile bounderies of Ethiopia to Sudan which constitutes not less than a size of Eriteria.

    Weather you like it or not after the down fall of Woyane led regime everything will be restored. Wollo, Gonder, Harer and others will reposses what they lost.

    Till then you can live in your dreamy world.

    you and your master will go to hell or hanged by the people of Ethiopia.


  18. Assta B. Gettu on

    Arsema #15,

    Are you one of the Nine Saints who came to Ethiopia, some of them from Egypt and some from Syria, and one of these Saints was Aba Arsema? But there is a big difference between the Saint Arsema and the wicked and ignoramus Arsema who sympathizes with Elias Kifle for being more democratic in offering some posting spaces for people who have opposing views against the impetuous Arsema #15 than the other Websites. As a Muslim, you are mad at Assta B. Gettu, who has repeatedly witnessed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the creator of the universe. For your surprise, I will continue witnessing about my Lord Jesus Christ on this web site and on many other web sites. You are welcome if you want to join me and be one of the members of the family of God.

  19. Your version of Christian witnessing goes against what the Bible says.
    There is no cure for for indeviduals who are self deceived-period.It is required before cure is sought one first admites he/she has been deceived and need a cure.

  20. Assta
    Your version of Christian witnessing goes against what the Bible says.
    There is no cure for for indeviduals who are self deceived-period.It is required before cure is sought one first admites he/she has been deceived and need a cure.

  21. Assta B. Gettu on

    anon #19,

    What does the Holy Bible say?

    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus is God (John 1)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus and His Father are one (John 10:30)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus embodied every element of God’s character (Colossians 2:9)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus is perfectly holy (Hebrews 4:15)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus died for our sins (Romans 5:8)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus died in order to bring us to God (1st Peter 3:18)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus alone is “our great God and Savior” (Titus 2:13)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus alone forgives sins (Romans 3:26)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father, but through Jesus Christ (John 14:6)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus himself created everything (John 1:3; Colossians 1:16)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus owns and rules everything (psalm 103:19)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus died and rose from the dead (1st Thessalonians 4:14)?
    Doesn’t the Holy Bible say Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead (1st Peter 4:5)?

    Time is short; space and knowledge are limited to tell what the Bible says about Our Creator and Lord, Jesus Christ.

    How much I would like to tell my readers what the Quran says or doesn’t say about the Prophet Muhammad; however, I will leave it as it is for today.

  22. Biiftuu on

    It is time that to end for Meles Zenawi. Students, farmers, teachers, all workers in Ethiopia and abroad, all OPDOs should now act on Meles. Enough is enough! we stand together and end for wayane

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