Meles Zenawi must go!

Ethiopian pro-democracy activists from several cities around the world held a conference on Sunday and passed the following resolution:


Meles Zenawi must go!

Having taken cognizance of the similarities and differences among the dictatorships that have been in power in North Africa, the Middle East and Ethiopia;

Inspired by the relatively peaceful change that has occurred in Tunisia and the grass root movement against tyranny in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and the Sudan;

We, pro-democracy Ethiopian activists around the world, held a meeting on Sunday, January 30, 2011, and passed the following resolution:

1. We extend our solidarity with the pro-democracy movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Sudan.

2. We demand the immediate removal of Ethiopia’s brutal dictator from power, to be replaced by a broad-based transitional government of national salvation that must prepare the country for an unfettered free and fair election and stabilize the economy.

3. We call upon all Ethiopian civic and political groups to unite against the Meles dictatorship.

4. We call upon the Ethiopian Diaspora to assist the pro-democracy movement in Ethiopia.

5. We urge the TPLF army and police to learn from the Tunisian and Egyptian armies, and disobey any order by the Meles brutal dictatorship that may harm the people of Ethiopia.

6. Ethiopians must also get organized through neighborhood watches and maintain the rule of law, and never allow Meles Zenawi’s ethnic apartheid policy to work.

7. We support the protest demonstration that will be held in Washington DC on Monday, February 7, 2011, and urge all Ethiopians around the world to take similar actions against Meles Zenawi’s agents.

Meles must go!
Freedom for all Ethiopians!

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