Ethiopians are ready to rise up

By Teodros Kiros

The people Ethiopia are ready to spontaneously rise as their brothers and sisters are doing in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and many more. Spontaneous uprisings are the necessary engines of social movements. They are infact the necessary conditions for the possibility of organized and disciplined revolutions.

Spontaneity has its strengths but also its weaknesses. We must positively exploit the strengths and protect the people’s movement against its weaknesses. The strengths of the Ethiopian people, particularly the country people, are their generosity, patience, and loyalty. They will respond to our call in record numbers. They will join the struggle body and soul; and we in return must be ready with an alternative vision of Ethiopianity freed from the DDT of Ethnicity and the corrosive effects of cultural decadence through acts of cultural transformation… [Continue reading here]

20 thoughts on “Ethiopians are ready to rise up

  1. thomas on

    Spontaneity works only when there is some kind of support system which will allow
    continuity after the revolution. As we have seen in Tunisa and subsequently in Egypt, the regime despite their corrupted and undemocratic system, they
    still has the sense of common nationality.
    The military is composed of all national
    groups. They have the sense of common nationality and they belong to different ethnic and religious background and are part of the community. In Ethiopia, however, Meles has successfully alienated the Tigray people from the rest of the country. If this kind of spontaneous revolution arises he will definitely arm the Tigraians people to kill the rest of the Ethiopian people. Eventually, they
    will be the one who going to lose big time. What I am afraid of is that the enemies of Ethiopia, which includes Eriterians and other isolationist groups will use this opportunity to
    dismantle Ethiopia in the absence of any national military force. We need to organize our people in Ethiopia and establish underground network of people
    who will take control of the country and stabilize the country after the fall of
    Tigrian dictatorship.

  2. dan says on

    Well your thinking is good but the people were ready in 1997
    during KINJET election because they believed the opposition party were genuine but they turn out to be phony. After all the
    sacrifice paid by the people and the KNIJET leadership was after one thing which was power and when it is not power they even
    divided to make matter worst and the people saw everything
    now they don’t want to here the name KNIJET or so called opposition party from the out side world and woyanees are very
    claver by holding the young generation by giving them money
    and other promises where they do it or not and the young are
    not sure if they will give their life at this moment . i know most
    of you don’t want to here this but this is the fact on the ground.

  3. Tezibt on

    I like the analysis of no. 1 and no. 2.
    There isn’t really much I can add to these good analysis.
    Not onlly did meles do a good job alinieting the Tigre people but some segments of the opposition has also done Meles’s job easy by doing the same thing that Meles did. In my view, the first step is to make sure that Tigre person feels he or she is safe when change comes. Lets make our job easy by making sure that we do not threaten them and warn them. It is clear that warning them won’t do any good. I dont think there has been any people that accepted warning and complied. Lets do the ground work before we push a regime that is already on a brink of collapse. I don’t want my family to starve or get murdered brutally. My preference is to avoid crisis at any cost and react when there is a sign of unisom. It is not hard to set up temporary alliance. If there is no collaboration we better forget about it.

  4. Abush on

    In one or the other way it was said by the above writers! Just I am feeling a mixed sort of confusion. After thinking here and there my instinct is telling me that with all this fight our nation, community and then family are at a big risk! When we were born, we were thinking about Ethiopia, we grown up thinking the same and we become old thinking the same. I think we are going to die with the same. I don’t want to give further analysis but let God see our Ethiopia with his mercy. Besides this Mr. Mubarek( Egyptian President) worked against our country throughout his tenure. But he becomes the first to be in chaos! ወደድንም ጠላንም ፈጣሪ ሁሉን ያያል! እኛም በቅንነት በእውነተኝነት እንተሳሰብ! ከዚህ ውጪ በዕድል ያመጣው ያንጣ ብሎ መጓዝ አይበጅም! የኛና የሌሎች አገሮች ሁኔታ በጣም ይለያያል፡ እነሱ ታድለው እንደ አንድ ህዝብ እየታገሉ ነው እኛ ግን እንደአለመታደል ብዙ ተደርገን ተሰራን እራስ ወዳድ ፖለቲከኞቻችን ሲፏከቱ ከሶማሊያ የባሰ እንዳይበታትኑን፡፤ከሁሉም በላይ ፈጣሪ ድህነታችንን አይቶ ተማርን ብለን እንደምናጣምመው ሳይሆን በማያውቀው ነገር ችግር ቀማሽ ለሆነው ህዝብ ፈጣሪ ምህረቱን ይላክ!


    Dictatorship exists in MOST societies . Every government helps thier kind and mistreats the rest . Government is the evil . The only solution is for people not to deal with the government in any way . All citizens have to have a right not to involve in any governmental issues. In Ethiopia If people donot vote they donot get food . Then when they vote for the party the government donot like the government kill them . In the so called democrat country USA where most of the aid to the dictors of the world comes from, there are so many poor people that donot have a chance on how to stop these money that is buying bullets for these dictators to kill thier own citizens which the government donot favor them for one reason or the other. . The American society and political system is designed to serve certain part of the society and keep the rest of the American society in poverty, While at the same time in the name of fighting poverty in other countries like Egypt , Tunisia , Ethiopia , Yemen etc.. the American tax payers money feeds the elite government leaders of those undemocrat countries. It is not like there are not people who would not have used the money if the money stayed in USA . Black non-Hispanic males had an imprisonment rate (3,119 per 100,000 U.S. residents) that was more than 6 times higher than white non-Hispanic males (487 per 100,000), and almost 3 times higher than Hispanic males (1,193 per100,000) A little reading on the prison system. Here is an article on education that shows that only 1 black male receives a bachelors degree to every 11 whites. It is just because the government of USA chose to send that money to the dictators instead . Government leaders stick together as the majority should stick together too to make a difference .

  6. samnv on

    Eliyas keep up your effort do your best brother and i will assure you it will happen any day and weyane thugs are fully aware but nothing will stop it no matter what.

  7. bisrat on

    Even today, Ethiopians are ready to end dictatorship. Yes, they were betrayed by the opposition in 1997; yes, they have lost hope in everything. But still, Ethiopians can do today what they did three decades ago. The main question is: Who is going to organize them? Who is going to initiate them? In the current Ethiopian context where almost every single citizen is under the constant watchfulness of the government, it would still take a while for a very spontaneous eruption of massive public protest as has happened in North Africa. But, should someone strikes the matchstick, say calls for a public demonstration or whatever other outlet can be thought of, things would really start to accelerate in a chain reaction.
    That young man who burned himself alive in Tunisia took the lead, and the organized public followed him. Where are our true oppositions who are going to organize and initiate the public, which is now dumified by the bitter daily realities of economic and social hardships????

  8. congo on


    The 1997 demonstration was different. The people were trying to regain their stolen voice. The expectation was to set up a government where power is shared according to the results of the election. The Smarty Meles (advised by his Western accomplices) made a suprise attack. Taking advantage of the weakness in the opposition camp, Meles finaly managed to thwart and kill people’s aspiration. The next movement is different, it will be a public uprising. Once started, it will never get back till the dictatorial regime is removed. The people will not be an easy prey this time. It will be consequential. Meles wouldn’t dare to unleash his brutal agazi squad since he know that it won’t succeed and otherwise, he will eventually end up in jail.

  9. AneWediEre on

    People like thomas are ignorant. I know of many eritreans who wish nothing but the best for Ethiopia and ethiopians but such talk as thomas´ helps only to alienate such people. When will people like Thomas stop being obsessed by a country of barely 5 million and concentrate on how to mobilize the 80 million ethiopians to rise up against tyranny instead? But I guess people like him are agents sent to disrupt such a mobilization by dangling the “boogie man” Eritrea in front of their faces to divide and conquer the people!

  10. ET_hagere on

    I always enjoy your articles. Thank you.

    I agree we need to rise up. I may be wrong, but Ethiopians rose up during Kinijit. In addition to brutal dictatorship of Woyanne, I think the Kinijit leadership needs to be blamed. I believe Kinijit fast backward the struggle of Ethiopian people for years to come. It seems people have no one to trust any longer, but God.

  11. Mekdes on

    Lets rise. No opposition will lead us. We can count only on ourselves. No police, no soldier, however brutal can stop an uprising.The question is,are we ready? Will the first shots deterre us? ’cause Shots will be fired,are we ready to die for our freedom? If so,nothing will stop the people’s power

  12. haile on

    yes it is the right time those dictators are supported by US any way let show the westerns our musel if we don’t do it now it will be diffcalt tommorrow becaouse our big enemies are bussy at this time they are facing a huge challeng than ours but we are the big chalenge to the world remember we are more strategic than any african nation

  13. Anonymous on

    what is the common agenda we raise during this revolt. We are divided. We have different political agendas. Oromos need to realize their right to self determination. Amharas want to bring back their old rule, unity.

  14. tezibt on

    TO NO. 17. Anonymous

    I beg to differ with your analysis. If there were enough oromos who want self determination, it would have happened by now. You should never worry about that. Oromos own Ethiopia. It is just the few that are creating havoc. The Amharas that you said, will want to bring back the old system are not the majority Amharas. You can come up with the list of issues that may happen but non are worrisom as you may have tried to portray the situation. There is only one important pre cursor and that is “we need responsible, selfless, goal oriented and deternmined leadership that will navigate the force that will unleash swirling wind of change. It is really sad to have the best weapon and not knowing how to operate it.
    Am I worried? Yes indeed, I am really worried but my worries are based on the fact that we have no genuine, honest and brave leaders. Am I pessimist about the situation? of course I am.

  15. Ethiopians will never rise up as the Egyptian did and are doing as I write this down. One reason is they know that the police and the military is controlled and is part of the system they will be trying to bring down and as such the Army and police will not have any mercy on the population. And the Army is not as independent as the Army we see in the streets of Cairo. It will have a lot to loss as Meles and all his cronies so they will not be just standing idle. They will fire and fire to kill right from the beginning…the second is that people in Ethiopia have always wanted everything for free and are not ready to pay what it takes to win their freedom.

  16. Haben on

    I have been in Ethiopia recently and see the condition there. I made sure that the people is confined in many cases. No internet access, no Ethiopianpianreview, life is getting worst … Then concluded uprising is inevitable. I strongly regret the time I spent being in the middle or being the dictators pro but not now on wards. Let’s stop to divide and instead unite and start such inevitable uprising!!! Ethiopians are suffering to the level extreme than any time is history!!!!! Please let’s unit and start the mission.

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