Calling on Tigreans to rise up against Meles Zenawi

Former finance head of the Tigrean People Liberation Front (Woyanne), Ato Gebremedhin Araya, has called on the people of Tigray to rise up against Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi. Ato Gebremedhin, who accuses Meles Zenawi of crimes against humanity and looting Ethiopia’s treasury, made the call to Tigreans in an interview with Yewarkaw. Listen to the 3-part interview below:


18 comments on “Calling on Tigreans to rise up against Meles Zenawi

  1. Tulu Oda on

    It is absolutely essential that Tigres rise up in earnest against dictator Meles Zenawi.

  2. We have to make our calls to where it can be heard. Let me make it very clear. The innocent Tigrans are always with us. Only those military wing and the so called educated Tigrians are against us. These group knows the truth very well. They have been doing what they are doing not because they believe on it. It is because to make a better life for themselves.

  3. On ELECTION 1997 it was not KNIJET won the elections it was the ethiopian people actually won just because they are fade up
    of WOYANE but because of knijet {greed} meles is still in power.
    and now are we sure the people are ready to do the same thing? but i don’t think they are ready to die on the street like animal
    their family’s are still crying but no one cares actually some KNIJET members already joined meles’s rubber stamp opposition
    party after all that blood shied . don’t give me wrong meles is ready to kill again if that happens and lots of people will die.
    as much as i hate WOYANE but i don’t want any body to die .

  4. Shew-Nesh on

    Good job Ato Geberemedhin Aray.I love this interview.I know him with Ato Abraham Yayah when he came to Ethiopia 1989 on TV Eth.You re right.

  5. To remove this TPLf cancer, we only have to mobilize and energize the educated community in Ethiopia. If this class rises up to the occasion, the rest will follow behind.
    1.Gov’t employees should stand up
    2.All educated Ethiopians should be at the forefront of the struggle and lead the way forward.
    3. Students should stand up as they used to.
    4.The diaspora should do all media and the necessary assistance to make a successful ending for the Melese regime.
    5. Those opposition political leaders have to stop their effort to steal any public uprising as they have proved to be simply wrong.

  6. Gedamu on

    I totaly agree with Hula, the majority of tigray people are either misinformed or coered by woyanes to be accomplice in destroying Ethiopia. However, the elits from tigray be it in the military, bussines or professionals know all the crimes committed by melese and his cronies. They are support this criminal regime to maximaize their selfish intrest by controlling the country’s political power and economy. They are myopic by their greediness and extreme hatred to other people in the country

  7. This is anexellent interview and I am at heart with the interviewee’s responds and comments.I thak you for being forth right and speekng notthing but the truth the complex and vexing hate driven policies of Zenawi to wards Ethiopia.We need to spread this interview for those Tigrians who are not disisive yet to be on the side of justic.We need all the conscientious elements of Tigrians to sbe omn our side.


    You are attempting to resurrect a lost cause when you think your propaganda this time will strike fear in the heart of Ethiopians or tie their hands from rising against injustice. This time, it is not the people of Ethiopia but the weyane loyalists, inspite of the well trained army in their disposal, who are under trepidation.
    What else do Ethiopians have to lose that they have not lost. The majority of them live under extreme poverty; political persecution is rampant, milions are fleeing the county to escape violent political repression, and abject poverty, the country’s virgin land has been auctioned for foreign national for hard currency that has not been reported in the treasury, inflation is 17.7%.

    Can you imagine how life can be for average Ethiopian who earns $5000.00 Bir.per month, when basic food prices rise by 13.6%.

    For God’s sake, cast your fear in the weyane camp, it is not shared by those who are antigovernment oponents.”The writing is on the wall” for those who have trained eye to see. My advice for you is don’t halt, you must decide and if you do be on the side of justice and truth now.

  8. memire on

    I do not want to doubt mr.gebremedhin’s sincerity in making this call. however, there are very few tigreans like him who share the grief of the Ethiopian people. those who live in the country are privileged beneficiaries of the system. those in the diaspora are defenders of woyane no matter what it does to the rest of the Ethiopian people. 99% of tigreans have the “them against us” attitude when it comes to the illegal and immoral rule of woyane. people like Abraha belay of ethiomedia are definitely against meles zenawi and those Eritreans around him. But they support the fundamental system of woyane which is rule by tigreans and for tigreans. Ethiopians are the only ones who can liberate their country and themselves from this horrible and immoral apartheid system.

  9. jajakuti on

    Ethiopia is all;what is good for Ethiopia is better for Tigraye.All brothers and sisters,Tigrians:- Coming to the broad mass of Ethiopians and join hand-in-hand with the rest of Ethiopians won’t hurt.

    Together,we shall completely remove Meles Zinawi and the oppressive and suppressive system he built to deprive Ehiopians of freedom.Together,we shall completely remove the enemy from the surface of Ethiopia fore once and for all.Indeed,sure we can.Amen and long live all of us and our beloved country,Ethiopia.

  10. Tunis / Egypt the military is part of the society for them to kill
    their brothers and sisters was hard but in ethiopia the military
    is belongs to meles i wish things happen just like Ato. G/Araya
    says so the ethiopian people have a lasting peace…..

  11. I think we need to address the OROMO situation before the woyane departure otherwise it’s still another problem. if we
    hide this problem now it will be hard to erase from the oromo
    peoples mind by opening a discussion forum to remove the
    ethnic sentiment from their head and restore their ethiopianism
    otherwise it’s going to be another ERITREA.

  12. Who is #1 rich business people now it’s a clear cut {They are from TIGRAy } that is because of woyane why should they go against woyane it’s like going against your own interest and we don’t need to believe they will go against woyanee and G/Arayas message has no value but we will thank him for it.

  13. Mengesha on

    Ato Gibermedhine Araya, I have heared interview many occasion in differnt midia,his information clear, honest and trustworthy, I always respect him, Truely his real Ethiopian.

  14. You need Hakim on

    [DAN]comment #,3,#10,#11,#12.

    You need to deal with your own deep seated fear before you can be a help to Ethiopia.

  15. Boujema, Tunisian on

    How can Ethiopia’s Revolution succeed when the intellectuals are writing in English, a language only a tiny percentage understand. I say this as a Tunisian who has seen the Tunisian revolution unfold: unless you want to sabotage the revolution, you have to express your views in Ethiopia’s national language; otherwise you will never make it.

  16. BOUJEMA : Since every body hate woyanee so much they don’t need to understand english as you know there are many ethnic groups in ethiopia some don’t even understand AMHARIC but they hate woyane so much if they
    have a chance they will go out and protest with out any doubt and most people in ADDIS to day understand the
    english pretty much please don’t worry brother just be supportive let the people uprise first .

  17. Janamoraw on

    I think every Ethiopian should know the first victim in TPLF’s brutality were the inocent Tigraian people. Before Weyane shifted it’s tactic how to establish the Republic of Tigray and going for Menilik’s palace in Addis,it’s cruel & repressive methods were first practiced on the people of Tigray and surounding people of Gonder & Wello. Specially patriotic Ethiopians from Tigray region had to endure a lot more repression & cruelity on the hands of Weyane. Once the Ethiopian people rise up against this anti Ethiopia regime, people from Tigray will stand in solidarity with their fellow Ethiopians.

  18. please please stop trying to start another killing in Ethiopia let us find a peaceful solution are you guys not fade up with all the killing or are you all about power that much and don’t think about any thing else.

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