VIDEO: Meles regime lies about the economy – must watch

A must watch video about how the Meles regime in Ethiopia mismanaged the economy and lies about it with the full knowledge and complicity of the the World Bank and other financial backers of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (Woyanne). Watch below.

4 comments on “VIDEO: Meles regime lies about the economy – must watch

  1. matti on

    Sometimes it make me wonder! the midget and ugly Zenawi not only did he lie and continues to lie to Ethiopian people but he also lies to his own family.

  2. batiw on

    unbeliveble video report, shame on those woyane ghetto politics. I discoverd out many things. Shame on Woyane regime. keep on showing us such a videos with information.

  3. i.zelleke on

    Congratulations to To Ethiopian Review for giving this
    very informative analysis.

  4. tasew on

    What a video. Elias thank you for the timely information you deliver to us. Keep it up man!

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