Time is ticking at the doors of Meles

By Albert Michael

Today Africa, especially its North region, is in a storm. People of the region are experiencing the momentum of the storm by physical taking part in it. People outside the region have been feeling the flame and shocked with the happenings. This phenomenal time in the history of Africa is a wow time for dictators and all the despots. Knowing that their turn is not far away, African dictators presumably taking unconscious steps in a way that can sustain them in power. Their heart is melting. Their mind is blowing. But the fact is, as some one has said that the idea whose time has come is powerful than artillery, when change begins to spark in its due time no power can hold it back . The change occurring in Africa has two fold outcome: on one hand toppling off tyrants from their comfort seats where they have been sacking the sweat and blood of their own citizen and on the other hand reforming and transforming the whole systems which have been hosting injustice. Both of the outcomes privilege the people to become source of power in Africa. Time is a perfect judge!!

The recent change geared by the people of North Africa nations, for most analysts and observers, is a point of prediction for what would happen next in the other African countries specifically countries stack in the valley of poverty and where the thugs of the ruling class are living their luxurious life. On December 17, 2010 determination of a man to express his feeling in an unusual way by setting himself on fire resulted in the massive people’s movement first in Tunisia and then spread to neighbouring countries. This a historic convergence and its effects which time and change gave birth, through the mighty power of people’s movement never ceased in North Africa but spilled over to the Middle east countries and other parts of Africa. Who thought that Ben of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt and most probably Gadhafi of Libya would stand before the court where the people judge in the history of Africa. That was only known by the fact of time. No one can reverse this change. When time carries change that is a real change. Time. Time. Time. A good judge

In the history of human ages, historic convergences and transitional tides have occurred at significant points. Major events befallen in different times of past have heralded socio-economic and political changes. The world we lived so far shaped by the nature of these events. The death of colonialism, the end of the two World Wars, the closure Cold War and globalization are the results of cumulative events of mini reactions occurred in the time frame of our history.

The reality we see in North Africa is not different except it should be taken as part of the foundations laid for a large scale change awaiting for the whole Africa. I am saying that all the major events of change in our history started some where in a corridor in specific places and spread to the vicinities. This reminds me what happened in the history of colonialism in Africa. The process which led to the demise of European exploitations systems started earlier in 1890s. In those early times, Chief Bambatha of Zulu and Maji Maji revolt were some of the popular uprisings which had initiated the massive anti-colonialism movement in Africa. The then factors pushed people to revolt were the colonialists wrong measures against the local people. The people became subjects of the colonial masters. When the yoke of the burden was unbearable to the local people individuals such as Bambantha took the courage to rally for liberation. That was the point to set the remaining pace of the journey to freedom. After four to five decades, colonialism became a history.

In a similar analogy my conviction is that the current phenomenon in the north part of Africa is a riddle of wave which could move the whole continent. In the coming few years Africa will be free of dictators and the will of people shall dominate in the most countries of the continent.

My prediction is based on the fact that, the factors initiated the mass movements in North Africa are similar or even worst in other parts of the continent. In countries like Ethiopia where the unemployment rate is beyond imagination, ethnic divisions is intentionally installed, economic inequalities is fostered through ill-intended policies, anti-free press laws muzzled citizens right expression , institutionalized corruption is widely practiced and one man has become the whole country and every thing in the country unless it is a matter of time popular uprising is foreseeable. In general injustices ingrained into the structure of governance and administrations of majority of countries in Africa make change intrinsic and inescapable. Time is a perfect judge!! People of Africa are fade up of living in darkness of home made slavery, poverty, oppression, and hunger. Time has come. Darkness never endures before light. Tyranny and dictatorial ship is a work of darkness. It will never be established in the land of Africa in the coming years. The next wave of people’s movement will strike East Africa and Horn of Africa, central Africa and Some West and South East African countries. Because the bell of change rung and even felt in the North is already heard in whole Africa and even in other parts of the world. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

Time is ticking at the doors of dictators. They have only two choices: Either to open their heart to accommodate the questions of the people and start genuine reform in the interest of people after asking apology or to get ready for undignified exit by the peoples’ powerful movement. The arrow of change is sharply indicating the doors which would be bumped by the tide of change in the next round. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

16 thoughts on “Time is ticking at the doors of Meles

  1. It seems like the TPLF is rotting in the head. The bravado and Machiavellian intrigue is being used to the max, the last card has been played, and this my friends is what is called ‘delusion of grandeur’, what Melese greatly suffers from, seeing himself as the only way, wherever that leads our nation. Let me ask you TPLF paid supporters, what is wrong with challenging each other and our leaders? Isn’t democracy the ideal our martyrs died for? Isn’t freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of assembly etc… what our gallant martyrs fought and died for? Isn’t justice and rule of low what our martyrs fought and died for? Do you believe any of these values exist in today’s Ethiopia? It really stinks and smells like decadence, corruption and elitism is decaying and rotting the leadership so many fought bravely and died for. May God bless Ethiopia! Ethiopia shall be free sooner than we all realize!

  2. Ambasel on

    “In countries like Ethiopia where the unemployment rate is beyond imagination, ethnic divisions is intentionally installed, economic inequalities is fostered through ill-intended policies, anti-free press laws muzzled citizens right expression , institutionalized corruption is widely practiced and one man has become the whole country and every thing in the country unless it is a matter of time popular uprising is foreseeable.”

    well said.

  3. Wend Asayew on

    Gud fela ale ageri.Yes the time in our hand.Meles with his dogs are into the grav soon.

  4. Thomas on

    Yes, Time is the right judge. Meles Zenawi has to take an action before it’s too late. He must work with all oppostion. Change is coming to our beloved country. Enough is enough ato Meles, think twice before it’s too late. You must know you are not the best. We have thousands of true Ethiopians who can lead Ethiopia to the better. Don’t think you are the only one. Twoenty years is long enough to stay in power. Before what is in Libia coming to you , leave the country as soon as possible.

    Yes time is coming!

    God bless Ethiopia.

  5. Elias – Do you think it is a good idea to let our families back home know that they should buy water and food before the revolution starts? I am worried.

  6. Treaty on

    This new phenomena we are witnessing is likely to engulf the remaining African countries who are still under the yoke of dictatorship. Certainly the Libyan leader has adopted the worst case of exit starategy, but the citizens are pulling together to oust the dictator .Understandably, Melese is highly aware of the fact this is his last call. The question is how is he to resolve the complex problem he, unexpetedly, find himself? Each dictator is different and each will follow the bent of his mind to resolve the problem he is in.Gadddafi’s last script is staking bizarre twist. He is so out of touch with reality, he blames every one and any one but himself for the current uprising in his country.
    Melese too one of these days will be confronted with popular uprising. I hope he careful ways matters and decide to step down peacefully in the interest of Ethiopian people. This will be the most wise decison.The choice is up to him; the Gaddafi tactic has shocked the worled, and is unlikely for it to repeat any where. By then the international community will have enough time experience to deal with such a case militarily.

  7. Balcha Gebehaye on

    If some people are still in doubt, look at the similarities of Qaddafi’s dictatorial actions & how copy cat Zanawei has tried to adapt it to Ethiopia to remain in power:

    Script from the BBC:

    ” Many of the battalions are organized along tribal lines, ensuring their loyality

    ……Qaddafi’s (Meles’s) tribe/clan dominates the air force and the upper level of army

    Officers,…they are believed to have remained loyal to him, in part because..

    .they are the most to lose from his ouster”

    The point is ” if democracy uprising spreads, other despots may be encouraged to follow Qaddafi’s example”..of fighting to the end.

    However, if international community take swift action…impose a no-fly zone, impose financial & trade sanctions, freeze the assets of the dictators, & refer them to ICC for crimes against humanity…….”……the scorched-earth strategy will be unsuccessful…..& no other despot is tempted to declare war on his own people”

    The time has come for Meles & his thugs to think twice before repeating the massacre of 2005. Extending dictaorial rule by a year, months or days can not be achieved by declaring war on its own citizens. Indeed time is thicking at the door of Meles…..what ever path he takes he is doomed to fail unless he follows Ben Ali to the Saudi Kingdom.

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia & let our citizens be free from dictatorship!

  8. Yes! it is the time to protect our countries from colonized by banda. Twenty years is more enough for dictotors our country will free soon with the help of God. God bless ethiopa and true Ethiopians.

  9. Ye Tobia Wetat on

    #7 I completely agree. Ethiopia will not servive as a country as long as TPLF and it’s hateful ideology is not abolished. Death to Weyane, the enemy of Tigray and its mother Ethiopia.

  10. goitom on

    Look what GADDAFI is doing as dictator as he is still he want to kill more people with out any remorse this is how dictator are but the libyans are so strong and determined to overthrow the GADDAFI no matter what the cost will be this is what a real revolution suppose to be not like some ethiopians they go for their selfish interest to sell their own people that is the main
    reason why Meles is still in power and still undermined the ethiopian people…

  11. anonymous on

    Bright days for Africa is a head of us.

    Long ago, I commented how I was disgusted by the rusted on ‘throne’ african dictators such as Mubarak, Bashir, Zenawi, Musevini and etc. Before, I knew it, one is knocked down and one is ready to go. Africa has now gotten rid of two dictators, one from Tunisia and one from Egypt. We have many more to go. Freedom loving people of africa must unite against dictators. For sure, dictators collaborate. That is why the so called AUO ( African Unity Organization) is muted. It is simply a collection of despots, gangsters, Thugs, nothing else. They part in our capital, AA, now and then. Some molesting our young sisters. That is all what they do. They are party animals.

    The Freed people must must lend their hands to the yet to be free. The Tunisians, Egytians, and we too must stand strong with Pro-democracy Libyans. Victory is certain!.

    In our part, we got to rejouvenate the spirit of Anti-Colonialism of our Fore-fathers. It doesn,t matter weather the facist comes from Europe or home grown. A Facist is a Facist. TPLF- EPRDF is no different from Musolini, I never saw them different. If it talks like a Duck and walks like a Duck, it must be a Duck, as the saying goes.

    We should stop the madness – ethnic strife- now and unite on one common purpose- getting rid of the cancer- TPLF. We can resolve our difference in a round table discussion. “GIRRI GIRRII KEESSA XOOMIN HINJIRUUU!” says our forefathers. It means when you are in crisis, you do not fast!, meaning tolerate each other. That is how they sailed through during those trying times. We should too!

    One day, Africa will be free, like the rest of the world. Obama once said, ” Africa needs strong institution, not strong men”, how true statement!

  12. galabo on

    The Ethiopian Revolution is coming just in time.Undoubtedly Ethiopians will mobalize en mass to highway of victory to end the twenty years brutal supprssion and oppression of the cruel murderer,Zinawi.As the people of Tunisia and Egypt did end the era of dictators in their respective countries,so will the people of Libya.That is it.

    Of course,Zinawi is working hard day and night to stop the Ethiopian revolution from happening or starting;so did Ben Ali and Husen Mubarak but did terribly fail;so will Zinawi.Ethiopian evolution is a unstopable locomotive;it starts with power and ends in victory.That is it.period.

    Readers,trust Ethiopaians;Zinawi will reach nowhere with his being anti-Ethiopian revolution.This is whay the people of other country tell their shared experiences with other people where the revolution is in progress and/or the revolution is about break out- “Dictators can not learn from the failure of other dictators.”

    For the next two or three weeks keep an eye on Ethiopian Revolution.The volcanic revolution is expected to break out.

  13. kossafa on

    Zinawi is confused beyond doubt mainly because he can not think clear an straight when the reality on the ground shows him that dictators in countries like Tunisia and Egypt whether they like it or not they submitted to people’s uprising.

    To Meles Zinawi things are really geting disorgainzed and it is only a matter time that everything will get crumbled over him.

  14. Yossi Lu on

    Hay, my Ethiopian fellas. Remember Ghadaffi insulted the Lybian people as croacoaches because he’s got no respect for his own country men. But look at the gallant people of Lybia now. They’ve given him no time to breath; and proved him how coward he’s been. Not them. Whatever amount of ammution he’s got could kill people but not the hopes and futures of Libiyan youth. He’s just realized how fool he and his sons have been for the last fourty years. They brought curse for the land and the whole society including themselves. Same applies for Meles Zenawi’s evillness to the Ethiopian people. He’ll regreat it by the time he woke up from his blindness of despising Ethiopians to please westerns who wouldn’t be there with him on the day of reckoney. I don’t think his wife’s corrupted friends and the money she ammassed would help much. Himself would have been a good businessman in a free and democratic Ethiopia to have a financial position they have now plus a freedom the’ve never entertained. Opportunity missed. How fool they are!

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