Officials, top army general in Yemen resign

The country’s United Nations ambassador, Abdullah Alsaidi, has resigned, Reuters reports. Alsaidi is the latest member of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s government who has stepped down from their positions, in protest of the violence and killing of pro-democracy protesters. On Friday, both the country’s tourism minister and the head of the party’s foreign affairs committee quit. On Saturday, Nasr Taha Mustafa, head of the state news agency and a leading ruling party member, resigned from both his position and his party. Party member Mohamed Saleh Qara’a also quit over what he referred to as ‘”completely unacceptable”‘ violence.


One thought on “Officials, top army general in Yemen resign

  1. Ittu Aba Farda on

    The latest news from Yemen is that the righteous General has parked his tanks at the center of Sana where the protesters have been holding demonstrations. Now this khat-high blood sucker and Meles’ cabal is in deep trouble. Poor Meles….His bosom buddies are falling like flies one after another. Ali Abdullah Saleh resolute and fanatic supporters were his Zaidi tribe. The same goes with this ruthless despot we have back home. His unwavering support comes from his tribe from Tigray. But one of these days cracks in this seemingly iron-clad servitude will emerge. Then he can go to work for the World Bank or IMF. Or better yet move in with Tony Blair. Or stay just to die squealing like a pig at the hands of his own Dedebit thuggish friends.

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