Meles talks about military action against Eritrea – VOA

VOA’s Peter Heinlein from Addis Ababa is reporting that Meles Zenawi’s regime in Ethiopia has changed its policy toward Eritrean to “actively advocate the overthrow of the government in Eritrea.”

News agencies quoted Ethiopean Prime Minister dictator Meles Zenawi as telling an Eritrean opposition radio station his government would work in a ‘diplomatic and military capacity’ to oust the regime in Asmara, the Eritrean capital. The reports gave no further details.”

In an interview Sunday with VOA, Ethiopian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Dina Mufti said the decision to take a tougher stance was made after the international community turned a deaf ear to pleas for more pressure on Eritrea.

“We have been hoping the international community will put pressure on it. However, we do not see that, therefore time has come for us to make sure that our sovereignty is protected and our people, our country, is saved. So these are the situations that have forced us to revisit our position,” he said.

This is obviously a desperate attempt by Meles to divert attention from the various opposition voices who are demanding an end to his regime. Some Ethiopian groups are using Facebook to call for the launching of protests on May 28, 2011, the 20th anniversary of Meles Zenawi’s coming to power. – VOA

40 thoughts on “Meles talks about military action against Eritrea – VOA

  1. goitom on

    What reason Meles has to go for war since the border issue is done long
    ago i also heard him saying the war was not about border then why?is so
    many Ethiopians and Eritreans died for that cause and what reason Meles
    will give this time and the Ethiopian people knows there is no need for
    war with Eritrea actually it’s Meles who they hate the most and they are about to get rid of Meles soon or Later but for meles his ethnic policy
    is dead and he run out of politics and the only thing he has to mention Eritrea if there is some one to listen ..

  2. Haven't we waited enough? on

    Sorry to say, but what I predicted is coming true. I predicted that Meles will try to overthrew Essayas to combine Eritrea and Tigrea to form the Greater Tigrea he has been dreaming about. Ethiopian tax payers have been paying for Meles‘s plan for the last 20 plus years. Meles will leave Ethiopia divided probably handing independence to ONLF and OLF to his advantages so that the united Ethiopia will never come after him. My friends, Meles is the master of all evil=LUCIFER and must be stopped NOW!

  3. Eyaasu on

    He can’t even defeat 3000 Alshabab fighters in Somalia.
    I don’t understand how he will handle 300,000 well treaned, and experienced Eritrean troops.

  4. peace on

    same old same old….this guy is going crazy. Last time i heard he was saying we want peace and now this. he must be gone sooner than later. Peace to ethio-eri.

  5. Netsanet Betigil on

    we should not bark because our nebours of the north did what they did. we should do it in our couse and our time. There has to be an immidiate reason such as fake elections or something else to jump start the change. Dont just bark while it is chilly right now.

    All Ethiopians should be against the coming war against Eritrea. It is simply for some kind of Meles’s political advantage but no for real interest of Ethiopia. If it were, he wouldnt do all that thing 20 years a go. So, Ethiopians should not spill their blood for Ereatrea. Let the Eritrean people change theirs if they dont want him. We should lock our border and watch him with eagle eyes and it should be that way.

  6. truth~ on

    If indeed he believes in the wide spread of revolt against him as a possibility, he will invade Eritrea. The calculation is :
    1. divert attention
    2. send the potential enemies to war front to their death camp.
    3. Once revolution starts and becomes irreversible, to avoid a fatal blow from Eritrea

    Don’t take it as bluff this time. His survival is at risk… He will take any adventures to extend his life for one more day.

    The oppositions should take it seriously and put this scenario into the equation of their strategy planning.

  7. Erre bye Ethiopia on

    Meles – we are well aware of your political ambitions and how fare you will go to protect your grip on power. You have jailed your fellow brothers who bled with you and save your life numerous times. I can only imagine the bond you guys created in those difficult times but, you ruined their lives by accusing them with corruptions and robbing them their dignity. You deported our fellow brothers from North because you did not like thier eye color. Now since you are feeling the inevitable phenomenon called Freedom,…. you want to dely their inspiration,,… it won’t happen. Why try to stop the unstoppable,… why don’t you learn from history? why become part of the history. We have no problem with our Eritrean brothers. We have suffered enough. It is amazing how far you will go to stay in power. Even it meanse waging a war to our brothers. 30 yrs of war what did we get out of it.
    No more war!!! it is time for you to step down. you have been in power for 38 yrs our of 39 years of TPLF existence. If that is TPLF style of Democracy well, my fellow Tigrian brother have a lot of explanation to do.

  8. Gesessew on

    It may sound Ethiopians are divided into many Ethnic groups but thanks
    to Meles abusive policies all Ethiopians realize their common Enemy is
    this ruling regime. There is no Hate between Ethiopia and Eritrea they
    both find out WAR is not the answer and they both know poverty is their
    Enemy and they need to seat down to resolve their differences on a table
    and let both people ethioeritrea have final peace. Also now the rest of
    armed groups like OLF,ONLF,TPDM,EPPF must form a joint front to creat a
    new democratic Ethiopia for all ethnic groups.

  9. Anonymous on

    Melles is day dreaming. He knows what happened in Teseney, Barentu and tzerona. It might be easey to go inside ERITREA but it is very hard to get out alive.So let’s talk peace.Long live the friendship of the ethiopian and eritrean people.Solidarity for ever.

  10. Eritreawi on

    Melles is beating the war drums not for local consumption, not because he has the capability to wage war. He is beating the war drums to appease some backward thinking people in the Ethiopian diaspora who still dream of annexing Eritrea by any means necessary.

    Melles believes beating the war drum at this particular moment can buy him some time by dividing Ethiopians in the diaspora because he believes a united Ethiopian diaspora is bad for him staying in power. Ethiopians in the diaspora should not give this servant of western powers time to breathe and concentrate on using their powers to end the tribal rule by helping the people inside Ethiopia with organization and media activities while preaching unity.

  11. Fitihawi on

    Its true there is no fun in going to war as its the consumption of man and money.But from an Eritrean stand point,its a blessing in disguise and I simply welcome the move as its the ONLY option that can help Eritreans to get rid of the worst and nasty dictator from the face of the planet.But then again,it wouldn’t hurt Ethiopians and the neighbouring countries either as the entire region will be a safer and better place without the nasty shiftas.The people and the nations in the region,Ethiopia in particular have been at the recieving end of all his evil act from abating and organizing rebels to harbouring terrorists for over a decade now and it has continued unabated to this very day.
    It should have been the responsibility of Eritreans to take care of our own problem but unfortunately his reign of terror and fear has emasculated our brave people including those with guns as well and they prefered flight in droves instead of fighting back.The youth who is supposed to be the vanguard and defender of justice is in disarray itself and it has been reported that about a 1000 Eritreans desert the defence forces(labour camp)every month to the neighbouring countries.Ethiopia alone is reported to have been accomodating over 85000 Eritrean refugees mainly ex-soldiers.This is an indication that Eritreans are tired and disgusted by the rule of the nasty shifta and incase Ethiopia launches its assult,I believe,it will be swift and less casulities.No Eritrean is willing to stand behind them and the shiftas will be in their own.With that we will witness the demise of one of the worst dictators in the planet.

    Death to the dictators,
    Democracy & justice will prevail,

  12. Observer on

    If ppl’s attention is diverted everytime a dictator wants it diverted, then the problem is not the dictator – it is the ppl.

  13. Gebeya on

    Meles is in trouble. Gas, food prices in Ethiopia are running high. Sooner or later there will be an uprising that will put his racist junta in disarray. After following Meles’s evill agenda for years Tigreans are confused. Each of them are sying Tigrai and Eritrea must mend their relations. By the way this happened during the liberation struggle. When TPLF felt it had the power it turned againist EPLF. EPLF kept quite for sometime. Then TPLF begged for reconcilation. A couple of weeks ago I heard meles begging for reconcilation. He said land is not a porblem. Yes, when meles is in trouble he is always ready to give up everything. But will that old strategy work again? I do not think so. Eritreans have already built a strong relationship with true Ethiopians and sooner or later they will topple him. That will bring long lasting peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The problem child has to go ASAP.

  14. Don't die for a tyrant! on

    Opposition leaders and every Ethiopian must work his/her hardest to inform the non-woyane Ethiopians not to obey and die for tyrant Meles and for a very man that hates Ethiopians and also that is working towards dismantling Ethiopia. Ethiopian soldiers should never forget and be reminded that they signed up to protect their beloved country from foreign and domestic enemies. Not one Ethiopian soldier should die for a dictator that has sold the most virgin fertile land to foreigners and that has also tortured, looted and killed their fellow Ethiopians.

  15. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I hope he would dare to do just that. That will be the beginning of his own undoing. And he knows that and for that reason he will not go to war in Eritrea. This is one of those typical traits of all dictators. They have this pompous personality that they believe they can do anything with out any fatal consequences. Idi Amin believed he can send his MiG-21 Fishbeds to South Africa and route the apartheid regime. The problem was that his pilots did not how to deliver ordinance even within 5 miles of an intended target. He was also 100% sure to himself that he can beat Julius Nyerere to submission in two hours. Ziad Barre did not have any doubt in his barbaric mind that he can leave Mogadishu at 5:00AM in the morning and have lunch in Addis Ababa at 12:00PM, sharp, high noon. Well, well, well. Where are they now? In the dustbin of history. So I say this to the goon – Lets go!!!!!

  16. Yes! Zinawi the robber is getting crazier and crazier day by day,and and is desperately attemping to divert the attention of Ethiopians;we therefore,have made clear to this mad-man that no single Ethiopian shall stand idle,if indeed the robber invites Ethiopians for a war.if he wants a kick on the head,there is this tough feast of Ethiopians and with it,he will be knocked down to his crush.

  17. Eritreans are our brothers! I choose Eritreans 1000x more than I choose the banda Meles! Esayas has his Habesha dignity – he isn’t an international shermuta like Meles. I dare him to attack Eritrea! You chicken azz banda!

  18. Demeke on

    Melese is Shabia.We know and expect this type of Game every time by any dangerous situation on African Continent.Diktators survive with their blood washed hands like Melese’s Taktik.

  19. AneWediEre! on

    Fithihawi shfta,

    If the eritrean president is a dictator, why do u want ethiopians to shed their blood to unseat him for U? Why don´t u try to do it urself? But since u´re not eritrean, u call a foreign entity to kill and maim “ur people” to get what u want. Real nationalists, throghout human history, have never called on foreign entities with their own agenda, to interfere for the benefit of the nation they claim to fight for. Never happened! but as one knows a tree by its fruits, we know people like u by what u say!

  20. Abeden on

    Meles have talked about going to war with Eritrea for almost a decade now. This time is no different. If regime change in Eritrea was impossible yesterday, it is a suicide today. All I can say to the midget is Go ahead make my day!

  21. Anonymous on

    You cannot compare a poor country with a population of 4 million people with a country of 80 million people. Meles has been looting eighty million Ethiopians for the last twenty years to accomplish his dreams of being the emperor of Eritrea and Tigrea and to leave the rest of Ethiopians divided like Yugoslavia. If there is all out war with Eritrea and Ethiopia and if the TPLF tyrant gets the support of the super power, the likely hood of Meles winning the war is very high. Hopefully, Ethiopians will not die for a brutal tyrant and US and the EU realize that Meles is in fact a narcissist that has all the characteristics of a mentally disturbed creature who is much worse than Gaddafi. Let’s hope and pray that the rest of the world come to know the real cold hearted murder and a master of lies and manipulations that has no regard for anyone but himself and one of the most vicious man on the planet–the TPLF master TYRANT MELES.

  22. The truth on

    Guys it is interesting how people react to this information that is not official. First of all, melese made this statement to an interview of an Eritrean opposition radio based in Ethiopia. If people have heard the script of that interview. melese talks about how, he wanted negotiation to settle the issue of the border namely badme, and that according to the ruling, some homes must be split in half, and he was against that, but the Eritrean leadership insisted in splitting the homes, according to him, but he states for the sake of peace, after rethinking the whole situation he states, he no longer cares if the homes split three places as long as Eritrea says they want normalization he is willing to demarcate. Guys this to me does not sound a man strong enough to go to war, this is a man begging and crying for acceptance from the Eritrean leadership. in the interview he even further says, if Eritrea wants normalization, even with Issays he wants to make peace, and he calls him by name and states he want to make peace. guys this is not a man that wants to get rid of issays, this is a man begging for forgiveness from issays, contrary to the fact issays has refused any thing to do with melese and has compeletly ignore his existence, as issays considers melese to be nothing more than a servant to the west with weeks if not days left for his demise. So there is not going to be any war, this is just a minor political maneuvering melese is contemplating or gambling with. Though I have no facts, it could also be a distraction not a distraction from the pressure he is feeling at home, but a distraction from the actual peace that he is making with issays under cover. Let it be known that one of top Eritrean diplomat by the name GIRMA ASMEROM is in addiss abeba right now, under the pretext of being the new ambassador for African union. But guys we all know issays has no use for african union and of all people he will not send Girma asmerom a man that was deported from addis in less than 24 hrs back in the 97-98. Becuase this two leaders are almost close in making the proper peace deal, they are distracting people from making their actual peace plan known, so they are doing this type of inflammatory statements, but we know exactly what they are up to. So if any one thinks there will be war, i guaranty you, there will never ever be any war between Melese and issays not in a million years. But do expect for a new peace process to begin and they will go back to their old friendship. Their strategy is make some inflammatory noise, and the west will send diplomats in an attempt to avert another devastating war, and will hear they have made peace, but we all know the process has been started long time ago in the capital city of Sudan in Khartoum, it was only after they made some agreement that ambassador girma went to addis, so let the truth be told, this are the facts my friends, the rest are just inflammatory statement to distract people from the truth.

  23. Gud new on

    Nothing is new about him bluffing about war against Eritrea. He new perfectly well what he is going to get. War, he tried it who sopped him from marching to Asmara. In the last few weeks Meles says a lot of thing as wanting guarantee from Eritrean government for his mess. He said he will demarcate the boarder if Eritrea stop assisting Ethiopian oppositions (Terrorists). His time is up and he is confused.

  24. Anonymous on

    Meles is desperate and he is using a threat to bring Eritrea to negotiation. The problem is Eritreans have moved far away and it might be difficult for them to be enticed by Meles’s offer. It seems now they are looking for Ethiopia after Meles not Ethiopia with Meles. That will definitely increse Meles’s fever.

  25. BBiri on

    We read that tyrant MZ is desperate to divert attention from the inhumanity he inflicts on Ethiopians on a daily basis by creating false news reportage of a possible war with Shabiya’s Eritrea.
    This is the latest in the ongoing deceitful methods to frame Ethiopians and to imprison them using excuses.
    why Eritrea now one should ask?
    I believe there are two good reasons although the news itself is a false one as Isaias and Meles work together for common objectives of curtailing their political enemies:

    1. Eritrean mission to African union in Addis

    Meles and his associates carefully negotiated and effected this through the dealers using the African Union as a lubricant.
    But, to their surprise, both realised that Ethiopians have woken up to the false facade of the two Shabiya groups working together.
    Meles kept a low profile for a short period and has returned with vengeance to smear that Eritrea was behind some sort of attacks against the African Union meeting in Addis.
    This, it was hoped, would kill off the reports that gave rise to the assumption that the two are working together. At the same time, it would suit MZ objectives of false accusation against Ethiopian oppositions and civil society that they work with his rival in Asmara!

    2. North Africa and Mid-East wind sends shock waves

    Tyrant MZ is sleepless over the implications of dictators falling one after another even those whose claims to fake electoral victories were of less margins than MZ’s ballot boxes double counting and election rigging resulting in 100% returns in his favour.
    So, here comes an opportunity to use Eritrea and possibly launching mutually agreed some sort of two hours shoot out between Meles and Isaias leaving MZ to declare state of emergency to thwart cities civil disobedience!
    You have followed my strong speculation that we will see more of the Eritrea is invading us and we shall march to the front from tyrant MZ and his cadres and you are forewarned to reject that!

    In addition, the immediate task that tyrant MZ is engaged in is an all out attack against ethiopians of Oromo origin especially those who believe in unity in diversity(OFDM, OPC..) and gimgema/false accusation within the army.
    The reasons are obvious!!


  26. belachew on

    If we from every corner of our country united and rise up like a tsunami, nobody will hinder us from reaching our goal within a short time. If we calculate the EPPF’s, TPDM’s, OLF’s, ONLF’s and others fighters lose of lifes, funds and materials in year, it is very enormous. And still all these organizations have not known around the globe. A united and firm demostrators can only within one week change the Ehiopian history. And for that the only healing medicine is the UNITY .

  27. megersa on

    This is not the time to divert the attention of the Ethiopian people; TPLF knows that, what melese want to do is the dangerous time is coming so the only place he thinks to escape is tigray so he wants to take all the military resources to his home place. I will say what you think is STUPID, you have to know by now the tigray people will not be your shelter because they also hate you by what you did to them too.

  28. Ittu Aba Farda on

    To Anonymous at #18,
    You are wrong buddy!! Meles is doing his usual grandstanding for the West. He thinks that will continue to strengthen his so called ‘darling’ image he was slapped on by the West merely for convenient strategic objective. And he, as a well-read leftist thug, seems to have fully grasped that. Other than that he knows it is not to his advantage to send his tanks to Asmara at this time. Eritrea will lick him this time around. So I say this to the goon from Dedebit one more time – Let’s go!!! The hell with Arat Kilo!!!Full Speed to his hell on earth!!!!
    And this next one is his latest insult at you: He just said this to a reporter: ‘My salary is 6,400 birr a month’. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! What a lying dog!!!! According to a Spanish news paper, his mistress just spent time in Europe in a $1,500,000(US) shopping spree. Where did she get such amount of money to spend it like water? From whoring around? He is not telling just a lie but he is hurling another wicked insult at the poor people. Is he the best one that can ever come out of Tigray? I don’t think so. I refuse to accept that assumption or conclusion.

  29. none on

    meles is day dreamer. he even couldn’t finish what he had started 5 years ago in Somali which he predicted would take only few weeks, now dreaming of invading Eritrea????
    Everybody is laughing at him and at his puppets from Eritrea. As far as Isaias is concerned,meles or his masters of the western, don’t exist for him. He closed his doors and ears and minding his own business building the country alone. With no aid or loan. If Isaias goes his people are free of any strings from the west and with one people undivided like ours.
    what is meles leaving us with? sold our lands for free (begging other countries to take for free the fertile lands of Our country)
    As much as we hate him still we use his evil political propaganda against Eritrea. So please let us consider what peace could bring us instead war.

  30. tu tu on

    I agree with # 8 in short, he want send the military, the pure ethiopians to death camp so nobody will not fight back to him. Eritreans are our brathers and sisters , they are much better than him , he is very sick man, Wogene do not listen to this evil and die for nothing. do not forget what happened for the last wars in bademe and somalia , ethiopian blood is nothing for him, he never regrat for the last war he will not again , lets stand up together said BEKA by any means to this CHRAK.

  31. Asmelash Berhe on

    “Meles talks about military action against Eritria”?
    I think we can ONLY underline the word “talks”. He can only talk, but this talking is a sheer pretention. This guy (Meles) has no the moral authority to declare a war against a sovereign country without any ground. If it had been true then the negative response had come from his counterpart Esayas.
    Esayas has kept quiet for a long time. Why? Have your say, men!
    Both guys do not want to go any further confrontation any more. That might speed up their respective demise.

    From both sides the army is not committed to fight one another. They prefer indeed to get rid of both stubborn rulers.
    Since the time of TPLF, Meles has stayed about35 yrs in power and Esayas has stayed since EPLF (1969)42 yrs like col. Gadaffi.
    Both of them are in the stage of decaying. So they must stop joking and beat the drum of war for buying time.

    Only foolish men trumpet their propaganda.
    Let us ask: What is Meles benefiting from unleashing a war. Is it designed for retaking Badme or Assab. Meles himself has closed the file. So he has no the moral capacity to talk such a stupid narration. It is just garbage.
    I advise country men and women of both countries not to involve in such silly affair in this time of revolution for change in Africa and Middle East.
    Do not be scared in their silly agenda.

    A revolution is better than a mad man’s war.
    Save your life, do not obey the tyrant for his fame and glory.
    Instead, ready to rise up in unison and eradicate those barbaric regimes.

    Let people power prevail !

  32. Truth~ on

    Why do people jump from a high-rise building on fire?

    It is a simple analogy help us understand meles’s situation. When Ethiopia engulfs with revolution, Melese will jump to Eritrea with hope of surviving his inevitable death.

  33. Limsha on

    “you don’t talk war when you are Weak=you don’t invite an enemy to attack you” Does Meles want war right now? I don’t think so. Weyane(Meles) and Shabia(Isayas) are two faces of one cent…..I can prove it. We know that Meles is now in big trouble, it is clear, so how come He add to this another big problem by bringing the ‘the war’ drum? how can He dare to raise such a huge issue in this dangerous time, after very long peaceful time? Can we say that He is not fearful about war? Not at all, He is 100% fearful about any instability this time, when nobody (especially Nationally) can be on His side for a war. We can easily conclude that He is talking about a fake War that couldn’t happen, that He doesn’t want. It is as simple as He doesn’t tolerate any stability right now, but He is talking about going to ‘the War’ (big instability). So I can safely say He is sure of no war with Eritrea only diversion of internal affair.

    Another thing, “you fight your enemy when he gets weak ” when Meles said that Shabia needs to see Addis Abeba to be like Bagdad and lets fight it, why don’t we hear any significant move from shabia. Because any sensible person expect that for shabia it is a great opportunity to distablize Meles ( neither I am wishing war nor minimizing the danger of shabia for Ethiopia, just only saying a lot of drama going on). At least one should expect some military movements, military escalation on border from both sides, but where is it? where is war of words? It is absolutely Fake.

    We have been fooled enough, no more!!!

  34. Emanuel on

    I have no clue why Meles is doing this, but Ethiopians and Eritreans must work together to stop war ever happening… both Ethiopians and Eritreans had enough of war!!!

  35. Tesfai Dimtzu on

    For the first time as far as I can remember, Ethiopians are realizing Meles’s intention. Eritreans and Ethiopians can live side by side as great negbours if cheap polictics are eliminated. I am a proud Eritrean and have no ill wishes for the Ethiopian people. I live far from home but have many young relatives and I can not imagine losing any of them in a needless war. Indeed, Meles has gone mad. I pray to the Lord that Meles goes sooner than later.

    God Bless the people of both countries who have suffered so much already.

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